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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 26, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, May 26, 2003

John tries to get Marlena to open up about her sudden interest in bringing Tony down. She refuses to tell him and is adamant that she just wants him out of their lives. While Marlena's upstairs finishing getting ready, John learns that the ISA won't approve surveillance on Lucas. Marlena overhears John vow to find another way to get Tony.

Jack stealthily sneaks Bill's mystery gift into the Penthouse Grill and to the makeshift bride's room. Jennifer and Abby enter and are thunderstruck to find Laura! After a joyful reunion, Abby takes Laura out to surprise all the other guests. Barry and the crew are setting up and Jack greets many of the guests as they arrive. Mickey, Maggie and Alice are shocked to see Laura. Roman arrives to talk to Hope and he wants to know where Bo is. They share their mutual worry for him, but Roman warns her to let Bo do what he needs to do. Lucas sees Victor enter and presents a secret business proposition to him. John and Marlena arrive in time to see Lucas and Victor, leaving them wondering what's going on. Kate corners Lucas and insists he stop working for Tony, but Lucas is saved when Jack pulls him away because it's time to start the ceremony. Hope, Alice, Laura and Abby join Jennifer in the bride's room to give her something old, new, borrowed, and blue. Laura/Alice go to take their seats as Hope and Abby help Jennifer finish getting ready. Finally, in a beautiful candlelit Penthouse Grill, the wedding begins. Abby and Hope go down the aisle, followed by Jennifer, beaming with excitement in her wedding dress...

Philip is stunned to learn that Victor has locked Nicole in her bedroom. He breaks down the door and Nicole is about to bolt when Nico appears to take her to the wedding. Nicole covers with Philip and he's left curious about what's going on with Victor and Nicole. Meanwhile, Chloe is still in shock from Cecilia's job offer; Brady tells her she'll become a star and should call Cecilia right now. As Brady tries to persuade her, Philip stops by and learns of the offer. He gets a moment alone with Brady and tells him he should go with Chloe if he really loves her. Philip's words affect Brady. Later, Brady tells Chloe he wants to go to Europe with her and she's ecstatic. Unbeknownst to them, Philip watches them from the porch...

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

by Joan

Bo continued tailing Vin Ramsel and was going through his hotel room when he was overcome by several thugs. As the hotel owner sanctioned the gang tossing Bo out of the hotel, Bo didn't realize he'd lost his cell phone. Going through Bo's things, and realizing who Bo was, Ramsel was determined to kill him.

At the Penthouse Grill, Mickey gave a beaming Jennifer away to Jack. Surprising his bride, Jack touched family members by reading the words Jen had said to him when they'd first married. And with a little help from Abby, Jen pledged her love to Jack.

Despite the celebration, both Marlena and Kate were distracted by thoughts of Tony's affect on their families. John confronted Lucas regarding his affiliation with Tony. Unsuccessful at convincing John that his work was legitimate, Lucas turned to remind Victor about honoring the deal they'd made. Trying to learn what she could about the deal, Nicole was threatened by Victor if she continued to pry.

At the DiMera Mansion, a delivery came for Rex. Intent on watching the televised wedding, Tony did not hear Rex reveal the contents to Mimi - DNA confirmation that Marlena is not his mother. Eager to learn if he was a DiMera, Rex got a sample of blood by letting a slicing knife cut Tony's hand. Suspicious about Rex, Tony was taken off-guard by Cassie's observation that he kept his eyes on Marlena during the wedding. A visit to Echelon surprised Tony with an unexpected face - for he was seeing Marlena instead of the women of Echelon. Tony announced he wouldn't return there because he had somebody else on his mind.

And as wedding traditions continued at the Penthouse Grill - Kate caught the bouquet !

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Hope goes searching for Bo and asks Carlos if he's seen him. Carlos, protective of Bo, tells her he hasn't. She finally finds out about the hotel where Vin is staying. Meanwhile, Bo returns to the hotel for his stuff and he stops Jasper when he goes for the phone. Bo's stunned to see Hope walk in, but he doesn't acknowledge her to protect her. She gets a room and he sneaks in through a window; they have a very sensuous reunion. Against Bo's better judgment, Hope gets close to Vin and Bo watches from the bushes as Hope puts the moves on Ramsell. Vin's about to take her back to his room when Bo comes out of hiding. Before he can intervene, Vin's thugs hit Bo over the head, knocking him out...

Brandon shows up at the pub to invite Abe and Lexie to his wedding to Sami. They're shocked by the sudden turn around. Brandon explains that he's trying to let go of his anger and Abe and Lexie, both moved, agree to attend the wedding. Lexie suddenly goes into labor and they rush her to the hospital. Meanwhile, Eugenia demands an invitation to the wedding. Sami refuses to have Eugenia there and warns her to keep her mouth shut. Lucas moves in, sees how upset Eugenia is, and tries to get some answers. He goes to the lab to investigate; Sami tries to stop him, but Brenda intervenes. When they hear that Lexie was rushed to the trauma center, Sami, Lucas and Eugenia run downstairs. Brandon tells Sami he should be there when Lexie has the baby because they're family. Sami fears Brandon knows the truth about the baby's paternity, but they are all stunned when Brandon finally reveals that he and the baby are brothers!

Belle follows Philip to a warehouse after he cancels a lunch date with her and Shawn. Before Philip can explain, they hear a security guard and Philip pulls her into a hot kiss. Belle is flustered and he assures that he only kissed her because they aren't supposed to be there and he needed to cover. He gets her out of there and later goes back inside, shocked when he meets up with a mysterious stranger. Meanwhile, Shawn learns from Annabeth that the mayor is planning to skip town before being arrested. Shawn stops the mayor on the pier by throwing a baseball and knocking him off his boat. Belle catches up with him, but doesn't tell him about the kiss with Philip...

Thursday, May 29, 2003


While Hope is forced to accompany Vin Ramsell to his hotel, Carlos finally revives the unconscious Bo by drenching him with a bottle of cold water. When Bo gets his bearings, he races off to rescue Hope. But before he gets there, it looks like Ramsell is going to rape Hope. Bo spraypaints a slam against Vin on the wall, tricking Vin into tracking the culprit down. Once Vin leaves, Bo rushes in to save Hope just in time. Our two heroes charge off to nail Vin Ramsell.

Brandon shocks Sami by revealing that Abe is his biological father while Abe, Lexie, Lucas, and Eugenia listen in. Before he can be questioned, focus shifts to Lexie who is about to give birth. Abe allows Brandon to stay for the birth of his son. After the baby is born healthy, Abe and Brandon have a tentative rapprochement. Sami freaks, as Eugenia informs her that she will tell Brandon the truth -- that Sami switched the paternity test results on Lexie's baby. Sami tries to stop her, but Eugenia cannot let Brandon marry Sami under these circumstances. Meanwhile, Lucas goes back to the lab and cleverly hacks into Eugenia's computer. He confronts Eugenia with what he has learned, suspecting that Sami is behind the false paternity reports. At the end of her rope, a desperate Sami begs Brandon to elope with her. They have to get married - Now!

Philip's new undercover partner on a joint military/ISA mission is John Black. At first, John refuses to work with Philip, but Philip soon persuades him otherwise. After some questioning, Philip admits Roman Brady seemed suspicious of his real mission in Salem, but Philip didn't let on. Philip then reveals that he has already accomplished their assigned mission: to monitor a yacht smuggling unknown goods. The new team works in concert to take out a security guard, Philip knocking him out. We see John's not looking forward to working with his new young partner.

Brady stuns Chloe, offering to be her manager on tour. He wants them to stay together. Chloe finally agrees, but then Cecilia shows up, and she has other ideas. When Cecelia insists that Chloe must go on tour without Brady, Chloe announces that she is not going.

Friday, May 30, 2003

by Joan

Bo and Hope were camped away from danger, planning a strategy to get Vin Ramsell, and debating whether or not Hope should return home. Thinking they were safe for the night - a sleeping Bo was unaware of a gun pointed to his head.

At University Hospital, Abe and Lexie were enjoying the new baby while Lucas learned about the paternity test switch from Eugenia. Thrilled to have Sami's fate locked up, Lucas assured a relieved Eugenia she would not lose her job. Arriving to visit his new nephew, Tony was met by Lucas who was eager to tell him about Sami. But although Lucas tried to discuss how it would affect Tony's family, Tony left any action to Lucas' discretion. Lucas phoned Kate and Nicole to have them there for Sami's downfall.

Fearful of losing Brandon once the paternity results were revealed, Sami made an emotional plea that they elope immediately - weeks before their scheduled wedding date. Although he was confused about her motives, Brandon finally gave in.

Before leaving her locked room to join Victor, Nicole received the invitation call from Lucas. As she tried escaping through a window, Victor walked in and gave her a head start by pushing her out - to a waiting Nico below who caught her. Not expecting it, Nicole got permission from her husband to join Lucas and Kate. But when the "gruesome threesome" - as Tony called them - found Sami and Brandon gone, Lucas realized Eugenia's planned announcement had sent Sami running.

Lexie felt a need to be honest with Abe and admitted having slept with Brandon. And at the DiMera Mansion, Rex was ruling out guests at "the luncheon" when DNA results showed he was not related to Belle, Marlena or Tony.

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