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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 28, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, April 28, 2003

John's trapped in the sauna after the earthquake because of a fallen weight machine and Tony is unconscious outside the sauna. He finally wakes up and John asks for his help, but Tony flatly refuses. John can't believe Tony will leave him to die and Tony retorts that John would've let him die at the island compound if Marlena hadn't forced John to help him up from the pit. He's forced to reluctantly admit that Tony is right. Tony turns up the heat in the sauna before he leaves John there to die...

Lexie wakes up trapped in the pit she fell in on the DiMera grounds. She cries out for help when she realizes her cell phone isn't working. Meanwhile, Abe's concern rises because he still hasn't made contact with Lexie and he's inundated with police business at the station. He sends cops out to search for Lexie, but no one can find her. Back in the pit, Lexie feels a contraction and fears she's in labor...

Roman is increasingly concerned about Kate and realizes she could still be in that abandoned building. He goes to the building across the way and calls out to Kate, promising to save her. He shoots a line through the window of Kate's building and attempts to rescue her...

Chloe is frantic when she can't locate Brady after the quake and goes down to the trauma center to search for him. She collapses and Craig finds her, takes her back to her room. Meanwhile, Nicole recovers from the accident, but Victor and the driver are still unconscious. She can't open any doors because of the tree on the car and it looks like Nicole may kill Victor while she has the chance. Before she can do anything, Brady arrives and pulls them from the car. Victor is in serious condition and they must get him to the hospital now...

Belle, Shawn, and Mimi volunteer with victims at the hospital, while Cassie and Rex discuss Rex's responsibility in the disaster. Rex revels in the power as Cassie helps a young girl who is alone. Later, Mimi, Belle, and Cassie see a provocative promo for the reality show and Shawn fears this is just the beginning of their reality craze...

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

by Joan

As tremors made the Balboa Avenue building less stable, Kate's fears made Roman's rescue more difficult. One passionate kiss from him put her at ease momentarily – But once her fears took hold again, she fainted. With a prayer of thanks for making his work easier, Roman successfully brought Kate to safe ground.

On the DiMera grounds, Lexie went into early labor after trying to climb out of the crater. Looking to replant some bugs on the Estate, Ops heard Lexie's screams, pulled her to safety and summoned help via ISA communications.

At the Titan Gym, John nearly passed out from the heat in the steam room as he desperately devised ways to escape. Using a part from his cell phone, he disconnected a wiring panel and lowered the high temps. Regaining strength he used a bench bar to break the door's window and pry debris away from the door.

At University Hospital, Brady arrived with Victor & Nicole after rescuing them from the stranded limo. A grateful Victor asked for Brady saying he needed him to carry out his orders at Titan. Victor later asked Nicole why she didn't kill him when he saw she had the chance. When he thanked her, she left in disbelief of his gratitude.

Blaming Eugenia for spoiling her weekend, Sami persisted arguing about the paternity records when Brandon walked in on them. Seconds after Sami walked away, Brandon saved Eugenia from being hit by a falling ceiling fixture, dislodged by the tremors. Feeling a sense of gratitude and duty towards Brandon, Eugenia told Sami she wanted to be honest about the records. When Lexie arrived at the hospital, she watched as Sami was still arguing with Eugenia.

Looking for the Twins, Tony ran into Marlena in a hospital elevator. Power outages caused the elevator to get stuck as Marlena questioned him about John's whereabouts. Letting it slip that John wanted to kill him, Tony was less than honest. He enjoyed Marlena's attention when he claimed to be dizzy recalling someone hit him. Once the elevator started Marlena left to find John while Tony was confident she'd never find him alive. Meanwhile, Ops arrived at the Gym as John collapsed outside the steam room, with the news that Tony had left him there to die.

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Lexie is still experiencing major contractions and is very worried about her unborn son. Abe is by her side, encouraging her that everything will be okay. Dr. Bader has given her medication to subdue and eventually stop the contractions. It seems to be working and Abe takes time off to visit the chapel.

Brandon is focusing totally on Lexie and her recovery. Sami is upset that Brandon is still so concerned about the baby. She corners Eugenia again to make sure that Brandon or Lexie doesn't find out the true paternity. Eugenia wants to tell Brandon since he saved her life. Sami said revealing the truth will ruin the baby's life. She isn't worried about Brandon leaving her for Lexie, but says that Abe will get mad and could abandon Lexie, leaving their son to grow up without a father. It is apparent that Eugenia is torn between doing what is right and trying to save face with Sami. Eugenia gets a chance to visit Lexie and almost tells her, but seeing the love between Abe and Lexie, she couldn't do it. Sami confronts her one more time and Eugenia tells her she won't tell, even though she thinks she should.

Brandon goes to the chapel to pray. He knows that he isn't the father, but still has a close bond with Lexie and the baby. He would give the baby a life he never had if he was the father. He admits that he would like to forgive Abe, but doesn't think he can. He has a flashback of being in the hospital after his father beat him and Faye; his father blaming everything on Abe. Abe comes in as Brandon is praying; there is a tension between the two as usual. Abe tells Brandon that Lexie's contractions have subsided and it looks like she will be fine. He asks Brandon what is the big concern for his unborn son; Brandon tells him that he just wants to see a baby come into the world healthy. Abe wants Brandon to be happy and not covet what everyone else has; Brandon needs to get over the past to truly grow up and become a man. Brandon doesn't think he can do it and doesn't think Abe deserves to be happy.

Rex is listening to the news of the earthquake. Cassie thinks Rex is gloating with the destruction he has caused, but he isn't. He likes power, but not destruction. Cassie doesn't want to talk about it; she wants to be normal like everyone else. Rex tells her that they aren't normal, they are special and much more intelligent than everyone else. He wants to use what is given to him and have power. Cassie wants to have fun and meet people, although she enjoys being a DiMera and the perks that go with it.

Marlena tapes herself discussing a few patients and their reaction to the earthquake. She begins to evaluate her own feelings. She comments on her wonderful husband, friends, children and career. Marlena admits that Tony does intrigue her by his personality, the mystery and his attitude. She believes that everyone thinks she is perfect, but she has thoughts that would make them change their mind. She vows never to let them know. John walks in after visiting with Tony and begins to tell her about his near death experience.

Tony arrives at Echelon to finalize a few details. John follows him and tries to get in, the bouncer won't let him, and no one is allowed in. John pretends to leave, but once the bouncer walks away, John sneaks in. Tony finishes business and prepares to leave when he hears John in the darkness. Tony calls out John's name, but he laughs and says John is dead. Tony turns on the lights and sees John sitting above the bar in a chair. They have words, and John backs Tony against the bar prepared it seems to kill him, the bouncer walks in and puts a gun to John. He leaves and goes to Marlena.

Thursday, May 1, 2003

Chloe is released from the hospital and heads home to a small homecoming with Craig, Nancy, Joy, and Brady. The young couple finally gets some time alone without doctors or nurses interrupting them. Brady announces to Chloe that he bought The Blue Note, with Titan money of course. He has decided to use the small stage in the club to introduce new talent and wants her to be the first one. Chloe is taken aback and unsure she can even sing like she used too. Brady suggests she tries her voice out; he begins to sing a song and Chloe joins, but gets winded after a few notes. Nancy comes in and Chloe excuses herself to check on Joy. Brady is worried that he put too much on Chloe too soon. Nancy tells him just to go slow, Chloe will be okay. They both agree that they won't tell Chloe about Cecile Marin coming to watch her at The Blue Note.

Shawn and Belle run into Mickey at DotCom and visit with him. Mickey is trying to track down Mayor Shepherd to serve him with a subpoena for the court case involving the murder of Ben Wells. Unfortunately, he is having trouble finding the mayor; he seems to be in hiding. Shawn offers to serve the mayor, but Mickey thinks it is a bad idea and could be dangerous. Belle seems intrigued about the mission and helps encourage Mickey to let them try it. Mickey agrees but tells them to walk up to the mayor tell him "You have been served", put the subpoena in his hand and get out. Belle and Shawn are confident they can accomplish the job. They get on their cell phones to track down the mayor, Belle comes up empty handed, but Shawn discovers the mayor's favorite lunch spot...Echelon. Shawn doesn't want Belle to go to the club, afraid it is dangerous, but Belle tells him that she could get into the club easier than Shawn. They arrive at Echelon and look around for the mayor. He isn't in the main lounge rooms, Belle notices a bouncer guarding a door. Shawn guesses the mayor is behind that closed door. Belle gets an idea. She rushes up to the guard in a panic feigning important phone call and broken cell phone. She begs to use a phone, showing the bouncer money. He gives in and leads Belle off; Shawn takes the opportunity and heads inside the room. Mayor Shepherd is entertaining a young lady and stands up when Shawn walks in. He immediately recognizes Shawn; he has an employee whose son plays on the Salem U. baseball team with Shawn. Shawn asks if he is Mayor Shepherd, the mayor says yes, and Shawn tells him he is being served, shoves the subpoena in his hand and walks out the door. He quickly searches for Belle and finds her leaving a side hallway. Shawn tells her mission accomplished, they high five and head out the door. They return to DotCom and announce their victory to Mickey. He is so impressed he offers the duo a part time job at the law firm; Belle declines due to her internship. But Shawn seriously considers and tells Mickey he'll call him.

Marlena barges into Echelon looking for Tony. She angrily tells him that she knows he tried to kill John. Tony feigns innocence and says that John tried to kill him. Marlena doesn't budge; she knows the truth and vows that Tony will not destroy them. She is not happy with Tony and believes that he is like Stefano. Tony gets a call from Bart telling him that John stopped by and took the twins to the hospital. Tony orders Bart to follow him and heads to the hospital himself. He accuses Marlena of being a part of a plan to help John get to the twins. Marlena doesn't know anything of the sorts and asks for an explanation. Tony tells her the story and they both go to University Hospital.

John goes to the DiMera mansion to talk to Cassie and Rex. He tells them that the three of them are a lot alike. They were branded and controlled by Stefano and his evil plans. He asks the twins if they want to be free and to be their own person. John suggests that the twins go with him to get their tattoos removed. He believes by removing the tattoos, they will no longer be branded one of Stefano's pawns and will finally be free and independent without that constant reminder. Cassie and Rex are skeptical at first but agrees, Cassie thinks the tattoo is ugly anyway. Craig Wesley meets the trio at the hospital, explains the procedure, and begins to laser the tattoos away. He gets all three done, finishing up with Cassie when Tony and Marlena walk into the emergency room.

Friday, May 2, 2003

by Joan

At University Hospital Roman left a message for Kate when he was approached by Ops. With the mention of the password "Indigo", Ops handed an envelope to Roman. Minutes later Roman was participating in an ISA experiment having a truth serum injected by Ops. Testing the serum, Ops asked questions which caused Roman to reveal his true feelings towards Kate. Although the experiment was not a success, Roman left determined to tell Kate he loved her.

Also at the Hospital, Tony accused John of convincing the Twins to remove their Phoenix tattoos, but Rex said the removal was liberating. Saying Stefano had left him with scars he can't erase, Tony insisted he was not his father's son. John warned Marlena that if anything happened to him, Tony would go after her. Overhearing that, Tony was quick to agree that he would - to look after her. With Tony gone, Marlena shocked John at suggesting they go for a drink - at The Echelon Club.

Against Rex's better judgment, Cassie got Tony's permission for the "Love is Blind" party at the Mansion. Before Mimi could bring Rex down to the party, he was intent on his new project - DNA research. The invited teens watched Cassie insult her opponents - only to become the first contestant eliminated.

Outside the Brady Pub, Bo was brash in replying to a reporter about the Ramsel case. Hope later cautioned him reminding Bo how his recent actions on the job had him on "thin ice." But minutes later, Bo's anger got the best of him again when approached by a photographer.

At the Echelon Club, Tony and Marlena played a cat and mouse game as Marlena claimed he was exploiting women. Unimpressed by his defense, she was amused at Tony's remark that he was trying to convince her. Returning to John, Marlena said she believed that Tony had tried to kill him. Tony told Bart he intended to be "victorious" in the end. But expressing the desire to be in the company of someone who wouldn't judge him, Tony spent a passionate night with one of the women of Echelon.

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