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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 22, 2001 on DAYS
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Monday, October 22, 2001

Jack is a bundle of nervous energy when he sees Greta dressed in a sexy outfit (black top with spaghetti straps and a tiger print short skirt. He is trying to act uninterested but is getting very flustered. She realizes he is uncomfortable and plays it for all it's worth as he stumbles all over himself. She teases him and suggests that they pretend to get married in Vegas. She leads him over to the sofa and sits on his lap and flirts. She plays with his hair and nibbles on his neck until he has had all he can take. She says she is just rehearsing for the trip, but Jack gets too excited and jumps up, dropping her in the floor. He says that she was driving him crazy and she jokingly asks if she has cured him. Under his breath, he says he needs to get Jennifer back and she hears him. She lectures him that he needs to get over his obsession with Jennifer and that relationship will never work. She tells him that he needs some sense memory therapy...a.k.a practice and leads him in the direction of the bedroom, flustering Jack even more. He stops her as she tells him that they have never had a real date and asks him out.

Jenn is at the hospital and is having flashbacks of Jack proposing to her. Brandon comes by and openly flirts with her. Jennifer encourages him, telling him that a handsome guy hitting on her could only help her reputation. She asks why he is so chipper and he tells her he got good news, but others may not see it that way and doesn't tell. She had come by the hospital to see Alice but found out that she is at home sick. They chitchat a while and then he asks her about her love life which takes her by surprise. The flirting continues and she offers to get coffee, but bumps her knee, bringing a flashback of her time with Colin in Africa Brandon gets the coffee as she daydreams. When he returns he says that he can sense something is bothering her and that he gets mixed signals from her. Eventually, he asks her out on a date.

Jan shows up at the hospital in dark glasses and ball cap. She talks with Dr. Colin Murphy and doesn't want to tell him many details because she doesn't want anyone to know especially her parents. He informs her that since she is a minor and if a law was broken, he is bound to report it. She has flashbacks of Paul raping her. She swears that there was no crime as she mumbles and chews on her hair. She tells him that she contracted gonorrhea in Puerto Rico and is afraid that she was exposed to something worse. He tells her that for now it will be between him and her and they go to the exam room. Nurse Brenda raises some red flags, but Colin puts her in her place. Later, Colin has results and informs Jan that she has no other signs of infection but advises her to have an HIV test every 6 months. He begins to question her again if she was assaulted and says that the person needs to be punished. She won't tell him anything, but assures him that the person will never hurt anyone again (as she has flashbacks of shooting Paul). She gets upset when he wants to call her parents. She begs him not to, then rushes off. At the elevator, she says that she needs Shawn...he is the only one she trusts.

Shawn and Belle talk about how happy they made Alice. They also talk about their upcoming second date that was promised. Mimi arrives all upset because they disappeared from the pub earlier, saying that she was worried about them after almost losing them once. She apologizes for being so emotional as Shawn buys milkshakes all around. They talk about their ordeal and how lucky they were to make it. Mimi talks about how bad she feels for helping Jan against Chloe and comments that Jan is evil. Of course, Shawn takes up for Jan, which prompts Mimi to ask "whatsupwithem?" Shawn swears that Jan is going through a rough time and he is just helping her out. Meems doesn't buy it and wants to know what's REALLY going Belle watches and listens.

We get a replay of Philip getting the surprise of his life, when Brady pokes his head out Chloe's window. Chloe walks up and hears him having a hissy fit. He changes his tune quickly and goes to hug her, but she stops him. Nancy and Craig tell Brady to come downstairs and he tells them about Philip and Chloe outside. Nancy wants to go out there and chase Philip off, but Craig stops her, telling her to let Brady handle it. Chloe rakes Philip's butt over the coals for not trusting her (yet again). She informs him that what she does is none of his business and that she thinks they should go their separate ways and shouts at him that he is no longer her boyfriend (which Brady overhears). She heads inside as Philip grabs her arm. Brady yells for him to let her go as Phil turns on Brady and they argue over the affections of the fair maiden. Philip tells Brady he can have her. From inside Craig and Nancy watch and worry. Philip physically attacks Brady, who refuses to fight back, telling Philip he needs to get home and to bed to rest. Angrily, Philip leaves. Chloe goes inside, rushing past Nancy up the stairs, telling her to leave her alone. Nancy tells her she will be there if she needs her. Craig and Nancy hug, with him telling her they have their work cut out for them. Chloe goes to her bedroom and looking out the window, sees Brady. He walks over and asks her if she remembers the wheels she helped him pick out...and asks her if she would like to go for a spin.

Tuesday, October 23, 2001


Sami sashays into Titan wearing a bustier, short skirt and go-go boots. Her hopes of enticing Austin are dashed, however, when she finds him in Nicole's office, hard at work. Despite her proffering of sandwiches and "lunch," Austin leaves her to go finish a project. While he's gone, she snoops through Nicole's desk, only to get caught by Ms. Walker herself. Nicole and Sami begin fighting, each taunting the other and calling each other tramps. Austin interrupts and sends Sami packing. He apologizes to Nicole, who asks him about Carrie.


Belle and Shawn canoodle until Shawn spots Philip running Jan over outside the cafe. He runs to help Jan, leaving a frustrated Belle. Philip asks Belle for advice about his relationship with Chloe. After telling Philip how Chloe grieved for him on the island, Belle gives Philip hope for a reconciliation. He takes off after Chloe (again), promising to win her back (again). Belle spies on Shawn with Jan, and sees them foraging around for something. Jan, it seems, lost her last antibiotic pill when Philip slammed into her. Shawn tries to help her find it, to no avail. She tells him what it was for and he comforts her - under the watchful gaze of Belle. As Belle thinks to herself that Philip can't react to Chloe out of jealousy over her budding relationship with Brady, she sees Shawn and Jan walk off together, awakening a jealousy of her own. Meanwhile, Kevin dashes Mimi's hopes by telling her that her "five minutes are over," meaning that he doubts she will want a relationship with him now that they're off the island. Accused of snobbery, Mimi tries to convince Kevin he's wrong, but he leaves.

Wesley House

Brady convinces Chloe to come down from her room and talk to him. They discuss Philip and how much she changed while she was with him. Chloe believes Philip brought out the best in her, and their break-up hurts her a great deal. She and Brady then discuss what will happen to their friendship now that she's starting school. He assures her that they'll see each other, and suggests they make plans to do so. Chloe agrees, but demands that Brady tell her what he thinks about love. He deflects the question. Before she leaves, Chloe thanks him for his friendship and touches his cheek. After she walks away, he puts his hand where hers was.

Wednesday, October 24, 2001


Belle and Mimi bemoan their love lives. Belle is worried that Shawn wants nothing to do with her and that she lost her opportunity because she wouldn't sleep with him on the island. Mimi tries to convince her that it isn't so, but Belle is not feeling confident. Mimi confides that she's worried about the same thing with her and Kevin.

Greta's Apartment

Greta starts a strip tease for Jack, enjoying all of his visible discomfort. She gets down to her black lacy bra and then puts on a sweatshirt, telling him that they need to practice before the big trip to Vegas. She starts asking him if he misses being with someone, and alludes to him leading a lonely life. Jack replies that he misses being with Jennifer, but Greta points out that, Jack being 'gay' and all, Jennifer surely misses sex. Jack is shocked, and even more so when Greta suggests fixing him up with a decorator friend of hers. He tells her he will not be fixed up, but that he'd rather continue their ruse. She agrees, but when he leaves, she promises to set him up anyway. Jack, on the other side of the door, sighs that he's miserable with the whole fake gay thing, but he's too afraid to 'fess up for fear that it would hurt Greta's delicate psyche.

The Hospital

Jennifer and Brandon continue their tête-à-tête in the cafeteria. Brandon asks Jennifer out, but she demurs. He shrugs it off and leaves, whereupon Jennifer almost comes face to face with Colin. Alas, she still doesn't know he's in town. When she thinks about Brandon, though, she decides to go out with him and heads off to find him. Sami beat her to the punch, however, and starts teasing Brandon about his cozy get-together with Jennifer. Arriving on the heels of that, Jennifer asks Brandon if they can talk privately. She agrees to go out with him, and Sami watches as they exchange phone numbers. Larry watches Sami and declares that she's jealous, which she denies.


Austin tells Nicole that he saved a potential deal from catastrophe, having found a mistake while she was down in Puerto Rico. Nicole is grateful that he fixed it, but wonders whether he's out for her job. Austin says the only job he wants is his job. Nicole tells him that if he wants to get ahead in this world, he needs to keep Sami as far away from Titan as he can. Austin assures her that Sami will not come visit him any more. When he leaves, Nicole decides to put a play for Austin into action.

Shawn and Jan

Shawn continues to try to help Jan get through her trauma. He thinks that her rage, fear and distrust are problematic and urges her to get counseling. He thinks she needs to put it all out of her mind, but Jan doesn't think it's that easy. Then he asks her if she's taken a pregnancy test yet.

Thursday, October 25, 2001

Jack is excited about his plan to win back Jennifer, meanwhile she is getting ready to go out with Brandon. She plans to tell Jack, but hesitates at first. He is stunned when she finally comes clean, and tells her of his hopes and dreams for them getting back together. He begs her to cancel her date, but she refuses.

Greta has a plan to set Jack up. She tries to talk her friend Ivan into seeing Jack, but he sees through her and accuses her of being in love with Jack. She insists she only loves him as a friend. Greta shows Ivan a picture of Jack, and he says he isn't his type, however Ivan's assistant Harold sees the picture and says he would date him in a heartbeat.

Shawn tries to convince Jan that she needs counseling about the rape, and killing Paul. She finally gives in, and Shawn takes her to the counseling center. Jan is overcome by her emotions, and hyperventilates. Peg finally gets her to calm down and open up, and promises to help her, as long as she tells her who did this to her.

Colin talks to Peg about helping a girl he believes was raped, but she says there is nothing they can do, so he goes to Marlena for advice. In their conversation Marlena reveals that Jennifer is back in town with her ex and daughter. Colin mistakenly assumes that Jack and Jen are together again.

Belle greets Marlena at the office, happy to see each other. She offers to set her up with a counselor to get out the feelings about the Island. She then questions about Belle and Shawn's relationship. She asks if they have had sex, but before Belle can respond they are interrupted by a patient of Marlena's.

After Shawn leaves Jan he runs into Belle, lying that he was looking for her. He pulls her into a linen closet where they make out. They decide to go somewhere else and run into Marlena who demands to know what they were doing in there. Shawn runs off, and Marlena takes Belle to her office for a serious talk.

Friday, October 26, 2001

Jack tells Jennifer she can't go out with Brandon, it will jeopardize their family. She explains that she needs to go out and experience life. Jack fires back that if she goes out with Brandon, he will go out with Greta! Brandon calls to set up their date, and Jennifer confirms. Jack is furious and decides to get Jennifer back by going out with Greta. Greta is upset that Ivan doesn't want to go out with Jack, but finally gives in to letting Harold introduce him to gay life. Little does she know, she is setting Jack up for disaster.

Sami tries to tell Brandon not to go out with Jennifer, but he won't have it, she's with Austin. She doesn't want to lose Brandon, and he warns her to mind her own business. She asks Brandon to put in a good word for her with Brenda, she needs to keep her job to impress Austin, but Brandon says that Sami should re-think her relationship with Austin.

Nicole and Austin get closer as they discuss Paul's death. He can relate to losing a parent, even if they are a monster. His cell rings, and Nicole lets him go to Sami. Later Nicole is determined to find out what Paul did to Jan in Puerto Rico.

Peg finds out that Jan was raped by Paul, and wants her to come forward with the truth. Jan refuses, wants this to be a secret. Peg wants her parents to know, and for her to see a therapist, but Jan freaks and runs out.

Marlena lays into Belle, can't believe she was making out with Shawn in the closet. She wants to know if they are having sex, but Belle won't answer, saying she is a woman now and can make her own choices. She tells Marlena its none of her business and takes off. Marlena wonders what happened to her little girl, while Belle frantically calls Shawn.

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