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Days of our Lives Recap for Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Stephanie sat at home and listened to Alex's voicemail apology on her phone. "You're right, Alex. There's nothing left to say," Stephanie whispered. Stephanie deleted the voicemail. As Stephanie started to type up a eulogy on her laptop for Kayla, Steve returned home.

"[Joey and Tripp] are talking to somebody about donating your mom's body to science. Your mom always wanted to be an organ donor, but now, thanks to Kristen, we can't even grant her last wish," Steve said. Stephanie told Steve that she had been struggling with Kayla's eulogy. "The right words will come to you at the right time," Steve said. Stephanie admitted that she could not stop obsessing over having missed saying goodbye to Kayla.

"You have to let go of that, Stephanie. Your mother knew how much you loved her," Steve said. "I should have been there with her," Stephanie said. Steve urged Stephanie not to blame herself. "It was not your fault," Steve said. Stephanie blamed Alex.

"Has there ever been anyone as self-consumed and narcissistic as Alex Kiriakis?" Stephanie said. Stephanie yelped that she was angry that she had trusted Alex. "Your mom knew how much you loved her, okay? And at the end, she was at peace. She would want you to be at peace, too," Steve said. Stephanie sniffled back tears and whispered, "If only I could be." When Stephanie fussed about Steve not eating, he noted that she sounded like her mother.

"Isn't that why you call me Little Sweetness?" Stephanie asked. "As much as I know you hate it," Steve said. Stephanie told Steve that she had changed her mind. "I want to be like [Kayla] now. Just like her. I want to help people like she did," Stephanie said. "You do, baby girl. Just by being you. You sure do lift my spirits. And I am so proud of you," Steve said. Steve hugged Stephanie.

Over dinner, Steve picked at his food. Stephanie put Steve's food back in the fridge. With a smile, Stephanie asked Steve to have a few bites of Kayla's pie. "Dessert before dinner? Your mother would not approve," Steve joked. With a laugh, Stephanie told Steve that when Kayla had been in medical school, she and Kayla had eaten pie for dinner every Friday. Steve smiled sadly.

"Your mom didn't talk to me too much about that time. But I'm pretty sure the two of you got along just fine without me," Steve said. "It wasn't fine. But we managed," Stephanie said. "Because you had each other," Steve countered. Stephanie nodded yes.

"We are going to get through this. Mom would never forgive us if we didn't," Stephanie said. Steve agreed. Stephanie apologized for having been wrapped up in her personal problems. "I haven't appreciated how lucky I've been. Not just in having Mom for as long as we did, but finding that pie, and a note from her. It was like she got to say goodbye to me, even if I didn't have a chance to say goodbye to her," Stephanie said. "That's a beautiful way of looking at it," Steve said. Stephanie noted that they would be okay because they had one another. "Yes, we do," Steve said.

In the Kirikias living room, Paulina interrupted Alex's workout. After Alex confirmed that Justin was out, Paulina yelled at Alex about Stephanie's phone. "There is nothing you could say to me right now that Stephanie hasn't already said," Alex said.

"Good. You deserve every insult that she could throw at you," Paulina said. Alex noted, "I'm beating myself up more." Alex explained that if he had known why Chad had called, he would not have turned off the phone. "What I did was wrong, I did it for the wrong reason, and I admit that. But I can't take that back now," Alex said. Alex noted that he did not expect Paulina to understand what it felt like to make a huge mistake. Paulina told Alex about her history with Lani.

"But in the end, much to my amazement, and with profound gratitude, my precious daughter, she was able to forgive me," Paulina said. Alex noted that it gave him hope that Stephanie might forgive him one day. Paulina noted that there was no way to know what the future held.

"I can't even get her to talk to me," Alex said. Paulina counseled Alex to talk to Stephanie in person. After Paulina left, Alex sat down and wrote a letter to Stephanie.

At the Horton house, Chad welcomed Jack home. "Is everything okay?" Chad asked. "I just cut Gwen out of my life. For good," Jack said. Jack told Chad about his conversation with Gwen. "And she still chose to cover for Xander?" Chad said. "She walked out the door. And now I've lost both my daughters," Jack said. Jack noted that he had given Gwen multiple chances because Jack's family had given him multiple chances for his screw-ups over the years.

"But Abigail went through such hell because of her. I blame myself for that," Jack said. "I blame myself, too. I believed Gwen's lies," Chad said. Jack reminded Chad that Chad and Abigail had worked through their issues. "You made [Abigail] so happy," Jack said. "She made me happier than I could have ever dreamed," Chad said. Jack stressed that Chad had been strong for the kids and allowed them to remember their mother and feel joy.

"I hope you find love again. And I think Abigail would feel the same way," Jack stammered. Chad noted that he could not look for love when his heart was still with Abigail. Chad told Jack that he had imagined he had spoken to Abigail on Christmas Eve about his future.

"I believe that was your subconscious trying to give you permission to move on. Because deep in your heart, you know that that's what Abigail wanted, too," Jack said. When Jack noted the connection between Chad and Stephanie, Chad admitted there had been a spark. "But I put a stop to it. Because I realized I wasn't ready, and I didn't know if I ever would be. Stephanie understood," Chad said. Jack asked if Stephanie was willing to wait.

"I'm not going to hold her back. She moved on with Alex," Chad said. With a smirk, Jack noted that Alex had not seemed like Stephanie's type. "He might not be, after all. They broke up," Chad said. Jack advised Chad to make a move. "I can't get involved in a relationship," Chad said. Jack noted that there would never be a good time to move on.

"And it doesn't mean the memories of Abigail are going to be any less important. And it doesn't mean that you're gonna love her any less. It just means that you're gonna find room in your heart. It's gonna grow so there is space for you to live the full life that you deserve. That Abigail would want you to have," Jack said. Jack encouraged Chad to talk to Stephanie.

When Chad was reluctant to bother Stephanie, Jack argued that Stephanie needed to talk to people that cared about her. "You sound like a shrink," Chad said. "Years of therapy will do that to you," Jack said. Jack noted that after all the losses, they needed to live as well as grieve. Jack said that he believed Abigail would support Chad exploring his connection to Stephanie. "I will support you," Jack added. Chad left to visit Stephanie.

Jack went to the pub to pick up food, and he ran into Steve. "I'm so sorry about Kayla," Jack said. Jack hugged his brother.

In the square, Gwen told Leo about Jack's ultimatum. "You chose Xander over your job, your home, and your relationship with your father?" Leo asked. Gwen said yes. Leo asked Gwen if Xander was worth the sacrifice. Gwen noted that the closeness with her father had developed out of his guilt over her childhood. "I mean, that's how he was able to be so kind, so forgiving. And how did I reward him? By giving him trouble at every turn," Gwen said. Leo cautioned Gwen not to be so hard on herself.

"I can't seem to break that pattern: hurting him, disappointing him. You know, this last time, [Jack] was so upset with me that I just accepted the fact that he would probably be better without me in his life. Because I love him so much, I decided to just do the unselfish thing and let him go, which is what I ultimately had to do with Xander," Gwen said. Leo disagreed.

"You did it because you can't quit Xander. You know that's the reason," Leo said. Gwen admitted that was true. Leo told Gwen that it was better to preserve her relationship with her father. Gwen said she could not bear the thought that her testimony might send Xander to prison for the rest of his life. "I'm still in love with him. Even if he doesn't love me back," Gwen confessed.

"I get that you still love him. Which makes it impossible for you to, well, you'd pretty much [ruin] his life," Leo said. Gwen noted that she could not hurt Xander, even though there was no chance to be together. "But [Sarah] wants nothing to do with him," Leo said. Leo explained that Xander had told him he had lost Sarah.

"[Xander] is sitting in his room, drunk, vulnerable, half naked. If it were me, I would skedaddle on over there and let him know about the sacrifice you have made," Leo said. Leo suggested that he and Gwen get a room at the Salem Inn. "While I take care of our lodgings, you go over to Xander's motel room, and you claim your prize," Leo said.

Sarah delivered divorce papers to Xander at his motel room, but he refused to sign them. "I love you with all my heart," Xander said. "Then don't fight me on this. Just do the right thing for once. Let me go," Sarah said. Xander begged Sarah to let him explain what she had seen on her last visit. "I know what I saw. You were here with Gwen, and you were both half naked," Sarah said. Xander explained that Gwen had shoved him into the shower to sober him up.

"And?" Sarah said. "And nothing. There was absolutely nothing romantic going on," Xander said. Xander begged Sarah to believe him. "It doesn't matter if I believe you or not," Sarah said. Curious, Xander asked Sarah why she had visited the motel the previous night. Sarah explained that Justin and Bonnie had convinced her to give Xander another chance. "But then you changed your mind because you saw Gwen and I together?" Xander asked. When Sarah nodded yes, Xander stressed that it was a misunderstanding.

"Every time I give you another chance, you make me regret it. And then you ask me for another one," Sarah said. Sarah noted that it did not matter what had happened with Gwen. "You two have a connection that you and I don't," Sarah said. Confused, Xander asked Sarah what she meant.

"You're the woman I love," Xander said. "You loved Gwen, too. Even after she helped having me kidnapped. And even though she fried my brain, you went out and did capers with her," Sarah argued. Sarah noted that while Xander had plotted with Gwen, he had lied to her. Xander apologized. "Sorry won't cut it. Not this time," Sarah said. Sarah said she knew that Xander had not wanted anyone to get hurt, but they had.

"Susan is dead. Bonnie is traumatized for life. So, please, don't make me say this again. It's the last time I'm going to say it. You are not the man that I fell in love with. And I don't want to be married to you anymore," Sarah said. Xander looked at the papers. "I tried so hard not to let you down," Xander said. When Xander reached for Sarah's hands, she yanked them away. "Don't you dare try to put this on me!" Sarah said. Sarah argued that Xander had had options other than crime.

"You wouldn't take [Maggie's] support because of your ego!" Sarah yelled. Sarah reminded Xander that she had never asked him to support her financially and that she had only wanted to be with the man she loved. "And who is that?" Xander asked. "The man I thought you were," Sarah said. Xander shook his head.

"You knew exactly who I was when you married me. I mean, sure, yeah, every now and then I'd try and turn over a new leaf, but it never worked, did it? I always failed, as you keep reminding me. And you, you admitted that part of what drew you to me in the first place was [that] I was a bad boy. That you were drawn to the side of me that breaks the rules. That is the man you fell in love with. You know it's true," Xander said. Sarah and Xander leaned close to one another, and Sarah admitted it was true.

"There's an element of danger being with you that part of me liked," Sarah whispered. As Xander stared into Sarah's eyes, he edged closer to her. "I thought that I could soften your rough edges. But instead, the other way around happened," Sarah said. Xander raised an eyebrow. "We changed each other, Sarah. That's how love's supposed to work, isn't it?" Xander countered. Sarah agreed.

"But not when one person keeps lying to the other and commits crimes and betrays your trust. That is not how love works," Sarah said. Xander shook his head, and he stepped away. "Here we go again. I mean, you lecture me on how I'm not good enough for you. Then you leave. But then you come back," Xander said. Sarah stressed that she would not return this time.

"So, you might as well sign the papers," Sarah said. With a nod, Xander grabbed the papers, and he signed them. "Satisfied?" Xander said. "Yeah," Sarah whispered. Sarah walked out. Xander collapsed on the bed in despair. When Gwen knocked on Xander's door, he grabbed her and kissed her passionately.

As Sarah walked through the town square, she ran into Leo and dropped her divorce papers. "I see Xander finally signed the divorce papers," Leo said with a grin. "It's none of your damn business," Sarah growled.

In the wine cellar of the DiMera tunnels, a restrained Stefan struggled to break free. Gabi walked in with Rolf. "Our one and only genius deprogrammer," Gabi said. Gabi reminded Stefan that she had promised to find Rolf. "And now he can put you back to the way you were before. When I was the only woman you loved," Gabi whispered to Stefan. Confused, Stefan asked Gabi where she had found Rolf.

"Turns out it was another thing [Li] lied to me about. He's been bankrolling Rolf the entire time," Gabi explained. Stefan asked Gabi how she had learned the truth, and Gabi told Stefan about how she'd tricked Li. "But Rolf was already on the way over here. It seems that fate wants us to be together," Gabi said. Stefan noted that Rolf did not have any equipment.

"There's nothing down here but cobwebs, wine, and psychosis," Stefan grumbled. Rolf confirmed that he had stashed equipment in the tunnels. "Why are you going along with this, anyway?" Stefan asked. "Because it's what Stefano would want," Gabi said. Gabi noted that Rolf was devoted to Stefano and his wishes. With a nod, Rolf left to retrieve his equipment.

"I hate you," Stefan muttered. "Once your real feelings for me come back, you're going to thank me. I promise," Gabi said. "I promise, I won't," Stefan countered. Stefan told Gabi that he had remembered his life with Gabi, and it had not been good. "It was at the end, just before I lost you. That's what makes this so devastating. Things were wonderful between us before," Gabi said. Gabi argued that Stefan's feelings for her would not stay buried.

"If you really believe that, then why not just let the feelings resurface on their own?" Stefan asked. Rolf returned with a cart full of electronic devices. "There will be a bit of improvisation involved. And I have to warn you, there are always risks when one is expanding the course of science," Rolf said. Stefan asked Gabi if she wanted to risk his brain to Rolf's tinkering. Concerned, Gabi asked about the risks.

"The usual: amnesia, aphasia, nausea, death," Rolf said. "What?" Gabi and Stefan yelped in unison. "I sense some doubt?" Rolf said. Rolf asked Gabi if she was sure that she wanted him to proceed with the deprogramming. "My God, Rolf. You didn't tell me that deprogramming could kill him," Gabi said. "You didn't ask," Rolf noted. Rolf added that the risk was negligible. "I am not willing to risk it, okay?" Stefan yelled. When Stefan turned to Gabi, she paused.

"I like the odds. Just do it, Rolf," Gabi said. "You psychotic, selfish bitch! Help!" Stefan screamed. Gabi gagged Stefan, and Rolf slipped a pair of headphones onto Stefan's head. Once Stefan was unconscious and the equipment was hooked up, Rolf started to speak to Stefan. Stefan thought about when he had professed his love to Gabi in the tunnels for the first time. Stefan started to smile.

"It's working," Gabi said. Sparks flew off the equipment, and Stefan started to shake violently. "What's going on?" Gabi yelled. "The equipment is a bit older than is ideal," Rolf said. Stefan continued to shake, and then he slumped over. Panicked, Gabi dropped to her knees next to Stefan. "Are you alive?" Gabi pleaded. Stefan roused awake. "Can you hear me?" Gabi asked. "Gabi," Stefan whispered.

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