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Days of our Lives Recap for Friday, February 23, 2024
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Days of our Lives Daily Recaps (Friday, February 23, 2024)
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Friday, February 23, 2024

Xander met with Sarah and Justin in the interrogation room at the precinct. "How are you holding up?" Justin asked. "About how you'd expect. At least they let me out of my cell to talk to you both," Xander said. Xander asked about the Horton family. Sarah confirmed that the family was fine. "Thank God no one was hurt, or worse," Xander said.

"Xander, I wish that we could get you out of here, but after they found the gun at your apartment," Justin said with a shrug. Sarah apologized for not having stayed in the apartment during the police search. "Victoria was crying because she woke up from all the commotion, so I took her to Mom's," Sarah explained. Xander assured Sarah that she could not have changed things.

"Someone would have found a way to plant that gun, whether you'd been there or not. I am being set up, Justin. You do believe that, right?" Xander asked. "I not only believe it, but I'm going to prove it," Justin countered. Justin said he was hopeful that Harris could explain what had happened. Sarah cautioned that if Harris woke up, it might not be anytime soon.

"Time is not on our side, obviously. Planting that gun, that's just the beginning. Whoever is out there setting me up, they're planning their next move as we speak," Xander said. Rafe walked into the room. "I'm being framed. You have to believe me," Xander said. Xander pointed out that he had no connection to Harris. Rafe nodded in agreement.

"But I am sure that you do have a connection to the $50,000 that was placed in your bank account this morning from an untraceable offshore account," Rafe said. Surprised, Xander stressed that he did not know how or why the money had been sent to him. "The why is obvious and further proof that Xander is being framed," Justin argued. Xander argued that if he had been involved in a crime, he would not want to be paid directly to his personal bank account.

"What about the texts sent to your phone? 'Is it done?' Or the very incriminating fact the gun used to shoot Harris was found in your apartment?" Rafe asked. Xander reiterated that he did not know how the gun had ended up in his apartment. "If you have no other evidence --" Justin started. "Actually, I do! An eyewitness to the crime," Rafe said. Rafe explained that someone had witnessed Xander run by the Bistro the night of the shooting.

"[I exercised] to clear my head. You believe me, don't you, Sarah?" Xander asked. "Of course, I do," Sarah said. Rafe pulled a photo out of an envelope and put it on the table. "That's not me. I mean, sure, that man is dressed in similar running clothes, but I bet thousands of people have that running gear," Xander said. Justin pointed out that the photo did not show the shooter's face.

"There's no way you can identify Xander as the shooter based on that photo," Justin argued. Xander said that someone had dressed like him and then planted the gun in Xander's apartment. "Rafe, you know damn well when this much evidence falls into place so easily, there has to be other forces at play," Justin said. Rafe asked Xander why someone would want to frame him.

"I wish I knew," Xander said. After a moment, Xander noted that a DiMera could have been behind the plot. "Rafe, you should know that I recently received a mysterious phone call. An altered voice instructed me to eliminate someone. Now, I thought it was E.J. or one of the DiMeras messing with me, so I went over to the mansion to confront E.J. about it," Xander said. Xander said he had talked to Stefan instead.

"Let me get this straight. You received a phone call soliciting you for a murder for hire. And instead of going to the police, you went to the DiMeras. The hell were you thinking?" Rafe asked. "I wasn't," Xander admitted. After Rafe left, Xander asked if Justin could get him out on bail, since Rafe agreed that Xander had been set up. "Rafe agreed to consider that you might have been set up," Justin clarified. Justin told Xander that in light of the evidence, it would be tough to prove that Xander was not guilty.

After Justin left, Sarah told Xander that she believed all the evidence pointed to a setup. "And Rafe sees that now, too," Sarah said. Xander wondered aloud whether Rafe had pretended to be an ally in order to get Xander to say something incriminating. Sarah shook her head no. "I finally turned my life around with you and our precious Victoria. And I was so proud of the work I was doing at the Spectator and even more proud that I'd gained your trust," Xander said. Sarah promised that Xander had not lost her trust.

"Being implicated in this terrible crime, it's just making me doubt myself all over again," Xander whispered. "Why doubt yourself if you know that you're innocent?" Sarah asked. Xander reminded Sarah that he was a trouble magnet, and he always managed to make a bad choice or hurt someone he loved.

"I wouldn't blame you, Sarah, if you just wanted to get away from all of this," Xander said. Xander told Sarah that he loved her. "You and Victoria, you're everything to me. But I want you to be happy. I don't want you to be burdened from all the bad choices I've made. So, if you decide that you just want to take Victoria and start a new life without me, I will understand," Xander said.

"There was a time when I would have believed that you were guilty. But the Xander that I know and love today wouldn't risk throwing away his life with his daughter," Sarah said. "Nor with you," Xander countered. Sarah told Xander that she would not run away. "Despite everything that we have been through, or maybe because of everything we have been through, I do believe you now, and I trust you. And I am with you through this entire thing. No matter what," Sarah said. Xander hugged Sarah and apologized for having gone on a run.

"Well, you did come back, and we did make up for some lost time," Sarah said. "It was one of the best nights of my life. Until it turned into one of the worst," Xander said. Sarah kissed Xander's hand, and she vowed to find a way through the situation together.

At the prison, Clyde called Stefan and demanded that Stefan visit him in prison. "Last time I was there, I got in trouble with the cops," Stefan said. "It's not a request, my friend," Clyde said. When Stefan arrived at the prison, he met with Clyde in the yard rather than the visitors' room to keep the meetup private. "I wanted to see you face to face to tell you how disappointed I am in you. You had an order to shoot and kill. Yet somehow, Harris Michaels is still alive," Clyde said. Clyde told Stefan there would be consequences because Stefan had disobeyed an order.

"I did exactly what I was ordered to do," Stefan stressed. "What do you want, a gold star? For what? Dressing up as Xander Kiriakis? Sending Michaels that bogus text from Ava? That's child's play. Any third grader could have done that," Clyde yelled. Stefan thought about how he had ambushed Harris and shot him. Stefan argued that he had not known that Ava and Tripp would have found Harris and saved his life. Clyde argued that Stefan should have shot Harris in the head to be sure.

"There's no sign that Michaels is going to wake up or even pull through. I did exactly what you asked me to do," Stefan said. Stefan asked Clyde if Gabi was okay. "Your wife is still breathing. For now," Clyde confirmed. "[Gabi has] suffered enough," Stefan said. Clyde told Stefan that if he followed orders, Gabi would be fine. Stefan asked about Tripp. "He's missing. I assume you had something to do with that," Stefan said. "If I did, it was only for insurance purposes," Clyde said. Clyde said that Ava was weak.

"Does Ava know what you need from her?" Stefan asked. "Well, if she doesn't, she soon will," Clyde said. Stefan admitted that Ava cared about Harris. "She's human. She's also smart and savvy. That's why she has been loyal to you down the line," Stefan said. Clyde told Stefan to keep an eye on Ava and make sure she remained loyal. As Stefan turned to leave, Clyde warned Stefan to make sure that Harris did not wake up.

Officer Godfrey was standing guard in Harris' room at the hospital as Ava stared through the window from the hallway. Ava thought about when she had found a bleeding Harris on the Bistro loading dock. Godfrey exited Harris' room to warn Ava not to loiter. "I wouldn't have to loiter if you'd just let me in there," Ava said. "You know the rules. Family only," Godfrey said. Ava protested that she was the closest thing that Harris had to a family. Godfrey ordered Ava to leave.

"Please, I'm having a real hard day here," Ava said. Ava explained that her son, a doctor, had gone missing. "It was Tripp who was the one who helped Harris Michaels that night on the loading dock. So, if it wasn't for him and for me finding him in the first place, you know, he may not even be with us right now," Ava said. Ava argued that it would help Harris if he knew she was there. Ava appealed to the officer to bend the rules, but he refused. Ava pulled out her phone and threatened to call Rafe.

"I'll save you some time, Miss Vitali. The commissioner is the one who ordered me otherwise. Said I shouldn't let you in to see Michaels under any circumstances," Godfrey said. After Godfrey returned inside Harris' room, Ava paced outside the window. When nurse Michele exited Harris' room, Ava asked if there had been any improvement in his condition. The nurse noted that Ava was not family. "Harris doesn't have any family. I'm all he's got. And I know that if I was in there, I know it could help his recovery," Ava said. "Sorry, I really wish I could help," Michele said.

When Rafe arrived at the hospital, he went to check on Harris and relieve Godfrey. Rafe stood at Harris' bedside. "You're not giving up on me now," Rafe said. Rafe promised to find the shooter. As Rafe exited the room, he saw Ava. "Why are you so hellbent on keeping me from seeing Harris?" Ava asked. "It's for your good and for his," Rafe said. Ava apologized for having gotten involved with Clyde.

"It's not your fault. I know you and Harris were just trying to bring Clyde down," Rafe said. "Lot of good that did us," Ava muttered. Ava pleaded with Rafe to let her say goodbye to Harris in case he did not pull through. Rafe sighed. With a grin, Ava playfully threatened to complain on social media about Rafe. With a shrug, Rafe noted he wasn't on social media. "Despite what some people say, I actually do have a heart," Rafe said. "Yeah, you do," Ava agreed. Rafe told Ava she could visit Harris.

Elated, Ava rushed to Harris' bedside, and she held his hand. "I am here. And I hope you can hear me," Ava whispered. Ava smiled. "I've been thinking about when we first met and how you had my back," Ava said. Ava told Harris he had saved her from herself. "And how did I repay you? I pushed you away. God, I didn't want to," Ava said. Ava called herself her own worst enemy. "Harris, you have loved me like no one has ever loved me. And I love you for that. God, and so many other reasons. I can't lose you," Ava said. Ava kissed Harris. Harris' eyes fluttered open.

Steve was at the Black Patch office as he talked to John on the phone. John walked through the square, and he confirmed that he had not found any witnesses that had seen Tripp and Wendy at the geocache event. Steve said all his leads had hit a dead end, including surveillance footage from the area of the event.

"I have a list of all the people who signed up for the event," John said. John promised to return to the office after he spoke to everyone on that list. "We're going to find your boy. And Wendy, too. You can count on it," John said. As Steve ended his call, Konstantin marched into the Black Patch office. "Is this a bad time?" Konstantin asked. "What do you want?" Steve grumbled. Konstantin guessed that Steve's foul mood was because of Tripp's disappearance. "How do you know that?" Steve asked. Konstantin explained that he had overheard the staff at the hospital.

"What do you want?" Steve repeated. "I just wanted to give you my take on it," Konstantin said. Konstantin called it karmic justice if something had happened to Steve's son. "My daughter was killed by the Pawn. And you, well, you just stood there watching. Which makes you equally responsible for her death," Konstantin said. "I have no idea what you're talking about," Steve said. Konstantin argued that Steve had been the Pawn's handler, and Victor had sent them to Aria to send Konstantin a message.

"Only, the Pawn took that message one step too far and killed my Catharina in cold blood," Konstantin growled. "You've got it all wrong," Steve said. Steve argued that he had not known that Konstantin had had a daughter. "And even if I did and even if what you're saying wasn't complete nonsense, what proof do you have? Did you actually see this Pawn kill your daughter?" Steve asked. Konstantin admitted that he had been unconscious during the attack.

"But when I woke up, I saw my Catharina lying on the floor there dead," Konstantin said. Steve asked Konstantin why he was so sure that the Pawn had been the killer. Konstantin explained that the only other people in the room with him during the attack had been Steve and John Black. "And though I did not see [John's] face, I will never forget those eyes," Konstantin said. Konstantin added that he could see in Steve's eye that he knew that every word Konstantin had said was true.

"Whatever happened to your daughter all those years ago had nothing to do with me or John," Steve stressed. Konstantin disagreed. "The Pawn killed my daughter in cold blood. And you were an accessory to the crime," Konstantin yelled. Steve told Konstantin that he was confused. Konstantin said that he had sworn on his daughter's soul to avenge her, and he would not rest until he had completed his task.

John walked into the office. "What the hell is going on in here?" John asked. "[Konstantin] was just about to leave," Steve said. With a smirk, Konstantin asked if John was curious about Konstantin's conversation with Steve. John guessed that Konstantin was there to taunt him about how he had messed with John's head in the park. "Am I close?" John asked. Konstantin said he had been talking to Steve about his daughter, Catharina. "I certainly don't know anything about your daughter," John said. Konstanin told John that John would remember everything eventually.

"I hope your son turns up. I hate to think what a person like you would resort to if anyone were to harm, or dare I say, even kill your precious child," Konstantin said. Steve grabbed Konstantin by the lapels, and he warned Konstantin not to threaten Tripp. Steve shoved Konstantin out the door. With a shake of his head, John asked Steve, "What was [Konstantin's] motive for showing up here?" Steve argued that he did not care, because he needed to focus on Tripp.

"That brings me to what I found when I was walking around the square," John said. John explained that an employee at the bakery had talked to Wendy about the clues in the geocache event. "Anything else? Did anyone see Tripp?" Steve asked. John confirmed that Eric and Sloan had seen Tripp and Wendy, but they did not know where Tripp and Wendy had been headed.

In the square, Konstantin sipped a coffee and smiled. "I will get my revenge against you, Steve Johnson. But before I do, I must deal with you, John, my pawn," Konstantin said. Konstantin took the red card out of his pocket and chuckled. "I will take great pleasure in playing you like a fiddle until all your strings are broken. Then and only then, John Black, until all my tasks are finally completed, will you finally pay the ultimate price for what you have taken away from me," Konstantin said.

When Stefan arrived at the hospital, Ava was pacing outside Harris' room. "How are you holding up? Any word on Tripp?" Stefan asked. "No. But there's some good news. Harris opened his eyes. Rafe is in there right now," Ava said.

Inside Harris' room, Rafe talked to a seemingly unconscious Harris. "If you can hear me, squeeze my hand," Rafe said. After a moment, Harris squeezed Rafe's hand. "If you can hear me, open your eyes, man," Rafe said. Harris slowly opened his eyes.

Nurse Michele exited Harris' room, and Ava asked for an update. "Detective Michaels is responsive. He's definitely waking up," Michele said. Ava laughed with relief, and she hugged Stefan as he scowled.

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