Days of our Lives disaster: Abe and Paulina's deathbed reunion with faux Lexie flatlines with fans

Posted Monday, March 11, 2024 1:47:27 PM
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A miracle occurred for Abe and Paulina on Days of our Lives, but it didn't feel like a miracle for fans.

Days of our Lives' Paulina Price needs a new heart and a new will to live. At least she seems to have received the latter, thanks to a heavenly visit from above. Lexie Carver appeared to Paulina and Abe, but just like in 2021, Renee Jones didn't reprise her old role in spirit form.

Instead, all we saw was the back of Lexie's head, but we did hear her voice. Thanks to flashbacks to the last time Abe saw Ghost Lexie, we were able to recognize the voice as that of actress Jennifer Lee, who played her three years ago when Abe hovered between life and death following a gunshot wound.

This time, Lexie appeared just before Paulina flatlined, but Abe seemed to forget all about his dying second wife when his dead first wife showed up. He left Paulina to flatline so he could go into the light with Lexie, something that fans found a bit neglectful.

"Paulina is literally flat-lining and Abe puts her hand aside so he can talk to Lexie. I hope Paulina remembers this when she doesn't really die," @mattFarris wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter).

@betterlizard expressed the same basic sentiments and found the whole thing to be amusing. "LOL! There was no real rush to save Paulina when she flatlined, huh? Girl just sat there with the monitors going off and Abe was just carrying on with Ghost Lexie."

Are we Others found the entire scenario to be way out of character for both Abe and Ghost Lexie.

"Are we supposed to be weeping over this body double? Lexie wasn't this kind of character and Abe/Lexie weren't that kind of couple," pointed out @lysie1984.

In the end, the visit from Lexie became the thing to finally jog Abe's memory and end the amnesia storyline that began last summer. However, one fan wondered why a living character wasn't used as opposed to a dead one.

"They really didn't need faux Lexie for this," @dianeleigh007 wrote. "I would've preferred Lani (or Theo, but since Lani is actually there, no brainer) triggering Abe's memory."

What do you think? Did you enjoy Ghost Lexie's latest return? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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