Days of our Lives doppelgänger: Is Everett really Bobby... or is another shocker coming?

Posted Tuesday, February 20, 2024 9:49:56 AM
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Days of our Lives' Jada is convinced that Stephanie is dating her ex-husband, but why?

The moment finally arrived on Days of our Lives. Jada met Stephanie's old-new boyfriend Everett Lynch and immediately declared that he was her cheating ex-husband Bobby Stein. Everett (or is that Bobby?), of course, had no idea what (or whom) she was talking about.

DAYS fans have known for months that Jada and Stephanie were talking about the same lousy ex every time they got together to commiserate about their love lives. A series of soap opera-like near-misses kept them from figuring this out, but not anymore. So, is Everett really Bobby -- or is there something entirely different going on?

Not only do Everett and Bobby look exactly alike, but both men (or is it just one man?) are the spitting image of Nick Fallon, the Horton cousin who terrorized the town for years until Gabi Hernandez finally killed him. Nick also happened to be played by Blake Berris, the actor who brings Everett to life.

We've seen Nick again through the years as a disciple of Satan. Since DAYS seems like it's been shying away from the supernatural recently, we doubt that Everett/Bobby or Everett and Bobby are actually Devil Nick in disguise, but you never know.

Still, there has to be a reason that Jada is sure her BFF is dating her ex-husband. Yes, they look alike, but the drinking and gambling Bobby that Jada describes sounds nothing like the mild-mannered journalist in button-downs who Stephanie is now in love with.

Perhaps Everett was never in a car accident but instead suffers from dissociative identity disorder. We have seen him have headaches, become dizzy, and need to sit down, but we thought that was a result of the car accident. But the man we know as Everett, who Jada knows as Bobby, could have had a split personality for years. That would mean Everett is telling the truth when he claims he never met Jada.

Then again, DAYS could pull out a familiar soap trope and make Everett and Bobby twin brothers who never knew about each other. While Steve is set to provide Stephanie with proof that Everett and Bobby are one and the same, Steve could come across the wrong information -- or there could be some twin confusion.

In the end, there is something not right about this man known as Everett, and there is certainly something off about the way he was looking through the Horton photos in the Horton dining room. That would bring us right back to Tom and Alice's great-grandson Nick. Could he be controlling this story from above -- or below, as the case may be?

What do you think? Are Everett and Bobby the same person, or is there something more going on in Salem? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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