Ken Corday reveals new details about Days of our Lives' move to Peacock

Posted Friday, August 19, 2022 1:25:57 PM
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From edgier content to longer episodes, Days of our Lives is in for changes once it moves to Peacock. But executive producer Ken Corday says it's all good: "It's still going to be the same DAYS that you know and love."

Fans have mixed reviews about Days of our Lives moving to Peacock this September, with some thinking it's a logical step to take as the entertainment sphere continues to evolve, with others thinking it's the nail in the show's coffin and will lead to cancellation.

DAYS' executive producer, Ken Corday, is aware of the trepidation and is doing his best to calm the fears that viewers of the NBC soap opera have. In a new interview with Soap Opera Digest, he reveals that DAYS' move to Peacock was actually written into the show's 2021 renewal contract with NBC.

"The network always had the right to migrate the show exclusively to Peacock, and now they've decided to do so, and we're excited," he shares. "The bottom line is, this is the future. Whether people believe it now, or in a year or two, this is the future of first-run dramatic television. Let's just hope the migration is wonderful and our loyal viewers stick with us and subscribe."

One of the main fears that fans have is that viewers won't stick with the show, particularly those from an older generation who don't know or understand the world of streaming. But Corday has a plan to help those viewers make the transition.

"We have to find a way to make this easy and palatable for our viewers, be it young or old, to know how it works... so, we'll be doing some promos, PSAs for that," he says. "We'll have Bill Hayes [Doug Williams] and Susan Seaforth Hayes [Julie Williams] showing each other how to access Peacock."

Meanwhile, he says international viewers will still be able to access the show because it will continue to be distributed by Sony Pictures Television overseas. "The international markets won't be impacted," he promises, but he adds, "Canada is a little tricky because they air the show a day ahead, and there are some things that have to be worked out with that."

Another fear that fans have is that DAYS won't be the same show now that it's going to be a digital drama. But Corday insists that the Peacock version of DAYS will be "the same DAYS that you know and love."

However, there may actually be more content because streaming doesn't have the time restraints that network television brings, and the show will also have the freedom to be a bit edgier.

"We will be able to say and do things that are a little bit more titillating than on broadcast. It's still Days of our Lives, but it's not your mother's Days of our Lives," the EP teases. "It changes, it's growing, but in all the best ways."

In closing, Corday urges fans to please keep an open mind about the future of the show that his parents, Ted and Betty Corday, created.

"This is not the end of an era, it's the beginning of another era," he enthuses. "This is the best part of the job for me, these exciting, pioneering times, making changes like this and trying to keep everything positive."

UPDATE: Peacock is offering a reduced pricing option for new subscribers through September. New subscribers can sign up for the Premium tier for $1.99 per month, a savings of $3 per month from the usual $4.99.

What do you think about Ken Corday's information regarding DAYS move to Peacock? Now that you've had time to digest the news, how do you feel about the NBC soap opera leaving network television? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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