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Who will figure out Sloan's secret first? And will that person actually tell Nicole the truth? If so, will there be a seat at the DiMera table for the new baby, or will Clyde have taken over the family? Let's discuss all the family drama in this week's Two Scoops.

I know people kept saying it was Thanksgiving, but are we sure it wasn't Groundhog Day? Because this day in Salem kept going, and going, and going. Not that it was a bad thing! We had a lot of plot to unpack from the whirl of November Sweeps.

I love that Nicole right away knows she's the mother of Eric and Sloan's baby. It adds a layer of vindication, which we all know is coming as soon as Nicole gets to have her revenge on Sloan. Plus, it speeds things along. The complete pride and joy Nicole showed when Holly said she'd arranged for a DNA test -- without asking Nicole first -- was a hilarious moment of love that could only happen on a soap.

I know people keep saying that "Nicole did this to Sami," but I just can't get on board with this as soap justice. Nicole swapped Sami's baby, yes. But what Sloan and Melinda did here was sinister. They told Nicole her baby was dead. It's not pleasant for any woman to suffer like this. E.J. was right. Nicole's been through more these last few days than anyone should have to endure.

Perhaps that's why I love Dimitri putting the screws to Sloan, including the hilarious beat where he took every dollar in her wallet. I'm shocked that Sloan copped to the crime so easily, but I'm hoping that's a sign we're near the big reveal. I don't buy him confessing to save Leo, but I do believe he has another trick up his sleeve to confess and then blow Sloan out of the water -- like offering E.J. his son back in exchange for pardons for both Dimitri and Leo.

As for E.J. and Eric, they both are wonderfully loving toward Nicole. The look they shared when Nicole claimed Eric's baby was hers was heartbreaking. There's absolutely no love lost here between the two of them, but they seem to be coming together for the sake of Nicole. I also don't hate E.J. and Sloan's scenes one little bit...

Speaking of possible partner switches, we got an elevation in the Chad/Stephanie/Everett triangle -- one that makes me question whether or not Everett is that great of a dude.

First, he didn't need Stephanie to come into the office. She could have written that statement alone. All he did was type what she dictated. The voice-to-text function on any iPhone could have sufficed. Also, didn't they just write a piece about how Leo left the paper? I'm not sure they need an in-depth statement about a former employee.

Second, while at the paper, Steph found a ring box in Everett's front pocket of his laptop bag. Turns out Everett was going to ask Steph to marry him "before the accident." I'm not sure if I believe this. He's been carrying around a diamond on his person for over two years? Why is that thing in his laptop bag -- in the same pocket as his charger --and not at home in a safe or something? And if he's so hard up for money for medical bills, could he possibly sell the diamond ring?

Anyway, Chad made the sneaky move to become a silent partner in exchange for Xander firing Everett. Now that I don't think Everett is on the up and up, I've got less heartburn over Chad fighting dirty. I think Chad's feelings toward Everett have just as much to do with Stephanie as they do with Chad's annoyance that this dude is just annoying in his constant presence. Plus, Billy Flynn and Paul Telfer is a delightful pairing. Xander could do with a friend who knows what paternity reveals later in life are like.

Loose Ends

Theresa asked Alex out on a date, which was a very Theresa thing to do. Say what you will about her, but she's not one to wait for a dude to make a move.

I'm glad we're done with the Sarah vs. Xander custody showdown. More so, I'm glad we don't have to deal with manic Sarah every other scene going on about how Xander is great, then not, then great again. The fact is, he's Victoria's father, and at this point, Sarah needs to figure out a way to get along with the man. Or at least not lose her mind every other time she sees him in the town square.

It's not like they need to chemistry test Brandan Barash and Tamara Braun, but I'm on board with it! Let's do this. Stefan and Ava team up because Clyde is so all powerful from prison, he can best a mob princess and Stefano DiMera/Vivian Alamain's son -- combined! This is the plot point that I really don't get. You can't tell me Viv doesn't still have friends from Statesville who can protect Gabi and possibly go after Clyde. There's no way Angelo would let Ava get taken advantage of like this. Maybe the two of them working together will shake something loose here, and they'll go after Clyde.

I'm basically just waving my foam finger every time Steve confronts Konstantin about anything. Get him, Steve! Get. Him. Konstantin has overstayed his welcome and needs to ship out. I loved Steve laying out his theory to Sarah, Kayla, and John, too. The more eyes on this cat, the better.

I love Chanel straight up telling Johnny that Holly has a crush on him. Our Chanel is so smart. And now, Johnny can't be so aloof when it comes to Holly. I like this move so much more for the older man, as opposed to the Austin Reed model from a few years ago.

Extra Scoops


I'll take all the Jada I can get when it comes to Leo. The way she is completely unmoved by his comedy routine and points out that DVL isn't known for loyalty gave me such joy to watch.


Are you kidding me? We missed Thanksgiving with Alex, Tate, and Theresa?? And just when did Tate have time to do this? Was it in between delivering dinners with Brady and taking pie to Holly? I could have gone with at least 30% less Nicole grief to see the rest of Salem participate in Thanksgiving.


Stephanie (about Everett): "He was so great with the kids! You saw how much they liked him."

Chad: "Yeah, well, the kids dip their hot dogs in chocolate."


What in the name of 90s George Clooney is going on with Dimitri's hair?

Konstantin's cut healed up pretty quickly.

When was the last time someone thought, "What would make this less awkward? Oh, I know! Let's add Theresa!"

Has Kayla been at the hospital this whole time? Does she know that the "wrong baby" was cremated? This error seems like something that they would have escalated to the members of the leadership team, which would include their chief of staff.

The photo booth pictures of ghost Dimitri and Leo made me chuckle.

Is it ridiculous that E.J. DiMera is the D.A.? Yes. But it's very, very much working for me in a way I didn't see coming! Between the suits and the accent, Dan Feuerriegel can lean all the way into E.J.'s smugness in a way that feels true to the character. Plus, prosecuting people he personally hates (Gabi, Ava, and now Leo/Dimitri) feels earned in a way, where Melinda's same attitude just made her seem, well, super cranky.

I'm shocked exactly not at all to learn Alex changes his sheets once a month.

I loved the little scene of shock when Julie met Everett for the first time.

When Rafe returned Harris' keys to him, Rafe reported that they were down at the sergeant's desk. I have so many questions. Is there a desk that people have to pass by in order to enter the detective section of the police station? Does that mean all those people who stormed in to talk to (insert detective here) walked right past another desk!?

Of course, Xander eats a turkey leg Renaissance Fair style.

I get nervous anytime Kayla is around a newborn and asks about a name. Back off, Pocket lady. Step away from naming conversations!

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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