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And baby makes three! Well. Maybe four. Five, perhaps, if we include Sloan! Numbers be damned, there is no doubting Nicole is going to be a mama again and already has all the baby daddy drama you can shake a rattle at. So, let's discuss that, a "Very Broe Breakup," and much more in the week's specially delivered DAYS Two Scoops!

I think Sloan's Halloween costume is officially set. She can go as Steve Urkel and just keep stating, "Did I do that!?" Whoops. Now E.J. knows all about Eric and Nicole's dosed biscuited bedroom escapades -- but wait! There's more. That's not even the big drama --that would be Nicole's pregnant!

I did say big drama, not big surprise. I think most of us saw this coming, but still. This is the type of bombshell daytime is made of.

I'd also say let's break out the nonalcoholic bubbly to celebrate Nicole's news, but I think breaking out the paternity tests would be a better start. Then, depending on "Who's the Daddy!?," the party could either be a festive Brady bash at the pub or a DiMera drama-filled, living room-based gathering with lots of Gabi and Stefan snark and awkwardness. In either case, I'll be at the bar with Laurisa and Anna.

Now, Nicole might not be that far along with her pregnancy, but this plot is already showing. It's rather bloated, even. Like, this baby bottle is overflowing with all the dramas. Too many of them? Maybe. Let's count the ways and decide...

One, there's the obvious "Who's the daddy!?" drama. Eric or E.J.? E.J. or Eric!? This in and of itself is a big deal. While "Ericole" has a massive fan base, it did take a hit recently. "Ecole" has been on the rise, especially because Ari Zucker and Dan Feuerriegel are so charming together. Though, not having an "Ericole" baby after everything and all these years would seem mean. Plus, there's a way both fanbases can win!

With all of Dr. Rolf's Rolfiness, there's still a chance OG "Baby Ecole" is out there. Taking the infant and letting Nicole believe it was dead would be a very Stefano and Rolf thing to do, and the Phoenix was in full force back then. I mean, it's Salem. Stranger things have happened.

Two, Nicole's pregnancy is high risk times two! First, she has a history of not being able to carry a baby to term. Some of the most heartbreaking DAYS moments have been when Nicole lost a child. I have no desire to watch that again. Faults and all, Nicole deserves this win. I can't bear the thought of anything less for Ms. Walker. Let's keep the drama with the fellas, okay, Team DAYS?

Second, as Kayla pointed out, Nicole is having a child later in life. That's anything after 35, as verified by a very wise woman and Dr. Google. That comes with an entire set of struggles and concerns. Kayla herself had the same ones when she carried Joey at an "advanced maternal age." Which...that term needs to be rebranded, but I digress.

Three, there's the DNA factor. Yes, we don't know "Who's the Daddy!?" but we do know Salem. By that, I mean switching DNA testing is about as common as coming back from the dead. It happens all the time. So, the question really isn't as much of if the paternity test will be tampered with, but who might do it?

Maybe I've been hanging with the Price women too much lately, but my knee-jerk reaction is there will be a Sloan-sized main suspect. Still, she's been blamed for a lot lately and hasn't been all that guilty, so let's look at some of the other suspects and why...

"Stabi!" Stefan would want the competition of another DiMera board member about as much as he'd want to put on that electro swim cap again. That is, not at all. So, he'd have a CEO cart full of reasons to make Eej believe the baby is Eric's via a little paternity switcheroo.

It goes without saying, Gabi would be on board with this, too. The only inkling otherwise might be some compassion toward Nicole as a mother, but Gabi and Compassion seem to have broken up recently in the DiMera living room. So, yep. Yo-Gabba-Gabi would go along with Stefan. They're "Stabi," after all, and I think they were celebrating the holidays they missed together last week in their Christmas colors, but, again, I digress.

Oh, wait! There's that DiMera code of conduct where they won't hurt one of their kin. Right. I forgot about that. Nah. I kid. I kid.

Of course, despite her faux objections to the contrary, Sloan seems to like being fawned over. Methinks the lady likes romance more than she's willing to admit, and I think she thinks the same of Eric. While I'd hate for her to fall into the old trope of doing something drastic to desperately hold on to Eric, making E.J. appear to be the father would be a clearer path for her and Eric to live happily ever after.

And because it's Salem, there are wild cards. Another DiMera doing the deed wouldn't be so unheard of. Maybe having something to level E.J. with if they need it or keeping the share splitting down to a minimum, much like a motive for Stefan. Kristen hasn't met a dumb idea she hasn't clung onto lately. Or perhaps someone would pull a "Caroline Brady" just to keep the baby from being raised a damn dirty DiMera.

To be fair, E.J. isn't the only one with enemies. Perhaps someone Nicole's scorned would want her to suffer. And with DAYS dead-not-really-dead rate going up, any enemy is possible. Or a loved one! A not-so-dead loved one who perhaps wouldn't want her granddaughter raised in the House of DiMera. A not so dead Fay, anyone? Or maybe Taylor's scarf will do it. But back to that enemy thingy!

There is a certain Salemite not in town (that we know of!) who hates E.J. at the moment and who's always hated Nicole and wouldn't want her to have a child with her brother. Then again, would she want Nicole to have a child with her ex, either? One thing is clear, she knows her way around hospital reports. So, WWSD? I mean, "What would Sami do?"


Who did Kate say, "Oh, my God, it's you" to!? Is Deimos undead? I think it's too soon for her, but Auntie Viv!? Perhaps another undead former foe? Or Philip!? In any event, I love that Roman got some good news! He needed it. And hang on, Kate. They're coming for you!

Sad news. "Broe" is now Brady and Chloe once again. And will be forever. Maybe. The Chlomeister pulled the plug and permanently put a stop to their relationship. Honestly, the scenes were beautifully written and acted by Nadia Bjorlin and Eric Martsolf. Her delivery of the entire "no one wins in this" and "his joy and hope being eaten away" was poignant. I can't blame her for realizing a serving of Brady will always come with a side of Kristen. Nobody has time or energy for that.

The entire breakup had a Schitt's Creek "Ted and Alexis" vibe, as it was heartfelt, brutally honest, sad, funny at times, and what's probably best for the characters. So, look out, Salem, Brady will soon be looking for a new "Love of His Life." I think the next lucky lady will be his baker's dozen.

Chloe's addition that she was lonely hit hard. At least she'll have a live-in dart buddy now. And maybe Parker can come visit! Again, maybe.

In other breakup news, Alex and Gwen are over. Oof. While I applaud anybody getting therapy, Alex is coming across like a college freshman who suddenly knows all about everything after one semester in Psychology 101.

Gwen and Leo have their moments, and last week, they had such hilariously heartwarming ones. Emily O'Brien and Greg Rikaart are fantastic together. His "the thing and other thing" talk was funny and kind, in his particular Leo way. Her entire "When someone sees you" speech was spectacular, especially when they turned it toward their friendship. Besties are the best.

I love Paulina and Chanel's mother and daughter heart-to-hearts, but encouraging her to date an employee (technically again) is a bad, bad idea. From big business to a small bakery, it's best never to, uh, sift where you eat. It gets messy every time.

Moving Bo into a long-term care facility makes sense. I hope it's in Salem, but I have a feeling "Bope" is getting the "Jarlena" treatment, and they'll be sent to Switzerland or something. Though, if there was a specialist in Alamainia named Dr. Manning, that would be drama-filled and fun, especially if Victor remains at his bedside.

Let's just say when Shawn-Douglas and that dude were playing the blame game, I only felt bad for one of them. Spoiler: It wasn't the dude who feels like he'll have eternal punishment because he lost Hope. I'm with Shawn -- that guy's trying to act like a martyr to make Shawn feel better. Let the people who love Shawn do that and go back to journaling your sorrows in a dingy somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea.

I love how much Chad loves Kate! And I also love how much snark Steve is throwing at Bargain Bin Aiden. "You're not any choice" particularly had me wanting to high-five the Patch Man.

I'm sure Kayla was eager to get back to work, but I'm shocked she didn't head to Seattle first. Not only is it a twofer with both of her sons there (and yes, I'm including Tripp), but Joey's also on the mend. I guess Mama Bear has the belief that her cubs will be okay. Or in Joey's case, "okay-ish."

More than okay, you go, Stephanie Johnson! While I would have loved to see her slay Seth, I enjoyed the pride in Kayla's play-by-play, as well. Three cheers for Slayer Sweetness and Chief of Staff Sweetness!

Extra Scoops

Speaking of three cheers (and more), my hands hurt from clapping for Jada! I love a smart, strong detective, and she's all that and more. Elia Cantu's performances have been epic, especially at selling Jada's conflicts and concerns as a cop and a sister. Still, there was no struggling with this week's "HOT." It was all Elia!

Um. Chloe tried to cheer herself up by singing "I Will Always Love You," and we didn't get to watch that!? Not cool, Team DAYS. Not cool. Robbing us of Bjorlin's beautiful singing, well, again, "Not, err 'NOT' cool."

I don't think there's any question about Colin's moral character. He's a house-sized dick, mate. I can't wait for this guy to be gone, and I hope once he's languishing in Soap Hell with Paul Mendez, Duke Johnson, Scooter, and the other creeps of Salem and beyond, we never hear about him again. I also hope that Marlena can make some time in her busy "making Alex feel better about himself" schedule to fit in Talia. She's a victim here, too. She'll need the help.

"I got my eye on you." Steve to Michaels


Better yet! Maybe Chloe and Brady could duet "Knowing Me, Knowing You."

Steve and Roman's chat gave me a case of the feels. I love these guys.

Speaking of the feels and chats, Chad's with his kids was the cutest.

Hearing Maggie use the term "booty call" is something I never thought I'd hear.

Would Bo in a coma be a "Boma?"

"It's funny. I heard that you recently gave up Scotch." Ha! Brady knows how to land the burns. Sorry, Gwen.

Eric is an old-school romantic. His request for a pre-bed phone call was cute. No texting for this guy.

I remain firm that the hotel hallway is WAY misleading because once you open the door to the rooms, it's gross city.

"What if we settled on a cheap bottle of wine and two fruit cups?" sounds like a great title for an autobiography.

Gwen stating, "Aunt Kayla," isn't wrong at all, but just all wrong. Sorry you're saddled with that niece, Sweetness.

I hope the rebrand of "New Alex" goes over better than "New Coke." Though, one was a classic and the other is Alex. Soooo. There's that.

Brady calling her "Chlo" was cute.

It's weird that Maggie was just finding out about Bo when Belle was already flying there to be with Shawn-D. Yep. The Salem time and space continuum is an odd one, it is.

Gwen told Leo, "Watch out for Phyllis." Well played, Team DAYS.

I enjoyed the vintage Kate and the fish flashbacks.

Allie's making friends in New Zealand. Sorry, New Zealanders.

I hope that Victor gets to see Bo awake.

Maggie screamed at Alex, "Stop! Stop. Alex, really? Seriously?" Yep. That's how I mostly feel about him.

Am I the only one who thinks of The Lonely Island's "I'm On A Boat" when Kate's shown? Though, I sing, "Kate's On A Boat!" ..."'Cause she's sailing on a boat." *mic drop*

So, friends and fellow fans, that's it for May 8! I'm NOT off to place my own discreet security cameras outside the lab at Salem University Hospital to record and then possibly blackmail whoever decides to maybe switch Nicole's possible paternity tests, but if someone wants to volunteer to help me not go over hours of footage, please message me. Since Sweet Bits is temporarily closed, bribes can be sent in the form of Brady Pub fries or cheap wine and fruit cups, thankyouverymuch.

In the meantime, Laurisa will be back next week with all the latest baby bombshell fallout, updates on "Bope," and to see if Chloe will actually sing "I Will Always Love You" for us! Fingers crossed! As always, thank you for reading, and "That's a fact."

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