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It was a week of run-ins with long lost loved ones, but the reunions aren't over yet! They're not even close to over in the Mediterranean, Annapolis, or Salem, USA. And while we might have to wait awhile, another epic one is on the horizon! All that plus a "Fountain of Youth" serum and a friendly lab rat named Skippy. Let's reunite in this week's youthfully glowing DAYS Two Scoops -- now with more Madame and rodents!

* Warning! This Two Scoops contains casting spoilers and happy dancing. If you don't like either, keep scrolling. *

I'm not going to lie. I wanted Dr. Rolf's lab rat Skippy to work with him Ratatouille style. That would have been kind of amazing. And it still wouldn't have been the craziest thing to happen last week, and I mean "craziest" in the best way possible. It was a crazy amazing week in Salem and beyond.

Though now that Kayla and Kate aren't using their cryogenic crypt-y capsule contraptions, I need one, friends. There's unbelievably amazing news in an era of unbelievably amazing DAYS news that has me wanting to put myself down for a few months until it comes to fruition. I'm THAT excited about it. Oh, and I'm still running on excitement over the two-year renewal news. Again, congrats, Team DAYS! If the show is this good now, I can only imagine what they'll do for the big 60.

Wait. Do I want to be out all that time, though? The show is on fire right now, and that would be a ton of streaming to catch up on post-tube timeout. So, I guess I better stay awake, but between shows, I am going to lose myself happy dancing over the return of Louise Sorrel (in person, thankyouverymuch)!

I mean, hal-to-the-lelujah, the OG Madame Alamain is stepping back into Salem life! I feel like a dog off its leash or a lab rat out of her cage, running around all enthusiastically with a goofy grin and maybe -- or maybe not -- my tongue hanging out. I simply love Louise. This news was a tremendous treat at the end of a wonderful week of DAYS. Let's discuss that, too...

First, Monday's episode was so good that I selected "Skip Intro" just to get to the juicy stuff, and I almost always celebrate hearing Macdonald Carey's voice. It was just a solid episode from start to finish, and the week was bookended by Friday's amazing episode, too.

Speaking of epic voices! During Bo's journey to "find himself," he heard Stefano! Hearing Joseph Mascolo's voice once again was a waited-for wish-list item! I loved that they used it. The Phoenix was such a large part of Bo's story. He had to be in there. And he was! Finally. This storyline really does have everything -- even a rat named Skippy.

Rolf's files on Bo were hilarious, cringy, and creepy all at the same time. Rolf also described Hope as having, "Beauty, brains, bravery." He's not wrong, though Megan's reaction was priceless. She'll be Fountain of Youth-ing soon, so at least her blood pressure shouldn't be as big of an issue.

Though, ouch! I guess Bo and Carly's ceremonial Mayan wedding didn't make the cut in his file. Break it to her gently, please. Though wouldn't it have been another jaw-dropper if Doc Manning had been working with Megan and Rolf!? I mean, she has the medical degree, and the last time we saw her, sobriety and sanity weren't her besties. Or she could be brainwashed, of course. But like Rolf, let's forget Carly because there were so many Salemites brought up last week. Ones like...

Kimberly! She's working for the ISA, too. I love this. It must also mean she has a clean bill of health. Double score! Though I wonder if Shane, Kimmy, and Andrew ever leaf through the files you know they must have on Eve and Jeannie-T.

Guys. They even remembered Chelsea! I know the artist formerly known as Swamp Baby Georgia might not be everyone's favorite, but I adored her. The marvelous Rachel Melvin brought such spectacular sass to the role. She was completely charming (unlike some of Chelsea's actions, to be fair). Hell. She made me like Dr. Dude there for a minute, and I know I'm in that majorly minority "Dansea" club, but I digress...

Kate brought up Chelsea as she tried to reason with brainwashed Bo. Bo! You guys. I can't. My cup of DAYS happiness hath runneth over. Seeing Bo, Hope -- HOPE! -- and everyone all together again (and aligning to be all together again) made me beam. The show's simply been fun and fantastic lately. Is it out there, too? You betcha! But DAYS is at its best when it's a mix of bonkers and nostalgia. The cast is the best. They can handle bizarre and land it with heart and humor.

To loop back to Kate. Kate!? I think she's fine. She must be fine. I'm sure Bo has her set up in some shack on the compound with a martini. Right!? She's too fierce to have fallen like that. Unsurprisingly, she didn't back down from Megs or Bo, and I loved every second of Kate's sassy, strong stance. *Hat tip* Milady Roberts-Brady.

So. Kate inspired Bo to think. And he did! From the Bo montage to Kayla running into her brother, it was great! I also loved John seeing Doc. We were cliffhung so hard on Friday, I may actually need a short nap in a cryogenic capsule so I don't have to wait until Monday.

As this all plays out; we're learning more and more each episode. I loved the entire collection of monthly flashbacks of Bo's treatments. It was a great way to tell the story and weave it into what was happening in Salem at the time. AND we still have several big payouts coming our way...

Namely, we eventually have a "Bope" reunion coming! Ka-ching! Steve and Kayla's reunion will be sweet, and if I'm being honest, I'm just as excited to see the Patch Man reunite with his bestie Bo! Ka-chings. Plural! Plus, Bo's reunions with his kids, grandkids, and other loved ones. So many warm and fuzzy hugs are coming our way. Ka-chings to the nth degree.

Another thing I love about this storyline is that it's starting to lean hard into Bo's Kiriakis side. Oh, I loved Bo and his "Pop," Shawn Brady Sr., but his relationship with Victor was so twisty and turny. Plus, this is the perfect time to be celebrating all things Victor (and John Aniston). I'm fully behind his journey of self-Bo-scovery (and next week's promo is promising and looks amazing).

We also have Megan's plans A through B and so on to watch unfold. See. So many mysteries and questions!

Right now, Project "All In the Name of Bo" has hit a rough patch for the prickly heiress, perhaps. She's done some amazing things. Should Bo be a little more grateful. Umm. Ish, at best. But Megan's made some suspect choices, as well. Like, wasn't it super risky to send Bo back to Salem!? Like, couldn't Megan have sent someone more unrecognizable, like Harris or Skippy?

Speaking of bargain bin Aiden Shaw, Harris agreed to take it slow with Hope then proceeded to kiss her. He did not get the memo. I'm with Ciara here. Not a fan.

Also, Ciara! And Ben and Baby Bo. Yes, please. Welcome back, you three. Nice to see you all. Wait! You soon-to-be FOUR. C-Town is pregnant with baby two. What a twist. We've been guessing one of these current Salemites would be expecting, but I was not expecting Ciara to be the one. Still, I feel like she won't be alone. Between Gwen, Sloan, Steph, and so on, I think we're bound for another baby bombshell.

Or perhaps, maybe the baby bombshell will be an adult version of a baby we thought was long gone. Say, could Zack be in the lab, too!? Or one of Nicole's babies? One would have been E.J.'s child, and they are a thing again. Or is someone like Harris really someone like Marlena and Don Craig's son or her son with (and forgive me) Alex North!? So many possibilities brought to us by Mad Megan and DJ Doc Re-Rolfurrection.

And the biggest of big questions remains: with Bo back, will John and Bo have to have a "Best Friend Off" to see who's Steve's true BFF!? Who will the Patch Man pick.


UPDATE: Chelsea and Max are happy and still living in London. Hmm. Did they cross paths with Allie, Chanel, Sloan, or any other of the Petersen family!? Wait. I said they're "happy." Nope. They definitely didn't cross paths with Allie or Sloan.

I do like the idea of Eric opening a gallery. Or maybe he could become the art dealer for the DiMera family. They do have a mini gallery in the mansion, and I'm sure Sloan wouldn't mind him spending time where Nicole lives. Nope. Not at all.

Three cheers for Belle! She got the case thrown out for Paulina and Chanel. Let's get this lady an Edible Arrangement and some Champagne.

I love Auntie P, but someone needs to hand her a cocktail pronto to calm her nerves. She's lost her calm and cool. But Shawn-D is here now. I love this! He and Cousin Steph can work on the case, and I'll take Paulina for drinks. That works out best.

Also, I suspect Sloan is just a red herring. I don't know why I have that hunch. I just feel it's too simple for Sloan to be the culprit this time. Granted, she does like to toss and trash things, but I don't know. I think there's more to the story.

Conversely, I still want to know Sloan's brother's take on "Throw momma from the train, err, roof?"-gate. Is he sipping the same juice as his sister, or is he all, "Yep. Father was a sleazy slag who took advantage of a student, and mum snapped." Right now, it's one likely distorted view versus two "That's not how it went down!" We need more weight on either side. While I don't believe Chanel "pushed" Mummy Pete, I really want to know more about the Petersens' home life prior to the possible but improbable push, please. And if Brother Boy is sane and backs up Chanel's story, can he help his sister? She needs it.

Chloe can't be that desperate for contact that she'd accept a call from Statesville. Like, who did she think would be phoning her!? Oh, Chlomiester. Do better next time. Don't engage the crazies.

Though she's not wrong. Rachel is a little bit of a little monster right now. It's not the kiddo's fault, but maybe a little stint in boarding school or a visit with Tator Tot might do us some good. Whoops. I meant, "do "her" some good." That.

More so, there will be a special seat in Soap Hell saved for Special K between Clyde Weston and Paul Mendez. What she did to Rachey was straight-up child abuse. Not amusing. Just gross, Kristen. You do better next time, too.

Needless to say, I cheered when Brady exclaimed, "You made it like this!" Yes, Kristen. Yes, you did. I don't blame him for fighting crazy, um, fire with fire. He's trying to undo her bad parenting. Yep. Maybe Rachel could visit Tate and get head-shrunk from Kimberly.

I applauded Maggie keeping Alex out of the meeting. Sure, we had to listen to him whine, but she was absolutely right. It looks like Victor was right about his antics being problematic, too. Let's get Maggie another bouquet of flowers, okay, Brady!?

Extra Scoops

All. Of. It! Last week was a shining example of what makes DAYS the best daytime drama there is. Mad love and appreciation to the entire cast and crew (and a certain soon-to-be-returning castmate, too)!

I'm so disappointed in Xander. He punched Alex in the face. Seriously, my dude!? Aim for the throat next time so he can't keep talking. I kid. I kid. Hands are for hugging, not hitting. I don't condone violence, especially men fighting over Gwen. I feel like the prize is a carnival stuffed animal. You're wasting time and energy on something shoddy that's bound to quickly fall apart. Not that the men in this scenario are prizes themselves, of course. So, like a carny, let's say we keep it moving and get back to the quality stuff.

Agent Rose (to Hope): "You and your late husband are kind of legends around here."


I'm ba da ba ba bah lovin' the establishing shots the show is using right now! The ISA one is particularly peachy, but really, all of them are dope.

It wasn't windy in Salem for no reason! Is a storm a'comin'!? There had to be a reason for that.

Nicole helping Chloe is great! Not so great? Leo. Ugh.

The guessing game for the name of Talia's ex is still going strong. I want to know who this person is. She seems to have ditched doctoring in New York to work at a super swanky bakery. Was this person a patron or an ex-patient!? Tell us, Tal!

If Baby CIN: Part Two is a thing, we should start suggesting names now. I'll go with Addie Marlena Weston or Zachary Evans Weston. Maybe Annapolis Weston. Or Baby Bobina. Oh! Bope Jarlena Weston! There. Done. Call the embroidery person.

Ben calling Baby Bo "Little Man" is very much like Big Bo giving Shawn-D and Zack nicknames. Cute and nostalgic? Win-win.

Also, I can't think of "Baby Bo" without hearing Maya Rudolph impersonating Beyoncé and saying something like "Bay-bee Bo."

Also-also, given Salem's strange sense of time and space, shouldn't "Baby Bo" be, like, 20 by now?

"Lady Lawnmower." Ha! I love Paulina. Maybe Auntie P will be the one to finally mow him down one of these days.

We can all agree a late-night video was recorded of Megan reworking Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass" into "All About That Bo," right?

"CIN" has been at sea for 285 days. So, five years Salem time, right? My Soap Math is rusty.

Elia Cantu and Aketra Sevillian have fun sisterly chemistry. I'm looking forward to seeing more of their interactions!

Chad and Theo playing virtual chess makes me happy.

Paulina and Chanel were so cute together last week.

I also get happy when Chad and Abe talk. They're bound to bring up Lexie. She's always a joyous DAYS memory.

Rafe and Jada's take on being an older sibling was funny, especially his shots at Dario and Gabi. Kinda fair.

I love Hope's glasses.

If we're bringing all sorts of Salemites back, can Fay Walker be next!? I feel like Nicole needs someone like her mother in her corner again. It might also entice Brandon to visit. Oh, and Taylor and her scarf of suckage.

Am I the only one who thinks Sloan will really like Harris? This just seems like it would track.

I'm surprised Megan picked such lovely pictures of Hope for the files. Then again, can a picture of Hope not be lovely!?

Jada's shade when Talia said "caramel note" was epic.

It was reported that Harris sent three agents to the emergency room. Were they taken to a specific or -- wait for it -- general hospital? Sorry. Moving on.

I really hope Rachel Melvin can return as Chelsea, even if only for a cameo or two. I want to see her reunited with her loved ones, and I'd like to finally see Bo's daughters interact. Plus, Chelsea's snark is the closest thing to Victor's we can get. This just needs to happen right now.

DAYS should get Justin Gaston to guest-star as Alex Kiriakis while Robert Scott Wilson's playing Ben again. "Ben One" playing "Alex Two" so "Ben Two" doesn't have to play "Alex One" and "Ben Two," too. Nope. No confusion there.

I feel like someday we could get a line of Bo action figures. He already has tons of variants. "Mime Bo." "Rhett Butler Bo." "Totally Tube-ular Bo." "'90s Bo." "Bandage Bo." "Heaven Bo." "Mullet Bo." "Sailor Bo." "Robert Kelker-Kelly Bo." "Motorcycle Bo." Okay. This is becoming a Bubba Gump shrimp list, but you get the idea. Oh, right. The "Merchant Marine Bo and Steve Two Pack!" with a removable eyepatch and beers in Brady Pub glasses for day drinking.


So, friends and fellow fans, that's it for March 27! Skippy and I are off to make "Welcome Back, Vivian!" posters and create another "Happy Dance" playlist on Salemfy. In the meantime, Laurisa will be back in Two Scoops Land and beyond next week as the reunion tour continues. As always, thank you for reading, and "That's a fact."

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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