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Did Chad and E.J. for an unbreakable brotherly bond? Did Kristen find the key to her redemption? And, did Chad and Abby break the mold for supercouples? Let's discuss it all in this week's Two Scoops.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were all the same storyline and pretty much continuous. Each episode picked up where the other left off -- in both time and storyline -- and it added up to one of the most delightful weeks on DAYS in a while. The reveal that Clyde was indeed the one who turned her into Stabbigail gave tons of rich storyline to a truck load of characters.

Let's start with the DiMera brothers. E.J. was genuinely worried about Chad when he realized Chad left with the DiMera gun. Apparently the DiMansion only has the one gun and Chad didn't fill out the SignUp Genius to take it out. Well, that and because E.J. feels some responsibility because he knows Clyde killed Abigail to make good on a threat.

Let me pause and say here this is real, true abuser nonsense that has been the core of Clyde's character since we met him. E.J. feels guilty because Clyde lashed out as a result of E.J. remembered something Clyde actually did. We also heard Clyde tell Chad that Abigail would have been fine if she hadn't made him so angry. Clyde is the master at putting his mess on other people. Ugh. Clyde.

What it actually amounted to was E.J. panicking. Belle and Shawn entered into the storyline here thanks to Belle's stanced that, yes, they do need to call the police. That put E.J. in the perfect position to find out that Chad did abduct Clyde and rush out after his brother. It put me in the perfect position to laugh out loud when Shawn declared, "Great, so I have a murdere on the loose and two DiNera Brothers with revenge on their brains!"

Another side bar here -- If Shawn and the Salem P.D. are so worried about vengelantie justice, maybe they know...stop calling people when they have new suspects?!? Shawn called Jack to tell him they put out an APB on Clyde. Rafe called Chad to tell him Clyde was a suspect too. Fellas, a little discretion here would go further. You're making Salem U Hospital's HIPPA violations look minor.

All of the scrambling meant that Chad had his time with Clyde in the cemetery. He marched Clyde to Abigail's grave (and amazing location for this confession) and demanded every detail. Clyde showed up to kill Belle -- a result of E.J. telling Belle about Clyde was the one who had him shot. But since Belle wasn't there and Abigail had the audacity to question a man who broke into her house, Clyde figured he'd just go ahead and kill Abigail instead.

All of this was soul-wrenching for Chad to hear. And as Clyde realized Chad, indeed, has that pesky thing called a "soul" and thus can't pull the trigger, Clyde attacked Chad and began to strangle him. Luckily, E.J. - who has at least twenty percent less soul -- came along and shot Clyde in self-defense. What took place next was a dark and mesmerizing scene, with ramifications to come.

E.J. and Chad taunted Clyde as he lay somewhat dying. Chad got to say the things he needed to say -- that Clyde may take his last breath surrounded by people who don't care about him. Considering Clyde's cumulative existence, I'm okay with this. He's a tongue-hissing evil villain. And Chad's been going through stages of grief, thinking they'd caught Abigail's killer before, only to have to start over again.

This was also a strangely beautiful bonding moment for Chad and E.J. Chad needed to allow himself the space to feel this darkness. Pushing it away -- as most people not named E.J. would have insisted -- may not have allowed it to truly pass. But thanks to E.J., Chad spoke his peace to Clyde. This moment no doubt led to Chad's, "Thank you, brother" at the police station.

It looks like Clyde is going to live. He's taken back his entire confession to anyone who will listen. Now, we just see what crimes are left for the police to charge him with. If there's any a time for Traks to get all Trask-y, it's now. Clyde lied to the police, stabbed Sonny, strangled Chad and left my poor Nancy heartbroken. Pick one, Trask! Do your worst!

Finally, Jennifer, deep in her pain pill addiction, saw ghost Abigail. Marci Miller and Cady McLain were all shades of brilliant here. Marci didn't say a word (so chilling!) and Cady just let Jennifer unravel until all that was left were frayed ends. We know Jennifer drove. She said she drove to the police station. And, we know Gwen was hit by a car just outside the police station.

This crime should not take long at all to solve. If any place has security footage, it's the police station, right? I hope so because that would explain the surprisingly refreshing move by Gwen to do the right thing and tell Jack that Jennifer is abusing pills again. I was so glad the show didn't have her listen to Leo and instead fall back on the one, true thing we know about Gwen. Her life was ruined by someone who took pills. It makes sense that she doesn't want to see Jack lose someone the way Gwen lost her mom.

Who knows? Maybe this is a whole new start for Gwen. I'm hoping that Sarah saving Gwen's life and Xander and Sarah sitting by Gwen's side might be the end of the Sarah/Gwen/Xander triangle. Gwen was always the rebound and I'd like to see her get a real job and new storyline. Plus, Stefan is right there. Emily O'Brien and Brandan Barash have great working chemistry from way back in the Jake/Gwen days.

Loose Ends

While Chad had Clyde in the cemetery, that meant that Nancy did not have Clyde at the wedding altar. This led to a truly touching scene with Bonnie (!!) comforting Nancy. Bonnie's "keep-on-keepin'-on" speech was right on point, and best of all, came from a genuine place of care. Without it, I worry that Nancy wouldn't have had the strength to reject Clyde's laughable attempt for a reconciliation. Go on, Fancy Nancy. You may be alright yet.

Continuing the strong showing for the Miller girls, Chloe told Li she's not interested in playing his reindeer games. Guess you didn't know Chloe's had custody of the Salem brain for a while now, huh, Li? Chloe also went on to tell Brady -- in front of Stefan -- that she'd informed Stefan she's off the market. If you're going to swing your ego around that much, Stefan, don't be surprised when a woman swats it away.

As for Stefan, I'm very worried. We just got done schooling Alex on what no means, and now it seems that Stefan needs to learn the same lesson. Only, I'm a little more worried with Stefan. "I'll stop at nothing to get her" has a different vibe coming from a man who raped before. I really do love Brandan Barash as Stefan, and I think Stefan is the better fit for DAYS than Jake. But, he needs to reel in this romantic aggression just a mile or ten.

Rafe and Jada found evidence the police (including Rafe) missed months ago and then congratulated each other on their respective good work. They followed it up by failing at finding Clyde for three different places. Oh, Salem P.D. Never change!

Julie's pep talk to Jennifer was really one for the ages. When Julie explained that with Abigail gone, Jennifer is the most important woman in Thomas and Charlotte's lives, I started a slow clap. First Bonnie, now Julie? I'm loving this change for these ladies!

Rex arrived home to help find a cure for Orphe-pox. He thinks it's the same disease Roman had 25 years ago that sent John and Hope into the jungles for a magic orchid. What once was an Amazon trip is now Amazon Prime Delivery, and Rolf just happens to have a magic orchid in the DiMera tunnels. And he shows it to Kristen...

Initially, Kristen wanted Rolf to fry Chloe's brain. Even Rolf was exhausted by her and told her to get a lawyer, not a mad scientist. If she does come through with the magic orchid, I hope her good deed is as applicable in court as all of her past misdeeds. But, I can see this orchid being traded for or at least playing into custody of Rachel.

Extra Scoops

I think this Billy Flynn may really have something here. We've seen angry Chad, drunk Chad, stoic Chad, exhausted Chad, helpless Chad and this week, a glimpse of relieved Chad. He's been brilliant the whole time. The cherry on top was one more scene with Killer Miller where Abigail could officially bless Chad's future happiness, unions and overall growth. When Abigail asked Chad to kiss her goodbye one last time, I lost it -- inn the best way. Guys, it took me until the very last rose petal was falling, but consider me a Chabby fan. Billy and Marci are truly something special together.

And could this whole scene have ushered in a new troupe for soap supercouples? It really didn't feel great when Bo told Rafe to take care of Hope. But, this scene, where Abigail tells Chad that loving someone else doesn't mean he won't love her too, seemed to hit exactly the right note. It was beautiful, not a finale, but a coda on their love song. With the way actors move from soaps these days, I hope that Chabby stands as the example of how you stick these types of landings, and save part of the pairing for new things on the soap.

Allie is a jealous girlfriend, which is just an oh-so-amazing fit on top of her Horton entitlement. She really is the whole package! I can't see why Chanel would ever leave her, especially when Chanel can be reminded constantly about how selfish Chanel was to sort out her own feelings about the devil possessing both of her paramours.

Rex: "Rolf is known to engineer"
Roman: "His best work!"

Honorable Mention:

Gwen and Leo (about Clyde): "Oh my God, he's a monster."

This is hilarious. Clearly, they can smell their own.


Seeing Abigail's tombstone reminds me that the gravestone people have a heck of a business model redoing death dates on gravestones. Do you think they've developed some type of stone in Salem that never looks like it's been changed, but is easily mailable?

If you're trying to hide pills, don't put them in the back pocket of your skinny jeans.

The marks on the side of Chad's neck were brutal. Excellent touch by the makeup team!

As Rafe approached Gwen outside of the police station, I couldn't help but think about Rafe and Gwen. Rafe has a type -- Sami, Kate, Nicole, Ava...

Is that the same angel statue still in the cemetery from the last time Abigail died?

I don't believe for a second that Clyde ever loved Nancy. I think he loved how much Nancy fangirled over him, but there was no investment from Clyde's part there. What do you think?

I'm really not a fan of people not telling their loved ones when things are bad because they don't know the outcome yet. Steve and Kayla's children aren't children anymore. It felt a little selfish of them not to let Stephanie know, or decline to talk to Joey or Tripp.

Stefan told E.J. that he looked like he had a rough night. E.J. was wearing a full suit and tie when this happened. If that's Stefan's definition of a rough morning, my yoga pants and top knot must look like Greek tragedy.

I almost spit out my tea when, upon hearing of Gwen's hit-and-run, Xander said, "Who would do something like this?" Really, Xander? Who would hurt Gwen? Well, almost anyone.

That's it for this week! Tony will be back next week to see if Johnny and Ava move back into the mansion and how Clyde is able to slither out of this bucket of charges.

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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