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Will E.J. and Stefan get along? Does Gabi need to find a friend? And will Rafe and Jada's jealousy cause any problems? Find out in this edition of Two Scoops!

We did it, soap fans. We made it into the future! The show's first full week on Peacock aired this week. The show opened with a screen that says "A Peacock Exclusive." Other than that, it was the same soap we know and love.

Johnny cares about Ava because they've been through so much together -- seeing each other naked, having one meal. Ah...with these unbreakable connections, who can stand in the way of their love? Well, actually, everyone. E.J. thinks Ava is using Johnny to annoy E.J. (She kind of is.) Allie and Chanel think Johnny is being impulsive and a little unreasonable. (He totally is.) We joked that men can follow women around like lost puppies, but Johnny literally ran away from home and ended up sleeping on Ava's floor. Woof.

Thankfully Ava is thinking clearly. She repeatedly put the brakes on Johnny's romantic advances and told him he needs to find someplace else to stay. (Johnny's veering on Alex territory here. No means no, man.) But this consequences-don't-exists attitude is both the charm and downfall of Johnny's character. He's the spoiled prince without a care in the world. This is why he can whisk Chanel off to Italy for a romantic week. It's also why he throws tantrums when any kind of authority figure offers guidance counter to what Johnny wants to do.

I still say the best of both worlds is to get him back into Paulina's orbit! She's managed to keep that strong, fun-loving persona but in a way that's earned. She'd be a great mentor for Johnny. He needs a job, so perhaps Stephanie can hire him as a videographer, and he can make campaign videos for future governor Paulina Price!

As for E.J., sure, he's a walking Internet troll right now. He rubs it in Li's face that Gabi is still in love with Stefan. He taunts Gabi that Ava was a bad hire. And he's reaching pop-up-ad levels of annoyance about the validity of Ava and Jake's marriage. Yet, they all just smile in his face. Dan Feuerriegel does incensed so well, it's a joy to watch.

However, the only people more smug than E.J. are Johnny, Ava, and Li. The fact is they are all in the wrong. Just as I'm enjoying E.J. constantly stubbing his toe, I'll relish seeing him grin like the Cheshire Cat when the truth comes out. I've got my popcorn ready for the world's biggest "I told you so" party once Jonny learns the truth about Ava.

I left Gabi off that list because she's understandably thrown off her game right now. It's taking her way too long to realize that now that Stefan is alive, her shares aren't hers anymore. She's also being super insensitive to Li (who does deserve it, but Gabi doesn't know that right now), insisting that Stefan will remember that he's the love of Gabi's life. Gabi needs to shore up some allies soon -- and fast -- because she needs some good advice. Maybe she can meet Chanel for drinks again. Chanel has experience with a husband coming back from another world.

Loose Ends

When Kate, Marlena, and Kayla all sneezed and fainted, Orpheus revealed through streaming video (nice unintentional synergy there, NBC) that they had some lethal yet non-contagious disease. I'm kind of glad that the three will be there to keep each other company. Marlena must get so bored having to do her yearly death storyline on her own. Yay for a fall girls' trip!

Xander and Sarah's honeymoon didn't even make it to lunch time, as Sarah decided that Xander accepting money to tell the truth about something that actually happened was a bridge too far. Kidnapping. Hostages. Attempted murder. All cool. But causing a scene at a wedding is a deal breaker. Okay, Sarah. Sure.

Look, this is, of course, nonsense on Sarah's part. Plus, given what's going on with Kate, Kayla, and Marlena, I need Sarah and Xander together now more than ever. Kayla's out of commission, so that means Salem is going to send up the Bat Signal for any and all doctors. Sarah's a doctor. They're also investigating some Rolf/Orpheus stuff, and Xander knows those guys well! Sarah and Xander are one of the best mystery-solving duos in town. I need them on the payroll for this fall!

Jada and Eric had a nice conversation about their past. Sorry, Jada and Eric had a conversation where Eric told Jada a bunch of things about his past, and Jada was silent about hers. That should go well. Later, Nicole offered Eric a job as a fashion photographer, which he took, which will make Jada and Rafe very jealous. However, it's not like Jada or Rafe is passive-aggressive at all, so everything will be fine!

Extra Scoops


As infuriating as it was to watch Kristen bring up accusations from Brady's past, while her entire history is somehow off-limits, I cheered when Brady and Chloe figured out Kristen is behind Stefan's return. Go get her, Broe!


I thought Allie was on the right track when she said she was butting out of Johnny's life. But then she walked right up to Ava and butted in. And not in a concerned way, either. She was smug. She also was completely hypocritical. I get the whole "I can treat my family bad, but you can't" thing, but the way Allie returned home and instructed Johnny to grovel to sleep on the couch in the home Allie didn't pay for but now owns, was irritating.


Orpheus: "Sweetness, Doc, Sneezy..."

I laughed out loud.


Li: "I don't care about the drinks and nibbles."

Apparently, there are people who don't appreciate snacks. I do not understand these people.


I know Johnny meant well, but I'm not so sure having the guy who was possessed by the devil for months try to convince someone else they're not going crazy was the best idea.

I joked about Sarah's overreaction to the Nicole story, but I was on Sarah's side for wanting to know the story in the first place. She doesn't want to be blindsided by something.

Hey! The Salem P.D. found a suspect! Did Orpheus mean to get caught?

I'm here for anyone else making me scrambled eggs. I don't know why, but they always taste better when someone else makes them.

Why is everyone concerned about Ava "mob princess" Vitali hooking up with Johnny DiMera? Have they seen the portrait that hangs in the DiMera living room? Do they know Johnny's aunt?

My DiMera Shares Math Game continues. Once the truth comes out about Ava, who gets Johnny's shares? Would they go to Stefan? Could they pretty please go to Vivian?!

The extended fall preview shows Jada fainting, which normally means a woman is pregnant. However, there's a fainting disease going around on DAYS, and Jada is involved with the investigation. Could that be why she's fainting?

Gabi and Nicole are sisters-in-law, and the fact they aren't meeting for margaritas while their girls have playdates together in Rafe's backyard is a huge miss.

When Stefan mentioned he'd visited marshmallow head E.J. in the hospital, I could hear my partner, Tony, cheering across the Internet.

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