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Above all, it could be said that Sami and Lucas have always been best buddies. Well. Maybe not anymore. A little abduction has a way of changing things. Who invited Chad, the truth, and that elephant in the room, anyway!? Let's walk down the aisle with "Lumi" in this week's wild (almost) wedded DAYS Two Scoops!

What a mind-blowing week in Salem (and beyond)! Whatever the TV-watching equivalent of that perfectly contented nap after Thanksgiving dinner is when you're stuffed into a food coma, burrito-ed in a blanket, and dreaming of that next piece of pumpkin pie once you wake up with a smile etched upon your face, well, THAT feeling. That was last week with its ten hours of combined DAYS deliciousness.

In fact, I'm blissfully exhausted from all the drama and a bit jet-lagged from circling the globe. One minute, I'm in the chapel at St. Luke's, and a short time later, I'm in Hong Kong, partying it up, but we'll get to that in another column. Yes, while things were excellently epic elsewhere, in Salem, USA, proper, they were utterly explosive. There were truth bombs dropping galore. I'll start with one of my own...

I'm going to be honest, friends, I didn't buy Sami and Lucas a wedding present. I know. I know. I should be ashamed of myself. It's bad form. I've known these two knuckleheads forever, but still didn't know what to get them. Anything breakable seemed out of the question, for obvious hotheaded reasons. Something sappy didn't feel right with, you know, the abduction and all. And, well, honestly, I just didn't believe these two would actually tie the knot, and I definitely didn't want any rope around, again, for obvious hotheaded reasons.

Heck. Even Allie didn't offer to make them a wedding cake. Seems she knew deep down, too, I suspect. So, there's that. I mean, she could have brought some treats from the bakery to snack on during the doomed ceremony, but I digress.

Another secret? Okay. I never bought into the "Lumi: A Love for the Ages" approach, but I absolutely love them as best friends and occasional scheming partners. Alison Sweeney and Bryan Dattilo have bestie chemistry to spare. They have an ease with one another from their decades of working together. I never believed for a second that Sami and Lucas weren't pals. Yes, Alison and Bryan are wonderful together!

Sami and Lucas being wonderful together, however, that's now a thing of the past. It's especially sad, as they chose to stay friends for basically a lifetime, warts and all -- the rare good, the bad, and the ugly. They seemed to have a transparency with one another, a bond that seemed to be unbreakable. They also seemed to never be able to shock one another. Sadly, that was all slain by Lucas abducting Sami. Losing their friendship is the part that stings the most to me.

Sami, though, she just kept getting stung. First, the big reveal that Clyde had E.J. shot. Then, the just as big abduction reveal and the reveal that Lucas might be a murderer. Finally, the entire E.J. and Belle bombshell. Nope. It was not a good day to be Sami Gene, which naturally meant it would not be a good day for anyone who crossed her once said sting wore off and she started striking back. And she did. Sorry, not sorry, Belle, but actually sorry, Shawn. Still, Sami gonna do what Sami gonna do. Her stinging retorts were not surprising.

What was semi-surprising, at least for Sami, is that she's done with all things E.J. and Lucas. Her impassioned speech to Elvis Jr. went, "This is it. I'm leaving Salem. I have been ping-ponging back and forth between you and Lucas for the better part of two decades, and I'm sick of it. You're not worth the powder it would take to blow you up." Damn, Sami. Just damn.

This puts Sami in an unfamiliar spot. She's worked -- and by "worked," I mean "worked and schemed a lot" -- to be in a relationship since we caught back up with her as a teenager. Her choosing to be herself is a big deal. It seems Sami's found her self-worth and strength when she hit the rockiest of rock bottoms with her two exes. She doesn't need the validation from a relationship or a man to make her feel worthy. That's a powerful thing, especially for her. I hope once the dust settles, she doesn't revert to bad behaviors. Just in case, I'll send her a playlist with Cher's "Strong Enough" looped about a million times until she gets it.

Now that Sami's chosen to leave Salem, what will she do with her time!? I think sister needs an Eat, Pray, Love type trip. Sami also needs a friend. Well. A new one. A fresh start seems like it may do Sami (and a lot of Salemites) some good. I'll miss her but look forward to our next visit in Salem or, perhaps, beyond.

Besides, what Sami's leaving behind is a whole lotta ugly, several stung Salemites, and some major wreckage to clear. Last week not only leveled "Lumi," but E.J. and Sami are effectively over (or as over as they're going to get). E.J. and Belle have been blown up, too. Roman and Kate went kaput. Things aren't looking great for Shawn and Belle. Marlena and Kate's friendship isn't on Easy Street at the moment. And, perhaps worst of all, there's some tension between besties Chad and Will, due to lushy Lucas' possible, but probably not, potential blacked-out stabbiness. That's a lot of endings and possible endings, so Sami pulling a phoenix and rising from those ashes to start anew elsewhere sounds like a smarter idea by the sand through the hourglass.

Um. Sami might want to visit Sydney, though. Has anyone heard from her in a while? Again, I digress.

As for the rest of the gang, Kate is in hot water. Ro Ro "let it slip"-ish to E.J. that Kate knew about Lucas and, well, did nothing but keep his secret. To which Eej let Kate know that revenge will be a dish served cold when he's feeling ruthless enough to whip something up. That is all to say E.J. was not a happy camper. I don't blame him. I'd be a little upset, too. I'm eager to see what Eej cooks up.

Oh, Chad? Yep. He's upset, too-too. Kate made the slip heard all around the world! She let him know that Lucas knew about Abigail knowing he kidnapped Sami. That's a lot of knowledge, you know.

Naturally, Chad connected the drunken dots and, well, you know the rest. He declared Lucas a Sami-napper and a murderer! The first is true. The second I highly doubt. He's just the red herring of the week, but let's talk about weak sauce for a second...

Oh, Lucas. The "I did it for us" defense is never, ever a good start. Following it up with an '80s anti-drug PSA stance of, "You all right! I learned it by watching you!" was also not smart. Sure. Sami acknowledging she's done dirty a lot was amazingly self-aware and well played, but I loved every second of her "that doesn't sound like love" speech. The part where she spoke of him sleeping on his comfortable pillow each night while she stayed awake out of fear was powerful. Alison sincerely wowed me with her performances!

Another deluge of weak sauce -- oh, hi, Belle. Didn't see you there. Oof. She hurt my head last week. To which most of you are exclaiming, "Just last week!?" Nope. It's been awhile. Also, did anyone else exclaim, "Oh! Now Belle cares about what Shawn's going through," or was it just me?

Furthermore, it was big of Belle to think of Sami -- now -- and recognize Sami was One, yeah! Belle can identify emotions. That means she gets a pass, right? Remember, you can't say "Belle" without putting a "Poor" in front of it. Shawn called that one out, too, but more on that in a Salem second.

Two, E.J. and Belle were (mostly) single adults. They can sleep with whoever they want. They just must be the previously stated "adults" about it and accept that their tacky tryst was likely going to hurt some loved ones. Yep. Adulting is rough, you guys. "Poor Belle." She had to deal with the awkwardness she cocreated. It's not fair *stomps feet*

Finally, someone get Lizzo to clap: "It's about damn time!" That is, Shawn-Douglas raged at Belle for, well, pretty much what everyone has been saying this entire time and screaming at him to stand up for himself. He did. And I loved every second of his "You headed out" speech. That's not to say Belle didn't have her points, but Shawn needed that moment in the sun to stand up for himself and let his hurt really be known. He was the rape victim, after all. Start doing that more often, Detective Brady. We're here for you. So are Steve and Kayla.

Still, "Poor Belle" got to walk out because "it was too much." I wonder if she'll get that when "it was too much" for Shawn, he had to stay and deal with the consequences without his best friend and partner. But still, "Poor Belle."


Oh, no! Is Eric hallucinating now, too!? It took him a minute to snap back into seeing Sami and Lucas, not Nicole and Rafe. I'm getting some holy water to spritz him down. Sarah's condition doesn't need company.

Roman and Eric had a little follow-up to their Nicole chat. Eric's embraced that she has moved on and wishes her nothing but sunshine, rainbows, and Rafe falling onto a sharp rake. I kid. I kid. He wished her well. But, you know, not too well, I'm sure. As Johnny may say, "Methinks former Father Eric doth protest too much."

Also, who would we want to see Eric paired with if not Nicole!? I feel like it's slim pickings in Salem at the moment. Stress: "At the moment." There could be some new ladies in town soon, but I wouldn't hate the idea of Eric spending time with Ava, either. Greg Vaughan and Tamara Braun had a fun chemistry in the short scenes they've shared. And, really, Eric and Ava would blow many heads, his ex's included.

Steve being there for Shawn was great! It makes total sense. Why hasn't this happened sooner!? I hope we see more of these two having a beer together, even if it's nine in the morning. Or they could take their show on the road and go fishing. I'd love watching Shawn hear some glory day stories of Bo and the Patch Man while at the piers. Plus, he'll need Uncle Steve once the baby bombshell comes to light and he's devastated over losing his-but-not-really-his boy.

Also, my heart broke for Shawn when he told Steve the sack of oranges story, how that really messed him up. That was messed up! Shawn's not perfect, but the dude has definitely suffered. Brandon Beemer crushed those scenes.

Also crushing scenes was Lauren Koslow. Amongst all the explosions, Kate's journey was not lost on me. While lady's done some shady things, Lauren was amazing. She played Kate's sense of loss and fear over Lucas' future brilliantly. Kate might be a "horrible mother," but Lauren is anything but.

Roman was pissed, y'all. Like, he was "Whud da hell!?"-ing big time. Josh Taylor was terrific in those scenes. It's rare to see Roman be so commanding. He (mostly) stayed calm while doing it, but I wouldn't have wanted to be Kate at any of those moments. At all. His calm but stern was certainly scarier than had he lost his cool.

Roman also declared he and Kate are through. He even made her gather her stuff and get out. Now! She didn't even get to collect a martini when she passed "Go." Damn, Ro! When you rock, you rock hard, good sir.

Okay. Since elephants seem to be in all the rooms lately, I'm going to address another one. I know Sami can be explosive and sometimes a bit -- how do the kids put it? -- much, but I also believe that Marlena enjoys poking the bear. Now. I don't believe walking on eggshells is healthy, yet sometimes there seems to be a little glimmer of light in Mar Mar's eyes when she gets to get to said poking. It's no wonder Sami's favorite parent is Roman. I kid. I kid. Sort of.

I'm also surprised the card wasn't played that Mar (and others) knew Belle and E.J. were a budding thing. Granted, they weren't openly a thing-thing, but most Salemites had hunches that she and Eej were headed a "certain direction." Then again, had Sami discovered most knew or suspected, well, would there be a Salem for her to return to someday? I think she would have razed it all like Godzilla with a case of the Mondays before she left for her new start.

More so, really, Mar? E.J. was "dating" someone. He has all the rights to. He's single. Still, "date!?" Sure, Marlena. He dated your darling Belle. Twice. I kind of can't blame Sami for demanding Doc not to defend her in that moment. Mar wants to keep the peace as any mother would, but sometimes someone just needs the support, not the "If you look at it this way..." approach. Reason can be dealt with when calmer heads prevail and not heads that just had an Acme anvil dropped on them. Maybe if Mar pretended Sami was Belle in that scene, sympathy would have won out.

Props to Mar for also recognizing Sami's resilience, though. She is strong. There's that.

Mar was right about revenge and its negative effects. Go, Doc! Still, Belle basically got a bonding night with best bud Chloe and some wine then a sympathetic hand on the back from Brady in the morning while Sami got to watch Mar defend Belle. Sami's not always -- or often -- right, but I'd be annoyed with my mom, too, in that case. Again, have fun on your trip, Sami!

I'm glad that Brady remembered Tater Tot. Whoops! I meant, I'm glad Brady got to visit Tate and, equally so, he and Theresa are on good terms now. Though if Kristen's kind of miffed that Rachel is around Chloe, I'm sure she'll really love Jeannie-T watching her tot across the country.

Extra Scoops

In a true showing of why it's best when la Lady Sweeney returns, Alison was amazing last week! You could completely feel Sami's heartbreak and anger when she learned that it was Clyde that had E.J. shot. It was an impressive showing. All of Sami's pain came crashing back. The rage, remorse, and razing gut-punch as well as the exhaustion of the entire ordeal. Alison delivered that moment so hauntingly beautifully.

Then came the wedding, and Alison wowed again! The initial confusion and disbelief followed by the realization and heartbreak that Sami felt when Lucas admitted what he'd done was perfectly performed. Of course, seeing Sami's vindictive side is always super fun for a few, "Oh, no she didn't!" moments, but the glimpse behind Sami's rage into the hurt was flawless. Visit soon, Ms. Sweeney, and bravo!

Oh, geesh. How much milage is Belle going to get out of this "With my last 24 hours" schtick? I forgot. She's a "let's celebrate a half birthday" kinda gal. She's going to milk this for a while. "With my last 48 hours...," "With my last week...," and so on and so forth. Oh, my bad. I forgot, "Poor Belle." Geesh.

Allie (to Johnny, regarding his suit): "No. It's nice. If you're auditioning for the role of 'Red' in Crayola: The Musical."


Johnny (on his father's feelings for Sami): "Methinks my father doth protest too much."
E.J.: "Oh, just what I need. A son who paraphrases Hamlet."
Johnny: "You're the one who sent me to college."
E.J.: "I'm beginning to regret it."


Will and Chad's hug gave me all the feels. Besties being there for one another is the best. I hope this lasts after the Lucas dust settles.

Damn, Lucas! His actions and Kate's non-actions make it most likely Sami and Kate's bond has been forever broken, as well. The two of them taking over everything DiMera and the hug they shared upon seeing one another at Will's funeral was epic. I'll miss that uneasy alliance.

I love Sami and Kate's connection and enjoy them better as allies, but her pot shot at Kate during her wedding vows was funny.

The Chlomeister cracks me up.

Really? Not even a reason why Sydney wasn't at the wedding. I mean, good for Syd. Bullet dodged and all.

Funny Eric is amazing. I loved his zinger about Clyde fishing with "Little Opie and Barney." If he keeps throwing shade like that, he should go to amateur standup night at Unicorn Highway.

Sami's comeback to E.J. was everything: "You were in a body cast!"

Weeks into Abigail's murder, and Billy Flynn is continuing his tour de force performances. Chad's exhaustion is clear and his mindset on the brink is captivating.

"Grandma, this is the worst," exclaimed Allie. Nope. It ain't good, Captain Obvious.

Will's "Dad, no" was also unintentionally funny. I meant "not" funny. But maybe just a bit.

I kind of laughed at Marlena replying, "Why would she come back here?" when Will and Allie wondered if Sami would return to the chapel. I'm sure Sami assumes her adult children with children of their own can find their way home.

E.J. made me laugh when he asked about the oars as Belle was bellyaching.

Roman glaring at Lucas in the church was badass. I will never think of crossing Roman again. Ever. Which reminds me, I need to pay my tab at the Brady Pub.

There was something too cute about Will, Allie, and Johnny in a pew. It's nice to see them together. Right, Syd?

Nicole not giving a flip about what she says to E.J. is great. She's one of the few who can truly take him down a few notches with truth bombs he doesn't want to hear. Sure, it goes both ways, but Nicole's not nearly as stoic, so seeing Eej squirm is entertaining.

I truly enjoyed that both Marlena and Sami teased Johnny about his devil red suit, then Allie took him to task, too. Like them, I'm not exactly sure what he was thinking, given his history in it. Oh, our special boy.

Regarding that red suit, I found it hilarious that Allie wore a yellow dress. The twins looked like ketchup and mustard. I guess that's appropriate for summer barbequing season.

Also, Allie's yellow dress was amazing. That was no shade above. Just a little twin condiment humor.

I totally had a verklempt moment when Chad described Charlotte kissing him on the nose and stating, "All better." Oof. That hit me right in the feels.

Kate's proven she can certainly stand on her own, but I've occasionally wondered who her kin are. Her mother and father, and so on. That family has got to be formidable.

Ben left town too soon. He and best buddy Will might need to video chat and compare notes about inmate fathers. Too soon?

Okay. Lucas was in jail before, but Will's likely not going to want to talk about that.

It might be too soon, but if Roman is single, and a certain recently divorced Nancy might be single soon, since she's cozied up to a crook, well, would "Rancy" or "Noman" be a bad thing?

Oh, no! Eric is talking about elephants again. Should we be worried?

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's it for July 18. With all the breakups and drama, are you ready for several Salemites to have fresh starts? Do you think Sami's really over E.J. and Lucas!? Will a change do her good?

Also, have you been Beyond Salem yet!? I have, and it was an amazing adventure. I've swooned all about it in a "Special Edition" of Two Scoops which you can read by clicking here.

With that, I'm off to recover from my jetlag! Laurisa will be back next week to continue to connect the dots as to who murdered Abigail, so be sure to bring your suspect list and notes to compare. As always, thank you for reading, and "That's a fact."

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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