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The devil's working double time to ensure Marlena's truly his once again while the rest of Salem seems to be under a spell, as well, as craziness ensued! Philip's acting bonkers. Justin's acting shady. And Abigail just wants to act. It's lunacy! So, let's get a little nuts in this week's DAYS Two Scoops!

Aha! Satan made its first screwup. Beelzebub sent Doug to Bayview. Doesn't that silly devil know that within weeks, Mr. Williams could be fully cured and released. Look at Ben and Claire's success stories. A little electro, some sane pills, and talking it out has psycho Salemites mentally fit as a fiddle in no time on their watch. It's in the brochure. So, silly Satan, what were you thinking? Oh, that's right. Mar is the "Queen of Bayview" as well as "the Night." She'll make sure Doug lingers there. Drats! Poor guy.

Though, before we dig too deep into the demonic, how about a cyber standing ovation for Team DAYS! Deidre Hall, Bill Hayes, and Susan Seaforth Hayes are the trifecta of terrific. Their performances were outstanding. Bill especially stole the show (and our hearts again) as a heartbroken Doug cried out, "I love you, Julie. I love you, my beautiful girl!" as he was being carted off to the mental hospital. My heart could barely take that one. That's the power of an OG supercouple who are still as super as ever. Hat tips all around!

So, I guess this means I need to borrow Jordan Ridgeway's nurse's costume, break into Bayview, and rescue Doug. Fine. But I'm stopping at Sweet Bits for a scone first. Maybe a doughnut, too. And one of those brownies that Tripp liked so much. Anyway, I'm coming, Doug. Feet, don't fail me now -- wait! My screen just yelled at me and told me I had to finish Two Scoops, so, baked goods, column, and then Doug. Got it...

Mar and Satan FaceTimed a lot on her tablet and other devices. As Laurisa wonderfully wrote in last week's Two Scoops, "Is there anything more 21st century than having the devil possess an electronic device? No. No, there isn't." Exactly! I enjoy this update. It works so much better than arguing in reflective surfaces or satanic soliloquies. Though I still hope we get to see Mar morph into a giant cat again. That was awesome. Oh maybe a honey badger this time. No, a dachshund with little devil horns. Anyway. So many morphing possibilities.

Okay, in addition to getting rid of Doug, FaceTime Satan told Marlena not to let Ben leave their therapy sesh believing it's okay not to have children with Ciara. Like, Beelze-B wants this baby to happen. Yep. I highly believe we're getting that Rosemary's Baby-like storyline we talked about a few weeks ago. It seems super obvious at the moment. Or does it?

As Laurisa also perfectly pointed out last week, Ron Carlivati often zigs when you expect him to zag. This all might be a devil red herring! Could all of the possession aspects of the show be Johnny's film, and his plight to get it made all flashbacks? Hmm. Maybe. Just something to think about, but there are certainly other "big twists" coming our way. We've only just begun.

If this Rosemary's Baby-esque plot goes down with "CIN" as the stars, and their baby needs an angel on its side to fight the demonic forces, is it too much to, um, hope that we get a Boo, sorry, Bo apparition!? In the OG version, we got a spectral ghost star, err, guest star in the form of sweet, sweet Isabella. So, it would be appropriate if Bo stepped in to save his grandchild, right?

Sure, getting a "Bo" back might be tricky. Peter Reckell recently reminded us that he's not returning anytime soon. Although I miss his talents on our screens, I respect his decision. That leaves the other Bo, Robert Kelker-Kelly. Getting him to cameo as "Ghost Bo" would be appropriate, as he was Bo during the original Possession storyline. Alas, I think Robert is out of the acting scene, as well. So, remember when Tom Horton's spirit appeared during the Salem Stalker storyline? It was kind of a floating head patched together from old footage and voiceovers. Something like that, perhaps? Or Maybe "Ghost Zack Brady" and Shawn-D can team up to save their sister and nephew (or niece). That might work better.

About kiddos, how cute is the SORAS-ed Rachel!? Her presence got me thinking, though. Kristen played a huge part in the original Possession storyline. She also randomly pops up in Salem to stir up some strife. So, one, I'm not ruling her return out. Two, is this why we're seeing a suddenly older version of Rachel? Of all the nasty Kristen has done to Marlena, the nastiest payback would be a possessed Mar Mar and D.J. Satan on her iPod Shuffle, messing with Kristen's daughter. I repeat, "Hmm!"

Finally, I'm calling it now. Duke is also going to become possessed and go on a Chuckie-like spree. He's already a mess. He's been sappily shuffled back and forth between Rafe and Nicole and has been their confidant listening to all their dribble. He's also been tossed in the bin by E.J. So, yep, the bear's got issues, and the devil likes issues. Sleep with one eye open, Eej.


Speaking of "one eye," Steve was wary about getting a flu shot until trusted doctor Kayla and resident Tripp explained the benefits. He then made the educated decision to get vaccinated to protect himself and his loved ones. It was easy and painless. Plus, he got a lollipop and a modeling gig out of it. Not too shabby. So, yep. It's refreshing when characters listen to reason and act maturely. Of course, like DAYS, I'm merely talking about Steve's flu shot.

I totally melted when Johnny brought up Chad meeting Abigail at the Java Café! So many warm and fuzzy memories there. I remember that scene well. I also enjoyed the current scenes between "Chabby" and Johnny. They have a fun family dynamic. Granted, I also laughed when E.J. questioned Abigail's acting aspirations.

Xander is surprisingly good at giving people pep talks. Well. Anti-pep talks? I'm not sure. Either way, he convinced Justin to "get in the mud" rather quickly. I'm not okay with any of this. As Victor once said, "Justin is the best of us." Yes. That! We need him to be the Kiriakis -- hell, the person in Salem -- who dons the white hat. I'm nervous and eager to see how this plays out, but I'm calling Sonny pronto. He needs to get his behind beyond Arizona, return to Salem, and fight for his father, Care Bear-style.

Congratulations Abe and Paulina! Pass a fork and that pie because they've gotten engaged, and I need to stress eat. I want to be happy for them. I do. I really do. Still, while Abe believes he must seize the day and marry his main squeeze, Paulina knows their foundation is built on Jell-O. Shaky, wobbly, full of suspended fruit cocktail and lies Jell-O. The universe is unfair. She's keeping a devastating secret -- secrets plural -- and gets not one, not two, but three pies; meanwhile I haven't locked anyone in the DiMera wine cellar in months, and I get bupkis? Not cool. So, if you need me, after Two Scooping, I'm heading to Eli and Lani's place to do things I could do at home or at my place of work.

In work-related drama, I'm into this Philip and Ava versus Gabi and Jake feud. Philip is far more interesting when warring with Gabi and Jake and teamed up with Madame Vitali. You know, as opposed to him going ham on a baby tree with a saw. That version of Philip is a bucket, some lotion, and a pit away from being totally creepy. Chloe seamlessly summed that side up by calling him "a jealous ass." Word. You go, former Ghoul Girl.

This storyline is also giving Gabi a legit beef with Ava, you know, as opposed to her coming off as a brat. This war is a win. The performances last week were amazing, too, as Jake recounted his past crimes to Gabi. She shared her experiences with rapey, homophobe Nick in return. It was a solid scene. Her stance of (and I'm paraphrasing) "she won't lose everything again as this time she has Jake" was rather sweet, too, but they're staying in the fight no matter what. So, ding-ding! Next round.

At the end of the day, I'm Team Chloemeister. Therefore, I'm taking Ms. Lane to the Brady Pub so she can have a drink to wash down the tough love I'm about to give her. That is, "The two men you are torn over are immature chumps. You deserve better. You're a fool for thinking they're going to change after 20-plus years. Let's get you on the SalemSingles app and start swiping right. Also, would you like another round and to share some pub fries?" That's what I'd tell her.

Meanwhile, I'm fine if something developed between Philip and Ava. Or bring back (I repeat) Morgan Hollingsworth or Stephanie Johnson. I liked both of those pairings for Philly, but it would be nice to have Sunroof Steph back in Salem, since Sweetness and Steve are here. I'm sure Joey will be fine in Seattle by himself, well, if there aren't too many streets for him to cross by himself. Eh. Put a helmet on him, and he'll be fine.

As for Brady, oof. He needs a new storyline. Something fresh. Eric Martsolf is far too amazing of an actor for rinse and repeat. Let this guy flex his chops. Brady in space? Brady versus the zombies of past "loves of his life"? Businessman Brady helps John and Steve take Black Patch international, and he meets Princess Greta? Brady investigates his grandmother Loretta's side of the family tree!? Or Brady visits Tater Tot, you know, his son. Something. Anything. Like Chloe, I'm tired of the same old drama.

The best thing I can say about Nicole and E.J. this time around is that she doesn't give as much of a flip. Neither do I, Ms. Walker. She's not desperate for his approval or love like before. She's not even scared about his love for Sami. She's just, for now, in it because it's easy and he's there, I suspect. Like, this time, she's speaking her mind, and it's amazing. I loved her truth bomb to him that everyone had to keep living while he was in a coma and recovering. I wish we would have seen him reconnecting with his family and life in general. That makes me still champion a streaming series prequel of his time in Tennessee with all the other recipients of *whispers* Resurrection by Wilhelm.

Everyone, please have a seat. Sit. Sit. Are we all seated? Okay. I have some bad news for you. Summer's dead *giggles*. Sorry! Let me try this again. Heyyyyy, pals, Summer's gone *can hardly contain a smirk* Okay. I got this. Remember Summer the Bummer? Well, she went to live with Uncle Andre and Auntie Calista on the farm. Nope. Sorry. I can't. Like with the season, I'm happy to say, "Goodbye, Summer!" Hopefully Victor still has some of that booze left from the "Goodbye, Bonnie" bash so we can celebrate the Bummer's demise.

Extra Scoops

I'm going to be completely honest. I totally misted up when Suzanne Rogers reappeared as Maggie! Like spontaneous waterworks and a happy little squeal. Suzanne has been sorely missed. Seeing old friends is much needed happiness right now. So, when Brady exclaimed, "Welcome home, Maggie," I cheered. Indeed. Welcome home, Maggie (and Suzanne)!

Well, Melinda Trask, it finally happened. We have something in common. I'm disappointed in Justin, too. Not necessarily because he got a little filthy dipping his toe into the mud, but because he "did it for love." Good grief. Bonnie ruins everything.

E.J. (to Abigail regarding her nonexistent acting career yet willingness to star in Johnny's film): "Of course! How silly. You are the Dame Judi Dench of Salem."


E.J. also scored some snark success with his zingers to Nicole like, "No one says that," and "Really? The bear?"

Maggie scattering Summer's ashes in the ocean near L.A. now makes the oil spill the second grossest thing to happen to the California shoreline recently. Does Dawn scrub off stupid as well as it does sludge from baby ducks and other aquatic life? Just asking.

Also, I'm currently hiring someone to watch Dr. Rolf 24/7. I don't want him or his *whispers* Resurrection by Wilhelm anywhere near Summer's ashes. Please fax résumés to the DAYS Two Scoops office. Yes, fax. We've reverted to old-school tech, as everything with a screen is now shouting at us in a Satan-like voice and telling us to hit Julie with more trays. No, Satan. No!

Wait! Maybe the devil made Justin do it? Is that too much to hope for? Come on, Satan, don't fail us now.

Really, though, why didn't Chanel bake that pie at Sweet Bits? That was confusing. Maybe she didn't want to fire up the industrial mixer and oven or have to re-sanitize the place. Maybe. I've worked in a kitchen. I get that, but still. That was a weird "Elani" intrusion.

I looked past the Price Town debacle and might be able to get over Paulina crushing Abe's heart, but for her not to like Key lime pie is the first time I'm truly disappointed in Auntie P.

Okay. Maybe Paulina can bring me a fork, and we can try this Florida lime pie together. It might rebuild a bridge.

Ava gets more awesome by the minute. She cooks and bakes pumpkin muffins!? Yes, please.

Abe and Chanel's scene was so sweet! She's like Philip. He lucked out in the stepmother category with Maggie and she's lucking out with Abe. Maybe. You know how Salem weddings go. Or don't go.

Did Judge Smails have a Dan Lauria (Kevin's dad on The Wonder Years) vibe to him? It might have been just me.

On the topic of "vibes," did the adorable and quickly grown new Rachel remind anyone else of a Hocus Pocus-era Thora Birch!? If Tater Tot returns looking like a young Omri Katz, I know Ron and his writing gang are going to give us homage to that movie, too. They'd have to, right!?

I cracked up when Chloe casually responded, "It's the truth," regarding Victor's hatred of her. Self-aware points for the Chloemeister! And don't worry, we still love you, Ms. Lane.

I wish we'd seen more "Adventures in Pumpkin Land" and less "Philip stalking people in the woods."

Julie, Maggie, and Ciara's scene was great! I loved the multigenerational aspect of it. DAYS does this incredibly well. More, please.

Too bad Andre wasn't back from the dead. He'd be perfect to play "Stefano" in Johnny's movie. He'd have a killer time acting opposite Abigail. No awkwardness there. At all.

I love how most Salemites can make it back from the dead to reunite with loved ones, but Hope can't successfully travel from Joburg to Salem.

I miss Isabella. Maybe she can visit Brady and give him a new storyline. Brady Black: Ghostbuster!?

Maybe while visiting Doug at Bayview, Doc-Dev will cure Jan of her coma-itis! Something tells me Satan and Ms. Spears should get along swimmingly. *Insert devilish guffaw*


So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's it for October 11. As Halloween is rapidly approaching, it's time to stock the freezer with bite-sized, chocolaty treats. Oh. And I must get some candy for the tricker-or-treaters, too, especially now that Rachel is old enough to participate. With that, I'm off to Duane Reade for chocolates and my flu shot! Laurisa will be back next week with an all-new Satan-filled Two Scoops! As always, thank you for reading, and "That's a fact."

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