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Taylor Hayes
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Actor History

June 6, 1990 to June 1994; November 1994 to May 1996; October 1996 to October 30, 2002 [contract];

December 2002; March 1, 2004 to March 2, 2004 [guest appearances]

April 22, 2005 to July 3, 2013 [contract];

February 28, 2014; April 25, 2014 to May 15, 2014; November 5, 2014 to November 24, 2014; April 12, 2018 to March 26, 2019 [guest appearances]

Sherilyn Wolter
October 1, 1990 to October 12, 1990 (temporary recast)
Krista Allen

Birthday said to be October 1 (per 1990 episode)

Other Names

debuted as Taylor Ashford

Taylor Hamilton (maiden name)

"Doc" (Ridge's nickname for her)

Carol Roberts (alias)

Laila (name while amnesiac)

"The Volunteer" (name while caring for a blind Ridge)



Did missionary work in Africa and other countries

Worked with orphans in Morocco

Formerly an oncologist working with Caroline Spencer Forrester

Once worked at a rape crisis center

Attended Northwestern University

Attended Stanford Medical

Resides At


Formerly beach house in Malibu, CA (where she had previously lived from 1997-2002)

Formerly 22027 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA

Formerly an undisclosed location in Los Angeles, CA

Formerly Paris, France

Formerly the Forrester Mansion (369 Willow Hill Rd., Beverly Hills, CA)

Formerly 3197 Holden Drive, Beverly Hills, CA

Marital Status


Past Marriages

Blake Hayes [Married: date unknown; divorced: prior to 1990]

Ridge Forrester Sr. [Married: 1992; dissolved by her presumed death: 1994; divorced: 1995]

Omar Rashid [Married: 1994; declared invalid: 1995]

Ridge Forrester Sr. [Married 1998; dissolved by her presumed death: 2002; vows renewed: 2005; annulled: 2006; second time]

Dominick "Nick" Marone [Married: 2007; divorced: 2008]

Whipple "Whip" Jones [Married: 2010; divorced: 2011]


Jack Hamilton (father)

Sharon Ashford Hamilton (mother; deceased)

Zach Hamilton (brother)

Douglas Forrester (grandson)

Kelly Spencer (granddaughter)

Hayes Forrester Finnegan (grandson)

Thomas Hamilton Forrester (son; 1998)

Stephanie "Steffy" Forrester (daughter; 1999)

Phoebe Forrester (daughter; 1999; deceased)

Jack Hamilton Marone (legal son; 2007; biological mother is Brooke Logan)

Flings & Affairs

Stephen "Storm" Logan Jr. (broken engagement)

Grant Chambers

James Warwick (one-night stand)

Eric Forrester (flirtation: 1995; dated: 2013)

Thorne Forrester (dated: 1997-1998; broken engagements: 2007, 2014; dated: 2011-2012)

Hector Ramírez (kissed)

Stephen Logan Sr. (lovers)

Rick Forrester (broken engagement)

Reese Buckingham (kissed)

Crimes Committed

Slept with James Warwick while married to Ridge Forrester [1994]

Unintentionally committed bigamy by marrying Prince Omar while married to Ridge [1994]

Masqueraded as a hospital volunteer to tend to a blinded Ridge [1995]

Lied to Ridge Forrester about the paternity of her baby [1997]

Punched Morgan DeWitt [2001]

Drove under the influence, contributing to the vehicular manslaughter of Darla Einstein [2006]

Obstructed justice by lying about her role in Darla's death [2006]

Jailed for vehicular manslaughter [2006]

Had a catfight with Brooke in a pond [2010]

Broke into Brooke's confidential hospital files, risking her medical license [2013]

Shot Bill Spencer [2018]

Attempted to shoot Bill Spencer a second time [2018]

Slept with a married Ridge Forrester [2022]

Health and Vitals

Almost froze to death at Big Bear cabin after an earthquake [1994]

Suffered amnesia after being mugged in an airport in Cairo [1994]

Lapsed into comas [1994, 2002-?]

Had a claustrophobia-induced panic attack while trapped in an elevator [1996]

Suffered burns to her face after accidentally setting her nightgown on fire [1997]

Contracted tuberculosis from homeless man and almost died in childbirth [1999]

Flatlined after being shot in an altercation with Sheila Carter [2002]

Survived a house fire while imprisoned by Hector Ramirez [2006]

In recovery for alcoholism [2006-present]

Rendered unconscious in a boating accident [2007]

Underwent in vitro fertilization to have a baby with Nick Marone [2007]

Fainted as a result of a panic attack [2007]

Slapped by Brooke Logan [2008, 2010, 2012]

Experienced hallucinations after eating psychedelic berries [2011]

Threatened with an axe [2014]

Suffered an injury in a fall which temporarily required a cane [2018]

Treated for an unspecified mental illness [2018]

Nearly fell from a hospital roof [2022]

Brief Character History

Taylor Hamilton Hayes is a psychiatrist and medical doctor who is the daughter of Jack and Sharon Hamilton. Taylor had a patient in Caroline Spencer Forrester, who was dying of leukemia. As Caroline died, she inadvertently set a triangle in motion by asking both Taylor and friend Brooke Logan to watch over her widower, Ridge Forrester. Taylor struck up a friendship with Ridge while dating her old high school classmate, Brooke's brother Storm Logan; Taylor was advised by Ridge's mother, Stephanie Forrester, to stay away from Ridge so Brooke would return to him and leave Stephanie's ex-husband, Eric Forrester. Taylor turned down Storm's proposal, after which he left town; when Ridge proposed, Taylor wondered if it was only because Brooke wasn't available.

Taylor received a visit from her prone-to-violence ex-husband, Blake Hayes, who wanted her back. Taylor and Ridge survived Blake beating Ridge up and using Caroline's twin sister, Karen Spencer, to try and lure Ridge away from Taylor, but when Blake showed Taylor a video of Ridge and Brooke making love in the lab at Forrester Creations, Taylor flew to St. Thomas to think. Taylor agreed to marry Ridge when he followed and proposed again on the beach; the day of Taylor's wedding, Brooke announced she was pregnant but didn't know if Eric or Ridge was the father. Taylor bonded with Stephanie over their mutual displeasure regarding Brooke's constant presence, then helped Ridge deliver Brooke's daughter, Bridget, serving as midwife via telephone.

Taylor chafed at Brooke's increased interference once a paternity test named Ridge as Bridget's father (no one knew that Eric's fiancée Sheila Carter, who had a long criminal history in Genoa City, had tampered with the test); Taylor did her best to keep her cool when Brooke's takeover of Forrester put Brooke in Ridge's orbit even more. Taylor channelled her energies into helping her former mentor, James Warwick, who spoke of a terminally ill girlfriend and a beloved mother back in Scotland. Against Ridge's wishes, Taylor travelled to Scotland with James and got to the root of James' abuse at the hands of his father. Taylor thought Ridge was flying to Paris with Brooke on business, so she and James went to the Forrester cabin in Big Bear, which was destroyed in a violent earthquake. About to freeze to death, Taylor made love to James, honoring his request not to die a virgin.

Taylor left on a business trip to the Middle East and confessed making love to James in a letter she left for Ridge, which Stephanie intercepted. The Forresters had a funeral for Taylor when her plane crashed and her charred belongings were found in the wreckage, but Taylor had stepped off the plane during a layover and been mugged in the airport bathroom, which left her with no memory. Taylor woke up in the palace of Prince Omar Rashid of Morocco, who had nursed Taylor back to health, and she allowed Omar to call her "Laila." But when "Laila" found a file on her amassed by Omar's assistant, Moustafa, Taylor's memory came flooding back. Taylor rushed to call Ridge but the phone line was cut by Omar, who wanted to make "Laila" his princess.

Taylor wouldn't believe Omar's claim that Ridge had moved on with Brooke and soon found herself locked in a soundproof room with a one-way mirror and forced to watch happy newlyweds Ridge and Brooke, who had no idea Omar had manipulated events to bring them to his palace in Morocco. Defeated, Taylor agreed to marry Omar, but refused a sexual relationship, instead working with the orphans of his country. Taylor sent James away after he saw "Laila's" wedding photo in the paper and tracked her down. But as soon as Taylor received news that Jack had suffered a heart attack, she begged Omar to let her go to Los Angeles to see him. While there, Taylor saw that Ridge had been blinded in an explosion, so she hired a beautician, Gladys Pope, to radically alter her look, then cared for the sightless Ridge as a British "volunteer."

Eventually, Taylor revealed herself to a horrified Brooke, then to a stunned Ridge once his sight returned. But Taylor was shunned by Ridge and Stephanie when Omar showed up and announced he'd made Taylor his wife. A judge declared that Taylor was still legally married to Ridge, who went back to Brooke; afterwards, Taylor entertained a romance with Eric, but declined out of respect for Stephanie. Taylor was on hand to counsel young Bridget when it was revealed that Eric was her father after all, and Taylor surmised a diagnosis of "brief reactive psychosis" when Brooke wandered off to Barbados in a fugue state.

Not over Ridge, Taylor passed on renewing her college romance with Grant Chambers, deciding to leave town for a while. But when Taylor came back, she agreed to model a wedding gown at a Forrester fashion show. Taylor's jaw dropped when Ridge proposed to her on the runway; she learned later he had only done so because he thought Brooke had gotten involved with Grant. Despondent, Taylor got drunk and set herself on fire, recovering from severe burns to her face with Ridge's brother Thorne Forrester by her side.

Taylor's hopes for a reunion with Ridge were dashed when he was arrested for shooting Grant; when Taylor found herself pregnant by Ridge, she reluctantly agreed to tell everyone she was carrying Thorne's child. Taylor was prevented from telling Ridge the truth by Thorne, who drugged her because her heightened stress level was threatening her unborn baby. Taylor raced to stop Ridge and Brooke's wedding but went into labor in Thorne's car; Taylor named her son Thomas after St. Thomas, where Ridge had first proposed. Though Ridge initially felt betrayed, Taylor happily made a home for him and Thomas after Ridge annulled his marriage to Brooke.

Taylor began working with hypnotherapist Pierce Peterson, agreeing to be hypnotized into reliving the disco era in a night with Ridge as an experiment. But Taylor began exhibiting anti-Ridge behavior and leaning toward Pierce, snapping out of it when the lovesick Pierce discovered that his assistant, Bailey, had been giving Taylor hypnotic suggestions so Pierce could win Taylor from Ridge. Taylor's marriage to Ridge survived, but she almost didn't when she contracted tuberculosis while pregnant with twins. Fearing it would harm the babies, Taylor rejected treatment and nearly died, even asking Brooke to take care of Ridge. Though she flatlined and had an out-of-body experience, Taylor rebounded and gave birth to Steffy and Phoebe Forrester.

Taylor befriended Morgan DeWitt, who years ago had been forced by Stephanie to abort Ridge's child. Taylor lent Morgan her laptop, not knowing Morgan was faking e-mails from "Taylor" telling Ridge it was all right to impregnate Morgan. Taylor found out and argued with Morgan, who fell down the stairs and lost Ridge's baby. Hoping to repair their marriage, Taylor and Ridge sailed to St. Thomas, where little Steffy fell overboard and was killed in a shark attack. Taylor was inconsolable until she went to Morgan's house and discovered Steffy, whose hair Morgan had dyed red to pass Steffy off as her own. Taylor was imprisoned by Morgan but rescued by Ridge, who crashed his car through Morgan's house.

Fed up with Brooke's pursuit of Ridge, Taylor hesitantly went along with a scheme devised by shipping magnate Massimo Marone: all Taylor had to do was help convince Brooke to move to Paris to be with her "dying" father, Stephen Logan, but Taylor felt horrible about her part in the failed scheme. Later, Taylor helped Amber Moore, the wife of Brooke's son, Rick Forrester, who was in trouble for vandalism and drug possession. Though Taylor knew Amber once had a drug problem, she believed Amber's contention that she was being framed by Erica Lovejoy, the nanny who wanted Rick for herself. Taylor found out Erica was really James' daughter Mary Warwick, whose mother, Sheila, had long ago reverted to her criminal ways and was targeting Amber to clear the way for Erica/Mary with Rick. Taylor walked in as Sheila had a gun on Eric and almost had Sheila talked down when Sheila was startled by Brooke; Taylor lunged for the gun and was shot in the struggle, dying in Ridge's arms.

Taylor's ghost later appeared to Ridge, Brooke, and fashionista Jackie Marone when the paternity of Brooke's son, R.J. Forrester, was in question. But Taylor wasn't dead: she had once again been spirited away and healed by Prince Omar, who put a wax dummy in Taylor's coffin. Taylor escaped Omar's palace with the help of painter Dante Damiano and unintentionally spooked Ridge, who later dug up Taylor's coffin; Taylor revealed herself to Ridge and reunited with her children, who lobbied for their parents' reunion. Taylor got her wish when Stephanie had a heart attack and declared her dying wish was for Taylor and Ridge to renew their vows since their marriage was still valid, but Taylor was disgusted when she learned Stephanie had faked her health crisis to lure Ridge away from Brooke.

Ridge and Taylor clashed over Thomas' marriage to Gabriela Moreno, an illegal alien. While Ridge was away on business, Taylor let herself kiss Hector Ram&iacutre;rez; Taylor felt so guilty that she told Ridge about Hector and confessed her long-ago encounter with James. Branded a hypocrite for judging Brooke while keeping her own salacious secret, Taylor found herself single and angry, earning a slap from Stephanie after Taylor called her out for her Oedipal obsession with Ridge. When Stephanie tried to placate Taylor by giving her 2% of Forrester Creations while Brooke got 50%, Taylor, who was descending into alcoholism, agreed to sell her shares to Stephen so he could give them to Brooke and make Brooke the majority stockholder. Afterwards, Taylor had a very brief affair with Stephen.

Taylor began drinking heavily and rushed to help Phoebe, who had a flat tire. Her reflexes impaired, Taylor couldn't stop in time when Thorne's wife, Darla Einstein, who had also come to help Phoebe, fell into the path of Taylor's car and died. Because she hadn't been sober, Taylor went along with Phoebe and Hector's pleas that Taylor say nothing to the police, assuaging her guilt by spending time with Thorne and his daughter, Alexandria Forrester. When Thorne proposed, Taylor wanted to tell Thorne the truth but was stopped by Hector, who tied her to a staircase railing and threatened her with a burning newspaper. Taylor was rescued by Stephanie when Hector accidentally set his house on fire; Taylor told Stephanie about her part in Darla's death but was again commanded to keep quiet.

Unable to stand it any longer, Taylor admitted what happened to an enraged Thorne and went to jail. After the only witness, former homeless man Shane McGrath, failed to testify because Phoebe wouldn't go out with him, Taylor was saved from conviction by Thorne, who begged the court for mercy. Taylor happily readied to marry Thorne, but on her wedding day, Taylor discovered that Aly had blacked out pictures of her and shredded Taylor's wedding dress, so Taylor advised Thorne they should call things off.

Taylor counseled Stephanie on a professional level when Stephanie wanted to get to the root of years of controlling behavior. Taylor helped Stephanie remember she had been abused by her father and encouraged Stephanie to confront her passive mother, Ann Douglas. Taylor also had Ridge's half-brother, Nick Marone, on her couch to explore his own childhood memories; soon Taylor and Nick began seeing each other romantically. Taylor knocking herself unconscious on Nick's boat caused him to profess his love. Taylor stood by Nick when he was framed for murdering Shane, who had killed himself in front of Ridge; knowing Ridge had a police record for confessing to shooting Grant to protect the real shooter, a pre-teen Rick, Taylor worked with Rick to get him to recall the event he had blocked out, clearing Ridge.

After Taylor and Nick were married, they considered in vitro fertilization as a way of having a baby. Taylor delivered a son, Jack Marone, but when Jack needed bone marrow, Taylor was horrified to learn that Brooke had donated the egg, making Taylor's baby Brooke's biological child. Taylor had a meltdown and was unable to bond with Jack, agreeing to therapy with James, during which Nick conceded he still had feelings for Brooke. Taylor battled Nick in a custody fight for Jack, but, unable to properly mother the boy, Taylor asked Brooke to raise him instead.

Taylor had been concerned when Rick started dating Phoebe, but after Phoebe left on a singing tour, Taylor began seeing Rick herself. Once Phoebe caught her and Rick in bed, Taylor broke things off with Rick, citing her continuing feelings for Ridge, which infuriated Rick. Taylor was devastated when Phoebe, who found out Rick had also hit on her sister Steffy, died after going off on Rick in his car and causing an accident. Afterwards, Taylor demanded that Steffy not see Rick, especially after someone set his house on fire and blew up his car; Taylor sent Thomas for therapy with James when she found out Thomas was responsible.

Taylor supported Ridge as he clashed with Brooke over Rick and Steffy's involvement. Taylor gave Ridge an antianxiety pill to relax, but Ridge secretly upped the dosage and fell into bed with Taylor, putting the final nail in Ridge's marriage to Brooke. Taylor proposed to Ridge and stood at the altar when Brooke interrupted on a horse with proof that Steffy and Thomas had been faking text messages to keep Ridge and Brooke apart. Taylor and Brooke demanded that Ridge choose between them, agreeing to resolve their own conflict first in "family counseling" with James. Taylor and Brooke tried massages, foam bats, and mud baths, but all ended in disaster. When Ridge later reminded his ex-wives how much they had helped each other over the years, Taylor and Brooke hugged and apologized to each other.

Taylor tried Internet dating and met Brooke's ex-husband, PR whiz Whip Jones. Taylor was hesitant to get involved with another man connected to Brooke, but Taylor gave Whip a chance, and they were married with country artist Beau Davidson singing at the ceremony. Taylor received a 25% share in Forrester when Steffy seduced the company back from publishing tycoon Bill Spencer, Jr., but when Taylor refused to sell to Brooke, the ladies got in a catfight in a fountain. After Steffy was blamed for a video exposing Brooke's "mistaken identity" sex with Whip's cousin, Oliver Jones, Taylor gave her 25% stock to Steffy.

Taylor worried when Brooke and Thomas worked together on the revived Forrester men's line, fearing Brooke would seduce him, especially after Thomas kissed Brooke on the runway as a publicity stunt. Overjoyed that Thomas survived a plane crash with Brooke, Taylor ate one of the psychedelic berries Thomas brought home from a deserted island and hallucinated she was on St. Thomas with Ridge when she was really with Whip. Taylor found herself single again after Whip got tired of competing with Ridge and divorced her. Taylor almost married Ridge again after Thomas reported he'd had sex with Brooke on the island, but Stephanie had put Thomas up to the confession, promising her 25% share of Forrester as payment. After Taylor railed at Stephanie, she was made the trustee of Thomas' stock.

Taylor took an uncooperative Bill on as a patient after he plotted to kill Amber for getting pregnant by his son, Liam Cooper. Taylor knew that Bill was stepping out on his wife, Katie Logan, with Steffy; Taylor stopped Bill and Steffy from making love and went straight to Katie to expose the affair.

Taylor considered combining her stock with her children's when Thorne pointed out their 55% would give them controlling interest in Forrester, a plot which united Taylor and Thorne romantically, but Taylor declined, not wanting to pit Thomas and Steffy against their father. Taylor and Ridge feared for Steffy's life when Steffy fell from an ATV in Cabo San Lucas and was diagnosed with a life-threatening blood clot that could worsen under stress; they never learned that Steffy's MRI had been faked by Bill, who was manipulating Liam into staying married to Steffy. Taylor and Brooke then spent most of their time arguing over their children's love lives. When Ridge and Brooke remarried yet again, Taylor declared to a happy Thorne that she was finally able to move on from Ridge. Yet, a few months later, Taylor announced that she and Thorne had broken up.

Taylor was heartbroken when Stephanie finally succumbed to Stage IV lung cancer, but outraged when Stephanie left behind a DVD nullifying her transfer of stock to Thomas and bequeathing them to Eric, making Eric CEO. When Eric seemed to favor Rick over Thomas, Taylor screamed at Stephanie's portrait, which fell off the wall. Soon Taylor, who had rebuffed Eric's advances years before, raised eyebrows by exploring a romance with the widower. Taylor was shocked when Stephanie's bipolar sister, Pam Douglas, who had committed violent acts while under the influence of a brain mass, played a prank by barging into Taylor and Eric's bedroom brandishing a knife, which was really a spatula.

When new mother Katie barely survived the birth of baby Will and went into postpartum depression, Taylor treated her, knowing that the heart transplant recipient was trying to push Bill and Brooke together so Will would have a family if Katie died. Taylor reported Bill and Brooke's kiss to Katie and kept her eye on them, suspicious when Katie suffered heart failure from neglecting to take her anti-rejection medication. Despite Brooke's repeated denials, Taylor found out Brooke had spent the night in the hospital, so she rifled through Brooke's medical records and found out Brooke had miscarried Bill's child. Taylor exposing Bill and Brooke at Brooke's birthday party cost her Eric; disgusted when Eric sided with Brooke, Taylor moved to Paris to be with Steffy, who was mourning her own child and the fact that she couldn't have any more.

In 2014, Taylor visited Los Angeles and found out that a grown-up Aly was having anger issues; Taylor noted that Aly needed psychiatric help and admitted she still felt guilty for her part in killing Aly's mother. When Taylor and Thorne revisited their relationship, Taylor tried to tell Aly, who responded by threatening Taylor with an axe. Taylor agreed with Thorne's assessment they should end things until Aly's boyfriend, Oliver Jones, convinced Aly to hear Taylor out. Taylor tearfully took responsibility for Aly's misery and was stunned when Aly hugged her and gave Taylor and Thorne her blessing.

Coming back to check on Aly, Taylor was concerned when Aly reported being able to see her dead mother. Taylor wasn't sure what to believe as Aly claimed a spectral Darla was in the room and Taylor felt a sudden breeze ruffle her hair. Taylor then reconnected with Eric and relayed that she and Thorne had again split up. Taylor made a brief return to discuss CEO Rick's supposed reunion with estranged wife Caroline Spencer, the namesake of the woman Taylor treated when she first came on the show.

In 2018, a seemingly unbalanced Taylor appeared on Bill's doorstep, detailing the night he'd been shot in the back by an unknown assailant. Having been told by Ridge that Bill had violated Steffy, Taylor screamed she hated Bill and admitted she'd pulled the trigger, then picked up a gun and threatened to shoot him again. Taylor stopped herself and was only kept out of jail because Steffy begged Bill not to go to the police. Despite being in treatment for her newfound mental instability, Taylor couldn't stop raging about old conflicts with Brooke and how Hope had stolen Liam from Steffy. Trying to support Steffy and Hope's decision to form a blended family with Liam and their children with him, Taylor went to Liam and Hope's wedding but rattled guests by popping off during the reception, then getting into a cake fight with Brooke.

Taylor vacillated between having a hold on herself and ranting, going off on Bill and Hope so vociferously she was escorted out of their offices. Taylor's paranoia that she'd go to jail anyway heightened when Brooke and Hope were told she was the shooter; Taylor dropped her to knees and begged long-time rival Brooke to keep quiet. After she was tempted to drink again, Taylor couldn't believe it when many around her felt she was a danger to her granddaughter, Kelly, and also Hope's unborn baby; Taylor took comfort in Ridge's support and Steffy inviting her to move in with her and Kelly.

Taylor was introduced to Reese Buckingham, a doctor she'd met once at a conference in Zurich. Taylor found a sympathetic ear in Reese and was more pleased than not when Reese kissed her. Taylor visited Reese and was surprised to find him caring for a baby; she learned that the infant was being given up for adoption by its mother, Florence Fulton. Knowing Steffy was considering adopting a sister for Kelly, Taylor acted as a go-between though she did not divulge Reese's part in the process. Taylor happily paid for the adoption of the baby Steffy named Phoebe, after her departed twin, and was saddened when Reese announced he was leaving town.

Taylor continued lobbying for Steffy to reunite with Liam and was pleased when Thomas returned to town -- however, Taylor mourned along with Thomas when he reported that young Caroline Spencer, the namesake of Taylor's long-ago patient and the mother of Thomas' son, Douglas Forrester, had died from a sudden blood clot. Of the opinion that Douglas needed a mother, and seeing how Hope was still grieving her stillborn baby, Taylor announced to Ridge that Thomas and Hope should be together and kissed Ridge in the process. After scoffing at Brooke's ironic indignation over Taylor having kissed a married man, Taylor accompanied Steffy and the babies to Paris, where Steffy headed, feeling Hope was becoming too attached to Phoebe; later, Taylor was said to be working for a human rights organization in Africa, which caused her to miss Thomas' wedding to Hope.

After it came out that Phoebe was really Hope's baby, Beth, who had been stolen and sold by Reese, and that Thomas knew Beth was alive but kept it from Hope, it was said that Taylor was "counseling" her son through phone calls. In 2021, Taylor was said to be overseas doing missionary work, but late that year she returned to Los Angeles, stating that she had stayed away because of Ridge's marriage to Brooke.

Taylor and Brooke each made overtures of friendship, but they weren't capitalized upon. Taylor insisted to Steffy and Thomas, who were increasingly vocal about Taylor reuniting with Ridge, that she hadn't come home to do so, yet Taylor couldn't deny that she still had feelings for Ridge. Taylor forgave her one-time assailant, Sheila Carter, for shooting her and allowed Sheila to spend Christmas with her son, John "Finn" Finnegan, who was married to Steffy, and Finn's child, infant Hayes; Taylor, who had started practicing psychiatry again, secretly told Steffy that it was an opportunity for her to observe Sheila. Later, Taylor shared Steffy's concern that Ridge and Brooke were both being very cagey about the state of their marriage. Taylor went to Ridge when she found out that fellow recovering alcoholic Brooke had gotten drunk and kissed her ex, Deacon Sharpe, while Ridge was out of town.

When Ridge walked out on Brooke and came to stay with Taylor and Steffy, Taylor resisted pressure from Steffy and Thomas to reunite with Ridge, who told Taylor he wanted to come home. Taylor was still in love with Ridge but was aware that he remained married to Brooke. Taylor was devastated when Finn and Steffy were shot during a robbery; Finn died from his wounds while Steffy lay unconscious in the hospital. As Taylor waited for Steffy to open her eyes, she noticed the dark place Sheila was in over losing her son and tried to talk Sheila out of jumping off the hospital roof. Taylor lunged at Sheila and ended up nearly going over herself; Taylor was impressed when Sheila saved her and told Ridge that Sheila had thereby earned a place in their family.

When Steffy woke up thinking that Liam was her husband, Taylor joined her family in gently telling Steffy about Finn, which opened a floodgate of memories for her daughter. Taylor felt like a chump when it came out that Sheila had shot Steffy and Finn; Taylor felt responsible for having given Sheila the benefit of the doubt and letting Sheila into their lives. Taylor helped Steffy and Ridge manipulate Sheila into a confession, after which Sheila went to jail. Learning that Sheila had also tricked Brooke into drinking, Taylor waited to see if Ridge would return to Brooke or move forward with her instead.

Taylor sent Ridge on his way when he announced he was going back to Brooke and found an unexpectedly easy camaraderie with Deacon. But when Steffy checked herself into a clinic for depressed in Monte Carlo, Taylor and Ridge traveled there and learned that Finn was actually alive -- he had been saved by his adoptive mother, Li Finnegan, yet detained by Sheila. Overjoyed by Finn's reunion with Steffy, Taylor and Ridge kissed. Taylor's reason to hope was dashed when Ridge told Brooke about the kiss and was forgiven by her; Taylor tried to convey to Ridge that he seemed happier when he was with Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas. Troubled by Ridge's mixed messages, Taylor traveled to Aspen to get perspective and was pursued by Ridge, who declared he wanted to reunite with her. Despite Ridge still being married to Brooke, Taylor and Ridge celebrated coming together again by making love.

Taylor was thrilled when Ridge proposed to her on the fashion runway, as he had once before. On her wedding day, Taylor discovered that Thomas had faked a call to Child Protective Services using a voice-sampling app to sound like Brooke, which is what prompted Ridge to leave Brooke. Taylor debated whether or not to say anything during the ceremony, but Steffy blew everything open herself. Taylor watched as a disillusioned Ridge again walked out on her. Having learned that Brooke had suggested Ridge do some soul-searching instead of bouncing between women, Taylor awaited Ridge's return and joined Brooke in not taking Ridge back. Taylor was pleasantly surprised to develop a fast friendship with Brooke after all their years of feuding.

Taylor's past came back to haunt her when Steffy reported that Sheila, who had escaped prison and been presumed dead, had gotten involved with Bill; Taylor reeled when she learned that Bill was using the fact that Taylor had once shot him as leverage to keep Steffy and Finn from testifying against Sheila and returning Sheila to jail. Fearing that Sheila would extend the blackmail as a tool to see Hayes, Taylor determined that the only way to neutralize it would be to turn herself in to the police for the long-ago shooting. Stressed, Taylor took sleeping pills but woke up to Brooke thinking she was trying to commit suicide; Taylor gently turned down Brooke's offer to move in with her. Later, Taylor set Brooke up on a date with the much younger Paul Hollister, though Brooke admitted afterwards that she wasn't ready for dating yet.

After Thomas took Hope to court for full custody of Douglas only to have Douglas choose to live with Steffy, Taylor found herself mediating between her children, as Thomas wanted unlimited access to Douglas, and Steffy wouldn't allow it. Taylor was later instrumental in getting Thomas, who had entered therapy, reinstalled at Forrester. Taylor was shocked to learn that Bill had only been romancing Sheila to goad her into confessing to a long-ago murder, and that Bill had been working with Ridge to achieve it. Taylor breathed a sigh of relief when Bill announced that he had arranged for Taylor to be legally absolved of shooting him.

Taylor maintained her friendship with Brooke, but was upset when Thomas reported he had heard Hope badmouthing him to Brooke; Taylor felt that Brooke should have told her about it and wondered what else Brooke was hiding. Taylor soured on the camaraderie and secretly worked to get Deacon to reunite with Brooke while disparaging Brooke to Ridge as a means of winning Ridge for herself. Once Taylor was caught, she and Brooke declared their friendship over. Taylor seemed to accept it when Ridge resumed his relationship with Brooke and accompanied Steffy to Rome after Steffy wanted to put distance between herself and the freed Sheila. Taylor briefly returned home to convince Finn to "do something" about Sheila, implying a more permanent solution, and to advise Thomas against entering into a romance with the recently single Hope. Taylor was last seen warning Deacon, who had announced a romantic relationship with Sheila, to watch out, since she had once trusted Sheila herself.

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