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Brooke blasted Poppy and Zende for what had befallen Luna. Just as Luna and R.J. reconciled, a pregnancy scare rocked Luna. Steffy confronted Sheila and said Finn had chosen Steffy over her. Deacon asked Hope to be Sheila's maid of honor and convince Finn to be the best man.
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Brooke blasted Poppy and Zende for what happened to Luna. Luna and R.J. reconciled, but a pregnancy scare rocked Luna. Deacon asked Hope to be Sheila's maid of honor.
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Steffy gives Finn the ultimatum he was dreading

Steffy gives Finn the ultimatum he was dreading

Monday, May 13, 2024

In the evening at the cliff house, candles blazed around the room as Steffy absorbed the confusing news that she'd killed Sugar, not Sheila. Finn said it was a huge weight lifted off them because Steffy hadn't killed his birth mother, after all.

Finn added that Sheila might not have made it if he and Deacon hadn't gotten there in time. Steffy asked if she was supposed to be thankful that the "monster" was alive. Finn reasoned that they'd thought she'd killed his mother, but it had been a crazy woman who'd wanted to hurt Steffy in order to hurt Sheila. Steffy asked if she was supposed to rejoice that the other crazy woman was alive.

Steffy asked if Finn understood that the danger was back. He contended that there was no danger, and Sheila had tried to save Steffy. Stunned, Steffy repeated Finn. He said Sheila had fought to stop Sugar; however, the old Sheila probably wouldn't have cared if Sugar had wanted to harm Steffy. Finn said that because Sheila genuinely loved them, she'd chosen to fight. Steffy noted that it had been selfish because Sheila could have been blamed had Sugar succeeded.

Finn replied that Sheila loved them more than her own life; it was what Sheila had said. He'd seen it in her eyes and heard it in her voice. Finn believed that Sheila offering her own life had made her a hero. Steffy stood in disbelief and said "that woman" had tried to kill them.

Finn began to talk about Sugar, but Steffy yelled that Sugar meant nothing. She was talking about Sheila, who'd terrorized her family for generations. Steffy asked how he didn't understand that. Finn tried to explain himself, but Steffy yelled that Sheila had tried to kill Steffy, her mother, and her grandmother. Steffy added that Sheila had killed and poisoned people. Steffy wouldn't call Sheila a hero just because of a feeble attempt to stop Sugar from killing Steffy. Steffy yelled that she never wanted to hear Finn say it again.

Finn tried to talk to Steffy about the fact that Sheila was trying to reform herself. Steffy warned that he'd lose every time if he challenged her on facts about Sheila. Finn asked about the fact that Sheila wasn't dead and the fact that his wife hadn't killed his birth mother. He said Steffy and the kids were the most important things to him, "but my mother..."

Steffy scoffed. Finn said he'd thought he'd lost his chance with Sheila, but he wanted another one. He admitted that almost losing her had made him realize that he didn't want to turn his back on her. "But you have to," Steffy replied. She called Sheila evil and said he was na´ve to think she'd changed or that she wouldn't bring devastation to their lives. Steffy said Sheila wouldn't be in their lives or near the children. "You can't have both. It's either her or me," Steffy quietly decided.

Finn said he heard Steffy, and it was her. It would always be her. He hugged Steffy but seemed torn.

At Deacon's place, Deacon and Sheila arrived after her hospital visit. Sheila was glad she'd gotten a checkup and laughed about pranking Li. Deacon remarked that Sheila hadn't been able to help herself, and he figured many would be shocked to learn that Sheila was still kicking.

Over beers, Sheila reveled in scaring Li. Deacon had seen Li as furious and in full attack mode. Sheila called Li jealous because Finn had refused to let Sheila die in that warehouse. Sheila figured Li would have. "And they say I'm the wicked one," Sheila added. He stated that she'd better get used to that kind of reaction if she continued the surprise "back from the dead" deal.

Deacon advised Sheila to go subtle. To Sheila, that was boring. She liked to go big. He replied that she'd better expect big reactions. "I'm looking forward to them. Especially the Forresters," Sheila responded. Sheila wondered who'd be the most shocked. She couldn't wait to walk into Eric's house and joked that Donna was a screamer.

Deacon asked if the "changed" Sheila really wanted to focus on shocking people. Sheila replied that it wasn't harming anyone, and there was nothing nefarious in it. He reminded her of the quiet life they'd had before Sugar had intervened, and he advised her to go back to it instead of concentrating on getting reactions from the Forresters. He asked her to focus on their future and their engagement. She said he was no fun. They kissed and laughed.

Later, Deacon and Sheila cuddled on the sofa. She said she'd thought about them together every moment. She hadn't thought she'd ever get back there. She flashed her hand, saying she was finally there, wearing an amazing, imaginary ring. He swore he'd do right by her, no more secrets or pretending. He wanted the world to know how he loved her.

At Forrester, Liam and Ridge were still talking to Hope about Sheila. Liam wondered how Finn could possibly think that it was good news that Sheila was alive or expect anyone to believe that she was reformed. Hope explained that Finn had seen Sheila's growth, but Liam called it pure personal bias and a childish need of Finn's to believe that his mother could not be a psychopath.

Ridge said animals like Sheila didn't change. Hope advised that everyone keep an open mind, and she reminded Ridge that people had said the same thing about his son. Ridge refused to let Hope compare the two. She said she wasn't, but she suggested that they entertain the idea that Finn might be right. Ridge surmised that she was agreeing with Finn.

Hope claimed to be aware of what Sheila had done to people, but she said it might be possible that Sheila regretted it. Ridge asked if Hope had heard herself. Hope explained that when Sugar had unveiled her plan to harm Steffy, Sheila had fought and tried to stop Sugar. Hope stated that Sheila had been trying to protect Steffy, Kelly, and Hayes.

Liam told Hope that it was all hearsay, and Sugar wasn't available for comment. In his view, all they knew was that Steffy hadn't killed Sheila, but it didn't mean that Sheila was a saint. Hope tried to explain Deacon and Finn's perspective, but Ridge and Liam said that everything Sheila did was a show for Finn, who needed to believe his mother had changed. Ridge noted that no one had seen it happen, but they were supposed to deem Sheila "Mother of the Year."

Hope replied that she didn't expect that. She just asked if they could try to have an open mind because it was important to Finn to have Sheila in his life. Ridge said it wouldn't happen. Hope wondered why not. Hope, who understood Finn's side of things, asked why Finn wouldn't want to pursue a relationship if it was all true. Hope said Finn wanted it and was determined.

Ridge and Liam asserted that it wouldn't happen, and Steffy wouldn't let it. Liam insisted that if Finn expected it, then he didn't get Steffy, who'd draw a line in the same with Finn once and for all. Hope gave Liam the side eye.

Luna and R.J. reconcile, but Luna is left feeling queasy

Luna and R.J. reconcile, but Luna is left feeling queasy

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

At Eric's house, Eric, Donna, Ridge, and Brooke glared at a front-page news article about Sheila on the coffee table. Brooke received a message from Charlie that Zende had entered the building. Brooke left, cryptically explaining that she had to take care of overdue business.

Later, Ridge had explained the saga between Janet Webber, also known as Sugar, and Sheila. Eric stated that Deacon and Finn had rescued Sheila after Sugar's death and wanted Sheila in their lives again. Ridge, who didn't care about Finn's "mommy issues," said Finn needed to take care of his family. Eric empathized with Finn, who was going through a difficult time.

Ridge reported that Finn was calling Sheila a hero because the story was that Sheila had fought Sugar to protect Steffy and her kids. Eric replied that Sheila was no hero and would say anything to get closer to Finn. Ridge stated that everyone knew that -- except Finn.

Eric asked how Steffy was taking it. Ridge indicated that Steffy had given her husband an ultimatum. Donna assumed Finn had picked Steffy. Ridge affirmed it but said he didn't like that Steffy had even had to tell Finn that he couldn't have both.

Later, Eric ended a call with Lauren and told everyone that Lauren was in shock. Ridge replied that they all were. He stated that Sheila did whatever she wanted and never paid. Donna remarked that they all knew better than to think Sheila was a hero, but Ridge shot back that Finn didn't. Eric explained that Finn was vulnerable, but Finn had done the right thing. Ridge maintained that Finn never should have asked Steffy to take Sheila into their lives. Ridge warned them to be on guard because Sheila was back.

In the design office, the mood was awkward as Luna entered while R.J. was working. She said she'd heard about Sheila, and she asked if he was okay. R.J. wasn't, but he wondered how Steffy was doing. Luna wished she could have been there when Ridge had told R.J. about Sheila, and Luna hated the gulf between her and R.J. She claimed to know it was her fault, but she still missed him.

R.J. said he missed Luna, too. She was upset that she'd ruined what they'd had. He insisted that none of it had been her fault, and she hadn't been in her right mind.

Luna replied that it still didn't change the way R.J. looked at her. Luna recalled being scared at the beginning of the relationship because she hadn't thought anything could be that perfect. When he'd told her that nothing would change his love for her, the fear had gone away. R.J. replied that he still loved her, and he just needed time to process it.

Luna figured she should have told R.J. sooner, and she hated herself for hurting him. She didn't think it mattered whose fault it was and said she was the one who had ruined their relationship the night she'd been with Zende. She began to talk about R.J.'s relationship with his cousin, but R.J. didn't want to hear anything about it after Zende had stabbed R.J. in the back. R.J. asserted that things would never be the same between him and Zende, and they'd never reconcile.

Wishing for R.J.'s sake that things could go back to the way they'd been, Luna noted that the joyful, playful, boyish quality R.J. had had about him had disappeared. It broke her heart to see that. Their relationship had been the most precious thing in her life, and the innocence would never return. It killed her to see that light gone from his eyes, and she was sorry.

R.J. insisted that it was Zende's fault. R.J. decided that he wouldn't let it tear them apart. He forgave her for not telling him sooner about what had happened. R.J. suggested that they move on, forget about it, and focus on them. Luna replied that he'd said he needed more time. He replied that he needed her. He'd meant it when he'd said he loved her, and he wouldn't let anyone or anything get between them.

R.J. and Luna kissed. He got a message about a meeting he needed to get to, and they agreed to resume their talk later. He exited, and as the smiling Luna sat down to work, she grew nauseous. She threw up and fearfully said she couldn't be pregnant.

In Ridge's office, Zende and Carter murmured a few words about Sheila's return. Zende admitted that he was still having a hard time concentrating on work, and Carter anxiously said it wasn't the time for HFTF's key designer to be unable to focus amidst discussions to cut back line funding. Guessing it was about Luna, Carter asserted that Zende and Poppy had been wrong -- case closed. Zende said it wasn't that simple.

Carter rehashed Zende's mistakes that night, but Zende said he'd told Luna that he lived across the courtyard if anything changed. Carter insisted that it wasn't okay because everyone had known R.J.'s feelings for Luna. Carter advised Zende to shut his feelings off and run from them.

Zende was aware that he had screwed up. Carter revealed that he'd made the mistake of falling for the wrong woman, and it had almost ruined his career and relationships. He didn't want that for Zende. Zende thanked Carter and mumbled that he didn't know what he'd do if Ridge knew.

Brooke arrived. She wanted to talk to Zende alone, but he said Carter already knew. "How you slept with Luna and stabbed my son in the back?" Brooke replied. Brooke insisted on speaking to Zende alone, and Carter exited.

Zende told Brooke that he already knew that he'd done wrong. Brooke said the word didn't even begin to describe it. He persisted in his stance that he hadn't known about the drugs, and he'd arrived home to Luna in his bed. Brooke argued that he'd been in his right mind and had known exactly what had been going on. Brooke blasted Zende for betraying his family and yelled that he'd had no right to sleep with Luna.

Brooke asked what Zende's mother would think. Brooke decided that it was time for Zende to leave and go to Forrester International. "No...Forrester Antarctica!" she exclaimed. Zende stated that he'd earned his place there, but she replied that he'd blown it. She revealed that, for Luna's sake, R.J. hadn't wanted Ridge to know, and Brooke expressed disappointment in the kind of man Zende was. Zende replied that he had genuine feelings for Luna.

Brooke insisted that Zende hadn't respected Luna or R.J. and had known that the two had been together. Brooke said Zende hadn't even stopped to ask what Luna had been doing there or if she'd still been involved with R.J. Tearfully, Zende said he was sorry and ashamed. He felt that the good thing was that they could put it all behind them, and nothing more would come of it.

Luna asks Poppy for the result of a home pregnancy test

Luna asks Poppy for the result of a home pregnancy test

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

In Eric's office, R.J. was furious that Brooke had confronted Zende, but she said there was no way she would have just stood by. R.J. told her that he didn't need her fighting his battles, and it was Luna's private business. R.J. didn't want people finding out -- especially Ridge. Just then, Ridge arrived, and observing the two of them, he asked what was going on.

R.J. and Brooke were evasive, causing Ridge to become concerned, and he again asked what was going on. R.J. reasoned that Brooke didn't have to tell her husband everything, especially if it didn't involve them, but that made Ridge even more curious. The vibe Ridge was getting was that "teenage R.J. is in trouble and running to his mommy." Brooke said it wasn't so, but Ridge again asked to know what was going on.

Ridge assumed it was about Luna and asked how she was. R.J. claimed she was great and focused on work. Ridge assumed they were avoiding an office romance and recalled that he'd once fallen for a hot chemist. He asked if Brooke had given their son good advice. R.J. affirmed it. Ridge figured that was good enough but said he was there if R.J. needed a second opinion.

Ridge expressed pride in his son and his work. He added that the HFTF team was great. R.J. felt that any team could manage, but Ridge insisted that it was hard putting together a good team with perfect relationships. Ridge noted that he and Brooke were perfect. She challenged him to "put a ring on it" if that were the case. Laughing, Ridge said Brooke was perfect for him, and Luna might be perfect for his son. Brooke and R.J. exchanged glances.

In the design office, Luna gripped her stomach, worried that she was pregnant. Luna sat down with a paper bag. Poppy arrived with coffee, but Luna said she couldn't right then. Poppy asked what was wrong. She was stunned when Luna pulled a pregnancy test out of the bag.

Poppy and Luna discussed why Luna thought she needed the test. Luna explained that she'd been feeling sick for a few days, and she'd thrown up that day. She'd never felt that way before, and it made her think she might be pregnant. Luna stated that her cycle hadn't been regular, but she'd been stressed out. Poppy said Zende had used protection, and Luna affirmed that Zende had said he had. Poppy asked about R.J. "I mean, I'm on the pill..." Luna replied.

Poppy decided that there was nothing to worry about, but Luna said nothing was one hundred percent. Luna didn't want to be pregnant because there were many things she wanted to do with her life. Poppy asked for Luna's symptoms. Luna described being queasy and said the worst part was that it could be either man's baby. Luna decided to take the test.

Later, Poppy and Luna paced as the test processed on the desk. Luna begged for it to be negative. Luna said she wasn't ready to be a mother. Poppy said precautions had been taken, but Luna continued to fret about whose baby it was. She and R.J. had just made up, and she feared she'd lose him forever if it was Zende's.

An alarm chimed, and Poppy said it was ready. Luna asked Poppy to read the test. "Am I pregnant?" Luna asked.

At Il Giardino, Liam asked Deacon what he was doing. "Working," Deacon responded, but Liam said he meant about Sheila. Deacon replied that Liam could see Sheila his way, but Deacon had his own way. Liam explained that it wasn't a difference of opinion; Sheila was an attempted murderer, kidnapper, and blackmailer. Deacon said those things weren't the whole of Sheila, but Liam reasoned that even admitting they were part of her was enough.

Deacon replied that he wouldn't rejoice in anyone's death, and the bright side was that Steffy didn't have to be haunted by the idea that she'd killed her husband's birth mother. Deacon saw it as the strangest twist of fate. He said if he'd listened to others, he never would have investigated, and Sheila really would be dead. Deacon refused to be sorry that she was still around. He was over the moon about it, and so was Finn.

Liam said that would be a problem because Steffy had asked Finn to protect her and the kids, but he couldn't do that with Sheila around. Deacon asked if he was supposed to be sad that Sheila was alive. Liam asked if Deacon and Finn could slow down and let others catch up. Deacon believed some good would come out of it. Liam said it wasn't good for Steffy. Deacon stated that Sheila had risked her life to keep Sugar from attacking Steffy and the kids. Liam reasoned that was according to Sheila and said that Sheila had brought Sugar into their lives.

"Sugar was no match for Steffy 'The Blade' Forrester," Deacon replied. Liam chastised Deacon for the joke and said Steffy had to live with it for the rest of her life. Agreeing, Deacon said he was just hoping Steffy could change her perspective and see Sheila the way Finn did.

In Deacon's loft, Sheila thought of Deacon asking her to marry him again. Steffy knocked on the door and entered, stating that it really was Sheila. Steffy had thought she'd never had to see Sheila again. Sheila understood that it wasn't what Steffy wanted, and Sheila couldn't imagine what Steffy had felt upon learning that it had been Sugar, not Sheila. Sheila hopped Steffy could understand Finn's feelings and one day also be relieved that Sheila wasn't dead.

Steffy said Finn was confused, and Sheila needed to stay away from him. Steffy refused to fall for Sheila's manipulations and said she and Finn would move on as if Sheila hadn't existed. Sheila replied that she'd given birth to him, but Steffy, who didn't care, claimed that Finn had been ready to move on. Steffy declared that Sheila's tie to Finn had ended.

Sheila tried to say she and Steffy were both mothers, but Steffy rasped that she'd never shoot her own child. Sheila replied that Finn had forgiven her and was looking past the mistakes she'd made. Steffy seethed that all Sheila brought was misery. Sheila claimed to want to change that with the new beginning she'd been handed. Steffy yelled that Sheila could do nothing to make up for all she'd done, and Steffy declared that the twisted tie to Finn ended that day.

Sheila claimed that Finn loved her and had saved her, but Steffy contended it was what doctors did. Steffy revealed that she'd given Finn an ultimatum, and he'd chosen her and the family as his priority. Believing that was as it should be, Sheila asked why Finn couldn't have them both. Steffy insisted that Sheila would remain dead to her family. Steffy screamed that if Sheila cared about Finn, she'd stay away, and if she didn't, she'd answer to Steffy.

Deacon makes a huge request of Hope

Deacon makes a huge request of Hope

Thursday, May 16, 2024

At the cliff house, Liam noted that Steffy had chosen to work from home. Steffy said she couldn't go to work, knowing Sheila was on the loose, and she'd been unprepared for the feeling she'd had facing Sheila earlier. Liam didn't think it had been wise to confront Sheila, who could snap at any minute. Steffy asserted that she'd told Sheila to stay away or answer to Steffy.

Liam was sickened that Finn was still confused about his birth mother, the woman who'd shot them. Liam asserted that Finn's loyalty should be to his wife. Steffy claimed that it was, and Finn knew where she stood when it came to Sheila. Liam thought it was strange that Finn kept trying to get Steffy to embrace Sheila. Steffy said it would never happen, and she'd given Finn an ultimatum. Liam guessed Finn had chosen Steffy, and he hoped Finn stayed true to that.

Steffy appreciated Liam looking out for her and the kids. Liam said it was Finn's job, but she stated that she'd take it where she could get it. Liam was sorry she'd had to give Finn an ultimatum. Steffy said she was confident she'd gotten through to Finn, and he'd never have Sheila in his life ever again.

At Deacon's place, Sheila and Deacon kissed, and she said loving her would make him a pariah. He was surprised to hear that Steffy had visited Sheila to tell her that she had no place in Steffy's life or family. Deacon recalled that Steffy and Sheila had gone at it the last time Steffy had been there. Sheila promised she'd been on her best behavior.

Shrugging off Steffy's tantrum, Sheila said that she had everything she'd ever wanted in life: pure, lasting, unconditional love. Deacon said he didn't know about "pure." She promised not to let "Daddy" down, lash out, get angry, or cause problems. She insisted she was a changed woman.

Someone knocked on the door. Deacon said he'd invited his daughter there to tell her about the engagement before they told everyone, including Finn. He let Hope in, and she was still unnerved at the sight of Sheila. Deacon hoped Hope wouldn't faint. Sheila asked how Hope was. Hope replied that it was sinking in that "this is all real."

Sheila decided to take off to run errands. Deacon asked Hope if it was weird. Hope replied that it was as if nothing had happened. He stated that Hope and the kids meant the world to him, but Sheila did, too. That was why he wanted Hope to know that he and Sheila were engaged.

Hope sat down. Deacon said he'd almost lost Sheila and didn't want to lose her again. He planned to marry her soon because life was too short to wait for happiness. He said the only thing that would make him happier than marrying Sheila was if Hope would attend the wedding.

Hope was skeptical about attending the wedding, but Deacon noted that she'd supported him at the memorial. Hope replied that it was different. Deacon said it would mean a lot to him and Sheila, who wanted Finn to be there. Hope expressed surprise, and Deacon asked who was to say they couldn't have a second miracle.

Hope asked if finding Sheila alive couldn't be enough, but Deacon wanted to press his luck, proposing that Finn and Hope stand up for him at the wedding. Hope expressed shock, and Deacon asked her to convince Finn to stand up for Deacon at the wedding.

In Eric's office, Brooke was still upset about Zende betraying R.J. R.J. doubted he could work with Zende again. He believed he and Luna could get beyond it, but he didn't need reminders of that night. He believed that Luna wasn't interested in his cousin and loved only him. Glad to hear it, Brooke hoped there weren't long-lasting effects. R.J. said he'd made sure there weren't.

In the design office, Poppy read the pregnancy test. Luna teetered on the edge of sanity, asking what it said. Poppy revealed that Luna wasn't pregnant, and Luna said she'd never been more relieved in her life. She received a text message from R.J., asking her to meet him at his place. Poppy urged Luna to go and put that night out of her mind forever.

Back in Eric's office later, Brooke abruptly ended a call with Katie upon seeing Poppy in the corridor. Brooke called out, saying she needed to see Poppy. Poppy entered, guessing Brooke wanted to talk about their kids. Claiming their kids weren't the problem, Brooke praised them for their maturity. She yelled that Poppy's lack of judgment had wreaked havoc in their lives.

Agreeing, Poppy said Luna hadn't known she'd had the mints, and Poppy wasn't saying that Zende had violated Luna. Brooke said Zende wouldn't do that, but he had betrayed R.J. Brooke claimed that Zende hadn't asked Luna why she'd been in his bed, and Zende had known the extent of R.J. and Luna's relationship. Brooke said Luna was guilt-stricken, and it hadn't been her fault. Poppy agreed. Brooke asked how Poppy could do that and be so careless.

Brooke claimed it would all be fine if it hadn't been for Poppy and her "damn mints." Brooke accused Poppy of drugging her own daughter. Brooke continued to lambaste Poppy, claiming her drug habit had nearly ruined their kids' relationship. Poppy replied that she didn't need Brooke adding to her shame, and she didn't take them anymore. Brooke said that didn't fix the lives she'd turned upside down.

At the beach house, Luna arrived and complimented the flowers on the coffee table. R.J. said he'd had them delivered there because that was where he wanted her to enjoy them. He wanted her at his house as often as she wanted to visit. He didn't want things to be awkward or sad between them and insisted that it was on Zende and Poppy, not Luna.

Luna asked if R.J. really forgave her. He said he didn't blame her, and they were stronger than what had happened that one night. Luna felt lucky and said she'd never thought they'd be that way again. They agreed that they wouldn't talk about that night.

Before she and R.J. let that night go, Luna revealed that Brooke had talked to her lovingly about it. Luna asked if Brooke would tell Ridge or Eric. R.J. said he'd sworn his mom to secrecy. He wanted to move on from it. He said their mothers knew, and that was it. He stated that they'd move on from it together.

R.J. noticed that Luna was tearful. She said it was because she'd never thought they'd get past it. He stated that all he saw was love when he looked at her. She told him that she was completely in love with him and committed. They kissed.

Hope tells Finn that Deacon wants them to be a part of the wedding

Hope tells Finn that Deacon wants them to be a part of the wedding

Friday, May 17, 2024

At Il Giardino, after he finished his call with Hope, Deacon saw a serious Liam storming toward him. "Why do I get the feeling that you're not here for a slice of my vegan tofu pizza?" Deacon quipped. Liam lashed out at Deacon for not "understanding the gravity" of the threat posed by Sheila's return to the living.

Deacon asked why Liam did not believe that people could change. Liam countered that he did believe in change but did not believe that someone with a lengthy pattern of hurting the people he cared about could change.

At Forrester Creations, Hope sat in the executive office, reflecting on her conversation with Deacon about his wedding. While she was deep in thought, Deacon called her on her phone, hoping that she might have some good news for him. Deacon professed his love for his daughter and how much it would mean to him to have Hope be part of his wedding. "I'm still not sure," Hope replied weakly.

As Deacon continued to press Hope to give an answer that he wanted to hear, Steffy entered the office, and Hope told him that she had to go. When Hope hung up the phone abruptly, Steffy asked if Hope's "gullible father" had been on the line to express "how excited he is that that nine-toe psycho is back."

Hope told Steffy that she would have to make an appointment if she wanted to talk. Steffy questioned Hope's attitude, which Hope chalked up to Steffy breezing into the office and immediately criticizing Deacon. More than that, Hope also laid blame for Thomas and Douglas being halfway across the globe squarely at Steffy's feet.

"Are you coming at me now?" Steffy asked. She seemed surprised that Hope was still upset about "the whole Thomas situation." Steffy called Hope "a little unhinged" and said that she had not wanted "that energy around Thomas." In return, Hope advised Steffy to focus on her own life and husband. Hope said that it was "a little insensitive" for Steffy to "discount [Finn's] complicated feelings for his birth mother."

An exasperated Steffy didn't understand why she had to explain the way she felt about Sheila to Hope. She was resolute in her belief that Finn would never again see Sheila.

In his office at the hospital, Finn thought back to the night he'd found Sheila in the abandoned building. Without warning, the door to his office swung open, and a giddy Sheila jokingly asked if the doctor could see her. Sheila closed the door behind her and shared that she'd just gotten great news on her follow-up examination.

Finn was glad to hear that Sheila was in better health, but he did not think that it was a good idea for her to drop by his office unannounced. Sheila wondered if that was how Finn truly felt or how Steffy felt. Sheila did not believe that Finn had suddenly decided that he didn't want to be around her, especially after all the kind things he had said in the previous few days.

Sheila acknowledged that it had to be hard for Finn to be torn between his wife and his mother. Finn suggested that Sheila should considered seeing and speaking to a counselor to help make sure that she never went back to the woman she had been before. Sheila pledged that she would never revert to the woman she'd been because she had so much to look forward to.

Later, Liam dropped by Forrester Creations, hoping to find Hope. Steffy told him that Hope had already left. Asked if he was okay, Liam admitted that he was rattled by Deacon and Sheila's relationship. Steffy was certain that Sheila had not changed. She repeated her belief that both she and Finn were on the same page when it came to wanting nothing to do with Sheila.

Sheila tracked down Deacon at Il Giardino to give him the good news about her checkup at the hospital. Deacon jokingly asked if Sheila had avoided contact with "the female Dr. Finnegan." They sat down at a table to chat more. Sheila beamed about how she and Finn had grown closer -- and grumbled that they would be even closer if it were not for Steffy. Sheila assured Deacon that she would not "lash out" at Steffy.

Deacon said that he was relieved to hear Sheila say that because any misbehavior on her part could mess up his "master plan." He smiled broadly as he told his bride-to-be that he had asked Hope to be Sheila's maid of honor and wanted Hope to convince Finn to be his best man.

Hope dropped by the hospital to talk to Finn. "Your birth mother and my father... they're engaged," Hope said with no windup to allow Finn to prepare for what she was about to tell him. Finn wasn't sure how he felt about the news and said that he was surprised that Sheila had not mentioned the engagement to him when she'd dropped by his office. Finn asked how Hope felt about the news. "Honestly? I'm conflicted," Hope replied with a slight smile.

Hope then dropped another bombshell: Deacon wanted her to be Sheila's maid of honor. Finn appeared a bit amused by the awkwardness of the ask. Hope told Finn that Deacon had had another ask -- he wanted Finn to be his best man. "What?!" Finn asked as he covered his eyes with his hand and ran his fingers along his brow. Finn said that there would be no way that Steffy would understand him taking part in Deacon and Sheila's wedding. Hope confessed that she wanted to be at the wedding for her dad but said it would be easier if Finn were there, too.

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