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Hope's breakthrough with Deacon upset Sheila's future plans. Steffy went off on Sheila when she spotted Sheila in Kelly's selfie. A brawl between the women left Sheila with murderous plans. Luna remained silent about the incident with Zende. Zende asked Luna to leave R.J.
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After a brawl with Steffy, Sheila vowed that Steffy would die. Luna didn't tell R.J. about the incident with Zende. Zende asked Luna to leave R.J.
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Deacon does what Sheila fears most

Deacon does what Sheila fears most

Monday, February 19, 2024

In the design office, Zende tried to work but was plagued with thoughts of his mistaken night with Luna. Poppy arrived, demanding to know exactly what had happened between Zende and Luna, who'd had no intention of being with Zende.

Zende asserted that he'd say again and again that he'd never do anything unseemly toward Luna. Because she'd been in his home, he'd thought she'd been waiting for him, and he'd had no idea she hadn't been herself. He'd thought she'd been into it, not that she'd thought he'd been R.J. "And all because of your so-called mints!" he concluded.

Zende accused Poppy of being careless with her drug-laced mints. Poppy still couldn't believe the mints mix-up and was horrified by it. Zende said he would have loved to be the man in Luna's life, but that man was R.J. Zende stated that he wouldn't have been in that situation with Luna unless he'd really believed she'd wanted him to be. Poppy feared Luna would tell R.J.

Zende was convinced that Luna would lose R.J., who wouldn't understand, and because of Zende's involvement, it would be a dealbreaker. He believed Luna would lose everything. Poppy guessed he thought she was a terrible mother, but he said he didn't know Poppy and didn't think she was a terrible anything. Zende claimed to know the amazing Luna, and he figured Poppy had had a lot to do with Luna's persona. Zende said he did think Poppy was careless and irresponsible.

Poppy blamed herself for what Luna had gone through. Touching Poppy's arm, Zende said he was sorry. Poppy was, too, but she wouldn't accept that an innocent, horrible mistake would destroy Luna and R.J.

At R.J.'s place, R.J. wondered if he'd done something wrong or if he had been trying to contact her too much earlier that day. Wiping away a tear, Luna said it wasn't him. He asked why she'd said he needed to know something about the previous night. Luna recalled Zende warning her that it was not a good idea to tell R.J. Luna uttered that R.J. had no idea how much she wished she'd remained at the party and gone home with R.J.

R.J. didn't want Luna to be upset about that. He said there would be more nights. Luna wasn't so sure, and he asked what he'd done wrong. She claimed that he was perfect, and he responded in kind about her. He recalled being alone the previous night, thinking of her. He wished he could have been with her. She uttered that things would be different if he had been.

R.J. wondered if Luna could be regretting their first time. Luna denied that being the problem. R.J. said that if it was up to him, they'd never spend another night apart. R.J. remarked that love had found him when he'd least expected it. He loved her and her pureness. Luna said she'd never thought she'd meet someone like him, and she never wanted to lose him. He said she never would, and she asked him to repeat it. He did, and they hugged. She shed tears.

At Il Giardino, Hope arrived, and Deacon grinned, saying he hadn't seen her in a long while. Hope replied that he knew why, and she was there to make one last appeal to him to end his relationship with Sheila. Hope, who had intentionally kept herself and the kids from Deacon, asked if Deacon missed them, and she wondered what could make him want to be with Sheila more than them.

Sheila listened in around the corner as Hope said it was hurtful that Deacon would choose a psychopath over his own family. Hope became teary and asked why Deacon would do the one thing he knew would drive a wedge between them. She reasoned that there were millions of women in Los Angeles who weren't capable of turning on them in an instant.

Sheila approached, and Deacon apologized on Hope's behalf. Hope said she'd meant every word. Deacon asked where Sheila had gone. She said she'd gone to see someone. He asked whom. Sheila claimed it had been no one important, just someone from her past.

Sheila acknowledged Hope's feelings about Deacon and Sheila but explained that they were in a committed relationship and loved each other. Sheila asked Hope to find it in her heart to give Sheila a chance. Hope snapped that she didn't think Sheila had changed, and she believed Sheila was tricking Deacon. Hope vowed to fight for their family and refused to lose her dad to "her."

As Deacon took care of a table, Sheila said she could prove she'd changed if Hope opened the door a little bit. Hope started to walk off, but Sheila asked why Hope couldn't extend her kindness and compassion to Sheila. Hope asserted that Sheila didn't deserve it. Hope claimed that Sheila was the same lying killer she'd always been.

Deacon returned and pleaded with Hope, but Hope kept talking. She told Sheila to show growth and end the relationship, since Deacon wasn't capable of it. Hope insisted that Sheila should understand what Deacon was losing. Deacon asked Hope to leave so he could talk to Sheila.

Alone with Deacon, Sheila asked him not to let Hope get to him. Sheila was relieved when he said he wasn't doing that, and she was grateful that he'd stuck by her. She couldn't wait for the day that they'd tell everyone that he'd proposed marriage to her. Deacon stammered, thinking it wasn't the best time for that news. She asked what he was trying to say.

Deacon spoke about the effect a marriage would have on his daughter, noting that he barely saw Hope as it was. He hardly saw Douglas and Beth and believed that, married to Sheila, he wouldn't see any of them again. Sheila asked if Deacon was saying he didn't want to marry her. "Not yet. Not now," he replied. Sheila blinked back pain and asked, "Not ever?"

Deacon asked Sheila to say she understood. "You don't want to hurt me? You just did," Sheila quietly said, and she walked away. Leaning by the entrance, Sheila shed a tear.

Zende surprises Luna with a heartfelt plea

Zende surprises Luna with a heartfelt plea

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

At R.J.'s house, R.J. invited Luna for a morning walk on the beach, but he noticed she still didn't seem like herself. He said it had been nice to just hold her in his arms all night, but he guessed she hadn't gotten much sleep and still had a lot on her mind. He assured her that he loved her, and everything would be okay.

Luna apologized, but R.J. said she had nothing to be sorry about. He figured he had to get to work, but he wanted her to know that their relationship was his primary focus. He also wanted to help with whatever was going on and promised nothing would get between them.

At Poppy's place, Poppy thought about Luna telling her about waking up with Zende. Zende arrived and asked if Poppy had heard from Luna. Poppy said Zende shouldn't have shown up like that, but he replied that it was impossible to keep his distance when he and Luna worked together.

Zende assumed Luna had spent the night out, and he wondered if R.J. knew. "About what you did that night?" Poppy accused. Zende shot back that he and Luna had agreed that he hadn't taken advantage, and Poppy was the one who'd drugged her daughter. Poppy acknowledged that she and Zende were both on edge, but neither wanted Luna to ruin her life over the mistake.

Zende insisted that Luna shouldn't have been in the situation, and he didn't get how a mother could be so irresponsible. Poppy asserted that she hadn't done it on purpose, and she loved Luna more than her own life. He didn't question that, but he said Poppy had taken something from him and from Luna. He lamented his inability to see where things could have gone with Luna. Poppy told him to put that out of his mind because Luna loved R.J.

A morose Luna arrived with her overnight bag, and Zende and Poppy concluded that she'd spent the night with R.J. Poppy asked Luna to say that everything was okay with her relationship. Luna revealed that she hadn't told R.J., but she felt awful.

Luna was upset because R.J. believed she was pure and trustworthy. Poppy reasoned that Luna was indeed those things, and there was no reason that Luna had to tell R.J. about that night. Luna asked about honesty and decency. She wondered who she was kidding by talking to the woman who accidentally drugged her own daughter.

Poppy yelled that she'd already explained how horrified she felt, and she insisted that there was no reason to make a bad situation worse. Luna decided that, after what had happened, she didn't think she and her mother would ever be as close as they had been. She asked Poppy to go so that Luna could have a word alone with Zende.

Poppy seemed to quibble about it, and Luna yelled that, for the last time, Zende hadn't taken advantage of her. It had been all Poppy and her mints. Poppy sadly exited.

Alone with Luna, Zende wished he could take the night back. Since they couldn't go back and change things, there was only one way to go -- forward. He suggested that he knew a way that might make her feel less tormented about their night together.

Luna revealed that she felt like a fraud, but Zende insisted that none of it was her fault, and she hadn't done anything wrong. Luna agreed that she hadn't intentionally done anything wrong, but she said nothing would be the same after what had happened.

Zende said that Luna was amazing and didn't deserve it. He said she'd caught the eye of many at Forrester, not just R.J., but Zende, too. Zende added that Luna hadn't realized that she'd been with him due to the mints; however, he'd known that he'd been with her, and it had been from the moment he'd had her in his arms.

Zende explained that he was crazy about her, and despite the downside of what had happened, he'd always believed that things happened for a reason. He couldn't help but think that their night together had happened for a reason, and he suggested that telling R.J. about it might make it easier for them to be together.

Zende said he had felt a connection with Luna way before that night. He said he'd opened up to her, she'd listened, and he'd believed that they'd be great together. He promised that her guilt and torment would disappear. He'd ensure it by spending every moment making her happy if she'd give him a chance. Zende asked her to give them a chance and leave R.J. to be with him.

In the design office, Hope and Thomas got turned on while talking about a provocative design. They'd just visited Eric, and Thomas agreed with his grandfather's view of Hope and Thomas. Eric had said they weren't scandalous, and Thomas thought Eric knew better than anyone that life was too short to postpone their kind of happiness.

Thomas wondered if Eric could convince Brooke to be on their side. Hope wasn't sure about putting Eric between Brooke and his grandson. Thomas agreed and said it meant everything that his grandfather was on their side. He corrected that Hope was the one that meant everything. She said talk like that wouldn't help them get a lot of work done. He replied that if she was thinking of work, he was doing something wrong, and they began kissing.

R.J. interrupted as he entered, and he decided that he finally knew what it was like to be on the other side of "this." R.J. joked that he and Luna took "breaks" like that. Thomas and Hope inquired whether Luna and R.J. had ridden in together that morning, and R.J. assumed that meant they were trying to ask if he'd spent the night with Luna. Thomas and Hope claimed that they'd never pry into the relationship of two adults.

R.J. went on about wanting to be with Luna all the time, and Thomas said he knew the feeling. R.J. stated that he'd had other girlfriends before, but it was different because of who Luna was. R.J. believed that it would only get better.

R.J. revealed that Luna has been a little reticent. Hope was sure Luna probably just had a lot going on. Thomas and Hope believed that R.J. and Luna had what it took to go the distance, and R.J. shared his belief that he and Luna had a future together.

Later, R.J. was alone, sketching. He thought of his romantic night with Luna and grinned to himself.

In the corridor, Thomas and Hope rushed into Eric's office and locked the door. There, they made out on the settee.

Steffy and Sheila clash over Kelly

Steffy and Sheila clash over Kelly

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

At the cliff house, Liam arrived as Danny; his mom, Lucy; and Kelly were headed out for pizza. Liam said he wanted to hear all about it when Kelly got back. Once alone with Liam, Steffy apologized, saying she knew the plan had been for Kelly to stay at home. Liam was okay with it but asked how Steffy felt. Steffy admitted that she was always anxious when she wasn't with her kids, and he replied that it was because of Sheila.

Claiming to feel Sheila's energy around her, Steffy said she wanted her children to live normal lives, but she'd be a mess until Kelly got home. Liam stated that as long as Finn was in their lives, Sheila would be, too. Steffy said she'd been careful to keep the kids away from Sheila.

Liam trusted Steffy to do that, but he was sure it was taking a toll on her. Steffy admitted that she'd never forgive "that monster" for what she'd done. Steffy flashed back to the night Sheila had shot her and Finn. Steffy wanted Sheila to pay for her crimes and suffer the way she had made Steffy and Finn suffer. If it were up to Steffy, Sheila would be dead.

Liam remarked that Steffy was justified in her feelings. He believed she'd always feel that way, and she'd always be looking over her shoulder. Steffy feared feeling that way forever, and Liam said the only way to change it was not to be married to Finn.

Steffy asserted that her husband wasn't going anywhere. Liam replied that if that was the case, then he could only advise Steffy to be careful and to call him if she needed anything. Steffy added that she'd do everything necessary to keep her and the kids safe from Sheila.

In Deacon's loft, Sheila was painting her toenails when Deacon arrived and joked that a nail salon would probably give her a discount. She scowled, calling him clever, and he figured it was where he should apologize; however, instead, he had to ask her to pick up a shift because someone had called in.

"And ruin my pedicure? I thought you wanted nothing to do with me," Sheila responded. Deacon apologized for hurting her feelings before. He said he'd been scared. He wanted a relationship with his grandkids, and he figured she knew how that felt. Sheila said she got it, but she warned him not to take her for granted. He tried to kiss her, but she winced, saying it was too soon. Deacon scooped in and kissed her anyway, and she laughed.

Later, Sheila was downstairs at the bar, putting on her apron. Deacon said he was keeping an eye on her, and he knew about her disappearing act the other day. She replied that she had a life, and he didn't have to be paranoid or jealous. He asked if he needed to be, though.

Sheila swore she only had eyes for Deacon. She explained that someone from her past had come into town. He asked if he had to worry. She replied that she'd said there was nothing to worry about. He warned her to stay out of trouble while he was at his meeting. She wondered if he'd spank her if she didn't. "Again?" he asked and left smiling.

At the entrance, Lucy arrived with the kids and waved to Sheila. Sheila welcomed them to the restaurant. Upon seeing Kelly, Sheila asked if the child remembered her. Kelly flashed back to Sheila saving her and said Sheila was the nice lady from the beach. "Yes, I'm Sheila," she responded, smiling.

Later, Sheila was cleaning glasses at the bar and smiling at the kids as, with their backs to her, they took a selfie. Kelly sent the photo to her mother.

Back at the cliff house, Steffy was alone when she received Kelly's selfie. Spotting Sheila in the background of the picture, Steffy frantically called Lucy and ordered her to get the children out of there. She said she'd explain later. Grabbing her purse, Steffy rushed out of the house.

Back at Deacon's, Sheila sat down and resumed filing her nails. Steffy banged on the door and demanded that Sheila let her in. When Sheila opened the door, Steffy barged in, yelling that Sheila knew why Steffy was there. Steffy told Sheila to stay away from her family. Sheila noted that Steffy had come to Sheila's residence, not the other way around.

Steffy said it was about Kelly. Sheila acknowledged that Kelly had been there, and Sheila had said hello. Steffy seethed that Sheila was supposed to stay away from Kelly. Sheila reasoned that Kelly had arrived at Sheila's place of work, and she asked if she was supposed to leave her job. "Yes!" Steffy replied. Sheila stated that she had an obligation to be polite to her customers, and the conversation had lasted "five seconds."

Sheila concluded that Steffy was overreacting, but Steffy yelled that Sheila had shot her and Finn. Sheila replied that she had never meant to her to hurt her son. Sheila had heard enough and ordered Steffy to get out. Steffy refused to leave and said that only a psychopath would shoot her own son. Steffy told Sheila that she would not terrorize Steffy's family. Sheila grabbed Steffy's arm, ordering her to go, and Steffy punched Sheila to the ground.

At R.J.'s house, R.J. returned from surfing. Smiling, he text-messaged Luna.

At Luna's place, Zende appealed to Luna to consider leaving R.J. and being with Zende. Zende asked her not to feel guilty or ashamed about what had happened between them. He stated that he was crazy about her, and he asked her to give him a chance. Luna thought that Zende was a great guy, and she was flattered by his proposal. However, she explained that she hadn't been herself the night they'd been together, and she had hallucinated that he'd been R.J.

Just then, R.J. called Luna and asked if she'd gotten his text message. R.J. asked if he could see her. Wanting to see him, too, she said she would be right over.

After Luna's call ended, Zende figured it had been a stretch to ask Luna to leave R.J., but Zende had had to let her know where he stood. Appreciating it, Luna said Zende was a great guy. He concluded that he just wasn't the guy for her -- at least not right then. Zende wondered if Luna would take her mother's advice and keep the secret about what had happened. He said that if she wanted to maintain the life she had in Los Angeles, she would keep the secret forever.

When Luna arrived at R.J.'s house later, he offered her a kombucha, her favorite flavor, but she declined. He hoped her recent mood hadn't had anything to do with him, and he hoped that she felt comfortable enough to open up to him if the need arose. He encouraged her to free herself of those reticent feelings for the day, and he hugged her.

Relaxing, Luna said she loved being with R.J. and being in the beach house. She thought that moving there had been his best decision, but he called it his second best. R.J. said it would be even better in the summer with beach parties, bonfires, and sunsets.

Expressing her feelings for him, Luna said she never wanted to hurt R.J. or let him down. He told her that she never could. They agreed that their night together had been perfect. She said she'd never felt more loved, and she wanted to feel that way again. R.J. took her to the bedroom. There, they undressed and made love in the bed.

As Luna and R.J. lay in each other's arms later, Luna said she'd never wanted to be in bed with any other man. R.J. didn't take it lightly that he was the only man she'd ever been with. He hoped it didn't bother her that he'd been with women before her. Luna said she knew that his life hadn't started the very day he'd met her. He stated that he hadn't looked at another woman since he'd met her, and she replied that she hadn't been interested in any other man, either.

Deacon and Finn separate the brawling Steffy and Sheila

Deacon and Finn separate the brawling Steffy and Sheila

Thursday, February 22, 2024

In Finn's office, Finn received a call from Lucy. She explained that she'd taken the kids to Il Giardino. "Steffy found out. She had me leave immediately," Lucy revealed, hoping she hadn't done anything wrong. She said she was at the house with Kelly. Lucy gleaned that Steffy had gone to Il Giardino and said she wasn't answering her phone. Finn thanked Lucy for watching Kelly, rushed off the phone, and hurried out of his office.

At the restaurant, Deacon arrived with a rare cabernet and asked Hollis if he'd seen Sheila. Hollis didn't know where Sheila had gone. Deacon looked worried. He said Sheila had been hard to pin down, and it made him nervous when she disappeared.

Finn arrived, looking for Steffy, who might have rushed over there after Kelly had been there with a friend and the friend's mom. Deacon said he hadn't seen Steffy. Finn asked where Sheila was, and Deacon said he'd been trying to find her, too. A server approached and revealed that Sheila had gone to the loft. He added that he'd told a brunette that, too. The hostess said the brunette had been Steffy Forrester.

In Deacon's loft, Sheila rubbed her jaw, and Steffy warned that it would be worse if Sheila approached Steffy's children. Steffy yelled that her family was off-limits, and Sheila meant nothing to them. Sheila wondered "who the hell" Steffy thought she was. Sheila said Steffy had gone to Sheila's home and launched an attack. Steffy claimed Sheila needed to be taught a lesson. "If anyone needs to be taught a lesson, sweetheart, it's you," Sheila replied.

Sheila asked why Steffy was there. Sheila said she hadn't gone to Steffy's home to bother Steffy. Steffy replied that Sheila's existence bothered Steffy. Sheila asked how many times she had to say she wasn't a threat. Steffy stated that Sheila was obsessed with Finn. Sheila yelled that he was her son. She added that she had other children, she had Deacon, and she had a job. She was trying to lead a good, simple life; however, Steffy wouldn't let it happen.

Steffy ordered Sheila to stop acting like a victim, but Sheila insisted that she'd been working, not luring Kelly there. Sheila asked if she couldn't be happy to see her son's stepchild. Steffy quipped that Sheila couldn't. Grinning, Sheila said Kelly hadn't been afraid of her. Steffy asserted that she wasn't, either, and she knew that Sheila was a demented criminal who shouldn't be allowed near people again.

Sheila was sick of Steffy dictating to Sheila. Steffy told Sheila to leave Los Angeles. Sheila asserted that it was her home. She had a life, Deacon, and family there. Steffy claimed it was her family, not Sheila's. Sheila replied that Steffy wouldn't let Sheila dream of that kind of happiness and just wanted to see Sheila suffer.

Steffy said she wanted Sheila to suffer the way Steffy had when she'd watched Finn dying in the alley. Sheila asked why Finn had been there. Sheila yelled that Steffy had gone after Sheila and had been attacking Sheila, just as Steffy was doing at that moment. Steffy claimed it made her sick to be there. She hated seeing Sheila lounging around and reading magazines. Steffy smacked around Sheila's magazines and kicked them when they hit the floor.

Sheila concluded that Steffy wanted to see Sheila dead. Steffy admitted it and said it was the only way her family could be free. Steffy hoped the day would arrive soon. Sheila said it was Steffy's choice not to accept Sheila; however, Sheila would not leave because she'd always be a part of her son's life. Steffy claimed that Finn wished Sheila had never existed, but Sheila insisted that was Steffy, not Finn. Sheila said Steffy was teaching her children to fear Sheila.

Steffy ordered Sheila to stay away from them. Sheila roared that she wasn't a monster. She was a human being with feelings. Sheila shoved Steffy onto the sofa. Steffy kicked Sheila, and the two fought all around the room until Sheila laid Steffy out on a table and began choking her.

Finn and Deacon rushed in and grabbed the women. Each woman accused the other of attacking first. Sheila said she hadn't done anything to hurt her granddaughter. Sheila said she was sorry Finn had had to see all that. Sheila explained that Steffy had banged on the door and threatened Sheila, who'd been following Steffy's wishes since the day on the beach. Sheila didn't know what more she could do. She asked if she deserved to die, like Steffy had said.

"Not behind bars, but dead!" Sheila exclaimed. She asked if Finn felt that way. Sheila asked Finn to tell his wife to leave his mother alone. Sheila just wanted to live in peace and said she was no threat to them and wouldn't hurt the babies. Sheila cried out for Finn to tell Steffy.

In the design office, Liam ended a business call and picked up a press release featuring Steffy. Bill entered, saying he'd heard that Liam was in the building. Bill had just returned from lunch with Katie to discuss Will. Bill asked if Liam had plans with Steffy, but Liam said he'd seen Steffy at her place that morning. "Yet here you are, staring at her picture," Bill quipped and guessed that Liam couldn't hide his love for her. Liam replied that he hadn't been hiding it.

Bill guessed there was a reason Liam had seen Steffy that morning, and Bill assumed it had something to do with Sheila. Locking the door to the office, Bill said no one underestimated Sheila as a threat. Liam questioned that, saying she wasn't in prison and hadn't suffered any consequences. Bill replied that the slimeball judge had been in Sheila's pocket. Liam was frustrated that she could walk free and would stay in Los Angeles forever, trying to convince everyone that she'd changed.

Bill didn't blame Liam for his concern. Liam said it wasn't just concern for Steffy, but for Kelly, too. Liam stated that Kelly could be at the house, and Sheila could be lurking outside, looking through the window right at her. Bill asserted that Steffy wouldn't play when it came to her kids. Liam was worried about how Sheila would react to being shut out. Bill claimed that he'd been watching Sheila, and she'd regret it if she stepped out of line.

Liam said Bill couldn't watch Sheila round the clock, and there was only so much Liam could do if Sheila was still married to Finn. Liam couldn't stand for Finn's rejection of Sheila to put Steffy at risk. Liam also claimed it was taking a toll on Steffy, and he asked if Bill knew how often Steffy checked in with Liam when he had Kelly. Liam said Steffy couldn't relax or be happy. He wished he could protect her. Proud of Liam, Bill said Steffy was lucky to have Liam. Liam said she would have him for the rest of his life.

Bill took off for the office, and Liam flashed back over his relationship with Steffy. He uttered that he wouldn't give up on her.

Sheila stalks Steffy and vows that Steffy will die

Sheila stalks Steffy and vows that Steffy will die

Friday, February 23, 2024

"I am not a danger to you or your family," Sheila pleaded to Finn. Steffy told Finn that Sheila was just trying to "play" him. "She said it to me -- she looked me right in the face and said she wished your mother were dead," Sheila continued. Finn sided with his wife and angrily told Sheila that she needed to stay away from him and his family. Sheila become emotional, hovering somewhere between sadness and anger. "So, I live here with Deacon, and I'm minding my own business, and it's okay for Steffy to come over and punch me in the face whenever she wants?" Sheila asked.

Finn ushered Steffy out of Deacon's apartment. As soon as they were gone, Sheila angrily trashed the few things left standing on the dining table. Deacon closed the door and closed his eyes as he leaned against it. Looking at the bag of bread that Sheila had smashed on the table, Deacon mused that he and Sheila probably weren't going to have sandwiches for dinner.

"I have every right to be upset," Sheila snarled. Sheila insisted that she had tried to live a "simple, good life" and keep a low profile. Sheila asked who Steffy thought she was. Deacon agreed that Sheila had cause to be upset. However, he warned Sheila that she needed to exercise restraint so that she didn't prove Steffy right. "I am using all of my strength and self-restraint to not remind that bitch of who she's dealing with," Sheila snapped.

Deacon told Sheila that he understood what it was like "to have to prove yourself worthy every single day." He ended with the advice for Sheila to not "give the haters a reason to fear" her. Deacon tried to explain that Sheila needed to remember that Steffy was Finn's wife -- and that Sheila would need to have a civil relationship with Steffy in order to have any hope of a normal relationship with Finn. Sheila countered that Steffy was the one thing preventing her from having a relationship with Finn. "And that's a position that nobody should ever want to be in," Sheila said icily.

As Sheila continued to stew, Deacon was called down to the restaurant to help resolve a problem. Before leaving, he asked Sheila to promise that she wouldn't do anything that they'd regret while he was away. Sheila somewhat sarcastically raised her right hand and, in an exaggeratedly breathy voice, promised that she wouldn't go anywhere near Steffy, Finn, the kids, or their house. Deacon gave Sheila a kiss and told her that he'd be back as soon as he could.

Seconds after Deacon left, Sheila flipped over the dining table and vocalized her anger in a series of grunts.

When Steffy and Finn returned home, Finn asked Steffy if she had really said that she'd wished Sheila was dead. Steffy made it clear that she would not apologize for saying or feeling the way she did. The only way Steffy would feel safe and free of Sheila, she explained, was if Sheila were "dead and buried." Steffy acknowledged that on some level, Finn had to be struggling with how to feel about Sheila. "But evil doesn't change -- it just is," Steffy said angrily. Steffy concluded that as long as Sheila was alive, no one was safe.

Steffy reminded Finn that Sheila had shot them. Steffy said that she believed Sheila would do it again, but Steffy adamantly insisted that she would not allow that to happen. Finn had to head to the hospital, but he would not leave until Steffy assured him that she would be okay with being home alone.

At Forrester Creations, Hope told Thomas that she still could not get enough of him. As things heated up, Hope's phone chimed. Thomas noticed a marked change in Hope after she checked her phone. Hope said softly that the tone was an alarm that she'd set to remind her to help Deacon close up the restaurant. "It used to be our bonding time thing that we would do, but those days are long gone," Hope groaned. Hope lamented that as long as her dad was "involved with a psycho," he had to keep his distance.

Hope recalled some of the better times with Deacon. She smiled as said that she wished Thomas could have seen what a "a genuinely funny guy" Deacon was. Thomas told Hope that Deacon loved her, and Thomas gently asked if she had considered what Deacon might be dealing with when it came to Sheila. Hope admitted that she wanted Deacon to choose her for once. "If it's any consolation, I choose you -- and I always will," Thomas replied tenderly. Tears welled in Hope's eyes as she told Thomas that they all needed to remain vigilant because Sheila was still a "cold, calculating killer" and posed a danger to everyone.

Later, when Deacon returned to the apartment, Sheila was nowhere to be found.

Back at Steffy's house, Steffy put an ice pack on her shoulder and grimaced slightly. As the wind picked up, she was startled by a noise outside. Steffy walked slowly to the front door, opened it, and looked around outside. Finding nothing out of the ordinary, Steffy stepped back into the house. She closed and locked the door before going back to tidying up.

Again, Steffy heard a strange noise from outside. This time she walked to the back of the house and locked the sliding glass door. Outside in the bushes, Sheila, dressed all in black, watched as Steffy paced back and forth. "Steffy Forrester... tonight you die," Sheila said sinisterly.

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