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Sheila gave Deacon a sexy surprise for Halloween. Liam's decision not to attend the fashion preview alienated him from Hope. Thomas and Hope shared special moments backstage and on the runway. Hope chose to celebrate with Thomas while Liam was home with Beth.
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The Hope for the Future preview show was a success. Liam's decision not to attend alienated him from Hope. Sheila gave Deacon a sexy surprise for Halloween.
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Sheila vows to ''resurrect'' her life

Sheila vows to ''resurrect'' her life

Monday, October 31, 2022

At Forrester, Eric wrapped up a meeting with Lauren Fenmore, who was in from Genoa City to complete an HFTF order. He asked her to have a Halloween drink with him, and Lauren toasted to Sheila Carter being dead. Eric stated that Lauren had warned him, but he'd somehow wound up married to Sheila. He added that he'd had no idea how hiring Sheila would affect his family.

Lauren and Eric reflected upon the havoc Sheila had caused. Lauren remembered battling Sheila, who wore a wedding gown, and fighting Sheila in a hot tub.

As Lauren and Eric bade each other farewell, Eric said they could rest assured that Sheila had met her "grizzly" end. As they hugged, Lauren looked unsure.

At Deacon's house, Deacon arrived home with takeout and was surprised to find the place lit up with orange string lights and alive with deadly Halloween decor. From the back room, Sheila said it was time for his physical. She appeared in a nurse's outfit, ready for duty.

Deacon wasn't surprised that Halloween was Sheila's favorite holiday of the year. Sheila wished she could celebrate with her own family but guessed it had to wait until "next year." Deacon warned Sheila about resurfacing, but she said she had nine lives. He corrected that it was nine toes. Sheila insisted that her history had proven that she'd always find a way out.

Paul stopped by with his nieces and nephews to trick-or-treat. Afterward, Deacon and Sheila sat down for a candlelight dinner, and she told Deacon that he didn't know how creative she could be. He listed off some of her creative crimes, but she claimed she hadn't set out to do those things. She said she'd been just been trying to get by when Lauren Fenmore had decided to target her.

Sheila recollected Lauren warning her to keep her claws away from Lauren's husband. Next, she recalled the fire that had ripped through the cabin where Sheila had held Molly and Lauren captive after Lauren had kicked at Sheila, subsequently knocking over an oil lamp.

Deacon thanked God that Molly and Lauren had gotten out of there. "What about me? She's the one that started the fire," Sheila replied. He replied that it would take more than an inferno to take Sheila down. Sheila recalled answering an ad for a corporate nurse at Forrester. Chuckling, she said it had turned out to be "so much more."

Sheila recalled Eric hiring Sheila as the nurse and asking her to also be Rick's nanny. Sheila remembered her and Eric forming a romantic relationship. "And everyone lived happily ever after -- not!" Deacon said. Sheila asserted that the point was that she'd created a whole new chapter for herself. She vowed to do it again. "You just watch me," she said.

As Sheila carved a pumpkin, she offered Deacon a chocolate "toe." She said she'd left Genoa City and become Mrs. Eric Forrester, but Stephanie had fought Sheila at every turn. Sheila remembered arguments she'd had with Stephanie. Sheila told Deacon that she'd survived every attack against her character; she'd wound up on top because she was still there.

Sheila thanked her "precious Deacon" for letting her be there. She said it wouldn't be for much longer, though, because soon, she'd be as free as a bird. "You'll see," she added.

Later, Sheila insisted that she'd been the victim. She said she hadn't meant anyone harm. She'd simply done some things she hadn't been proud of. Sheila recalled her and Stephanie battling each other, and Sheila remembered threatening baby Thomas' life if Stephanie wouldn't stay away from Sheila's husband Eric.

Sheila told Deacon that she'd never meant to hurt anyone. She'd just wanted to be loved. He replied that her desire to be loved got her into trouble. He figured letting her live there had been one of the dumbest choices he'd ever made. She warned that it wouldn't be for long, but Deacon thought she was screwed. Angry, Sheila asked if he knew how many people had told her that. She asserted that those "bitches" Stephanie and Lauren hadn't taken her down. Sheila was sure that her best years were yet to come.

Deacon admitted that he didn't see a resurrection for Sheila, but she was adamant that she'd get forgiveness. He wondered who would give it to her and asked if she'd forgotten why she'd had to fake her own death. Sheila blamed it all on Steffy, who'd fought Sheila at every turn.

Sheila recalled contentious conversations she'd had with Steffy and ultimately shooting Finn. Deacon said Sheila was guilty of a double shooting, attempted murder, and evading the law. He was sure she'd go to prison for the rest of her life. Sheila said he hadn't been listening. She stated that she'd had ups and downs and misunderstandings; however, she believed people got what they deserved. She believed she deserved another chance and insisted that he hadn't seen the last of Sheila Carter.

Sheila blew out a candle, and in the darkness, manically laughed.

Liam reveals his true feelings about Hope and Thomas

Liam reveals his true feelings about Hope and Thomas

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

In the CEO's office, Steffy was impressed with Justin's work. He said he aimed to please and was using his powers for good. She stated that Forrester noticed.

Justin left, and Thomas rushed in, saying he and Hope were on fire, and HFTF was at the top of its game. Steffy wondered how it was going and said it wasn't easy to deal with Hope. He said they worked well together. Steffy said that the line would be tested. He said Hope was ready for it. Steffy remarked that Hope thought he was talented. "And hot," he added.

Later, Steffy scoffed, thinking it was a joke. Thomas told his sister to forget he'd said anything because they didn't need the whole office gossiping and getting the wrong idea. Steffy smirked because Finn was listening behind Thomas. "Hope thinks you're hot, huh?" Finn said. Thomas wanted to drop it. Steffy didn't think Liam would be thrilled to hear about it, and she didn't want Thomas to get his hopes up.

Thomas said that he wasn't -- even though Douglas would love nothing better. He reported that Douglas loved that his parents were getting along. Steffy asserted that there was a difference between getting along and getting obsessed. She and Finn advised Thomas not to lose perspective. Claiming that he wasn't, he said Douglas hoped that his parents could love each other.

"Sweet, huh?" Thomas added, but Steffy said, "There you go again." Seeing the look on his face, she said she knew that look and didn't want him to go backward. He claimed he wasn't, but she urged him to be honest. Steffy told him that Hope and Liam were in a committed marriage. Finn added that they had a kid together, but Thomas said he and Hope did, too.

"Okay, you can't entertain this," Steffy told Thomas. She reminded him that he was in a good place and couldn't be obsessed with Hope. He claimed he wasn't; he wasn't going after her, and she was the one who'd said he was hot.

Later, Steffy and Finn were alone, and he said he found her and Thomas humorous. She asked if Finn would like to have an annoying little sister, and he replied that he'd missed out on it. Steffy said she tried not to be overbearing, but she didn't want Thomas to backslide. Finn stated that she was a good sister, and Finn and Steffy kissed.

Finn, who had the rest of the day off, tried to convince Steffy to go home with him, but Steffy said the preview was the next day. Finn promised to keep dinner warm for her and hoped she didn't have to stay too late. Steffy said Hope and Thomas were getting along; she wondered if Liam had any idea about the changes between Hope and Thomas.

In the design office, Hope gave Paris instructions about last-minute changes to a gown. Hope was nervous about the preview, but Petra and Paris reassured Hope. Hope said she couldn't do it without her team. Liam arrived in time to hear Hope mention Thomas' talent and support.

Liam walked in, and Petra and Paris exited. Hope squealed, happy that Liam was there and that she could take a break. Liam expressed pride in her and offered to support her in any way he could. Getting honest, he stammered that he couldn't wait for it to be over because of all the time she was spending with Thomas, day in and day out. Liam said it wasn't a great feeling.

Hope said she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself, and Liam said he knew that. She decided that it meant that Liam shouldn't be anxious about Thomas. Liam contended that they'd always been anxious about Thomas -- and with good reason. "You remember the roof?" Liam asked, and an image played of Thomas and Liam fighting on the roof.

Hope stated that people changed, and Liam replied that she'd said that the last time when Thomas hadn't changed. She claimed to know what she was doing, but Liam contended that Brooke saw, too. He asked Hope to look at what it had already cost them, namely Douglas not being home in forever. "And my God, you're about to spend the weekend with Thomas and our two children, and I'm not invited!" Liam exclaimed.

Hope sarcastically apologized because Douglas wanted to have his parents in the same room every once in a while. Liam didn't know why she didn't want to see that Thomas hadn't changed. Hope asked what Liam wanted her to do. She claimed her preview was the next day, and she couldn't just switch Thomas out like that. Liam said he understood that she was stressed. Questioning it, she said "this" was the last thing she needed.

Hope claimed she was fine and wanted Liam to trust her that nothing bad would happen. Liam said he could be good with all of it if she could promise that after the preview was over, Hope would try to help convince Douglas to return home. Liam asked if she could promise that.

Later, Thomas was talking to Hope about a design that Petra wore. Petra asked Thomas to go out on a date after the showing, but he said he'd be tucking his son in. Petra called him a hot designer and good dad. After Petra had gone, Hope noted that she and Thomas had made progress on the line and as parents. She said she noticed his progress and appreciated his support. She said that to her, he'd grown as an artist and as a father.

Hope expressed nervousness about the showing, saying it wasn't her first; however, it was a pivotal time in her career. Thomas understood but felt they had nothing to stress out about. He said they were confident in his designs and her vision, which followed a beautiful woman. He said he could see it clearly.

As Thomas tried to get Hope to envision what would be one of the greatest moments of their lives, he fantasized about Hope modeling a gown to the sound of applause. "Tomorrow, Hope. Tomorrow," he said, grinning.

At Il Giardino, Liam met with Bill, who was upset that Liam was late. Liam said he'd been at Forrester, and Bill apologized, saying that Liam had been a supportive husband. Liam brought up the word disaster, and Bill asked what that "whacko Thomas" had done. Liam felt that Thomas was worming his way into Hope's life, but she didn't see it.

Later, Bill asked what Hope was thinking in agreeing to spend an entire weekend with "that psycho." Liam replied that it was Douglas' request. Liam said she'd be in her own room, but Bill insisted that Liam couldn't let it happen. Liam asked what he was supposed to say if Douglas wanted to spend more time with his "real" parents. Bill asked when kids had started calling the shots. "And you were a dad to Douglas while his father was kissing mannequins!" Bill quipped.

Liam blamed it all on Thomas, but Bill asked if Hope was fine being a puppet. Liam replied that she only cared about her kid being happy, but believing it was more than that, Bill said it could get really dicey really fast. Liam claimed that things would go back to normal after the preview, but Bill asserted that there was nothing normal where Thomas was concerned.

As the preview show is about to start, Liam tells Hope he won't be attending

As the preview show is about to start, Liam tells Hope he won't be attending

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

At Forrester Creations, preparations were being made for the Hope for the Future fashion preview show. Ridge, who was sporting a bandage on his right hand, checked in to see if there was anything he could do. Thomas was making some last-minute adjustments to dresses as Zende tapped away on a tablet. Thomas made special mention of a showstopper dress that he had designed specifically for Hope that would "bring out all the aspects of her that are so remarkable."

Steffy praised the work that Katie and Carter had put in with the press and buyers. Steffy commented that there was "a lot at stake," and the show needed to be "a win for Hope."

Back out by the catwalk, Justin told Steffy that he still knew a lot of members of the media and could leverage "dirt" he knew about them to get more positive press for the show. Steffy smiled and called the offer "tempting," but she told Justin that she believed his "esquire skills" were better for Forrester in the long run.

Miranda and Jackson, a pair of buyers, arrived for the show. They discussed how they were looking forward to seeing what the Hope for the Future line had to offer because many people believed the label was "fading into the sunset."

Katie chatted briefly with two men, whom she identified as Sid and Del, "two of the most esteemed fashion reporters in the country." Katie said that Hope for the Future was retaking its place in the fashion world, and she urged the two men to "expect the unexpected."

Thomas took a phone call from Taylor, who explained that she would miss the show because she was delivering a keynote address out of town. Thomas then rounded everyone up and praised the models for their hard work. He thanked Zende for assisting him. Thomas looked around for Hope but didn't see her anywhere. Charlie shared that he believed Hope was in the office of the "grand fromage," getting a pep talk from Liam.

In the executive suite, Hope paced back and forth as she made some edits on the speech she planned to give. Brooke assured Hope that everything would go well because, in her opinion, Hope exceled at everything she did. Liam quietly entered the office and told Hope how proud he was of her. Hope told Liam that he was exactly what she needed in that moment, and she gave him a big embrace. With their faces out of sight from each other, neither Hope nor Liam looked particularly happy.

When Hope and Liam separated, Brooke shared that she and Liam were uncomfortable with the amount of time that Hope was spending with Thomas. Liam remarked that it felt "almost hypocritical" for him to be celebrating Thomas as a designer. Hope understood their concerns but reminded them that they could celebrate her and her line. She became concerned when it appeared that neither Brooke nor Liam was going to be in the audience for the show.

Brooke excused herself so that Liam and Hope could talk privately. Hope again asked Liam if he would be staying for the show. Liam called Hope a "visionary" and said that he was confident that the line would become more successful than ever. Liam repeated that he had "mixed feelings" about being there. "The idea of applauding the two of you as a team when I firmly believe that he has abused his position... to become a kind of surrogate husband to you," Liam said with disdain. Hope begged Liam to "forget Thomas" and to be there for her.

Liam asked Hope to tell him how the evening would play out -- from the models walking the runway to the speech she'd give at the end. Then, with no prompting from Hope, Liam imagined that Thomas and Hope would privately celebrate and "bask in the glow of success." Hope asked why Liam was making the night about Thomas. She reminded Liam how important the show was to her and asked why Liam could not support her.

Douglas entered the office, unannounced. Liam wiped a tear from his eye and attempted to greet Douglas, but Douglas breezed by him and raced to give Hope a hug. Douglas stated that he was "so excited for you and Dad." A heartbroken Liam look toward Hope, who was looking up at the ceiling in an effort to prevent herself from crying.

Hope made her way backstage and was swarmed by Eric and Ridge, who wondered where she'd been. Hope explained that she had been trying to talk Liam into staying for the show. When she was asked why Liam wasn't staying, Thomas spoke up and said that he was the reason Liam wasn't staying. Thomas suggested that they all focus on the preview.

Thomas said he could tell that Hope was nervous. Likewise, Hope could tell that Thomas wasn't. Thomas stated confidently that the preview would be "the most impeccable preview" anyone had ever seen.

Before the preview started, Hope thanked everyone for the hard work that they'd put in and for their belief in the Hope for the Future line and its message.

Hope took to the catwalk and welcomed everyone to the event. She shared that while the line had grown with the times, its "guiding principles [of] finding one's strength, courage, empathy, and selflessness" had not.

Those assembled broke into applause as Hope exited and the models began to make their way down the catwalk.

Backstage, Thomas urged Hope to get into her showstopper dress. Hope shared that she was grateful to Thomas for helping make her vision a reality. "It's not me, it's us. We can do anything together," Thomas replied. The curtain parted slightly, and a smiling Liam stepped through. When he saw Hope and Thomas talking, he quietly retreated. He scowled when he saw Hope and Thomas share an embrace and left without saying a word. Later, Hope peered through the curtain and looked to see if Liam was in the audience.

Thomas and Hope take their bow on the runway

Thomas and Hope take their bow on the runway

Thursday, November 3, 2022

At Il Giardino, Wyatt dined with Bill. Liam arrived, and Bill ribbed Liam for missing a meeting. Wyatt said Liam had had other plans and wondered why Liam wasn't at the preview. Bill doubted Liam had thought the meeting Bill and Wyatt had had under control was more important. Wyatt said Liam could make the showstopper -- unless he didn't want to be there.

Liam expressed his desire to cheer Hope on but said it meant he'd have to cheer on someone else at the same time. Liam couldn't do it anymore -- "See Thomas with my wife. I can't."

Later, Liam recounted standing there, overhearing all the compliments Hope had given Thomas. "'It's not me, Hope. It's us. There's nothing we can't do together,'" Liam said, quoting Thomas' response. Liam said Hope had smiled and let Thomas hold her. "'Hold her?'" Bill repeated.

Wyatt's nose flared as Liam described the hug. Liam said anyone else might have seen it as innocent, but it was Thomas. Liam insisted that Thomas wanted Hope to himself. Liam figured he should have stayed, but in that moment, he'd felt the need to punch Thomas in the face or walk away. Liam said for Hope's sake and for the line, he'd had to -- "Punch him in the face," Bill and Wyatt said in unison. Liam replied that he'd had to walk away.

Bill asked if Hope had forgotten the horrible, criminal things Thomas had done. Liam said Thomas had tried to kidnap Hope and had lied for months about Beth. Liam didn't know how Hope could even look that man in the eye. Liam asked if it was just him. Bill validated Liam's feelings and said Hope shouldn't be near Thomas. Wyatt said that whether Hope knew it or not, she needed Liam more than ever. Liam's brows furrowed.

Bill disagreed. He said Liam could celebrate with Hope later in private, but Liam didn't have to sit there, looking at Hope and Thomas on stage, gushing about the joys of sustainable fabric or "whatever the hell Hope for the Future is supposed to be about." Liam agreed, saying it was about his state of mind. He couldn't sit there and watch Hope and Thomas together.

At the HFTF fashion preview, Steffy, Katie, Brooke, and Carter excitedly watched the show. Brooke said the buyers would go crazy over the showstopper, and Douglas would be excited to see Hope in it. Steffy said Douglas would be excited to see his father, too, and Hope wouldn't have a line without Thomas.

Carter, Katie, and Brooke were impressed by the designs, but Steffy insisted that if Hope didn't sell the entire line in the showstopper moment, the entire show would be a bust. She insisted that they knew she was right, and it all rested on Hope.

As design after design hit the runway, Hope was backstage, sending out models. Thomas asked if Liam really wasn't there. Hope didn't respond. Guessing that Liam had gone to get a drink, Thomas told Hope not to worry about it. She still seemed concerned about it, and Thomas reminded her that it was he whom Liam hated, and they needed to focus on the show.

Hope and Thomas peered out from behind the curtain to the showing. Hope seemed to be scanning the crowd for her husband.

More designs hit the runway, and backstage, Thomas hyped Hope up about being right about the designs -- and Liam. Thomas said it was stupid that Liam wasn't there, but Hope shouldn't be worried about some guy who couldn't be okay with one of her co-workers. Thomas dashed off to help Ridge, and Hope fought back tears.

Thomas returned to tell Hope to put on the showstopper. Hope joked about his "pep talk" and turned to go to her dressing room. Pulling her back, he said he knew she was ready, and Liam not showing up could throw anyone; however, it wouldn't throw Hope off because Thomas had made the dress for her. It embodied her loving nature, passion, and sex appeal -- all he saw in her -- and every person would see what he saw in her. In his view, she commanded the stage and owned the room. He said they'd see without words why he'd had to make that gown for her and why he was a one-woman man. "And that woman is you, Hope."

Hope said it was sweet of Thomas. Thomas replied that he wasn't trying to be sweet. He was trying to show her what they'd been working toward, and he couldn't wait to see her shine.

Later, Ridge strode across the stage to discuss how Forrester Creations loved branching out. He thoughtfully said they'd done it before with Brooke's Bedroom, and they were doing it again with HFTF. Ridge introduced Hope Logan Spencer, who'd model the showstopper.

Backstage, Thomas told Hope that it was her vision and his design. He reminded her that they could do anything together. Hope went onto the stage in a glittery sheath flapper gown. Douglas was in the crowd, and he clapped for his mother as she made her turns on the runway.

As the crowd cheered, someone handed Hope a microphone. Hope said a lot of long nights, sweat, and tears had brought the collection together. She couldn't have done it alone and she had many to thank from the sewers to the models. She thanked the CEOs for their belief in HFTF. She thanked Douglas and Beth, her biggest supporters. She thanked her husband and one of the designers, Zende Forrester. She thanked her "lead designer and partner in crime," Thomas Forrester.

Thomas joined Hope on stage, took her hand, and told her that she was beautiful. They bowed together.

Hope celebrates without Liam

Hope celebrates without Liam

Friday, November 4, 2022

In Brooke's cabin, Liam had put Beth to bed. In the living room, he told Bill that Beth had wanted to see her mother that night. Bill asked if Liam had heard from Hope. "Nope," Liam said.

Brooke arrived. Liam said he'd been reading about the preview. Brooke called it a hit. Liam was glad because he knew how important it had been for Hope. Brooke said it was why she was surprised Liam hadn't been there to witness the achievement himself. Bill asserted that Liam couldn't stand seeing Thomas' slimy hands all over Liam's wife.

"Thanks, Dad," Liam murmured. Bill stated that Liam was a better man than his father, who would have knocked Thomas' head off his shoulders. Brooke asked what Bill was talking about.

Later, Brooke was upset that Hope had let Thomas embrace her. Bill said Thomas was playing the long game and had been setting it up for years. Liam added that Thomas had embedded himself in one of the biggest moments of Hope's career. "All the while, having sleepovers with Douglas and her," Brooke said and insisted that it had to stop. Liam said that the harder they pushed, the more Hope resisted. Bill was sure they'd figure it out because the more time Hope spent with Thomas and Douglas, the more danger Liam's family was in.

Later, Liam still hadn't heard from Hope. Brooke suggested he go to Eric's house. Though Liam wanted to, he said if he saw one more moment between Hope and Thomas, Liam would do something he'd regret. He didn't want to be the one to ruin Hope's big day. Bill replied that it was "sweet and all," but Thomas was with Liam's wife while Liam stared at the phone.

At Brooke's house later, Brooke wondered if she and Bill should have left Liam alone. Bill said he had to fight his urge to fix things. Instead, Bill chose to let Liam handle it without their voices in his ear. Brooke expressed worry about Hope and Liam's marriage. Bill said the couple always worked it out; however, he was worried about Brooke, who wasn't celebrating with her daughter.

Brooke replied that it would be awkward and painful to see Ridge there. She said she didn't know why Ridge had left her. Bill replied that it was because Ridge was a fool. Bill said that Ridge would never have let her go if Ridge had seen her through Bill's eyes. Brooke insisted that she loved Ridge, but Bill asked if Ridge's love was or wasn't enough. Bill said that her man should be unshakably committed to her, and if she let him, he'd make her very happy.

At Eric's house, Thomas, Hope, Douglas, Ridge, Zende, Eric, and Donna gathered to celebrate the preview. Douglas asked if he could have some sparkling wine. "Yeah..." Thomas dubiously said, and Hope quickly offered the boy some sparkling juice. Eric toasted to Hope and Thomas, Forrester's newest dream team.

Douglas expressed pride in his parents. Thomas gave all the credit to Hope, who inspired him. Douglas said his parents were like rock stars, and Hope had been beautiful. Thomas said she'd been breathtaking, and Douglas watched his parents exchange looks.

Nearby, Zende remarked to the others that Hope, Thomas, and Douglas made a sweet family. Concurring, Ridge said the time Thomas was putting in was really paying off -- especially when it came to Douglas. Eric said it was wonderful to see, but Donna said Liam wouldn't agree.

Later, Douglas had gone up to watch a movie, and Ridge expressed how happy he was that Douglas had seen Hope and Thomas working together. Zende, deciding to say a few words, said he and Thomas had had an "unspoken competition," but it had only been because Zende had been inspired by Thomas' talent and by Hope's endless source of inspiration.

Zende said he was proud to be a part of their team, but they said they couldn't have done it without him.

Zende said he didn't want to take away from Hope and Thomas' moment, and they were probably the next Forrester dream team.

Donna complimented Hope and said Donna hadn't minded working the lobby with Pam. Donna praised Thomas, but he gave the credit to Hope. Zende said Thomas could acknowledge his own work. Ridge said it had been a parent's dream to watch the showing. Ridge claimed it wasn't about Thomas' talent, alleging that it was in Thomas' DNA from Eric. Ridge said Thomas hadn't given up on himself, and as Taylor had said, Thomas should be proud of himself.

Turning to Hope, Ridge said they'd had their differences, but "I think I see you now." He thanked her for creating and living HFTF. He said it was her kindness and what she did for others. "What you did for him," Ridge added, pointing to Thomas. He said she hadn't turned her back on Thomas as many others had, and Ridge wouldn't forget it. Ridge said they made a great team as designers and parents. Everyone toasted Hope and Thomas.

Later, Ridge left the house to return to work, leaving Thomas and Hope alone in the living room. Thomas was amazed that Hope had believed in him before he could believe in himself. She said she'd always known he'd had it in him, and she'd been amazed by the showstopper. She said he had mystical powers because he'd predicted what would happen on the runway.

Hope received a call from Liam. She answered it with an icy tone. Liam said he was happy about her success. He wanted to talk, but she said she didn't want to get into it because she was celebrating. He flashed back to her hugging Thomas. Liam said his decision had been for the best. She replied that they'd talk about it later.

Liam wanted to celebrate when Hope got home. Hope wanted to tuck Douglas in, but he was still up. She said "we" would probably be celebrating a little longer. Liam guessed that meant her and Thomas. Scoffing, Liam said, "Told you." She snapped that she'd be home later.

After the call, Thomas, who was pressing buttons on his cell phone, asked if Hope was leaving. Hope said she should leave after tucking in Douglas. "Oh, come on. This is our moment," Thomas replied. He asked her to say she wouldn't leave just yet.

At the cliff house, Finn and Steffy were on the bed with Kelly, telling her about the amazing dresses her uncle had made. Kelly wanted to see them and try them on. To Finn, it sounded like the show had been a success. He said Hope and Thomas made a great team. Kelly went to brush her teeth, and Steffy said it had been a big day for Hope and Thomas.

Steffy remarked that Kelly had Forrester blood in her veins. Finn said Kelly could be a designer or CEO. Steffy said Kelly could be both. Finn wished he could have been at the show, and he was glad it had gone off without a hitch. Steffy said it almost had, but Liam hadn't been there.

Later, Finn rubbed Steffy's feet. He was proud of Steffy, who'd given Hope and Thomas all they'd needed to shine. Steffy said Finn was right, and it had gone well. Finn asked why Liam hadn't been there, and she guessed it had been because of Thomas. Noting that the kids were asleep, she wondered why they were talking about Hope and Liam, and they started kissing.

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