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Thomas forced Sheila to admit exactly what she'd done to Brooke. Ridge was shocked by Brooke's decision to give him a divorce. Grace gave Zende hope that Paris would accept his marriage proposal, but Grace was infuriated upon finding Paris half-dressed at Carter's place.
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Thomas forced Sheila to admit how she'd gotten Brooke to drink, and Grace found Paris half-dressed at Carter's
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Sheila tries to convince Thomas to keep quiet

Sheila tries to convince Thomas to keep quiet

Monday, March 7, 2022

Thomas arrived at Sheila's hotel room because Sheila had run out of the cliff house the previous day when Steffy had arrived home. He wanted to continue his and Sheila's conversation about Brooke. Sheila said she hadn't meant to say those things. She'd been upset that Thomas had ordered her out of Hayes and Finn's lives. Thomas asked if they were supposed to roll out the welcome mat because she'd gotten Brooke to drink.

Sheila believed she deserved a little respect because she'd put things in motion for Taylor and Ridge. "You got an alcoholic to drink. Real respectable," Thomas murmured. He pointed out that Sheila hadn't been with Brooke and was just making things up. Sheila asserted that he should adjust his attitude and be a little more thankful that she was around. She warned that she was the kind of person he'd want working for him, not against. "Just ask Brooke," Sheila added.

Thomas asked how Sheila had done it, but Sheila said he needed to stay innocent by not knowing the details. Sheila claimed she'd done it to Brooke for Taylor's kids because Sheila had taken their mother from them when they'd been young, enabling Brooke to move right in.

In Sheila's mind, Brooke was the reason Ridge and Taylor had been apart for years. She said Brooke was permanently out of the picture unless Thomas opened a door for her to return, and Sheila was sure he didn't want to do that. Sheila asked if he understood that he couldn't say a word.

At Forrester, Ridge worked as Taylor arrived. She noted that he'd left early that morning. He said he'd slept well the night before thanks to the amazing mattress in the guesthouse. Taylor wondered if Ridge had talked to Thomas about his weird meeting the other day. Assuming it had to be about a new house, Ridge decided that they shouldn't worry about it -- until they had to worry about it -- and Thomas would probably tell them about it when he was ready.

Later, Thomas was outside the office. He stopped and smiled upon hearing his parents laughing together. Ridge had just given Taylor's complicated latte order to someone on the phone. Taylor said he remembered it better than she did. He began talking about how he knew her pizza order, too. Entering the office, Thomas expressed how glad he was to see them relaxed and laughing. He noted it had been a long time. Ridge replied that Taylor definitely lifted his spirits.

As Ridge and Taylor had their coffee later, Taylor prodded Ridge to ask Thomas about the surprising thing he'd mentioned the other day. Before Thomas could say anything, Taylor received a message. She said she needed to return to her office -- unless Thomas had something he wanted to say. Thomas replied that he didn't want to talk about it yet.

Taylor hugged and kissed Thomas and said she loved him. She thanked Ridge for the coffee. After she'd gone, Thomas remarked that he'd never seen Ridge smile that much. Ridge stated that it had been awhile. Thomas noted that Taylor always brought out the best in Ridge.

Ridge replied that she made things lighter, especially after the stuff with Brooke. He thought he might sound selfish, but he was at an age where he deserved happiness, and Brooke made bad choices and self-destructed. Ridge wondered why he was telling Thomas that, but Thomas said he was glad to hear it.

In Taylor's office later, Taylor ended a call, and Sheila arrived, wondering if Taylor had a moment. "I do. I do. What brings you by?" Taylor asked. Sheila couldn't stop thinking about what Taylor had said about Taylor and Ridge. It made Sheila happy.

Taylor replied that Sheila had made it evident that it had made her happy; however, Taylor had never told Sheila anything. Sheila insisted that it was written on Taylor's face, and Sheila hoped that Ridge and Taylor would have a long, joyous relationship. Wondering if Sheila was psychic, Taylor admired Sheila's confidence and thanked her.

Sheila was confident that there was no way Ridge would go back to Brooke, who'd kissed Deacon. Taylor said they were taking it one day at a time because Ridge was hurt and confused. Sheila thought it was good that Taylor was there for him. Taylor admitted that it had been nice to spend time with Ridge. "It kind of feels like a dream," Taylor stated.

Sheila replied that Taylor was living proof that dreams could come true, and it had all been because of one crazy night during which Brooke had destroyed her marriage. Taylor stated that Brooke had messed up when she'd drunk that night and that Brooke still didn't know what had possessed her to drink alcohol. "And she probably never will," Sheila murmured as Taylor answered a call from someone calling about the new assistant position.

Back in Ridge's office, Ridge remembered that Thomas had said he had something surprising to discuss. Thomas replied that it was something that could change everything. Thomas' phone rang, and he said he had to take it. It was Sheila on the line. She asked if Thomas had said anything to anyone about her secret. He replied that he hadn't.

Sheila told Thomas to never say anything because she was with his mother, and Sheila had never seen Taylor happier. Sheila asked Thomas to promise he wouldn't say anything, but Thomas ended the call without uttering another word.

Ridge was miffed that Thomas had taken a call after saying his surprise could change everything. Ridge was anxious for Thomas to tell him what it was.

At Brooke's house, Brooke was moping around, recalling Ridge accusing her of choosing Deacon over her and saying he couldn't do it anymore. Deacon arrived, and she said he shouldn't be there. Deacon, taking her hand, said that he was exactly where he needed to be. He was sure she felt alone, but he assured her she wasn't. He was there. Brooke smiled and thanked Deacon.

Deacon was in disbelief that Ridge had taken off on Brooke just because she'd dared to say Deacon hadn't done anything to her. Brooke replied that it had just been the breaking point. Deacon figured it had to be painful to watch her husband go back to his family with Taylor.

Agreeing that it was, Brooke also thought it was understandable. She said she hadn't listened to Ridge's concerns, and she understood why he'd reacted the way he had and left her alone. Deacon repeated that she wasn't alone as long as he was there. Although she appreciated his support, she said the way Deacon talked about Ridge didn't feel like support, and it also didn't feel great when Deacon talked about Ridge going to Taylor.

Brooke insisted upon taking responsibility for her actions and for urging Deacon to drink with her. She considered not telling Ridge the full truth about it to be the same as lying. Brooke concluded that she'd let Ridge down again. Deacon wished she wouldn't put all the blame on herself. Brooke didn't know whom else to blame. She was the one who'd married Ridge and committed to being faithful, but the second he'd left town, she'd opened the bottles and had been drinking and kissing a man Ridge despised.

Deacon stated that it was okay to take responsibility, but Ridge needed to take some, too. Deacon said Ridge didn't have to fly off the handle at Deacon all the time and decide that the grass was greener with Taylor. Brooke reasoned that maybe it was. She said Thomas and Steffy might be right, and Brooke might not ever be able to break that pattern, that behavior of hers. "So, yeah, maybe Taylor is the better woman for Ridge," Brooke concluded.

Deacon said that no one knew the future. In Deacon's view, Ridge could end up with Taylor, but that didn't mean she was the better woman. Deacon didn't want to hear Brooke say it again or continue to tear herself down. He stated that just because Ridge couldn't see how wonderful she was, it didn't mean that Deacon couldn't.

"You're Brooke Freaking Logan!" he exclaimed, proclaiming that men would walk through a desert of hot, broken glass to be with her. Brooke laughed at that one, and Deacon figured the broken glass thing was too much. The point, however, was that he thought she was wonderful.

Sheila cozies up to Taylor, and Zende questions Paris

Sheila cozies up to Taylor, and Zende questions Paris

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

In the design office, Zende showed Paris a design for which she'd been his inspiration. Figuring he'd also be inspired by the models vying for his attention, Paris asked if he'd see Sequoyah that night. He asked if that would bother Paris.

Carter entered to find a file but said he'd get out of their way. Zende invited Carter to stay, saying Zende had asked Paris if she'd be bothered by him seeing Sequoyah that night. Carter didn't think he should be in the middle of it, but Zende said Carter was their friend and could probably help Zende with Paris. Paris asked what was going on.

Zende doubted that his dating Sequoyah bothered Paris. He wondered if she was seeing someone else. He figured it wasn't his business and said the only reason Paris knew who he was seeing was that he and Paris worked in the same building. He said he still would have told Paris, and he wondered if she would have asked.

Paris reasoned that she hadn't wanted to make Zende feel as if he'd been on the spot. Realizing that she might think he was doing it to her, he assured her that it wasn't his intention to put her on the spot or make her uncomfortable. Paris replied that she didn't feel that way. Zende said he was merely trying to tell her that he hadn't forgotten about her. He hoped she hadn't forgotten about him.

Carter decided that he'd leave Zende and Paris to discuss it in private. Stopping Carter, Zende said he realized it had been awkward for Carter to be there, but Zende appreciated Carter's friendship.

Later, Zende was alone with Sequoyah, fitting her for a dress. Grace entered as he said he'd call Sequoyah if he was able to meet his deadline and could hang out that night. As Sequoyah exited, Grace gave her the cold shoulder.

Once alone with Zende, Grace remarked that it was interesting that he'd turned down an evening with a beautiful woman who was into him. Sorry for overstepping, Grace wondered if he really had deadlines or preferred to be with Paris.

At Carter's place, Carter couldn't concentrate on work because he hadn't told Zende the full story. Carter became distracted, thinking of sex with Paris. A knock at the door snapped him out of it. Paris was there. She said she'd just had to see him.

In the CEO's office, Thomas tried to pretend that he had nothing to tell Ridge, but due to the way Thomas was acting, Ridge didn't buy it. He said he and Taylor were concerned about Thomas. Thomas said not to be. Thomas was happy about what was going on between his parents, and he hoped it meant the same to Ridge as it did to Taylor.

Ridge assumed that Thomas was being protective. Ridge agreed that there was a lot to figure out between himself and Taylor -- and with the entire family, but he was happy that Taylor was there. She'd been Ridge's rock. She listened to him, and he was grateful to have her in his life.

Ridge asked if Thomas doubted Ridge's feelings for Taylor. Thomas didn't, but he said Ridge always forgave Brooke. Ridge agreed that it had been that way Thomas' entire life; Ridge and Brooke would break up and work their way back to each other. Ridge had thought that after working through things about Bill, it would be different; however, Deacon had shown up, and Brooke had made out with him and defended him.

Thomas said Ridge had been willing to forgive, but Brooke had let him down. Ridge didn't know why. He said they'd been in a good place. They'd had the Hope and Deacon thing covered, and Brooke had taken full responsibility for everything; however, it didn't let her off the hook. Brooke wasn't blameless.

In Taylor's office, Taylor ended a call and said she had a few minutes available if Sheila wanted to sit down. Delighted to, Sheila took a seat, saying Brooke had shown her true colors, and even though Sheila figured Taylor had too much class to laugh at Brooke, Sheila said it had to feel good to see Brooke lose. Taylor claimed that nothing felt good about it, and Brooke wasn't well. Taylor was concerned because something unknown had spiraled Brooke out of control.

Sheila didn't think Taylor should be worried about Brooke, but Taylor replied that the sick Brooke needed help. Taylor added that Ridge wanted answers, because Brooke had been sober for years, "and then boom! Something set her off." Sheila said Brooke would never know what had triggered it, but Sheila asked if Taylor really thought knowing was the key to Brooke's recovery.

Taylor thought it was possible and said that finding Brooke's core wound might help her break the cycle. Sheila wondered why they were even talking about Brooke when they should be talking about Taylor and Ridge. Taylor said Sheila had put a lot of energy into regaining Taylor's trust, but due to their history, Taylor didn't feel comfortable with "this."

Sheila apologized. Taylor said not to; she was merely establishing boundaries. Sheila stated that she needed to earn Taylor's trust, and Sheila hoped that someday, they'd be closer. Chuckling, she asked who would have thought they would have spent Christmas Eve together. Sheila believed that Taylor was good and deserved the best. Sheila said Taylor deserved to win, and Sheila was happy that Ridge and Taylor were working their way back to each other. "That's exactly the way I would have orchestrated it," Sheila concluded.

Later, Taylor was alone, thinking of Ridge's kiss. Ridge arrived, anxious to tell her what he'd just learned. He said the problem with Thomas was that he was happy that she was back and that his parents were spending time together. Taylor asked if that was really the big news. Ridge added that he'd needed an excuse to see her. She replied that he never needed an excuse.

In Sheila's hotel room, Sheila let Thomas in, anxious to know if he'd told Ridge. Thomas said he hadn't. "Finally, someone with a brain!" she exclaimed. Thomas eyed Sheila skeptically, and she said not to do that because she'd given his parents a chance. He reflected on what it had cost, which was ruining Brooke's life.

Thomas wasn't fond of Brooke, but he said Sheila was playing with Brooke's sobriety. Sheila admitted to getting Brooke drunk, but Sheila hadn't made Brooke kiss Deacon, press her body against his, or put him in her bed to lay his head on Ridge's pillow. Sheila said she hadn't gotten Brooke to lie, either.

Sheila said Thomas, Steffy, Ridge, and Taylor had another shot at being a real family. "You're welcome," she added, grinning. Thomas replied that it was wrong. Sheila asked if it was and why his mother couldn't win just that once. Sheila felt that Thomas had done the right thing by staying silent. She advised him to keep quiet and watch his parents get the chance they deserved.

Sheila tells Thomas how she managed to get Brooke drunk

Sheila tells Thomas how she managed to get Brooke drunk

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

As she sat in the living room of her home, Brooke was pleasantly surprised when Ridge paid an unannounced visit. Ridge told Brooke that he wanted to see her because he was worried about her. When Brooke learned that Ridge was still staying at Steffy's cliff house, she became more distant and told Ridge that he was free to collect his belongings and leave.

Brooke sat back down on her sofa and starting looking over some of her work. Ridge walked from the entryway and sat in a chair a few feet from Brooke. He praised her efforts to stay on top of her sobriety. Brooke told Ridge that she felt an overwhelming desire to figure out why she had suddenly wanted to drink alcohol on New Year's Eve. Ridge wished he could take Brooke's pain away.

Brooke told Ridge that it was difficult knowing that one lapse in judgement had resulted in her waking up every morning without Ridge by her side. "I've lost the person that I love more than life itself," she said softly. Brooke said that she could never apologize enough for her "terrible choices." She realized that she could not blame everything on the alcohol and insisted that she took responsibility for what had happened. Ridge pulled Brooke close and gave her a hug.

At Forrester Creations, Grace told Zende that she knew love when she saw it, and knew that Zende was still in love with Paris. She questioned why Zende had passed on the opportunity to go out on a date with Sequoyah. Zende turned his back to Grace and walked toward his desk. He claimed that he had a lot of work to do and did not want to have to cancel the date later in the day if he had not finished his work.

"I'm rooting for you Zende," Grace said as she noted that she believed Zende could make Paris very happy. Zende shared that he had originally been opposed to the idea of keeping things casual with Paris, but he had learned to "go with the flow." If things were "meant to happen" for him and Paris, Zende said that would be great. Grace urged Zende not to give up.

Zende asked Grace if she thought that Paris might be seeing someone else. Grace was silent as she thought back to the conversation in which she'd warned Carter to break things off with Paris. Grace then replied that Paris had always been "popular, vibrant, and self-assured," and she urged Zende to "make a move before it [was] too late."

In Carter's apartment, Paris purred that she could not stay away from Carter. Pressed tightly against him, Paris told Carter that they both deserved "joy and fulfillment." Carter tried to tell Paris that they needed to end things, but Paris refused to listen. She suggested that they go public with their relationship. Carter and Paris kissed, and within seconds, Carter took his shirt off. He took Paris by the hand and led her up the stairs to his bedroom.

Later, Paris and Carter sat at his dining table and stared longingly across the table at each other. Paris told Carter that he was "amazing." Carter laughed and admitted that he would never tire of hearing Paris say that. He called Paris "spectacular in every way" and joked that she was trouble. Paris countered that she was the "good kind of trouble." Paris rose from her seat and walked over to sit on Carter's lap. She said that she looked forward to experiencing again what they had just shared.

In Sheila's apartment, Thomas told Sheila that what she had done was wrong, but Sheila quickly countered that the "wrong" had been committed when Brooke had kissed Deacon. Thomas stated that Ridge was "so messed up" by what had happened on New Year's Eve that Thomas had considered telling him what had really happened. Sheila smiled as she noted that Thomas hadn't told Ridge the truth because Thomas knew that Ridge was better off without Brooke.

Sheila didn't understand why Thomas was torn between telling the truth and staying quiet. Thomas said that what Sheila had done to Brooke was not fair. Sheila questioned when Brooke had ever been fair to her or to Taylor. Thomas said Sheila's plot to get Brooke, someone with a history of alcohol addiction, to drink was "evil." Sheila, however, laughed gleefully and declared that her plot had been "brilliant."

Thomas demanded to know how Sheila had managed to get Brooke to drink. Sheila glibly replied that it had been "magic." As Thomas continued to demand the truth, Sheila warned him that she did not like being backed into a corner. When she realized that Thomas would not back down, Sheila finally told Thomas the truth of how she had switched the label on Brooke's non-alcoholic champagne. Sheila insisted that what she had done was a direct response to the way that Brooke had treated her.

Thomas told Sheila that his son had been with Brooke on New Year's Eve, and he asked her to imagine what could have happened if Brooke had decided to get behind the wheel of a car. Sheila pointed out that Brooke hadn't, and she insisted that no one had gotten hurt as a result of the label switch -- "except for Brooke and her marriage."

Thomas ordered Sheila to stay away from Brooke. Sheila smiled again. "I just lit the match. Brooke's the one that started the Dumpster fire," Sheila said with a sneer. Sheila reminded Thomas that Thomas' family had reunited as a result of Sheila's actions. Thomas didn't address Sheila's comment directly and instead told her that she had gone too far. Sheila argued that she might not have gone far enough. She told Thomas that it might be the only chance to "rid" Ridge of Brooke permanently, and she told Thomas that he needed to take the secret to his grave.

Brooke tells Ridge that she won't object to a divorce

Brooke tells Ridge that she won't object to a divorce

Thursday, March 10, 2022

In the living room of her home, Brooke stepped back from Ridge and said that she wished she could "wake up and have all of this be a bad nightmare." She explained that the "this" was Ridge staying at Steffy's house with Taylor and not her. Brooke knew she'd hurt him and let him down, but she insisted that she didn't know why she'd done the things she'd done. Ridge said he hadn't visited to make her feel bad. He'd just wanted to make sure she was okay.

Brooke guessed Ridge had wanted to see if she was drinking. He stated that it was more than that. In his view, she was with him all the time because he carried her in his heart. It meant a lot to Brooke that Ridge still cared about her. He replied that he couldn't help it -- she was a part of him, and that would never change.

Brooke didn't get why she always self-destructed and never grew or learned from her mistakes. She wondered why she couldn't change. Ridge didn't have an answer. She stated that he'd forgiven her for Bill. She'd said it would never happen again, but then she'd done the same thing with Deacon. She guessed it was just who she was.

Brooke said she wanted Ridge to be happy, "truly happy." That was why she intended to say what she had to say, even though it killed her to do so. "I'm gonna let you go," she said. Brooke understood why Taylor felt "like sanity" to him after the "emotional chaos" Brooke had caused. There would be no more scandals with Taylor, who was "steady and predictable."

Ridge began pacing. He said he'd wanted all that stuff with Deacon to go away, and he'd wanted everything to be fine. Brooke said it was unfair of her to ask him to try, and she wouldn't. She'd always love Ridge more than anything, and it was why she was willing to let him go.

"I will give you a divorce," Brooke stated. She cherished her life with Ridge and would do anything to get it back, but she realized that it wasn't possible after the way she'd carried on with Deacon. Brooke was grateful for all the time she and Ridge had spent together. She said she'd never forget any of it.

Ridge replied that he was trying to wrap his head around it. Brooke didn't want him to feel obligated, and she was willing to make the divorce painless and simple. He asked if she was really saying that. She stated that she was really saying it, since he'd told her that he couldn't be with her.

"Just go. Go be with them, Ridge," Brooke stated. Ridge asked how they'd gotten there. She didn't know, but she didn't blame him. Sobbing, Brooke said she'd messed up, and she was sorry because she loved him. Ridge hugged her, and she said he had to know how much she loved him. She'd never stop loving him.

In the CEO's office at Forrester Creations, Thomas tried to work, but Sheila's confession echoed in his mind. Steffy arrived and teased that daydreaming was not allowed. Steffy sensed that something was on Thomas' mind. Steffy told Thomas that he should be happy because their mom and dad were finally getting closer.

Steffy brought up everything Brooke had done with Deacon and said letting him sleep in Ridge's bed had been a slap in Ridge's face. It was the most disrespectful thing Brooke had ever done, and, according to Steffy, that was saying a lot. Steffy hated it when people excused Brooke's behavior, and she asked if Thomas understood that Brooke wasn't blameless.

Steffy said it would be unthinkable if Thomas was about to justify Brooke's behavior with Deacon. Thomas didn't intend to -- not "all" of Brooke's behavior. Steffy asked what part had been okay. None of it was okay with Thomas, but he said Brooke had been drinking.

Steffy said it wasn't an excuse, and Ridge had had enough. Steffy wondered if Thomas wanted Ridge to be happy. Thomas asked why she had to ask that question. "Good. Then case closed. Let him be happy with Mom," Steffy responded.

In the design office, Zende appreciated Grace's support but wondered why she'd urged him to make a move on Paris before it was too late. He asked if there was another man in Paris' life. Grace said there wasn't, and the only man for Paris was standing right there in front of Grace. Zende didn't know what he'd done to deserve Grace's support.

Grace said she desired "a man of integrity" for her daughter, a man who would put her daughter first. Grace had seen the way Zende looked at Paris and knew that he would care for her and love her the way she deserved to be loved. Zende replied that he had been ready to make things official on New Year's Eve and had even had a ring at the ready. He explained that he hadn't proposed to Paris, however, because Paris was "about that single life." He couldn't believe he'd been so far off the mark about their relationship. He said something had changed in Paris, but he didn't know what.

Grace advised Zende to get the ring and go through with the marriage proposal. She didn't know why her daughter had pulled back and assumed that Paris had gotten scared. Grace claimed to know that Paris loved Zende. Zende said he had thought that before but wasn't sure anymore. Grace insisted that he needed to start thinking it again and to act before his future passed him by.

Zende said Paris "doesn't" want to get married. "Correction, 'didn't,'" Grace said. She stated that she'd talked to Paris and was certain Paris would accept. Grace was confident that Paris would be his wife.

At Carter's apartment, Paris said she wished she could stay in Carter's arms. Carter didn't want to let her go, either, but felt that they had to stop. Paris urged Carter not to look for problems. She surmised that Carter thought his track record with women was horrendous, but she might be the one to break that record. She expressed that she'd do anything to be with him.

Carter said Paris shouldn't speak like that. Paris insisted she would "risk everything" to be with Carter. She told him it was his turn to tell her the truth. Carter replied that he couldn't get enough of her, but it was wrong for them to be together. He stated that they couldn't be, and she deserved a man who could give her everything -- a man like Zende.

Paris asked why Carter was pushing her at Zende. She didn't agree that Zende was the man for her. Carter replied that he'd try harder to convince her. Carter believed that Paris deserved "a life full of love and happiness, a career, 2.5 kids, and a big old mansion to raise them in." Zende, he said, could give her that and more. Carter felt that he'd only drag her down. Paris refused to believe that.

Carter asked if Paris knew how much it would cost her to be with him. It would cost her job, her friends in Los Angeles, and a "peaceful existence" with her mother. He didn't want to be the cause of Paris going through that and said that if Zende proposed to her again, she needed to do herself a favor and accept.

Paris admitted that she cared about Zende, and at some point, she'd thought they'd have a future; however, something had changed along the way: Carter had happened. They'd noticed each other in a different way, and she said he couldn't deny it. She'd never met a man who touched her on such a deep level.

Carter said he'd never met a woman like Paris, one willing to risk everything for him, but it was complicated. He said that many people wouldn't accept or understand their relationship. Paris didn't care about other people. He believed that she should. She said no one mattered to her like he did. Carter stated that she almost made him believe it could happen.

Carter reminded Paris of what she'd achieved at Forrester and of her relationship with the Forrester family. He asked if she was really willing to give it up. Paris declared that she loved her job, but she loved Carter more. "You love me?" Carter asked.

Paris stated that she'd said it. "Now what?" she asked. Carter replied that he loved her, too. The two began kissing, but they were interrupted when Grace knocked on the door. From the corridor, Grace demanded that Carter open the door.

Grace attempts to drag Paris out of Carter's loft

Grace attempts to drag Paris out of Carter's loft

Friday, March 11, 2022

In the design office, Zende and Quinn worked on jewelry accessories for a gown he'd designed. She thought that the dress and bling would be perfect on Paris and wondered what had happened to the engagement ring he'd commissioned for Paris.

In Zende's silence, Quinn said she hadn't meant to overstep. Zende replied that it was natural that she'd want to know because Paris wasn't wearing the ring Quinn had designed. Quinn assumed that Paris had turned him down, but Zende explained that he hadn't asked Paris. He figured he might give it a go, though, and see how Paris might feel about it.

Wondering how Paris would answer the proposal, Quinn noted that Zende and Paris weren't seeing other people -- at least Zende had made it sound that way. He admitted that he'd had drinks a few times with Sequoyah, "but..." Quinn finished his sentence, saying that Sequoyah wasn't Paris. Zende said Paris' mother had insisted that Paris would accept if he asked.

Quinn thought that was encouraging. Zende said he didn't want to pressure Paris or make her feel as if marriage was the end of anything. It was the start of a new journey. He loved Paris and couldn't wait for her to become his wife. In his view, there was no other woman for him, and he had to assume that there was no other man for her.

Outside Carter's loft, Grace insisted that Carter open the door. Paris asked what her mother was doing there. Grace threatened to camp outside the door all night and said she wouldn't be ignored. Noting that Grace was upset, Carter instructed Paris to go upstairs. Paris wasn't ashamed and just wanted to tell Grace. "Hey, I got this," she said and opened the door.

Grace waltzed in. Taking one look at Paris, who was dressed in Carter's shirt, Grace asked Carter, "How dare you? How dare you do this?" Grace seemed to wipe away tears. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Paris tried to explain that Carter was an amazing man, but Grace asked about Zende, wondering how Paris could do it to Zende.

Paris replied that it wasn't like that. Grace believed that it was like that, and it was due to "this person, this man who obviously has no morals." Grace declared that it wouldn't go on a moment longer. Paris stated that she didn't want to hurt Zende, who was important to her. Grace figured that Carter knew it, too, but it hadn't stopped him from making a move on Paris.

"And backstabbing Zende," Grace added, glaring at Carter. Carter began to speak, but she didn't want to hear another word from him and said none of it would be happening if not for Carter. Disagreeing, Paris stated that she and Zende had been at a crossroads, and they'd both decided to see other people. In fact, Zende was seeing one of the models.

Grace replied that Zende wasn't interested in the model and wanted a relationship with Paris. Grace proclaimed that Paris should be with Zende, not Carter, who'd broken Zoe's heart. Grace wouldn't let Carter do the same thing to Paris. Grace cited Carter's failed relationships with Quinn, Zoe, and who knew whomever else. Grace believed that Carter was single because he was a player. Paris said that wasn't it, and it wasn't who Carter was.

Refusing to debate it, Grace yelled that whatever had been going on with Paris and Carter was over. "Do I make myself clear?" Grace bellowed.

Paris said that Grace had to listen, but Grace replied that Paris had to listen. Carter had already betrayed the Forresters with Eric's wife and was doing the same with Zende's girlfriend. Grabbing Paris' hand, Grace insisted that her daughter respect Grace's feelings and leave with her. Refusing to go, Paris said she loved Carter, and he loved her, too.

At Brooke's house, Brooke said that Ridge deserved to move on with his life, but he couldn't do it the way things were. She said she had to let him go. She figured it was only fair to him because he didn't need to be with a self-serving, self-sabotaging person who destroyed her own happiness along with that of the person she loved the most. "And I do love you. I do. I love you so much, Ridge, and I always will," Brooke concluded.

Ridge noted that Brooke was offering him a divorce and setting him free. "Just like that? Is that what you want?" he asked. Brooke asked if it was what he wanted. She said he was already living at Steffy's, and Brooke didn't really know what was going on with him and Taylor. "I sleep in the guesthouse," he hinted. Nodding in realization, Brooke said, "Oh, okay..." She said she just wanted Ridge to be happy. He asked if she thought any of it made him happy.

Brooke said that Taylor had never given up hope of having a life with Ridge. Ridge asserted that it wasn't about Taylor or her wants or needs; it was about Brooke and Ridge. Brooke said it was also about Taylor and her kids. "You want a life of peace. That's what you told me, Ridge," Brooke insisted. She said it was why he'd gone over there. She'd wanted to tell him to stay with her, his destiny; however, she'd already hurt him enough.

Brooke emphasized that she'd always hate what she'd done that night to them and their marriage. She'd never forgive herself. She loved Ridge and wished to God that she deserved his love; however, she didn't. She said it was why she'd set him free. "I can't," Ridge said. He decided to have someone else pick up his stuff. Ridge turned to leave, but before going, he looked back and said, "For the record, the only life I ever wanted was with you."

After Ridge had gone, Brooke sat alone, crying.

At the cliff house, Steffy had just sent Amelia home. Steffy and Thomas had just arrived, and she was eager to continue the conversation they'd had at the office. It seemed to Steffy that Thomas was willing to defend some of Brooke's behaviors, creating an opening for Brooke.

Taylor arrived. She let her kids know she'd had a fun surprise at work. Ridge had stopped by to see her at the office. "Of course, he couldn't stay away," Steffy beamed. Taylor replied that Ridge was still struggling with everything that had happened with Brooke. Steffy didn't mean to sound heartless but said Brooke had done it to herself.

Thomas told Steffy to stop picking on Brooke, who'd been through a lot. Steffy shifted her eyes at Thomas as his phone rang, and he wandered away as he took a call. Taylor went upstairs as Thomas was telling the caller that he'd be back in to handle something. After the call ended, Steffy asked why he kept defending Brooke. Thomas denied doing so. He claimed he just wanted them to think things through before assuming that they knew everything.

Steffy asked if she and Thomas were wrong, and somehow Brooke wasn't responsible for what had gone on that night -- even though Brooke had said she was. Before Thomas could answer, Ridge arrived. He was stressed out by things with Brooke. He didn't want to talk about it. He just wanted to enjoy the peace and solace of being with them and Taylor. Thomas asked if Ridge knew that Thomas wanted the best for Ridge. Ridge said he did, and Thomas exited.

Steffy got Ridge a beer and asked why he'd gone to see Brooke. "I worry about her," he replied. He claimed he was worried about Brooke falling off the wagon. "She's still my wife, you know," he added. Steffy said that there was a woman there who Ridge could trust, and she advised Ridge to go upstairs and be with Taylor.

Later, Ridge went up to Taylor's room. He revealed that Brooke was letting him go and had offered him a divorce. Surprised, Taylor figured he had to have mixed feelings about it. He admitted that he had mixed feelings about a lot of things -- except being there in that house with her. "Being here in this house with me...?" she uttered, and he swept her into a kiss.

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