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Carter and Quinn failed to secure Justin's silence about the affair, but Justin only gave Brooke and Ridge half the story. Ridge outed Quinn to Eric, and Eric confessed to brokering the sex arrangement to stave off his loneliness. Finn revealed his lingering desire to know Sheila.
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Justin told Ridge that he'd caught Carter and Quinn in bed together, which led to Eric revealing the truth about the sex arrangement
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Quinn and Carter try to convince Justin to remain silent

Quinn and Carter try to convince Justin to remain silent

Monday, September 27, 2021

At the cliff house, Steffy ordered Sheila out and wondered how she'd even gotten by the guard at the gate. Sheila just wanted to see her son and her grandson and said nothing would keep her from them. Sheila wondered why Steffy was so angry. Steffy wasn't in the mood to be played, and she believed Finn would be disappointed with Sheila.

Sheila had seen Finn go to the beach. Steffy gave Sheila five seconds to leave. "One thousand thousand thousand three...Or what?" Sheila asked. Steffy replied that Sheila would never be welcome there. Sheila guessed she should have reached out before arriving.

That wouldn't have made a difference to Steffy. She told Sheila to stop showing up to see people who didn't want to see her. "'People?'" Sheila repeated. She said Finn was her son. Steffy replied that Sheila hadn't respected his wishes to stay away. Sheila claimed she had. She hadn't contacted him since the hospital and had, thus, given him space.

"Until you snuck back into my house!" Steffy exclaimed. Sheila claimed she was there to talk to Steffy woman to woman, and Sheila was also hoping to spend a little time with her boys.

Steffy yelled that Sheila had made a choice when she'd put Finn up for adoption. Sheila had thought she'd been doing what had been best for him. Steffy claimed to be doing that by keeping Sheila away. Sheila said she wasn't a monster. She just wanted to hold her grandson.

Steffy yelled that Sheila had done that the last time she'd been there without permission. Sheila knew that it was hard to trust her. "You tried to murder half of my family," Steffy replied. Straining not to yell, Sheila asserted that she wasn't that person anymore. She was just a mother and a grandmother, looking to have a place in Finn and Hayes's lives.

Sheila asked if Steffy could empathize with Sheila on any level and give Sheila the chance to prove she wasn't the same woman. Sheila implored Steffy not to keep Sheila from her son.

Steffy thought it was a nice try, but she didn't believe it. Steffy felt bad for Finn, who'd had to deal with the fake collapse. Steffy thanked God that Finn had opened his eyes and had shut Sheila down. Sheila replied that it was because of Steffy, who'd given Finn an ultimatum.

Steffy screamed that Finn was protecting his family and knew who Sheila truly was, and Sheila was only alienating herself more by showing up there. Sheila asked why Steffy forced the hatred on Finn. Sheila just wanted one more moment. Asking if Hayes was in the nursery, Sheila stepped forward. Steffy bucked up against Sheila and warned her not to take another step.

At Forrester, Katie was amazed that Ridge was having Quinn followed by an investigator. Ridge replied that it wasn't an investigator; it was someone he'd known for a long time, who'd been scratching the underbelly of society. Katie guessed the guy was used to working with lowlifes and asked where Ridge had found him. "Spencer Publications. Former employee," he revealed.

Justin's name popped out of the surprised Katie's mouth. Ridge revealed that Justin owed him a favor and was a great lawyer. Katie teased that Ridge wasn't using Justin for his legal prowess.

Ridge said it was research and wondered what the difference was. Quinn wasn't spending her nights and home, and Ridge wanted to know what it was about.

Katie said they all had their secrets, but Quinn took it to another level. Ridge countered that Eric rarely had them, but he'd stopped talking to everybody. Katie agreed that Eric was keeping them guessing. Ridge didn't care about that. He just didn't want Eric's heart to be broken again.

Katie thought Ridge and Justin were an unlikely duo and recalled that Justin had thrown Ridge out of a helicopter once. Ridge replied that it had been Bill's idea; however, it did mean that Justin was up for anything, and that made him the man for Ridge's job.

It broke Ridge's heart to see Eric waste time with Quinn. Katie noted that Eric was defending Quinn a lot. Ridge wondered why that was when Eric seemed upset all the time. Katie recalled that it had been good in the beginning, but Ridge replied that marriage had become a chore.

Katie believed that Eric was afraid of being alone. Ridge asked if, of all the women in walking distance, "this" was the only option. She replied that she'd been trying to convince Eric that many women would want to share a martini with him. Katie couldn't imagine Quinn would cheat on Eric again. Ridge reasoned that Quinn liked living on the edge and wanted to be caught.

In Carter's bedroom, Carter and Quinn asked why Justin was there. Justin reveled in the fact that he'd caught Quinn and Carter. Justin noted that Eric had given Quinn a second chance and had allowed Carter to remain as COO. Justin asked if that was the thanks Eric got.

Carter asked why Justin was there. Justin stated that he knew what he'd walked in on, and soon, everyone else would, too. Carter was upset that Justin had broken into Carter's place for something that was none of Justin's business. Justin said the person he worked for had made it his business. Quinn asked if Bill had put Justin up to it.

Justin said he worked for someone else who'd be very interested in Quinn and Carter's cheap, ongoing affair. Quinn insisted upon knowing who he was working for. She knew it wasn't Eric.

Justin said the pair wasn't even being discreet. Carter asked who'd sent Justin, and he replied that it had been Ridge. Quinn said Justin couldn't tell anyone about it, especially not Ridge.

Carter asked what he and Quinn had to do to make Justin forget it. Justin said Eric had given Carter and Quinn another chance, but they were creeping around behind Eric's back. She revealed that "we" had an understanding, and Justin didn't know what he'd walked in on.

Justin permitted Quinn to keep telling herself that. Quinn revealed that Eric knew about Quinn and Carter, and Eric had given them permission. Justin didn't believe any of it and asked for one reason that Eric would condone it. "ED," Quinn responded.

Quinn explained that she'd been with Carter at first because Eric hadn't shown any interest in her. She'd found out that it had been because Eric hadn't been able to. Quinn said it had been hard for Eric to tell her, but he hadn't wanted her to give up intimacy. She claimed that she and Carter had fought it, but Eric had persisted, believing it was the only way to save their relationship.

Carter backed up the information. Quinn insisted that it had been Eric's idea. Eric had gotten it in his head that it was the only way to save the marriage. She claimed that she and Carter had had "such a difficult time processing this," but they weren't doing anything behind Eric's back.

Quinn stated that Justin would embarrass and humiliate Eric if Justin reported it back to Ridge.

Finn escorts Sheila out, but she still doesn't leave

Finn escorts Sheila out, but she still doesn't leave

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

At the cliff house, Sheila took a step toward the nursery. Steffy shoved Sheila back and warned her that she'd be sorry if she took another step. Sheila didn't want to do "this," but Steffy ordered her to go. Sheila asked how Steffy could continue to deny a grandmother. Steffy quipped that Sheila would never be Hayes's grandmother, and he wouldn't know she existed.

Sheila said Steffy was denying Hayes his family. Steffy yelled that Hayes had family, but Sheila was not it. Steffy ordered Sheila to get out before Steffy threw her out. Just then, Finn entered the house through the patio and asked what was going on. "Sheila," he said when he saw Sheila.

Steffy explained that Sheila had slipped in there, past Finn and the guard. Finn asked why Sheila would do that, knowing how Steffy felt. Sheila knew how Steffy felt, but she asked how Finn felt about his mother. Steffy gestured in exasperation.

Finn said that Sheila was putting him in the middle of her and his wife. He believed that Sheila already knew how he felt. He didn't want to hurt Sheila. Sheila asked him not to "do this," because he and Hayes meant everything to her. She felt they were in a position to make up for lost time. She asked him not to turn his back on that or her, his mother.

Sheila was willing to beg over and over again for a place in Finn and Hayes's lives. Sheila insisted that she was no longer the monster Steffy said she was. Sheila asked Finn again for a chance at a meaningful relationship with her son. Finn wanted to believe Sheila's words, and he hoped it was all true; however, he stood with his wife, and Sheila had to go.

Sheila asked Finn not to let Steffy get between them, but Finn said he'd see Sheila to the door. Finn led Sheila out, but as he hugged Steffy in the living room, Sheila peered in through the patio door in the kitchen.

At Carter's house, Justin was making his way to the door, but Quinn and Carter implored him to understand that Eric had condoned their arrangement. Justin didn't buy it, and Carter seemed irritated, wondering why he was even explaining himself to Justin. Carter said Eric wanted Quinn to be fulfilled in every aspect of the marriage and had found a way for it to work for Eric and Quinn. Carter felt he had to respect that.

"Of course, you do!" Justin quipped, snarking, "You're the lucky recipient!" Quinn asked Justin to respect her marriage and said he didn't have to agree with it or condone it. She stated that no one was getting hurt, and she asked Justin to forget he knew anything about it.

Justin didn't want to hear it. Quinn asked him to do it for Eric's sake. She claimed that Eric was determined. She and Carter had refused at first, and Eric had ultimately convinced them. Carter said he'd "slow this down for you." He said Eric put his wife's needs before his own. Quinn begged Justin to keep the secret to himself, for Eric's sake.

Quinn claimed it would be humiliating for Eric to have to tell the family. She begged Justin to keep it to himself and not tell Ridge.

In the CEO's office, Katie and Ridge awaited word from Justin. They wondered where Quinn was, what she was doing, and who she was doing it with. Ridge hoped his hunch about the answers was wrong. Ridge murmured that Justin had better not let him down.

Eric entered and wondered what Katie and Ridge were discussing. Ridge said it was his problem, and he'd deal with it. Eric asked if he was getting the whole story, but Ridge asked if he was getting it about Quinn. Eric quipped that he'd wondered how long it would take to get back to that topic. Eric asserted that his marriage was fine.

Ridge asked how it was fine that Quinn was going out every night. Eric said they had an arrangement. Ridge asked what the arrangement was and what was going on with Eric and Quinn. Ridge was just trying to figure out why Eric had taken Quinn back after the betrayal, but he noted that Eric wouldn't talk to his family, friends, or loved ones.

Katie said she and Ridge wanted Eric to be happy, but he didn't seem happy after reconciling with the woman he supposedly loved. Ridge thought it was as if they led separate lives. He asked if Eric knew what Quinn was doing. Eric asserted that he knew exactly what she was doing and where she was. He ordered Ridge to drop it. Eric didn't want to hear another word from either of them.

Katie said Eric had a right to his privacy. Eric thanked her. She added that it didn't mean his loved ones couldn't be concerned. He flashed her a look, and she shut herself up about it. She asked if she could still visit him that night. He affirmed it, as long as they didn't talk about Quinn. "Or him," Eric added, gesturing to his son.

Katie and Eric left to greet new interns, and Ridge paced around his office and became anxious when Justin arrived. Ridge was eager to know where Quinn had been. Justin flashed back to Quinn begging him to stay silent.

In the design office, Zende and Paris kissed. Zende wondered how long Paris would stay in Malibu. She asked if he thought she'd outstayed her welcome but stated that all good things had to end, and it had ended. Paris revealed that she was closing in on a new place to live. He asked what had made her decide that, and she claimed that it was just time to move on.

Zende was all for it. It meant that he and Paris got to have more alone time. They kissed again. Zende supported her decisions, and he admired her. Paris appreciated him, too, for his kindness. He was caring and understanding. Paris and Zende hugged.

Justin tells Ridge and Brooke that he caught Carter and Quinn in the act

Justin tells Ridge and Brooke that he caught Carter and Quinn in the act

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

At Forrester Creations, Justin asked Ridge how much he knew about Eric's marriage. Ridge became agitated and told Justin that Eric told Ridge nothing about his marriage, which, Ridge added, was why he had asked Justin to follow Quinn. Seeing Justin hem and haw, Ridge asked if Justin had found anything that would incriminate Quinn.

Ridge continued to demand answers, his voice growing louder by the minute. Brooke entered the office and joined her husband in requesting information from Justin. "Anything you tell us is not going to surprise us," Brooke said. Justin reflected on Quinn's plea not to expose the details of Eric's personal life.

Justin told Ridge and Brooke that he had followed Quinn to the beach and said that Quinn was not being evasive when she parked out front. He continued, saying that "they didn't even shut the shades." Brooke and Ridge both reeled when Justin explained that he had caught Quinn and Carter together.

Brooke exclaimed that she'd known Eric should never have taken Quinn back. Justin explained that he had "interrupted" Quinn and Carter because he'd thought it was what Ridge would have wanted him to do. He added that Quinn and Carter had begged him not to report what he'd seen to Ridge. Brooke and Ridge could not understand why Carter would risk his career by having an affair with Quinn.

Justin said that Quinn and Carter had told him that it "wasn't cheating." Before Justin could offer additional details, Ridge thanked Justin for his work, and he and Brooke stormed out of the office.

As they lounged on the sofa in his living room, Eric poured Katie a glass of iced tea. Katie smiled broadly and told Eric that he did not have to treat her as a guest. They both agreed that they enjoyed each other's company. Katie commented that she was sorry that Eric needed her company, which resulted in Eric reminding her that they had agreed not to discuss his marriage or Quinn. Somewhat ironically, Eric shared that he was a bit curious about Katie's relationship with Bill.

Katie explained that Will was away at boarding school, and she was still wrestling with the "reckless" decision that had landed Bill in jail. Eric recalled that Katie had considered reconciling with Bill before the whole hit-and-run fiasco, and he wondered if Katie still saw a future for herself and Bill.

"Sometimes I feel like I'm caught in this endless loop," Katie said with a sigh. Katie told Eric that she thought about the promise she had made to be a family with Bill. As she wiped tears from her eyes, Katie said. "The truth is, I will never really be able to forget that the man I gave my heart to gave his heart to someone else." She added that she had heard Bill refer to Brooke as the love of his life.

Eric interjected that he had heard Bill say similar things about Katie. Katie admitted that she'd heard those things, too -- and she believed Bill when he said them -- but she still could not help but wonder whether, if Bill had the choice, he would choose her. "I hate that that question even enters into my mind," Katie said. "The real question that I should be asking is 'Don't I deserve to be the love of someone's life?' I don't deserve to be the runner-up," Katie sobbed.

Katie expressed her displeasure in Bill's belief that in order to show strength, one had to be "unflinching." Eric asked if Katie felt that Bill didn't hear her. Katie nodded and said that she often felt like she and Bill were not even speaking the same language. Eric remarked that he had felt that way in his marriage. "But unlike Bill, there's nothing you wouldn't do for your wife," Katie replied.

Eric put his hand in Katie's and told her that he wanted to be there for her the same way that she had been there for him. Katie confessed that there had been a time when she'd found Bill's volatility "exciting and romantic." She also admitted that she had thought she could change Bill, but she had come to believe that people did not change for other people. "A man of substance would do anything he can to give the woman he loves what she needs," Eric responded. He told Katie that if Bill could not be that kind of man, then she deserved someone who could.

Katie told Eric that she felt the same way about Quinn that Eric felt about Bill. "I'm your friend. Please tell me what's going on with you," Katie said softly. Eric told Katie that he wanted to tell her everything, but he wasn't sure that anyone would understand. Katie insisted that she would never judge Eric. Eric told Katie that when he and Quinn had gotten back together, he'd wanted it to be everything it had been before. "I couldn't... it wasn't the same," Eric said, fumbling for the words. He took a moment to compose himself before telling Katie that he wanted to tell her everything about him and Quinn... and Carter.

In his apartment, Carter paced back and forth as he expressed his regret for not stopping Justin. Quinn hoped that telling Justin everything would convince him to keep their secret. They both agreed that everything could blow up if Justin told Ridge about Eric's erectile dysfunction and the sex agreement Eric had greenlighted.

Quinn stated that she and Carter had agreed to stop having sex -- but noted that Eric had pushed them back together. She knew that Ridge would never understand Eric's "unconditional love and faith" in her and their marriage. Quinn wondered if she should return home and tell Eric what had happened. Carter suggested that they would have heard something if Justin had spilled the beans to Ridge.

Quinn worried that Eric would be devastated if his secret was revealed. In that moment, Carter realized the depth of Quinn's love for Eric. Quinn assured Carter that she loved him, too. Carter remarked that he loved Quinn "enough to accept another man's ridiculous terms" to be with her, but he said that he loved Quinn "way too much" to put her in a position that she might regret.

Just then, a knock sounded on the door. Outside, Ridge told Carter to open up because he knew Carter and Quinn were together. Carter opened the door, and Brooke greeted him with a grimace. "Again?" Ridge snarled as he looked at Carter. Quinn insisted that she and Carter were not betraying Eric, prompting Ridge to blast their "audacity."

"We're not lying to him," Quinn said forcefully, insisting, "Eric knows, Ridge. He knows."

Ridge and Brooke learn the reason for Quinn's infidelity

Ridge and Brooke learn the reason for Quinn's infidelity

Thursday, September 30, 2021

In Carter's loft, Quinn was perplexed and asked if Justin hadn't told Ridge. Ridge exclaimed that Justin had caught Quinn. Brooke stated that she'd been right. Quinn figured that was more important to Brooke than the truth. "Truth? From you?" Brooke quipped.

Carter asked if the truth was acceptable coming from him. Ridge said it might have been a couple of months back. Ridge asked how Carter could do it to Eric twice. Carter claimed it wasn't true. Quinn yelled that she and Carter weren't sleeping together behind Eric's back. Eric, in fact, knew about it.

It was the most absurd thing Brooke had ever heard. Carter said it wasn't a lie. Ridge wondered what had become of Carter, who'd been an upstanding guy until "this one" had gotten her hooks into him. As Ridge and Carter bickered, Quinn exclaimed that she hated that they'd brought her to what was the real betrayal of Eric. She revealed that Eric wanted her to be with Carter.

"What kind of twisted wishful thinking is that?" Ridge asked. Brooke said no man wanted his wife to be with someone else, and Ridge asked if any of it shamed Quinn. Carter claimed there was a backstory, and Ridge and Brooke quipped that it had to be good.

Quinn explained that she and Eric had had marital troubles after the whole Shauna thing, and Eric hadn't been her husband anymore. Brooke asked what Quinn was even talking about. Quinn stated that Eric couldn't make love to her. That didn't really surprise Brooke, given the terrible way Quinn treated him. Quinn yelled that it was erectile dysfunction.

Ridge said Eric would have told him. Quinn replied that Eric was sensitive about it. "Wouldn't you be?" she asked. Brooke assumed Quinn had turned to Carter instead of standing by Eric, but Quinn explained that it was the opposite. She had stood by Eric, but he'd set her and Carter up. Ridge said it was crazy talk, but Quinn conveyed that Eric had insisted she be with Carter.

Ridge didn't believe it. Quinn persisted, saying that the selfless Eric didn't want the intimate side of her life to die, and he'd pushed for it. Brooke and Ridge believed that Quinn was making it up to keep them from going to Eric with the truth. Carter backed Quinn, but Brooke said Carter didn't have to go along with Quinn's lies.

Quinn said all Brooke and Ridge had to do was to ask Eric himself, but Eric had wanted it to be a secret. Quinn accused Brooke and Ridge of being the reason Quinn had betrayed Eric. Brooke yelled at Quinn to stop lying and insisted that Eric would never do something so twisted and sick. As Brooke yelled at Quinn, Quinn ran out the door. Brooke tried to go after her, but Ridge said to let Quinn go. Ridge and Brooke turned their attention to Carter.

At Eric's house, Eric asked Katie to bear with him because it was a difficult conversation. There was a lot more to the story about him and Quinn than anyone knew or understood. There was a reason Quinn had turned to Carter, and part of the blame was Eric's. Katie replied that it wasn't as if Eric had given Quinn a permission slip, and Quinn's affair had been her fault alone.

Eric explained that Quinn had felt neglected. "Oh, is she a child?" Katie asked, saying it gave Quinn no excuse to break Eric's heart. He stammered around the subject, and Katie became more confused. Finally, he said he hadn't been able to perform in the bedroom due to erectile dysfunction. He'd hoped he'd never have to say that again. He admitted to making excuses about sex and to pushing Quinn away. Eventually, he'd told her the truth about it.

Katie was sorry and said it had to be difficult for the marriage; however, it just wasn't an excuse to have an affair. "It's just not," Katie insisted. Eric agreed, saying, "Not the first time." She asked if he was saying that it was happening again. Katie was outraged that Quinn's answer to learning about the ED had been to jump into bed with Carter. She asked what kind of woman did that.

Eric replied that just because his sex life was over, Quinn's didn't have to be. He not only knew about the affair that time around, but he'd condoned it. He added that he'd encouraged it because Carter could fulfill the needs of Quinn's that Eric couldn't. He said Quinn and Carter had been reluctant at first. Katie guessed that was why Eric was alone so much.

Eric didn't want Katie to be outraged or to blame Quinn. Katie said she'd never do that, but her heart was broken for him. "This isn't love, giving your wife to another man," she said. She asked what Carter was thinking. Eric claimed he'd taken advantage of Carter's feelings for Quinn, and Eric had manipulated the whole thing.

"You may say this is what you want, but I know you. Having your wife in some other man's bed has got to be so devastating," Katie replied. Eric said it had been hard to admit. He thanked Katie for listening. He was worn out and wanted to go upstairs. Katie hugged him and thanked him for trusting her.

Later, Eric was making a martini when Quinn burst in. Eric had thought she'd be with Carter. She said she had been, but she was sorry about something upsetting that had happened. She explained that Ridge had sicced Justin on her, and Justin had found Carter and her together. Ridge and Brooke had shown up and confronted Carter and Quinn, who'd had no choice but to reveal why they'd been together again.

Ridge arrived and told Eric not to believe whatever Quinn was saying. Ridge assumed Quinn was trying to lie herself out of a big hole. Ridge was sorry to say Quinn was cheating on Eric again. Eric tried to speak, but Ridge insisted that Eric had to toss her out. Ridge said Quinn had always been a liar, and she'd said Eric had sanctioned the whole thing. Ridge stated that "this" was the best Quinn would ever be, and he couldn't watch her betray Eric over and over.

Eric stated that it wasn't a betrayal, and Quinn wasn't lying. He admitted that he'd told her to be with Carter.

At Forrester, Katie had just arrived. Brooke strode in, furious about Quinn. Brooke filled Katie in on what had just happened because she felt that Eric would need Katie's support. Brooke told Katie about Justin following Quinn, the confrontation Brooke and Ridge had had at Carter's with Quinn and Carter, and Quinn's excuse that Eric had condoned it. Brooke realized that Katie was too calm about it all. Katie said it was because, for the first time in her life, Quinn wasn't lying.

Eric admits that loneliness led him to the arrangement

Eric admits that loneliness led him to the arrangement

Friday, October 1, 2021

In her hotel room, Sheila ranted about only having a picture of Hayes. She felt she should be getting to know her grandchild, but she was being kept away, all because of Steffy.

Keith arrived to inquire into how much longer Sheila was staying at the hotel. There was a convention headed into town, and convention-goers tended to spend more money. Sheila glared at him, and he put her down for three more nights.

Keith assumed Sheila's date had gone well. Sheila revealed that she'd met her grandson for the first time. She wasn't going anywhere, not until she saw her son and grandson again. She assumed Keith wondered why she couldn't simply pay them a visit, and she conveyed that her son's wife had made her into a villain. Keith was sorry to hear it. He suggested she reach out to her son without involving his wife. Keith instructed Sheila to text-message her son about how she felt and said her son might be feeling the same way.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope and Finn had coffee. He hoped he wasn't overstaying, but she said he might as well stay until Steffy and Liam got back. Finn was glad that Kelly was spending time with her parents. Hope was, too, but admitted it was weird that their spouses were at the park with their spouses' child. Finn agreed but said weird was good. "Very good," Hope replied.

Hope asked how Finn was adjusting. He admitted that jumping into the world of the Forresters, Spencers, and Logans had been a wild ride with the crazy history. He noted that Hope had survived the craziness. "Barely," she quipped. From what Finn understood, there was a lot of history and back and forth between Steffy, Hope, and Liam.

Speaking carefully, Hope acknowledged that Liam had loved both women. Hope had accepted that, but it helped to know that Steffy was happily married to Finn. Hope thanked him for getting them all off the merry-go-round. Finn was happy and felt like the pieces were coming together for him. "And then, I finally met my birth mother," he said.

Hope flashed Finn a look, and he said it hadn't worked out that well. His birth mother was an enemy to his bride's family. Hope assumed Finn understood why. Finn got that he had to keep Sheila away from Steffy and Hayes, which meant keeping Sheila away from himself, too. Hope asked if he'd heard from Sheila.

Just then, a text message arrived on Finn's phone. "It's her," Finn said and read the text aloud. Sheila said she didn't mean him any harm. Seeing him and holding Hayes had given her a powerful sensation, alerting her that she needed to be with them. She needed to know them, and she was just a mother and grandmother who wanted to be in their lives. She wanted him to never doubt her love for them. "Mom," he read in conclusion.

Hope asked Finn how he felt about that. He said his priority was with Steffy and Hayes. He hoped Sheila had changed, but there was too much history. Hope asked if he was trying to convince himself. Finn admitted that he was curious. He only knew the worst parts, and he hoped that wasn't all there was to his mother. Correcting himself, he said he already had a mother, and Sheila was his birth mother and wouldn't replace his mother.

"And yet?" Hope asked. Finn revealed that he wanted more than "this." He wanted answers to his questions, and he wanted to know Sheila. Steffy wouldn't have it, and he got that; however, his feelings were there. Hope believed it would all work out, and she hugged him.

At Forrester, Brooke was astonished when Katie told her that Quinn was telling the truth, and Eric was encouraging Quinn and Carter to be together. Brooke asked Katie how Quinn had convinced Katie of it, and Katie revealed that Eric had been the one to tell her.

Later, Brooke couldn't believe Eric was encouraging it. Katie explained that he thought it showed how much he cared for Quinn. Brooke asked what was wrong with Quinn and if she couldn't see it as a cry for help. Katie stated that they'd known Quinn was selfish, but "this is beyond." Brooke asked if Eric had seemed to be okay with it. "He tried," Katie replied, but she could tell that Eric was hurting very badly.

Brooke wondered how to help Eric. Katie didn't know but said they couldn't use Ridge's attack strategy. Brooke reasoned that Ridge was just worried, but Katie said he had to understand that Eric was embarrassed. Brooke stated that Eric needed guidance and people around him who cared about him, not Quinn. Brooke was glad Eric had a neighbor he could lean on in Katie.

At Eric's house, Ridge didn't believe Eric would do that. Eric stated that he had asked his wife to be with another man, and Quinn was back with Carter because of Eric. Tempers flared as Quinn tried to tell Ridge that she'd told him that. Ridge looked to Eric for answers, but Eric asked if he had to really say it out loud. Ridge concluded that Eric couldn't. Eric replied that just because that part of his life was over for him, it didn't mean it had to be over for Quinn.

Ridge asked what that woman had done to Eric. Eric wanted Ridge to listen. Claiming it was all he'd done, Ridge wanted Eric to listen for once. Ridge believed Quinn had manipulated Eric into thinking she needed to be in another man's bed. Ridge was ready for change, starting with "this thing." Ridge gestured to the portrait. Ridge asked how Quinn could go after a vulnerable man like that. He guessed she wanted everything -- the big house, the picture over the fireplace, and the Forrester lifestyle. But she also wanted to be in Carter's bed, Ridge added. "Game over! Take your stuff and get out now!" Ridge exclaimed.

Eric stated that it was enough, and Quinn wasn't going anywhere. Eric told Ridge to leave his wife alone, and Quinn decided Ridge needed to leave. Ridge refused to leave his father with Quinn. Eric asked if Ridge thought Eric was a pitiful man who needed protection. Eric asked if Ridge thought Eric was weak and decrepit. Eric wondered if Ridge knew how much strength it had taken for Eric to ask Quinn to do it. "I'm doing the best I can here!" Eric yelled.

Upset, Eric reasoned that he'd lived in that house a long time with many other people, but Quinn gave him what he needed at that time. He needed her and her companionship, and she needed more than that. Eric said she could get it with Carter. Ridge told Eric that he needed to stop. Eric wished he could, and he hoped it never happened to Ridge. He hoped Ridge never got to a point in his life in which he feared being alone as much as Eric feared it at that moment.

Ridge shed tears as he looked upon his father. Ridge said Eric had lost his dignity. Quinn took exception, yelling that Eric had more dignity than Ridge ever would. She refused to let Ridge berate Eric. Ridge felt that Quinn was conning Eric, and Eric was so concerned with pleasing her that he didn't see the pain she caused him.

Eric asked if Ridge knew how much it hurt. It broke Eric's heart, but it was Eric's decision. Ridge yelled that he didn't accept Eric's decision. Eric threw his hands up. Ridge asserted that they knew it was wrong, but Quinn would keep going because she knew what she wanted. Ridge told Quinn that she needed to leave.

"Like you left? And Thorne? And Kristen and Felicia? And Rick and Bridget? Bridget...They all left, Ridge. Brooke left. Donna left. Stephanie's gone." Eric chuckled, stating, "Stephanie...I don't want to be alone in this house!" He asked if Ridge heard that. There was silence. Eric stated that was what it was like to live there. There were no footsteps, laughter, or conversation, and no one to listen when he had something to say.

When Eric had told Quinn to get out, he'd remembered what it was like to be alone there. So, he'd asked her to come back. "And she did," Eric said, putting his arm around Quinn. He stated that they loved each other, and Quinn filled his heart and drove away the emptiness. It was what Eric wanted, and it was his house and his life. He would not be alone. Quinn smiled at him, and they kissed.

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