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Carter and Quinn gave in to desire again. When Eric wanted to cancel the jewelry line, Carter convinced Eric to keep it. Steffy turned down an impromptu wedding in her living room and offered to let Paris make herself at home at the cliff house.
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Paris moved in with Steffy and Finn, and Carter and Quinn said goodbye... but couldn't stay away from each other
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Carter and Quinn become swept up in each other again Carter and Quinn become swept up in each other again

Monday, July 19, 2021

In the photo shoot area at Forrester, Brooke rocked a photo shoot with Ellen, a friend and German photographer that Brooke had just had to have when the magazine had asked who she'd wanted to photograph her for the article. Ellen was never too busy for a friend.

Brooke would have waited for Ellen, if necessary, because only Ellen could make her look so formidable. Ellen replied that Brooke was gorgeous and a legend. Ridge approached, unable to agree with Ellen more. He greeted Ellen, speaking German. Brooke said Ellen had agreed to do the article. Brooke was still getting the hang of things again and was kind of rusty.

Ellen said not to listen to Brooke, who still had it. Ridge replied that he knew it better than anyone. He growled at his wife. "Oh, goodness...A little flirty..." Ellen said, snapping photos.

Brooke changed into another outfit, and as the shoot continued, Ellen asked Ridge to gaze at Brooke from across the room. He was eager to oblige, but then Ellen decided to place him in the shot. Demurely, he agreed to only do one.

Ridge and Brooke took several flirty photos until Ellen was satisfied enough to wrap up the shoot. Brooke thanked Ellen, and Ellen invited Brooke to visit her in Paris. Ellen was proud to partake in the Brooke and Ridge legacy. With kisses, they bid Ellen au revoir.

Later, Brooke had changed back into her pink pantsuit, and she and Ridge laughed in the CEO's office about how fun the shoot had been. Ridge noted that she hadn't really told him about the photo shoot. He asked why. Brooke said she'd had her reasons. He guessed it was supposed to be a surprise. She figured that it wouldn't be a surprise if she told him.

Brooke teased that it was a way to keep their marriage exciting and keep him on his toes. Pulling her into his arms, he said he liked being on his toes. They kissed.

Later, Brooke and Ridge grinned, reviewing the photos they'd taken earlier. Ridge noticed that all the photos were of them together. He'd expected to see photos of her. "Surprise," Brooke replied with a giggle. She conveyed that they had been through so much, and she'd thought it had been a good way to honor their marriage and their legacy.

Ridge gave Brooke a long kiss. The article from Inside Fashion arrived on the laptop. It had a picture of Brooke and Ridge, calling them the Co-CEOs of Forrester. Ridge said they had to get that fixed, and Steffy probably wouldn't like that. Brooke frowned.

In the design office, Zende entered as Paris ended a call about putting things in storage. He assumed she was talking to a moving company and couldn't believe Zoe wasn't returning. Paris conveyed that the lease was up on Zoe's place, and Zoe wouldn't be back anytime soon, leaving Paris to find a place to live. Paris didn't blame Zoe and asked what Carter had been thinking to get mixed up with Quinn.

Paris and Zende discussed Carter's deep involvement with Forrester, which worsened Carter's betrayal. Zende stated that Carter had risked everything, and it had to feel like a miracle to Carter that he still worked there. Paris attributed it to Eric's forgiving nature. Zende asserted that his grandfather was no pushover, and Carter hadn't gotten away with anything. No one would feel the same about Carter again -- or trust him as much. "Especially around Quinn," Paris said.

Against Carter's front door, Carter and Quinn were nestled in each other's arms. He said he'd had to do it one more time, and she was "so glad" he had. She also appreciated that he'd saved her portrait but felt as if she'd gotten him into too much trouble.

Carter replied that Eric had made it very clear that Carter wouldn't be with her if he wanted to be with the Forresters, and representing Eric would make "this" a big conflict of interest. Carter agreed that it would be if it were to continue. Wrapping her arms around his neck, Quinn decided that if it was the only moment they had, then she'd make the most of it.

Quinn claimed to have never believed in silver linings, but she felt lucky to have spent the time with Carter, who was such a strong and honest man. He was smart and sexy, and thanks to him, part of her felt free. She was free from being Mrs. Eric Forrester, always afraid that she wouldn't measure up, that her marriage was about to end, and she wasn't good enough.

Carter was sorry Quinn had felt that way. She was, too. She'd thought a lot about what had happened with Eric and everything between her and Carter. Quinn and Carter clung to the idea that what they had done hadn't been shameful. He said he'd never stop thinking of her or what they meant to each other.

With Quinn and Carter in each other's arms, Quinn said it was happening again. All her stress was melting away as she looked at him. Clinging to him, she said they couldn't do it again. She'd been the one to show up there, but he'd been the one to stop her from leaving.

Carter admitted that he shouldn't have, but he didn't regret it. Quinn insisted that there was too much at stake, and they needed to move on. She said she'd battle back like she always did. He'd rebuild his reputation, and someday, he'd built a life with a beautiful, fit model at Forrester.

Carter claimed it wasn't what he wanted. Quinn asked what he wanted, and they began peeling off each other's clothes and making out.

Later, Carter and Quinn were naked under blankets on the sofa, and she got the feeling he wasn't done with her yet. He said she might be right. They didn't want anyone to find out about it that time, and Carter asked what they were doing. Quinn said they were living in the moment and giving in to impulses. He guessed they'd been doomed from the start.

Quinn didn't want it to end, and Carter didn't, either. She knew that she should be mourning the end of her marriage, but she couldn't help feeling at peace. She'd ruined many lives. She was a human wrecking ball, and she didn't want to do that to Carter. She wanted to stay with him, but she knew that it couldn't happen. It had to end, and they'd eventually have their last kiss and say goodbye. "Just a kiss?" he asked, and they began making out again.

At the cliff house, Finn held a diamond encrusted wedding band and tried to convince Steffy to marry him right there in the living room. Steffy thought he was the craziest, most romantic man she knew. He offered to do it there or go to the beach. She loved him for thinking of it, and it was really sweet the way he loved her, Kelly, and Hayes; however, she asked if Finn really just wanted to race into it.

The light in Finn's eyes dampened as Steffy stated that she wasn't declining. It was just that they'd just had a baby, and they had to think about things. They were busy and exhausted half the time. Plus, she hadn't met his family. She wasn't in a rush to say vows -- unless there was a reason he didn't want to have a big wedding. "Is there?" she asked.

Finn was fine with giving Steffy a big wedding if that was what she wanted, even if it meant waiting. He had to ask her something. He wanted her to be honest with him and herself. He wondered if the desire to hold off on the marriage had anything to do with Liam.

Steffy replied that Liam was not the reason she didn't want to rush into marriage. Finn asked her to think about it, but she didn't need to. For her, it was obvious. Finn said he knew how much she'd loved Liam, and they had Kelly together. Steffy said that, as Kelly's father, Liam would always be around; however, she was committed to Finn, and they didn't need a piece of paper to validate that.

Steffy couldn't wait to meet Finn's father. She bet his father was as handsome as he was. She said they needed to invite his parents over. She needed to meet them, and the sooner the better. Steffy nestled on Finn's chest, and he had a contemplative expression on his face.

Ridge spots a dress behind Carter during a video call. Ridge spots a dress behind Carter during a video call.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

At Forrester, Ridge grabbed his phone, hoping the article hadn't gone out with the typo. Brooke asked if he thought Steffy would be upset. He was sure of it and said Brooke would be upset if someone else got credit for the work she'd done. Brooke thought it might be a good opportunity to talk about it. "About whether the company is important to my daughter?" he asked.

Brooke was sure that it was important to Steffy but asked, "What if I were co-CEO with you?" Ridge clarified that Brooke wanted to know what he thought of her taking a job that was already taken. He felt that Steffy was raising a family and would do a great job running the company with him. Brooke wasn't saying that Steffy wouldn't. Ridge asked what Brooke was saying.

Being with Ellen had caused Brooke to remember all the contributions she'd made at Forrester. Ridge said the company wouldn't be the same without Brooke. Of that, there was no question.

Brooke remembered that she and Ridge had been discussing her having a more important role there, and since Eric was stepping down a little bit from his responsibilities, Brooke felt that she could really help out until Steffy returned full-time. Ridge frowned, but Brooke asked if it wouldn't be fun. She said they could run the company like Stephanie and Eric had.

Before Ridge could say anything more, a frustrated Eric entered, still unable to locate Carter. Eric asked if they had seen Carter. Ridge assumed it was about the divorce. It was, and Eric was anxious to get going. He wanted to get Carter in there. Ridge suggested a video call.

At Carter's place, Quinn sat on Carter, kissing him and gleefully grinning. She asked why it was that whenever she headed for the door, they wound up in a different position.

Later, Quinn and Carter nestled on the sofa together and admitted they could stay like that forever. They discussed the huge risk it was to be together, but Quinn wasn't willing to let him take it. She didn't want to ruin his future, which would happen if Eric learned that Carter and she were still involved.

As Carter and Quinn dressed, a "Bad to the Bones" ringtone sounded. It was the ringtone Carter used for Eric. Quinn wondered if Eric knew she was there. Carter didn't think so. He sat beside Quinn to answer the phone. Quinn gasped upon seeing something on the phone and she recoiled out of sight of Carter's camera.

Carter sucked in a breath when he saw Eric on the video call. Eric noticed that Carter was half-dressed. Carter claimed he'd finished a brief workout. He was working from home and thought he'd "get it in." He glanced at Quinn, who rolled her eyes. Eric wanted to talk to Carter in person. Carter asked what the concern was.

Eric expressed eagerness to get the divorce started right away. There were some things he wanted to discuss about the jewelry line, also. Eric asked Carter to draft a letter to Quinn and her attorney to announce that he was Eric's lawyer and representing Eric in the divorce.

On Carter's phone, Ridge was in the background behind Eric and asked if Carter was with anyone. Brooke told Ridge to leave Carter alone. Ridge noted that there was a dress behind Carter on the sofa, and it didn't fit Carter. Carter replied that it wasn't his. Ridge decided that Brooke was right, and it was none of Ridge's business.

Carter promised to be there soon. Eric thanked Carter for stepping up and attempting to make things as they'd been. Eric appreciated Carter's dedication to the family and business for all those years, and it was more important than ever. Eric didn't want it to change.

After the call, Carter asked Quinn what they were doing. Quinn could see how difficult it was for Carter. She said she couldn't do it to him anymore. Carter said it had been too close.

Hearing Eric's voice had reminded Quinn of what a special man Eric was and how special Carter was to the Forrester family. Carter was part of that family, and she cared too much to let him lose it over her. She'd made his life difficult as it was. He asserted that he'd been hurt and angry all the time, and she'd brought something wonderful and unique into his life. She'd changed his life in an amazing way, and he wouldn't trade it for anything.

Quinn wouldn't, either, but Quinn said it wasn't worth it for Carter to risk losing everything. Carter wouldn't just lose his job. He'd lose his friendships there. He'd be shut out and a pariah. She felt that she wasn't worth that. "Yes, you are," Carter replied.

Back at Forrester, Eric said the call had been a little awkward. Ridge joked that they knew what kind of workout Carter had been doing. "Any idea who the woman might be?" Brooke asked.

At the cliff house, toys and laundry were everywhere. Paris stood in the middle of it, watching Finn and Steffy hunt for diapers. Paris said they were new parents and should cut themselves some slack. Steffy said he was the new parent, but she should be on top of it.

Steffy looked for her notes for the Foundation meeting. Finn handed Steffy her tablet. Steffy said she'd go back to the office soon, so Paris wouldn't have to keep making the trip out there. Watching Hayes in his crib, Paris didn't mind the trip at all, and she said they'd made a handsome little boy. Steffy and Finn grinned at each other.

As Steffy reviewed Foundation proposals, Paris remembered that she'd gotten food from Malibu Fish Tacos and brought extra. Finn readily looked in the bag, and the parents expressed their gratefulness. They hadn't had a chance to eat yet. Paris didn't know how they were still operating with no food or sleep.

Finn had learned that one just didn't notice it, and the joy of the baby made it worth it. Paris called Finn a loving, doting dad. Steffy affirmed it and claimed she was lucky to be doing it with Finn. She couldn't imagine doing it with anyone else.

Later, Steffy ended a call with Kelly, who was happy to be with her dad but anxious to get back for a playdate with her brother. Finn took laundry to the dining area, and Steffy returned to her meeting with Paris, leading with how much she liked Paris' mission statement changes.

Paris talked about the Foundation's areas of interest and knew that Steffy wanted to focus on drug addiction, as well. Steffy was sure Paris understood why. Steffy hadn't known that drug addiction had been such a pervasive problem until she'd gone through it herself. Folding laundry, Finn said it was insidious, capable of taking over one's life without notice. He recused himself, saying he wasn't involved in the Foundation and shouldn't be weighing in.

Disagreeing, Steffy said Finn was at the hospital and saw problems every day. Paris asked if Finn would want to serve on one of the advisory committees of the Foundation. She believed his input could be invaluable. Finn liked the idea. So did Steffy, who wanted to dive deeper into medical care for the needy.

Steffy urged Paris to pick Finn's brain, and Finn said he'd love it. He mentioned how impressed Steffy was with Paris, and he could see why. Steffy added that Hayes would be impressed, too, if he could understand what they were discussing.

As Steffy wrapped up the meeting, Hayes became fussy. Finn got a bottle, but he and Steffy had a hard time quieting the baby down. Paris didn't want to overstep, but she was pretty good with babies. Paris had a trick her mom said had always worked on her as a baby.

Finn handed Hayes to Paris, and Paris sang "Rock-a-Bye Baby." Hayes immediately calmed down in Paris' arms, lulled by her voice.

Quinn and Carter say goodbye Quinn and Carter say goodbye

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

At the cliff house, Steffy called Paris "a rock star" for all that she had done. Paris watched as Steffy and Finn interacted and couldn't help but feel a little sad. She confessed that she missed her sister, Zoe, more than she'd thought she would. Finn mused that Steffy could always "send Paris to Paris" to reunite with Zoe. Steffy told Paris to pay Finn no mind because he was clearly trying to get an early start on the dad jokes.

Paris shared that she wanted a child of her own one day. Finn and Steffy reflected on how a terrible situation -- Steffy's motorcycle accident -- had led to something unexpectedly beautiful. "I found my future when I wasn't even looking," Steffy said as she smiled. "Or conscious," she quipped seconds later.

Paris mentioned wanting to create a platform for the Forrester Foundation to post stories from "ordinary people" that would encourage people to want to get involved in the foundation. She explained that she hadn't had time to put together a proposal because her life was a whirlwind since Zoe's departure. She said that she had to put all of Zoe's things in storage and find somewhere new to live, but finding someplace to live in pricey Los Angeles was not the easiest thing to do. After learning that Paris was staying in a hotel, Steffy and Finn shot each other a glance. They both nodded, leading Steffy to ask Paris if she wanted to live with them.

Paris did not want to impose, but Steffy and Finn insisted. Paris promised she would not be an imposition and offered to do things around the house to help out. Steffy refused and told Paris that she needed to chill and make herself at home. Paris smiled broadly and gave Steffy and Finn hugs.

At Forrester, Brooke was unable to mask her joy as she asked Eric how his divorce from Quinn had been going. Eric explained that it was still early in the proceedings, so there wasn't a lot to share. Ridge spoke up to ask why Eric -- if he truly loved Quinn -- was ending the marriage. Eric countered that he and Quinn were "well and truly over." Brooke took a deep breath and called Eric's proclamation music to her ears. Still, Brooke felt sure that Quinn would not walk away without trying to get her hands on a hefty settlement.

Ridge stated that he was happy that Eric had decided to give Carter a second chance. Brooke chimed in that there was "no telling what Quinn might have done to seduce" Carter. The topic then turned to the dress that had been sprawled over Carter's sofa and whether it meant that Carter had another woman in his life.

Eric paced back and forth in his office and wondered what was keeping Carter. Ridge and Brooke were taken aback by Eric's sudden change in demeanor. Eric said that he wanted to get the divorce process started and discuss what would happen to the jewelry line. "Really sounds like you're hoping Carter sticks it to Quinn," Brooke sassed.

Carter took Quinn's hands, stared deeply into her eyes, and told her that she was "beautiful inside and out." Quinn averted her eyes and quietly said, "I almost believe that when I am with you." Carter continued, saying that Quinn was "warm, funny, talented, and creative, and sexy as hell," and told her that he never wanted to hear her doubt her worth again. "Your sincerity is one of the most beautiful things about you," Quinn replied softly.

Quinn told Carter that he had too much at stake. She walked over to her framed portrait and declared that they both should not lose everything because of their ongoing affair. Quinn recalled how she'd destroyed Eric, a man who had given her "pure love," and feared that she would do the same thing to Carter if given the chance. Carter countered that he could make his own decisions. He stated that he'd never met a woman like Quinn before and didn't want what they had to end.

Quinn called Carter a "revelation" but said that even though she wanted to know everything there was to know about Carter... she couldn't. "I have to let you go, otherwise I am going to ruin your life," she said softly, admitting, "It's my special talent." Carter tried to argue, but Quinn remained steadfast. She warned him that he would end up hating her when her prophecy came to fruition.

Quinn put her dress back on and told Carter that she'd just wanted to see him one last time. Slowly, Quinn walked to the door, stopping before exiting to look back at Carter. She closed the door behind her and leaned against the threshold for a moment. She then stood upright and walked off. Inside, Carter stared at Quinn's portrait.

Carter convinces Eric not to scrap Quinn's jewelry line Carter convinces Eric not to scrap Quinn's jewelry line

Thursday, July 22, 2021

At the cliff house, Finn helped Paris bring in a few boxes and some luggage. Hayes slept through it all, and Paris wasn't surprised that Hayes was perfect with parents like his. Steffy asked if Paris was sure about moving in, because there would be a lot of screaming.

Paris felt liberated just to get her things out of her trunk. Finn couldn't believe Zoe wouldn't be back. Steffy noted that it had happened fast. She knew that Paris was looking for a place but welcomed Paris to stay at the cliff house for as long as Paris liked.

Steffy didn't know how Paris was so stylish with so little luggage. Promising that it was mostly clothes, Paris said her one vice she didn't feel guilty about was fashion. She wasn't into material things unless it was a fabulous bag. Holding his fingers about three inches apart, Finn said Paris should see the closet space Steffy gave him. Paris claimed she had to be frugal because she was just starting out. Finn hinted that he was in with the boss and offered to put in a good word.

Paris was grateful for the offer to stay there and offered to help out in any way that she could, including changing diapers. Steffy wouldn't hear of it but was sure Kelly would love the extra attention. Finn figured Kelly would be stoked to know Paris would stay there.

Paris thought it was nice of Finn to say. Steffy added that Paris had a positive energy and was enthusiastic about life. Paris didn't know about all that, but she tried to stay optimistic. "To be honest, this right here feels meant to be. Like the timing was perfect for all of us," Paris said.

Steffy agreed, and Finn offered to help Paris get her stuff set up in her room. Steffy said Paris might be able to see the sunset from there. Paris loved the sound of it.

Later, Paris and Finn headed back down the spiral staircase to where Steffy was in the living room. Steffy noted that it hadn't taken long. Paris was excited to say she got to live in Malibu, even if it was only temporary. Finn replied that it was a beautiful place to wake up to, but he hoped she was ready for things to get started at ungodly hours.

Steffy told Finn not to scare Paris, but Finn said there would be no sleeping in on Sundays. Paris wasn't worried about it at all. A house full of toys, kids giggling, and baby crying sounded fine. "Even at four a.m.?" Finn asked. Affirming it, Paris said her life had been way too quiet. Steffy concluded that Paris was in the right place.

Finn handed Paris some noise-canceling headphones to use in the morning. Kelly liked the television loud and watched the same video over and over. Steffy said they had it memorized. Finn was sure Paris would, too.

Paris was not fazed. Being around family was comforting for her, even if not her own. She recalled that she and Zoe had been trying to repair things when Zoe had up and gone. Paris was trying to lose herself in work and Zende, but being around a family would fill a void in her heart. Steffy said Paris was filling a void, too, because Steffy had been neglecting her girlfriends. Steffy missed her friends, so it would be nice to have Paris around.

Finn said Paris was doing Steffy and him the favor. Steffy hoped Paris' energy rubbed off on Steffy. Steffy thought that Paris had a kind soul and sang lullabies like Beyoncé. Paris thought those were big shoes to fill. Paris and Steffy were excited for what they'd share that summer. As Paris and Steffy hugged, Paris smiled over Steffy's shoulder at Finn.

At Spencer, Wyatt was irritated as he and Flo waited for Quinn. He said it was inconsiderate, and he had things he had to do. Outside the door, Quinn flashed back to being with Carter. When she entered the conference room, Wyatt demanded to know where she'd been.

Wyatt had been concerned about his mother. He'd text-messaged her several times. Quinn said she'd gotten there, but he quipped that it had been like pulling teeth to make that happen. Flo explained that Wyatt felt he and his mother had a lot to talk about. Agreeing, Wyatt wanted to know how Quinn had managed to sabotage and screw up her marriage.

Wyatt said Quinn had let Eric, the most important thing, slip away. Quinn replied that the most important thing to her would always be her son. She figured she could explain again and again, but it wouldn't change that she'd hurt Eric terribly and wasn't proud of it.

Flo asked if it was completely over and if Eric wouldn't go to counseling. Quinn was sure that Eric was done with her and had every right to be. Wyatt didn't know his mother to give up so easily. Quinn claimed not to be giving up but said they'd seen Eric's face. Quinn had run her marriage into the ground, used up all nine lives. Her marriage had come to an end.

Wyatt said that he was sorry, and he knew how hard it was for Quinn. Quinn replied that she only had herself to blame. Asking what was next, Wyatt assumed Quinn had ended her affair with Carter. In her silence, Wyatt asked again.

Quinn asked if Wyatt knew how risky it would be for Carter and the impact it had already had on him. Flo didn't think Eric had been thrilled about it. Quinn stated that Carter had a long way to go to repair the damage with Eric and Carter's standing at Forrester.

Flo asked if Quinn expected a pink slip to come her way. Quinn replied that she might not be welcome at Forrester, but her jewelry line was too valuable for Eric to just dump it. Quinn was more concerned about Carter and his standing with the Forresters and the company.

In the CEO's office, Eric and Ridge were together, and Eric agreed that Brooke hadn't been coming in as often as she had been. Ridge said she'd been an important part of the family and company for a long time. Agreeing with that, too, Eric was glad Brooke was coming in more.

Carter arrived and apologized for getting held up earlier. Ridge remarked that, from the video call, he'd gathered that Carter had been entertaining someone special. Eric wasn't concerned about Carter's personal life; Eric only cared that Carter complied with the conditions of his second chance at Forrester and that he'd have nothing to do with Quinn.

Eric didn't want it to be an issue. Ridge said Eric had asked Carter to stay away from Quinn, and that was what Carter would do. Ridge didn't think Eric had to keep bringing it up.

Getting down to business, Eric wanted to talk about the jewelry line. Carter said he'd been talking to their manufacturers, but Eric didn't want Carter wasting time on that. Carter stated that the deal ran out at the end of the quarter. Eric intended to let the deal expire. Eric didn't want anything to do with Quinn, who'd had a good run there. Eric was terminating the jewelry line.

Carter began speaking, but Ridge said it was Eric's company and decision. Carter got that, but he felt he had to advise Eric on financial matters. Carter said the line was a huge asset. Eric knew but said they'd phased out other lines before. Carter claimed it had sold a million units in one month alone and constantly created massive revenue.

Carter and Ridge agreed that the resort line had sold out, and there was a waiting list. Eric asked if he should ramp up production rather than kill it. Carter replied that they had to be smart because they could lose tens of millions of dollars per year. As COO, Carter was asking if Eric could set aside his feelings and find a way to keep Quinn's line alive.

Carter stated that the business was a success because of Eric, but rarely did an emotional decision fare well in business. Quinn's jewelry line was one of the most reliable moneymakers. Ridge agreed with Eric and didn't want Quinn near the building ever again; however, Carter had a point. Every fashion company had a jewelry line, and they couldn't replace Quinn's. They'd lose a lot of money. Ridge wasn't sure they could make it up.

Eric agreed, but he didn't want Quinn in the building. Carter didn't think Quinn would have any issues working off-site. Eric asked Carter to write it up. Carter agreed to draft a letter setting the parameters. Quinn had to work off the premises but would still be legally obligated to fulfill her contract at Forrester. Eric said it was good advice and thanked Carter.

Eric left for a meeting, and Ridge walked him out. Carter called Quinn. She answered the phone while still with Wyatt and made it clear that she couldn't talk freely. Carter knew they'd said their goodbyes, but he needed her to meet him at his place to talk about something. Quinn didn't think they wanted to go in that direction. Carter implored her, and she agreed to do it.

At Spencer after the call, Wyatt noticed that Quinn was anxious. Quinn tried to play dumb, but he could tell she was being secretive. Wyatt wanted to know who'd been on the phone.

Quinn and Carter wonder if they're in love... or lust Quinn and Carter wonder if they're in love... or lust

Friday, July 23, 2021

At Spencer, Wyatt tried to pry out of Quinn what she was keeping from him, but she insisted that all the secrets had been exposed. Carter sent Quinn a message, urging her not to bail on him. Quinn stated that she had someone waiting for her. Flo said Quinn wouldn't want to keep a lawyer waiting. Flo assumed Quinn was meeting someone about the divorce. Quinn affirmed that it was about her future.

Alone with Flo, Wyatt set someone straight on a phone call by threatening to get Bill involved. Afterward, Flo said Wyatt's aggression had been sexy, but she wondered if he really would have involved Bill. Wyatt replied that he wasn't that cruel, but he was thankful to know it was an option. Wyatt was relieved that Bill and Liam were out of jail, and that meant Wyatt could focus all of his worry and concern on Quinn.

Flo and Wyatt agreed that Quinn had been acting really weird. They began talking about Quinn's affair, and Flo could see how Quinn could fall for Carter. Flo went on and on about how gorgeous Carter was until Wyatt's nose flared. She claimed that Carter wasn't her type, but Wyatt kept glaring at her. "I love you," she innocently uttered.

Wyatt asked if his fiancée was saying that if an "attractive-armed" man looked her way, it was okay. Flo didn't condone Quinn betraying her marriage and hurting Eric, but Flo understood it if Eric wasn't making Quinn feel desired. Flo claimed it was a basic human need. Wyatt hoped he was fulfilling it for Flo. Flo agreed and felt lucky to have found him again.

Wyatt asked what she'd do if, in 20 years, everything he said bored her, and a beefcake lawyer started chatting her up. Flo said she'd thank the man for the legal advice and head right home to Wyatt. The two kissed, and she said Wyatt was more gorgeous. Wyatt thanked her. He'd been waiting for her to say that. He mumbled that he'd been working out.

At Forrester, Carter was grinning and anxious to leave but stopped short when Brooke and Ridge arrived. Brooke asked what was wrong with him. He claimed nothing was, and he was headed for a meeting. Ridge asked if Carter had been surprised that Eric had agreed to keep Quinn's line. Brooke scoffed upon hearing the news.

Carter wasn't and said it made sense financially. Ridge agreed that it did but figured it meant more paperwork for Carter. Carter assured Ridge that he'd handle everything to do with Quinn. Brooke continued to scoff as Carter strode out.

Brooke couldn't believe it and said it was terrible. Ridge contended that it made sense financially. Brooke asserted that it could make them money with a different designer. Ridge claimed that finding a new designer and starting over took time. Brooke felt naïve to have thought they'd gotten rid of Quinn for good. Ridge said they almost had, "but -- "

Brooke assumed the "but" was that Carter had spoken up and had argued to keep the line. "To keep Quinn?" Brooke asked. Ridge asked what Brooke was saying, and she stared at him knowingly. Brooke didn't want to second-guess Carter. "But you are," Ridge noted.

Brooke remarked that Eric wanted to disassociate himself from Quinn. She felt Carter should advise Eric to get rid of the line, but instead, Carter was encouraging Eric to keep it. It sounded strange to her. Ridge said Carter had promised to stay away from Quinn. That was why Carter was still at the company, and Carter's job was to make sure the company made money.

Brooke agreed that it was a money-maker, but she'd been looking forward to seeing Eric kick Quinn to the curb. Brooke was grateful that Quinn would at least be working off-site. Brooke had preferred Quinn to be out of their lives for good, though, and quipped that Brooke was at least glad Carter had agreed to keep Quinn out of the building.

Ridge asked if Brooke would be okay with it. She scoffed. Ridge decided to tell her like he'd told Eric and Carter: the whole thing was awful, and it was a hard thing to deal with; however, Carter had done them a favor. He'd shown everyone who Quinn really was.

To Brooke, it was an odd way to put it, but Ridge was right. Brooke said Eric had always found a way to forgive Quinn. Brooke guessed Ridge was right, and they owed Carter for being able to do what none of them had been able to do. Brooke said there was no way Eric would let Quinn worm her way back into his head. Brooke stated that Quinn would be alone for the rest of her life, and she was incapable of loving anyone but herself.

"Hi," Ridge uttered. Brooke said it back, and they kissed.

At Carter's place, Quinn arrived in sunglasses, anxious to be let in. Carter asked where she'd parked. She'd parked two blocks away, and he thought that was smart. Quinn denied that it was smart to be there or to be alone with him. He grinned.

Carter explained that there was something he needed to tell Quinn about. He could barely concentrate on what he was saying as he looked at her. He told her that he'd gone over divorce details with Eric, who'd wanted to end the jewelry line. Quinn asked if Eric hated her so much that he'd throw away years of her work, her art, and her contributions to Forrester.

Carter said Quinn had worked hard. It was a part of her and Forrester, and Carter hadn't let Eric get rid of it without a fight. He bragged that one of the attributes of being a lawyer was his ability to build a case. Quinn's line wasn't going anywhere. Carter had convinced Eric to keep it.

Quinn was amazed. Carter said she'd have to work remotely, but all he'd done had been to remind Eric of how profitable it was and to urge him to make the best decision for Forrester. She almost hugged him but stopped herself. She was thankful but asked if it had been wise of him to defend her. She believed that Eric would question Carter's motives. Quinn didn't want Carter to lose his amazing career at Forrester because of her.

Again, Quinn said she wasn't worth it. Carter grabbed her wrists and ordered her to stop. He asked what he'd told her. She pouted and said that he didn't want her to say that. He said she shouldn't say it because she was worth it. They kissed.

Quinn wanted to keep kissing Carter. Carter said it was safe because they were alone. She disagreed. She said they had to be strong and avoid the desire and temptation. She was trying to protect Carter. He was thankful, but it was harder than he'd thought to forget about her. She told him that he had no choice.

Carter asked what would happen if he couldn't. Quinn insisted that he had to. He agreed that she was right. She refused to let Carter ruin his career. She said Forrester needed him because Eric had planned to just throw away the jewelry line, which would have been a huge financial loss. Carter had talked Eric out of it. Quinn thanked Carter because the line was like a second child to her.

Carter replied that it was why he'd been determined to change Eric's mind. Quinn claimed she was bad at expressing emotions. She could express anger, but gratitude and affection weren't in her wheelhouse. "But you..." she said. She wanted him to know the effect he had on her.

Quinn had walked into every relationship, locked and loaded for battle, but with Carter, she wanted to lay down her sword. She felt free to be her. Quinn figured she was grossing him out, but he asked if she saw him going anywhere. He was where he wanted to be, right there with her. He said she claimed not to show emotion, but he'd known everything she'd said. He'd seen it in her looks and smile. He felt the same way. He claimed he'd never felt that way before.

"Is it love? Is it lust?" Carter asked. Quinn stated that it was them, and she wouldn't have it any other way. They kissed again.

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