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Wyatt's insecurities about Liam surfaced when Sally mistakenly called Wyatt by Liam's name. Thomas used Douglas to try to manipulate Hope to return to her HFTF line. Ridge offered to avoid divorce if Brooke would forgive Thomas.
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Ridge offered Brooke a way to avoid divorce
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Shauna professes her love for Ridge

Shauna professes her love for Ridge

Monday, December 2, 2019

At Spencer, Justin, Wyatt, and Bill welcomed Liam back to the company. Emmy gave Liam a "survival kit" she'd made for him to use at work. Holding up the flask from the basket, Liam asked if it came preloaded. The group debated whether Bill had mellowed since Liam had been there last. Bill expressed his gratitude for having Katie, his family, and his crew at Spencer.

Later, Emmy had gone, and the men discussed Hope gaining custody of Douglas. When they asked Liam how he felt about it, he said that he loved Douglas. Liam began stammering about his feelings and changed the subject to Wyatt and Sally and why Wyatt hadn't given her a ring.

Wyatt didn't know. Bill said Wyatt could do better, and Wyatt reminded Bill that Wyatt loved Sally. Justin asked what the holdup was. Wyatt explained that he and Sally were busy. Beneath everyone's stares, Wyatt began stammering. He admitted that something was off.

Bill figured that the universe was telling Wyatt not to get married. Claiming to have nothing against Sally, Bill offered to welcome her into the family -- if Wyatt ever married her. Bill just couldn't help but think there was something better for his son out there. Wyatt asked if Bill knew how insulting he sounded.

Liam asked what could be better than the awesome, talented, smart Sally Spectra. Liam thought that Wyatt was lucky to have Sally, and they should be grateful she was in Wyatt's life. Wyatt agreed with his brother, and Liam asked what the holdup was. Wyatt didn't know. He sensed that something was holding Sally back.

Just then, Sally arrived. She assumed she'd interrupted something. Wyatt explained that they were welcoming Liam back to the company. Sally joked that Liam was a traitor to Forrester. She said she'd miss working with him, talking to him, and receiving his sage advice.

Bill said that he and Justin had some contracts to work on. Before he ended the meeting, Bill suggested that the lovebirds develop a timeline or that Wyatt at least put a ring on it -- if Wyatt was serious. Wyatt and Sally smiled nervously.

Later, Wyatt and Sally were alone in Bill's office, and she felt that she'd interrupted something earlier. Wyatt revealed that he and the others had been talking about Sally and Wyatt's relationship. Wyatt wanted Sally to know that he was completely committed, but something was preventing him from putting a ring on her finger.

Wyatt wanted to marry Sally. "I absolutely do," he stated. Sally told him that he should say that at the ceremony. Wyatt planned to do so -- if they ever nailed it down. He stated that she hadn't really been pushing for it. Sally asked if it would be unattractive to hound her man about a wedding date. Wyatt said she could never be unattractive to him.

Wyatt kissed Sally. "Well, then. Are we doing this or not, Liam?" Sally asked. Confused, Wyatt asked what she'd said. She asked if they were doing it or not. Wyatt asked what she'd said after that part. Sally didn't know what he was talking about. He replied that she'd just called him Liam. Sally said she hadn't, but Wyatt insisted that she had. "Why? Or do we both know the answer to that?" he asked.

At Brooke's house, the Logan sisters gathered together and talked about how well Katie was doing. Katie said that it was all thanks to Flo. Brooke scowled. Her sisters noticed, and she said that she could be grateful to Flo but still hold what Flo had done against her.

Brooke relayed the news that Hope had become an official legal guardian of Douglas. Katie asked how Ridge felt about that, and Brooke revealed that he wasn't happy about many things that involved her. Donna asked if everything was okay, and Brooke confided in her sisters that she and Ridge were no longer together.

Brooke's shocked sisters assumed that it had to do with Thomas. Brooke couldn't remember going more than 20 minutes with Ridge without a fight. Katie thought the couple should steer away from discussing Thomas. Brooke said that Ridge was really angry and wouldn't listen to her anymore. She didn't like it.

Donna inquired about whether Ridge was still at Eric's house. Brooke affirmed it, and Donna divulged that Pam had told her that Quinn and Eric had taken Shauna on as a houseguest.

"Excuse me?" the livid Brooke responded. Donna added that Shauna had made no secret of her fascination with Ridge. Katie asked if Shauna might have maneuvered her way in there on purpose to be near Ridge. Brooke thought it was exactly something Shauna would do.

Later, Donna and Katie were reeling from what Brooke had just told them about Ridge's decision to leave her for not telling him that she'd thought Hope had killed Thomas. Realizing that it was a lot to deal with, Katie asked if Brooke was okay. Brooke wondered if she'd been too strong with Ridge in her response about Thomas.

Katie contended that Thomas had faked his own death. Donna added that it would have been dishonest of Brooke not to tell Ridge her true feelings. Brooke said it proved just how far apart she and Ridge were from it. Katie felt that her sister had done the right thing, but Brooke questioned whether or not she should have removed her ring. She feared that it was a mistake that could have ruined her marriage.

Brooke felt as if she should have taken into consideration that Thomas was Ridge's son, and she should have been gentler in her approach. She had been that way in the past and didn't know why she couldn't continue to be; however, the topic of Thomas made her angry and ready to fight.

Brooke berated herself for sending Ridge out the door to live elsewhere, but Katie said that Brooke couldn't have stopped Ridge's plan to have four generations of Forrester men somehow fix Thomas. Donna asked if Brooke had reached out to Ridge. Brooke replied that Ridge wasn't responding to her calls or messages.

Katie guessed that Ridge needed time to think, and he'd soon realize that he'd been acting out emotionally and didn't really want to end his marriage. Brooke didn't know what would change. She couldn't change how she felt about Thomas and what he'd done to her daughter. In Brooke's view, Thomas was a monster, and she and Ridge were at an impasse, while Thomas kept getting in the way. "And Shauna is taking advantage of it all," Brooke concluded.

At Eric's mansion, Shauna told Ridge that she felt as if she were flying each time he kissed her. She was in awe that "this" had become her life, being in Beverly Hills with a beautiful man. Ridge said that Shauna made him smile and caused his worries to disappear. She loved that she had that effect on him. Ridge kissed her.

The kiss deepened, and Ridge pulled back. Shauna promised not to be offended if he wanted to take things slowly. In her mind, he was the guy she'd been searching for, so it didn't have to be rushed. Ridge admitted that it was a little soon. That was acceptable for Shauna. She said they both had to want it, or else it was no good. She stated that staying with her was enough.

Ridge pulled Shauna into his arms to cuddle on the couch. He asked if she understood. She didn't want him to explain. She just wanted to be a safe place for him, and "this moment" was enough for her. "Well, for now," she reasoned.

Ridge was grateful for Shauna, who'd given him something he hadn't known he'd been missing. Shauna knew that his life was complicated, and she didn't have any expectations of him. She thought her feelings were obvious. She said that he didn't have to respond, but she'd been feeling it for a while. "I love you," Shauna said. Ridge kissed her again.

Eric warns Ridge not to hurt Brooke

Eric warns Ridge not to hurt Brooke

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

At Eric's house, Quinn entered with her shoes in hand. She spotted Ridge and Shauna sitting on the coffee table together, facing the fireplace. Quinn's mouth dropped open when she saw Ridge kiss Shauna. Quinn grinned and tiptoed upstairs.

Ridge decided that he needed to get to work. Shauna didn't even know what to call her and Ridge. He asked if she knew how special she was. She said she'd never thought about it. "That's what I mean," he replied and exited the house.

Quinn entered the room, and Shauna gushed about the house and about Linda knowing her favorite food. Quinn pretended to pick a hair off of Shauna's shirt. Quinn asked where it had come from. Shauna said there was nothing in Quinn's hand. Quinn asked who it would belong to if she actually were holding it.

Later, Shauna was saying that Quinn had seen Ridge there because he lived there. Quinn insisted that she'd seen the two of them. Quinn teased Shauna, who was denying that she and Ridge had done anything. Shauna said that Ridge was married, she didn't belong in his world, and Ridge wasn't a cheater.

Quinn claimed that it was disastrous to marry one's childhood sweetheart, but Brooke had been Ridge's sweetheart ages back. Shauna stated that Brooke was smart, beautiful, and "bitchy." Shauna didn't know what there was to dislike about Brooke. Quinn wasn't judging and didn't want to see Ridge unhappy. Quinn urged Shauna to go after him.

Shauna asked Quinn not to say anything to Eric. Shauna didn't want to cause more trouble for Ridge, though she wouldn't mind making trouble with him. Quinn asked if Shauna had ever imagined Quinn living where she did. All Quinn was trying to say was that miracles happened.

Shauna said that if she had to choose between the lifestyle or the man, she'd choose Ridge. Quinn wanted Shauna to be careful because there was still Brooke. Shauna knew that and also knew that she'd never be the love of his life. Shauna said she'd be happy with being the love of the rest of his life.

At Forrester, Ridge ended a call by saying that he loved the person on the line. Eric asked how Brooke was. Ridge said Eric would have to ask her himself. Eric had assumed that Brooke had been on the call, but Ridge said it had been Steffy, who was a better CEO than he for her desire to give out annual bonuses.

Eric advised Ridge to let Steffy work on the bonuses while Ridge worked on things he'd neglected. "Like your marriage," Eric said. Ridge didn't think he had a marriage anymore. Eric wondered if Ridge even knew who he was without Brooke. Eric didn't think Ridge needed to be staying with Quinn and Eric. Instead, Ridge should be home with Brooke.

Ridge replied that a house unwelcoming to his son was not a home. Ridge asked what Eric would have done if Stephanie had wanted to kick Ridge out at Thomas' age. Eric replied that Stephanie had only ever wanted to kick Eric out. Sensing something off about Ridge's attitude, Eric said he'd expected to see Ridge in tears on the floor. He asked if Ridge was seeing someone else.

"Oh, I see," Eric responded in Ridge's silence. Ridge claimed that Eric didn't see. Ridge said someone was supporting him through it, and it felt nice to have support for once. He said the woman didn't expect anything in return. Eric asked if he knew her, and Ridge revealed that she was living in Eric's guesthouse.

Ridge asked Eric not to give Shauna a hard time about it. Eric had seen the way Shauna looked at Ridge, and Eric asked how far it had gone. Embarrassed, Ridge said he wouldn't create a situation that Brooke could blame Eric for. Eric doubted Brooke would blame him for anything, but he was glad it hadn't gone far.

Eric didn't really know what to say to Ridge. Eric had crossed lines, too, when he'd been married to Stephanie. Ridge said his mother hadn't been easy. Eric thought he'd been too easy, which had made Stephanie difficult. Eric asked Ridge to try not to hurt Brooke. Ridge claimed that it was why he'd walked away.

Eric asked about Shauna. Ridge replied that he didn't know. Eric stated that good things happened when one didn't know -- sometimes.

In Bill's office, Bill was with Justin and Liam, expressing how dull Eye on Fashion had become. He wanted it to sparkle like it had when Liam had managed it. Liam said that Wyatt was working on it, and Liam didn't want to go down a competitive road with Wyatt again.

Bill appreciated Liam's concern but explained that Wyatt had been on overload while Bill had been away handling Katie's kidney scare. Wyatt was also working on a plan to sell jewelry and gemstones at a big markup. Justin said Wyatt's mother was pushing it. Liam wondered why Wyatt's interest in jewelry didn't extend to Sally's engagement ring.

Bill concluded that Wyatt had cold feet. Bill asked what Liam thought of the relationship and said Liam knew Sally better than anyone. "What? How do you figure that?" Liam asked. Justin joked that being blown up together brought people closer. Bill admonished Justin that it was a subject they'd never bring up again. Liam said it had been a long time back, and whatever Wyatt had with Sally, Liam had never had.

As the meeting concluded, Bill asked Liam to keep looking out for his brother. Bill was worried about Wyatt and his "semi" fiancée.

In Wyatt's office, Wyatt was upset that Sally had called him by his brother's name. Sally claimed that it had been an accident because Liam and his return to work were the themes of the day. Wyatt didn't doubt that it had been an accident, but he asked if there could be another reason that Liam was in her head.

Sally contended that she had never lived with Liam, slept with him, or agreed to marry him. Wyatt recalled that she'd been in love with Liam at one point. She insisted that Wyatt was making too much of it and asked how he'd feel about her calling him Bill or Justin. "But you didn't!" Wyatt replied and asked her again if she'd been in love with Liam or not at one point.

Sally admitted that she might have thought that at one point. Wyatt quipped that Liam had been her knight in shining armor. Disagreeing, she insisted that role belonged to Wyatt, who'd picked her up off a barstool when she'd thought she'd been finished. Wyatt had gotten his father to offer her the career she'd thought Bill had destroyed.

"But you declined and went back to Forrester, where Liam was," Wyatt remarked. Sally said Liam hadn't had anything to do with it. Wyatt stated that he apparently hadn't, either. She told Wyatt to just come right out and break up with her if that was his intention. Wyatt replied that she was talking to him as if she had no idea who he was.

Sally wondered if she did know Wyatt and said she had no idea what had brought the discussion on. Wyatt believed she did know. He asserted that he was done going after his brother's women. Sally said she wasn't and had never been Liam's woman.

Prefacing that it was the most important conversation that they'd have, Wyatt instructed her not to tell him what he wanted to hear. He wanted her to respect him enough to hurt him if need be. He stated that if he'd been burned before, it had been by women who'd never been kind enough to do him that simple favor.

Sally explained that she'd leaned on Liam after Thomas had dumped her and Bill had been sabotaging her. She'd been starry-eyed for a moment, but she'd gotten beyond it. She said that Liam had been married at the time, and she wasn't masochistic. Wyatt looked away. Sally said they were a fine pair. Wyatt quipped that he'd thought so, too.

Sally concluded that Wyatt was scared, and when she'd been scared, she'd told him that she couldn't trust him. His answer to that had been to propose, and she suspected that he feared that he was repeating a painful pattern. She asked what she could do to prove to him that it wasn't so with her.

In Wyatt's silence, Sally said she saw his proposal and raised him a trip to Vegas to get married that afternoon. "No," Wyatt replied. He didn't want to get married just to prove something. He claimed that when she'd asked him to marry her, she'd asked where the ring was. Sally said that wasn't true. He continued, saying that when he'd questioned her about calling him by her brother's name, she'd suggested getting married by an Elvis impersonator. He thought it was a big game of chicken and asked what they were trying to prove.

Sally only wanted to prove that she loved Wyatt. She said that Liam had been a bright light in her life, but Wyatt was the sun, moon, and stars. "Fine...Butter me up with compliments, why don't you," Wyatt murmured. Sally wasn't happy that she'd dropped Liam's name earlier, but it had helped her and Wyatt know each other better. Agreeing, Wyatt kissed her. She said that they'd be okay -- even if it killed her.

Quinn offers to help push Shauna and Ridge closer

Quinn offers to help push Shauna and Ridge closer

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

by Nel

At Steffy's home, the Thanksgiving decorations were out, and Ridge played with Kelly. Thomas informed him that Douglas was with Hope. When Steffy took Kelly to her room for a nap, Ridge confronted Thomas about giving Hope shared custody of Douglas. Steffy returned and stated that Douglas should be with them, not Hope. Ridge claimed that Hope had taken advantage of Thomas. Ridge claimed that Hope had almost killed Thomas, but Thomas interjected and clarified that he hadn't planned that. He claimed that by letting Hope believe he had died, Hope would see that honest people sometimes made mistakes.

Thomas told Ridge that he'd let Hope believe he had died for one night only. He said people kept secrets, and Hope had, as well. She hadn't gone to the police when she'd believed that she had killed him, and she hadn't told Ridge about it. Ridge said that in all fairness, Hope had tried to tell him, but Brooke had interfered. Thomas said that something had clicked in Hope's head. He said people often did things they wouldn't normally do. Ridge said he understood that, but he wanted to know why Thomas had signed the custody papers.

Thomas told Ridge that he wanted to focus on the fact that it was the day before Thanksgiving. He asked if Ridge would spend the day with Brooke. Ridge said he didn't know. Steffy asked if he and Brooke were really over. Ridge said they had some issues, one of which was that she hadn't told him that his son had died. Ridge left.

Steffy called Thomas out for being happy that Ridge and Brooke had broken up. Thomas admitted he was happy, and he wouldn't apologize for it. He asked Steffy if she wasn't a little excited that Ridge's marriage to Brooke had ended. Steffy stated that Ridge and Brooke would never end. Thomas claimed that Brooke was not Ridge's destiny. Thomas said it was the best thing to happen to Ridge since his marriage to Taylor. He said that Ridge had finally realized who Brooke really was.

Steffy told Thomas he needed a reality check. She said Hope had taken his son away from him, but Thomas said he'd given Douglas up because he wanted things to happen between him and Hope. Steffy said it would never happen. Thomas asked why -- and questioned if there was nothing in him to love. He vowed to become a better person. Thomas promised Steffy that she and Liam would be together, and he would have Hope.

At the cabin, Hope and Liam spent time with Beth and Douglas. Douglas said he was grateful to have Hope as his mother and that he loved her. Hope said she loved him, too. Hope and Liam exchanged an awkward look when Douglas asked who would be at grandad's dinner the next day. Hope said she wasn't sure who would be there. Douglas hoped he would see Hope on Thanksgiving.

Liam asked Hope if she planned to spend Thanksgiving with Douglas. Hope said she wanted to. Liam pointed out that it meant they would be spending Thanksgiving with Thomas. Hope said that Douglas was a very sweet big brother to Beth, and Liam agreed. Liam wondered if Douglas was confused by everything that had happened. They bickered about spending time with Thomas because Liam didn't think it was safe. Hope said she would always be Douglas' mother, and Thomas would always be his father, so they would always be in each other's orbit.

Later, Hope told Douglas that he'd been a hero because he'd told the truth, and he'd brought Beth home to them. She told him that she was honored to call herself his mom.

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn caught Shauna daydreaming. Shauna admitted that she'd been daydreaming about her kiss with Ridge. Quinn invited Shauna and Flo to Thanksgiving dinner. Shauna was thrilled about the invitation, but she told Quinn that Flo wouldn't attend because she was still taking it easy. Quinn said that with any luck, Ridge would be there. She said that Ridge hadn't confirmed his attendance, but if he did attend, she would make sure that Ridge sat next to Shauna. Quinn explained to Shauna about the Forrester Thanksgiving tradition of saying something nice about the person seated next to them and said it created a couple of hours of peace.

Shauna told Quinn that Ridge was a hot guy, but they hadn't crossed any lines. Quinn chirped that things would be different by the time the weekend was over. Shauna chortled. She said she couldn't believe that she and Ridge had made out in the Forrester house. Quinn said that it was where she and Eric had fallen in love and where they'd gotten married. Shauna admitted it had felt good to be in Ridge's arms. Quinn was thrilled for her.

Ridge arrived a short time later. He was happy Shauna was there. He asked Shauna about her day. Shauna told Ridge that Quinn had seen them kissing. She informed Ridge that she'd told Quinn the truth. Shauna stated that she had something to be grateful for at Thanksgiving. She said she liked spending time with him, but she had no expectations, and there was no pressure. She only wanted to live in the moment.

Ridge smiled when he told Shauna that he hadn't made out on the couch since his high school days. He said he appreciated Shauna, and it felt great that she understood him. Shauna said she was thankful that Ridge was in her life. They kissed.

Thomas uses his son to manipulate Hope

Thomas uses his son to manipulate Hope

Thursday, December 5, 2019

At Forrester, Thomas worked in the CEO's office with Douglas. He asked if Douglas had enjoyed Thanksgiving. Douglas had loved everything but the cranberry sauce. The best part for him had been seeing mommy. It had been the best part for Thomas, too. Thomas said they'd be able to see mommy that day if Douglas worked on the special project they'd talked about.

Liam arrived, and Douglas enthusiastically greeted him and wondered if Hope was with him. Liam said that Hope was spending time with Beth. Thomas assumed that Liam was homesick for Forrester, and Douglas asked if it was the same feeling he got when he wasn't with his mommy.

Pam rushed in, sorry that she was late to help Douglas with a special assignment. Liam asked what it was, but Pam said she'd been sworn to secrecy. Pam left with Douglas, and Liam asked Thomas what it was about. Thomas repeated that it was a secret -- but a good one. Liam figured it was unlike the secret about Beth that had caused so much suffering.

Thomas said he'd thought Liam was there for a different reason -- custody of Douglas. Liam was aware that Thomas had given Hope what she'd wanted, but he wanted Thomas to know that he was onto Thomas. Thomas asked what he was supposedly up to.

Liam lit into Thomas for letting Hope think that she'd killed him. Thomas began to explain something, but Liam didn't want to hear Thomas' twisted reasoning for it. Liam already knew that Thomas had tried to show Hope that anyone was capable of keeping a secret for self-preservation. Thomas asserted that it was exactly what Hope had done.

"She kept what happened -- " Thomas started to say. Cutting him off, Liam corrected that it had been what Hope had "thought" had happened. Liam said it had been a hoax, and Thomas had wound up torturing Hope for 24 hours in his effort to teach her something. Liam called it a cruel thing to do to a woman who'd already suffered for months at Thomas' hands.

Thomas claimed it hadn't been planned or calculated. Liam didn't care. He yelled that Thomas didn't get to hurt Hope like that again. Thomas replied that Liam didn't get it, but Liam said Thomas was the one who didn't get it. Liam yelled that the months of pain Thomas had put Liam and Hope through would be seared into their minds forever, and he told Thomas not to kid himself that Hope would forgive him anytime soon.

Thomas stated that Liam was underestimating Hope's capacity to forgive. Hope had the biggest heart of anyone Thomas knew. Liam agreed, but he thought Thomas was deluding himself to think Hope had that capacity for him. Thomas thought he had a chance because he'd be working with Hope. Doubting it, Liam said she wanted to spend more time with Beth.

Thomas asked if Liam would keep Hope from her career. Liam replied that Hope was making up for lost time, and he and Hope wouldn't forget the months that Thomas had stolen from them. Thomas claimed that he regretted it and that hiding Beth's identity had been a mistake. Thomas stated that he was doing everything he could to turn things around.

For Douglas' sake, Liam hoped it was true. Liam warned Thomas to steer clear of Liam and his family. He said that he and Hope had a child and family together. Thomas pointed out that he had a child and family with Hope, too. "I'm just saying," Thomas concluded.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope read Beth a book and explained that the holiday after Thanksgiving was Christmas. Steffy arrived. She was glad that Kelly and Beth had been together for Thanksgiving and hoped that it would always be that way. Hope decided that it was time for Beth to take a nap. She thanked Steffy for stopping by and apologized for the timing. Steffy said it was a bonus to see Beth, but Steffy was there to talk to Hope.

Hope put Beth down for a nap and returned to the main room. Hope figured that Steffy was there to talk about what had happened to Thomas at Forrester. Steffy stated that Hope had thought she'd killed him and hadn't confided in anyone about it but Brooke. Hope didn't want to bring her mother into it, but Steffy didn't believe Brooke had had nothing to do with Hope being quiet.

Hope asserted that she'd had every intention of revealing the truth. Steffy wasn't saying that Hope wouldn't have; however, Steffy did note that after Hope had thought she'd killed Thomas, she hadn't told Steffy or Ridge. Steffy didn't know how Douglas would have reacted to knowing that his new mommy had killed his father.

Hope explained that she hadn't meant for it to happen. Things had spiraled out of control, and she'd had to find Douglas. "But when you saw things getting out of hand..." Steffy said. Hope asked if Steffy thought Hope was responsible for Thomas' behavior. Denying it, Steffy replied that she knew her brother had been wrong. "But you're not exactly Miss Innocent," Steffy added.

Hope scoffed. Steffy accused Hope of manipulating Thomas' feelings to get custody of his son. Hope said that Steffy knew that Douglas thought of Hope as his mother. Steffy noted that it had become true because Thomas had signed over half of his son to Hope. Steffy was concerned about how the co-parenting would work in light of how Hope felt about Thomas. She asked if Hope would be able to forgive Thomas after what he'd done to her.

"Can you?" Hope asked, referring to how Thomas' secret had hurt Steffy, too. Hope saw how Steffy still looked at Beth. Hope knew how hard it had been for Steffy to let Beth go and contended that Thomas could have taken away that pain and grief from the moment he'd learned the secret. Hope believed that Steffy wanted to forgive Thomas, but Hope asked if it was really possible.

Steffy didn't know if she'd ever get beyond what had happened or the role that Thomas had played in it; however, she couldn't be angry at him forever, especially if he was truly sorry for what he'd done. Steffy said that Ridge believed that Thomas was. Hope asked what Steffy believed. Steffy wanted to forgive her brother and believe that he was becoming a better man.

Hope asked how Steffy felt about the custody arrangement. Steffy didn't like it and didn't think that Thomas should be giving up custody to anyone. "Especially me," Hope figured. Steffy knew that Hope and Douglas loved each other and had been there for each other, but Steffy believed that Hope had manipulated Thomas to get partial custody of the child. Steffy welcomed the idea that she could be wrong -- but she didn't think she was.

At Forrester later, Hope arrived at Thomas' behest. Hope was eager to get back to Beth, who she'd left with Amelia. Thomas revealed that Liam had been there and hated Thomas more than ever. Hope shared that Steffy had visited her. Thomas decided to talk about that later, and he called Pam to say that they were ready.

In strode three models in Bohemian spring wear. He said it was a preview of his latest designs for HFTF. The models showed off the outfits, and Thomas escorted them out of the office. He told Hope that he was onto something, but what they really needed was her.

Thomas said that Hope was his inspiration; the line needed her, and he needed her -- as her designer, he added. He'd done his best, but he insisted that his designs would be better if Hope was there, inspiring him and the team. He thought it was time for her to return full-time.

Just then, Douglas burst in with a drawing Pam had helped him with. It had the words "Hope for the Future" written out in big letters. Hope guessed that he'd worked hard on it. Douglas said that his father had worked hard on designing the dresses.

Hope knew that, but she said she needed to spend time at home with Beth. Douglas promised to look after Beth. Douglas urged her to work with his father.

At Spencer later, Liam stalked around his office, deep in thought. Steffy arrived. She'd decided to stop by on her way to her office. She wished he was still at Forrester. Liam chatted about how her new line with Sally, which was a departure from the Intimates Line, was going. She asked how he was, and in his silence, she asked if he was okay.

Steffy noted that Liam seemed distracted. "Pissed off" was the phrase Liam chose to describe himself. He revealed that he'd seen Thomas, and "he's delusional." Liam explained that Thomas was hoping to worm his way back into Hope's life with forgiveness, but Hope knew who Thomas really was. In Liam's view, Hope's focus was family and being at home with Beth.

Ridge offers Brooke a way to avoid divorce

Ridge offers Brooke a way to avoid divorce

Friday, December 6, 2019

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge stared solemnly at a set of divorce papers. Shauna told him not to ask her for legal advice. Ridge and Brooke had been ironing out their divorce over the past few days, and Carter had dropped the papers off earlier. Looking at the document, Ridge was unsure whether he could sign it. He needed time with his wife.

Shauna said that she and Ridge had had a good time. Ridge replied that it had been more than that. She understood that he loved his wife. He stated that if it were to be the end, he had to make sure that he'd done everything he could have done to work it out.

Ridge said he'd meant what he'd said about Shauna. Shauna replied that he'd also meant what he'd said about his wife. She advised him to be honest with Brooke, and he exited the house.

Later, Quinn entered, looking to invite Shauna out to eat. She noted Shauna's somber mood, and Shauna revealed that Ridge had just left with divorce papers for Brooke. Quinn was surprised to hear that it had gotten to divorce, but she didn't think Shauna needed to be so grim about Ridge, who was on the precipice of being a free man.

Shauna explained that Ridge was hoping that he and Brooke would not sign the papers. In Shauna's view, Brooke was still the only woman Ridge wanted to be with. Shauna had known that it wouldn't work out with Ridge. It had seemed as if they'd had real potential, though.

At Brooke's house, Ridge arrived with the divorce papers. Even though she and Ridge had discussed divorce, she couldn't believe it was really what he wanted. "Of course, it's not what I want," he replied. He loved and missed his Logan. He felt that they were meant to be together.

Ridge stated that he and Brooke were on the edge of a cliff, but neither wanted to be there. He didn't think they could go back to fighting, and he didn't want her to be his enemy. She was the love of his life. He feared that the distance would keep growing, and if they signed the papers, it was over. He said it wasn't too late to try to fix it.

Ridge offered to work through it with forgiveness, but Brooke said forgiveness wasn't the answer to every problem. He figured that they needed to begin somewhere. Every time Brooke thought of forgiveness, she thought of Thomas being back at Forrester and Shauna being welcomed into Eric's guesthouse. She asked if Eric had invited Shauna to Thanksgiving.

Ridge said he wasn't there to talk about Shauna. In his mind, only one thing was keeping him and Brooke apart -- the disagreement about Thomas. Ridge wanted to begin with forgiveness. Brooke asked if she was supposed to forgive Thomas. In Ridge's silence, she figured that either she forgave Thomas, or she and Ridge would get a divorce.

Brooke told Ridge that he didn't know what he was asking. He asked if she was saying they'd never have holidays together again. Brooke said she didn't like their situation, either. He respected the way she protected Hope, but he didn't want Brooke to blame him for being there for his kid. Ridge was trying to pull the family back together. He said they had to do it together. He wanted Brooke by his side. He said he'd ask her once more -- "Can you find it in your heart to help me help my son? Can you forgive Thomas, please?" Ridge asked.

At Spencer, Steffy and Liam discussed their feelings about Hope, Thomas, and Douglas. Steffy felt that Thomas shouldn't have let Hope talk him into the custody agreement; however, Liam replied that it had been the other way around, and Thomas had used the custody to win Hope over. Steffy asked if it was working. Liam was sure Thomas thought it was, but in Liam's mind, Hope wanted nothing to do with Douglas' father.

Steffy stated that Douglas and Thomas were a package deal. Liam asserted that if Hope could do it another way, she would. Steffy conveyed that Thomas had said he and Hope were getting along. Liam quipped that Thomas had also believed that they'd been happily married, and he said that Thomas was delusional to think he'd have any connection with Hope besides Douglas.

Liam loved Douglas, but Hope parenting Douglas meant that Thomas would be around. Steffy and Liam wished Thomas hadn't signed the papers. Steffy said that Hope and Liam shouldn't be stressing out. Instead, they should be enjoying Beth. She felt that Hope and Beth were lucky to have him, and she couldn't believe that Hope would let anything get in the way of that.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Hope was touched by what Douglas and Thomas had done for her. Douglas urged her to work with his father. Hope was tempted by the idea, but she was enjoying being a mother. Thomas recommended that Hope use the Forrester daycare and bring Beth into the work area. Thomas said Douglas would be there after school to help out the way Thomas had helped Ridge.

Thomas wanted to do what it took to make Hope comfortable. He shared her passion for her line, and he asked her to let him prove himself to her. Hope appreciated the enthusiasm, and it sounded really good to her. Douglas asked if Hope was agreeing to do it.

Hope said that she had to think about making a commitment to a relaunch. Thomas asked if he was the problem or if the commitment was. He said Hope was right to be concerned, and he and Douglas weren't pressuring her. They just wanted her to know what was possible. Thomas felt that they'd make a great team.

Douglas affirmed that Hope and Thomas did make a great team because they were his parents. Thomas asserted that they were better than a team; they were family. He believed they needed HFTF's vision more than ever, and Hope was the only one who could bring it back to life.

Later, Douglas and Thomas were alone, and Douglas was sorry that Hope hadn't agreed. Steffy arrived, saw Douglas' HFTF artwork, and said Douglas could head up marketing. She asked what was going on, and Douglas explained that his father had asked Mommy to work with him.

Steffy and Thomas exchanged stares. Douglas explained that his father had said that Beth and Douglas could help, and they'd all be there together.

Pam arrived to pick up Douglas, her lunch date. The moment Pam and Douglas left, Steffy accused Thomas of using Douglas to lure Hope back to Forrester.

Back at Spencer, Hope arrived as Liam finished up a call. He invited her in, and she noted that he'd jumped right back into work. She asked if there were tensions with Bill. Liam denied it and stated his belief that people could work with anyone as long as they set the right boundaries.

Hope had enjoyed her time with their daughter but figured that she had to start thinking about returning to work. Liam asked if Hope was ready for it. Hope had been contemplating it, and she thought she might be. Liam offered his full support, but he wondered how long it would take to get a new designer. "So, that's the part I'm unsure about," she replied.

Upset, Liam asked if she'd really let Thomas stay on. Hope said Thomas was already working on the line. Liam complained that Hope and Thomas were already parenting a kid together. He didn't think it was fair to have to work together, too. Hope stated that she hadn't agreed to it, but she hadn't turned it down, either.

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