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Florence pressured Reese to tell her the truth about the mysterious baby. Taylor gave Reese a down payment on the adoption, but a goon told Reese that it wasn't enough. Liam held the baby Steffy intended to adopt and readily noticed that the girl resembled Kelly.
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Steffy moved closer to adopting Florence's baby, unaware the child was really Hope's daughter
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Hope and Liam continue coping with their grief

Hope and Liam continue coping with their grief

Monday, January 21, 2019

In Wyatt and Sally's bedroom, Sally expressed relief that another family had been able to adopt the puppy she'd tried to give to Hope. Sally asked if Wyatt knew that she really didn't think a puppy could replace a baby. "Stop," Wyatt replied and kissed her.

Sally wished she'd listened to Wyatt. Wyatt said he wasn't always right. Sally continued to beat herself up about the puppy issue. Refusing to let her do it, Wyatt insisted that everyone knew she'd just been trying to help. Wyatt wanted Sally to go easy on herself and to continue to trust her gut. He noted that she'd done that when she'd taken a chance on him.

Sally reasoned that Wyatt had been the one to take the chance on her, not the other way around, and that was why she should have listened to him about the puppy. Wyatt asked her to listen to him tell her how proud and impressed he was with her.

In Wyatt's view, Sally was a woman who took chances, and her impulses made her an incredible artist. Sally said Wyatt was flattering her. He replied that if he wanted to flatter her, he'd tell her how hot she looked. The couple began kissing.

Later, Sally and Wyatt were wrapped in a blanket on the bed, sharing a pint of ice cream. She said she felt guilty for being so happy with him. Wyatt insisted that the house was a guilt-free zone. Sally decided that explained the empty ice cream carton she'd found in the freezer.

Defending himself, Wyatt replied that he'd left Sally a bite or two, at least -- out of generosity, not guilt. He was thankful that he wasn't selfish in the bedroom, at least. "Thank goodness," Sally quipped and laughed. He replied that he loved seeing her smile, and they kissed.

Wyatt expressed that he wanted to see Sally happy and smiling all the time. She replied that it wasn't possible to be that way all the time, but he made her laugh, no matter what she was going through. Sally felt blessed. Wyatt stated that he was the blessed one.

Sally asked if she and Wyatt could promise to remember how fortunate they were, no matter what they were going through in life. Agreeing to it, Wyatt said it would be easy for him because he fell in love with her more and more each day.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope told Liam that Sally hadn't been malicious with the puppy. Instead, Sally had been trying to do something sweet. Liam said people wanted to help but didn't know how. Hope didn't think she should have reacted to Sally the way she had. He reasoned that, under the circumstances, they wouldn't react to things the way they normally would.

Hope feared that she wouldn't get past it and asked if it was possible that "this is just who we are now." Liam didn't think it would always be that way and said that people survived tragedies all the time. He believed that he and Hope would, too, one step at a time. He felt that she'd made a big step by letting Wyatt and Sally visit.

Hope second-guessed granting the couple's visit. Liam insisted that they let people in, even if it hurt or even if the people said or did the wrong thing. He wanted her to promise that they wouldn't shut out the world. Liam wanted to make a deal. He offered to let Hope lean on him as much as she wanted, and he wouldn't pretend to understand what she was going through.

Hope replied that Beth had been his baby, too. Liam contended that he hadn't carried Beth inside him or felt her every kick. He felt that Hope had known the child in a way that he never had and probably wasn't supposed to. Acknowledging that he had the same hole in his heart as Hope did, he said they might go through life feeling that something was missing.

Liam didn't think it was a bad thing or that they should return to the way it had been before. He claimed he wasn't saying that they shouldn't ever be happy again, but he was recognizing that Beth had changed them forever. It was scary, but it was also beautiful that Beth was a part of them even without taking a breath. He believed Beth would be in everything they experienced, and Beth would be a reminder that there was nothing he and Hope couldn't do together.

Hope noted that Liam could see the beauty in anything. She saw how strong he was being for her, but she said he didn't have to hide his pain from her. Liam asserted that the pain wouldn't overwhelm them. He told her that they wouldn't let it because Beth wouldn't want them to.

Hope concluded that if she and Liam were to get through it together, they'd have to share all of it -- even the pain. She repeated that he didn't have to keep being strong for her. He knew it, but he wanted her to know that pain wasn't all that they had ahead of them. Even though they didn't get to raise their daughter, they still had each other, and they were still building a future.

Liam said that it wasn't the future he and Hope had envisioned with Beth, but there would still be happy moments and wonderful surprises. "And maybe a child," he added. Hope gave him a leery look, and he readily added, "Not now. Maybe not anytime soon, but we're going to be together for the rest of our lives, right? So, it's possible."

Shaking her head, Hope said she couldn't hear things like that at the moment. Liam stated that he wasn't disrespecting Beth's memory, and Hope corrected that Beth wasn't a memory. Liam replied that he knew it. Hope realized he was just trying to be supportive and positive and let her know that they had things to look forward to. Tearing up, she cried, "But I can't!"

To Hope, it felt like Liam was asking her to let Beth go, but Hope wasn't ready to do that. Liam conveyed that he wasn't asking Hope to do that, and healing would take time.

For Hope, it felt as if the child was still there. She couldn't explain why it was that she'd held the child and said goodbye, but at home, she kept expecting to see Beth in the crib. Sobbing, Hope said she couldn't because their precious baby was gone, and Hope could never see her again. Liam comforted Hope as she continued to cry.

In Katie's bedroom, Katie and Thorne kissed as they prepared for bed. Katie cooed about having another night alone together, but she sensed Thorne was disappointed that Will had wanted to spend the night at his father's house. Thorne claimed to understand that Will wanted to spend time with his father.

Katie thanked Thorne for understanding and said Bill's reemergence in their lives hadn't been easy for him. To Thorne, all that mattered was Will's well-being, and Thorne thought it had to be great for Will to have his father's full attention. She believed that Will wanted to spend time with Thorne, too, and she intended to make it happen.

Stating that Bill had made a one-eighty, Thorne noted that Will wasn't the only one warming up to Bill. Thorne coaxed Katie to admit that she liked the new version of Bill Spencer. Katie reasoned that everyone liked the new Bill in comparison to the old one. Thorne wondered if they could believe that the transformation was real.

Though Katie believed in Bill's sincerity, she said that whether the change would last was anyone's guess. Thorne hoped it would, for Will and Katie's sakes. Thorne stated that he'd promised to be there for Will and Katie because he loved them, and that would never change.

Thorne conveyed that he wasn't questioning his relationship with Will or Katie's relationship with Bill. Katie assumed that Thorne just wondered how it would all work. Thorne was happy for Will and for Katie and her "little family with Bill." Thorne felt relieved that they were all getting along.

Katie stated that she knew it was difficult for Thorne. Thorne replied that it was his baggage. Part of him was feeling the loss of his daughter. He also attributed his mood to how quiet the house was when Will wasn't there and to what Liam and Hope were going through. "It's why it can be dangerous sometimes, opening your heart up to someone completely," Thorne stated.

"Dangerous?" Katie repeated. Thorne concluded that they each knew that love was a risk. He affirmed that he didn't regret opening his heart up to her and Will or becoming a part of their family. Katie smiled and kissed him.

Later, Katie and Thorne cuddled in bed. Katie asked what Thorne was thinking. Thorne claimed to be thinking of how much he loved her. She said she was thinking the same thing. They vowed not to take the life they'd created together for granted. Thorne stated that they couldn't always protect the things they loved, so they had to appreciate the moment.

Thorne stated that he'd lost his wife and daughter. He and Darla had thought they'd have many years together, watching Aly grow up, but all the promises in the world hadn't stopped what had happened. Thorne continued, saying that after many years, he'd finally found another woman that he wanted to have a future with, "and I -- I don't want -- "

Cutting in, Katie told Thorne that he didn't have to say it, and he wouldn't lose her.

Reese reveals a devastating scandal

Reese reveals a devastating scandal

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

In Brooke's cabin, Brooke put soup back in the refrigerator and said Hope could heat it up in a while. Hope decided to let Liam have it when he returned, but Brooke insisted that Hope eat, too. Noticing a folded sonogram photo in Hope's hand, Brooke asked if it was hard for Hope to keep looking at that. Hope said it was all she had left, and she couldn't forget Beth.

Brooke assured her daughter that no one would forget Beth. Brooke wanted Hope to take care of herself and suggested that she go to the office. Shaking her head, Hope said her daughter had died, and she didn't know if she could go back. Brooke replied that Hope had to because, as tragic as the incident had been, life had to go on. Hope said she just wanted to know why.

Reminding Hope of how much Hope loved her line and message, Brooke suggested that work might comfort Hope. "Positivity and the younger generation...none of that matters anymore," the cynical Hope concluded. The HFTF message was meaningless to Hope, who hadn't even been able to save her own daughter.

Hope couldn't imagine standing before the fashion world, pretending that she still believed in humanity and optimism when she no longer did. Hope didn't believe in a future without her daughter. Brooke didn't blame Hope for her feelings but felt that Hope's pain would go away. Hope asserted that it would never go away.

Brooke stated that a piece of Hope would always be missing, but someday, Hope would hold a baby and have children if it was what she wanted. "No! No! I don't think I can go through this again. I have already lost two pregnancies. I have already lost two babies. What is wrong with me?" Hope asked. Brooke declared that nothing was wrong with Hope.

Hope contended that she'd failed Beth as a mother. Hope asked if things would be different if she'd remained awake instead of passing out. She felt that she'd never be the same. Agreeing, Brooke said Hope would be stronger, but Hope had to be patient and loving with herself first. For Hope, the pain was too much. She felt as if she were drowning.

Hope hated feeling as she did and stated that nothing was helping her. Brooke persisted in her belief that Hope would get through it and have a child someday. Upset, Hope looked away. Brooke said Hope and Liam would have the life they'd always wanted and deserved.

Abrupt with Brooke, Hope said she couldn't stand the pep talks and wanted to be alone. Hope stormed into her bedroom and left Brooke alone in the living room.

In Reese's apartment, Reese stared at a document. Assuming it was the fake birth certificate, Florence asked if he knew how much trouble he could get into for making it. Reese didn't want her to worry about it; however, she said he had gotten her caught up in it, too, and she could get in trouble for pretending to be that baby's mother.

At the cliff house, Taylor and Steffy played with Kelly. They felt lucky to have the baby in light of what had happened to Liam and Hope. Taylor asked if Steffy had thought more about adopting the baby whom Taylor's colleague had offered them. Steffy said it was all she could think of.

Steffy didn't want to get ahead of herself until she knew all the details. Taylor insisted that she'd told Steffy all there was to know: Taylor's colleague had a birth mother who was not ready to raise a baby and was giving her little girl up for adoption. Steffy wondered what the baby looked like, and then she shook her head, saying she needed to stop.

Taylor received a call from Reese, who hated to pressure Taylor but needed an answer about the adoption. Taylor indicated that Steffy was interested. He offered to arrange a meeting -- as long as his name stayed out of it. Taylor suggested a meeting that day.

"Now's good," Reese replied. On his end of the call, Florence swiped her hand sharply in front of her neck, and Reese corrected himself, telling Taylor that it wasn't a good time. Taylor asked when, and he decided that he'd call her back later.

After the call, Taylor wanted to make sure Steffy was really sure about raising babies so close in age. Taylor wanted her daughter to be certain before her friend called back. Steffy hadn't been able to stop thinking about it and said that if everything worked out, she didn't know how she could turn it down. Steffy wanted it for Kelly, who'd lost her sister, Beth.

Taylor put Kelly down for a nap and returned to the living room. Steffy was trying to tamp down her enthusiasm, but she couldn't help feeling the adoption was meant to be. She stated that she missed Phoebe, and it was hard knowing Kelly wouldn't meet her aunt. Steffy still felt Phoebe's presence. Taylor believed it because Phoebe was Steffy's twin, and the bond was unbreakable.

Steffy claimed that Phoebe had been her best friend, and Steffy wanted Kelly to have that experience, too. "It would have been Beth, but..." Steffy said. Taylor responded that Steffy would tell Kelly about her half-sister and keep Beth's memory alive.

Steffy added that she and Liam each would, but she didn't know how Hope would respond to the adoption. Steffy was worried about the kind of impact it could have on Hope. She wanted to be sensitive to Hope but was worried that the baby would be a constant reminder of Beth.

Back in Reese's apartment, Florence was uneasy about meeting Taylor and her daughter. Florence was willing to help Reese with his adoption plan, but she insisted upon knowing the whole story about the baby first.

In Reese's silence, Florence suspected that Reese had a thing for Taylor and was just using Florence. Reese denied it. Florence said she'd thought he'd called because he'd missed her. She'd imagined that they would spend time together like they'd done before. She guessed she'd been wrong. Reese claimed to want that. Florence told him to prove it. He kissed her and said that she knew how he felt about her. She uttered that she hadn't been sure.

Apparently still unsure, Florence decided that she'd helped Reese enough, and she asserted that she was done pretending to be the baby's mother. Reese urged her to stick with him and said he'd owe her big time. She figured that he really needed his plan to work, but she said she'd participate only if he told her how he'd wound up with the baby.

"No. I can't tell you that," Reese replied. Florence didn't think it could be "that" bad, but he assured her that it was. He insisted that she was better off not knowing, but Florence threatened to go back to Las Vegas if Reese wasn't straight with her. "Florence, look. Baby, I need you," Reese pleaded. Florence ordered him to start telling her the truth that instant.

A flashback of the winds raging on Catalina Island in the evening played. Reese explained that he'd barely made it to the clinic for his shift. Downed trees had blocked the road, preventing others from making it to work. He'd been the only one at the clinic until two patients had arrived.

Reese recalled that he'd gotten the threatening call about his daughter. "They wanted the damn money, and I told them that I would pay them!" Reese exclaimed. He stated that he worried every day that they'd do something terrible to Zoe.

Upset that there was a money issue and threats against Zoe, Florence urged Reese to continue saying what had happened at the clinic. Reese stated that there had been a young mother who'd been alone. He'd done everything he could, but her baby had been stillborn.

A scene played of Reese talking to the blonde patient that Reese had discharged while Hope had still been in labor. Reese told the woman that her baby had already been gone, and there had been nothing he could do. The woman said she just wanted to forget, and she didn't want anyone to know.

Florence asked if the baby had died. Reese exclaimed that it had, but he'd done everything that he could. He said that, because there had been no staff at the clinic, there had been no paperwork or official documents. "So, after the mother left -- " Reese continued. Florence asked what had happened. He replied that she didn't want to know. She insisted that she needed to know what it had to do with the baby in the room next to them.

Reese relayed that he was accustomed to having a full staff and the best equipment available. He'd had none of that on the island, and he'd already lost one baby that night. Florence inquired about Reese's other patient, and Reese begged her to believe that he hated what he'd done. It just hadn't been him. Florence asked what Reese was talking about.

Advancing his story, Reese explained that the second patient had been in labor, too, and the power had gone out. The woman's blood pressure had dropped, and she'd lost consciousness. Florence asked what had happened at that point. The anxious Reese exclaimed that he'd been thinking about his daughter, and he hadn't known if the people would hurt Zoe or not.

Florence asked what had gone on with the other baby. Reese said the mother had been unconscious when he'd delivered the little girl, and he'd cleaned the girl and checked her vitals. A clip of Reese looking down as a baby cooed played. Reese said that was the moment when it had hit him.

"Taylor and her daughter," Reese said. A flashback of Taylor and Reese discussing Steffy's interest in adoption played. Taylor's assertion that she'd pay ten times what Reese had said an adoption would cost echoed over the scene.

Reese claimed that it had been the worst decision of his life, but it had been a solution. "It was to help me to get the money that I needed to protect my daughter. So, I put that beautiful baby up for adoption. I swear, it was for my daughter!" Reese explained.

A scene of Liam falling back and sobbing by a clinic wall played. Reese recalled that the husband had been devastated and had been the one to tell his wife the terrible news. A flashback played of Reese giving Hope the stillborn. Reese explained that he'd put the stillborn child into the mother's arms. "Oh, my God. You switched the babies?" Florence asked.

Reese affirmed it. Florence asked for the name of the mother of the baby in the bedroom. He asked why it mattered, but she insisted upon knowing. "Hope. Her name is Hope," Reese responded. Florence asked if Hope knew that her baby was alive. He replied that Hope would never know that her baby was alive.

Back at the cabin, Hope sat alone in the living room, holding her crumpled sonogram photo. "Mommy loves you and will always love you," Hope said. Over the scene reverberated Reese's affirmation that Hope would never know her child was alive.

Flo reluctantly agrees to go along with Reese's plan

Flo reluctantly agrees to go along with Reese's plan

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

by Pam

At Steffy's house, she and Taylor discussed that Steffy might have been getting ahead of herself. Steffy worried that in her mind, she felt she already wanted to adopt the "perfect little newborn" that Taylor had found. "I'm already putting them in matching outfits," Steffy said of Kelly and the baby she hadn't met yet.

Steffy asked Taylor if she would know just by looking at the baby if she should adopt. Taylor advised Steffy to trust her instincts. Steffy wondered if the baby could be Kelly's little sister. Steffy wondered if they would hear about the baby soon, and Taylor felt the mother would call soon.

At Reese's, Florence wanted to feed the baby, and she asked Reese to make sure the bottle was warm enough because it hadn't been warm enough the previous time she had asked him to warm it. Florence was cold to Reese, and he noticed it. "I'm not proud of what I've done," he said. "You put a dead baby in her arms," Florence said of Hope.

Reese insisted that there were "animals" demanding money that he didn't have. They had threatened to hurt his daughter. He realized that no matter what he did, it would be wrong. Florence countered that whatever would happen to Reese or his daughter couldn't be worse than what Reese had done to the birth mother.

Reese insisted he had felt trapped -- "cornered but with no way out." He added that he had made a bad choice, but there had been no good ones. He hadn't wanted to endanger his own daughter.

Florence quizzed Reese about the mother who thought she had lost her baby and would spend the rest of her life thinking she had done something wrong. Reese was unsympathetic and said that with his plan, the baby, the mother, and his daughter would all be safe. That was all he had to offer. Reese refused to be punished. "What's done is done," he said.

Reese pressured Florence to help him give the baby a good home. He added that Taylor's daughter was a good choice, and Florence would see it when she met the woman. Florence looked doubtful, but Reese begged her. "I cannot do this without you," he said. She nodded and said okay.

Reese thanked Florence. He said the plan to get Steffy to adopt the baby had to work. "It's all in your hands," he said. Florence worried that he would skip out and leave her "stuck with this kid." Reese told her to trust him. He wanted to set up the meeting immediately. Reese pressured her to do a good job and said he had to leave because Steffy couldn't know that he was involved. He added that his life depended on what she did. Reese placed a call to Steffy and Taylor to meet that afternoon.

Taylor answered Reese's call, and he said that the mother could meet that afternoon. Taylor agreed. She hung up and emotionally told Steffy that they could meet the mother and baby that afternoon. Taylor and Steffy looked hopeful. Steffy worried about how to dress, and Taylor tried to calm her down. The nanny showed up to watch Kelly, and Steffy and Taylor left.

At Reese's, Florence met Steffy and said that Taylor had told her all about Florence. Steffy chatted nervously and told Florence that she had a flexible work schedule and wanted a daughter close in age to her daughter because she had been a twin and wanted her daughter to have a similar relationship with a sister. Steffy showed Florence a picture of Kelly. Florence approved.

Steffy said that Florence had to be brave to give up her daughter, and Florence didn't want to discuss it. "Love makes us do things we never thought we would," Florence said. The baby started to cry in another room, and Florence said the baby seemed to be anxious to meet Steffy. Florence left the room, and Steffy told Taylor that Florence was hard to read and hadn't asked her any questions. Taylor agreed but said that she had told Florence all about Steffy in a previous meeting.

Florence entered with the baby, and Steffy was immediately taken with the child. She held her and cooed that she was beautiful.

At the cabin, Hope sat in the dark, staring at the sonogram picture, and Liam entered and remarked that it was dark. Liam had been at a meeting with Bill, and Hope wondered what Bill had wanted. Liam answered that his father had wanted some advice on a nonprofit, but he thought that his father really just wanted to check on them.

Liam asked if Hope was sure the sonogram photo gave her comfort because he worried that it was a painful reminder. Hope turned on him and asked if she wasn't "forgetting" fast enough for him. Liam tried to console her, but she accused him of being able to heal faster because "you have another daughter. I don't." She cried.

Later, Wyatt visited with Liam, and Liam said that Hope had gone for a walk in Brooke's gardens. Liam shared that he could not console Hope. He said that Hope had reminded him how difficult it had been for her because every breath she had taken, she had shared with Beth. He knew that she was angry about what had happened.

Wyatt wondered how he could help and worried that he should stay away, but Liam encouraged him to visit. "Isolation's not good for her... me either," Liam said.

Liam warned that bringing up another child or adoption were topics that were off-limits. Liam worried that Steffy had plans to adopt a baby, and he felt it was going to be painful for Hope. Wyatt agreed. Liam shared that Steffy was planning to adopt soon. Wyatt worried that it would push Hope over the edge. Liam agreed.

Later, Hope returned, and Liam said that she had missed Wyatt. Hope was glad that Liam had someone to share his grief with. Hope apologized for the mean things she had said earlier. She felt like a failure, but Liam insisted she had nothing to apologize for. "I'm sorry," she said tearfully. They embraced. Hope thanked him. "If I get through this, it will be because of you," she said. Liam said that she was stronger than she thought. Hope added that she couldn't let go of Beth.

At a restaurant, Zoe and Reese met for lunch, and he said he didn't have time to eat because he had a "patient emergency brewing." Zoe wondered why he'd wanted to meet, and Reese confessed that he had wanted to see his daughter. Discussion turned to Zoe getting a German shepherd. Zoe appreciated that her father worried about her living alone, but she said she was never home and couldn't leave a dog alone.

Zoe worried about her father and said she didn't think he had recovered from what had happened in Catalina. She insisted he needed to see a therapist because it had been a horrible thing that had happened "to you and Hope Spencer and the baby she lost."

Reese looked up at the door and saw the man who had threatened him about paying his gambling debts. Reese told Zoe that he loved her and was glad they had reconnected. Zoe agreed.

Steffy senses a connection to the baby

Steffy senses a connection to the baby

Thursday, January 24, 2019

At Il Giardino, Zoe confessed that she'd been leery when Reese had arrived in town, but his stay had turned out to be good. Reese replied that he'd missed her and had hoped proximity would make them closer. Glancing up, Reese spotted a stranger glaring at him. Panicked, he instructed Zoe to track down their server for dessert. Zoe was surprised that he wanted dessert. "Yeah, some apple pie. Come on," he replied.

The moment Zoe left the table, the stranger hustled up to Reese. Reese stood and complained about the man's presence. The man ordered Reese to pay the money he owed before Zoe had to pay the price.

Reese insisted that the man leave Zoe out of it. Reese stated that he was working on a way to "raise the rest of the cash," and he promised he'd pay off part of the debt soon. The man said it had better happen because Reese wouldn't want his daughter finding out about it.

Just then, Zoe returned. Sensing the tension between the men, she asked if something was wrong. Reese alleged that he'd just run into an old acquaintance. The stranger said that he was glad that he and Reese had touched base. The man indicted that he looked forward to hearing from Reese really soon. "Nice to see you, Zoe," the man added and took off.

Zoe and Reese sat back down at their table, and she asked her father to be straight with her about whether he was in some kind of trouble. Reese denied that he was. "Dad..." she replied. Reese insisted that he was fine.

Reese implored Zoe to take care of herself because he didn't know what he'd do if he lost her. He'd been afraid he'd lost her when she'd left Europe. He indicated that he was in Los Angeles to remind her that she had a father who loved her. Zoe assured her father that she hadn't forgotten and never would. He said she didn't know how much she meant to him or what he'd do to make sure she was safe and happy.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam was at home alone. Wyatt returned to retrieve his forgotten phone. Wyatt couldn't stop thinking about the adoption issue. Liam swore Wyatt to secrecy about it. Wyatt agreed not to tell anyone, but he wondered how Steffy had found a potential baby so fast.

Liam explained that one of Taylor's colleagues had arranged it. Wyatt was amazed by the timing. Shrugging, Liam said, "Maybe it's meant to be." Wyatt asked how Liam felt about Steffy adopting a baby so soon after Liam and Hope had lost Beth.

Liam conveyed that he hadn't had time to process it. Even though it was a little weird to him, he didn't think he could refuse to support anything that was good for Kelly. Wyatt reasoned that Liam could be supportive and acknowledge his ambivalence at the same time. Sighing, Liam replied that he didn't know what he was feeling about it or about anything else.

Liam had been replaying scenarios in his head, wondering if he could have gotten to Hope quicker. Wyatt said it wouldn't have mattered, and, like fate, nobody knew why it had happened. Liam couldn't call it fate. He asked if Beth had really had to die. Liam began stammering at the adoption thing cropping up. Shaking his head, he said he just didn't know.

Wyatt urged his brother to keep talking and let it all out. Liam reiterated his uncertainty about having another child in their lives that wasn't Beth. It was hard for him to wrap his head around the idea that the baby would be the sister that Beth was supposed to be; however, he didn't want to deprive Steffy and Kelly of anything that would enrich their lives.

In Reese's apartment, Steffy was overwhelmed with emotion as she held the baby who was up for adoption. Amazed that the father wanted nothing to do with the child, Steffy couldn't imagine someone wanting to walk away from the girl.

Steffy apologized, thinking she'd offended Florence with the statement. Florence replied that it was okay and said Steffy wouldn't have any problems with the father wanting to stake claim later. Steffy concluded that it was his loss.

The baby became fussy, and Florence decided it was time for a nap. Florence took the baby into the other room. Steffy told her mother that she hadn't wanted to let the baby go. Taylor exclaimed that Steffy had fallen in love the moment she'd held the baby.

Florence returned to the room. Steffy assumed it was tearing Florence up inside to give the baby up. Florence responded that she had to do what was right for the baby. Steffy respected Florence for it. Florence didn't feel she deserved it, but Steffy insisted that Florence did.

Steffy asked if Florence could visit Steffy's home in Malibu. Florence was surprised to hear that Steffy lived in Malibu. Steffy hailed it as a great community. She wanted Florence to see it for herself and for Florence's baby to meet Kelly and Kelly's father. Florence agreed to it, and Steffy asked if Florence was really okay with "it."

Affirming it, Florence said she was especially okay after seeing Steffy with the baby. She asked if Steffy was okay with it. Steffy said she was, and if it worked out, she'd give Florence's baby a loving home with a mother who adored her, a family to support her, and a sister who'd love her and always protect her.

Later, Reese arrived. Florence was alone, and he asked her how things had gone. She assured him that she'd played her role with Steffy and Taylor. Reese promised to make things up to Florence once they got on the other side of the danger.

Reese again asked how things had gone. Florence revealed that Steffy had fallen for the baby. Reese was relieved to hear it. Florence noted that Steffy was rich, so money wouldn't be a problem. Florence was sure Steffy would go through with the adoption.

Reese asked what made Florence so sure. Florence revealed that Steffy wanted Florence and the baby to visit Steffy's house. Recalling how beautiful it had been to see Steffy and Taylor with the child, Florence didn't think anyone could ask for a better first meeting. Florence said it had been weird, like it had been meant to be. "It was meant to be," Reese replied.

At the cliff house, Steffy and Taylor bade farewell to Amelia. Steffy and Taylor were still awestruck by what was happening with the adoption. Taylor was proud to have witnessed Steffy falling in love with Florence's baby. Steffy said it had felt like she'd just met her daughter. "I want to adopt Florence's baby," Steffy affirmed.

Later, Steffy exited the bedroom and rejoined Taylor in the living room. Taylor noted that her daughter had been in with Kelly for a while. Steffy stated that she'd been telling Kelly about "her little sister." Steffy didn't want to get ahead of herself, but she hadn't expected to feel the way she had when she'd held the little girl. Taylor was happy for Steffy and the baby. Wanting the baby to meet Kelly and Liam, Steffy decided to inform Liam about the meeting.

Steffy called Liam. After inquiring about how Liam and Hope were doing, Steffy conveyed that she'd just seen the baby whom she'd been talking about adopting. "That was fast," Liam stated. Steffy claimed to understand if it was too fast for him, but she'd wanted to keep him in the loop. Liam affirmed that he wanted to know what was happening. He asked how it had gone.

Steffy said it had been amazing. Her heart had melted. When she'd held the baby, it had felt like she'd already known her. Steffy asked if Liam was okay to hear all of it. Liam stated that Kelly's happiness meant everything to him. Part of him was leery because of what had happened to Beth, but the fatherly side of him was excited for Kelly.

Liam felt that giving Kelly a sister was a gift and a miracle. Agreeing, Steffy asserted that it was as if they were meant to be sisters. Liam said he couldn't wait to meet the child. Steffy conveyed that the birth mother would be at the cliff house to check things out. Liam promised to be there when Steffy had the date and time. He thanked her for letting him in on it.

After the call ended, Taylor asked how Liam had responded. Steffy told her mother that Liam only wanted what was best for his child, which was to be expected because he was such a good father. "It's such a shame," Steffy stated. Taylor thought it was good that he had Kelly.

Steffy couldn't stop thinking about the baby and what a wonderful addition to the family the girl would be. Steffy had seen a connection and family in the baby's eyes, and Steffy truly believed that the baby was meant to be Kelly's little sister.

Liam unwittingly holds Beth for the first time

Liam unwittingly holds Beth for the first time

Friday, January 25, 2019

In the design office, Zoe tried to rush Emma and Tiffany through their work for the day. Zoe was determined for the ladies it make it on time for the biggest audition of their lives. Emma cooed that they were about to be discovered. "Or we could embarrass ourselves in front of the whole country!" Tiffany exclaimed. She reminded Zoe and Emma that "those shows" always had an episode dedicated to "the worst of the worst." Zoe, Emma, and Tiffany chuckled.

Liam entered, and the chuckling ceased. Liam said they could laugh around him. Emma told him that they felt awful. He thanked Emma for the empathy and the flowers that she'd sent. Turning to Zoe, he asked how her father was. Zoe thought it was kind of Liam to even ask. She relayed that the incident had affected Reese more than he let on.

In Reese's apartment, Reese was anxious about Florence's next meeting with Steffy. Florence doubted there would be any problems and said Steffy wouldn't have invited Florence to the house for the baby to bond with Steffy's daughter if Steffy wasn't interested.

Florence wondered how much bonding babies could do together. "Napping together? Synchronized crying?" she asked. Reese didn't know, but he urged her to get it done.

At the cliff house, Taylor and Steffy discussed their feelings about the adoption. For Taylor, it was starting to feel like the baby was family. Steffy didn't think it mattered if the babies were blood-related. To her, Kelly and Florence's baby were sisters, and Phoebe's legacy lived on.

Taylor called Reese to inform him that the meeting had gone well. Reese conveyed that Florence was on her way to visit Steffy with the baby. "And if that goes well..." he began saying. Taylor said it didn't matter because Steffy had decided that she wanted to adopt the baby. Relieved, Reese exclaimed it was great news. Taylor hoped it wouldn't be a drawn-out process.

Reese explained that there were papers to sign and a payment to be made. Taylor inquired about the amount Florence wanted. "Two hundred and fifty thousand," Reese replied. Knowing it sounded like a lot, he divulged that it was expensive to both expedite the process and cover Florence's debts. He figured the money would put Florence back on track.

Taylor gazed at Steffy, who was staring imploringly at her mother. "Money isn't an issue," Taylor decided. Reese asked if she could make a down payment to reassure Florence of Steffy's commitment. He thought fifty-thousand dollars would do it. Taylor offered to give Florence a check when she arrived. "No, no, no. That's not -- She wanted me to handle it," Reese replied.

"Oh. Okay," Taylor awkwardly replied. Reese requested that Taylor take the money to him -- in cash. Taylor asked how soon he'd need it. Reese replied that there was no time like the present, unless Steffy wasn't serious. Asserting that Steffy was very serious, Taylor said she'd stop by the bank and meet Reese at his place.

Reese hoped it wasn't too much trouble. "Anything at all for my daughter," Taylor concluded. Reese wholeheartedly agreed with the sentiment and said he'd see her soon.

After the call had ended, Steffy was anxious to know if "they" had agreed. Taylor informed Steffy that they were asking for a lot. When Taylor revealed the figure, Steffy sighed. Taylor affirmed that she wanted to do it for Steffy and Kelly. It was worth it for Taylor. Steffy said she'd almost pay anything for a baby that she instinctively knew was Kelly's sister.

Taylor left, and Steffy called Liam, who was just wrapping up at work. She invited him to her house. He asked if it was about Kelly. Steffy conveyed that Kelly was fine, and there was something Steffy needed Liam to see.

Later, Florence arrived with the baby. Dazzled by the lavish community of Malibu, Florence beamed about how amazing it was that she could give her little girl a house like that to grow up in. Steffy said that Florence's daughter would be well taken care of. "Your daughter -- that is, if you still think she'll make a good addition to your family," Florence replied.

Later, Florence and Steffy exited the bedroom after putting the baby down to sleep beside Kelly. Steffy said the girls were bonding in their dreams. Florence hoped it wasn't a problem that the baby was asleep. It wasn't for Steffy, who welcomed Florence to stay for as long as she wanted.

Steffy informed Florence that Kelly's father was on the way there to meet the baby. Florence wondered if she should leave. She thought it might be awkward for the "four of you" to bond while she was there. Steffy dismissed the notion; however, Florence, who thought she'd never see Malibu again, decided to take a drive, walk on the beach, and return within an hour.

Steffy asked if Florence would really leave Steffy alone with the baby. "Well, I would hope so," Florence replied. She said she was trusting Steffy with the child's life and trusting Steffy to raise the girl into the kind of woman Steffy was. Steffy thanked Florence, and in kind, Florence thanked Steffy. Florence left, and Steffy stared around in wonder.

When Liam arrived later, Steffy informed him that something was happening -- at least she hoped it was. "To Kelly?" he asked. Steffy reassured him that Kelly was fine, and what Steffy had to show him would add joy and meaning to Kelly's life. Liam thought those things were good, and he asked Steffy to show him.

Steffy didn't think that what she wanted Liam to see was a surprise. Realizing what she was referring to, Liam guessed she was going forward with the adoption. Steffy was eager to do it, but she wanted Liam to meet the child first. Noticing her demeanor, he smiled. He said she was already the girl's mother and didn't need his approval.

Steffy wanted Liam to look at the child and say he saw what she did -- that the girl was meant to be Kelly's sister. Liam let out a weighted sigh. Forcing a smile, he thanked Steffy for including him. He assumed she had a picture, but she said it was better than a picture. Steffy revealed that the baby was asleep in Kelly's room and asked if he'd like to meet her.

Liam agreed to meet the child. As Steffy retrieved the baby, Liam tried to keep himself composed. He stared around the room, and his gaze fell for a moment on the portrait of himself and Steffy. Steffy returned to the room with the baby in her arms. Liam sighed again.

Steffy introduced Liam to the child as Kelly's father. Liam was amazed by the baby and said she even looked a little like Kelly. Agreeing, Steffy said there was definitely a resemblance, and it wasn't a stretch to believe that they could be sisters.

Steffy asked if Liam wanted to hold the baby. Liam seemed affected as he took the child into his arms. "Oh, man..." he exclaimed. Steffy asked if Liam was okay, and she became worried that it was too much. He claimed that he was good.

"Looking at her and feeling her... I mean, it makes me miss Beth, you know. But there's something more. It's like -- it's like she belongs here. It's like she belongs to you and to Kelly and -- maybe even to me. Steffy, thank you. Thank you for bringing this child into our lives," Liam said.

Back at Reese's apartment, Taylor arrived with a small black duffel bag. Reese remarked that she'd been quick. Taylor reminded him that he'd wanted it done right away, but he recalled that Steffy did, too. Agreeing, Taylor remarked that it was best for the baby.

Revealing the money in the bag, Taylor chuckled, saying he didn't know how unnerving it had been to walk around with all that cash. She asked if he wanted to count it. Reese didn't think it was necessary. She wondered why Florence needed cash. He said that some debts required anonymity, and cash expedited the adoption process.

Taylor figured it was fine, as long as everyone got what they wanted. Reese concluded that some debts would be paid off, and a little girl would get a much-needed home. She inquired about the next steps to make it happen and if she needed to sign some papers. He revealed that he'd connect Florence with a lawyer in Las Vegas, who'd handle it. Reese offered to give Taylor a receipt, but she waved it off as unnecessary.

"I'm gonna miss you," Reese said. Questioning the statement, Taylor wondered if one of them was leaving. He explained that he'd been offered a transfer. "And after what happened on Catalina, I just might take it," he conveyed. Taylor understood, but she was sad about the idea. She hadn't known him long, but she believed he'd brought much joy to her and her daughter's lives. Taylor was grateful that she'd met him. He said the feeling was mutual.

Later, Taylor had gone, and Reese was stuffing a stack of bills back into the bag. He called one of his debt collectors, who was in a loud, backstage area. The man assumed Reese was calling to ask for another week. He was surprised when Reese replied, "No. I've got your money."

"All of it?" the man asked. Reese stated that he had fifty thousand of it, but he'd get the rest soon. The man scoffed and said it was too late. He clicked off the phone line and stared through the scaffolding he was hiding behind to watch Zoe as she harmonized with Emma and Tiffany.

Across the room from the debt collector, Zoe's phone rang, interrupting the trio's a cappella practice. Reese was on the line, anxiously demanding to know where Zoe was. Zoe reminded him that she'd told him about her audition for "the T.V. show." He asked her to text message him the address. He didn't think she should be there alone.

Zoe replied that it was just an audition. "Dad?" she said and looked at the phone. Unbeknownst to her, Reese had clicked off the line. At his place, he grabbed the duffel bag and hurried out of his apartment.

Backstage at the audition, jugglers, impersonators, dog handlers, dancers, and others with various talents buzzed around Emma, Tiffany, and Zoe as they continued to practice their song. Behind the scaffolding on wheels, Reese's debt collector slipped on black gloves. Reese arrived and saw the man poised to take some sort of action.

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