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Steffy was happy to learn that the paternity tests said that Liam was the father; however, her happiness faded when Liam found the test paperwork in her purse. Brooke asked Thorne to move out, and Katie asked him to move in.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 25, 2017 on B&B
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REBROADCAST: B&B's Christmas 2016 episode REBROADCAST: B&B's Christmas 2016 episode

Monday, December 25, 2017

Due to the Christmas holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. This was a planned preemption and no episodes were "lost" as a result of this preemption.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday,December 25, and picked up where the Friday, December 22, episode concluded.

Steffy wonders about Bill's revenge threats

Steffy wonders about Bill's revenge threats

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

by Pam

At Liam's Steffy called her doctor's office and checked on paternity results. The doctor told her that she hadn't heard anything yet but promised Steffy that she would have the results by the end of the day.

Steffy hung up and flashed back to happy times with Liam: their first wedding, making love, their recent engagement, and the news that they were expecting a baby. Liam entered the house after a run. Steffy asked about his run, and he said it was a perfect day with weather, waves, and his "beautiful wife carrying my child." They embraced, and Steffy looked concerned.

Liam felt Steffy's tummy and said he felt movement. Steffy laughed and said it was way too early. Steffy said she hoped the baby was just like him. "That's what I'm hoping and praying for," she said.

Later, Liam prepared for work and said he was looking forward to work -- something he hadn't thought would happen a short time before when his father had vowed revenge against him. Steffy didn't want to think about it. Liam agreed. They needed to have only positive thoughts for the baby. They hugged and said they loved each other. Steffy smiled. After Liam left, Steffy worried that Bill had vowed revenge. She flashed back to Bill's statements about vowing revenge against Liam. She picked up her phone and left.

At Brooke's, Brooke and Thorne discussed that Brooke was engaged, and it was time for Thorne to move out. Thorne insisted she should not be engaged to his brother. Later, Thorne had his bags packed. Brooke said it was best for everyone. Thorne promised that no matter what happened, he would always be around. He kissed her on the forehead and left. Brooke looked concerned.

At Katie's, Katie was dressed in lingerie, and someone knocked on the door. She asked who it was, and Wyatt said it was the plumber to fix the water heater. She opened the door, and Wyatt was dressed as a plumber with a fake moustache. They role-played a distressed woman and a plumber, but Wyatt said he had to leave because he was going to miss a meeting. He promised to return as soon as he could. Katie teased that she had needs. Wyatt left.

A short time later, someone knocked on Katie's door again, and she assumed Wyatt had returned. She ran to the door -- still in her lingerie -- and opened it to find Thorne. They were both embarrassed, but she invited Thorne inside. Katie asked what he wanted.

At Spencer, Bill flashed back to when Steffy had shared that she had happy news and was pregnant. "There is a possibility that child is mine," Bill had said. Justin entered and noticed Bill deep in thought. "Santa wasn't good to you? Want to talk about it?" Justin offered. Bill seemed interested, but he received a text message and said he had to leave for a meeting. Justin sensed something was wrong but said he wouldn't pry.

Later at Spencer, Wyatt and Liam were waiting for Bill for a meeting. Liam explained that Justin had told him that Bill had left the building for a meeting. Wyatt was upset because he'd had something going on. Liam quizzed him and assumed it was a woman, but Wyatt covered.

Wyatt turned the conversation to how Bill would react to the news that he was about to have his first grandchild. "Imagine him as a grandpa," Wyatt said. He and Liam laughed about what Bill would be like. Liam and Wyatt discussed how Grandpa Dollar Bill would get along with the baby. Wyatt noted that Bill got along really well with Steffy. Wyatt said the baby would draw the family even closer together. Wyatt and Liam said that Bill would "spoil that kid rotten."

At Bill's house, Bill met with Steffy, and she apologized for the urgency, but she had to ask him something. "You can't lie to me, Bill," she said. Bill agreed and said he was concerned about Steffy and the baby.

Steffy asked if Bill was concerned about her marriage. Bill agreed he was. Steffy asked if Bill had used her at the guesthouse in order to get revenge on Liam. Bill was shocked.

Steffy reminded Bill that he had said more than once that he would get revenge on Liam. Bill countered that he and Liam had made peace. "My God, I would never. That night was about us -- nothing else," Bill said. He added that he and Steffy had a history, and he had wanted to take away the pain that Steffy had suffered over Liam's involvement with Sally.

Bill claimed that he and Steffy had been there for each other. He called it love and not lust. "I believe you," Steffy said. Bill apologized for putting her in the situation. Steffy said she had a meeting with her doctor. Bill offered to take her. "No, this is my journey," she said and added that she wanted to make sure the baby she was carrying was her husband's. She left, and Bill looked worried.

At the doctor's office, Steffy paced while she waited for the doctor. The doctor entered, and Steffy blurted out how stressed she was. The doctor tried to calm her and encouraged her to stop stressing and to breathe. "Doctor, I need to know!" Steffy begged.

Steffy learns the paternity of her baby

Steffy learns the paternity of her baby

> Steffy learns the paternity of her baby

Steffy learns the paternity of her baby

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

by Pam

At Spencer Publications, Liam and Wyatt discussed that the time would fly by before a little Liam or Steffy would be joining the family. Wyatt joked that Bill would be passing out cigars. Wyatt wondered what tree huggers like Liam would hand out. Liam said it was fun to fantasize, but he worried about Steffy. He knew that she was concerned that something could still happen to the baby.

At Bill's house, Bill flashed back to when Steffy had shared that she had happy news and was pregnant. "There is a possibility that child is mine," Bill had said. He flashed back to conversations with Steffy and to making love to her. He grabbed his keys and left.

At Brooke's, she modeled lingerie for Ridge. He said he had good taste, and Brooke wondered if it was in the lingerie he had given her for Christmas or in women. Ridge agreed to both. Ridge kissed Brooke, and talk turned to Thorne. Brooke told Ridge not to worry about Thorne because Brooke had asked him to move out. He had packed his bags and left.

Ridge teased that Brooke had kicked his little brother out. Brooke told Ridge to be nicer to Thorne. He was sweet and had "suffered so much loss." She wanted Thorne to be happy. Ridge promised to always appreciate what a beautiful, sexy woman Brooke was, and he declared that she was his one and only. They made out and made love. Later, Ridge promised to always be true and committed to Brooke.

At Katie's house, Thorne and Katie had coffee, and Thorne noted that Katie had clearly been expecting someone else when she'd greeted him in lingerie. Katie agreed she was seeing someone.

Katie asked Thorne why he had chosen to visit her. Thorne noted that he and Katie were the youngest in their respective families. Katie agreed and said it had been hard to live in Brooke's shadow. Thorne nodded that the same was true of Ridge.

Katie said she had heard that Thorne wanted a career in design, and she was happy for him. She knew that Eric was thrilled that Thorne had returned to Los Angeles. Thorne noted that he was Eric's biological son, and his dad believed in him.

Katie added that Brooke had told her Thorne had offered to marry Brooke. Thorne admitted he still cared for Brooke. "Thorne Forrester, you have a thing for my sister?" Katie asked.

Thorne worried that Brooke was in for more heartache with Ridge because "no woman can hold his attention for very long." Thorne wondered why Brooke wanted to rekindle a relationship with his brother again. He wondered if he had made a mistake returning to Los Angeles.

Katie encouraged Thorne to remain in Los Angeles and asked where he was going to stay. Thorne said he didn't know. Katie said he could stay with her.

At the doctor's office, Steffy begged the doctor to give her the news she needed to hear. The doctor asked if, based on the genetic makeup of the two men who could be the father of her baby, they were related and blood relatives. Steffy agreed they were. "This has to be my husband's child," Steffy said. She explained that she had overreacted after Liam had kissed another woman, and Steffy had been with her husband's father.

The doctor understood it had to be difficult for Steffy to admit. And she understood that Steffy felt guilty. "My husband has to be the father. There is no other man -- he's the only person I want to spend my life with," Steffy said. She added that Liam was the most wonderful husband.

Steffy further explained that things had become complicated when Liam had been involved with another woman in a life-or-death situation, and Steffy had run out and been with his father. She added it wasn't an affair -- just one time.

The doctor promised not to judge. Her only concern was for Steffy and the baby. The doctor said she would return in a few moments, and she promised the test would be conclusive. She returned and told Steffy, "Your husband is the father." Steffy was overjoyed. The doctor told her to let go of the stress and "enjoy this magical time with your husband."

Steffy stared at the paper that had the paternity results. She walked out of the doctor's office, smiling, and ran into Bill in the hall. "What are you doing here?" Steffy asked. Bill said he needed to know. He promised to "love our baby and totally commit to you," but Steffy interrupted and told him the baby was Liam's.

Bill said Steffy had to be relieved. Steffy agreed. "He's my son. I never wanted to hurt him," Bill said. Steffy reminded Bill that no one could know about the night they had been together. "Everything's the way it's supposed to be," she said. Bill nodded and said he was happy for her and Liam. Steffy nodded, and they embraced.

Steffy's daydream of her future becomes a nightmare

Steffy's daydream of her future becomes a nightmare

Thursday, December 28, 2017

At Katie's house, Katie asked if Thorne would take her up on her offer to move into her house. Thorne didn't know if it was wise because of her new relationship. Katie said it might add a new challenge to things, or they could always go to her guy's house. Thorne didn't want to impose, but she replied that he wouldn't be imposing.

Thorne relayed that he planned to accept Eric's offer. Thorne didn't think Katie's man would like it if Thorne moved in there. Katie replied that they were not exclusive and were just enjoying each other's company. Thorne liked the new, confident Katie. Katie had never thought she'd be a single, divorced mom, but she was really liking it.

Thorne observed that Katie had a great life. Thanking him, Katie said she was happy and spending time with someone she knew well and trusted. It was enough for her. Thorne said everyone should be so lucky. It was weird to Katie to not be someone's wife or girlfriend, but she liked it. She didn't have any regrets, either.

Katie had realized things didn't work out sometimes, and she'd made peace with the divorce. Thorne asked what she'd done since that point. She answered that she'd been trying to be herself and not who everyone thought she should be. Katie asked about his love life. Thorne claimed he couldn't get a date. He said Katie could ask her sister about it, and he'd been striking out left and right.

Not believing it, Katie imagined that he was the most handsome, eligible bachelor in the world. Thorne was open to dating tips from Katie, but Katie didn't believe he needed them. She was sure he'd left plenty of broken hearts back in Paris. Thorne replied that he'd only had three or four dates within the past year. Katie laughed, saying it was pathetic.

As Katie and Thorne chuckled, she assumed it had to be because Thorne had been busy designing. Thorne was willing to go with that excuse. Katie said she hadn't dated much in her life, and she couldn't call what she was doing at the time dating, either. She decided to stop rambling because she and her mystery guy were keeping the relationship quiet.

Thorne appreciated Katie's rambling. He also appreciated her offer to stay there. He saw her as a good friend, and he'd always had respect for her. "Now, even more so," Thorne concluded.

As Thorne prepared to leave, Katie said he'd be her new neighbor and shouldn't be a stranger. Thorne was sure she was ready for him to go so she could get back into her sexy little number. He was glad that she was happy, and he gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Katie figured her relationship might be working because it was the first guy who hadn't had an eye for her sister. Thorne realized that it would count him out for Katie. Agreeing, Katie replied that it meant it was safe if Thorne wanted to move in. Katie found it interesting that the two Forrester men were still enamored with Brooke and guessed it meant that once bitten by the sexy Brooke Logan, one was hooked for life. The two chuckled.

At Spencer, Bill was thinking about Steffy's paternity test results when Justin entered. Justin was concerned about Bill and had been ever since Bill had almost taken off on the yacht with an unknown passenger. Justin hadn't had the passenger's name, but Bill had given Justin her passport numbers -- which Justin had run through the system.

/ "It was Steffy, your son's wife!" Justin exclaimed. Bill yelled back, upset about Justin snooping. Justin bellowed more, asking if Liam's wife had been Bill's revenge. Bill answered that it had had nothing to do with revenge. The men continued shouting back and forth because Bill wanted Justin to stay out of Bill's business, but Justin demanded to know why Bill would get caught up with Steffy if it hadn't been revenge.

Bill said no one was supposed to know about it. Claiming to know everything there was to know about Bill, Justin didn't intend to let Bill start getting shy. He asked why the trip hadn't happened. Bill explained that Steffy and Liam had renewed their vows. Justin gleaned that it had been serious, and Bill had wanted to make a life with Steffy.

Justin asked how long it had been going on, and Bill answered that there had only been the one night. "Man, I wasn't expecting this today..." Justin murmured, shaking his head. Bill explained that Steffy and he had thought her marriage was over after Liam and Sally had made out. Justin replied that it hadn't been, obviously. Bill replied that the kicker was that Steffy was pregnant.

Justin grimaced and asked if the baby was Bill's. Bill said that, even with all the challenges and complications being the father would be for him, he'd embrace it. He'd love and honor Steffy and the baby. He'd marry her if she'd have him, but it would hurt to lose his son. It didn't seem like a one-night stand to Justin. Justin concluded that Bill was in love.

Bill recalled being in pain because Brooke hadn't stood by him for a minute. She'd just walked out. Steffy had also been in pain. Bill said something powerful that had always been there because of their undeniable history had just risen to the surface. They'd wanted and needed each other. Justin guessed that Liam didn't know. Bill replied that Liam never would know.

Justin stated that Bill hadn't said who the father of Steffy's baby was. Bill conveyed that there had been a paternity test, and it had been conclusive. Thanking God, Justin said he was sorry to say it; however, it wouldn't have been good, and everything was the way it should be. Bill wanted Liam to be happy. Justin noted that Bill was hurting over it.

Bill said Liam would have hated Bill and would have never forgiven him. "But I would have had a life with Steffy," Bill said. Justin asked if that life was worth losing Liam for. Bill stated that Steffy was the only person who understood him, and they understood each other. Bill concluded it would never be. Bill said Steffy and Liam had a child on the way, and Liam could never know about Steffy and Bill -- not any of it.

At the cliff house, Steffy arrived and found Liam outside, staring off the cliff to the ocean. He wondered where she'd been and said they'd soon have to cut back on work. Steffy stared at him, and he guessed he was getting ahead of himself. He just couldn't stop thinking about raising their sweet baby.

Liam asked how Steffy was. Steffy replied that she was the happiest she'd ever been, knowing that she was carrying his baby. Liam felt fortunate and overcome with gratitude for all they had and all they'd been through. Steffy said they'd have an amazing future. They kissed.

Steffy credited Liam with making their happiness real. She said he'd wanted to renew their vows at a time she hadn't been sure she could do it. Liam assumed the baby had changed the feelings within her. Steffy said they didn't have to worry anymore.

Steffy believed the child would be just like Liam -- warm, loving, and compassionate. Liam added the attributes smart and handsome. Steffy hammed up the attributes with him. She said she loved him and couldn't imagine her life without him. Again, they kissed.

The song "End of Time" played over scenes of Steffy and Liam on the back deck. Liam picked out a spot in the sand, and she watched him walk to it. As he sifted the sand through his fingers, she imagined them playing there with a child. Steffy flashed back over memories with Liam as the song lyrics "almost home..." played.

Liam went into the house. As the song reached its crescendo, Steffy's phone chimed. Liam retrieved it from her purse to take it to her, but he noticed a piece of paper in the purse. It was the test results from the doctor. He pulled it up to eye level and frowned. Sullen, Liam walked back outside and handed Steffy the paper. She grinned until she realized what it was.

B&B did not air due to sports coverage

B&B did not air due to sports coverage

Friday, December 29, 2017

Due to CBS Sports coverage of NCAA basketball, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost episodes" as a result of the programming change.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, January 2, 2018, and picked up where the Thursday, December 28, 2017, episode concluded. On behalf of everyone at Soap Central thank you for your continued support of our coverage of all things soapy. We wish you a happy, healthym and bold New Year.

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