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Brooke and Ridge announced their engagement. It barely registered with Bill, who was preoccupied with waiting for the results of a paternity test. Katie confided in Brooke about Wyatt. Donna Logan made a holiday trip to Los Angeles.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 18, 2017 on B&B
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Thorne tells Rick and Maya about Ridge and Quinn Thorne tells Rick and Maya about Ridge and Quinn

Monday, December 18, 2017

In Bill's office, Bill stared blankly as Wyatt asked for permission to close a division. Wyatt took Bill's silence as approval. Bill snapped at Wyatt, asking how many times he had to say he agreed. Wyatt said he'd pass it along to the reps, even though it was Liam's responsibility.

Wyatt mumbled that Liam was probably off with Steffy somewhere, and Bill's mind exploded in a saxophone-soundtrack flashback of him being in bed with Steffy. Wyatt snapped Bill out of it with a complaint that Bill wasn't listening. Bill yelled that he was listening, but Wyatt talked too much.

Wyatt figured he knew what Bill was thinking about and said that, at some point, one just had to move on. Figuring Bill was still obsessing over Brooke, Wyatt insisted that it would eventually stop, and he'd get tough with Bill if necessary. Chuckling, Bill quietly said he'd like to see it.

Wyatt said being with Brooke wasn't in the cards right then, and the sooner Bill accepted it, the sooner Bill could let it go. Bill uttered that he might not be thinking about what Wyatt thought Bill was thinking about. Wyatt sarcastically guessed Bill that if Bill wasn't thinking about Brooke, then he was thinking about the skyscraper or what to get Wyatt for Christmas.

"I've already got that covered. It's a gold-plated muzzle," Bill quipped. Wyatt apologetically replied that he was just saying he got it. Wyatt had been there, and he remarked that it had been hard for him when Steffy had gone back to Liam. It had hurt Wyat to lose an incredible woman. Bill said Steffy was one in a million, and Liam was "damned" lucky to have her.

Later, Bill was alone, organizing his desk. He picked up a copy of Eye on Fashion. Steffy was on the cover. He grimaced and slapped the magazine facedown on the desk.

At the doctor's office, Dr. Campbell congratulated Steffy and Liam on the pregnancy and exited to give the couple time alone. Liam and Steffy chuckled in awe and amazement that that they'd made a baby -- a new little Spencer.

Liam and Steffy discussed scheduling her next appointment. He asked if she'd gotten her prescription for prenatal vitamins. Steffy had never imagined that she'd be getting that type of prescription. Liam exclaimed that it was official, and they'd made a baby. They hugged, and with her face over his shoulder, Steffy looked upset.

At home later, Liam was excited and asked if it was too early to start planning the nursery. He wanted to use the corner guestroom to give the baby a view of the mountains. He was willing to give up his office. Chuckling, he realized he was getting ahead of himself. Steffy said it was really sweet.

The whole house was different to Liam. He said they'd be raising a child there and building castles on the beach. They'd play on the swing set he'd have to build. Steffy suspected they'd have a spoiled child. Liam replied that she had no idea. He didn't want to over-talk it because of their last experience, but he'd wanted to raise a family with her more than anything in his life.

Steffy touched her belly and stared into the mirror. Liam handed her a drink and figured she was worried. He felt he'd been insensitive, but she said he wasn't the issue. Because of their previous loss, he felt it was understandable to fear they wouldn't have the child. Steffy asserted that the child would make it. It was their child, whom they'd wanted all their lives.

Steffy became tearful. Liam stated that he and Steffy were both worried, but they wouldn't let it dampen what should be a happy time. Wiping away tears, Steffy replied that he was right; he was always right. She said it was their baby, a child they deserved to love and raise. She didn't believe life would be cruel and deny them.

Deciding she'd eat healthy and be positive, Steffy said she'd give the baby everything it needed. She was happy to bring his child into the world, and she decided that her tears were tears of joy. She prayed things would go the way they were supposed to. Liam believed they would.

Steffy giggled as Liam knelt to have a word with the baby. He touched her stomach and announced himself as the baby's dad. Liam gave a litany of other fatherly names he could go by. He said the child would have an amazing life, and it had already started with its amazing mother. Liam was looking forward to it.

Liam almost couldn't believe it. He said they'd done it, and it was "our" baby in there. He hugged Steffy, and her face darkened as she hugged him back.

At Forrester, Thorne shared the news with Rick and Maya that Ridge was probably proposing to Brooke that day. The three remarked upon how it was always the same outcome, but Thorne said it wouldn't be that way if he could help it.

Thorne felt that he and Rick were in the same position because of Ridge. It was always Ridge's way, and Ridge and Steffy were at the top. Thorne said Ridge had always kept his brothers back. Rick asked if Thorne knew how long Rick had waited to hear someone else say that. As Rick complained about Eric being wrapped around Ridge's finger, Thorne closed the office door.

Thorne said he was Eric's firstborn, and Rick was Eric's namesake. In Thorne's view, it was time they stood up to Ridge -- and for Brooke to do it, too. In a resentful tone, Maya noted that Ridge had been on his best behavior. Rick added that Brooke and Ridge had seemingly gotten over whatever stumbling block they'd had previously.

Shocked, Thorne asked if Maya and Rick didn't know what it had been. "You do?" Maya asked. Thorne replied that Ridge had betrayed Brooke with Quinn. Rick and Maya were outraged, and Rick said it made Bill look like a saint. Rick didn't even know why Brooke would give Ridge a second chance. Maya figured Brooke wanted to have faith because of R.J.

Thorne asserted that Ridge was a cheater and asked Maya and Rick to imagine the mindset of a man who could do such a thing to his father and bride-to-be right before the wedding. Rick said that Ridge shouldn't be allowed to have another chance. Claiming to know what it felt like to be loved by Brooke, Thorne said one shouldn't take it for granted.

It was clear to Maya that Thorne still had feelings for Brooke. Thorne said he wouldn't deny it, and he'd finally told Brooke. He just hoped it wasn't too late. Rick thought his mother was rushing into things when she wasn't yet divorced. Thorne said they knew how Ridge was when he wanted something. Rick hoped Ridge wasn't pressuring Brooke.

Thorne was certain of it. Maya figured it was hard not to get swept away by the charm and history. Thorne wished Brooke could see in her what he did. Thorne figured a new relationship with Ridge would only last a year or two before Ridge broke Brooke's heart again, and that was why Thorne had to protect her. Rick and Maya said they were pulling for Thorne, who was a good man. Rick just hoped it wasn't too late.

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Ridge were in bed. Brooke admired her ring and asked Ridge to hold onto it for her until her divorce was final. Pushing it back in her direction, he said it was her responsibility at that point, and she'd have to keep it safe until he could put it on her finger. There, he said, it would stay forever.

Ridge suggested that Brooke wear it on a chain around her neck, just in case anyone forgot that she was engaged. Brooke replied that she wouldn't forget it. Her phone chimed, and he groaned, thinking that it had to be Bill, who had the worst timing. Brooke remarked that she hadn't really heard from Bill, and Ridge wondered what Bill could be up to.

Later, Ridge tucked in his shirt as he exited the bathroom and approached Brooke, who was doing her makeup at her vanity. To her, something seemed to be on his mind. Ridge didn't want to keep talking about the guy, but it was odd to him that Spencer wasn't pursuing her. Brooke said Ridge should be happy about it.

Ridge thought Bill was up to something. Brooke replied that Ridge didn't know that for sure. "There's only one way to find out," Ridge decided, heading toward the door. He halted when Brooke said to just leave Bill alone. Brooke didn't want to complicate things.

Ridge said he wouldn't. Ridge almost felt bad for Bill because Ridge knew what it felt like to almost lose the woman with whom one was supposed to be. Ridge kissed Brooke and left.

Later, Brooke was downstairs in the living room with Thorne, who said he should have picked up dinner. Brooke informed him that it was fine, and there was plenty in the kitchen for him to warm up. She had something to tell Thorne. He asked if his brother was there. Brooke replied that Ridge had just left, but he'd been there with a ring and marriage proposal.

Gazing at her hands, Thorne noted that Brooke wasn't wearing a ring, and he was glad she'd declined. Brooke affirmed that she wasn't wearing the ring; however, she explained that she'd accepted the proposal, and she and Ridge were getting married.

Thorne groaned. Brooke continued, explaining that she had every intention of marrying Ridge, but she didn't want to wear the ring until after the divorce. Thorne said she didn't want to do it, and she was making a mistake. Brooke understood that Thorne cared and was only looking out for her, but she believed that Ridge had changed and learned his lesson.

Thorne argued the case that it hadn't been that long since Ridge had failed her by kissing Quinn. Brooke said that Ridge regretted it, and she and Ridge wished it hadn't happened. Brooke was trying to move on with her life. Thorne accepted it but noted that the divorce would take two or three more months. Thorne pledged to use the time to talk her out of it.

Brooke sighed. Thorne hoped she wouldn't settle for Ridge. Thorne felt that she deserved the best, and Thorne wasn't afraid to say that he was the best. Thorne wanted to be with her more than anything.

Steffy shares news with Bill

Steffy shares news with Bill

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

by Pam

At Forrester, Steffy flashed back to how happy she and Liam had been when they'd learned the news that she was pregnant. "Our baby," Liam had said. He had marveled that they had created the baby. Steffy was lost in thought.

Maya and Nicole entered Steffy's office, and they chattered about reading Lizzy books every night. Nicole noted that it wouldn't be long before Lizzy would be reading books to her parents. Maya and Nicole paused when they noticed Steffy lost in thought. Maya apologized for barging in.

Maya explained that they had been talking about Lizzy and her excitement over Christmas. She added that Lizzy's playgroup would be getting a Santa visit, and Rick was playing Santa. Maya and Nicole discussed that they hoped the same thing would happen for Nicole someday. Maya apologized about being insensitive because Steffy didn't have children.

Steffy said she understood. Talk turned to business for a few minutes, but Steffy seemed distracted. Maya asked Steffy if she was all right, and Steffy said she was fine. She thanked Maya and Nicole for stopping in, and they left.

Steffy started to daydream about giving birth. Liam was with her and coaching her. After the baby was born, Liam held it and looked disapprovingly at Steffy. She asked what was wrong, and Liam angrily pulled back the blanket on the baby to reveal it had Bill's face. Steffy screamed in her daydream, and begged Liam for a chance to explain. When Steffy returned to reality, she gasped.

At Spencer, Liam was clearly happy, and Wyatt said something about babies. Liam smiled, and Wyatt said his brother had had a goofy grin "since you walked in." Liam smiled and agreed. He shared news that he and Steffy were going to have a baby. Wyatt smiled. Liam said they had just found out and wanted to keep it quiet because of Steffy's history. Liam said he hoped he hadn't upset Wyatt with the news.

Wyatt said it was fine, and he was happy for Liam and Steffy. He asked if Liam and Steffy had picked a name yet. Liam said they had just found out about the baby.

Wyatt asked about Steffy, and Liam said she was emotional. Wyatt said the baby would be lucky to have Steffy and Liam as parents. Wyatt added that their dad would be thrilled to be a grandfather. Liam said he was happy that things were better between him and his dad. Liam said that finding out about being a father was the "greatest moment of my life." Later, Liam called Steffy and left a message that he wanted "to make sure the mommy-to-be-is okay."

At Bill's house, Ridge showed up and announced to Bill that he and Broke were getting married. Bill noted that Ridge and his gloating were intolerable, but he didn't see the point of Ridge's visit. Ridge ordered Bill to sign the divorce papers and not drag out the divorce. Bill nodded. "Does Brooke know you're doing this?" Bill asked. Bill added that Ridge had done a number on Brooke and her heart with his lack of commitment.

Ridge countered that Bill had quite a record of his own indiscretions. Bill grew silent and flashed back to making love to Steffy. Bill encouraged Ridge to return to the "dress farm." Ridge suggested that he and Bill could try to get along better for Steffy's sake.

Bill wanted Ridge to leave, but Ridge added that "you can't always have the woman you want. Can you?" Bill grimaced, but his phone rang, and it was on the coffee table. Steffy's picture showed up, and Bill quickly hid the phone so that Ridge couldn't see it. Bill said Ridge had "overstayed your welcome." Ridge responded, "Sign the papers."

Ridge left, and Bill took Steffy's call. She insisted she had to see him immediately. Bill wanted to meet at his office, but Steffy wanted to meet someplace private -- his house. She said she would be over.

At Katie's, Brooke visited. Katie wondered if Brooke had a special reason for the visit. Brooke announced that she was going to marry Ridge. Katie congratulated her sister and hugged her.

Brooke wondered if Katie was surprised she was marrying Ridge. Katie said she'd always thought that Brooke and Ridge belonged together. Brooke and Katie were folding laundry, and Brooke noted that a man's shirt was certainly too large for Will.

Katie agreed and said she had been seeing someone. She admitted it was Wyatt. Brooke smiled and was surprised. Katie explained that she and Wyatt had started seeing each other during the fashion challenge. She added that their success in Monte Carlo had drawn them together, and "it just kind of happened." "You and Wyatt?" Brooke asked.

Katie said she and Wyatt had been hesitant to get involved "for a lot of reasons," but she added that it felt right to be with him. She explained that they had fun together, and "he can't keep his hands off me." Katie said she didn't want to overthink it or plan too far ahead. She added that it felt good to tell someone she could trust. Brooke was worried that Bill would find out, and "it could get ugly." Brooke and Katie agreed that neither of them had heard much from Bill, and they both thought it was odd.

At Bill's, Steffy showed up, and she informed Bill that she and Liam were happy and had put everything behind them. Steffy stuttered and stammered about a doctor's appointment. Bill worried that something was wrong. Steffy finally announced she'd gotten news that she had wanted for years. She was pregnant, and Liam had met her at the appointment.

Bill congratulated Steffy, and he repeated it. He acknowledged that he was going to be a grandfather. He hoped Liam and Steffy had a happy, healthy baby. Steffy said she hoped so too. She was tearful. Bill suddenly realized that the news meant he could be the father. He looked scared.

Steffy decides a DNA test is necessary

Steffy decides a DNA test is necessary

> Steffy decides a DNA test is necessary

Steffy decides a DNA test is necessary

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

by Pam

At Spencer, Liam and Wyatt discussed Liam's impending fatherhood. Liam was thankful for everything about Steffy. "She basically gave me my own father back," he said. Liam said it was "literally frightening" that he would be in charge of a helpless little person. "What if I get it all wrong?" he asked. Liam worried that he would be a dad like Bill had been, and Wyatt told him to stop worrying because Liam was nothing like Bill.

Liam also admitted that he was scared about the possibility that he and Steffy could lose a baby again. He recalled that they almost hadn't made it as a couple. "Don't invite that kind of negativity," Wyatt said. Liam agreed.

Wyatt and Liam laughed about what Bill's reaction to the first grandchild would be. Liam said it was terrifying thinking about the responsibility. Wyatt teased that the dirty diapers would be terrifying. Liam laughed and said that he was grateful to have Steffy to take the journey with. "This is crazy!" Liam shouted. He was elated that the baby was growing. "Half Steffy and half me," he said.

At Katie's, Brooke and Katie discussed Katie's relationship with Wyatt. Brooke wanted Katie to be careful. She worried that Katie and Wyatt couldn't keep their secret forever. Brooke worried that Bill wouldn't like it.

Katie asked about Thorne, and Brooke shared that Thorne and Ridge had never gotten along. Thorne had begged Brooke not to marry Ridge and to marry Thorne instead. Katie said Thorne living in Brooke's house would not go over well with Ridge. Brooke agreed, but she was happy Thorne had returned to be with the family.

Katie encouraged Brooke to make sure that Thorne understood she planned to marry Ridge so that he wouldn't hold out hope for a relationship. Katie wondered if Bill had contacted Brooke about the divorce, and Brooke said she hadn't heard from him. Katie and her sister agreed it was unusual for Bill to be out of contact with both of them.

At Bill's, Steffy informed Bill that she was sick at the thought of the possibility that the baby could be Bill's. She said that she couldn't eat or sleep. She worried that it was bad for the baby. She couldn't "keep all these secrets."

Bill understood and said it was no longer just about Steffy. She had to take care of the baby. "It's Liam's," she insisted. She wanted to erase everything about the night she had spent with Bill. She added that Liam would never forgive her or his father. Bill softly said they needed to find out, and she needed to raise the baby with the biological father. Steffy shouted that the baby would be Liam's, and they would be happy. She clutched her stomach.

Bill recommended a paternity test. Steffy agreed the holidays were approaching, and she needed reassurance to put the night with Bill behind her. She called her doctor, and the doctor told her that she had to wait until after the holidays, but Steffy was adamant that she couldn't wait. She was too upset. The doctor agreed to perform the test that afternoon. Steffy thanked her doctor and begged her to keep the information in the strictest confidence.

After Steffy hung up, Bill offered to go with her to the hospital. She told him he was crazy. She didn't want anyone to see her with him. Bill sighed. "No one can know about it," she said. Bill said he wanted to be there for her. "Like you were that night? What is wrong with us? How can we do that?" she asked. Steffy maintained she had to have been out of her mind. It was unforgivable. She had no reason to hurt Liam -- the man she loved. She never wanted to think about that night again. Steffy left, and Bill looked concerned.

At home, Brooke was in her living room, and Thorne entered in a swimsuit. He said he had fixed the pool. Brooke was surprised. Brooke said she had visited Katie. Thorne thought something was wrong. He wondered if he had been a bad houseguest. Brooke said he had been perfect. She was glad he was home for the holidays, and they both agreed they were looking forward to the holidays with family. Brooke wanted Thorne to understand that she intended to marry Ridge and put her family back together. "I need to hear that you accept that," she said.

Steffy takes a paternity test

Steffy takes a paternity test

Thursday, December 21, 2017

At Dr. Campbell's office, Steffy paced while answering a text message from Bill. The doctor arrived, and Steffy explained that she wanted a paternity test because there had been another man. She said it had only happened once. Dr. Campbell replied that it only took one time.

The doctor knew it wasn't what Steffy wanted to hear. Steffy understood, but she said it needed to be her husband's baby. Dr. Campbell explained how the test worked, and Steffy expressed her eagerness to get it done. Campbell clarified that it could be too early to draw fetal cells. Steffy assumed that if it turned out to be too early, they'd have to wait a week or two to do it again. She still wanted to at least try because the uncertainty was weighing on her.

Steffy handed Dr. Campbell some plastic bags with samples from the men in question. She had a toothbrush from Liam's travel kit and was confident no one else had used it. She'd only touched the holder. She also had hair from the other man and said he'd pulled them himself.

Dr. Campbell complimented Steffy for protecting the samples from contamination. Campbell just needed to confirm with the lab that they were viable before she started the process.

In Bill's office, Liam discussed employee bonuses. He wanted to give Roberta twenty thousand. "Twenty thousand what?" Bill asked. Liam indicated that he was talking dollars, and the figure was only a half percent of the profit she'd garnered for them. "Okay," Bill replied.

Liam was shocked, but Bill quickly dismissed the topic by leaning forward over his desk and noting that Liam looked different. Bill also recalled that Liam had gone to a doctor's appointment with Steffy the other day. He asked if Steffy had gotten a clean bill of health. Liam conspicuously fought off grins and replied that Bill could say that.

Liam returned to discussing bonuses, and Bill asked about Liam's. Liam claimed he was taken care of, but Bill contemplated gifting Liam as starter yacht. Liam asked if he could tell Bill what he wanted. "Happiness," Liam said. Bill noted that Santa didn't carry it in a sack.

Liam didn't think people took stock of whether they were happy, so the next best thing to happiness was the knowledge of it. Liam asked for a reminder of his happiness if Bill ever saw Liam moping around, and Liam wanted Bill to remind him that Bill and Steffy were the reason for it. "That is my Christmas bonus," Liam decided.

Later, Liam asked why Wyatt couldn't get a yacht. Bill said to leave Wyatt to him. Bill intended to get each of his sons something epic. Liam quipped that it was too late because his wife had given him a gift that even Bill couldn't top. Bill asked what it could be, and Liam asked if it was okay to give Steffy a quick call. Bill assumed Steffy was at work, but Liam figured she was at home because he'd already checked for her at work.

As Bill tensed, Liam reached Steffy and asked if she'd taken care of that thing. Steffy asked if he meant her vitamins and guessed he wasn't alone. Liam gave her greetings from Bill and asked where she was. Steffy changed the subject, asking if the thing he'd meant had been the prenatal yoga class. She said she was checking it out, and it looked good. Liam wondered if that was where she was at that moment.

Speaking loud enough for Steffy to hear, Bill announced that time was money, and Liam needed to tell his wife that he had to go back to work because his dad was a tyrant. Liam complied and ended the call. Bill asked if everything was okay on the domestic front. Grinning, Liam replied that it couldn't be better. Bill sighed.

Liam stepped out for a moment, and Bill slipped a text message to Steffy, asking her to let him know what was happening when she could. Another text visible on his phone was an earlier one in which he'd advised her to ask the doctor how far along she was.

The door opened. Liam returned with a gift bag and said Bill deserved a bonus, too. Bill mumbled that Liam wasn't allowed to buy him anything. Liam didn't know why not after Bill had given Liam a house, car, nice clothes, a career, and paternity leave. "What?" Bill asked.

Liam reminded Bill that Liam had added paternity leave to their family leave package. Liam had feared Bill would roll it back, but Bill hadn't done it. Liam pushed the bag at Bill, who reluctantly accepted it. Inside, Bill found a gold statue award for the world's best dad. Bill quickly said he couldn't accept it, and Liam replied that it had been literally less than ten dollars.

Bill responded that he wasn't the world's best dad. Liam said that when he'd been growing up, people had said that family was first. Liam hadn't had a family, so it had sounded like lip service to him; however, when Bill said it, Liam knew Bill meant it. Liam stated that for the first time in his life, he meant it, too. He said that he loved Bill, and if Liam ever got to be a father, he wanted to be as giving, generous, loving, and forgiving as Bill had been to Liam.

Back in Dr. Campbell's office, the doctor returned and said the samples were viable. She just needed to take blood from Steffy. Steffy asked that she do it in a discreet location on Steffy's body. Dr. Campbell said she'd be careful and also avoid bruising.

Later, Dr. Campbell was surprised that Steffy was still there, waiting. Steffy asked if the test was done, but Dr. Campbell said she and Steffy had already been over the procedure. The test had to be done at an off-site lab to avoid cross-contamination. The results would take a few days.

Steffy didn't know how she'd handle waiting, and Campbell suggested that Steffy start doing whatever it was she did to relax. Panic wouldn't help, and Steffy needed to keep telling herself what a miracle the child was. Steffy agreed with her doctor, but the moment Dr. Campbell left the room, Steffy's mind flooded with thoughts of sleeping with Bill, learning she was pregnant, and Liam announcing that it was their baby inside her.

At Katie's house, Katie was in her bedroom in a robe, peering through her telescope. Wyatt entered and exclaimed that she was a peeping Tom. She corrected that she was a peeping Katie and said someone had to make sure the neighbors had up tasteful decorations. He doubted that was what neighborhood watch meant.

Wyatt hoped Katie was still okay with him using the key she'd given him because he could possibly walk in on her with one of her other guys. Katie replied that she'd given Wyatt the key to use, and she'd gotten rid of the other guy hours earlier. She said she'd asked Wyatt there to tell him something that he might not like.

Checking out Katie's robe, Wyatt guessed it was supposed to soften the blow. Katie asked if it was working, and then she revealed that she'd told Brooke about them. Wyatt replied that Brooke was still married to his father. "Technically," Katie stated. Wyatt mimed making a noose and hanging himself. He fell out on the bed, and she told him to stop being dramatic.

Wyatt said that he was dead, and he wanted Katie to have his camper. Katie didn't know what she'd do with that thing, but she offered to take his grill. He didn't think she was understanding the seriousness of how dead he was; however, Katie replied that Bill had other things on his mind, and if he did hear about the relationship, it would go in one ear and out the other.

Katie asked what had taken so long for Wyatt to get there. She'd been waiting at least an hour. Wyatt said Liam had been yakking. Katie wanted to know what about. Stammering, Wyatt said his brother was just happy. Katie asked if Liam was playing well with others. Wyatt replied that Liam hadn't blackmailed anyone else, to Wyatt's knowledge, or written any fat checks to the Tofu Tree Society.

Katie announced that she had a Christmas present for Wyatt, and it was very good. She opened her robe to reveal a Santa bra and skirt lingerie set she was wearing with black fishnet thigh highs. Wyatt said he loved Christmas, and the two kissed.

Katie wondered if she could say something crazy to Wyatt, and he asked if she hadn't done that already. The kind of crazy she meant was to suggest that they go to a movie or game. She'd never had a closed-door relationship before and was still trying to figure out what the rules were. Wyatt believed that the first rule should be to please themselves.

Wyatt thought Katie was wild, fun, and sexy, and he loved spending time with her. He just didn't think anyone else would believe they were a good idea. He didn't want to hear from those people. Katie didn't, either. He decided that they should keep doing "this" until they figured out something else they wanted to do. In his view, other people worried about the future so much that they forgot to have a present.

Katie said that Wyatt was "so sensible." Wyatt quipped that he'd thought that about her until he'd discovered her wild side. She ripped open his shirt, giggled, and said she'd always wanted to do that. Claiming to still be practical, she stated that she had a brand-new shirt for him in the closet.

Wyatt noted that his pants were unfortunately still on. Katie told him that she had a cure for that, too, and she kissed him.

Later, Wyatt and Katie were lying in bed, and he said he'd gotten her something. He pulled a red jewelry box from his pants beside him on the floor. Katie opened the box and saw smoky stoned earrings. She said they were beautiful, but from her tone, he gleaned that she didn't like them. Kate replied that, in her experience, men gave jewelry because they felt guilty.

Wyatt didn't feel guilty. He knew that he'd see her at Eric's house for Christmas, but it wouldn't be "the same." Katie agreed that it wouldn't be. Wyatt continued, saying he'd decided to give her something secret from him that she could wear, something that could touch her when he couldn't. Katie thanked him, and they kissed each other.

Ridge gives Brooke a Donna-mite Christmas gift

Ridge gives Brooke a Donna-mite Christmas gift

Friday, December 22, 2017

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge and Brooke admired the holiday decorations. Brooke seemed a little down, and Ridge assumed it was because she wouldn't have both of her sisters with her for the holidays. It was true, but Brooke was still glad to have Ridge and R.J.

Eric and Quinn entered from the kitchen, where Pam and Charlie had started cooking after a visit to the shelter. Ivy and Katie were helping cook. Quinn kissed Brooke and Ridge on their cheeks, and Maya, Rick, and Nicole descended the stairs. Eric inquired about Zende's delayed flight, and Ridge slipped off to take a call from someone who he'd set up a ride for at the airport.

In the kitchen with Ivy, Katie, and Charlie, Pam directed Katie, the only Logan that Pam trusted in the kitchen. They discussed Will being with Bill, and Katie planned to head there later. Brooke sauntered in and asked if she could help out, and Pam scowled.

Back in the living room, Eric showed off ornaments on the tree to Thorne, Vivienne, and Julius. Liam and Steffy arrived, and Brooke emerged from the kitchen as Ridge greeted them. She said it looked like almost everyone was there. "Almost," Ridge responded.

Wyatt entered the house with a bag of gifts. Behind him strolled in R.J. and Coco. Coco was thankful that Brooke let her share the day with them, and R.J. was sorry Bridget and Hope hadn't made it. Brooke replied that his sisters were busy. She did wish Donna was there and remarked about how much fun the sisters traditionally had during the holidays.

Eric asked for everyone's attention. He thanked them for being there and for meeting to serve breakfast at the homeless shelter earlier that day. It was an important tradition for the family, and he was proud to share it with them. "Happy holidays," Eric said. Others in the room echoed his words, and Thorne watched Ridge and Brooke canoodle.

Near the door, Nicole handed Steffy a glass of Champagne as they discussed Zende, who was still waiting for a flight. Nicole's phone chimed, and she excused herself. Liam took the glass from Steffy and said he couldn't believe their baby would be at the next holiday. He believed people would freak out when he and Steffy told them about the pregnancy. Steffy said it was still too early to announce it. Liam knew that but said they had a lot to be excited about.

Katie carried a tray from the kitchen and exchanged secret looks with Wyatt. When she passed him, he uttered that her earrings were nice. Katie set down her tray, and Wyatt lured her into a dim and private nook to share a holiday kiss under the mistletoe. As he nibbled her neck, Katie looked up and said there was no mistletoe. Wyatt kissed her.

On Katie's way back to the kitchen, Brooke pulled Katie aside to say she'd seen Katie and Wyatt. Brooke didn't think anyone else had. Katie said they'd be more careful. Brooke noted that Wyatt had looked happy. The sisters hugged because they each were happy in their relationships.

Nearby, R.J. and Coco observed that Brooke seemed to miss her absent family members. Texting on his phone, Ridge said one never knew what holiday magic could do.

Just then, the camera slowed, magical music played, and Donna opened the front door. Brooke gasped Donna's name, and the sisters hugged. Katie expressed shock and hugged, Donna, too. Brooke said she'd been trying to call Donna. Donna apologized for not answering, but she hadn't wanted to ruin the surprise Ridge had set up.

Brooke tearfully and wondrously stared at Ridge, and he wished her a merry Christmas. Brooke started sobbing, and she hugged and kissed Ridge. The others in the room observed the scene, and Thorne scowled.

Later, Ridge was talking to Eric when Thorne approached and commented on how good it was to see the Logan sisters together. Ridge said he'd had to act when he'd discovered that Hope and Bridget wouldn't make it. Eric thought it had been a nice surprise, and Thorne agreed. Ridge said the season was full of them, and Thorne grimaced.

In the kitchen, Donna was trying to get Pam to admit that she missed Donna. Pam and Charlie shooed Brooke away when she tried to take a peek at something under some foil.

Brooke decided that she and Donna should help out, and Pam began to get upset as the sisters donned aprons. Katie urged Pam to let them help. Pam started laughing as if it was a joke. The sisters and Charlie laughed, too, and he discreetly took the potato masher from Brooke.

When the sisters returned to the living room, Ridge asked Brooke what all the commotion in the kitchen had been. Brooke giggled, saying it had been too much excitement. Ridge figured it had been too many Logan girls in one place. Brooke was giddy as she walked over to rejoin her sisters.

Ridge thanked Eric for hosting. Eric said he loved that time of year, but it was even more special to see Thorne and to have Brooke and Ridge together. Ridge replied that it was more special than Eric knew, and Ridge called for everyone's attention to hear a brief speech.

Ridge thanked Eric and Quinn for filling the house with joy and loved ones. Ridge didn't want anyone to take offense, but he said there was one person he loved, cherished, and adored more than any of them. It was his Logan, with whom he had a cool family and great history. It made his heart sing that the two kept finding their way back to each other.

Ridge announced that Christmas had arrived early for him because he'd asked Brooke to marry him, and she'd agreed to it. Everyone in the room erupted in surprise cheers, laughter, and applause. Brooke and Ridge kissed, and R.J. asked them if it was for real. Brooke affirmed it, and the three hugged.

Pam proposed a toast to Ridge and Brooke. Thorne shouted congratulations over the chatter in the room, and the Logan sisters hugged. Rick and Maya observed how happy Brooke was.

Eric decided to make a speech. He'd thought he'd been the happiest man in the room until Ridge had spoken. Spending the holidays with his family in that house year after year filled Eric with pride and joy.

A montage of the family opening gifts, singing, and entertaining each other played as Eric continued to speak. For Eric, it wasn't just how beautiful they all were to him, but it was the presents, the decorations, and the singing. He was amazed by how their love overcame whatever differences they had. He was glad they were together that day.

Brooke thanked Eric and noted that the Logans, the Forresters, the Spencers, and the Avants had gathered again to carry on the tradition and make new holiday memories. Brooke sometimes wished Christmas was every day because people were so kind to each other.

A montage of the family laughing together played. In it, Rick entertained them with a guitar, and Eric wheeled out the eggnog. In a voiceover, Brooke said at that time of year, people treated each other with respect and recognized acts of charity, no matter how small. She wished a happy holiday to each and every one. The family echoed her in response.

Julius broke into an a cappella "Silent Night." He sang the first line, and Eric sat at the piano to accompany Julius. Maya sang the second line, Nicole the third, and Rick the forth. The four singers harmonized to sing the rest of the verse together. The room was silent, and Eric said, "Well, that was beautiful."

Eric struck the chords for "Joy to the World," and the entire family joined him in performing the song.

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