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Wyatt set Steffy free, and Liam asked Steffy to marry him. Thomas disliked being passed over for the CEO position. Katie walked in on Ridge expressing his feelings about Quinn's gesture toward him.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 23, 2017 on B&B
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Wyatt gives Steffy everything Liam wants Wyatt gives Steffy everything Liam wants

Monday, January 23, 2017

At the cliff house, Liam rounded the kitchen corner, headed toward the door with two wine glasses to greet Steffy, whom he thought was entering the house. "Oh, Dad!" Liam exclaimed when he saw Bill instead of Steffy. "Thank you," Bill replied, taking a wine glass from Liam. Bill assumed Liam was expecting Steffy and asked if she were running late.

Frustrated, Liam said Steffy was running late, and Liam was running out of patience with people interfering in his life. "If only Ridge had -- " Liam started to say but shut himself up. Bill asked what Ridge should have done. Liam disregarded the question as he wrung his hands, saying Steffy had gone running at Wyatt's beck and call.

"They are married," Bill replied. Liam said he knew and had heard enough of it from Quinn, Eric, and Wyatt. Liam wanted the divorce to be done and the stupid tattoo to be off Steffy's finger. Sick of Steffy catering to Wyatt, Liam asserted that he'd told her to end things with Wyatt and get back there. "And I meant it," Liam emphasized.

Bill liked seeing his son fired up and determined. Bill asked if Steffy was on board with Liam's desires. Liam replied that she'd said she was, and Wyatt just had to get along without her.

Bill took the conversation back to Ridge and pressed Liam to say what Ridge should have done. Liam stated that it was stupid, but Bill asked him to go on. Bill was surprised when Liam said Ridge and Quinn had taken a trip alone. "No referee? Were they in a fighting cage?" Bill asked.

Liam explained that Ridge had been determined to get Quinn out of Eric's life. Bill asked how. Liam replied that it didn't matter; it hadn't worked, and Quinn was there to stay. Bill was sure Quinn would work hard to keep her crazy under control. "But you know who's gonna screw up? Forrester," Bill concluded.

Later, Liam asked how long it took to tell someone it was over. Bill replied that Liam knew how it "is with those two." Liam said that Bill meant "how it isn't." Bill stated that it took some time, and Wyatt and Steffy "do care" about each other. "So I've heard," Liam quipped.

Bill advised Liam not to lose faith. Bill said he'd been tracking Brooke for a long time, and she'd gotten engaged to Ridge. Bill said he wasn't losing faith. Liam asked when Brooke would be back. Bill figured she'd be in Italy as long as Hope needed her.

Liam asked if the wedding would be when Brooke got back. "Fat chance," Bill replied. Liam wondered if Bill had something cooking. Bill replied that he didn't have to. In his view, Ridge would self-destruct as he always did.

At Wyatt's house, Steffy guessed that Wyatt had asked her there to reminisce. Wyatt told her that she was wrong, but doing so wasn't such a bad idea. Flashbacks played of their time together at the beach, in the house, and in Monte Carlo. Wyatt said that, no matter what happened, the memories couldn't be taken away from them.

Wyatt acknowledged that his part in Steffy's life was over. Steffy knew he didn't want to hear that. Agreeing, he said he'd never regret their wedding day. Steffy told Wyatt not to go there, and whatever he wanted or hoped for, she couldn't give it to him.

Someone knocked on the door. Wyatt said he'd invited someone to join them. Steffy was surprised to see Carter, who entered with an envelope in hand. Carter gleaned that Wyatt hadn't told Steffy and asked if they were sure it was what they both wanted. Steffy asked what was happening, and Carter handed Wyatt the envelope.

Wyatt opened the envelope and handed the contents to Steffy. It was legal paperwork. As Steffy flipped through it, Carter decided that his job was done, and he left. "The's finalized," Steffy said, reading over it. Wyatt stated that it was signed, sealed, and delivered.

Stammering, Steffy conveyed that it hadn't been why she'd thought Wyatt had asked her there. Wyatt replied that he wished Carter had been there to renew Wyatt and Steffy's wedding vows, but it wasn't what Steffy wanted. Steffy asked, "Why now?" Wyatt replied that it had been getting kind of old, and Eric, Quinn, and Wyatt pressuring Steffy had been a cheap shot.

Steffy said she hadn't seen it that way. Wyatt replied that Liam had, and Liam was right if one saw it from Liam's point of view. "Don't tell him I said that," Wyatt added. Wyatt said Eric and Quinn had tried to help out, but Wyatt didn't want Steffy to be with him under pressure. He wanted Steffy to be with him because she wanted to -- if she wanted to. He stated that it wasn't the case, so "voila."

Steffy hugged Wyatt and didn't know what to say. Wyatt didn't want a thanks. He said to consider it an act of love or insanity.

Another knock sounded on the door, and Wyatt said there was one more thing to take care of. He opened the door for the tattoo removal doctor, and Steffy asked what he was doing there. Wyatt said there was one last treatment, and then "this" was gone. "And then our marriage is officially over," Wyatt stated.

Wyatt watched as Steffy winched and tried to keep her composure during the laser treatment. When it was over, the doctor said to keep it bandaged for a while. Guessing that the papers and the removal had done the trick, Wyatt asked Steffy how it felt to be a free woman.

In the design office, Ridge flashed back on kissing Quinn. Pam entered, announcing the arrival of "da boss." Eric was with her and said he was "in the house."

Looking over Ridge's shoulder, Eric gazed at a design. Eric thought it was beautiful and asked whom they had to thank for the inspiration. Pam assumed that it had to be love and asked when the wedding date was. She decided that maybe Ridge shouldn't get married because the design was the stuff of passion, not love. Eric pretended to hear the phones ringing, and Pam exited.

Eric told Ridge that he'd gotten Quinn's side of the story about the trip, and he wanted to hear Ridge's. Eric remarked that the trip had had a big impact on Quinn, and Ridge said it had on him, too. Eric remarked that he'd waited a long time for Ridge to see Quinn as Eric did.

Eric hadn't expected Ridge to change his feelings in a weekend, but Ridge's words at the symposium had been generous. Eric appreciated it and asked what had caused Ridge to say what he'd said about Quinn. Ridge replied that it was tough to know. Eric replied that he was glad Quinn and Ridge were getting closer.

In the CEO's office, Quinn was upset as she recalled kissing Ridge. Ivy entered and upon immediately noticing a disturbance with Quinn, Ivy asked what was going on. Quinn behaved as if it was work stress, and Ivy added that Ridge was heaping hate on Quinn.

Later, Ridge was alone, hunched over his drawing table. He intently stared into his memories of finding Quinn at the outdoor shower, putting ice on her ankle, and rubbing his hand up her leg in the steam room.

Quinn was across the hall, alone and thinking of the same things. She seemed as if she might hyperventilate. Ivy entered as it was happening and asked what was going on with Quinn.

A heartbeat echoed in Quinn's ears, and Ivy's voice sounded distant, even though Ivy was right behind her. Ivy grabbed Quinn's shoulders, and Quinn heard Ivy more clearly as Ivy asked if Quinn was okay. Quinn said she loved Eric so much, and she'd screwed things up so much.

Ivy replied that Quinn hadn't screwed anything up. Quinn murmured that she knew, and she couldn't. Ivy determined that Quinn was burning up and had a fever. Quinn insisted that she was fine and just needed to be alone with her thoughts. Ivy looked worried as Quinn strode out of the office.

Back across the hall, Ridge was hot, too, and cooling his face and neck with a glass water bottle. He repeatedly said "no" and charged out the door.

In the basement, Quinn moved with quickened breaths through cramped rows of clothes. She stopped by a ladder to calm her beating heart, and Ridge emerged through a rack of clothes and stood right behind her. Quinn turned around. Their eyes met, and she gulped.

Surprises for Steffy and Liam

Surprises for Steffy and Liam

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

by Pam

At Forrester Creations, Quinn and Ridge met in a private room, and Quinn seemed panicked. She said she couldn't stop thinking about what had happened between them in San Francisco. They had been teasing and flirting with one another and had kissed.

Ridge agreed that he understood her better. Quinn worried that he would tell Eric that they had kissed, but Ridge promised to keep their secret. Quinn didn't want to lose everything. Ridge said he wouldn't tell Eric because he didn't want to go down in flames and embarrass his family.

Quinn said she felt guilty. She said their feelings for each other had come out of nowhere. "Did it?" Ridge asked. Quinn said it could never happen again. Ridge agreed. Quinn worried about Eric. He had already collapsed before. And Ridge worried about Brooke.

Ridge confessed that he had been blinded by his own plan, but he was not blinded by it anymore. "I see things very differently now," he admitted. They agreed to stop tearing each other down. Quinn promised to help him at Forrester, and they would never talk about what had happened. They agreed no one would ever know, and it would never happen again. They stared at each other.

In Quinn's office, Katie asked Ivy where Quinn had gone. Ivy said she had seen Quinn earlier, and she had been upset about something. "She looked like she was gonna be sick," Ivy said. Ivy wondered why Katie needed to see her. Katie wondered if Quinn had been angry with Katie. Ivy was surprised. Katie said that she had visited with Eric while Quinn had been gone, and that might not sit well with Quinn. Ivy said something was going on with Quinn.

At Liam's place, Liam was angry that Steffy was late. He worried that she had visited Wyatt and changed her mind. Bill tried to calm Liam down, but Liam was furious about waiting to start his life with Steffy. Bill encouraged Liam to give Steffy time, but Liam said she never should have gone to Wyatt's place. He was sick and tired of the stupid games that Wyatt, Quinn, and Eric had been playing. Bill understood. He complimented Liam's cooking; his mushroom risotto, Steffy's favorite, smelled terrific.

Liam grew more impatient. He wanted to take the Spencer jet and get away from Los Angeles. Bill agreed, but he begged Liam to call Steffy. Liam called her several times, but he reached her voicemail.

Liam called the Spencer pilot and filed a flight plan. Bill grabbed Liam and told him to do whatever he needed to do. "I'm so tired. I'm not gonna put up with it anymore," Liam said. He angrily left and headed for the airport to board the Spencer jet. Bill shook his head.

At Wyatt's, Wyatt had hired a doctor to finish removing Steffy's wedding band tattoo. The doctor said the tattoo was gone, but she needed to keep the bandage on so it could heal. Steffy thanked the doctor and Wyatt.

The doctor prepared to remove Wyatt's tattoo, and Steffy was surprised. Wyatt wondered how much it could hurt. He donned protective eyewear, and the doctor started to use the laser. "Ow! Are you kidding me? How many times do I have to do this?" Wyatt asked.

Steffy and the doctor admitted it could be up to five or more sessions. Later, after the doctor had left, Steffy teased that she wouldn't tell anyone he had cried. Wyatt laughed. Steffy admitted that the experience had been kind of fun. She said they had always had fun together. He handed her the signed divorce papers. "Thank you. Thank you for being so thoughtful and surprising me with the divorce papers and the doctor," Steffy said.

Wyatt noted that it had truly been painful, and he held up his bandaged finger. Steffy said she was proud she'd gotten to know him and gotten to be his wife. Wyatt admitted that she had never really been his to begin with. "I'm finally able to man up and admit that," he said. They hugged, and Wyatt told her he would always love her.

Steffy drove to Liam's, and Liam drove to the airport. He sat in his car at the airport and flashed back to when Steffy had returned to him. At Liam's, Steffy ran into the house, carrying the divorce papers. She shouted Liam's name, but Bill walked to the door. Steffy was surprised, but Bill told her that Liam had been angry and had gone to the airport to get away on the Spencer jet. Steffy raced out of the house and drove to the airport. She found Liam's car, but he was gone.

Steffy carried her divorce papers through the parking lot and sadly looked around. She caught a glimpse of Liam in the distance beyond the cars. She called his name, and they ran to each other. They embraced, and Steffy waved the divorce papers at him. "It's final. I'm all yours," she said. They embraced in the parking lot and kissed.

Steffy returns to Liam

Steffy returns to Liam

> Steffy returns to Liam

Steffy returns to Liam

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

by Pam

At Liam's, Steffy and Liam ran into the house, and Steffy shouted, "Home sweet home!" They kissed. "I can't believe it -- we're back," Liam said. They celebrated that Steffy's marriage to Wyatt was over. Liam rejoiced that there was literally nothing to stop them. "Finally," Steffy said.

Liam had questions about what had happened, and he said that he'd worried when he had been unable to get ahold of Steffy. He figured Wyatt had begged her to return to him, but Steffy said he had been sweet and had called Carter and the tattoo removal doctor. They had reminisced about their marriage while they'd had their tattoos removed. Liam understood that it had to have been hard for Wyatt. Steffy agreed.

Steffy said that Wyatt had been sweet and funny. He understood that it wouldn't help his cause to pressure her any longer. Liam and Steffy agreed they felt for Wyatt. Liam said it had been clear that one of them was going to get hurt. Steffy confessed that she would always care about Wyatt. "I love my brother, too," Liam said. He added that Wyatt had earned his respect. "I'm gonna have to thank him for that," Liam said.

Steffy said she couldn't wait to stay in bed all day with Liam and fall asleep in his arms. "I'm home. I'm all yours," she said. Liam teased that she kept saying that. Steffy motioned to the bedroom, and they headed there. "Welcome home," Liam said. They undressed each other and made love.

Later, Steffy and Liam discussed that they would never sleep alone again -- unless they were away on business. Liam joked that he would just accompany his sexy CEO wherever she went. Steffy laughed that he had become more tolerant. She told him she liked that they had their little disagreements.

Steffy felt awful about what she had put Liam through. She lamented that she should have argued with Eric about his demands on her personal time, and she never should have moved out. "I should have fought for us like you fought for me," she said. Liam said he had felt her slipping away. She said she would never leave him again. They had loved each other "for so long." "And now, here we are," she said. For the rest of their lives, they agreed.

At the Forrester mansion, Wyatt told Eric and Quinn that he had set Steffy free. He had also found a way to move on and had started to get rid of his wedding band tattoo. Quinn blamed herself, but Wyatt said it wasn't her fault. He respected the partnership that Quinn and Eric had -- it was an inspiration. He knew he wouldn't have that with Steffy.

Wyatt thanked Eric for his support. He said goodbye to Quinn and Eric. Wyatt said it was time for him to leave, and he had learned from Eric and Quinn what a real committed relationship looked like. They hugged Wyatt, and he left.

Eric told Quinn that Wyatt would be fine. Quinn agreed, and she was proud of her son. She thanked Eric for accepting both of them into his family and supporting them. She said she had learned from him, and she had a proposal to bring peace to the family. Quinn said they had been too hard on Ridge. She said that taking the CEO position away from him and giving it to Steffy had been harsh.

"I'm shocked you would even bring it up," Eric said. He reminded Quinn that Ridge had betrayed him, and he would never forget that. She understood, but she added that Ridge was a sensitive guy who had built a layer of protection around himself.

Eric said it had been very perceptive of Quinn. She added that she understood Ridge had been trying to protect Eric because he'd thought his father was in danger. "That makes him a good son," she said. She wanted to move past their disagreements as a company and a family. Eric said it was a lofty goal.

Quinn agreed, and she proposed that Ridge and Steffy share the CEO position. Eric couldn't believe she had suggested it. Quinn said she wanted to reunite Ridge and Eric because Ridge clearly loved Eric. She wanted peace in the family. "Think about it," she said. Eric and Quinn hugged.

At Forrester Creations, Charlie and Pam discussed meringue peaks, and Pam ran in to a meeting with Ridge, Nicole, Rick, and Thomas. Nicole praised Ridge's designs, and they all noted that Ridge had incorporated jewelry into his designs. Ridge reminded them that Quinn was a part of the company, and her jewelry was also. Pam said she did make nice jewelry.

Rick and Thomas questioned how they were going to get rid of Quinn, but Ridge said she wouldn't be a problem anymore. He felt they needed to accept her. Pam questioned if Ridge and Quinn were friends, but Ridge said she had changed the dynamics of the company. Most importantly, she made Eric happy. She drew out the best in Eric, and they all had to appreciate that. Ridge wanted to find some peace. Rick and Thomas looked at each other.

Later at Forrester, Ridge sat by himself working. He flashed back to his kiss with Quinn, and he rubbed his head.

Thomas grumbles about being passed over

Thomas grumbles about being passed over

Thursday, January 26, 2017

At the mansion, Katie arrived at Eric's behest with a newspaper. He couldn't find where the paperboy had thrown his and had asked to borrow hers. Noticing a suitcase, she asked if he was going someplace. Flipping through the paper, Eric said it was a quick trip to Genoa City. He found what he wanted in the paper and groaned because what he'd heard was actually true. Apparently, Sally Spectra's old warehouse was scheduled for demolition.

To Eric, life had been interesting when Sally had been popping out from behind curtains. Eric flashed back on times with Sally, including the Queen Mary showing. Eric told Katie that it had been fun to be Sally's friend -- and her enemy. Katie asked what had happened to Sally and if she was "still with us." Eric said Sally would live forever. The last he'd heard, hot cabana boys were tending to Sally on a tropical island.

Katie wondered what Sally would think of Quinn and if the women would be friends. Eric said Sally's biggest asset was recognizing talent. It was something the women shared, and Eric revealed to Katie that Quinn had suggested -- despite her differences with Ridge -- that Eric promote Ridge back to the executive level of the company.

Eric explained that Steffy and Ridge would share the CEO position. Katie asked how it would work. Eric assumed the pair would work it out however they wanted -- unless Steffy balked at the idea. Katie thought Quinn would more likely suggest that Ridge be buried alive. Laughing, Eric said Katie had been skeptical about his idea to send the two on a trip, but Eric believed the trip had helped Ridge and Quinn realize they could work together.

Katie said Eric could recycle her paper because she'd already read it. Eric stated that he'd use any excuse to get her to visit. She called him sweet and guessed he had to strategize. She knew Ridge had hurt Eric, but Ridge was still his son. Eric said the family had been slow to forgive Quinn for her misdeeds. He asked if he really wanted to do the same to them. Katie wished him safe travels, kissed his cheek, and left.

In the CEO's office, Thomas was surprised when Steffy ripped a check out of the checkbook and handed it to him. It was for rent at his loft. She assumed he paid Ridge rent, and she thought she'd pay, since she'd been there the previous month. Thomas said it was three times too much, and she asked how she was supposed to know.

Thomas quipped that asking would be a good start -- unless Steffy was just doing it to show off her CEO buying power or to remind him that he'd been passed over the last time promotions had been handed out. Steffy asked what his sudden problem with her was. Thomas relayed that he had an issue with being passed over and asked if his name had even been mentioned at promotion time. She replied that he hadn't been there.

Thomas sarcastically said he'd been off making a family with the broken one that their father had given him. He quipped that maybe he should have married Quinn's child so she'd fight to get a nameplate and CEO seat for him. Steffy said that their grandfather had offered her the position, so whether Thomas believed it or not, she'd earned it.

Steffy asked if Thomas preferred that Quinn be CEO, because it would have happened if Steffy had declined. Thomas disagreed, saying that Eric would have offered it to Ridge, Rick, or Thorne. Steffy asserted that she'd asked about that before accepting. She reasoned that Thorne had a life outside of "this building." As for Rick, he was running International and had a baby.

Thomas wondered why their father hadn't gotten the job. In his view, Ridge was more experienced, and despite Steffy's gazillion followers, Ridge was higher profile than any of them. Steffy didn't disagree but said the choice had been up to Eric. She said that time healed all wounds, but she didn't know about the betrayal between Ridge and Eric.

Thomas asked if Ridge betraying Eric was about Ridge refusing to suck up to Quinn or about Ridge not buying the "whole brand-new me look." Steffy told Thomas to tell it to Eric and see where it got Thomas. Thomas was in sardonic awe of Steffy becoming quite the politician. Steffy stated that Quinn was a fact of life, and if recognizing Eric's commitment to Quinn made Steffy a traitor, it was fine with her because she was thinking about the family and its legacy.

Steffy informed Thomas that she wasn't just keeping the company on an even keel. She was showing "so much more" growth when compared to the competitors. Thomas asked if that made "all this" okay. Steffy told Thomas to make up his mind -- either he was saying that she'd gotten the job because she was an opportunist or complaining that the job should have been his.

Thomas figured that Steffy would deride him for his statement, but he wanted to know why the position hadn't been first offered to Ridge's firstborn. "Granddad seemed to give dad the -- the option, and uh, why not me?" Thomas asked. Steffy replied that, first off, their father wasn't the same as his father, and the men were very different people.

Thomas noted that Quinn wanted her son to be the heir apparent, if only by marriage. Steffy acknowledged that Quinn had played a part in Steffy getting the position, but Steffy had kept it on her own. She cited that they were finally in a drama-free work environment, and they'd gotten Christmas bonuses. She said no one had a problem with her leadership but Thomas.

Thomas said he didn't want to interrupt Steffy from patting herself on the back, but she'd only been running the company for a month. Steffy asked if he was saying he could have done just as well. Thomas confirmed that he thought that. Steffy said he was wrong. She stated that the reason was that he wasn't there. Being in and out was a reoccurring theme with him. She concluded that designers could be temperamental, but CEO's couldn't. Thomas wordlessly exited.

In the design office, Quinn arrived as Ridge ended a call with Brooke. He said he'd be lying if he told Quinn that Brooke had sent greetings. Quinn asked how the wedding planning was going. Ridge stated that wedding planning was overrated, but Brooke would be back soon. Quinn informed Ridge that she'd done something and hoped he wouldn't be angry about it.

Quinn guessed Ridge knew about Wyatt and Steffy's finalized divorce. "The dreaded FL-190," Ridge said. Quinn joked that Ridge probably had a wall papered with them. She admitted that she was upset about it because she'd liked them together. It had spurred her zeal to keep them together. It had led her to urge Eric to offer Steffy the CEO position.

Ridge stated that Quinn had finally admitted it. Quinn didn't think she'd kept it a secret, but she believed that Steffy was capable and excelling. The problem was that Quinn felt she'd inadvertently shortchanged more experienced leadership. She informed Ridge that she'd asked Eric to consider having Ridge share CEO responsibilities with Steffy.

Ridge was surprised that Quinn had asked Eric to do it. Quinn replied that Eric had given her the "I'm thinking about it" face. Ridge asked why she'd pitch the black sheep of the family and noted that she didn't even like him. Shrugging, Quinn said she minded him a lot less those days.

Quinn loved her husband and was leery of Eric returning to the daily grind at Forrester. Even though Steffy was a powerhouse, she was young, and Quinn believed the clientele would be more confident if a seasoned hand were at the wheel. Ridge reasoned that Eric and Quinn could travel, knowing that the business was in capable hands.

Quinn stated that it was her family, too. She wanted good things for all of them. She'd once thought that Ridge was the most conceited man in the world, but she'd realized that he was only the second or third most. Ridge said it was sweet coming from the Wicked Witch of the West. Quinn smiled, and Ridge remarked that she had a nice smile.

Ridge was surprised by how Quinn was taking Wyatt and Steffy's divorce. "Oh, I know, right? I should be burning down the hall of records," Quinn joked. She revealed that Ridge comparing her to his mother had made her decide that she didn't want Wyatt remembering her as an overbearing mother. She guessed she had Ridge to thank for the revelation.

Nicole arrived with a necklace prototype that Ivy had told Nicole to guard with her life. Quinn accepted the box, and Nicole left. Ridge asked for a look, and Quinn opened the box. "A proper look," he clarified, lifting the necklace from the box. Ridge draped it around Quinn's neck, and she smiled, watching him in the mirror as he stood behind her, straightening the necklace.

Ridge was stroking Quinn's shoulders, too, as they both looked at the necklace through the mirror. He said the jewelry was perfectly balanced. She remarked that the stones shouldn't go together. He stated that she'd known they would. Agreeing, she said it was the mismatch and the antagonism. Stroking the jewels, Ridge said the stones were misfits but fit perfectly.

As Ridge removed the necklace, Quinn warned him to be careful. He dismissively said he knew how to treat a lady. Caught off guard, Quinn couldn't recall if she'd been called a lady before. She added that she had, however, been called derogatory names for a woman. "By me," Ridge said. "By you," she echoed.

Quinn changed the subject to Eric going to Genoa City that night, if the weather held up. She remarked that the doctor had finally cleared Eric to fly. She knew that Eric was lamenting the loss of his closeness with Ridge. She advised Ridge to go to Eric because the two might be able to say things to each other that they hadn't been able to before.

Ridge thanked Quinn for going to bat for him. As Quinn left, he handed her the necklace box that she'd seemed to forget. Their hands touched, and they exchanged glances before she exited.

Sometime later, Quinn returned to the vacant office. Looking at the necklace, she thought of how Ridge had said the misfit stones fit perfectly together.

Back at the mansion, Eric realized that he wasn't alone when, while placing something on his suitcase in the foyer, he heard Ridge say that Genoa City was cold that time of year. Ridge asked what the trip entailed. Eric didn't really know. Lauren Fenmore had called, and cross-promotions had been a topic of conversation. Ridge stated that the doctor had approved Eric to fly, and Lauren had always been a pull for Eric.

Eric offered to have a sit-down with Ridge once Eric was back. Ridge said he'd like that, and they hadn't done so in a while. Eric stated that he might have been too harsh on Ridge. Ridge replied that he'd given Eric reasons to be, and Eric agreed. Ridge said he hadn't been grabbing for power. He'd been trying to protect Eric and the family. Eric didn't like being estranged from Ridge.

Ridge said he'd gotten obnoxious in trying to save Eric from himself. Ridge blamed it on Stephanie's side of the family, but Eric decided he couldn't blame Stephanie for everything. Eric revealed that when he returned, he wanted to find a more appropriate position for Ridge on the leadership team. Ridge said it was a conversation he'd like to have. Eric told him to thank Quinn for it. Ridge said that there was something Eric should know.

Ridge stated that he loved and respected Eric more than anyone in the world. He told Eric to have a safe trip. Eric left, and Ridge stared at Quinn's portrait on the wall. He rolled his eyes at his thoughts, and he sighed in frustration.

Katie walks in on Ridge and Quinn

Katie walks in on Ridge and Quinn

Friday, January 27, 2017

In Quinn's kitchen, Katie sneaked in the back way at Pam's behest to lend Pam some eggs. Pam was baking lemon bars for Eric to have when he returned from Genoa City. Pam couldn't believe Quinn didn't want Eric to have sweets at all and said she'd just pretend to be making a kale salad if Quinn caught her in there, baking.

Katie said it was a good idea and asked if Pam knew about Eric's idea to make Ridge co-CEO. Pam was shocked to hear it, and Katie added that it was Quinn's idea. Pam said Katie had heard wrong because Ridge and Quinn despised each other. Katie replied that Eric had said it, and Pam guessed she needed to bake a cake to congratulate Ridge.

Katie said Eric had only said he was considering it. Pam wondered if Quinn was trying to win Ridge over the way she'd tried to do with Pam. Pam decided that Ridge wouldn't fall for such a thing. Pam then remembered that Ridge had spoken to everyone at the office about accepting Quinn more. "Really? You don't think he's starting to...?" Katie asked.

Scoffing, Pam quickly dismissed it. Pam said Ridge couldn't stand Quinn, and Pam didn't think he'd ever stand Quinn.

Later, Katie was on the phone with Brooke and remarked about baking with Pam. Katie told Pam that Brooke had said that Hope wanted a care package. Katie told Brooke that she was glad Brooke was visiting Hope, but "You shouldn't stay away too long. You know, Ridge misses you. He can't wait for you to get back so he can marry you."

At the front door, Quinn heard someone in the living room as she entered the house. She thought it was Eric, who was supposed to be in Genoa City. To her surprise, Ridge poured drinks from a martini shaker, saying that his father being out of town wouldn't prevent her from getting her after-work martini. He proposed a toast, and she suggested they do it to Eric's trip. Ridge added that it was to her, too, for keeping the fires burning while Eric was gone.

Quinn said that Ridge's martini wasn't as good as Eric's, but drinkable. Ridge replied that Eric was better at some things, and Ridge was better at other things. Noting Ridge's smile, she guessed it was there because he'd talked about the CEO position with Eric. Ridge replied that if he got to be CEO again, it was all because of Quinn.

Quinn corrected that it was because of Eric. Ridge replied that she'd put the idea in Eric's head. Quinn said it was because she'd known Eric had wanted a compromise like it the whole time, but she wasn't sure how Steffy would take it. Ridge said they'd be fine, and he and Steffy would do what was best for the family and company.

Ridge repeated that it was happening due to Quinn, and he wouldn't forget it. He said she really did want to pull the family together. Quinn said it had been painful to know what being with her had cost Eric. Ridge stated that he'd boycotted because he'd thought she'd destroy Eric, but it had turned out that Ridge hadn't had anything to worry about. "Good. Thank you," he said.

Quinn said Ridge didn't have to thank her, but Ridge replied that Eric had told him to do so. She decided that Eric had raised a good boy. "Really, thanks," Ridge said again, and she smiled. It was strange to her to talk with Ridge "like this." Ridge replied that it was even stranger that he didn't gag at the sight of her portrait anymore.

Quinn thought it might be the nicest thing Ridge had ever said to her. Ridge said he could be charming. She added, "Dangerously." Ridge had thought she'd destroy the family and the company, but "weeks in, and the sky hasn't fallen." Quinn called him Chicken Little. He disagreed and saw himself as Cocky Locky. Quinn insisted that being the ringleader made him Chicken Little, and he asked if she was the fox who ate the chickens in the end.

Quinn asked if that was how the tale ended, and Ridge said he was sure the chicken and fox didn't kiss in in the end. Quinn didn't like kissy fairy tales. She said teaching little girls that a prince would save them was ridiculous. Ridge said he'd put a call in to terminate the tales.

"Cheers to that," Quinn said, finishing her drink. Ridge toasted to her and her portrait. She toasted to him not being ill at the sight of the portrait. Ridge claimed he could do even better. "I actually now look forward to seeing you," he stated. He declared that they had turned a corner. "Quite a lady. And I'm gonna be CEO because of you!" he beamed.

Quinn chuckled. Ridge grabbed her by the waist and spun her around as he hugged her. "Am I interrupting something?" they heard Katie say as she walked in and glared at them.

In the CEO's office, Rick and Steffy busily worked. Rick joked that Steffy had thought being CEO was all about posting sexy pictures of herself. Rick asked how Wyatt was doing in light of the divorce and remarked that it was a tough situation for two brothers.

Steffy conveyed her worry that the divorce would make the brothers' strained relationship worse. Steffy hoped that Wyatt would be okay. Rick was sure Wyatt would get over it because Wyatt was strong and resilient; however, the feelings Wyatt had for Steffy wouldn't go away overnight.

Steffy finished up work and left some signed contracts with Rick for his Paris call that night. Rick figured she was going home to Liam and suggested that the pair elope. As Steffy listened, Rick further suggested a long honeymoon -- months long. "Hell, take the whole year off," he said. Steffy wondered who she'd get to take over while she was gone. Rick acted as if he had an idea and said he wouldn't mind doing it for her. "Huh," she replied and grinned knowingly.

At the cliff house, Wyatt arrived. He thanked Liam for the messages and said he'd been meaning to respond to them. Opening a beer for his brother, Liam said not to worry about it. Liam was just glad that he and Wyatt could talk. Their politeness fizzled into an awkward silence. Wyatt scoffed with a chuckle. He said he got why ending his marriage had been the only option for everyone. Stammering, Wyatt added that he wanted his brother back.

Wyatt felt that he and Liam had been at odds for a long time, fighting over women, business, and their father. It seemed pointless to him to butt heads. He'd been thinking of what they could accomplish if they weren't always competing. Liam imagined it being the Spencer brothers against the world, and Wyatt vehemently agreed.

Wyatt winched at the pain in his tattooed finger. Liam knew how it had to hurt. "The things I do for you," Wyatt stated. Wyatt said he'd done it for them all. The reality was that Liam and Steffy were together, and Wyatt didn't want to make everyone uncomfortable with the tattoo.

Wyatt asked if Liam knew that Wyatt had been horrified by Quinn kidnapping Liam. Wyatt had wanted to save Liam, and he didn't want Liam to ever doubt that. Wyatt had wanted to get Liam back to his life, but Wyatt hadn't factored in Steffy. Wyatt hadn't been able to let her go back then, but he finally could because he'd matured.

Wyatt swore he'd get a woman who didn't know Liam's name. Liam laughed. After they joked about Wyatt being with the same women as Liam, Wyatt said he'd find one who had no history with Liam and who wanted Wyatt for himself. Liam said Wyatt deserved it and hugged him.

Later, Liam sent Wyatt a message that said how much Wyatt's support meant to Liam. He saw Steffy arrive through the windows and greeted her with a glass of wine. He said he'd never take for granted the sight of her walking through the door.

Steffy asked if Liam would have wine, too, and he said he still had a beer left from his visit with Wyatt. Steffy was surprised Wyatt had been there. Liam said his brother was taking it better than Liam would have -- "Better than I did," Liam corrected. Wyatt's actions with the divorce had given Liam hope that he could finally have a relationship with his brother.

Steffy said she wanted it for Liam and Wyatt. She wished she could tell Wyatt that the tattoo removal got easier. Liam wished he could tell Wyatt that getting over her got easier.

Steffy and Liam evaluated her left finger. The tattoo was gone, but there was some redness. She joked that it was too bad because she'd been excited about her next appointment with the cute doctor. Liam recalled that he'd made her a promise about the time that the tattoo was gone and her finger was healed. "Liam..." Steffy said as he presented her with a diamond ring.

Liam stated that he and Steffy knew what they wanted the future to look like, and he literally couldn't wait anymore. Calling Steffy the most exquisite woman, he'd ever known, he asked if she'd be his wife. "Of course, of course," she replied, and they kissed. Liam slid the ring over where the tattoo had been. He said it was much better, and she agreed.

Liam decided that there was one more thing. He wanted matching tongue rings, and he figured they could do it right then and there -- once they had towels for the blood. Steffy thought it was gross, but he said she needed a rebel. Steffy said she only needed him, and they kissed.

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