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Liam demanded that Steffy set Wyatt straight about the divorce and move back home. A drunken kiss in San Francisco changed everything between Ridge and Quinn.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 16, 2017 on B&B
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Quinn and Ridge get Tequila-drinking honest Quinn and Ridge get Tequila-drinking honest

Monday, January 16, 2017

At the mansion, Eric was sketching in the living room when Wyatt arrived to find out if Eric had more details about the symposium. Eric didn't know more than Wyatt, and Wyatt realized that the two men would be at the house alone that night. Wyatt suggested they have a bachelor's night, but Eric reminded him that each of them was married.

Katie arrived, and as Wyatt let her in, she asked if it was too late to be there. In her hand, she carried an old, flat soccer ball that Will had found near the property line. Eric chuckled, believing that it had to be Ridge's ball and was about thirty-five years old. Eric said to just wait until Ridge and Quinn returned from San Francisco.

Katie asked Eric to repeat himself. Wyatt remarked that Ridge and Quinn were at a design conference up north. Eric added that it had already done wonders for the relationship between the two. Katie scoffed in disbelief.

After Eric explained why he'd sent the pair off, Katie asked if he really thought a trip would make them stop hating each other's guts. Eric asked if it was really far-fetched and remarked that Quinn had the ability to unite people. Wyatt quipped that she usually united them against her.

Katie noticed a covered portrait by the fireplace and asked if Eric had gotten a new one. Wyatt said it had turned out to be premature. Katie uncovered it and asked if Steffy always had to be so beautiful. Eric and Wyatt explained that the portrait had been made upon a hope that Steffy would live there one day with her husband and children. "With Liam?" Katie asked.

"I'm still her husband, Katie," Wyatt responded. Eric stated that he'd invited Steffy to move in. Katie sighed, and Eric said, "I notice you have an opinion about it." Wyatt said Katie had known Steffy longer than he had, and he wanted to hear what Katie had to say. Katie replied that she didn't think it was wise to pressure Steffy.

Katie wasn't sure that Steffy was over the hurt and asked if Steffy had said she was ready to forgive. Eric and Wyatt asked how they had hurt Steffy. Katie didn't think she should be talking about it, but Wyatt asked her to go on because she might be on the right track. Katie said that, to be blunt, Eric's wife -- Wyatt's mother -- had kidnapped and lied to Liam. Katie concluded that Wyatt wouldn't be married without that interference.

Katie didn't mean to hurt Wyatt. She believed the marriage had been real but said Wyatt couldn't ignore Steffy's loss. It wasn't fair to expect Steffy to get over feeling that her life had been hijacked. Wyatt replied that there was enough unfairness to go around, but Katie wasn't wrong about where it had all started.

Wyatt said he wasn't saying that he was a sore loser. Katie didn't think divorce made one a loser. Wyatt replied that it did in the literal sense of a person not getting what he wanted. It had stung when Steffy had declined moving into her family home. Eric replied that Steffy hadn't said it would never happen, but Wyatt said she basically had. Wyatt vented, saying he hadn't kidnapped Liam, and Wyatt had thought the marriage had been real.

Katie replied that the feelings had been. Agreeing, Wyatt stated that Mr. Tequila had helped cheer him up. Katie said she'd heard that drinking alone wasn't always a good idea. Wyatt replied he'd had it with his mother, and it had gotten Quinn to open up.

At Thomas' loft, Liam tried to convince Steffy to go home with him that night. He said it would be just one night. Steffy told him that she couldn't say one thing and then do another. As much as Steffy wanted to do it, she had to stay at Thomas' until the divorce was final.

Liam couldn't recall Steffy ever being such a stickler. Steffy said she was thinking of Wyatt's feelings and asked why Liam wasn't. Liam asked if she wanted a short or long version. She stated that he didn't agree, but she was asking him to accept her decision. Liam replied that he was wondering if she was sure it was her decision.

Liam felt that Eric, Quinn, and Wyatt had teamed up on Steffy and dangled the prospect of being Eric's heir apparent only if she stayed married to Wyatt. It was messed up to Liam. Steffy claimed it hadn't been that like that and added that she'd declined it.

Liam kept going on about it, but Steffy asked if they really had to rehash it that night. Liam guessed it was because he missed her and because the allegiances could fall apart as quickly as they'd formed. She asked why he'd say that. "Just a feeling," he replied.

Liam and Steffy cuddled on the sofa. Liam thought he'd felt his phone vibrate, but he was wrong. Steffy asked if he was expecting a call. He replied that he was working on something remotely. Steffy conveyed that Quinn's actions and Steffy marrying his brother wouldn't always be between them. "I suppose it will always be a part of us, but not between us, no," he replied.

In San Francisco, Ridge attempted to leave the hotel room, but the angry Quinn said he wasn't going anywhere. She asked if he realized that life as he knew it was over, because Eric would strip him of all that went with the Forrester name. Ridge called Quinn silly and asked if she really believed her words. Quinn retorted that the charming Ridge wouldn't charm his way out of it.

Quinn poured more shots because it had been Ridge's game to get her drunk. Ridge said they each knew she was "better than that." Sipping her drink, Quinn thought his words were comical because of how wrong he had her. Ridge stated that she might be right, and she wasn't the black widow he'd thought. He said she might be just a black hole of need.

Ridge noted that a little flirting had been all he'd needed to get Quinn's big eyes peering back at him. Quinn sarcastically welcomed him to seduce the woman he thought she was because it had been the whole idea. He said he didn't have it in him, and she was smarter than he'd thought. "You caught me this time," he stated.

Quinn asked Ridge if he really thought there would be a next time. Ridge stated that there would be because what she hated one day, she loved the next. She said he reminded her of a shrink she'd known. Ridge wondered why in the world she'd stop treatment if she'd started it. Quinn replied that people always told others they needed help, and one could tell them to "go to hell" or give it a try. Quinn had learned a lot from "this guy," but the biggest takeaway had been that "nobody knows anything about anyone."

Ridge replied that it made sense. Quinn said there was a caveat because she knew a few things about him. To her, Ridge was like everyone else. He didn't want her to have anything. He wanted her to know her place and beg for someone to love her and see how special she was. "No. Those blinds are drawn. Nobody gets to see inside," she bitterly concluded.

Ridge studied Quinn. In the silence, she waved her hands and said to give her the key card or go to the other room and sleep it off. Ridge declined because he might miss something. She said nothing would happen. "But what if, all of a sudden, you're overcome with desire for me?" he asked. Laughing, Quinn called upon God.

Quinn was amazed that Ridge was made up of the same stuff as his father. Ridge replied that he wasn't. He noted that people only mentioned it in heated discussions, but he was actually made of "Italian blowhard billionaire." He confided that he hadn't been adopted but passed off as the real thing. He guessed that he was an imitation Forrester.

Quinn replied that men thought where their DNA came and went was terribly important. She'd known about the "accident" of Ridge's birth, but she said it was easy to forget because he'd made himself over into the definition of a Forrester. She chuckled because "poor Thorne" was the real deal but couldn't get out of Ridge's shadow. She figured that Ridge's revenge had been to make the others into his image of a Forrester, not the other way around.

Ridge stated that Quinn had grown up without a father. "Says who?" Quinn asked. Ridge stated that she couldn't have his. He believed she wanted his father, the family name, and to take his mother's place. He added that she wanted his daughter, too. Quinn replied that Steffy had made vows. Ridge said it had been under false pretenses.

Quinn stated that her son deserved happiness. Ridge told her not to be a control freak, and one couldn't hand another person happiness. She replied that it was easy for the one with all the money and power to call her a greedy control freak, and she asked when he'd ever wanted for anything. She said, with the snap of his fingers, he got what he wanted, and then his roving eye sought out what he wanted a taste of next.

Quinn asked if it was to be that way with her once she was supposed to realize that Ridge wasn't so bad and just needed to be loved. Ridge stated that he hadn't meant it to be that way. Quinn called him a liar. He revealed that he'd planned to take a picture to show Eric how wrong he was about her. She said Ridge didn't care who he hurt, even if it was himself.

"And, of course, it had be sexual -- because that's how men win, and women lose. We lose if we love it. We lose if we hate it. We lose if we say yes just a little bit too soon, right?" she said. "And what does it matter, anyway? It's rarely more pleasurable than a hot shower, and it barely lasts as long. But that's the only game that men want to play because we always lose!"

Quinn explained that it was especially so if "we" wanted just a little bit more, like lunch, cab fare, or kindness. She said that it was fun for "you" to withhold the little things. "But you don't win big until you realize how I hurt and how I don't want to be alone," Quinn stated. She said when that happened, "you" would get to sit back and say that "I used her for everything she was good for."

Quinn insisted that Ridge knew what she was talking about because he was the ultimate womanizer who got to make women into conquests and then drop them. "I've been that woman! So -- so don't. Don't you sit there in judgment of me, of who I am, where I've come from, and what I've had to endure. Because -- you -- you can go to hell, Ridge Forrester, if hell will have you. Because I won't," Quinn told him. "And now, you can go."

Quinn pours out her heart to Ridge

Quinn pours out her heart to Ridge

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

by Pam

In the hotel in San Francisco, Quinn and Ridge drank tequila. Quinn was angry and told Ridge to get out. Ridge said she shouldn't be alone. Ridge poured another drink and asked if Quinn wanted another one. She stood up and told him a second time to leave. "I'm not going anywhere," he said. They drank the tequila.

Quinn angrily advised Ridge that she was never going to allow Ridge to take Eric away from her. "Never going to happen," she said. She added that Ridge didn't know "a damned thing about me." Ridge agreed. "Let's change that," he said.

Quinn snickered that Ridge wouldn't be interested. She asked why she would tell her secrets to someone who hated her so much. Ridge said it might make him hate her less. Quinn noted that after everything that had happened to her, she could never make Ridge understand. Quinn shook her head. "Please," Ridge suggested.

Quinn emotionally said she couldn't try explaining "what it feels like to be disrespected and used over and over and over." She added that she had always believed the next guy was going to be different, but they'd ended up just as awful. She lamented that she had been young when Bill Spencer had walked into her life and tossed her aside; he had thrown money at her and said, "Get rid of the kid. " She lamented that every guy was just another version of Bill or just another version of men that her mother had taken home. "I swore I would never be like her and give up power," Quinn said.

"Bill was the first one?" Ridge asked. Quinn said she had kept Bill away and protected her son from him, and all her hard work had paid off. "My son is nothing like the rest of you guys," she shouted. Ridge took exception to being lumped into the same lot as Bill Spencer.

Quinn was in disbelief. She reminded Ridge that he had tried to humiliate and disgrace her. "Of course you're like the rest of them," Quinn shouted. She maintained that her son was different, and Eric was different. Eric had been the first man to respect her, and he truly loved her. She didn't have to guard herself.

"I'm not giving that up -- not ever," Quinn shouted. Ridge said he understood her, and he understood his father. "It's my job to protect him from people like you," Ridge said. Quinn wondered what he meant, and he called her a gold digger. Quinn laughed that if she had truly been a gold digger, she would have gone after Bill's money.

Quinn emotionally explained that Ridge had no idea what it was like to be poor and give that last bit of food to her son when they were young. Rather than let him go hungry, she would go hungry. "You don't know what it feels like to be hungry. I come across mean and aggressive -- I had to be," she said. "You used meanness to push people away," Ridge said.

Quinn admitted that she hated who she was and all that she'd done, and she'd justified it all to give her son a better life. "We would do anything for our children. For you, it was writing a big check, but I had to be creative. I made so many mistakes," she said.

Quinn proudly said that after years of hard work, she had given her son a life worth living -- all because of love with Eric. "Now that I have that, you have to hear me. I am not letting you take that away from me," she shouted. Ridge was quiet. He promised he didn't want to take his dad away from her. "I want to protect my dad, this company, my family, and this legacy," Ridge said.

Quinn responded that she'd lived with fear every single day before Eric. Quinn had worried every month that she would end up homeless. Quinn cried. Ridge sat next to her and gave her a hankie. Quinn said she hated to be guarded, but she had been burned many times. "I had to, and who cares? Who cares what people thought?" she asked. She had endured everything and made it through somehow, and she'd met the greatest man, who'd taken a chance on her. "I don't want to be alone anymore," she cried.

Ridge told Quinn she was not alone. He said he knew why Eric had fallen for his mother. "And now I can see why my dad fell for you," he said. Ridge noted it was not because she was pretty or younger but because of who she was. "It will be all right. It will be fine," Ridge promised.

Quinn doubted Ridge. He advised her to stop spinning her webs and building walls. "Trust that," he said. Ridge turned to leave, but she stopped him. She handed him his hankie. He opened his arms and hugged her then he kissed her on the lips, and they made out. He pulled away.

At Eric's house, Katie wondered how Ridge and Quinn had gotten along in San Francisco. Eric said he trusted Quinn, and she trusted him. Katie wondered if things were going well. Eric said they might surprise themselves and learn to get along.

At Liam's, Bill advised Liam not to be late for the meeting the following day. He didn't want to have to be alone in a room with "those Bozos." Liam responded that he meant employees. Bill noted that Liam seemed stressed. Liam agreed. He wanted Steffy to return home.

Bill advised Liam to be patient. Liam asked about Brooke. Bill said she had gone to visit Hope in Europe. He knew that his relationship would eventually work out, and he knew Steffy would move back in. Bill claimed Brooke would never marry Ridge because he always messed up, and he would do it again. "We're Spencers. We don't give up," Bill said.

At Thomas' loft, Thomas shared that he and Caroline had been together but were apart for the moment. He missed her and Douglas. He added that when Caroline eventually returned to Los Angeles, he didn't want to have a roommate. Steffy agreed. She knew that Thomas and Caroline would be together again soon. Thomas wondered how long it would take for her to get back with Liam.

Steffy said she cared about Wyatt's feelings, but the divorce would be final soon. Thomas wondered how long it would take for Quinn to have a meltdown. Steffy said she genuinely believed that Quinn had feelings for their granddad, but she didn't trust Quinn and hoped that when Quinn did have the meltdown, it didn't hurt Eric too badly.

Ridge and Quinn rehash their relationship

Ridge and Quinn rehash their relationship

> Ridge and Quinn rehash their relationship

Ridge and Quinn rehash their relationship

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

by Pam

At Forrester Creations, Wyatt entered Steffy's office and looked at the wedding band tattoo on his finger. He told her that her Sexy CEO photo shoot had gone well and was trending in social media. Thomas entered and asked about the campaign. He sneered that it had clearly been Wyatt's idea.

Wyatt ignored Thomas and said there was more good news at Forrester because his mother and Ridge had been a hit at the symposium in San Francisco. He encouraged Steffy and Thomas to meet in Quinn's office to hear the news.

In Quinn's office, she flashed back to her kiss with Ridge at the hotel in San Francisco. She took a call from Eric and told him she missed him. She couldn't wait to see him. She explained that she had taken the private jet home, and Ridge had returned on a commercial flight. Eric thought that was odd, but she said she thought Ridge had some other business to attend to.

Eric said he knew that Quinn and Ridge had to update Steffy about the symposium, but Eric wanted his own personal update as soon as possible. Quinn gushed that it had gone well, and she was curious how Eric had fared without her. "I hated being without you," she said. Eric agreed and said it was funny that they had only been apart one night, but it had seemed longer. Ridge eavesdropped on Quinn's side of the conversation. Quinn hung up and promised to see Eric soon. Ridge entered and closed the door.

"Someone feeling guilty?" Ridge asked. He wondered why. Quinn regretted that she had not left San Francisco sooner. Steffy, Wyatt, and Thomas barged in to hear about the success in San Francisco. They had all heard that Quinn and Ridge had praised one another's talents. Ridge and Quinn were quiet.

Wyatt joked that there was something juicy they were keeping from everyone. Ridge ordered Wyatt to take a breath and stop talking. Ridge said that he and Quinn had complimented each other and impressed everyone because they had simply acknowledged each other's accomplishments and talents. "I still have issues with her," Ridge said. But he added that they would all learn to work together.

Ridge sent everyone out of the office, and he closed the door. Quinn said she knew what would happen next. "You're going to leave the office and tell your father what happened, aren't you?" she quizzed.

Quinn worried that Ridge would tell his father that she had crossed the line -- something he had wanted her to do all along. She lamented that he would soon destroy her marriage, but she made an impassioned plea for how much she loved Eric.

Quinn knew Ridge had his proof, and she could deny it, but it would mean lying to her husband. She refused to do that to the only man she had ever loved. She knew that Ridge would shatter her world. "And I will be gone," she said.

Ridge agreed she had figured out his plan and caught him. "And I admitted it," he said. But he added that something had happened in San Francisco. He had gotten to know her better. "I allowed myself to know you better. I'm not gonna say anything to my dad," Ridge promised.

Quinn wondered what else he had planned to trap her. Ridge's reaction to her had been one of her worst nightmares for a long time. Ridge answered that he wanted them to try to get along. Quinn agreed it was what Eric had wanted all along. Ridge demanded that she had to stop controlling people. Quinn agreed.

Ridge said that whatever the breakthrough in San Francisco had been, they had to build on it. Quinn reminded him that she loved her husband. She didn't know what had happened with the flirtations with Ridge, and she couldn't explain it. "I am in love with Eric," she said. Ridge understood. "Eric can never know. This will be our secret," she said. Ridge agreed.

Liam sent a text message to Ridge to see what had happened in San Francisco. Ridge responded that things had not gone as planned. Liam was disappointed and flashed back to an argument he'd had with Steffy about how she believed that once the divorce was final, they would be together. Liam had argued that once the divorce was final wasn't soon enough because Quinn had been working overtime to break them up. He also flashed back to a time that he had encouraged Ridge to get rid of Quinn. Liam was distraught, and he left the house.

At Eric's house, Katie delivered mail that had been dropped at her house by mistake. They discussed that it was from Eric's brother. Eric encouraged her to stay and keep him company, but Katie said she was uncomfortable visiting Eric without Quinn's permission. Eric wondered if Quinn had really intimidated Katie, and she said that Quinn had. Katie and Eric laughed.

Katie wondered how things had gone at the symposium. Eric said that Ridge and Quinn had been a hit. He believed that Quinn and Ridge would learn something about each other and learn to get along. He was happy that it had gone well because he had forced them to present at the symposium. "I want this for Quinn and Ridge. They may find something between them that they didn't even know was there," Eric gushed.

In Steffy's office, Liam barged in and said she had to listen to him. He said they had been tested more than any other couple, and he was tired of it. She wondered why he was so fired up. He said she had not been listening to him. "You shouldn't have moved out, and it's not fair what your grandfather has done," he said. He said his father had given him a lecture on patience and reminded him that Spencers never gave up. "And that includes Wyatt," he said.

Liam insisted that Quinn had never paid for her crimes. She had tried to murder him, kidnapped him, taken advantage of him, and stolen months from them. "We will never get that back," he said. Liam worried that Steffy was placating Wyatt. "You're not doing me or Wyatt any favors," Liam said. Steffy shook her head.

Liam lamented that Eric, Quinn, and Wyatt had gone too far trying to bribe her to move into the Forrester mansion. He wanted to stop worrying and begging her to move back in. He wanted their relationship back on track.

At the Forrester mansion, Wyatt entered and told Eric that Quinn and Ridge had been an absolute hit at the symposium. Eric smiled and said he had missed her. He added that he loved Quinn like Wyatt loved Steffy. Wyatt thanked Eric for supporting him and his marriage.

Eric said that Wyatt should work on his marriage, but Wyatt disagreed. He said he had wanted to win Steffy over, but it was time to admit that what they had done was unfair. "Three of us against my brother -- it's not right and not fair," Wyatt said.

Wyatt planned to move back to his beach house. Eric said Wyatt always had a home with Eric and Quinn. "This is the Forrester house. I'm not a Forrester," Wyatt said. He thanked Eric because Eric had given his mother peace and happiness. They had created a beautiful, inspiring relationship, and he knew they would never let each other down. "I know that my mom will never let you down," Wyatt said.

Ridge tells Liam that he's done scheming

Ridge tells Liam that he's done scheming

Thursday, January 19, 2017

At the mansion with Eric, Wyatt discussed his decision to move out. Wyatt was grateful for the support, but living there wasn't the way to get Steffy back. Wyatt didn't want her to feel bribed into being with him. Eric stated that it had never been the intention.

Wyatt understood, but he had to see it from Steffy's point of view. Steffy was under a lot of pressure, and their pitch had worsened things, in his view. Wyatt felt that he was the guy for Steffy, but he also felt that he shouldn't have to convince her of it.

The decision to move had surprised Eric. Wyatt said it hadn't been an easy one, and though he couldn't believe he was saying it about living with his mother, he'd enjoyed staying at the mansion. Wyatt stated that Eric had transformed Quinn -- and Wyatt, too. Eric had shown Wyatt how important integrity was in a relationship. It had made Wyatt realize that he wanted someone who believed in him completely, the way that Eric and Quinn did.

Later, Wyatt set down a suitcase at the beach house and whipped out his phone to make a call.

In the CEO's office, Liam let Steffy know that everyone had limits, and he'd reached his. Steffy noted that he'd been patient. He agreed but was starting to think it was a mistake. He wanted all of her or nothing. He wanted to be together right then, not when her grandfather deemed it okay.

Liam felt he should have taken a stand awhile back. Liam told Steffy to tell Wyatt that she was done and to move back in with Liam. Steffy stated that the divorce was almost final, and then she and Liam would have their future. Liam asserted that Quinn wouldn't stop trying; therefore, Steffy had to make it clear to Wyatt and Quinn that there was no chance of a reunion with Wyatt, and Steffy wanted the divorce finalized immediately.

Steffy asked what the urgency was, and Liam said they were getting to her. She asked who he meant and if he meant her grandfather, Wyatt, and Quinn. She asserted that they weren't. Liam insisted that they were, and he was tired of watching it happen.

A call from Wyatt to Steffy interrupted the dispute. Wyatt wanted to see her and said it was important. She told him the situation was bad enough, and she didn't want them to make it worse. Wyatt understood, but he wouldn't accept a refusal. He informed her that he was at "our place." She clarified that it was the beach house and agreed to go.

After the call, Liam was upset that Steffy was agreeing to meet Wyatt, legitimizing everything that Quinn had done to them and honoring a marriage that shouldn't have happened. Steffy claimed not to be, but Liam noted that, in the middle of their conversation, she'd answered the phone because it had been Wyatt calling. Liam stated that she was dropping everything she was doing to meet Wyatt.

Liam knew how Steffy felt about the company and Eric, but Liam insisted that their relationship had to be first after waiting so long. Liam urged her to end the marriage, get the remnants of the God-forsaken tattoo off her finger, and return home. He decided he'd go make dinner, and after she'd ended it, she could meet him at home.

Steffy suggested telling Wyatt to meet her at the office -- if Liam was that worried about it. Liam said that she should just go, set Wyatt straight, and go home to Liam. Steffy reassured Liam again that he had nothing to worry about. She promised that she'd talk to Wyatt, and everything would be fine. As she left, Liam seemed uncertain.

At the beach house, Wyatt was on the phone, thanking someone for doing a task on short notice. Steffy arrived and noted that the place looked nice. He said he'd spruced up because she'd agreed to meet him. He offered her some of the wine he was drinking, but she declined, saying it was too early. "It is never too early. How dare you," he joked, pouring the drink.

Wyatt said it was for old time's sake. Steffy agreed to have a glass but said no toasting. Wyatt said he had something he really needed to tell her. It had been a long time since they'd been in the house together. "How about this?" Wyatt asked.

Raising his glass, Wyatt said it was to all the good times they'd shared together there. He toasted to the laughs, the love they'd shared, and the dinners she'd ruined. Steffy corrected that she'd forgotten the timer only once. "To bad timing," Wyatt stated, and they clinked their glasses.

Though Steffy acknowledged that things had been difficult for Wyatt, she didn't think that reminiscing was a good idea. She was there to talk, as he'd asked, and she wanted to get to it. Wyatt said it had been difficult for them both, but they could make it better by not listening to the ticking clock and instead focusing on what they'd done together as a couple. He wanted to forget about the divorce and think of what they meant to each other.

In the design office, Quinn couldn't believe that Ridge, who'd been out to get her for such a long time, would be willing to keep secret what had occurred in San Francisco. Ridge gazed intently at Quinn as she said she needed his word that Eric would never know about any of the flirting or what had happened on the trip. Ridge replied that what they'd shared -- that kiss -- was between them and no one else. She asked him to promise. "It's our secret," he concluded.

Later, Ridge worked alone in the office. He flashed back on the kiss in San Francisco, and a disconcerted expression settled over his face. Liam arrived, wanting to know what had happened on the trip. Ridge replied that Quinn hadn't betrayed Eric or crossed the line. Ridge had thought he'd known how Quinn would react to things, but he'd actually had no idea.

Confused, Liam said Ridge had called Liam from the hotel to say that it had been about to happen. Ridge replied that it hadn't happened, and it had been a bad plan. Ridge added that it was never going to work. Liam asked what that meant. Liam wondered if Ridge meant he couldn't get to Quinn or that he'd just stop trying. "That's what I'm saying, yes," Ridge replied.

Liam was upset because, even after the divorce went through, Steffy still had to work with Quinn. Ridge replied that Steffy had to work it out for herself. He believed that she loved Liam, and in time, they'd work through it. Confused, Liam said Ridge had been sure it would work. "You're saying nothing happened? Nothing at all?" Liam asked. Ridge echoed, "Nothing at all."

Back at the mansion, Eric greeted Quinn with an embrace. He wanted to hear all about the trip and how she and Ridge had "made out" in San Francisco; however, Eric wanted to share some news with her first, and he didn't want her to be upset by it. Eric informed Quinn that Wyatt had decided to move on and return to the beach house.

Eric explained that Wyatt was starting to think he'd done his best to save his marriage, but it might really be over. Quinn blamed herself for her son's marriage problems and said she'd made many mistakes. Eric told her that Wyatt didn't blame her, and she wasn't the same woman. Eric said that Wyatt was an intelligent man and would be just fine.

Quinn thanked Eric for being there for her and her son. Being away from Eric had made her realize how much she loved him and how thankful she was to be his wife. She'd missed Eric. Clinging to his shoulder, she stated that she hated to be away from him.

Eric said he'd vowed to protect Quinn, take care of her, and give her everything in the world. Quinn stated that he'd done so, and she had everything she could have dreamed of.

Eric turned the topic to the symposium and his surprise at Ridge's complimentary behavior toward Quinn. Quinn said the whole trip had been that way. Eric asked what she meant, and she said it hadn't been what she'd expected. Eric was pleased that he'd gotten what he'd wanted -- for Ridge to spend time with Quinn and see her for the woman she was.

Quinn wanted to focus on Eric, and Eric asked if she didn't want to talk about the trip. She replied that she'd already told him on the phone that it had gone well. She didn't know what more to say because she and Ridge would never be best friends.

Eric asked what had happened and why Ridge had taken a separate flight home. "Did Ridge do something to you?" Eric asked. Quinn quickly said Ridge hadn't. Eric was pleased to hear it. He just wanted Ridge and Quinn to have a decent relationship and to know that they were getting closer.

At the bar, Eric started making drinks to celebrate. Quinn passed on martinis, but Eric said he had her new best friend on hand. "Tequila?" Quinn said and flashed back to drinking with Ridge. She told Eric that she wasn't in the mood for that, either.

Eric stopped making drinks and sat with Quinn to inquire about what was really wrong. He wondered if he'd been wrong to send her and Ridge on the trip in hopes that they'd get closer. Quinn flashed back to kissing Ridge. She blurted out that they'd been too hard on Ridge, who wasn't the enemy. She said she wasn't, either, and things were just complicated. She understood that Eric wanted her and Ridge to be closer, but she didn't need the relationship to change.

Quinn didn't want to talk about Ridge. She was with Eric, whom she loved, and she didn't want things to change. She hugged Eric and said she never wanted to lose him. Quinn flashed to kissing Ridge. Back at the office, Ridge was thinking of the same thing.

Katie catches Ridge and Quinn

Katie catches Ridge and Quinn

Friday, January 20, 2017

Due to the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, January 23, 2017, and picked up where the Thursday, January 19, 2017, episode concluded.

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