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Eric succeeded in getting Steffy to leave Liam's house. Next, Eric offered Steffy the mansion and a portrait if she'd move in with him, Quinn, and Wyatt. Ridge and Eric warred over Quinn, and Eric ordered Ridge to put up his evidence against Quinn or shut up about her.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 2, 2017 on B&B
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Steffy decides to leave the cliff house Steffy decides to leave the cliff house

Monday, January 2, 2017

At the cliff house, a romantic time in bed turned into a debate about Steffy living with Liam while still married to Wyatt. Steffy said it was out of respect for Eric and her new CEO position and would be just until the divorce was final. She assured Liam that he was the one she wanted a life with. "Just stay then. Tell me you're not leaving me," he replied.

Steffy hated to put Liam though it. Liam said it was Quinn doing it and using Eric to accomplish it. Steffy stated that her grandfather didn't feel as if he was being used, and he definitely wasn't pressuring her. "But he is pressuring you," Liam countered.

Steffy contended that Eric was just looking out for her and wanted what was best for her in her new role as CEO. Liam wanted the same things, but he said it wasn't the nineteenth century. In Liam's view, she was getting a divorce, therefore, she was not cheating. He felt that no one would stand in judgment of it. She replied that it wasn't Eric's point.

Liam knew that Eric was concerned about appearances, which seemed strange to Liam if he considered the number of divorces and scandals the family had undergone through the years. Liam didn't consider his relationship to be a scandal because they'd been ripped apart by a malicious woman and stood the chance of the same woman doing it all over again. He asserted that they couldn't keep letting Quinn do it to them.

In the living room later, the conversation continued. Liam assumed she'd made up her mind. Steffy said she hadn't decided anything, but she hadn't been comfortable with moving while married from the onset. It was why she hadn't done it right away. Liam believed that being sensitive to Wyatt had been the right thing to do back then. Steffy countered that "this" might be the right thing, too.

Liam asserted that nothing was right about it, and Quinn was still pulling strings. Steffy said the move would just be until the divorce was final. He asked if Steffy really thought that they'd ever get their life together when Quinn was working overtime to keep Steffy with Wyatt. Liam stated that Quinn had brainwashed Eric and was using the CEO position to turn Steffy and Liam against each other.

Steffy said she wouldn't let it happen, but Liam replied that it was happening at that very moment. He believed that Quinn would keep poking and prodding until the divorce didn't happen.

At the mansion, Quinn limped in from work. The incident in the steam room with Ridge was still heavy on her mind. Eric entered and warmly greeted her. He sensed that she wasn't herself and asked if something had happened. She asked why he'd think that. He said they hadn't known each other long; however, she was his wife, and he could read her well.

Intrigued that Eric thought so, Quinn asked what she was thinking at that moment. "After you tell me what happened at the office today," he replied. He wondered if Ridge was giving her a hard time. Eric was aware that Ridge had been helpful with her ankle but wondered if Ridge was back to his old tricks -- or had found a new way to get at her. Quinn jokingly assured Eric that his eldest son was putty in her hands.

The topic turned to Wyatt and Steffy. Quinn was concerned that Steffy worked all day with Wyatt but went home to Liam. Eric conveyed that he'd talked to Steffy to let her know how inappropriate he thought shacking up with her husband's brother was. Quinn was surprised that Eric had broached it with Steffy. Eric affirmed it, saying that Wyatt was perfect for Steffy.

Eric believed that Wyatt admired Steffy and respected her skills and talents -- unlike Liam, who acted as if he felt that way when he didn't. Wyatt was a stand-up guy in Eric's eyes, but Liam had caused heartache and was unreliable. Wyatt, on the other hand, stood by his promises and made the marriage one that Eric could support.

Hugging him, Quinn called Eric a dear man whom she didn't deserve. She wondered if Steffy could be loyal to her marriage as well as to the family and business. Eric said he'd given Steffy a lot to think about. He hoped he'd gotten through to her. Deciding to find out, Eric whipped out his phone to call Steffy.

As Eric and Steffy greeted each other, Eric heard Liam in the background and asked her to turn on the phone's speaker. Liam sighed in frustration as Eric said that Steffy and Liam were good people, but they knew it was wrong for Steffy to live with Liam before the divorce was final. Eric stated that once it was final, Liam and Steffy could do whatever they wanted; however, until then, they needed to respect Wyatt and the institution of marriage.

Eric told Steffy to move out. "Do you understand, Steffy? Liam? Do you understand?" Eric authoritatively asked. Liam attempted to reason with Eric but spoke to air because Eric had already clicked off the line. Liam was beside himself with frustration. He understood Eric's place in Steffy's life but said Eric had no right to keep making demands like that. Liam screamed that it wasn't a casual fling between him and Steffy.

Steffy empathized with Liam but said she'd promised to listen to Eric and respect his opinions. Liam replied that listening was fine, but Eric wasn't really doing the talking. Liam believed that Quinn was. Steffy said that even if it was true, it didn't mean that Eric had no point. Steffy stated that she was married but living with a man who wasn't her husband. She'd had mixed feelings about it from the beginning.

In Steffy's view, all that would change was that she wouldn't be at Liam's house. She'd return to pick up where they left off the moment the divorce was final. It was her vow to Liam. She kissed him and said she'd have someone get her things.

Liam was despondent. Steffy apologized and asked him not to doubt her love. Steffy gave him a long look back as she strode out the door. On the porch, she sobbed. Inside, Liam shed tears.

In the design office, Brooke entered, giggling, which snapped Ridge out of thought. She was amused at the babysitting R.J., who'd said he didn't do lullabies when she'd suggested that he sing Lizzy to sleep. Brooke cupped Ridge's neck in her hand and kissed him. She noticed that his hair was damp. He said he'd taken a steam. She teasingly asked if he'd been alone or with someone that she knew.

Ridge claimed it had been a spontaneous thing. Lightly tickling her hands over him, Brooke said he should have asked her to join him and advised him not to forget her the next time. She asked how the steam had been. He replied that it had had its moments. Brooke eyed him curiously.

Ridge indicated that he was behind with work because of it, and his daughter ran a tight ship. Brooke wondered if Steffy was still at work then asked if Quinn was. Nervously, Ridge asked if Brooke was asking if he'd seen Quinn. Seeming perplexed by his question, Brooke shrugged and asked, "Have you?"

Later, Brooke was fiddling with jewelry when Ridge asked her opinion of a sketch. She liked it but noticed he'd sketched in a necklace of Quinn's. He said it went with the dress. Brooke asked if he was complimenting Quinn, and he replied that he was trying to throw Quinn off balance. Brooke believed it would take more than nice words to rid them of Quinn. He replied that he had a few things up his sleeve. "Do I dare ask?" Brooke wondered.

"Nope. You don't want to know," Ridge replied. Brooke stated that she'd always believed in Ridge, but she was pretty sure Quinn and Eric wouldn't reverse themselves on the CEO pick. Ridge said the thing about life was that one never knew what might be around the corner.

Citing that Ridge hadn't fared well the last time he'd gone up against Quinn, Brooke suggested that he just let Quinn self-destruct. Brooke's next thought was that self-destructing could take a long time. "Or not, depending upon how it plays out," Ridge replied. She asked what he was up to. All he said was that he had to protect the family and company at all costs. Whatever it took, he had to get Quinn out of their lives.

Later, Ridge was working alone in the design office when Liam called, upset that Steffy had moved out. Liam said Eric and Quinn had played on Steffy's emotions and guilt-tripped her into staying elsewhere until the divorce was final. Liam wanted to do something about Quinn right that instant. Ridge replied that he was on it and had been in the steam room with Quinn.

Liam assumed that Ridge was referring to his cat-and-mouse game with Quinn and asked if Ridge thought something would really happen. Ridge said he'd make sure it did. Liam wondered if Ridge would do so even if it meant betraying his father. Ridge replied that it was fine -- if it was what it took to open Eric's eyes.

Ridge said that, when he was done, Eric would want nothing to do with Quinn. Liam stated that Eric might not want to have anything to do with Ridge either. Ridge stated that it was a risk he was willing to take to rid everyone of Quinn.

Back at the mansion, Quinn was in a nightgown, pulling back the bed covers, when she received a message from Ridge. He wrote that she'd been right, and they needed to stay far away from each other. "Ok," Quinn typed back. Quinn stood pensively with the phone in her hand.

Eric entered and decided to take a shower. Quinn climbed into bed and stared at Ridge's message and her reply on her phone. After putting the phone aside, she lay her head on a pillow.

In Quinn's mind played a montage of Ridge's confusing behavior toward her. Over the montage played her voice, telling Ridge that he didn't get to play with her emotions. Quinn's twitched and gasped as if awaking from a disquieting dream.

Ridge pursues Quinn

Ridge pursues Quinn

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

by Pam

At Thomas' loft, Steffy had moved her stuff in, and Liam showed up with more. He told her she didn't have to do what Eric wanted because they both knew that Eric was doing what Quinn wanted. Steffy claimed it was an unfair assessment. She said that she'd had reservations about moving in with Liam from the beginning because she was still married to Wyatt.

Liam said they belonged together. Steffy agreed, and she maintained they would be together once the divorce was final. Liam worried that she had allowed Quinn to get between them. Steffy disagreed. Liam left. Steffy called Carter and asked him to speed up the divorce. Nicole entered and marveled that Steffy had two Spencer men fighting over her.

Steffy said that she would stay in Thomas' loft until the divorce was final. It was a temporary arrangement while she was married to Wyatt because her grandfather felt it was necessary. Nicole left.

At Forrester Creations, Quinn and Wyatt discussed that Eric had given Wyatt another opportunity to get back with Steffy because he had insisted that Steffy couldn't live with Liam until her divorce was final. "Eric threw you a lifeline. He doesn't want Steffy living with Liam," Quinn said.

Wyatt complimented Quinn and said that she had "finally found a truly good guy." He advised her to "not screw it up." Quinn flashed back to her encounters with Ridge. Quinn countered that Wyatt had better not waste his chance to reconcile with Steffy.

Later, after Wyatt had left, Quinn grabbed a design that Ridge had done. She flashed back to times she had spent with Ridge. She looked at the photo of her with Eric, and she remembered Wyatt's words from her earlier conversation with him that she had "finally found a truly good guy."

Ridge entered and interrupted Quinn's thoughts. "That's an interesting look," Ridge said. He wondered if she had been thinking exactly the same thing that he had. Quinn looked confused. Ridge wondered if she was thinking about the design she'd been holding in her hand. Ridge told her that he'd had a sample made. Quinn was surprised that Ridge wanted to collaborate with her.

Quinn said that Ridge had never respected her opinion, but Ridge countered that it was her chance to change his mind. He held up the design on a mannequin with some of her jewelry. She said it worked. "Why does it work?" Ridge asked. She said the gown had a liquidity and quality, and the fall of the gown and the curve of the metal worked together.

Ridge held her hand against the fabric and told her it was soft, warm, and fluid like water running down her neck. Quinn pulled her hand away. Ridge said it was good they were going to keep a distance between them. Katie entered and interrupted.

Katie joked that she hadn't heard any yelling or screaming in the hallway, so she'd had no idea they were in he office together. She said she felt she had walked in on something. Ridge left, and Katie told Quinn that she had seen Eric, and she wanted Quinn to know. She added that it was inspiring to see how much Eric loved her. Quinn thanked her. Quinn said she had left a lot of chaos behind her. Katie noted that Eric and Quinn drew out the best in each other.

Katie said that it was funny that one could find something very special when one least expected it with someone one had known for a long time. One could see them in a completely different light. She noted that Quinn was Eric's wife, and he truly loved her, and she had been loyal to him. "It's very important," she said.

At Forrester Creations, Liam entered Wyatt's office. He was furious that Wyatt's mother had forced Steffy to move out of his place. Wyatt argued that it was Eric's decision, not Quinn's. Liam argued that Quinn wanted to serve Steffy up to Wyatt on a silver platter -- again. Liam told Wyatt that Steffy had moved to her brother's loft until the divorce was final.

Wyatt noted that Liam was tense and clearly worried that things would not work out with Steffy. Liam argued that he and Steffy had every right "to pick up where we left off." Wyatt warned that he knew he had no help or sympathy from his father because Liam was the favorite child. Wyatt added that Steffy still had his wedding ring tattooed on her finger. Liam maintained that Quinn had been manipulating everyone again. Wyatt refused to listen. He said he had more important things to do, and he walked out.

Wyatt showed up at Steffy's. He joked that she had a temporary pad. "Don't buy me a housewarming gift," Steffy said. Wyatt suggested that Steffy move back in with him at the beach house. She told him not to read anything into her living arrangement. Wyatt said he had wanted to help her move in because he'd been worried about her. Steffy thanked him but said she wanted to do it alone.

At Forrester Creations, Liam visited Ridge and said that Steffy had moved into Thomas' loft because Eric had insisted that she move out of Liam's place. Ridge agreed that Quinn had manipulated Eric, and Eric was using his power over Steffy. Ridge said he would not let up on Quinn. He had made progress with her. He knew she had fallen for him, and he had backed away to make her want him more.

Liam worried and wondered how far Ridge would go. Ridge answered that he had taken Brooke away from Eric. If Eric saw that Quinn would do the same thing, it would be the end of Quinn. Liam argued that Ridge would lose his father, but Ridge said he had to save the company. "It's the Hail Mary pass," he said. Ridge insisted he would take Quinn down.

Ivy confronts Quinn

Ivy confronts Quinn

> Ivy confronts Quinn

Ivy confronts Quinn

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

by Pam

At Forrester Creations, Liam worried about Ridge's interaction with Quinn. Ridge noted that Quinn had a piercing look in her eyes. Liam was concerned that Ridge was falling for Quinn as much as Quinn was falling for Ridge. Ridge disagreed.

Liam remembered that he had been with Quinn when he'd had amnesia, but he remembered her influence. Ridge said he had it all under control. Ridge insisted he would take Quinn down. Ridge and Liam discussed how Ridge would pull off a coup that would get rid of Quinn once and for all.

Liam wondered if Brooke knew about Ridge's plan. Ridge said that Brooke was aware that he would do anything to get rid of Quinn. He hadn't explained anything else to her, but he didn't plan to cross the line. He anticipated that Quinn would cross the line.

Liam understood that Ridge wanted Quinn to fall for him, and he wanted his father to find out. He worried that it was going to destroy the relationship that Ridge had with his father. Ridge said his relationship with Eric had been destroyed and would never be the same. Ridge remembered that he had stolen Brooke away from Eric, and he felt that Eric's choice of Steffy as CEO and Quinn as president were payback.

Liam said that Ridge would lose Forrester. Ridge replied that it didn't matter. He would start his own company. He couldn't stand the way his father looked at him. Liam understood and said that Eric wasn't his biggest fan either. Quinn was the puppet master, but Liam had never expected that Eric would stoop so low.

Ridge agreed that Eric had used his power to become a manipulative man. Liam lamented that he and Steffy had been starting a life together, but Eric had insisted that she move out, so she was living at Thomas' loft. Liam said that Eric had left the door open for Wyatt all because it was what Quinn wanted. Ridge wanted to break the spell Quinn had over his family. Ridge and Liam worried that they were not dealing with a sane person, but Ridge anticipated she would cross the line.

At the Forrester mansion, Ivy showed up in Quinn's bedroom to confront Quinn about the interaction she had seen between Quinn and Ridge outside the steam room at Forrester. She had overheard Ridge accuse Quinn of flirting with him when she had been naked. Ivy demanded to know what was wrong with Quinn.

Quinn told Ivy that she had been taking a shower in the new outdoor shower she'd had installed for Eric at the mansion, and Ridge had shown up. Ivy suggested that Quinn should have covered up with a towel or gotten dressed, but Quinn admitted she had never shied away from confrontation. However, she would never be unfaithful to her husband.

Ivy was surprised that Quinn had remained naked in front of Ridge. Ivy wondered what else had happened when they'd been in the steam room. Quinn explained that she had sprained her ankle, and Ridge had put ice on it. She had later gone to the steam room to try some heat to get the stiffness out of her ankle. She'd been alone when Ridge had shown up. Ivy quizzed her about what had happened. Quinn said that Ridge had massaged her ankle. Ivy was shocked that Quinn had allowed Ridge to touch her. "What are you doing?" Ivy shouted.

Quinn said that she and Ridge had been taunting each other for a long time. Ivy warned her to stay away from Ridge. Quinn said she was completely devoted to Eric, but she felt Ridge was attracted to her. "I'm not an idiot and not vulnerable to his huge ego," she said. She knew that he was trying to play her for a fool, but she planned to turn the tables on him. Ivy was concerned that Quinn was playing with fire.

Downstairs at the Forrester mansion, Steffy met with Eric at his request. He was glad she had moved out of Liam's place. Steffy countered that she had let Liam down and was always going back on her promises to him. Eric quizzed her about her promises and vows to Wyatt.

Eric dissed Liam and his treatment of Steffy. He stood up for Wyatt, who had supported Steffy and made her one of the top influencers in the world. Wyatt supported her career. Steffy defended Liam, who didn't want her near Quinn.

Eric lectured Steffy to work on her marriage. He said Wyatt supported her career. Steffy wanted to be clear that her move away from Liam was temporary. "I'm still with Liam," she said. "What if Hope comes back?" Eric asked. Steffy looked hurt and surprised. "He's committed to me," Steffy said.

Eric insisted that Liam was holding Steffy back, and he anticipated that she would be the best CEO the company had ever had. Steffy wondered why Eric hadn't mentioned her father when he'd discussed the company. Eric said Ridge had let him down too many times. Eric lamented that when he'd been married to Brooke, they'd had two beautiful children. "And he reached in and took that away from me. My trust in Ridge is gone," Eric said.

Eric interrupted his conversation with Steffy to welcome flower delivery employees and caterers. He explained that he had an intimate surprise planned for Quinn. Steffy was impressed that Eric was so in love with Quinn. He called upstairs on the intercom to talk to Quinn, and he told her he had a Forrester original for her in the closet. He wanted her to put it on and meet him downstairs.

Eric returned his attention to Steffy. He said he wanted to celebrate the success of the family. He trusted Quinn with his life, and her son too. "Your husband," Eric said.

Eric said he wanted Steffy to move into the mansion with him, Quinn, and Wyatt. "What? No, I can't do that. I choose where I live and who to spend the rest of my life with," Steffy said. Eric was adamant that he wanted Steffy to honor her commitment. "I want you to have the same thing I have with Quinn," he said. Steffy was surprised.

Upstairs, Quinn slipped into a stunning emerald gown. Ivy gushed that Eric had designed it specifically for her, and she complimented Quinn. She reminded Quinn how much Eric loved her, and Quinn said she loved Eric.

Later, Steffy and Ivy had gone, and Quinn walked downstairs in her sparkling gown. Eric poured Champagne and told her she was a vision in the dress he had designed for her. They lovingly toasted, and Eric said he loved being her husband, and he'd never felt so loved in his life. Quinn said she loved Eric and their life together.

Quinn called him the "husband of the year," and thanked him for such a surprise. Eric said he liked to keep spontaneity in their marriage and felt a bit of flirtation was a good idea. "I don't want my bride to be getting bored," he joked.

Quinn told Eric that he was one of a kind. She thanked him because he had changed her life and Wyatt's. "Nights like this remind me how hard we had to fight to be together," she said.

She added that she never wanted to disappoint him or let him down. "Never happen," Eric said. He asked her to dance. They danced and kissed.

At Forrester, Ridge vowed to Liam to get rid of Quinn. "I will get Quinn out of my father's arms, the home, and out of the family. Quinn's days with him are all but over," he said.

Ridge puts himself on the cross

Ridge puts himself on the cross

Thursday, January 5, 2017

In the design office, Quinn worked with Ivy in silence. Quinn noted that it was chilly in there, and she didn't mean the temperature. Ivy replied that she was upset with Quinn. Quinn said she'd been honest with Ivy. Though Ivy gave Quinn credit for that, she was still disillusioned because she'd believed in Quinn's devotion to Eric.

Quinn said she hadn't betrayed Eric, and she never would. Ivy asked how Quinn could flirt with Eric's son in the steam room. Quinn replied that Ivy was acting as if Quinn was having an affair. Ivy said Quinn had admitted to flirting with Ridge. Quinn dubbed it as just banter and found it better than him barking at her all the time. Feeling as if she was Ridge's personal dumping ground, she asked if Ivy could blame her for wanting a different rapport with him.

"With your clothes off?" Ivy asked. Quinn contended that Ridge had been the one who'd sneaked up on her while she'd been outdoor showering. Ivy wanted to know who had conversations stark naked.

Quinn didn't expect Ivy to understand a lifetime of constantly proving oneself and not backing down. Eric had softened Quinn's rough edges, but when she was challenged, sometimes her old defenses kicked in. Those defenses weren't always right, but Quinn was working on it. Quinn said that despite all the imperfections people loved to point out in her, her feelings for Eric were pure, and Ivy never had to doubt them.

Ivy wanted to believe Quinn, but the encounters were questionable. "He saw you naked," Ivy said. Quinn replied that she'd wanted to get in his face and make him the uncomfortable one. Ivy sarcastically quipped that it had worked because he'd followed Quinn into the steam room. "Exactly. He followed me. Not the other way around," Quinn insisted.

"But then you sat there and let him touch you?" Ivy asked. Quinn stated that Ridge was horrible to her, but he was Eric's son, which meant she had to be careful. She couldn't vent or express outrage. "We're trying to bring this family together, not tear it apart," Quinn said. Quinn stated that she'd tried to have a little fun with Ridge, which had been a mistake, but it had no bearing on her feelings for her husband.

Ivy needed to be sure when it was about her adored uncle. She told Quinn to look her in the eyes and say Quinn had no desire for Ridge. Quinn stated that she despised Ridge. She enjoyed getting the upper hand on him after all he'd done to her, but it was nothing and no threat to her marriage. Eric was the only man Quinn wanted. Unfortunately, Ridge was a part of the package, so Quinn had to find a way to deal. "But feelings other than loathing him on a visceral level? Never," Quinn declared.

Alone in the office later, Quinn smiled as she worked and remembered Eric's marriage vows. Her face grew dark as thoughts of encounters with Ridge crept into her mind.

At the mansion, Wyatt was eager to get to work, saying that social media was the beast that never slept. Eric could see that Wyatt was devoted to the campaign. Wyatt said it helped the company and Steffy. "That's what it's all about, isn't it? Your great love for my granddaughter," Eric stated. Eric said he stood behind Wyatt's marriage. He hoped that Wyatt and Steffy found the same love that he'd been blessed with in his marriage with Quinn.

In the CEO's office, Liam rushed in to find out what had changed overnight with Ridge, who was having second thoughts about his plan with Quinn. Ridge said he could stand to lose his father because of the plan, and he might want to hold onto whatever relationship he and Eric had left.

Liam asked if Ridge was changing his mind. Ridge replied that he was just thinking things through. He didn't know if he wanted to do it to Quinn -- to "expose her like that." Ridge wondered if there was an honest, peaceful way to handle it.

Just then, Steffy entered. She noted that the men had a Quinn look on their faces, and she asked what was going on. Ridge left, and Liam assured Steffy that the conversation had been more of the same ponderings about why he and Ridge had to put up with Quinn.

Talk turned to Steffy not sleeping that great the previous night. Liam said she could fix it by returning home and wondered if Eric had inserted himself into Steffy's personal life before.

Steffy said Eric hadn't, but at the same time, she had never been married to a man but living with his brother before. She was also forefront in the public eye. Liam added that Eric had also never had Quinn whispering in his ear and wished Steffy would realize that Quinn was behind it all.

Steffy understood Liam's concerns, but she said Liam needed to see her view and trust that she was smart enough to handle herself. Liam replied that it wasn't about intellect. Steffy said to imagine that he was right, and Quinn was behind the CEO position. Steffy asked if she should have turned down the incredible opportunity because Quinn had arranged it.

Steffy added that, as for Wyatt, he'd always be around. Liam chuckled mirthlessly. Steffy stated that Wyatt was Liam's brother and her soon-to-be ex-husband. Wyatt was also her grandfather's stepson. She said she and Liam didn't have to let things affect them, and she'd be back with him as soon as the divorce was final. Liam replied that he heard her, but he was still keeping watch. He wouldn't let Quinn -- or Wyatt -- hurt Steffy.

As Liam and Steffy kissed, Nicole entered with Wyatt on her heels. Nicole said they could return later. Steffy said, "No," but at the same time, Liam said, "Yes." Wyatt brushed past Nicole into the office, saying that he'd go with "no," because they were scheduled to work on the campaign.

Liam stayed to watch Wyatt photograph Steffy in sexy poses around the desk. Nicole left to post the pictures. As Steffy drank from a water bottle, Liam exclaimed that Wyatt was missing out on photographing Steffy's hydration session. Wyatt asked why Liam was so against the innocuous office-life photos. Liam pointed out that Steffy's legs were too high on the desk, and she'd been leaning over to reveal a little "something-something."

Wyatt said it was sexy, and Liam asked Steffy if she really didn't have a problem with it. Steffy didn't think Wyatt had taken it too far. Liam decided to rephrase and asked if Steffy wasn't unsettled by Wyatt documenting her every move so that people could "follow" her. Wyatt thought Liam was a natural at sucking the air out of the room.

Liam said he'd been reading comment sections on the posts. In his view, there were creeps out there, and they weren't fans. Wyatt said "way go to" if Liam wanted to scare Steffy into doing what Liam wanted her to do. To Wyatt, rude comments went with the territory, and one couldn't be high profile and invisible at the same time. Wyatt preferred to get in front of the media and control the perception. Liam said it was diminishing Steffy and the company.

Wyatt said that Liam was wrong, but Liam said he wasn't. Liam stated that Wyatt was objectifying Steffy. Liam was sorry, but he wasn't cool with it. Wyatt stated that Liam didn't need to be in the middle of it, and all Wyatt was doing was updating Forrester's brand. Liam asked why it couldn't be Nicole, Thomas, Ivy -- or someone who didn't have a corporate image to protect.

Wyatt replied that being CEO made Steffy a powerful role model. Liam asserted that it should be her mind, not her body. Liam suggested being strategic by giving just a little to keep people wanting more. Wyatt replied that attention spans were a thing of the past.

Arguing with Wyatt, Liam felt that having the CEO all over the Internet in lingerie was demeaning. It also disrespected him. Liam told Steffy that it was something only he should be able to see. He also felt that Steffy was playing into Wyatt and Quinn's plan. Liam said that everything they did was designed to get Steffy for Wyatt.

Steffy got Liam's attention. She explained to him that they were together, and it wouldn't change. She appreciated his concern, but she could handle how she was presented, and she was in control. Liam backed down, but he wished Quinn wasn't pulling all the strings.

Back at the mansion, Eric welcomed Ridge into the living room and asked why Ridge was there. Ridge claimed to be checking on Eric's health. Eric was feeling better all the time, but he suspected that the visit was about something other than his health. Agreeing, Ridge said he was there because the family had been off track since Eric's relationship with Quinn had begun, and Ridge was looking for a way to normalize things.

Eric assumed that "normalizing" meant having Ridge as CEO instead of Steffy. Ridge claimed it wasn't why he was there. Ridge thought Steffy was capable, but she lacked the experience to helm the place. "To guard against the vandals at the gate, like my wife and my son?" Eric asked. Ridge said it was kind of that, and though Eric didn't think he needed protection, Eric did need it. It was why Ridge was there.

Eric stated that he was happy with things as they were. Ridge said he got that Eric was punishing Ridge for not playing nice with Eric's wife. Eric stated that he wasn't, and he and Ridge wanted the same things -- what was best for the company and the family. Eric believed that Steffy could unify them, unlike the divisive Ridge.

Ridge claimed that he wasn't being divisive. He was trying to save them. Eric dismissed the whole topic because talk wasn't getting them anywhere. "Wow," Ridge replied. He asked how it had happened to them. Ridge said Eric had been in love with Quinn for five minutes, but Ridge had loved Eric for Ridge's whole life. "And you can't listen to me?" Ridge asked.

Ridge stated that Quinn was no good. Eric wondered how Ridge could know. He said Ridge hadn't spent time with her or observed how hard she'd tried to change. Eric added that Ridge had never observed the wonderful results of Quinn bettering herself. Eric declared that he was happier than he'd ever been, and if Ridge loved Eric, it was all that should matter.

Ridge affirmed that he loved Eric very much. Ridge loved how Eric believed that people could change, but in Ridge's view, the past indicated the future, and "this one here" was as dangerous as ever. Ridge asked Eric not to make him do it. Sighing, Ridge asked what would happen if he could prove that Quinn didn't deserve Eric's trust.

Eric asked exactly what Ridge was talking about or trying to prove. Ridge wanted to prove that the family had been right all along, and Eric couldn't trust "this creature." Ridge said that he didn't want to do any of it, but Eric was so besotted by "this woman" that he wouldn't even listen.

Eric exclaimed that Ridge was in Quinn's home and ordered Ridge to call her by her name. Ridge said that Quinn couldn't be trusted under any name. Deciding to call Ridge's bluff, Eric told Ridge to get his proof and put it on the table. Ridge asked if Eric thought it was a game. Ridge was trying to tell Eric that the woman he'd married had no conscience, loyalty, or soul.

Ridge believed that when Quinn's hooks retracted from Eric, they'd rip Eric open. Ridge wanted to end the nightmare. Eric said Ridge wouldn't convince Eric that Quinn was anything less than committed to their marriage. Ridge asked when Eric had become so na´ve. Eric said that if believing that someone could change for the better was na´ve, then Eric was na´ve.

Eric believed that Quinn had changed in the most magnificent way. Ridge stated that Eric thought she'd never let him down. Eric replied that he knew it. "Then I'm going to have to show you the naked truth," Ridge decided.

Eric asked what Ridge was talking about -- "naked truth." Eric was convinced that he and Quinn understood that betrayal doomed a marriage, but it wouldn't happen. Ridge asked when Eric had turned into a puppy who wanted his belly rubbed. Eric said that Ridge was being insulting. Ridge claimed he wasn't trying to be insulting; he was trying to tell Eric something.

"This woman manipulates everybody!" Ridge said, pointing at Quinn's portrait. He asked if Eric thought Quinn really believed Steffy was the best choice for CEO. Ridge stated that Quinn wanted Steffy with Wyatt. Eric replied that he didn't object to it. Ridge asked if it was because Quinn wanted it. Eric said it was because they were married.

Ridge screamed that Quinn had orchestrated it. Eric roared that it was pointless, and they wouldn't see eye to eye about Quinn. Eric was tired of Ridge insulting his wife. Ridge stated that she'd let Eric down, but Eric replied that she was loyal. Ridge asserted that she wasn't, and he could prove it.

"Then do it! Get out of my house right now, and get your proof together, and come back with it!" Eric challenged. Ridge declared that "this woman" would be the downfall of the family. The naked truth was that someone would have to be sacrificed to stop her. Ridge asked if Eric wanted it to be Ridge.

"Go on. Get out," Eric replied.

Steffy faces the ultimate temptation

Steffy faces the ultimate temptation

Friday, January 6, 2017

In the CEO's office, Wyatt was impressed by some numbers he saw, and he couldn't wait to show Eric at the meeting that day. Wyatt snapped the distracted Steffy out of thought to ask when the meeting was, and he guessed that she was still thinking of what Liam had said. Steffy admitted that she was beginning to think it wasn't a bad idea to keep her private life private.

Wyatt exclaimed that Steffy's influence on social media was skyrocketing. Steffy didn't know if she was supposed to feel good about it if Liam was in pain over it. She instructed Wyatt to head out for the meeting while she wrapped things up at the office.

Later, Steffy was on the phone with Thomas to let him know she'd set up at his loft until the divorce went through. She pretended to be fine during the call, but upon ending it, she sighed in disillusionment. She flashed back to Liam welcoming her home, and she almost cried.

In the design office, Liam complained to Ridge about feeling disconnected from Steffy. Liam didn't think he and Steffy could discuss or even argue about things anymore. "That's Quinn. Everyone's dancing to her tune," Ridge replied. Liam could feel Steffy slipping away. There wasn't anything he could do about it, but he said that Ridge could -- if he was still up for it.

Ridge had been having second thoughts about the plan, but after the encounter he'd had with his father, he realized that Eric didn't see Quinn the way Liam and Ridge did. Ridge was sure that Eric would get burned. Liam asked if it meant Ridge would go through with it. Ridge didn't think he had a choice, because Quinn had Eric all tied up and could do whatever she wanted.

Liam found it ironic that Steffy had walked out on him and Wyatt for the same reason -- Quinn. Ridge believed Steffy was blind, like Eric; however, Ridge said he'd like to believe that Steffy could hear Liam and knew what he was going through. Liam had no care for himself. What terrified him was that, every day, Steffy got closer to Quinn.

Liam wanted to get Steffy out of there before she was too brainwashed to see the truth. Liam said Steffy was getting sucked in more and more, and it had started with the CEO position, which Liam couldn't believe Steffy had taken after all Quinn had done to them.

Ridge understood the opportunity presented to Steffy and said Quinn had understood it, too. Liam noted that Quinn had fame, power, influence, and Eric cheering for her. Liam saw Steffy gradually changing and becoming more accepting of Quinn.

Ridge left the room, and Liam flashed back on times with Steffy. Ridge returned and said it wasn't over. Liam felt that it was drifting in that direction. He'd never felt that way with Steffy before. He felt that Steffy was loyal to him, "but she's still human, and I'm losing her."

Ridge said he was working on it. Liam feared that Quinn was just taunting and teasing Ridge because she knew what he was up to, and she'd never cross the line. Ridge believed Quinn would do it, and Eric would never see her the same way again. Liam felt that Eric, Quinn, and Wyatt were ganging up on him and tempting Steffy by offering her the world. "Don't fall for it, Steffy," Liam said.

At the mansion, Eric was telling Quinn how bad the argument with Ridge had been. Eric had thought things would improve after the holiday, but he'd been wrong. Quinn asked what Ridge's complaint had been that time, but Eric was so frustrated that he didn't even want to get into it.

Quinn suggested that they talk about something positive. Eric said thinking of their relationship made him smile. Quinn felt she could do more than make him smile. She said that they were family, and even though they'd momentarily lost Ridge, they had Wyatt and Steffy.

Eric said the couple might be on the verge of rediscovery. Quinn attributed it to him, but he said that all he'd done was tell them how he viewed loyalty and commitment. Quinn said that it had stuck, and Steffy had moved out of Liam's house. Quinn asked Eric if it would be wonderful if Steffy moved into the mansion with them and Wyatt.

Eric stated that it would take more convincing to accomplish it. Quinn relayed that Steffy listened to him and responded to him. Eric didn't want Steffy to feel pressured. Quinn understood but said the divorce was getting closer by the day. Quinn asked if he wanted his granddaughter to live there. Eric did, but he started to say what had happened when he'd asked. Quinn cut him off, suggesting that he ask again.

Quinn reasoned that Eric had already given Steffy a lot, and it wouldn't be much more. She said Steffy was living out of a suitcase but could have her own suite. Eric added that Steffy would be with her husband, and she'd be at home. Quinn stated that they'd be saving a marriage. Eric concluded that they were on the same page, and he absolutely agreed.

Wyatt arrived with equipment to set up a presentation. Quinn said they'd just been talking about him and Steffy, and she and Eric believed that, if they worked together, they could get Steffy to move into the mansion. "And then you and she can move on with your life," Quinn said.

Later, Steffy arrived for the meeting. Eric said that, before they got started, he wanted to acknowledge how hard but necessary for Steffy's position the assignment to move out of Liam's house had been. Steffy replied that her relationship with Liam wasn't on the agenda, and she just wanted to get the meeting started.

Eric handed the floor to Wyatt, who stood by the fireplace with his equipment and a covered easel beside him. He asked why he'd been working so hard on the social media campaign. The brand was excelling with Steffy in the spotlight, but Wyatt had created the media storm for one reason -- sales.

Wyatt turned on his laptop. On it played a video montage of Steffy laughing and modeling in footage Wyatt had taken in Los Angeles and in Monte Carlo. The female voiceover said that, like "you," Steffy was no ordinary woman. After each sentence the woman said, a male's voice whispered, "Steffy Beverly Hills..." The woman said, "Like you, an individual with hopes and dreams....And like you, they're all coming true. Steffy Beverly Hills."

In between the Steffy clips on the video, there were flashes of cosmetics and perfume with a purple "S" and "Steffy of Beverly Hills" as their logo. The video ended with a spray of perfume into black space and the Steffy of Beverly Hills Logo appeared.

"Reaction?" Wyatt asked in the silence. Steffy asked if it was a new product line and if they were supposed to go through R and D for it. Wyatt replied that he kind of already had. "Without telling the CEO?" she asked. Wyatt replied that he'd wanted to, but he'd also wanted it to be a surprise. Steffy stated that it certainly was. She smiled in wonder and said she was blown away.

Steffy and Wyatt exchanged smiles, and Quinn asked for Steffy's feedback. Steffy asked if Wyatt had done it on his own. Wyatt said that his mother had helped with fragrance samples. Eric added that Wyatt and Quinn had been working on it behind the scenes for quite some time.

Steffy asked if Eric had known about it. "I know about everything," he replied. He added that he especially knew her thoughts and how she was feeling.

Wyatt directed the topic back to his pitch. He let Steffy smell the perfume, and she detected lilac in it. Steffy was still shocked that Wyatt hadn't even hinted to her. He said that she had a lot on her plate, and it was what she hired professionals like him to handle. Handing her a contract, Eric said the deal was generous and offered growth for Forrester, as well.

On the top of the contract was attached a check made out to Steffy from Forrester for one million dollars. Steffy gasped. Handing her the perfume, Wyatt said it was just the start. "My own brand," she said. He corrected that she was the brand. He said people followed her because she was incredible, and she radiated confidence, fun, and power. He believed that every man wanted to be around it, particularly her husband.

Eric told Steffy they were a team. They fed off each other, which meant they had to stay close. "Stay close?" Steffy asked. Eric asked her again to move into the mansion. Steffy flashed back to telling Liam that she'd be back at the cliff house once the divorce was final.

Eric said the house had spun wonderful chapters in the history of Forrester, and the next one could be the best one ever. "If we work together," Quinn added. Wyatt conveyed that it was a lot to absorb, and Eric and Quinn had just dropped it on him before the meeting. After he'd thought about it, he'd concluded that it was a wonderful idea, plus he'd be living with his wife again. Steffy thought of memories with Liam and when he'd said he'd fought his way back to her and couldn't imagine his life without her.

Eric wanted Steffy to see something. He pulled a cloth off the easel near the fireplace. Steffy's mouth dropped as she viewed a portrait of herself that he'd unveiled. Eric announced that the house could be her home one day, and it would be if she did it with them "now." He said the portrait of her would go over the mantel.

Quinn hoped that Steffy could see by then that Quinn really loved Eric, and she and Eric could be good for Steffy. Eric asked Steffy to remember the good in her marriage to Wyatt, and he believed it wouldn't be hard to do. Eric said to think of how good it would be to be married to Wyatt again.

Wyatt remembered how Steffy had changed his life, and he said the days had been some of happiest in his life. He still believed that they could be together. Wyatt referenced his love/hate relationship with his mother and said he'd felt that way when Eric and Quinn had sprung the Steffy moving in thing on him earlier.

Wyatt said that Steffy was right that Quinn had manipulated their marriage and right in her feelings about Quinn's past actions. Wyatt asked Steffy to see that Quinn had changed and how happy Eric and Quinn were together. Wyatt reasoned that nothing had gotten between Steffy and Wyatt except his mother, and he and Steffy had been "damn good" together. All he wanted was another chance to try.

Eric told Steffy that the four of them were the power of Forrester Creations, and there was nothing they couldn't accomplish together. Eric advised her to give her marriage to Wyatt another go. Quinn asked what Steffy had to say. Eric said to move back home, and Quinn echoed the sentiment.

As Steffy stared at Wyatt, Quinn said Steffy belonged in the house on the hill with her grandfather -- and her husband. Wyatt uttered that he wanted to be with Steffy and support her in her life. He said there was nothing they couldn't accomplish together. He asserted that they couldn't fail with family supporting them. He asked Steffy to return to where she belonged and to give him another chance.

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