The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 15, 2016 on B&B

The Forrester family was in an uproar over Eric's decision to rehire Quinn. Before the dust could settle, Eric gave Quinn a key to the mansion, and Steffy threatened to leave Wyatt if Quinn didn't walk away from Eric. Thomas and Sasha continued to get to know each other.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 15, 2016 on B&B
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Eric and the family argue about Quinn Eric and the family argue about Quinn

Monday, August 15, 2016

At Spencer, Liam and Wyatt arrived. Wyatt said they should have stayed at Forrester to wait around and prove that he was right about Eric announcing the end of his relationship with Quinn. Liam said they knew what it meant for Wyatt's marriage if Wyatt was wrong, and Liam hoped, for Steffy and Eric's sakes, that Wyatt was right.

Wyatt asked what of his sake and said brothers should want the best for each other. Liam claimed that they didn't always agree on what the best was. Wyatt knew what was best for Liam -- finding a new woman. Wyatt inquired about Eva, with whom Liam had spent time on the trip. Liam quipped that he was shocked that Wyatt Fuller was pitching something.

Wyatt said he only wanted Liam to be happy. Liam said he'd been happy with Steffy, but Quinn had interfered. "This again?" Wyatt asked. Liam was certain that the moment the heat died down, Quinn would stick her claws into Eric, and that would be it for Steffy.

Liam asked what made Wyatt so sure he'd gotten Quinn to listen that time. Wyatt said he'd laid it on the line. "Including your marriage?" Liam asked. Wyatt asked why it always went back to his marriage as if it was hanging by a thread. Wyatt said that he'd told his mother that he'd buy her a one-way ticket out of town if he found out that it wasn't over with Eric.

Liam was surprised to hear it. Wyatt added that he'd told Quinn that he wanted her out of the city and out of his life -- period. Liam questioned whether Wyatt could trust her. Wyatt understood the reasons for doubt but said it was his mother. Liam felt that Wyatt would be wise to buy the plane ticket sooner rather than later.

Wyatt thought he should have heard from Steffy by then. Liam guessed that Eric had announced his engagement to Quinn, and "all hell" had broken loose. Wyatt didn't find Liam funny and insisted that he'd made sure that Quinn would back off. Liam asked how many times Quinn had said one thing and done another. He knew that Wyatt wanted to trust her, but Liam never would. Liam was sure Quinn was bound to do something, and when it happened, Steffy would realize that none of it would ever change, no matter what Wyatt did to protect her.

Liam believed that the only way that Stefy could distance herself from Quinn was to distance herself from Wyatt.

In the CEO's office, Ridge, Steffy, Pam, and Rick were opposed to Quinn returning to Forrester. Steffy exclaimed that Quinn had stolen Steffy and Liam's lives, and nothing had been the same. Eric wanted everyone to stop and said that Quinn was a woman who'd reenergize the jewelry line. Rick stated that it would never work.

Eric replied that it wouldn't if they were unwilling to try. Steffy asserted that Eric was asking too much of them to ask them to accept Quinn back at the company. Eric said that he was CEO and had made the decision. Ridge contended that maybe Eric should be making the decision if that was how he'd run the company.

Rick, Steffy, and Ridge continued to complain about Quinn, believing that she was taking advantage. "Oh, of your old father, is that it?" Eric asked. Pam said the others weren't saying such, and they were noting that Quinn was a woman with a questionable grasp on reality.

"Well, it wasn't too long ago that they were saying that about you, Pam," Eric remarked. Pam conceded the point and added that he'd stood up for her. Eric replied that he was also standing up for Quinn. Pam said it wasn't the same. Steffy believed it was Quinn's way to stick it to her.

Quinn stated that it was absolutely untrue. Ridge yelled that Quinn wasn't allowed to speak in there, and she'd caused Steffy enough grief. Pam was sure Quinn would do the same to Eric. Pam said Eric being with Quinn disrespected Stephanie's memory. Ridge added that his mother wouldn't want it for Eric, and he asked Eric not to get further sucked in.

Eric resented the group dragging Stephanie into it. He'd loved her, but he wouldn't live his life wondering if Stephanie would approve. Steffy said Stephanie had always looked out for the family. Eric replied that it was a business decision, but Rick added that it affected the family. Eric asked what Quinn had done to Rick. "Well, Dad, if you'll recall -- when I was CEO, I fired her!" Rick replied. Eric added that Rick had also rehired her immediately.

Rick said the rehiring had been a mistake because of what Quinn had done to the family. "Hope losing her child. Come on, Dad," Rick said. Quinn exclaimed that it had been an awful accident. Ridge said to listen to Rick. "Ridge and I never see eye to eye on anything. That should tell you something," Rick stated.

Quinn wanted a chance to prove that she wasn't that woman anymore. She believed there was something genuine and organic happening between her and Eric. Steffy quipped that there was nothing genuine or organic about Quinn. Eric ordered Steffy to stop it. Steffy wouldn't stop because she couldn't stop thinking about how Quinn had abused Liam and had manipulated Steffy's life, but Eric was just overlooking it. "You! You need to stop this!" Steffy exclaimed.

Ridge asked if papers had been signed, and Eric said they hadn't. Rick told Eric to rescind the offer. Steffy said Quinn had a personality disorder and needed treatment. Eric replied that Quinn needed support and care. Steffy thought it was a nice sentiment, but it had never worked with Quinn. Rick said they were just looking out for Eric, and Ridge added, "And what's best for the company." Eric concluded that he wasn't best, according to them.

"Oh, no, Eric," Pam emotionally replied. Pam said they wanted Eric to see that it was a game to Quinn from the disguises to the trip, to pretending to have feelings for him. Pam believed Quinn wanted to take Stephanie's place. Eric replied that no one would ever do that, and he resented being treated like a child. Steffy claimed that no one was doing that, but the family had to stick together. Steffy told him to let go of whatever feelings he had for Quinn and end it.

At the sky lounge, Sasha was embarrassed about kissing Thomas. Thomas said that he wasn't complaining. She guessed it happened to him a dozen times a day, but he replied that even he wasn't that irresistible. Thomas said he'd gone from being a playboy to a responsible father, but until he visited New York, or Douglas and Caroline returned, life went on.

Sasha appreciated how Thomas had stood up for her and decided that he was a good guy. Thomas asked if Julius had always treated her in such a way. Sasha affirmed it. She'd hoped the outing of the secret would change things, but her father still saw her as an embarrassment. It hurt her that it would probably always be that way.

Thomas asked if Maya and Nicole had known about the secret. Sasha replied that Julius had warned her that she'd be sorry if she'd opened her mouth about it to anyone. Thomas asked if Sasha's mother had just kept quiet. Sasha explained that Julius would have walked away from any responsibility, financial or otherwise, if her mother had told anyone.

Sasha apologized for dumping it all on Thomas. Thomas said it was okay, and he liked rescuing damsels. She asserted that she was no damsel, and "...after what I did to Zende..."

Thomas reasoned that everyone made mistakes. She asked if Thomas had ever lied about being pregnant to keep a guy. "" Thomas replied. Sasha had done it to hold on to Zende, and she'd hated herself the whole time she'd been doing it. Thomas replied that she'd felt loved by a man, something she'd never gotten from her father.

Thomas asked if Nicole and Zende had forgiven Sasha and gotten beyond it. Sasha said they had for the most part. Thomas asked if the rest of the family had accepted her, and she replied that her father kept telling her that she was one big constant reminder to Aunt Viv of his infidelity. Thomas noted that the lies, the secret, and the fallout weren't hers.

Sasha believed Julius hated having her around. Thomas said Julius would regret it, and if she ever needed a shoulder to cry on, Thomas had only one, because the other was sunburned.

Eric takes a stand

Eric takes a stand

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

by Pam

At Forrester, Quinn and Eric remained silent, and Ridge, Rick, Steffy, and Pam tried to persuade Eric that Quinn was dangerous and not good for Eric -- as a companion or an employee at Forrester. Eric insisted that Quinn had changed.

Pam warned that Quinn would try to worm her way into his life and take over Stephanie's place. Eric scoffed. He noted that no one could take Stephanie's place, but he and Quinn had formed a friendship, and she was very talented and artistic. Her work was appreciated at Forrester Creations.

Eric admitted that he hadn't wanted to upset his family, but they had to accept that he had made his decision. Steffy reminded Eric of what Quinn had done to Liam. Ridge and Rick added that she was dangerous and unbalanced. Eric had not wanted to upset anyone, especially Steffy. Steffy sneered at Quinn.

"You're all so important to me," Eric said to his family. He added that he had earned the right to make a decision and stand by it. He understood that they didn't agree with him, but there had been many times that he had not agreed with their decisions, and he had still supported them. "I enjoy Quinn. I respect her artistic skills," Eric said. He felt she would be good for the company.

Pam, Steffy, Ridge, and Rick looked disgusted. Steffy said Quinn would never change. Ridge and Rick agreed. Eric said that he had heard enough. Steffy offered to walk Quinn out, but Pam said she would take care of it. Ridge offered to call Charlie to get her off the property.

Eric stopped them. He said he was insulted. He looked at Quinn and told her that he expected her to never scheme or return to her old ways. If she did, it would be the end of her employment and their relationship. "I understand," Quinn said, promising, "You have my word."

Eric asked Quinn to leave so he could talk to his family. Quinn left, and Pam followed her. Quinn relished the chance to return to Forrester. Pam reminded her that she had been fired. Quinn tried to eat a lemon bar, and Pam stopped her. Pam was certain that Eric's family would talk some sense into him. Quinn said that no one needed to protect Eric because she genuinely cared about him.

Inside Eric's office, Ridge said he would not let anything happen with Quinn, and Rick agreed. Eric was angry. He reminded all of them that he had built the company along with Stephanie 50 years before. "I built this company. I am the CEO, the patriarch of this family, and you will respect me -- all of you," Eric said.

Steffy, Ridge, and Rick agreed that Eric had no idea what he was getting into. Eric asked Steffy and Rick to leave. "Go. Go now, please," Eric said.

Eric and Ridge were alone. Ridge asked if Eric had heard his family pleading with him because they were all worried about him. Eric appreciated their worry, but he reminded Ridge that he had stood by all his family members when he had disagreed with them. He had been all about family. He had allowed Ridge to replace Rick in his home, so that Ridge and Caroline could have a home for their baby, but it hadn't been their baby. Ridge had lied to Eric, Thomas, and everyone else. Eric wanted Ridge to get out of his house.

"Pack your things and get out now. You're old enough to find a house of your own. I want my house back," Eric said. Ridge said that Eric's behavior was absurd. He wondered if Eric had lost his mind. Eric was insulted that Ridge thought he was a geriatric case. Ridge argued. "My father wouldn't do this -- not to the family, not to me." Ridge said. "Get out. You're dismissed," Eric ordered.

Ridge exited the office, and he passed Quinn at Pam's desk. "You're not getting away with this," he told Quinn. Ridge stormed off. Quinn walked into Eric's office. "Is the coast clear?" she asked.

Eric apologized that Quinn had been forced to witness his family's insulting behavior. Quinn appreciated that he was at odds with his family. Eric said he understood they were worried about him, but he wanted their respect, not their concern. She couldn't believe everything that was happening.

Eric said he was happier than he'd been in years. "I'm in charge again. Let's celebrate our return to Forrester," Eric said. Eric wanted her to meet him at the house. He promised it would just be the two of them, and he had a surprise for her. She worried about surprises, but he promised it would be "a night you'll never forget." They hugged and smiled.

At Spencer, Wyatt and Liam argued about how Wyatt would keep Steffy safe from Quinn. Wyatt believed that Liam was hoping he would mess up. Liam said Wyatt was na´ve to think Quinn had changed. "Go worry about your charities," Wyatt advised.

Liam stated that Quinn had to be completely absent from Steffy's life. Wyatt claimed that he and Steffy were good and that his mother had promised to go away and create a life somewhere else. Liam didn't believe him. Liam left.

Later, Steffy marched into Wyatt's office, and she was furious. She explained that Quinn would be returning to work at Forrester and was dating her grandfather. Wyatt was in disbelief because Eric had told him that he had broken it off with Quinn. Steffy shared that she had been in her grandfather's office and had heard the news. "She is targeting my grandfather. She needs to be stopped," Steffy said.

At the rooftop lounge, Thomas and Sasha had been working out. Sasha teased that she'd heard all the rumors about Thomas. He encouraged her not to believe them. She laughed and said the rumors were that he was a pretty thoughtful guy. Thomas said that was true. They both laughed. Sasha thanked him for defending her to her father.

Sasha was glad Thomas had her back, and she added that ever since she had moved to Los Angeles, she had never taken it for granted that she worked at Forrester. Thomas complimented her, and he added that she looked great in activewear, He wondered if Forrester should look into designing its own line of activewear.

Sasha recalled that her uniform months earlier had been a grease-stained burger uniform, but she had started to feel like a California girl. She wondered what it had been like to grow up in the privileged Forrester family.

Thomas said he'd had what he'd wanted, but it was unhealthy for people to have everything they wanted. Thomas said he couldn't have his son. Sasha wondered how he felt about Caroline, and he said he cared for her, but she had chosen his father and then moved to New York. He needed to move forward.

Sasha suggested Thomas needed to have fun. Thomas said he hadn't had a lot of that in recent years. Sasha offered to change that.

Quinn finds the key to Eric's heart

Quinn finds the key to Eric's heart

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge was in his office, and Katie entered. Ridge asked if she had spoken to Bill about the Forrester stock he owned. "Bill won't give anything up without a fight," Katie said. Ridge understood, but he claimed they could do it. If she could get the stock, she could sell it to him, and it was a win-win.

Katie disagreed. She had talked to Bill, and Bill knew that Ridge was behind her request for the stock. Ridge said she could go after Spencer shares if Bill didn't give her the Forrester stock. Katie said that Spencer Publications was not on the table.

Katie wondered why Ridge suddenly appeared so desperate. She wondered what had changed in the past day. Ridge said it was his dad. "My dad is important. He's not in charge anymore; Quinn is," Ridge lamented. Ridge shared that Eric had rehired Quinn and had introduced her at a business meeting "like some kind of trophy," Ridge said. Ridge added that Quinn had alienated everyone, including her own son and Steffy.

Ridge explained that Eric wouldn't listen to anyone, and he worried that something was wrong. He explained that Eric had asked him to get out of the house because Eric wanted his privacy with Quinn. He maintained that he needed Bill's 12.5 percent. "It will benefit you, your future, and the future of Forrester," Ridge said to Katie.

At Wyatt and Steffy's place, Steffy was still angry that Quinn had targeted her grandfather. Wyatt said he couldn't believe that his mother had taken a job at Forrester, nor could he believe that Eric had offered it. Steffy said Quinn had to be stopped and that Quinn listened to no one. "Her language is threats," Steffy said. She vowed to use some threats of her own because Quinn had a total disregard for anything anyone told her, and she didn't care about the repercussions.

Wyatt disagreed. He claimed that rejection from him was Quinn's worst fear. Steffy shook her head and said that Wyatt had no power over Quinn.

Wyatt said he'd made a promise to Steffy to get Quinn out of their lives. Steffy said she wanted to believe him. Wyatt insisted that he would force his mother to refuse the job offer and end things with Eric. Steffy nodded. "I'm gonna make it happen," Wyatt vowed, and he left.

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn entered, and she admired all the flowers and candles. A butler took her purse, and Eric nuzzled her neck and removed her wrap.

Quinn complimented Eric on his suit, and he led her into the living room. Quinn worried that there would be trouble in his family if Ridge arrived and saw her there. She didn't want any trouble. Eric told her not to worry because it was just the two of them. They shared some Champagne and a toast. He reminded her that it would be an evening she would never forget.

Eric played the piano, and Quinn danced across the room. Eric smiled at her and invited her to join him at the piano. He instructed her to play a few notes along with him, and she did. "We're great together," Eric said. They shared that they were having a great time together.

Quinn said she had never imagined that she could've ever been invited to spend an evening at his place. She reiterated that she didn't want to overstay her welcome because Ridge might return home. Eric confided that he had asked Ridge to move out, and his bags had been packed. He added that he had loaned his home to his kids, but it was time for all of them to take control of their own lives and families and get homes of their own. "I'm so happy, and it's all because of you," he said.

Eric and Quinn danced. Quinn promised she would be worthy of him. Eric scoffed that she had ever been unworthy. Quinn disagreed. "Your family was right. I was a shrew, but you tamed me," Quinn noted. Eric said that he would not allow her to refer to herself that way. "I'm grateful to have you in my home," he said.

Quinn marveled that no one had ever said they were grateful for her. She and Eric laughed. Eric said that everyone deserved a fresh start, and that was what she had given him. She was grateful for the evening. They kissed and danced some more.

Eric had promised a surprise, and he delivered another glass of Champagne to Quinn. Quinn said that Eric had changed her. She worried that his family had only known her as a troublemaker. Eric promised to help her change. "Together, you and me," he said. He noted that it would be best if they did it together and spent more time together. "Here's to surprises," Eric said.

Eric and Quinn shared a toast, and Quinn noted that something was in her glass. "Don't swallow that," he warned. Quinn pulled a key out of her glass. Eric said it worked on the front door, and he didn't want to be too forward, but he wanted her to consider "shacking up" with him. They laughed, and Quinn said she would love to shack up with him. They kissed and hugged, and Quinn eyed her new key.

At Forrester, Steffy entered Ridge's office, and she said that Wyatt had promised to get Quinn out of their lives. She said she wanted to believe him. Ridge was worried, and he shared that his father had asked him to move out of the house. Ridge believed Eric wanted privacy with Quinn.

Steffy worried that something was wrong with Eric. She and Ridge discussed that he seemed to be having mental problems. Ridge worried that Quinn had affected Eric, Steffy's marriage, and the business. Steffy said she had to get "that woman" out of her life.

At Quinn's place, Wyatt pounded on the door but realized Quinn was not at home. He wondered where she had gone.

Wyatt learns that Eric asked Quinn to move in

Wyatt learns that Eric asked Quinn to move in

Thursday, August 18, 2016

In the evening, Wyatt knocked on Quinn's door, but Quinn didn't answer.

At the mansion, Quinn asked if Eric was sure. Eric asked what it was in her hand. She looked at the key, hugged him, and exclaimed that they were shacking up. As they drank Champagne, Quinn talked about the way she'd once thought women at the bar were weak and stupid for going on about how their men loved them and took care of them. Being with Eric had caused her to get it. She said she didn't how long it would last, but she'd be grateful.

Eric enjoyed seeing Quinn happy. Quinn said her heart was full, but she wasn't a giddy girl and knew that his family wouldn't react well to the new living arrangement. Eric said not to worry; he'd handle his family.

Just then, someone pounded on the door. Eric answered it, and Wyatt entered. "Oh, my God. You are here," Wyatt stated upon seeing Quinn in the living room. Wyatt began apologizing for Quinn, but Quinn said she hadn't done anything crazy. "You're here, aren't you?" Wyatt replied. Placing his arm around her, Eric stated that Quinn was there at his request.

"Seriously, Mom, you know how Steffy feels about this whole situation," Wyatt said. Eric replied that he knew it, too, and even though Steffy was his granddaughter, she didn't dictate his life. Eric added that anyone who tried was being insulting and disrespectful.

Wyatt relayed that things were a bit confusing. Eric felt that he owed Wyatt some clarification. Eric explained that Quinn added something very special to his life, and it was a joy had hadn't known he was missing. No part of him wanted to give it up. Eric also felt that having Quinn on staff was just good business, and being around her was a bonus. He said Wyatt would be the first to know that the couple had made the next step in their relationship.

"Oh, so there's a next step?" Wyatt asked. Quinn replied that Eric had asked her to move in, and Eric added that she'd accepted. Eric said that Wyatt could like it or not, but no one would dictate how Eric and Quinn lived their lives. Eric left to give Quinn time with Wyatt.

Once Eric had gone, Wyatt said it didn't matter what Quinn said or did; she could not move in there. He stated that Steffy had been more than clear with Quinn since the beginning of the marriage that she didn't want Quinn around. "But then you come up with this brilliant idea to move into her family home with Eric. Seriously? Like, you have something wrong with you!" Wyatt concluded. Quinn asked if it was because she wanted to grab a little happiness.

Quinn asked if she didn't deserve some happiness. She claimed the relationship had been a surprise to her, too, and it had happened so fast that she could barely keep up. Wyatt claimed it looked as Steffy perceived it; Steffy had shut Quinn down, and Quinn had become all "I'm gonna show you." Quinn replied that she didn't live her life to get reactions out of Steffy.

Wyatt didn't know why Quinn couldn't respect Steffy's wishes. Quinn said she'd tried and asked if he knew how difficult it had been for her to live a solitary existence. She'd gotten lonely after Wyatt had grown up and found his own path, and it had been how Deacon, her typical, disposable man, had gotten in. Quinn said that Eric was kind, and he treated her respectfully and as if she was important. Wyatt said he'd be happy for his mother if it wasn't Steffy's grandfather.

Quinn believed that everyone would accept it in time. Disagreeing, Wyatt conveyed that cramming herself down everyone's throats would destroy his marriage. It wasn't okay with Wyatt, who said it wouldn't last with Eric. In Wyatt's view, her relationships with men didn't last, except for the one she had with him. "You are this close from blowing that one, too," he said.

Quinn said that she couldn't lose Wyatt. He'd been her life since he'd been born. Wyatt replied that it should make it a lot easier for her to choose the son who'd been there for her and been there to clean up her messes over a fleeting romance. She said she didn't want to lose Eric, either, but Wyatt said she'd sworn to abide by Steffy's wishes. He asked if it mattered that Quinn was hurting him and said she was putting her selfish needs over his marriage.

Quinn said that for the first time, she'd gotten a life, just as Wyatt had always told her to do. For the first time in her life, she had a man who treated her with respect. She asked if Wyatt knew what kind of a gift it was to be accepted as she was. She finally had something to live for besides Wyatt, and she didn't want to give it up.

Wyatt said he'd promised Steffy that he could get Quinn to back off. He asked how Quinn thought it would go over with Steffy that Quinn had moved into the mansion and if Quinn wanted to be the reason that his marriage ended. Quinn didn't, but she said that Wyatt didn't know what he was asking of her. Wyatt claimed that he did know and was asking anyway, which should let her know how important it was. He declared that it had to be over with Eric.

At Forrester, Steffy and Ridge discussed Eric and Quinn. The situation scared Steffy to death. She couldn't believe Eric had asked Ridge to move out. Ridge corrected that Eric had demanded it. It was plain to Ridge that Eric wasn't thinking clearly. Steffy became worried that Eric might ask Quinn to move into the mansion. Ridge believed that anything was possible.

Steffy said Wyatt had to do something, and they couldn't have that woman in their lives. Ridge asked how it would affect her marriage if Wyatt couldn't impact the situation and if they couldn't get Quinn out of their lives. Steffy didn't know. Ridge asked how Liam saw things, but she replied that it didn't matter, because she was married to his brother. Ridge said she'd thought Liam had been gone.

Steffy replied that she'd meant her vows, but she couldn't have the psycho in her life. Steffy didn't want Quinn in her life or near Forrester. Ridge asked Steffy to confide in him. He said she was in a safe room and wouldn't be saying what he didn't already know. Steffy admitted that she loved Liam and hadn't ever stopped, not even when she'd been in Paris and he'd been with Hope. She'd always thought they'd find their way back and would have the family they'd dreamed of. She said she and Liam would be married if it hadn't been for Quinn.

In Liam's office at Spencer, Liam set up a meeting for his foundation and concluded the call by saying that "of course" he could introduce the person to Steffy. Thomas arrived, saying that he'd stopped by to tell Liam something he thought Liam should know -- Eric had rehired Quinn. Thomas had heard it from Rick and Pam.

Thomas said one would think Quinn would lay low and prove she could take direction. Liam replied that, ironically, it might have worked. Thomas had wanted to let Liam know about it because Liam was a good guy, and he thought that Steffy should spend the rest of her life with him. Liam was surprised for the support because he usually heard "respect the marriage."

Thomas claimed that he did, but Steffy had thought that Liam hadn't "liked" her anymore, so she'd let someone else in. Thomas believed that Steffy took "this thing" with Wyatt seriously and wouldn't have married him if she didn't love him; however, Thomas felt that Liam was the real love of Steffy's life. Thomas said that Steffy's marriage had had potential, but it wasn't a package deal of Wyatt and Quinn. Liam said Quinn wasn't going anywhere.

Thomas stated that it was the deal breaker, and he could live with it if Quinn being in Eric's life was what forced Steffy to return to Liam.

Steffy threatens to leave Wyatt

Steffy threatens to leave Wyatt

Friday, August 19, 2016

At Forrester, Steffy didn't know why she and Ridge were even talking about her marriage. She claimed that she didn't want things to change, and she was happy with Wyatt. Ridge asked if it was what Steffy really wanted, knowing that she loved Liam and that Quinn had altered her life.

Steffy couldn't handle the idea of Quinn living in Steffy's grandmother's house. Ridge guessed that was how it would be because he'd been asked to move out. Steffy decided that she had to talk to her grandfather and would persist until he realized he was dating a psychopath.

Later, Ridge was working, and Brooke invited him to dinner. Ridge wasn't in the mood for food. He explained the latest news about Quinn and Eric and worried that Quinn would move into the house because Eric had asked Ridge to leave the mansion. "Eric wouldn't," Brooke said. Ridge replied that Quinn had a lot of control over Eric, and Ridge was worried about what it meant for the company, the family, and Steffy's marriage.

Brooke believed Eric would do what he needed to do once he realized how it was hurting the family. She asked if it was really bad for Steffy's marriage. Ridge confirmed it but added that it might have been in trouble from the start. Brooke thought the breakup might be meant to be.

Ridge didn't want the heartache for his daughter, but it might be the only way to get Quinn out of Steffy's life. Brooke added that it would lead Steffy back to Liam. Ridge believed that they'd be together if it hadn't been for Quinn.

At the mansion, Wyatt tried to get Quinn to leave Eric, but Quinn believed that people would eventually accept her. Wyatt said it wouldn't happen. He stated that Quinn had been a big part of his union with Steffy, and only God knew how many crimes Quinn had committed to make it happen. Quinn replied that she hadn't committed any, technically.

Wyatt asked if Quinn wanted to be the reason his marriage fell apart. Quinn felt that Wyatt should trust in his marriage and said Steffy wouldn't leave him due to Quinn. Wyatt replied that Steffy had had enough. "I have had enough, and I can't take anymore!" Quinn exclaimed.

Quinn had had enough of regretting the things she'd done. Eric was a chance for her to grow and have something different. Her time with Liam had changed her and made it possible for her to believe that a man like Eric would be interested in her. "I don't want to give him up," Quinn desperately said.

Later, Quinn was alone, staring at Stephanie's portrait. Steffy entered, saying it would "never come down." Steffy said she'd rip Quinn's portrait down if it ever went up. Quinn said that Steffy was getting ahead of herself, and Quinn was just living in the moment. Steffy retorted that Quinn should be living in jail and asked if Quinn was trespassing in the house.

Quinn noted that Eric owned the house and determined who visited or lived there. "No," Steffy replied. Quinn stated that Eric had asked her, and she'd accepted. Steffy said Eric wouldn't do it to her, but Quinn replied that it wasn't about Steffy. Quinn felt that she and Eric were good for each other and asked if they deserved a little happiness.

Steffy couldn't believe Quinn would talk about happiness when she'd taken Liam from Steffy right on the verge of their happiness. Quinn said Steffy had been miserable, and even though Steffy loved to blame Quinn for the end of the engagement, Steffy and Liam hadn't even been engaged because Liam had broken it off and walked away.

Steffy claimed Quinn didn't know anything about Liam and Steffy, who'd survived a loss to find their way back to each other. She'd believed they could make it through anything -- until Quinn. Steffy accused Quinn of kidnapping Liam and watching Steffy fall for Wyatt. She said Quinn had taken Steffy's life from her. It sounded to Quinn as if Steffy didn't even want to be with Wyatt.

"Of course, I want to be with him. I want to give him the love and affection he craves -- from a decent woman," Steffy said. Quinn said that though she hadn't been in that category before, she was "now." Steffy told Quinn to prove it by turning Eric down. Quinn decided that Steffy should leave.

Offended, Steffy told Quinn to leave. Quinn said she didn't want Steffy to get upset further. Steffy guessed Quinn was trying to pretend to be decent, but Liam was the decent one. Liam wanted to save the world, and he was a man Quinn had ridiculed. Steffy said that he and Quinn were opposites and guessed that Quinn wanted Steffy to believe Quinn was good for Eric and to accept Quinn living there. Quinn agreed, saying that, due to Liam, she knew that she deserved Eric.

Steffy asserted that Quinn made it sound like she and Liam had been on a romantic getaway. "You kidnapped him. It's sick, and you did it to get back at me!" Steffy exclaimed. Steffy again ordered Quinn to get out, but Quinn said it was a chance for them to get along. Steffy said she'd given Quinn too many chances and would be a fool to do it again.

Quinn agreed that it would have been true before, but things were different. Steffy said Quinn could never change. Quinn wanted to prove it. Steffy told Quinn to put Wyatt's needs above Quinn's, but Quinn replied that she had always done that. Steffy told her to keep doing it -- or else. Quinn asked what Steffy meant. "I will leave Wyatt if you keep pushing me," Steffy threatened.

Steffy asked if Quinn would choose her bizarre motives or her son. Steffy opened the door and said to walk out the door, or Steffy would leave Wyatt.

Alone in Bill's office, Liam was working at a second desk and thinking of Steffy. Wyatt arrived, looking for Bill, and Liam asked if Wyatt had a minute. Liam wanted to talk about Quinn and Forrester, but Wyatt said there was something far worse happening. Wyatt revealed that Quinn was moving in with Eric, and he'd seen the key in Quinn's hand.

"My mom and Eric are officially happening," Wyatt said. Wyatt explained that Steffy didn't know yet. Liam replied that she wouldn't stand for it.

At the loft, Thomas was on a videoconference with Caroline and Douglas. Sasha arrived, saying she'd taken the chance that he might want company. Thomas invited her in, and Caroline asked who was there. "A friend," Thomas relied, smiling at Sasha. He wrapped up the call, and Caroline said they'd talk the next day.

Sasha hoped she wasn't interrupting Thomas. Thomas said he could use a distraction from missing Douglas. She replied that Thomas at least had a support system. He stated that his family had a lot going on at that moment, and his grandfather was having his sixth midlife crisis. Thomas was concerned about how the patriarch's decisions would impact the family.

Sasha figured she'd picked the wrong night for a visit. Thomas was glad she was there; he just had a lot going on. She thanked him again for standing up to her father for her. No man had done that for her, and it had felt good. He said he'd do it anytime, anywhere. She joked that it was like she had her own superhero. It meant a lot to her, and she was there if he wanted to talk. "Even superheroes need to talk every now and then," she said.

Sasha decided to take off, but she couldn't figure out how to open the four locks on the door. Thomas slipped up behind her and put his hand over hers to help her unlock one of them. Sasha turned, arched on her toes, and kissed him.

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