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Steffy uncovered Quinn and Eric's affair and slapped Quinn. Eric gave Quinn the boot and a first-class ticket back to Los Angeles. Wyatt became worried that his marriage was in jeopardy. Liam insisted that Steffy end her ridiculous marriage and return to him.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 1, 2016 on B&B
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Steffy spots Eric and Quinn kissing Steffy spots Eric and Quinn kissing

Monday, August 1, 2016

In Wyatt and Steffy's hotel room, the couple sat down for a late breakfast. He discussed how the morning summit events had gone. Liam arrived in a suit, and Wyatt remarked that his brother was overdressed for the beach. Steffy asked about Liam's interview with Prince Albert and remarked upon hearing that Eva had set Liam up to meet with Ed Begley Jr. and his wife, Rachelle.

Liam had learned a lot from the prince about how to incorporate a variety of global issues into his foundation and looked forward to learning more from the Ed Begley Jr. and Rachelle Carson that afternoon. Steffy wished Liam luck on it. He wished her luck on her photo shoot. Wyatt stated that the yacht awaited.

Liam wondered if Wyatt had checked on Quinn's whereabouts. Wyatt hadn't done so, and Liam asked if Wyatt thought he should because of what Liam had seen the other day. Irritated, Wyatt insisted that Quinn wasn't an issue, and Liam needed to stop making her into one. Wyatt was certain that Quinn had stayed away, just as Steffy has asked of Quinn. Liam and Steffy exchanged knowing glances.

In his hotel room later, Liam met with Ed and Rachelle to discuss Liam's ideas to use his Spencer legacy to give back. Liam was very interested in the environment, which was Ed and Rachelle's niche. Turning on a recorder, Liam stated that Spencer was a global entity, and he wanted to know where it should begin in order to make the biggest difference.

Ed said that people usually remarked that they couldn't afford items that helped the environment, but as a struggling actor in the seventies, Ed had done the easiest and cheapest things, like adjusting the thermostat, biking or using public transportation, using energy-efficient appliances, gardening at home, and composting. Those things paid back right away by saving money.

Liam remarked upon how Los Angeles had cut smog to a fraction of what it had been in the seventies, even with four times as many cars on the roads. Ed attributed it to the Clean Air Act. Liam asked what clean technology was being underutilized or neglected. Ed believed that tackling batteries was next, but also, society needed to rid itself of vampire power.

Ed explained that vampire power was the purposeless drainage of energy from plugged devices. He suggested incorporating power strips that one could flip off when not using certain devices that use power in sleep or rest mode. He also advised the use of dimmers and smart lighting controls. Ed used solar power for his house and car, and he said wind power was also efficient.

Liam thanked Ed and Rachelle and said he could use all the information for his foundation. Ed asked Liam to keep in touch and advise him and Rachelle of his progress.

Outside the hotel, Steffy and Wyatt spoke with Denis about how they wanted the yacht shoot to go. Wyatt wanted it to be the crown jewel of the Spencer social media campaign.

Later, on the deck of the Stella Maris, a French song played as Denis shot photos of Steffy in various casual outfits. Wyatt took footage on his tablet. The last dress was a sexy white lace dress that could be worn by a bride for a yacht-deck wedding.

Later, Wyatt and Steffy pulled up outside the hotel and exited a car. Denis asked for a few shots outside the hotel, and Wyatt said he wanted to go to their room to get his charger. "Oh, my God, is that Steffy Forrester?" Wyatt said as Steffy strode off with Denis. Passersby turned to look in awe.

Upstairs, Liam entered Wyatt's room with Wyatt, who was asking Liam if he wanted to go with Wyatt to meet Steffy, who was finishing up her photo shoot. Wyatt said Liam could tell them about his meeting, and Wyatt could show Liam the pictures from the shoot. He was sure the fans would go nuts.

Liam asked if that was all Wyatt cared about. Assuming Liam found it all superficial, Wyatt asserted that it was about business, which was why Bill had sent them there. Liam recalled that Steffy had also taken the trip to get away from Quinn.

Wyatt insisted that Quinn was not there, and Liam had not seen her. "But I'm kind of getting the feeling you wish you had," Wyatt added. Liam didn't feel that way. He said Quinn was a lunatic and needed to be as far from Steffy as possible. Wyatt thought Liam was stirring trouble where there wasn't any. Liam replied that there was always trouble with Quinn.

Liam wondered if Wyatt wasn't at all worried about Quinn's behavior or if Wyatt had noted if Quinn might have seemed odd before they'd left town. Wyatt replied that he was too busy enjoying Monte Carlo with his wife, and he was too busy focusing on what their father had asked them to do. Liam said Wyatt should be worried about Quinn. Liam couldn't explain it. He just had a feeling.

Wyatt mocked Liam's feeling, and Liam said to shut up. He stated that Steffy stood between Quinn and what Quinn wanted with Forrester and Wyatt. Liam knew what happened to people who got in Quinn's way and didn't want anything to happen to Steffy. Wyatt said that he didn't need Liam looking out for Wyatt's wife. It was Wyatt's job, which he'd done, and he asserted that Quinn wouldn't be a problem.

"She's not a problem for you -- for you -- but what about all the trouble she's caused for Steffy and me over the years?" Liam said. Liam asked how many times Wyatt had asked Quinn to stop, and it had never happened. Quinn didn't know how to stop, and Liam didn't want Steffy getting hurt.

In bed in Eric's room, Quinn said she could stay in Eric's arms all day. Eric replied that he'd like it, but he had to appear at the summit again. It was rejuvenating for him. She said he was back in the game. He stated that it was more than just the CEO position and the summit. It was the magic of Monte Carlo. He'd gotten caught up in it, and it had made him reckless.

Quinn assumed that Eric was referring to asking her to stay. Eric stated that it was dangerous. Quinn was intrigued by danger, but he replied that she had to go back home. She said she'd just gotten there and offered to stay in the suite. Not wanting to take the chance of her being seen, Eric decided to book a first-class flight for her. Quinn asked if he really wanted her to leave.

Eric didn't want Quinn to jeopardize her relationship with her son and reminded her that Steffy couldn't see her. Quinn replied that she was there to see Eric, not them. Eric was glad Quinn had done it; it had kept him from doing something he might have regretted. He wanted to do the same for her and prevent trouble with Wyatt and Steffy.

Later, Eric and Quinn were dressed, and Quinn closed her suitcase. She'd resigned herself to leaving, and she and Eric said they'd miss each other. He believed they could figure things out when he returned home. She wanted the best for her son and had to believe that Eric's granddaughter wanted the same for Eric. He said they'd figure it out together. Quinn liked that Eric wanted to do so.

Eric didn't want to give up on the wonderful thing he had with Quinn, and Quinn replied that she wouldn't let him. He wished he could have shown her more of the city and asked her not to take chances. Quinn assured him that she planned to go straight to the airport.

Outside the hotel later, Eric and Quinn bade each other a poignant farewell. Eric wanted to escort her to the airport, but she claimed she'd be fine with getting a cab. As they kissed beneath Quinn's floppy hat, Steffy spotted them from across the street. Grinning, Steffy wandered over.

Eric's car departed. Quinn, her identity shielded by the hat, asked the concierge to help her get a taxi. "Excusez moi," Quinn heard Steffy say from behind her.

Panicked, Quinn took off in a brisk stride down the sidewalk. Steffy tried to pursue, but fans noticed her and blocked her path to greet her. Steffy politely left the fans and hurried after the woman in the black floppy hat. Quinn skirted around a corner and broke into a sprint.

Steffy rounded the corner, yelling, "Madame!" She sprinted after the woman. Quinn ran down the promenade that overlooked the beach. More fans delayed Steffy, and Quinn ducked to hide behind a statue. Steffy resumed her pursuit, and when she passed the statue, Quinn popped out from hiding and ran back in the direction of the hotel.

Steffy returned to the statue, spotted the woman in the black hat, and called out for the woman to wait. Steffy chased the woman into a grassy courtyard. She shoved the woman, ripping off the hat as the woman fell to the ground. "Quinn," Steffy seethed as Quinn rolled over, "You and my grandfather!"

Steffy decks Quinn

Steffy decks Quinn

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Steffy caught up to Quinn and said she'd warned Quinn to stay away from her family, but Quinn had gone after her grandfather Eric. Quinn denied it. Steffy said she'd seen Quinn kissing Eric. Quinn suggested they to go to the hotel and let Eric explain, but Steffy wouldn't allow Quinn anywhere near Eric. Quinn said it wasn't what it looked like and assured Steffy it had nothing to do with her. Quinn said something special had happened between her and Eric and asked Steffy to stop hating her so much.

Steffy accused Quinn of targeting Eric and called Quinn evil. Quinn denied targeting Eric but said they were getting to know each other. Steffy said Eric was missing his wife, and Quinn was taking advantage of him. Steffy was going to put a stop to it and make sure Eric had nothing to do with Quinn. Steffy grabbed Quinn's arm. Quinn broke free and in a threatening manner said, "No, you won't." Steffy asked if that was a threat. Quinn said no, but Steffy was threatening her and dictating who she could and couldn't spend time with.

Steffy told Quinn to stay away from her family and insisted Eric was off-limits to her. She accused Quinn of trying to worm her way back into their lives by using Eric. Steffy advised Quinn to be on the next plane out. Steffy advised Quinn they were going to file a restraining order against her and that Quinn was done with her manipulation.

Steffy advised Quinn not to speak to or be anywhere near Eric. Steffy couldn't believe how Quinn had messed with her and Liam's lives and that she was targeting Eric. Quinn yelled that she loved Eric. Steffy slapped Quinn hard enough to knock her down then walked away.

Wyatt assured Liam he didn't want Steffy to get hurt and insisted she was safe at the summit. He said she was probably on the beach, having a cocktail, and Steffy wasn't in danger. Liam said something was wrong. Wyatt asked if Liam's hero complex had surfaced and asked if he needed to save a damsel in distress or if Liam believe that he and Steffy had a cosmic connection that Wyatt couldn't possibly understand.

Liam told Wyatt to stop thinking that everything he did or said was to undermine Wyatt's relationship with Steffy. Liam was worried something would happen to Steffy, and if it did, Quinn would be the reason. Wyatt accused Liam of going from a mildly annoying sidekick to a paranoid lunatic. Liam asked if Wyatt thought Liam was paranoid to worry about Wyatt's mother after everything she'd done to them. Wyatt assured him Quinn was thousands of miles away.

Liam asked when Wyatt had last spoken to Quinn. Wyatt said just before they had left for Monte Carlo, and Quinn would've told him if she'd planned to go to Monte Carlo. Liam said not if Quinn didn't want Wyatt to know. Liam didn't know what Quinn would do, but whatever it was, it wouldn't be good. Wyatt thought Liam had probably seen someone who looked like Quinn, but it couldn't have been her because it wouldn't make sense for her to be in Monte Carlo. Liam hoped Wyatt was right.

Wyatt was concerned about Liam's overactive imagination and felt Liam had to stop creating problems where there weren't any. Quinn was not there, and Steffy was fine. Liam said Quinn was a danger no matter where she was, and Steffy didn't need that in her life. Steffy didn't need to keep wondering where or when Quinn would pop up. Wyatt said Liam was the only one wondering.

Wyatt asked if Liam thought big bad Quinn would follow them to Monte Carlo to harass Steffy -- the interfering mother-in-law driving a wedge into his marriage. Wyatt realized that was exactly what Liam was hoping would happen. He accused Liam of subconsciously hoping Quinn would push Steffy over the edge and right into his arms. Wyatt assured Liam it was not going to happen. Liam didn't know if that would push Steffy into his arms or not, but he knew Quinn was going to do something because she couldn't help herself -- and if it did happen, it better not be at Steffy's expense.

Brooke told Ridge she felt terrible about his divorce from Caroline. Brooke knew how much Ridge and Caroline meant to each other, and it couldn't have been an easy decision. Ridge confirmed it had been mutual. They had decided to end their marriage because it was the best thing for everyone. Ridge would always wonder if he should've stuck it out, but living with that regret would always be easier than the alternative: being in the way of the family Caroline and Thomas could've had. Ridge had tried to convince Thomas he didn't need to know his kid, but he'd been wrong.

Brooke said Ridge didn't have to end his marriage because Thomas could have been in Douglas' life. Ridge felt it was better that way and was the right thing to do. Ridge asked what options they had when it meant doing what was best for their kids. Brooke said it reminded her of Bill and Katie. Ridge commended Brooke for how she'd talked Bill into giving Katie her son back. Brooke said she'd always be Katie's protector, and she thought Katie had started to see that. Brooke felt it was a new beginning for them. Ridge said that was what they needed to focus on -- family.

Brooke said Stephanie had always made decisions that were best for the children. Ridge agreed; Stephanie had always made the right choices. He said he needed to talk to his dad and tell him how much he'd appreciated Eric raising someone else's son. He wanted to spend more time with Eric. Brooke agreed. She felt Eric had been lonely without Stephanie. It would be good for Ridge, as well, considering everything he was going through. She thought father/son bonding time was just what they both needed. Brooke told Ridge that Stephanie would be very proud of him.

Ridge said Stephanie had always kept Eric in line, and he felt he should pick up where Stephanie had left off. Brooke said Eric might need something more than just his son's attention. Ridge agreed that Eric should be dating and asked if Brooke was thinking of Donna. Brooke thought Eric and Donna were sweet together, but Ridge said no. They agreed they both wanted Eric to have another relationship and that there had to be woman out there for him. Ridge wanted to make sure no one took advantage of Eric.

Quinn sneaked into Wyatt's room. Wyatt said, "What the hell?" Quinn assured him that Liam hadn't seen her. Wyatt asked why she was there. She said she'd had to go there. He told her that he and Steffy had asked her to stay away from them. Quinn said it had nothing to do with Steffy.

Wyatt realized Liam had really seen Quinn. Wyatt had accused Liam of being nuts, but Liam had been right. Quinn had shown up when she wasn't supposed to. He was crazy to believe she would care about what he wanted, thinking that Quinn would've stayed away from his wife and given Steffy space.

Wyatt asked what Quinn could possibly want in Monte Carlo. She was out of work, so it couldn't be for business, so it had to be personal. He asked if Quinn was there for the sole purpose of upsetting Steffy. He asked if she'd appeared to cause problems in his marriage because that was what was going to happen with her being there. She said she was there to see Eric.

In his room Eric recalled greeting Quinn on the beach. Eric looked at pictures of Quinn and remembered them being in bed when he'd told her that staying in Monte Carlo opened her up to being seen. A while later, Steffy stopped by to see him and said she'd seen Quinn, and she'd seen him kissing Quinn by the limo. He tried to explain, but Steffy said Quinn was leading him on.

Eric advised Steffy that they were just two people getting to know each other. She warned him that was what Quinn wanted him to believe, but she knew Quinn. Quinn knew he was lonely and attracted to strong, powerful women, but Quinn was not like Stephanie. Quinn was not like anyone he'd ever been involved with, and Quinn was dangerous.

Steffy told Eric she didn't want Quinn anywhere near anyone that she cared about. Steffy said Eric's relationship with Quinn was over. Eric asked what if he didn't want them to be over. Steffy said he had no choice, and she forbade it. She absolutely forbade it.

Steffy confronts Wyatt

Steffy confronts Wyatt

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Steffy told Eric he couldn't be with Quinn. Eric asked Steffy to calm down. She said not until he understood what she told him. Steffy said Quinn had targeted him. Quinn preyed on people for her own crazy reasons. Quinn had no conscience. Eric advised Steffy that wasn't what had happened. Steffy couldn't believe she'd seen Eric kissing Quinn. Steffy pointed out that Eric was lonely, and Quinn was dangerous. Steffy wouldn't allow Eric to have a relationship with that woman.

Eric advised Steffy that Quinn had gone to the house one night when he'd been alone. Steffy accused Quinn of pouncing on him. Eric said no, Quinn had had a very clear agenda. She had wanted her job back. Steffy said Quinn had used that as a cover to get through the door. Eric said they had talked, and he had enjoyed her. He admitted they were very close.

Steffy said she had believed that, in all that time, Eric had been with someone good. She said Eric was with one of the worst people on earth. Eric reminded her that people weren't all one thing. Steffy couldn't believe Eric was defending Quinn.

Steffy told Eric she loved him, but she needed Quinn out of his life. Steffy advised Eric that he needed to shut it down -- end it. Eric understood Steffy's point of view. Steffy said it wasn't just her point of view. Everyone knew how psychotic Quinn was. Steffy reminded Eric that Quinn had kidnapped Liam and held him hostage.

Steffy wanted a restraining order. Eric felt it wasn't necessary. Steffy said that was what they needed to do. Steffy said she had repeatedly told Quinn to stay away from her and her family. Quinn's response had been to seduce Eric and then show up in Monte Carlo. Steffy accused Quinn of doing "whatever the hell" she wanted to.

Eric advised Steffy that it had never been about her. Steffy said it was about her. Quinn had used him to get to her for shutting Quinn out. Steffy begged Eric to cut "that psycho" out of his life. Steffy said it wasn't a secret that she despised Quinn, but she wasn't trying to take anything away from her the way Quinn took away from Steffy. Steffy was trying to protect Eric, and Eric didn't realize the depth of Quinn's insanity.

It scared Steffy to see Eric so close to Quinn. She wanted him to promise he would end it. Eric didn't want to hurt Steffy, and he saw how upsetting it was for her. Steffy denied being upset, but she was afraid Quinn was going to hurt all of them. Steffy had told Quinn a thousand times to stay away from her and her family, but Quinn had zeroed in on Eric. Steffy didn't think Eric knew how bad things were with Quinn. Eric said he knew what Quinn was capable of.

Steffy asked why Eric had gotten involved with Quinn. Eric said Quinn was good for him, and he believed Quinn had changed. Steffy said Quinn hadn't changed. Quinn had gone to Monte Carlo, knowing how Steffy felt. Steffy said Eric had always been very protective of the family, but he was in danger. Steffy advised that it was her turn to protect him and the family. The last thing Steffy wanted was to have regrets that she hadn't stopped Quinn.

Steffy couldn't imagine if Quinn hurt Eric. Eric didn't want that to happen, and Eric agreed to break it off with Quinn. He said Quinn was already on her way back to L.A. If Quinn wasn't on the plane, he knew what to do. Eric assured Steffy he wouldn't let her down. Steffy told him she loved him. Eric said he loved her, and they hugged.

Quinn knew Wyatt was surprised to see her. Quinn said it was a long story, but she had a wonderful man in her life, and they had been seeing each other. Wyatt asked if it was Eric. Quinn admitted it was, and he was the reason she had flown to Monte Carlo. Wyatt couldn't believe Quinn was with Eric. Wyatt thought Quinn was manipulating and blatantly trying to hurt Steffy by telling that outrageous lie. Quinn admitted it was true.

Quinn said she and Eric just clicked. Wyatt asked if she was deliberately trying to sabotage his marriage. Quinn denied it. Wyatt said after everything that had happened and everything they had been through, she "did this." Quinn said Eric was the most amazing man. She'd never experienced anything like the way she felt when she was with Eric. She was respected and appreciated.

Wyatt pointed out that Quinn had said the same thing about Liam. Quinn admitted that she'd meant what she'd said about Liam, but with Eric was different. Wyatt said she'd said that about Liam too.

Quinn said she'd gone to Eric, hoping he would rehire her. Wyatt asked about any ulterior motive. She denied any. Quinn said that Steffy had banished her, so she'd thought she'd go over Steffy's head with no other thought when she'd knocked on Eric's door. Quinn said they had wound up in a conversation, and it had been very easy to talk to Eric. They really liked each other. Quinn said she and Eric had always gotten along.

Quinn said Eric was lonely and wanted companionship. So did she. One thing had led to another. Quinn wanted Wyatt to believe her. She hadn't targeted Eric, and everything had happened organically and naturally. She thought about all the other women that had been in Eric's life, especially Stephanie. She was a strong woman with a dangerous edge and realized Eric liked bad girls. Quinn was looking for a good man to make her feel safe and loved.

Quinn informed Wyatt that Steffy knew. Steffy had seen Quinn and Eric kissing outside the hotel. Wyatt asked if she was kidding him. She said she'd hidden, then she'd run, but Steffy had chased and caught her. Quinn told Wyatt that Steffy had slapped her and had continued to yell at her and say she would not allow Quinn to do this or that. Steffy had accused Quinn of being crazy. Quinn said she had tried to get Steffy to understand what was really going on, but Steffy had refused to listen.

Wyatt said they had asked Quinn to stay away from Steffy and her family. Wyatt begged Quinn to go back to L.A. Quinn said the last thing she wanted to do was cause any trouble between him and Steffy. Wyatt told her to leave. Quinn said she had told him the truth, and she was in love with Eric. Wyatt yelled he didn't want to hear that. Quinn reiterated that she hadn't gone looking for it and had never expected it, but it felt good to be treated like a woman of substance, a woman deserving of kindness and respect. She didn't want to let that go.

Quinn said that being with Eric was amazing. Wyatt admitted Quinn had been searching for love her whole life and had found something powerful with Eric, but it couldn't be with Eric. If Quinn kept seeing Eric, Wyatt would lose Steffy. Wyatt didn't care if Quinn was in love with Eric; she couldn't be with him.

Steffy told Wyatt that Quinn was the most destructive human being she'd ever known. Wyatt knew that and said he was sorry. Steffy said Quinn was poison. Steffy didn't care what justification Quinn gave Wyatt; Quinn had targeted Eric because he was vulnerable, and Quinn had done it to get back at her.

Steffy said she'd told Quinn over and over to stay away, but Quinn had gone after Eric. Quinn didn't listen to anyone. Steffy thought Wyatt had had it under control and had planned to do something about it. Steffy was very angry and told Wyatt that when they'd gotten married, she hadn't wanted "this lunatic" in her life.

Steffy knew Wyatt loved Quinn but accused him of being blind. She said Wyatt should be looking for Quinn. She might be lurking at Eric's door. Wyatt said Quinn was on her way back to L.A. Steffy said that was the problem. Quinn was a liar, and he just accepted it at face value. Steffy said she wasn't going to live under the threat of Quinn. She hadn't signed up for that when she'd married Wyatt. She couldn't believe what Quinn had done to Wyatt, Liam, and her -- or that she was targeting Eric. She didn't know how much more she could take.

Alone, Eric recalled his moments with Quinn. He also replayed what Steffy had said. There was a knock at the door. Quinn was there to see Eric. He said that Steffy had been there. Quinn apologized and said she hadn't wanted to cause problems. It was not the reason she had flown to Monte Carlo. Eric knew it wasn't the reason. Quinn had thought it would be fun, just the two of them. Eric said he'd been very happy she'd gone there. Quinn said, "But not anymore."

Quinn said it was okay, and she had a flight to catch. Eric felt it was for the best. Quinn asked if that was what Steffy thought. Quinn could only imagine what Steffy had said about her. Eric said Quinn couldn't blame Steffy for how she felt. Quinn admitted she'd done things she wished she hadn't but assured Eric she'd changed. Quinn wished Steffy would just give her a chance. Quinn thought they could all get along, and everybody would have what they wanted.

Eric and Quinn agreed that didn't seem likely, and they knew Steffy was really angry with Quinn. Quinn said she could make things better and realized it had been a huge mistake going to Monte Carl, but she'd missed Eric too much, even though he had barely been gone. She'd needed to be with him because she was in love with him. She admitted she'd made a big mess out of things, but she could make it through if she knew it wasn't over. She asked Eric to tell her it was not the end.

Brooke felt Ridge seemed at peace after his decision to divorce Caroline. Ridge reminded her they had both ended it to do the right thing for everyone. Brooke knew how crazy Ridge was about Caroline. He admitted that wasn't about to change. Ridge said he would always treasure his time with Caroline and Douglas.

Ridge wanted to shift his focus to Eric because he was worried about his father. Ridge didn't want Eric living in the guesthouse, making cocktails for two. Brooke agreed that Eric had been lost without Stephanie. Brooke said there was always a sadness in Eric's eyes. Ridge didn't want Eric to be the rich guy sitting on the couch, watching romantic comedies all day.

Ridge said he and Brooke had to find someone for Eric. Brooke asked if Ridge was sure that Eric wasn't seeing anyone. Ridge thought Eric would tell him if he was seeing someone. Brooke asked if Eric was dating and wondered if it was someone they knew. She asked Ridge if Eric had closed-door meetings with one woman in particular. Ridge hadn't noticed because of the turmoil in his life. Brooke thought Pam would know, and Ridge agreed. Brooke said Eric was the sweetest and most generous person she knew.

Liam won't take no for an answer

Liam won't take no for an answer

Thursday, August 4, 2016

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge told Thomas that he hadn't had to check up on Ridge. Thomas remarked upon how weird it was that Ridge and Caroline had been in love one moment, "and then the next..." Ridge asked Thomas to be careful because Ridge hadn't stopped loving Caroline. Ridge said he and Caroline had ended the marriage because it was best for the family. "For the children," Ridge added.

Ridge said he'd handled it badly, and Thomas deserved better from Ridge. Thomas replied that Ridge deserved better from Thomas. Ridge apologized for jumping to conclusions about that one night. "No, Dad. I'm sorry. I was at fault, too," Thomas replied. Thomas said the bottom line was that they were a family, they were moving forward, and Douglas would see Thomas as his father.

Thomas wondered how Eric's trip was going and if Ridge was still bothered that Eric had taken the CEO position. Ridge was still a little upset. "Come on. I mean, it was his baby," Thomas responded and claimed the company had thrived under Eric's leadership for years. Ridge asked if the same wasn't true for his leadership. Thomas said Ridge had taken it to new levels, and Eric had big shoes to fill.

Ridge stated that it was good that Eric had taken over. Ridge noted that Eric had been lonely as a widower, and traveling with John hadn't been enough. Ridge didn't want Eric sitting around with martinis and talking about tennis all day. He felt that Eric was in a vulnerable place, and Ridge didn't want anyone to take advantage of Eric. Ridge would ensure that no one did, either.

In Wyatt's hotel room, Wyatt was sorry about Quinn and said he wished he could predict her moves. Steffy claimed that no one could predict Quinn's actions, and Steffy didn't know how much more she could take. Wyatt asked if Steffy had talked to Eric. She relayed that she had, but she was sure it was all Quinn's fault, not Eric's. She asked what Quinn had told Wyatt.

Wyatt replied that Quinn had said the relationship had just happened. Steffy seethed that it wasn't true. She believed that Quinn had done it on purpose to get back at Steffy for shutting Quinn out. Steffy claimed that there was nothing she or Eric could do, and Wyatt had to put a stop to Quinn.

Steffy was furious that Quinn had arrived in town against Steffy's wishes -- and Wyatt's -- to get her hooks into Eric. Wyatt wasn't so convinced that it was that simple. Steffy got upset, thinking that Wyatt was defending Quinn. Wyatt said Steffy was right about the way Quinn had pursued her old job. Steffy interjected that the job had just been a cover for a full-on seduction of Eric.

Steffy yelled that her grandfather was "so sweet," but Quinn was pure evil. Wyatt asked Steffy to calm down, but continuing to rant, she moved on to saying that Liam had been right all along. Wyatt's nose flared, and his brows rose. He said not to put Liam in it. Wyatt was well aware of Liam's feelings.

Steffy continued to rant about Quinn knowing Steffy's feelings. Steffy had really laid into Quinn earlier, but to Steffy, it hadn't even registered with Quinn. Steffy claimed that Quinn had been caught up in saying she'd found something with Eric and was a changed person, but Quinn could never change. Steffy claimed it had been the "one condition" -- that Quinn would stay out of Wyatt and Steffy's life.

Wyatt yelled that he knew, and he promised to handle it. Steffy called Quinn sick and toxic for her and Wyatt's marriage. "If our marriage means anything to you -- " Steffy stated. Wyatt interjected that it meant everything to him, and so did Steffy. He swore to God that he'd fix it. Steffy worried that Quinn was with Eric at that moment. Wyatt planned to go to Eric's room, and if Quinn was there, Wyatt would personally put her on a plane.

Wyatt left the hotel room, and Steffy received a call from Thomas. She immediately said he wouldn't believe what had happened. She stated that Quinn was there and had followed Eric to Monte Carlo. "Granddad and Quinn?" Thomas responded. Steffy was worried about Eric. She had told it to Wyatt and Quinn and didn't know how much more she could take. Steffy clicked off the line.

Back at the mansion, Thomas was staring blankly and holding his phone. Ridge entered and asked what was going on. Thomas said that Ridge had been right about Eric being in a vulnerable place. Thomas revealed that Quinn had shown up on the trip, and she and Eric were apparently involved.

Sighing, Ridge looked at Stephanie's portrait. He said it was what he'd worried about, that someone would take advantage of Eric. "But Quinn? Quinn Fuller? Really?" Ridge raged. He just hoped that Eric was okay.

In Eric's hotel room, Quinn was willing to leave, but before she headed back to Los Angeles, she asked Eric to say if he really felt that their relationship was impossible. She knew they had huge obstacles to overcome, but if he truly felt that they couldn't, then he'd never have to see her again.

Eric said he'd never forget how his granddaughter had looked at him. Quinn was sorry, but she'd felt as if she'd had to travel there to fight for her and Eric's relationship. It had been risky, and she'd made things worse. She had never seen Steffy so angry. Eric asked if Quinn thought Steffy had good reason to be angry. Quinn acknowledged that Steffy's pain was due to Quinn.

Eric said it was more than hurt, and Steffy was horrified. Quinn said she'd tried to explain to Steffy, but Steffy had been too angry to believe that Quinn's feelings were real. Eric replied that he believed in the innate goodness of people. He believed Quinn had discovered it within herself.

In Eric's view, Quinn had raised a son, established a business, and had regrets along the way. Eric had loved every moment with Quinn, but he had to put his family first. He told Quinn that he was sorry. Quinn agreed to leave and never bother him again, but she asked him to hold her one last time.

Later, Wyatt arrived at Eric's room, looking for Quinn, but she'd already gone. Wyatt relayed that Quinn had ignored Steffy's warnings to stay away and had blatantly gone after Eric. Eric said he wouldn't characterize his relationship with Quinn in that way. He knew that Steffy did but said she was wrong.

Wyatt had never seen Steffy that way. He'd hoped that Monte Carlo would give Steffy a break and help her regroup. "I'm really worried about my wife, Eric," Wyatt said.

In Liam's hotel room, Eva arrived at Liam's request. Liam wanted to apologize for going on about his personal life during their last conversation. Eva had liked that Liam could confide in her about his problems. He replied that when it was about Quinn, Steffy had it worse than he did. "She's never far from your thoughts, is she?" Eva bittersweetly replied.

Eva asked if Quinn really could be in Monte Carlo. Liam said that Quinn lived for drama, and even though Steffy had told Quinn to stay away, Liam knew that Quinn usually insinuated herself in places anyway. Eva believed that Liam and Steffy had gotten a raw deal. "But just suck it up and move on, right?" Liam asked. Eva guessed it was what everyone had advised him to do.

Liam defined "everyone" as his father and brother. He said his family would be thrilled if he got caught up in a hot, torrid romance -- "with say, a publicist." Eva sighed knowingly. She guessed it was easier said than done. He agreed and asked if she was seeing anyone. Eva replied that, as he could see, she went for the unavailable type. He asked her to say that his brother wasn't on her list.

Eva replied that Wyatt wasn't her type. "Yes!" Liam exclaimed. She added that a lot of women admired Liam, and none more than she. She kissed his cheek. He said he'd be very lucky. Eva replied that she knew it didn't change him being in love with Steffy. Eva guessed he was really worried about Steffy. He said he always would be, especially with Quinn on the loose.

Outside later, Steffy roamed a courtyard similar to the spot where she'd chased down Quinn. Steffy recalled Liam saying he'd seen Quinn and then recalled herself chasing Quinn down. Liam wandered up and asked what had happened. Steffy said that he had been right, and Quinn was there.

Sobbing, Steffy revealed that she'd seen Quinn and Eric kissing, and the two were having a relationship. Liam said it was why Steffy had to get away from "those people." He knew from experience how they could infect a person and their family. He refused to let it happen to her. He said he was the only one who would protect her from it, and she had to return to him.

"And I'm not taking 'no' for an answer," Liam said, and he kissed Steffy.

Liam demands that Steffy come home to him

Liam demands that Steffy come home to him

Friday, August 5, 2016

From her first-class window seat on a plane, Quinn smiled and flashed back on her time with Eric in Monaco. She wistfully sighed. As the flight continued, she recalled kissing Eric before Steffy had spotted them and chased Quinn down.

The flight continued. Quinn thought more of her time with Eric and grinned. Over the intercom, the attendant asked passengers to fasten their seatbelts.

At the mansion, Ridge questioned Thomas about what Steffy had said. Thomas said she'd been upset. Ridge felt that Steffy should be worried about Eric after what Quinn had done to Liam. Ridge wondered what Eric had gotten himself into.

Thomas tried to call Steffy and concluded that she wasn't answering and her phone was off. He thought of calling Eric, but Ridge wanted to speak to his father in person. Ridge was angry that he hadn't been paying attention, and Quinn had just swooped in.

Thomas relayed that Steffy had been leery of Quinn getting up to something, and Steffy had told Quinn to stay away from Steffy and her family. He said Steffy had said that she didn't know how much she could take, and he believed that Steffy might be rethinking her marriage.

Thomas reasoned that Eric and Quinn might be a good thing because it had caused Steffy to reevaluate. Ridge believed Steffy already knew how she felt, and she'd stick with her marriage. Thomas said it had been the sentiment before Quinn had started ignoring everything that Steffy had said.

Thomas believed Wyatt and Steffy were together because she'd believed that Liam had completely abandoned her, which was Quinn's doing. Ridge contended that Steffy was with Wyatt because she loved him. Thomas knew that Steffy had feelings for Liam and sensed that Quinn had ruined it for her son. Thomas said it could be the final straw that pushed Steffy to Liam.

Ridge felt that Quinn wanting to see Eric had nothing to do with Steffy's marriage. Ridge believed it was about money, a job, and the security of the Forrester bank account for Quinn. Thomas agreed, but he still contended that if anything would make Steffy give up on her marriage and return to Liam, "this would be it."

In Eric's hotel room, Eric noted that Wyatt hadn't been expecting to learn about Eric and Quinn. "I care about her, Wyatt," Eric stated. Wyatt could see it but said Steffy was really freaking out over it. Eric replied that Steffy didn't have to because it had happened naturally and out of nowhere. Eric and Quinn had enjoyed it, but it had ended for Steffy's sake.

Wyatt said Eric really cared about Quinn. Eric conveyed that he saw the good in her, and he knew that Wyatt did, too. Wyatt replied that she couldn't be all bad because she'd raised him. Eric noted that she'd done a good job, for the most part. Eric lauded her for being a good mother and businesswoman. Eric remarked that she'd made mistakes, but she'd changed.

Wyatt presented Steffy's view that being with Eric and targeting Eric meant that Quinn hadn't changed. Eric insisted that it hadn't happened that way, and he and Quinn had gotten to talking when she'd inquired about her job. Eric said it had been two people mutually connecting, and Steffy was wrong. Eric had tried to explain it, but Steffy hadn't listened.

Wyatt thought that trouble for his marriage remained to be seen. Eric hoped Wyatt understood that Quinn didn't want to hurt his marriage. Eric didn't want to, either, so he'd ended it. Wyatt asked if Quinn had tried to keep things going. Eric replied that Quinn had understood and wouldn't cause more trouble for Steffy. Wyatt thought it was good because Steffy couldn't take any more, and Wyatt couldn't blame her.

Wyatt thanked Eric. Wyatt appreciated Eric and Quinn ending things. He knew it couldn't be easy because he could see that Eric cared for his mother. Eric wished it hadn't ended, but he had to do what was best for Steffy and his family. Wyatt couldn't believe Quinn had agreed. It wasn't like her to let things go so easily. Eric assured Wyatt that Quinn had changed.

Eric believed that Quinn had accepted it for his benefit, and he stated that she'd said she couldn't bother him again. Wyatt said he'd always be grateful, and Eric told Wyatt to be sure to tell it to his mother. Eric said Wyatt was lucky to have Quinn. Wyatt replied that, sometimes, he honestly believed it. Eric hoped things would be okay with Steffy.

Wyatt decided to leave Eric to process it. Alone, Eric composed a text message that asked for a call when Quinn landed. He deleted it without sending it.

Later, Wyatt returned to his hotel room and worried about the things Steffy had said earlier about his mother and being unable to take more.

In the hotel courtyard, Liam asked Steffy how many times Wyatt had failed to protect her and implored her to return home to Liam. Liam believed that it was a matter of time before she, Eric, or someone else she loved got hurt. Liam declared that they'd reached the moment where Steffy would end her marriage and return to him.

Holding up Steffy's left hand, Liam called the tattoo ring a mark of the deceit and said that Quinn might as well have branded Steffy herself. Liam knew Steffy wanted to return home to him as much as he did. Steffy replied that Wyatt was her husband. Liam asked if Wyatt was the one she wanted to grow old with and have children with. Liam believed he was the man, not Wyatt.

"Even if that were true, I made a commitment," Steffy replied. Liam asserted that she'd made a mistake. He advised her to move out and get a divorce and said she knew she wouldn't be married to Wyatt if his mother hadn't kidnapped Liam. Steffy said Quinn should be in prison. "Yeah," Liam agreed. Steffy said she couldn't change what had happened.

"Are you staying in this marriage?" Liam asked.

"Liam, if I could go back..." Steffy stated. Liam asserted that she could go back, and she could undo it and put the whole ridiculous thing behind her. He urged her to do it at that moment. He asked if a life of Quinn and crying all the time was really going to work. Steffy sobbed, saying that Wyatt would demand that Quinn stay away. Liam replied that Wyatt always did so, and it never worked. Liam cited what had happened with Eric and Quinn's relationship as an example, but Steffy replied that she'd make sure it was over.

"How? How are you going to do that?" Liam demanded to know. Steffy didn't know. She said Wyatt would tell Quinn to move away. She sobbed that she didn't know what it would take. "Here's what it takes. You get out. You leave him. You get out and you move on," Liam asserted.

Liam didn't know what he'd do if Steffy got hurt. He needed to protect her and love her the way that Wyatt hadn't. Liam exclaimed that she'd honored the ridiculous marriage long enough. "Come back to me...come back to me...come back to me," Liam implored.

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