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Sasha abandoned her pregnancy scheme, and Julius and Vivienne worked together to start healing the Avant family. Thomas, Caroline, and Ridge finally made an agreement about Douglas. After vowing not to betray Katie's confidence, Bill told Brooke that Thomas, not Ridge, was Douglas' father.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 30, 2016 on B&B
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Being made into liars and fools Being made into liars and fools

Monday, May 30, 2016

At Forrester, Maya walked toward Sasha to retrieve the pregnancy test. Sasha snatched it out of grasping range, and holding it to her chest, she said she'd talk to only Zende about it. Sasha claimed she'd never wanted to hurt anyone. "Except me," Nicole bit out.

Sasha replied that it wasn't true, and Nicole had always had Sasha's back. Nicole had never understood why Sasha did the things she did until she'd learned that Nicole had Sasha's father; however, Nicole wondered when that excuse would get old. Sasha insisted upon only talking to Zende. "We won't be far," Maya warned, and she and Nicole left.

In the design room, Maya and Nicole marched in. Maya said Nicole had been a lot nicer than Maya would have been. Nicole figured it would be a dumb lie to tell, and Sasha wasn't dumb. Maya asked what Nicole and Zende would do it if the test was positive. Nicole said that Zende was old-fashioned. Maya deemed Zende a throwback to when men put honor and duty first.

Maya wondered if Zende would marry Sasha. Nicole didn't think so, because he loved Nicole; however, a baby would make Sasha a huge part of Zende's life. The waiting was getting to Nicole. Maya figured Sasha was lying to and begging Zende. Maya said that Sasha had been lying since she was a girl.

Nicole didn't know if it was Sasha's lie or Julius'. Maya wasn't excusing Julius or blaming Sasha, but Maya concluded that lying was Sasha's native language. Nicole said it was what Sasha's parents had taught her. Nicole believed she and Zende would be okay if he was the guy she thought he was.

Fed up with waiting, Nicole decided to go back to the studio. Maya said Nicole didn't know what she could be walking in on. Nicole replied that nothing "that girl" could do would surprise her.

Back in the photo studio, Zende asked to see the pregnancy test. Sasha held it up for him, and he gasped because it was positive. "That's what it says," she murmured. Tossing it in the trash, she remarked that he hadn't believed her without the test. Zende said they could do it, and Sasha replied that she'd once thought so. He replied that she wouldn't be alone in it.

Sasha told Zende that she would be alone, which was what she deserved. Zende didn't know why she'd say that because it took two to make a baby. "Because, Zende, I lied! I'm not!" she exclaimed. Zende was confused, and she explained that the test didn't say what he thought it said. He was sorry that he'd offended her, but he'd had to be sure because a baby had seemed unlikely.

Sasha replied that it was because it had been unlikely. Sasha wasn't offended but ashamed. Zende didn't know what there was to be ashamed of. He claimed that he'd cared for her and wasn't afraid to say so. He said Nicole meant everything to him, but he hadn't forgotten the time he'd shared with Sasha. Sasha declared that she wasn't pregnant. Gesturing to the trash, Zende said he didn't understand because someone was.

Sasha revealed that the test results belonged to the wife of Jeremy, the photographer. Zende asked if Sasha had faked a pregnancy test. Sasha explained that she'd panicked because she couldn't stand seeing Nicole having what Sasha didn't. Sasha had realized that the baby's birth would change everything for him, which meant everything would also change for Sasha.

Sasha had panicked and lied because she hadn't wanted to lose Zende, but she also knew that she deserved to. Zende's silence scared her. She said she'd done something bad, but she'd owned up to it. "Maybe in the end, I did something good," she reasoned. She said she might have saved him.

"From what?" Zende incredulously asked. Sasha said there was something strange about the Avants. They were like the Bermuda triangle, and even though they were nice at first, once one got lured in, one couldn't get out. One had to live by their standards. Zende claimed not to mind standards, but she asked if he'd rather have someone who thought he could do no wrong.

Believing she could make him happy, Sasha asked Zende not to walk away. She knew that Zende didn't share her feelings, but she was willing to live with it. Zende said Sasha had no idea what he'd been through that week, and Nicole had broken up her family for Sasha. Sasha claimed it was why she couldn't go through with it. She stated that she wasn't a completely terrible person; she'd just made completely terrible plans and had screwed them up.

Nicole entered as Sasha's hands were on Zende's face. Nicole said it was taking too long. Zende replied that they were done, and Sasha wasn't pregnant. Nicole stated that it was just as she's said. Sasha told Nicole not to act like she'd never lied. Nicole asked how it was supposed to have gone after months of no baby appearing. Sasha admitted misleading Zende, but he'd done it to her first.

Sasha cited that Zende had said things had been over and that the surrogacy thing had been a nightmare. Suddenly, it had become a miracle. Zende had said he'd been available, so it had been safe to fall in love with him. The next thing Sasha had known, she'd become someone she hadn't wanted to be. She said she'd made a terrible mistake, and she was asking Zende to forgive her.

At the mansion, Caroline and Ridge were in bed, having a playful debate about whether Douglas, who in Ridge's arms, was actually falling asleep. "Father knows best," Ridge said, putting down the baby. Caroline's expression changed, and Ridge assumed "father" had become a tough word between them.

Caroline wasn't saying that, but she wasn't sure about whether Thomas' location mattered. Ridge explained that he'd lived it with the man with whom he shared DNA. Though Ridge had tried to connect with Massimo after the late-in-life revelation, "he didn't look like me, sound like me...I don't know, maybe I recognized a gesture or two, maybe some passion..."Ridge explained.

Massimo was all right, in Ridge view, but there had been no connection. Ridge felt that Massimo had given him life, but Eric had given him Eric's life. Ridge wanted it to be the same with Douglas and for Douglas to see the world through Ridge's eyes as Ridge had learned the world through Eric's.

Putting a robe on over her tank top and shorts pajamas, Caroline realized that they hadn't had dinner yet. Ridge guessed they were done talking. She offered to make him a sandwich. She said Ridge never doubted that he was right. Though she agreed with him in her mind, she couldn't always control her feelings, and part of her felt that what they were doing with Thomas wasn't honest. She said the feeling might change in light of Thomas' trip.

Ridge asked Caroline to let him know how the feelings evolved. She said she would. He asked if she'd make him a sandwich, and she said she would. He asked if she'd love him forever. Giggling, she nodded, and they kissed.

Downstairs, Caroline grabbed sandwich ingredients and closed the refrigerator door. "Thomas?" she said. Thomas had been entering the kitchen in boxer shorts and had two towels over his bare shoulder. He was there for a drink and claimed the ride from the airport had been brutal. He dried himself off, even though he wasn't wet, and asked what was for dinner.

Caroline murmured that she obviously couldn't invite Thomas to join her and Ridge. Thomas got it and didn't want to. She asked if his flight had been canceled. Thomas said he'd been in the airport with his late-night ticket when he'd realized that there was no goal of his that five years, even excellent years, in China would get him any closer to. "So I'm not going," he'd decided.

Caroline stated that Thomas needed to be talking about it to Ridge, who was upstairs. Thomas asked if Caroline was afraid she wouldn't stay "on message." She said the men had had an agreement. Thomas said what the two had was each other's numbers. Thomas claimed that being related was more of a marriage than a marriage because they'd be together beyond death -- as long as their DNA survived.

Thomas said that Ridge knew what Thomas was afraid of and didn't want people to know. Ridge also knew that Thomas couldn't resist daring feats like going to a country, not speaking the language, but claiming it for Forrester. Thomas didn't plan to go upstairs and report to Ridge. He claimed to know how to push Ridge's buttons, and it was Thomas' turn.

Caroline was sorry Thomas felt that way. Thomas guessed she knew the feeling because Ridge was all about controlling her, too. Caroline said not to make assumptions, and she relayed that Thomas thought he knew more about her marriage than he really did. Thomas said she'd told him that he'd have access to his son. She replied that she'd told him not to use the term.

Thomas stated that Caroline hadn't; Ridge had. Thomas claimed Caroline had said she'd create "some sort of role" for him in Douglas' life, and Thomas had been willing to accept the limitations. Thomas asked her to look at what had happened -- Ridge had stepped in and put an ocean between them for the purpose of making Caroline into a liar and Thomas into a fool.

Caroline didn't know what Thomas wanted. Thomas said it was because he wasn't asking anything. Thomas claimed not to want to disrupt her life, even though that might be all he'd ever done. Thomas said that when Douglas had left Caroline's body, something had changed in him. It had been like a chemical in his brain had been released. When he'd learned that Douglas was his, his first thought had been, "Well, of course."

Thomas claimed that he wasn't trying to mess with Caroline's marriage, but "we share this. This is ours." He said Caroline knew exactly how he felt about the baby, and all he was asking was that she didn't send him away.

Thomas and Nicole call the shots

Thomas and Nicole call the shots

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

by Pam

At Forrester, Maya and Rick talked about adorable outfits they had for their baby girl. Maya was grateful they had something to smile about because she was worried about Nicole and Sasha. Rick and Maya agreed that Sasha had to be lying about being pregnant.

Maya put the baby down for a nap, and she and Rick discussed that Zende would step up for Sasha if she did end up pregnant. Maya said the timing was questionable and all too convenient for Sasha to be pregnant. "She won't get away with it," Maya said. Their discussion turned to Ridge deciding that Thomas would be moving to the Shanghai office.

Rick thought the timing was odd. Maya said it didn't make sense because Rick had been running International. Rick agreed, but he noted that Asia was a lucrative market. Maya wondered why Ridge hadn't consulted Rick. "I intend to find out why," Rick said.

Maya and Rick agreed it was another example of why Rick should be running the company. Rick said he had discussed with Eric that a true Forrester should be running the company. Rick added that Eric had basically told him to leave Ridge alone. Rick and Maya discussed that Ridge and Eric made decisions that didn't make sense, including sending Thomas to Shanghai.

In another office at Forrester, Sasha, Zende, and Nicole bickered. Sasha admitted she had not been pregnant, and she had lied. Sasha begged for forgiveness from Zende and Nicole. Nicole was amazed that Sasha would even ask for her to forgive such a thing.

Sasha admitted she hadn't wanted to lose Zende, but she didn't want to lose Nicole either. "Please don't cut me out of your life," Sasha begged. Nicole tearfully reviewed all the hurtful things Sasha had done. Sasha made excuses and said she had made some bad choices and panicked. Nicole reminded Sasha that Sasha had hurt Nicole by hooking up with Zende to begin with.

Nicole reminded Sasha that she had accepted her as her sister and defended her to their father, yet Sasha had lied and made everyone think she was pregnant with Zende's child because Zende was going to get back with Nicole. Sasha promised to make it right. Nicole said Sasha had used her to get into Forrester from the beginning. Sasha maintained that she had eventually admitted the truth. "Because Maya made you take a pregnancy test," Nicole reminded her.

Sasha said that her entire existence had been a lie. She wanted forgiveness. Zende said it was no excuse, but Sasha contended that they should understand why. Nicole said Sasha had wanted to hurt her. Sasha disagreed and said she hadn't wanted to be rejected by a man again.

Nicole didn't buy it. Sasha maintained that she hadn't wanted to live another lie like their father had. Nicole asked Zende to leave her alone with Sasha for a minute, Zende agreed and left. Sasha begged Nicole to forgive her. Nicole refused.

"I don't owe you anything," Nicole said. Sasha agreed, and she said that she had never meant to hurt Nicole. She claimed she had done things out of fear. Nicole shook her head. She said she had forgiven a lot. "Time to go back to Illinois," she advised Sasha.

Sasha vowed to make it up to Nicole if Nicole gave her a chance. Nicole refused. "You didn't come to my aid. You took advantage. You tore my heart out," Nicole said.

Sasha babbled that they had been best friends. "I'd be an idiot to trust you again," Nicole said. Sasha wondered if she could do anything to change Nicole's mind. Nicole turned away, and Zende returned and asked if they were all right. "Sasha and I are just saying our goodbyes," Nicole announced.

Sasha said she would leave, but she had loved her life there. "I completely blew it and lost sight of what was important," Sasha lamented. She left. Nicole and Zende agreed it was time to move forward with their lives and their future together. They kissed, and each declared, "I love you," to the other. They agreed they were going to be very happy together.

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge held Douglas in the bedroom and wondered what was taking Caroline so long in the kitchen. Downstairs, Thomas tried to explain to Caroline that he could not leave for Shanghai and leave his son. "As a parent, I hope you understand my decision," he said. Thomas explained that he didn't want to complicate their lives, but he refused to leave. Ridge entered and interrupted.

Thomas announced he was not going to Shanghai. Ridge reminded Thomas that he needed the experience he could get in the position available in Shanghai. Thomas insisted that Ridge had wanted to ship him off to Shanghai to keep him away from Douglas. Thomas wanted a relationship with Douglas, and he refused to leave. Thomas insisted that he had ample time to get the experience he needed to take over Forrester one day.

Ridge argued that they'd had a plan. Caroline looked worried. She pointed out that they had all agreed that Thomas could see Douglas and would not be cut out of Douglas' life. Ridge insisted he wanted what was best for Thomas, Douglas, the family, and the company. "You're thinking of yourself. Be the leader I know you can be," Ridge advised Thomas.

Thomas said there was something more important than fashion -- it was family. "I can't turn my back on my son," he said, "I'm not going anywhere." Thomas professed that he was calling the shots and in charge. He wanted respect and asked, "Is that understood?" Ridge looked at Caroline, and Caroline looked at Thomas.

Eavesdropping pays off again

Eavesdropping pays off again

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

by Pam

At Spencer, Katie and Bill kissed. Bill noted that Katie seemed to be doing better. She said she felt better and didn't want to lose her family and her sister. Bill was proud of her. Katie planned to visit Brooke at Forrester for lunch.

Bill made fun of Ridge as the dressmaker. On a serious note, Bill said he was worried about Ridge as CEO. He wasn't sure that Ridge was able to lead Forrester and make it more profitable. Katie doubted that Bill had a case, but Bill said he wanted to protect his shares of Forrester. Katie left.

Later, Justin entered Bill's office, and Bill reiterated what he had said to Katie. Bill worried that Ridge was "a tailor masquerading as CEO. I want him out." He advised Justin that they had to have a plan -- something solid and concrete to push Ridge out of the CEO position. Justin promised he was on it.

Bill disagreed. He reminded Justin that the last time he had given Justin an assignment, it hadn't worked out well. Justin argued that he had give Liam the best legal advice he could have in light of the circumstances. Bill angrily said that Quinn was not behind bars and should have been. Justin reiterated that he'd had Liam's best interest in mind. Bill insisted that he wanted nothing to go wrong with getting Ridge out. Bill promised to visit Ridge to start "rattling his cage."

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge and Brooke talked about Douglas while Ridge held the child. "I'm in charge while Mom's at yoga," Ridge said proudly. Brooke admired Ridge's fathering skills. She suggested that he enjoy it. He said he was savoring every minute. Thomas interrupted when he walked down the stairs. Brooke was surprised to see him. She thought he had gone to Shanghai, but Thomas said he had changed his mind. Thomas left.

Ridge made Brooke tea, and she said it seemed like only a short time before that he had been holding Thomas and R.J. She added that Thomas seemed to be a good big brother and was smitten with Douglas. Ridge looked pensive. Douglas smiled, and Brooke called him a ladies' man like his father. She noted that Douglas looked like Ridge, and Ridge added that Douglas had Caroline's smile.

At Forrester, Sasha packed up her stuff. She looked at a book of photos and flashed back to lovemaking with Zende. Julius entered, and she admitted there was no baby. She added that she was tired of all the lies. She said that she was sure Nicole hated her. "Can you blame her?" Julius asked. Sasha added that Zende wanted nothing to do with her. Julius said that he was sure Zende had been fond of her, but Sasha should have known that Zende and Nicole were in love and would find their way back to each other.

"I really believed he could love me too," Sasha lamented about Zende. She had never met another man like him. No one had ever treated her that way before. She announced that she planned to return to Chicago.

At Pam's desk, Katie asked about Brooke, and Pam said she hadn't seen her. Thomas showed up and said that Brooke was at the house with his father. Katie entered the office with Thomas. She noted that Ridge spent "an awful lot of time" with Douglas. She added that it had to be hard for Thomas.

Thomas didn't know what Katie was getting at until she admitted that she knew that Douglas wasn't Ridge's son.

Katie pointed out that she had insisted that Ridge tell Thomas the truth. "You told my dad to tell me?" Thomas asked. Thomas wondered if Ridge would have ever told him if Katie hadn't forced him to. He wondered if anyone else knew. Katie promised she hadn't told anyone, and Thomas wanted to keep it that way. Katie wanted to know what Thomas would do with the truth. Thomas said that Ridge and Caroline had a secure marriage and were a family, but Thomas wanted to be involved with his son.

Outside the office, Bill talked to Pam and said he wanted to see Ridge. Pam said Ridge wasn't in, but Katie and Thomas were inside if he wanted to see them. She left her desk. Bill moved toward the office door but started to use his phone to send a message.

Inside the office, Thomas explained to Katie that Ridge had tried to ship him off to Shanghai to create more demand for Forrester in the Asian markets. Katie was surprised. Thomas said he was done letting his dad dictate his life. "Well, now you know the truth," Katie said. "Thanks to you," Thomas replied. He wanted to be sure no one else found out. Katie reassured him that only Ridge, Caroline, Katie, and Thomas knew the truth. Bill overheard Katie and Thomas but hid behind the door.

At Vivienne's motel room, Vivienne, Rick, and Maya discussed that they hoped Sasha wasn't pregnant. Zende and Nicole entered and announced that Sasha was not pregnant. Everyone was relieved. Zende explained how Sasha had obtained a positive result by tricking a Forrester employee's wife. He added that Sasha had confessed.

Zende said Sasha did deserve credit for that. "I wouldn't give her credit for anything," Nicole said. Everyone was happy that Zende and Nicole were together again. Maya asked about Julius, and Vivienne said she needed time and couldn't talk to him yet because it was too painful. She lamented that he had been "keeping that poor girl a secret all these years."

Julius called Maya, and he said their family needed help. Maya agreed. Julius said he was on his way. Nicole and Vivienne discussed a plan to have a salon day, but Julius showed up with Sasha.

Julius begged his family to "hear [him] out." He wanted them to be united. He admitted that everything had been his fault, and he took full responsibility. "I blew it," he said.

Julius added that he'd been stubborn, but he wanted everyone to understand that he had believed he'd been doing the right thing for the good of the family. They all shook their heads. Julius apologized to Sasha because she had been a young and innocent child who had deserved much more.

Julius begged his family for forgiveness. He admitted he wasn't perfect, and he told Vivienne that he had loved her for over 30 years. "I love you, and I can't fathom living without you. Please, can you forgive me?" he asked.

On the rooftop at Forrester, Zende and Rick worked out. Rick angrily said that Ridge was never around at Forrester. Zende said Ridge was working from home, but Rick continued his rant.

Bill gets the dirt he's been waiting for

Bill gets the dirt he's been waiting for

Thursday, June 2, 2016

At the sky lounge, Rick and Zende worked out and discussed the obstacles the Avants had to overcome. Rick remarked that Julius might be Zende's father-in-law someday, too. Rick said that, even if Vivienne forgave Julius, there was Sasha and her lies about being pregnant. Zende replied that Sasha had at least confessed. "Soon enough to work in her benefit," Rick stated.

At the motel, Vivienne told Julius that he wasn't asking her for an easy thing, and it had been a very big lie for many years. Julius said that, as a family, they worked things out. He knew the pain he'd caused, but he couldn't go back. All he could do was ask for forgiveness.

Julius asked Vivienne not to let one lie destroy what they'd built. "One lie?" Vivienne responded. She said Julius had had his daughter practically living in her home, and he'd played her for a fool. He said he'd never felt that way. He'd been silent because he hadn't wanted to lose her.

Julius promised to never disappoint Vivienne again. Vivienne stated that they'd said for better or worse. She added that he'd broken her heart; however, she loved him, and they were family. She hated the division, so she offered to try to forgive him. It wouldn't happen overnight, but she'd work on it.

Julius thanked Vivienne. Vivienne said she'd move forward with an open heart. The heart was bruised and battered, but not closed to him. "So you're just gonna give him a pass? After he lied to you every single day?" Maya asked. Nicole asked why Julius hadn't just "come out and told" Vivienne. He replied that it was because he'd known that exactly what was happening would happen.

"But it wasn't the best choice," Nicole persisted. Julius understood that. Vivienne told everyone to stop. She reminded them that they were quick to point fingers, but they were all humans, prone to mistakes. The mistakes could be hurtful, but she'd had time to pray on it.

Vivienne said that, as a family, they needed to work through their problems, let them go, and find ways to be kind and loving to each other. Vivienne expected it from all of them and from herself. She took Julius' hand and stared emotionally at him. Maya told Vivienne that she wasn't sure it was right.

"That I honored my marriage vows and stood by my husband?" Vivienne asked. Nicole stated that the issue was that Vivienne was doing it so quickly. Nicole cut her eyes at Sasha, which prompted Sasha to admit she'd never been more wrong than when she'd lied about the pregnancy. "Oh, you think?" Nicole quipped.

Sasha said she was truly sorry, and Nicole snapped that Sasha should be. Julius decided that they could all use some forgiveness. Nicole claimed that it was harder with him because he'd set up a lie and made them all live through it. "Sometimes sorry isn't enough," Nicole added, glaring at Sasha.

Vivienne intervened, saying it hurt her to her core to have her family splintered. She said Julius had made an awful mistake; however, he was trying to rectify it, and the kids didn't have to be angry with him on her behalf. Julius said they had a right to be angry, but he hoped they'd follow their mother's example because a closed heart couldn't give or receive love.

Julius knew he couldn't undo the mistake, but he could learn from it. Vivienne said it was all they could ask. She felt there was a lot of work to do, and they couldn't do it living apart. "Come home. I miss my husband," she said. Julius and Vivienne hugged.

Maya respected Vivienne's choice and understood family forgiveness. "But I still have a real problem with you, Sasha," Maya added. Maya claimed that Sasha had been trouble for Nicole since the day Sasha had arrived. Nicole stated that she'd trusted Sasha more than anyone. Sasha admitted that she'd blown it. Julius asked them to stop beating up on each other.

Julius believed that if Vivienne could work on it with him, then the sisters could do the same. Vivienne agreed, and Maya rolled her eyes. In a flat tone, Nicole said she'd try. Maya said she would, too, "this one time." Sasha swore she'd make it up and be the sister that they both deserved.

Outside the CEO's office at Forrester, Bill peeped through the crack in the door as Thomas hugged Katie and said he owed her one for convincing Ridge to tell Thomas the truth.

Later, Katie was alone, taking a call from the office, when Bill entered. Bill asked if Katie had found Brooke, and Katie remarked that Brooke was visiting Douglas. Bill indicated that Katie had been talking to Thomas. She asked how long Bill had been there. "Long enough," he replied. He asked her what she and Thomas had been discussing.

Katie claimed that she and Thomas had been talking about Brooke visiting Douglas. "We don't keep secrets from each other, do we, Katie? Even other people's?" Bill asked. Bill had overheard that Ridge had one, and Bill needed to know what it was. He was sure she didn't want to exacerbate their trust issues by not telling him. Katie said it had nothing to do with them, and it wasn't her secret.

Bill claimed that he wouldn't "give a damn" about it if Ridge wasn't married to Bill's niece. As Katie's husband, Bill wanted an answer. Katie admitted that he was right about it affecting Caroline. Bill called Ridge an S.O.B., assuming that Ridge was cheating.

Katie said Ridge was probably more loyal than any man would be. Bill got frustrated with Katie for talking in circles. She decided that she didn't want to keep secrets from her husband. "Ridge is not Douglas' biological father," Katie revealed. Bill said that he knew about the bad blood between Caroline and Katie in the past. Katie said it had nothing to do with it.

Katie explained that Ridge and Caroline had broken up. Ridge had told Caroline to leave, and Caroline had called a friend for support. Bill asked who the friend was. "Bill..." Katie said. Bill demanded to know who the real father was, and Katie said it was Thomas. Bill said it was unbelievable.

As Bill chuckled, Katie told him to take that look off his face because he couldn't do anything with the information. Bill asserted that the headlines wrote themselves. Katie said it involved his niece and nephew. Bill reasoned that he'd "minimize" the effect on them. Katie said he could only control his own publications, and he'd be taking down Caroline, Thomas, and Douglas, too.

"So what? You actually expect me to sit on this?" Bill asked. It was exactly what Katie expected. He laughed. Katie said she'd told him, not the entire world, because she trusted him as her husband. She said she needed him to promise not to expose it. "Say the words, Bill. Promise me," Katie said.

At the mansion, Brooke was happy for Ridge, who was at a good place in his life. Smiling and holding Douglas, Ridge agreed that he was in a good place with Forrester and his family. He was especially grateful for Douglas, and there was nothing Ridge wouldn't do for the baby.

Thomas entered. Ridge grimaced and said he'd thought Thomas was at work. Thomas claimed to have returned for something. Brooke told Thomas how good Ridge was with the baby.

Ridge decided to put the sleepy baby down for nap. "No, that's fine. I can do that," Thomas said, reaching for Douglas. Ridge said he had it and took Douglas upstairs. Brooke and Thomas chatted about her new granddaughter, and Brooke raved about how blessed her family was.

Sitting back down with Thomas and Brooke, Ridge said it was how he felt, too. Staring at Thomas, Ridge said he wouldn't let anyone down.

Ridge walked Brooke out. He received a call from Rick, who asked what time a conference call was. Ridge said the call had already happened. Upset, Rick asked why he hadn't been called. Ridge said it was because it hadn't had to do with International, and Ridge hadn't needed Rick. Ridge "hung up on" Rick and returned to the living room, where Thomas was.

Thomas said he was still trying to figure out where all the pieces went. Ridge stated that they should revisit Thomas going abroad, which might be best for the company and for Thomas. Thomas said he would have jumped at it a year prior, but Douglas was there. Ridge relayed that seeing the child daily created a whole new set of problems.

Thomas claimed it wasn't a choice, and he needed the kid like he needed air. It was on a level Thomas didn't even understand. "Okay. All access. Whatever you want," Ridge said. Thomas thanked Ridge for not fighting Thomas on it. Thomas said he'd run into Katie at the office. He asked if she was the only reason Ridge had told Thomas about Douglas and if Ridge would have ever told without her.

Ridge replied that he would not have. His plan had been, and still was, to keep Caroline and Douglas safe. Ridge stated that Thomas had become part of the plan so that the conception wouldn't chase Douglas for the rest of his life. Ridge asked Thomas to say he understood.

Back at the sky lounge, Rick griped to Zende about Ridge, who had pushed Rick out of the house and was trying to push him out of the company. Rick didn't know how he'd get anywhere at Forrester with Ridge in charge. Rick felt he needed to make a move. "Like what?" Zende asked. Rick said that when he figured it out, he'd tell Zende -- maybe. The men chuckled.

Zende was concerned about his photography career -- if Sasha went back to Illinois. "Let's hope she doesn't," Rick responded to Zende's surprise. Zende didn't think Rick was fond of Sasha. Rick said Sasha's campaign was taking off, and it would be good if she remained for a while.

Bill betrays Katie's confidence

Bill betrays Katie's confidence

Friday, June 3, 2016

At the sky lounge, Caroline showed off photos of her yoga poses to Steffy. Caroline remarked that Liam had liked her post and that it was good to have him back. Caroline still couldn't believe Quinn had gotten away with things or that Quinn had fallen for him. Steffy said Quinn could claim whatever she wanted, as long as she stayed away from Liam.

Caroline assumed it had been really tough on Steffy. Steffy said she wasn't worried about herself. Caroline stated that she was worried on Steffy's behalf, and being married to Wyatt didn't mean Steffy had turned off her feelings for Liam. Caroline figured Steffy would always love Liam.

Caroline left. Steffy picked up her phone. She put it down and stared at her tattoo. She flashed back to Liam running down the beach toward her.

At the cliff house, a picture on Liam's laptop caused Liam to flash back on times with Steffy. He jumped out of his seat when he heard Quinn call his name. She was in his house and said the door had been open. He said he'd lock it on her way out, which was "now." Quinn knew she was the last person he wanted to see, but she couldn't stop thinking about their time together. "Can you?" she asked.

Liam didn't know how he could stop thinking about it when she'd scarred him for life. "Oh, now, don't say that," Quinn replied, nearing him. Liam put up a warning hand, and she stopped moving. She said that they'd had something. He corrected that she'd had something with Adam. Quinn imagined that Liam might be able to love her just as much, maybe even more.

Liam said there was no way he'd translate his feelings as Adam into the life he'd returned to. Quinn told him to stop thinking of the past Quinn and recall how taking care of him had changed her. He asked if holding him hostage had made the change. He quipped that at least she hadn't stabbed him.

Quinn asked him not to joke about it because it had meant something to her. She wished he understood how he'd affected her. Liam wished she could understand how much he did not care. The only woman he wanted to be with was Steffy. Quinn believed that he was pretending his feelings for her weren't complicated, and she said he would have pressed charges otherwise.

Liam yelled that he hadn't pressed charges because the case was too tough to prove, but in his view, Quinn should be in jail. Quinn believed it was another way. Liam wouldn't let her get out what she was trying to say. He told her that she needed to understand that he'd never return her feelings.

Steffy stood outside Liam's front door, which was slightly ajar, and overheard him tell Quinn to stop believing that there would be a chance for them because he loved only one woman, and it was Steffy. Quinn asked if he really wanted to spend his life pining away for Steffy, who was with Wyatt.

Liam conveyed that it was that way because of Quinn and her manipulations. He believed she'd stolen his life and given it to Wyatt. Liam wasn't about to just give up on Steffy and resolve himself to be with the sicko who'd taken him from her. He acknowledged that Steffy had feelings for Wyatt but said it was nothing compared to what she and Liam had been through.

Liam declared that Steffy was a part of him, and nothing Quinn could do would change that or change his opinion of Quinn. "Or mine," Steffy said, striding into the house. She decided that Quinn had heard from Liam, and it was time for Quinn to hear from her.

At Forrester, Rick was grumpy, and Brooke wondered if the baby had kept him up the previous night. Rick said he had a lot on his mind, and it was time for him and his family to leave town. He claimed that he just couldn't take Ridge anymore.

Brooke said Rick couldn't leave because her daughters lived out of state, and R.J. hardly visited. She suggested that he work from home. Rick said he'd always be under Ridge's thumb, and Eric backed Ridge, even though Ridge was a Marone.

Rick didn't know how he could raise his daughter there, and he didn't want Lizzie to feel like an afterthought because of Ridge and his children. Rick said he and Maya had thought of opening their own business and legacy. Brooke was fine with it -- as long as it was in Los Angeles. Rick claimed there was too much baggage, and he wanted a clean break.

Rick knew it was a shock to hear. Brooke agreed. She'd been enjoying having family living at the house, sharing occasional meals, laughs, and Lizzie. Rick replied that Brooke should know that it was something he didn't want, but Ridge had left him no choice. Brooke shed a tear and hugged Rick.

In the Spencer kitchen, Bill was frustrated. Katie entered, noting that Bill had avoided promising her that he wouldn't say anything to anyone about Douglas and Thomas. Bill couldn't believe she wanted him to keep quiet about the fraudulent Ridge. Katie asserted that it was none of their business, and they needed to let Ridge, Thomas, and Caroline handle it.

Bill assumed Katie wanted him to let Ridge manipulate two young parents. Katie asserted that she'd told her husband in confidence, and she expected him to respect her enough to keep the confidence. "Fine," he bit out. She told him to say the words. "I promise," he said.

Later, Brooke was in the living room, and Bill was saying that Katie had just left. He wondered what was wrong with Brooke. Brooke said it was nothing. "Brooke..." he pressed. Brooke stated that Rick was taking his family and leaving town -- leaving Brooke -- all because of Ridge.

Brooke relayed that Rick wanted to start his own company, and she didn't blame him. Bill was sure it hurt her "like hell." He neared Brooke, and they hugged.

Brooke relayed that Rick felt that Eric had rewarded Ridge at Rick's expense. Brooke had asked Ridge to work with Rick, but Ridge kept shutting Rick out. Brooke didn't want to lose her son. Bill glanced at the family photos above the fireplace and said Brooke might not have to. "I know something," he revealed. He believed that if the information got out, Rick wouldn't leave.

Brooke implored Bill to say what he knew so she could prevent Rick from packing up Maya and Lizzie and leaving town. She said she couldn't lose her son. Bill advised her to tell Rick to just stick it out, but she wanted something more concrete. Torn, Bill stated that he knew something Ridge didn't want getting out, and it might change things for Rick. Brooke insisted upon knowing what it was.

Bill said that Ridge was toxic, not just for Rick, but Caroline, too. Bill seethed that Ridge had convinced Caroline to go along with it, and Ridge was playing with people's lives. Brooke begged Bill to say what it was. "Ridge is not Douglas' father," Bill said.

Brooke said Ridge was, and Bill wasn't making any sense. Bill insisted that Ridge was not the father. Brooke asked who was. "Thomas," Bill replied.

At the Forrester mansion, Thomas asked if Ridge really wouldn't have said anything about the paternity if it hadn't been for Katie. Ridge wondered what difference it made at that point. He said that telling Thomas had wound up being the right thing, and the goal had become protecting Douglas.

Ridge understood Thomas' feelings about the baby; however, Thomas couldn't provide the family that the married Ridge and Caroline could. It was what Douglas needed. Ridge said Thomas needed to be a big brother because it was what was best for Douglas.

Caroline arrived home, and seeing Ridge and Thomas in the living room, she asked what was happening. Thomas didn't want them thinking that, just because he was young and single, he didn't deserve to be Douglas' father. "Of course not," Caroline said. Thomas stated that someday, they'd tell Douglas the truth, but for the time being, he agreed that they should keep the secret.

Relief washed over Caroline, and she grasped Ridge's hand. Thomas shook Ridge's other outstretched hand. Ridge said that Thomas was doing the right thing.

Caroline checked on Douglas upstairs, and when she returned downstairs, the doorbell rang. Ridge said it was probably Katie. He'd invited her over to show her that he, Thomas, and Caroline could work things out. Ridge let Katie in, and she asked what was going on.

"Peace. Peace among parents," Ridge said. Katie nodded uneasily. Ridge said that she'd been right about telling Thomas, and Ridge and Caroline would still raise Douglas. Thomas added that when Douglas was old enough, they'd tell him the truth. Katie was glad they had been able to work it out.

Ridge said they had to keep working on it because the stakes were very high for the family, Douglas, and the company. Ridge asked if he could count on Katie to agree that it wouldn't go any further than the four of them. He asked if he could trust her. "Yeah, of course," she murmured.

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