The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps for the week of September 14, 2015

Ridge and Caroline got married, and Ridge made an important appointment. Steffy fired Ivy, and Wyatt asked Bill to back a new fashion house. Bill got a dose of Forrester's new haughty regime but wasn't interested in diving into the fashion business.
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Ridge and Caroline got married
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Caroline and Ridge elope

Caroline and Ridge elope

Monday, September 14, 2015

In the CEO's office, Ridge told Caroline that they could still do the traditional wedding, but Caroline cooed that they were getting married, and the two kissed.

In the corridor, Thomas cringed when he walked up on Pam blindfolding and flirting with Charlie. She held up a plate of food and invited Thomas to play their game of "guess the missing ingredient." She and Charlie were practicing for a contest they were in. Thomas declined, and as he moved toward the CEO's door, Pam advised him to knock because Caroline and Ridge were alone in the room.

Thomas opened the door and saw Caroline and Ridge kissing. Thomas said he didn't mean to interrupt, but he had some revisions for Ridge. Ridge replied that Thomas could take his time because Ridge wouldn't have time to review them. Thomas asked why, and Ridge replied that he was getting married. Thomas responded that he knew it already. "Today," Ridge added.

Thomas was surprised. Ridge said that Thomas didn't have to worry about being the best man and that the couple would wed in a house Ridge's friend had just finished building. Thomas asked if he could help in any way, and Ridge told his son to hold down the fort. As the couple rushed toward the door, Thomas congratulated them. His face darkened after they left.

Back in the corridor, Pam was blindfolded as Nicole approached to find Thomas. Pam's phone rang. She answered the stapler. Charlie removed the stapler from her hand and gave her the phone receiver. Nicole pressed a button Pam needed on the phone, and Charlie believed Nicole deserved a raise. Pam asked Nicole to be in charge of the office's smoothie orders that day.

Later, Nicole was in the CEO's office, giving Thomas some files and asking him about his smoothie. She noted that he was distracted and guessed it had to do with Caroline. He agreed that he was a little preoccupied because Ridge and Caroline had left to exchange vows that very day.

Nicole said that it sucked. Thomas replied that it didn't, and he was happy for the couple. She didn't believe he was happy that his father was marrying the girl he'd once been into. "Used to," Thomas emphasized. She guessed he was looking miserable for some other reason. He said it was his "resting bitch" face, and he did want her to get him a berry smoothie.

Nicole offered to be there if Thomas wanted to talk, but he said he was good. She said that the marriage was huge. Thomas agreed but stated that it didn't affect him. Nicole said it was clear how distracted he was. "Maybe there's something else distracting me," Thomas replied and kissed her.

In Malibu, Ridge and Caroline had changed into casual wedding attire at the stone, ranch-style estate. Out by the infinity pool, Ridge said they could call Carter if she wanted, but saying vows and making a commitment was something Ridge thought they could do alone. She asked if they needed to sign papers, but he told her they could do it at city hall later. She asked where they'd start. Taking her hand, he responded that he had a place in mind.

Later, Ridge walked to the corner of a stone landing beside the ocean. Caroline walked to him. He guessed he should ask if anyone objected. Looking at the grass and ocean, he shrugged and decided they were good.

Taking Caroline's hands, Ridge said he was doing so as a symbol of what had drawn them together as artists. He said they'd guide each other, hold on to each other, and never let go from that day forward. Ridge stated that the marriage wouldn't change who they were as individuals, but it would change who they were as a couple and how they saw the world.

Ridge still couldn't believe that someone like Caroline wanted him. Caroline joked that she could back out. He told her that it was way too late, and they owned pieces of each other that they could never get back. He couldn't wait to call her his wife and for them to have a family, if they could.

Ridge could see Caroline pregnant and holding the baby. He knew that she'd be happy. He felt that they could handle anything as long as they were together. Ridge said traditional vows to take Caroline as his wife for as long as they both would live.

Caroline recalled that, in the beginning, they'd been stuck as individuals, but together, they'd been unstoppable. She hadn't understood it until it had gone full circle after her accident. Together, they'd helped him to draw and her to walk. It made her unafraid because, as long as they were together, they could conquer anything. Caroline said traditional vows to Ridge to take him as her husband.

Ridge wanted a kiss, but Caroline said he'd forgotten the rings. He slipped one on her finger and said the ring had no end, just like them. Caroline slipped one on his finger. She told him to always think of that day and know that everything that she embodied from that day forward was his forever. Ridge pronounced them husband and wife, and they kissed.

In Rick's old office, Ivy declared that Steffy had no right to fire Ivy from the family business. Liam asked if Steffy wanted to slow down and talk to Ridge first. Steffy was certain that Ridge would back her decision, and she stated that she couldn't work with someone she couldn't trust. Ivy replied that she'd deleted the video, but Steffy said it had been after holding it over Steffy's head.

Steffy said that Ivy's change of heart hadn't changed the blackmailing and threats. She believed that she was being nice to send Ivy home instead of to jail. Steffy stated that Ivy could go where she wanted, as long as it was far from Steffy.

Ivy felt that her uncle would be disgusted by Steffy's actions. Steffy thought Eric would feel the same about Ivy using Aly's death to further a career. Ivy claimed not to have done that, but Liam said it was a moot point because Ridge was in charge. Ivy decided to talk to Ridge, and Steffy said Ivy could do it after she'd left the building. Ivy refused to leave because she was a Forrester and belonged there.

Steffy called Pam and asked for security. Ivy thought it was ridiculous. Steffy offered to call it off if Ivy complied. Charlie and another guard entered on high alert. Steffy said that Ivy had been fired, and she wanted Charlie to escort Ivy out of the building. Liam interjected that there had to be a better way.

Ivy agreed, and Liam asked her to just leave peacefully. She couldn't believe he was agreeing with Steffy. Liam said it didn't matter if he agreed or not; Steffy was in charge and didn't trust Ivy. Wyatt stated that Steffy's trust in Ivy had nothing to do with the quality of Ivy's work. Liam said that Steffy had the authority -- in fact Steffy and Liam both did. Steffy asked if they could get it over with.

Charlie told Ivy that he was sorry then he and the guard seized her. Ivy complained as they shuffled her out of the office and onto the elevator. Wyatt boarded, too, saying that Liam and Steffy would regret it. Ivy asked Liam to stop it from happening. He said he was sorry. The elevators doors closed, Liam's face darkened, and Steffy walked off.

Ridge and Caroline share love's masterpiece

Ridge and Caroline share love's masterpiece

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

by Pam

At Forrester, Nicole said, "Wow," after Thomas had kissed her unexpectedly. Nicole noted that he had kissed her "out of the blue for no reason." Thomas answered that she talked too much, but Nicole thought that Thomas hadn't liked the conversation. She wondered if Thomas was upset that Ridge was marrying Thomas' old flame.

Thomas scoffed that Nicole was off base. He wondered if she had liked the kiss. Nicole laughed and said that she would have been flattered, but it had nothing to do with her. Thomas admitted that he and Caroline had been together, but it "was over almost as soon as we started," he said.

Nicole persisted and asked why he had kissed her. He teased that she had been standing there "all gorgeous." Nicole maintained that she wanted to assess Thomas' motives. She said he was competitive -- like his dad. Thomas answered that his dad had learned from his dad and had refined designs and made them better, and Thomas intended to do the same thing.

Nicole noted that Thomas had a look of confidence and determination in his eyes. "They are windows to the soul," Nicole said. Thomas received a message that Caroline had posted a picture. "She and Dad are married," Thomas said.

At the Malibu house where Ridge and Caroline had recited vows, they shared how happy they were. They walked from the house to the beach, and Ridge carried Caroline's shoes. She noted that the scenery was breathtaking. She was happy that it had been just the two of them. She said it was appropriate because they had been their own little design team off in their own world.

Conversation turned to having a baby, but Caroline said she wanted to enjoy being married to Ridge for a little while. He teased that they would be all alone when they were stuck in traffic on the way to city hall to make everything legal. They kissed.

Ridge wondered if Caroline regretted that her friends and family had not been part of the ceremony. "All I need is you," she said. She marveled that he had done and planned everything. Ridge responded that she deserved a beautiful wedding memory. They each promised there would be many more.

Caroline said she was insanely happy. Ridge agreed. He had thought he'd been fine before she had entered his life. "I am humbled to call you mine," he said. Caroline recalled that when she had first arrived at Forrester, she had been "thrilled to be in the same room with the most talented designer and breathe the same air."

Ridge promised to keep making things happen for them. "I love you, husband," Caroline said with a smile. "Oh, I love you, wife," Ridge answered. They kissed.

At an outdoor restaurant, Bill and Katie ate lunch, and Bill said he needed something stronger than wine because his niece was marrying "Forrester." Katie told him she was proud of him because he had supported it. Katie told Bill she needed a new project to flex some new muscles. "I'll make it happen," Bill said.

At Forrester, Liam told Steffy that she had surprised him when she had fired Ivy. Steffy said she could not allow Ivy to order her around and act like nothing had happened. Liam looked uncomfortable. Steffy ordered Liam to tell Quinn that she would be handling the jewelry line alone. Liam asked if Steffy was sure it was what she wanted. "Business is business," she said.

Liam was concerned that Steffy's behavior had been out of character. He reminded Steffy that they had made a pact together that they would put the past behind them. Steffy agreed, but she said that the video concerns were over, and Ivy was fired because Steffy didn't trust her.

Liam worried about Wyatt's threat that they would regret their decision. Steffy said the video was gone, and Ivy had nothing that would hurt her. Liam noted that Wyatt never made idle threats. Steffy said she had never dreamed that Ivy would be capable of blackmail. Liam agreed. Steffy was glad it was over, and she worried that if Wyatt aligned himself with Ivy, it could backfire. He would be next to be fired.

Liam looked surprised. He said she looked different. She admitted that she felt much better because a weight had been lifted. She wanted to get started on their future. "We've waited far too long for that," she said, and Liam agreed. They embraced.

At Wyatt's, Wyatt and Ivy entered the house, and Ivy lamented that she couldn't believe Steffy had fired her. Wyatt agreed it had been outrageous. They both were shocked that Liam had been totally on board and had said nothing to stop Steffy.

Wyatt had good news. "When I told them they were going to regret it, I meant it," he said. Wyatt promised to shake up Steffy and Liam's happiness. Steffy said she had to return to the Forrester mansion to get her things because Steffy's influence was everywhere. She left. Wyatt called Bill and said he needed to talk to him.

Later, Bill and Katie showed up at Wyatt's, and Wyatt told them that Ivy had been fired from Forrester. Bill assumed that Ridge had fired her, but Wyatt said it had been Steffy. He added that Ivy hadn't wanted to go, so Steffy had gotten security to escort Ivy out of the building. He added that Liam had done nothing to help Ivy.

"This is about Liam?" Bill asked. Wyatt agreed. He noted that he was upset and angry because Liam was president at Spencer and VP at Forrester. He had control of everything. Wyatt asked what Liam had done to increase Bill's control of 12.5 percent of Forrester.

Wyatt maintained that Liam and Steffy treated everyone like dirt. Wyatt wanted to carve out his own business under the Spencer Publications umbrella. He wanted to start a design house that would compete with Forrester and take them down. Katie looked interested, and Bill looked thoughtful.

In a luxurious cabana on the beach near their wedding site, Ridge and Caroline made out and slowly undressed one another. Flashbacks displayed Ridge learning to design again with help from Caroline, Ridge painting Caroline and them making love with paint all over them, and Ridge helping Caroline learn to walk again with her walker. The montage faded out to Ridge and Caroline making love to the music of "Love's Masterpiece," written by Casey Kasprzyk, Anthony Ferrari, and Matt Pav, and performed by Isabelle.

One door closes, another one opens

One door closes, another one opens

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

by Pam

At Wyatt's, Bill told Wyatt that he would consider Wyatt's proposal to start a fashion house to rival Forrester. Wyatt pressured Bill and said that they would make with "the best damned clothes anyone has ever seen." "We could beat Forrester at its own game," Wyatt said, and Wyatt complimented Bill on his new haircut.

Bill countered that they shouldn't do something just because they were able. Wyatt maintained that he wanted to build something of his own. Katie said she understood. Wyatt complained that Forrester had been king of the hill for too long, and no one had challenged them. Wyatt promised that he could change that.

Katie listened with interest, and Bill said that Wyatt wanted to compete with Liam, not Forrester. Wyatt defended himself and said they could create a new breed of fashion house. Katie agreed that they could maximize profits by keeping overhead low.

Katie agreed it was an interesting idea. Wyatt excitedly said that he and Katie could run the new company. Bill wondered who would be the designer. Bill said Ivy could be the designer because she was out of a job at Forrester.

Wyatt maintained that the new company could be every bit as successful as Forrester Creations with him at the helm. "I am a Spencer," Wyatt said with a chuckle. He promised to earn his leadership role at Spencer.

At Forrester, Liam and Steffy met with Quinn, Carter, and Pam in Steffy's office. Liam and Steffy announced that Ivy had been fired. Charlie called to notify them that Ivy was in the building, and Steffy said she would handle it. She left, and Quinn and Carter quizzed Liam about what had happened. Liam grew impatient and told them that Ivy had been fired because Steffy felt she could no longer trust Ivy. Carter and Quinn were surprised.

At the elevator, Charlie waited with Ivy until Steffy showed up. Ivy wanted to clean out her office, but Steffy refused. Steffy told Charlie to round up Ivy's belongings and send her on her way.

Ivy complained that she had designs and other belongings she wanted. Steffy countered that the designs were the property of Forrester. Charlie left to collect Ivy's belongings in her office.

Ivy said she couldn't believe that Steffy had fired her. Steffy said that Ivy had tried to blackmail her, and the pair rehashed everything that had happened. Steffy said she could neither work with nor trust Ivy.

Steffy said that Ivy was vindictive just like Rick had been when he had been CEO. Ivy countered that Steffy had let power go to her head like Rick had, and Ivy accused her of being cruel and vindictive. Steffy suggested that Ivy return to Australia because she would never again be welcome at Forrester.

Charlie entered with a box of Ivy's things, and Ivy left. Steffy returned to her office, and Pam looked disgusted. Pam said she felt sorry for Ivy. Steffy dismissed everyone and told Liam that they could all move on with Ivy gone.

Liam was uncomfortable that Steffy had fired Ivy. Steffy lamented that Ivy didn't understand what she had done and how she had made Steffy live in fear. Steffy cried, and Liam embraced her. Steffy said she could never trust Ivy.

Liam worried that Wyatt would be the vindictive one. Steffy reminded Liam that Wyatt had convinced Ivy to delete the video. She wasn't worried about him, but Liam maintained that he was worried. Steffy said that Wyatt needed to stay as far away from Ivy as possible.

At Wyatt's, Ivy entered with her box of stuff from Forrester, and Katie told her that Steffy had had no right to fire her. Wyatt teased that he hoped Ivy had packed her pencils. She looked confused, and Wyatt explained that she would need them in her new job. Ivy scoffed that Steffy seemed to be planning to blackball her from all of Los Angeles and had told her to return to Australia.

Bill and Katie explained that Wyatt had been trying to convince them to start a new company. Ivy was thrilled, but Bill told her he hadn't given his official approval and needed some time to think about it. Wyatt suggested Spencer Couture or Spencer Fashions as the name. They would work on a name. Bill and Katie left.

Ivy thanked Wyatt because it had been the worst day for her, but he had improved it with the idea that they could actually start their own business together. "We can do this," Wyatt said. Ivy agreed, and they kissed. Wyatt said that Steffy and Liam had underestimated them. Wyatt looked determined.

Bill and Katie quesition Liam's attitude

Bill and Katie quesition Liam's attitude

Thursday, September 17, 2015

In Rick's old office, Rick and Maya asked Quinn if she'd heard from Ivy. Quinn claimed to be giving Ivy space and asked what was on Rick's tie. Glancing at the stain, Rick said it was a lunch accident. He remarked that people had thought he was bad, but he hadn't fired a Forrester. Maya said she had to be fair because she'd heard that it had been all Steffy, not Ridge. Quinn said Steffy was a brutal as Rick.

Later, Rick was working at the desk when Maya returned with a new shirt for him. He took off his jacket, revealing even bigger stains than Quinn had seen on just his tie. He chuckled, saying that at least it hadn't been coffee. Maya was not smiling. She was upset about the "so cool, so trendy" food truck.

Maya asked why Rick hadn't let her call the police. Rick asked if she'd wanted the incident in the news. She asked if it would be their life. He said it wouldn't be a life of juveniles throwing beer and food at them. She asked where people got off calling him the names that she'd been called as a child.

Rick asserted that the same people who didn't think Maya was a real girl didn't think he was a real man. Maya hated that she'd put that in Rick's life. He said a little ketchup and a few lobster rolls didn't faze him. Maya didn't see the good in people championing her and making Rick a target.

Rick said people didn't know what to make of him; however, they'd read Maya's trials and felt she deserved respect. "But not love," she added. Rick recalled that he'd freaked out himself about what people would think of him, and it had almost broken them up. He said he'd never let it happen again.

Rick stated that their trials with Bill had taught Rick not to be ashamed. Rick said that Julius probably experienced the same things they had that day. Maya was sure Julius blamed her for it, too.

Rick said that not being man enough in Julius' generation led to its own special kind of hell. Maya thought perhaps she should understand and forgive more. She claimed she would if Julius weren't her father. Rick stated that even though Maya hadn't had a protector as a child, she had one "now."

In the CEO's office, Steffy tried to draft a press release to explain Ivy's departure to "pursue other adventures." Liam said it sounded fake. She typed that Ivy was going to Australia, but he said they didn't know if Ivy was leaving the city. Steffy decided to forget it and stay mum because a Forrester leaving Forrester would look like a family squabble no matter how they dealt with it.

Bill strode in, asking how it was hanging for the fruit of his loins. Katie entered, apologizing that Bill had forgotten to knock. Liam asked Bill if he minded. Bill asked if Liam expected Bill to have Liam's "looney tune" receptionist announce him. Liam quipped that it would be nice if Bill called Liam's "looney tune" receptionist in advance to see if Liam was available.

Bill countered by asking how many times Liam had made an appointment before entering Bill's top-floor office of the building Bill owned. Liam replied that they'd been working together; however, Bill asked if Liam representing Spencer at Forrester meant they were not working together. Liam said not to pull the twelve-and-a-half percent thing and insisted he didn't need Bill looking over his shoulder.

Katie said the visit had gotten off on the wrong foot. Liam asked if it was really a visit or if it was a follow-up to a complaint from Wyatt. Steffy asserted that she'd fired Ivy, and Liam hadn't had anything to do with it. Bill asked if they really thought he was there to tell them not to be mean to Wyatt's girlfriend. Steffy replied that the point was that Wyatt needed to mind his own business.

"Which is here, yes?" Bill asked. Steffy agreed, but added, "Down the hall." Irritated, she said she got that Wyatt had opinions and ideas about everything. Bill asked if employees with vision were bad things. Steffy replied that Wyatt worked there, but his job wasn't to run the company.

Bill believed that he was within his rights to inquire about major changes that Forrester had made in the design team. Steffy stated that it was Bill's mission, every time he walked in, to let them know what he was entitled to, but it was a private matter. Katie asked if Steffy was disputing Bill's right to even walk through the door. Bill said it was fine; he'd just ask Ridge about the firing.

Steffy claimed that Ridge was "out," and Bill gleaned that Ridge didn't even know about the firing. Steffy said she had the authority to make staffing decisions. Liam asked when Bill had become Ivy's fan. "When did your choke collar get so tight that you can spit on the woman you married not so long ago?" Bill asked. Liam responded in shock, but Katie said Liam deserved it.

Steffy concluded that Ivy was out and hadn't been a team player. "I wonder why," Katie quipped. Steffy refused to justify herself to Katie and said that if Liam had an objection, then she and Liam would talk about it. She further decreed that if Bill had questions, he'd set up a meeting with Liam at their mutual convenience. Deciding to add more, Liam told Bill to stop micromanaging and to let Liam do the job Bill wanted him there to do.

Bill thought his son had an interesting way of showing gratitude and wondered if Liam wanted to return to making house calls on sick computers. Liam asked Bill not to go there and said Bill knew Liam was grateful. Katie figured that when Bill had put Liam into his position at Forrester, Bill had believed Liam would exercise independent judgment.

"Excuse me?" Liam said and claimed that he and Steffy disagreed all the time. Katie wasn't so sure of that -- or if she recognized the person before her. "When did you become her yes man?" Katie asked. Steffy asked if Bill would let Katie insult his son like that. "Anything you want to add, Katie?" Bill asked. Katie said she was good, and the couple marched out.

Liam asked if he'd deserved what had happened. Steffy asked when Liam ever expected fairness from Bill. Liam stated that Katie usually had his back. Steffy said the pair didn't know the whole story about Ivy. Liam didn't understand why Wyatt had even run to Bill and stated that Bill didn't even like Ivy.

Liam asked if they should give Wyatt a title. Steffy didn't even know what Wyatt's title was. Liam didn't want Wyatt to feel as if "crazy Quinn" was rising while Wyatt was being punished. Doubting it would ameliorate Ivy's firing, Steffy said Liam was a sucker for Wyatt's passive aggressiveness.

Steffy thought Liam needed to realize he'd done nothing wrong. Liam believed he had enough flashes of clarity to know it wasn't so, but he was learning to adjust his expectations of himself. He wondered how bad he could be if Steffy still loved him.

At the beach house, Wyatt was preoccupied with figuring out how to get Bill to invest in the new design house. Ivy said Wyatt made her feel very cared for, but they had to be careful not to jeopardize his job at Forrester. Scoffing, he asked why. She didn't think Bill was convinced about Spencer Designs.

Wyatt said that Liam lived in fear, but Bill and Wyatt lived on the edge. Wyatt believed that Spencer Designs was just the risk Bill needed and lived for. Ivy asked if Bill would be betting against himself because of his Forrester shares. Wyatt believed the Forresters would love to buy Bill out, which would actually be good seed money for the new business.

Wyatt received a call from Quinn, who thought he'd be proud of her for giving him space. He guessed she'd heard about the firing. Quinn asked what had happened. He claimed he couldn't talk because he was with Ivy. Quinn said opportunity was knocking. He replied that it could walk right in.

After the call, Ivy guessed that Quinn thought the firing put her one step closer to world domination and asked if Wyatt would pitch the new company idea to her. Wyatt didn't know that Bill could stand for it, and Wyatt said Deacon would be sexually harassing the female employees. Ivy felt that Quinn had a fan base, and no one could handle her like Wyatt.

A knock pounded on the door. Wyatt let Katie in. She said that Bill might be more amenable to Wyatt's ideas, but at the moment, Bill was in the car, pounding his head against the steering wheel. Wyatt called Bill to get him to enter the house, but Bill hung up.

Katie said she and Bill had gone to check the climate at Forrester before thinking about Wyatt's offer, and their encounter with Liam and Steffy hadn't been pretty. Katie said Bill no longer believed that Steffy walked on water, and Liam had been a complete jerk.

Bill finally entered. He had a headache but thought it would be childish of him to disinherit anyone. Wyatt launched into a rant about why Liam had a bigger beach house. Bill murmured that Liam had found him first. Wyatt asked why Liam got an executive job at Spencer and Forrester, but Bill hadn't offered Wyatt anything. Bill said Wyatt hadn't asked.

Bill asked what Wyatt wanted from him, and Wyatt said he was offering to make Bill a fortune with a fashion house under Bill's banner. Bill asked what his son knew about running a legitimate business. Wyatt said he'd done it with Quinn's business since he'd been fifteen. Bill asked what it would take to go into production. Wyatt said it would be eleven million -- or three and a half million if they had to postpone production because Bill had no faith in Wyatt.

Bill questioned why he should trust Wyatt with that sum of money, and Wyatt said Bill could trust the accountants. "Let's suppose I don't believe you can design anything -- because I don't. How would you respond?" Bill asked Ivy. Wyatt told Ivy not to respond and said that Bill would think Ivy could design because Bill would be trusting Wyatt and Katie's judgment.

Bill noted that Katie hadn't said a peep, but Wyatt stated that she wanted in. Bill admitted that he didn't like Wyatt's "you owe me this, Dad" attitude. Wyatt claimed it wasn't about that, and there was something in it for Bill, who'd no longer have to play nice with Ridge or put up the Liam's indignant responses whenever Bill asked questions.

Wyatt urged Bill to back him, and Wyatt said he'd prove that he was more Spencer than Liam. Wyatt outstretched his hand and asked if they had a deal.

Bill renders his verdict on the fashion house

Bill renders his verdict on the fashion house

Friday, September 18, 2015

At the cliff house, Steffy and Liam sat down with beers. Liam was concerned about how things had gone with his father and Katie, and he wasn't sure if his father still had faith in him. He asked if he'd been too harsh with his father. Steffy said Bill might be pouting at that moment; however, he respected that Liam had stood his ground about being micromanaged, and he trusted Liam with the shares.

Liam and Steffy went to the kitchen to cook in their work clothes. Liam remarked that Bill hadn't noticed Ivy the whole time Liam had dated her but had suddenly become worried about her. Steffy asserted that Bill was just concerned that she'd fired Ivy without a shareholder's meeting. Steffy said it was "totally her call" as president, and if she wanted to fire someone, it was her right to do it.

Liam didn't think anyone was disputing it. "Except Katie and Bill," Steffy murmured. Liam said the two didn't have the whole story, and Bill wouldn't keep a blackmailing employee. She claimed that Ivy would be at Forrester if Steffy could trust her, but Steffy didn't know if Ivy would turn on her again. She claimed to hate how she'd gotten rid of Ivy, but after seeing Ivy's true colors, she'd had no choice.

Steffy hoped Liam hadn't been affected by Katie's words. "The 'yes man' thing?" Liam asked. Steffy claimed it wasn't what she wanted from him. He said he took his job seriously and had no problem speaking his mind. Steffy wondered if he might feel that firing Ivy had been a bad idea.

Liam said that he kind of did, but he wasn't the one who had to trust Ivy. He reasoned that Ivy had shown Steffy who Ivy was, and Steffy didn't have to feel bad about believing it. They kissed and reinforced that they'd always trust each other.

At the beach house, Wyatt wanted an answer to his fashion house proposal. Bill sighed, and Katie promptly stepped up, offering to help. Bill asked her if she understood that he'd need someone to run the place. Katie was up for it.

Bill told Wyatt that it was a lot of money, so the venture had to be about more than impressing Wyatt's girlfriend. Wyatt exclaimed that he was trying to make them all richer. He believed it was brilliant to hire a Forrester designer for the fashion house and added that it was a bonus for him to get the girl in the process.

"Spencer Designs...Spencer Fashions maybe. Bill Spencer Designs," Bill said, liking the sound of his last words. Wyatt abruptly said they could figure out the name later. Katie and Ivy discussed logo ideas and incorporating Spencer's logo elements into it. Bill said it was something to consider -- if they ever went forward with it; however, at that moment, he had no interest in the fashion business.

Everyone was shocked. Bill said the idea had merit, but it wasn't something he wanted to pursue. "Even if the rest of us want to?" Katie asked. Bill relayed that they had enough going on at Spencer and struggled to find time to spend with Will. Ivy stated that the couple could be as involved or uninvolved as they wanted, but Bill replied that he didn't roll that way.

Bill felt that he made decent money reporting on the dressmakers, but he didn't want to make the dresses himself. Wyatt declared that it would make Bill more money. Bill prefaced that his next statement would sound odd from him, but "it's not about the money."

Bill didn't want to create war between his sons. His sons had enough trouble getting along, and he wasn't going to add to it. Wyatt quipped that Bill wouldn't add to it; he'd just choose Liam again.

Later, Ivy feed Wyatt ice cream as he brooded. Wyatt grumbled that Will would probably run a Spencer business before Wyatt would. Ivy claimed that she'd gotten something better than a fashion house that day. She'd gotten to see Wyatt fight for her. She said that he might not have gotten the company that he'd wanted, but he'd gotten the girl.

Wyatt didn't know how what he'd done had trumped all of Liam's over-the-top gestures of saving her from the river and Immigration. Ivy stated that Liam hadn't done them on his own; Liam had reacted to Quinn pushing Ivy and to Ivy asking him to get married. Ivy said that Wyatt didn't just react to things. Wyatt took action and fought for things, which made a world of difference.

Wyatt asked if that was so even if he'd failed Ivy. Ivy said she didn't know who he thought he'd failed, but it hadn't been her.

At Forrester, Brooke and Thomas worked in the CEO's office, and Brooke expressed surprise that Caroline and Ridge had slipped off to get married alone. Brooke wondered if it was legal, and Thomas relayed that the couple probably had stopped off at the courthouse. Brooke said that, of all her weddings to Ridge, the courthouse one had been her favorite, and Thomas chuckled at her.

Brooke hoped it all worked out. Thomas remarked that she sounded as if she knew a reason why it wouldn't work out. She complimented Thomas' sketch and offered to drop it off at Ridge's house on her way over there. Thomas asked why she'd go to Ridge's, and she replied that it would be rude of her not to drop off a wedding gift for her ex-husband.

At the loft, Caroline and Ridge canoodled. Caroline decided to stop at the office to pick up supplies for her and Ridge to work from home and extend their honeymoon. She also had to drop off Pam's casserole pan. She said that once she returned, they'd work on "Operation Baby Forrester."

Later, Ridge was alone when Brooke arrived with the sketch and gift. She observed his hand and remarked that after all those years, he was married to Caroline Spencer. Ridge didn't want to detract from the past, but he felt like his new marriage was meant to be.

Brooke remembered a charm bracelet that Caroline Senior had possessed. It had awaited a charm for each life milestone. Brooke said he hadn't accomplished the milestones with the past Caroline, but he could with the present one -- maybe.

Brooke felt that milestones like having a baby might take more work, and Ridge remembered that he needed to make an appointment. Brooke asserted that vasectomy reversals didn't always work. Brooke asked what Caroline was supposed to make of a big ice bag on his lap. Ridge claimed the procedure hadn't been a big deal, so the reversal shouldn't be, either. Brooke urged him to tell Caroline.

Ridge called a doctor and made an appointment for the next day. After the call, he told Brooke that everything would be fine unless she wanted to go to the appointment to tell the doctor how it wouldn't work. Brooke believed that Caroline should be going to the appointment, but he was keeping a secret from his wife. "I should have kept a secret from you, I think," Ridge quipped.

Ridge asserted that he'd have the procedure, and he'd have a baby with his wife. "Or not," Brooke contended. She said that if it didn't happen, Caroline would learn that he was keeping a secret from her, and Brooke didn't feel she had to tell him how that would turn out.

Later, Caroline arrived at work, and Thomas was surprised to see her. She relayed that she was picking up supplies. Thomas asked about the wedding, and Caroline called it a dream. She'd never felt so connected to anyone. Observing her hand, he said she was really married.

Thomas relayed that Brooke would be stopping by the loft because she'd said she'd be in the neighborhood. Caroline suspected that Brooke would always be somewhere near Ridge's neighborhood no matter where he lived. Caroline claimed it wasn't a bother. She figured her family with Ridge and his existing families would combine into one big, happy family.

Caroline prepared to leave, and Thomas congratulated her again. They thought of hugging each other, but Caroline awkwardly jutted out her hand for a handshake. She decided to hug him, after all, and said, "About that night..."

Caroline decided not to say anything, but Thomas asked if they were "in the clear." Caroline assured him that they were, but she was married and didn't want to worry about anything. Thomas understood that and didn't want to jeopardize things. Caroline said that she and Ridge were happy and about to start a family, and Ridge could never know about that night.

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