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Rick proposed to Maya at Big Bear, but before agreeing to marry Rick, Maya revealed that she'd been raised a boy. News of Maya's former gender spread to Bill Spencer. Despite Katie and Ridge's protests, Bill crafted the matriarch of all headlines, aimed at exposing Maya's deception of Rick.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 11, 2015 on B&B
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Not-so-private, private business

Not-so-private, private business

Monday, May 11, 2015

In Rick's old office, a stoned-faced Nicole entered, and Carter wondered what was going on with her. She said she'd done something that had felt right at the time, but she'd begun to wonder if it really had been. She believed that things could work out for her and Wyatt -- if they got the chance, but she was concerned about losing Wyatt if Maya told Rick the truth.

Nicole stated that Wyatt could be her Rick, but Wyatt didn't like secrets. Carter told her to say that she wasn't saying what he thought she was saying. She explained that when she'd been with Wyatt, he had been able to see that something had been weighing on her. Hopping from his seat, Carter asked if she'd told Wyatt about Maya's past.

Carter asked if Nicole knew what she had done, but she replied that Wyatt wasn't like that and wouldn't say anything. Carter asserted that Wyatt's family owned a publishing empire, and peddling scandals had made the Spencers billions of dollars. "And now that Wyatt knows, too..." Carter said.

"Too?" Nicole asked and guessed that Carter had also told someone. Carter thought what he might or might not have done wasn't the issue. Instead, the issue was what Wyatt would do. Nicole said she'd told Wyatt that he couldn't say anything, but she felt bad because she'd given Maya her word.

Carter said he'd always felt that Maya should have told Rick a while back, but it had deteriorated into who would hear about it first, Rick or the entire world.

At the beach house, Wyatt explained that he'd taken a gamble by telling Nicole that he'd overheard her talking to Maya, and Liam wouldn't believe what Nicole had revealed. Liam ordered Wyatt to spit it out already, because he was making it sound like Maya was an alien. Wyatt stated that once the news was out, Maya might seem like an alien to Rick, who really didn't even know her.

Liam asked if Maya had stolen someone's identity, and Wyatt hinted that Maya had changed her own identity in a major way. "Maya was originally Myron. She's transgender," Wyatt explained.

Liam thought it was joke. "I'm serious, bro," Wyatt asserted. Wyatt guessed Nicole had finally become overburdened by the secret, and he felt bad for her. Liam wanted to get rid of Rick and Maya, but he was wary because private business was private business. "Or is it?" Wyatt asked.

Wyatt believed that they needed to use what they knew to take down Rick. Liam wasn't so sure, but Wyatt insisted that it wasn't about Maya and her personal business. It was about taking down Rick or knocking him off balance long enough for them to swoop in. Wyatt said it hadn't been how he'd wanted things to go, but they couldn't back down after making it so far.

At Forrester, Rick told Nick that any friend of Maya's was Rick's friend, too, and Nick was welcome at Forrester and their house. Rick said that he and Maya had quite the love story, and he'd learned to trust again thanks to her. Rick hugged her, and Nick stared at Maya.

Rick got a call and left to take care of a matter. Nick expressed his approval of Maya and Rick. Maya said she didn't know what she'd do if she lost him. Nick didn't think she would lose Rick -- if he was the kind of man Maya said he was; however, Nick expressed concern that even the most enlightened person might not be able to accept the news calmly.

Nick recalled that a woman from their support group had told her boyfriend about her transition. The woman had been alone with the boyfriend, and he'd severely beaten her. The nervous Maya insisted that Rick wasn't like that. Nick hoped not because violence against transgender women was a real fact. Maya believed that Rick would understand as long as he heard it from her.

Nick left, and Maya flashed back on the talks she'd had with Carter, Nicole, and Brooke, and each of their opinions of her conundrum about telling Rick. Rick arrived to collect her for the trip. He said it would be their night, unlike any other night, and destiny awaited them.

Sometime later, Maya and Rick arrived at Big Bear. The couple kissed, and Rick joked about being alone in peace and quiet with the bears. She liked his joking and relaxed mood. He said it was getting away from the rat race. She added that it was also getting away from people who judged them, and she acknowledged that Rick had to constantly defend her.

Rick said he was done with that, and he only wanted to concentrate on her and their future. Maya didn't know what the future held, but she believed that, no matter what happened, they could overcome anything. She believed they'd never lose sight of how much they loved each other.

In the CEO's office, Ridge didn't understand why Brooke hadn't forced Maya to tell Rick about her past. Brooke claimed it was a delicate issue, and Maya would tell Rick before he proposed. Ridge felt he should let Rick get what was due to him, but Rick was too important to Brooke.

Brooke didn't really buy that and began talking about how Ridge felt entitled to be the CEO. She said it was the reason Rick had to have irrevocable control to protect himself. Ridge found it ironic that Rick's downfall wouldn't be due to the man he trusted least but the woman he trusted most.

Ridge wasn't there to judge Maya for any of her choices, but he thought it was shortsighted of Brooke and Maya to think Rick would see past it when a couple of kisses between Ridge and Caroline had sent Rick off the deep end. Brooke claimed it was different because of how Rick saw Ridge; however, Rick saw Maya differently.

Ridge quipped that Rick saw what he wanted to see, and Rick would finally get his comeuppance. Brooke guessed Ridge would delight in Rick's fall. Ridge countered that he'd held his tongue when he'd gotten the information, even though he'd had the most right to gloat about it to Rick. Brooke accused Ridge of starting the latest feud by making a play for Rick's wife. Ridge countered that he hadn't made a play for Caroline any more than Brooke had done so with Katie's husband.

Brooke said that under Rick's leadership, Forrester had become the envy of all fashion houses. Ridge added that those houses would love to see Forrester drown in controversy, and too many people knew about the secret as it was already. Brooke was worried about the news getting into the media, and she told Ridge not to tell Rick anything because it was Maya's task to do.

Ridge asked what would happen if Maya didn't tell Rick. Brooke asserted that Maya owed it to Rick to speak up before he proposed. Brooke said the way Rick chose to handle it would be up to him.

Ignorance is bliss

Ignorance is bliss

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

by Pam

At Big Bear, Rick and Maya enjoyed the quiet country setting. Maya looked outside and said the cabin felt "like a million miles away." Rick told her that the cabin had always meant a lot to him, ever since he'd been a kid. He promised to give Maya the VIP experience.

Maya laughed and asked what the VIP experience included. Rick teased she would have to wait to find out. Maya recognized how special the cabin was to the Forrester family. She added that it was nice to get away from the city. "I feel safe and welcome," Maya said. Rick agreed. "No one is judging us here. All the doubters who think I don't know you -- we're going to prove them wrong," Rick said.

Rick added that people could be cruel. He referred to her time in jail, but Rick said that it had made her who she was. Maya agreed, and she wouldn't change what she had done. "That's why I adore you," Rick said. "No regrets," Rick said. "No regrets," Maya agreed.

Maya and Rick left for a walk in the woods and later returned to the cabin. Maya marveled at the acreage his family owned in the mountains. Rick said she would be part of his family some day. Rick's phone beeped, and he admitted he had set a few alerts for stocks and baseball, but he promised to ignore his texts for Maya.

Maya and Rick cuddled on the couch, and Rick refused to let Maya out of his arms. He told Maya that she had no idea how much she had touched his life. Rick admired her integrity and grace.

Rick credited Maya for delivering sanity to his crazy world. Maya said she never wanted to hurt Rick, and she was proud of everything they had built together. She felt very loved. "You have my vow to always make you feel that way for years and years to come," Rick said. Maya smiled, and they hugged.

At Forrester Creations, Nicole worried to Carter that she had told Wyatt about Maya's transgender secret. Carter said it could have all been avoided if Maya had admitted the truth to Rick sooner. Ridge interrupted. Nicole tried to cover their discussion, but Ridge said he knew all about Maya, and so did Brooke and Eric.

Nicole grew nervous. Ridge reminded Carter and Nicole that Rick valued honesty. Ridge worried that the Spencers would all soon know about Maya. Ridge asked if Maya knew what Nicole had done. Nicole said she had never meant to endanger Maya.

Ridge advised Nicole that the Spencer family specialized in tabloids and gossips. Nicole argued that Wyatt wouldn't embarrass Maya, but Ridge quickly countered that Bill Spencer would because he was a ruthless man. "Soon the whole world will know," Ridge said. Ridge said that the Forrester family wanted to handle the news with decorum and sensitivity, but that wouldn't be possible. "Thing's are going to start to explode around here," Ridge said.

At Spencer Publications, Liam and Wyatt couldn't believe Maya's secret. "A boy named Myron," Wyatt said. Bill and Katie entered. "So, who's Myron?" Bill asked. They all joked about the name being a hipster name, but Katie and Bill noted that Liam and Wyatt weren't laughing. Katie said they were cagey.

Wyatt admitted that he knew the secret. He advised Bill and Katie to brace themselves because they wouldn't believe it. Wyatt added that the Myron they had discussed was Maya. She had been born with the name Myron. "What?" Katie asked.

"Maya is transgender," Liam announced. Katie didn't believe it. She accused Wyatt and Liam of lying and behaving like children. Wyatt and Liam disagreed. Bill marveled that it was legitimate. Katie wondered where they had learned the information, and Wyatt admitted Nicole had told him. "She thinks I am not going to tell anyone," Wyatt said.

Liam noted that he didn't feel the news offered any leverage over Rick, but they acknowledged that Rick didn't know. Bill was shocked that that Rick didn't know he was living with a man. "She's not a man," Liam countered.

Katie maintained it was all a personal issue. She refused to allow Spencer to exploit the news. Bill scoffed that the news would "knock Rick off his high horse." He promised it would be front-page news.

Liam said it was news of just another transgender model. "Whoop-de-do," he said. Bill argued that Forrester had an older and more traditional clientele that would be shocked. Bill maintained that it was a story about Rick Forrester living as a fool. "Ignorance is bliss, even if it makes a man a miss," Bill quipped. Katie groaned, and Liam said he would quit if Bill used that headline. Bill countered that he had copywriters for that, but the story was gold.

Katie argued it was embarrassing public humiliation. Bill agreed all of it was a moneymaker. "Everyone will find out sooner or later," Wyatt said. Bill added that his competitors would run with it. Bill vowed to be the first out of the gate, and Rick Forrester would get a big surprise.

Katie shook her head and refused to allow the story to break at Spencer. Liam agreed they should not throw Nicole or Maya under the bus. Katie said it was Rick's private life, and it was dangerous for Maya because transgender people were murdered for no reason other than being transgender.

Katie asked Bill if was clear that they would not break the story, and Bill answered that it was "crystal" clear. Bill stared at a magazine with a picture of Maya. Katie, Liam, and Wyatt left.

At Forrester, Nicole found Wyatt at work. She feared that she had messed up by telling him about Maya. She worried that his last name and the fact that his family was a media giant would be bad news for her family. "I work here. I make jewelry here," Wyatt said of his job at Forrester. Nicole asked, "Did you, Wyatt? Did you tell them?" Wyatt was quiet.

At Forrester, Bill stared at a magazine with Maya on the cover. He nodded and picked up his phone. He ordered someone to stop everything and get up to his office. "I've got a story to run -- it's huge, and it will rock Rick Forrester and Forrester Creations," Bill said. He hung up.

Marry me, Maya

Marry me, Maya

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

by Pam

At Big Bear, Rick made a fire in the fireplace, and he and Maya agreed they were glad they had enjoyed their walk in the woods. "We really can do anything, overcome all odds," Maya said. She added that it felt like they were the only two people in the world. She thanked Rick for being so indulgent of her, and Rick promised to do anything for her smile.

Maya reminded Rick that they had discussed freezing moments in time, and she wanted to freeze moments at Big Bear because they were "so pure and simple." She wished it could always be that way. Rick assured her it would be.

Rick and Maya discussed that their lives had been work-centric recently. They agreed their relationship was perfect. Maya gushed that her moments with him were perfect enough to last her a lifetime. Rick later delivered martinis and told Maya that she had changed his life. "You've shown me what it means to be truly loved," he said. They toasted. Rick kissed her hand. He gushed that he wanted to be worthy of her and that he had waited his entire life for her.

"I want you forever," Rick said, and he got down on one knee. He pulled out a ring and asked Maya to marry him. Maya smiled, but she heard Brooke's voice echoing in her head, saying, "You can't accept that proposal."

At Forrester, Brooke entered Ridge's office and asked him if he'd heard from Rick. Ridge wondered why he would hear from Rick, and Brooke responded that Rick might want to discuss something work related. Ridge said he had heard nothing, but he worried that Nicole had told Wyatt about Maya. Brooke angrily said that too many people knew, and Rick did not.

Brooke wondered what had happened that Nicole would blab to Wyatt. Ridge agreed she had made a big mistake. Brooke marveled that Ridge cared. Ridge didn't want Bill Spencer sharing the news all over the world. Brooke said she needed to see what was happening. She left, and Ridge followed.

In Wyatt's office at Forrester, Wyatt wondered if Nicole was all right. He said she was "jangly." Nicole said it sounded irritating, and she worried that telling Wyatt about Maya had been a mistake. Nicole pressured Wyatt -- she wanted to be sure he had told no one. She lamented that Carter had known.

Wyatt was amazed that Carter knew, and he stuttered that he didn't trust Carter to keep his mouth shut because Maya had cheated on Carter with Rick. Nicole said that Rick would soon find out because he was proposing to Maya that night at Big Bear.

Brooke and Ridge entered. Brooke wondered why Nicole had told Wyatt. Ridge chimed in that Wyatt had probably already told his father. Wyatt said nothing. Nicole defended her relationship with Wyatt. She added that he knew how important it was to keep quiet. Wyatt nodded. Brooke and Ridge looked skeptical.

At Spencer, Bill sat in his chair, glaring at the picture of Maya, and Justin entered. Bill asked Justin his opinion about Maya. Justin answered that she was beautiful and flawless. Bill pointed out Maya's birth name had been Myron.

Justin guessed that Bill was joking. "Maya was born Myron," Bill repeated. He added that there was some urgency in announcing it in order to oust Rick from the Forrester CEO chair. Katie interrupted the conversation.

Katie announced that she, Bill, and Liam had agreed that they would not exploit the news about Maya. "It's personal business between Rick and Maya," Katie stated. Bill maintained that Justin needed to be in the loop. Katie reminded Bill that the news was personal. She would not allow Bill to destroy her nephew's private life. It was morally wrong.

Bill said he had never trusted Maya, and he called her a gold-digger. Bill announced they would run with the Maya story. Katie shook her head.

Bill Spencer has control

Bill Spencer has control

Thursday, May 14, 2015

At Big Bear, Maya and Rick were overwhelmed with emotions as, on one knee, Rick proposed to Maya. Maya said that there was something Rick didn't know about her. He asserted that it wouldn't make a difference to him. She felt that she still had to tell him. He didn't think anything she'd say would make him love her any less. Thanking him, she added that what she'd say could change everything.

Maya stated that it could make Rick see her differently. Rick didn't believe it would change who Maya was to him. She said she'd shared a lot with him, but not everything. She'd wanted to but had frightened herself into being protective. She'd begun to believe that their love could surpass "even this." She hoped it could because she very much wanted to give him all of her.

Rick became amorous as Maya tried to talk to him. Between kisses, she asked him to please let her finish. Rick said he only needed to hear that she loved him. As they kissed, he swept her off her feet and took her to the bedroom.

While in bed with Maya, Rick said it was time to put the past behind them, and the future was everything. He asked if she'd forgotten the question he'd asked earlier about marrying him. Maya said she wanted to be his wife more than anything, but first, she had to share something with him.

Rick said Maya didn't have to share every detail of her life with him to know that he wanted to share the rest of his life with her. Maya said he needed to know something significant. He asked if it was a secret. She stated that it wasn't a secret; it was who she was.

Rick said he wouldn't change a single thing about Maya, so she should just tell him. Maya said it was the story of how she'd become the woman that she was that day, and how she'd become Maya.

At Forrester, Brooke and Eric wondered what was going on at Big Bear. Eric didn't want word about Maya leaking out. Brooke said it was too late because Nicole had told Wyatt. Eric was upset that Bill Spencer's son knew about it, but Brooke said that Nicole trusted that Wyatt wouldn't tell Bill.

Eric wanted to count upon the idea that Bill wouldn't destabilize his own investment, but Brooke said they couldn't count on anything at that point. She was worried about what the news would do to Rick, but Eric said they had to put their faith in Maya, just as Rick had. Eric believed that Maya would do the right thing and tell Rick before the proposal.

Eric hoped it would happen before anyone else told Rick because it would be devastating otherwise. Brooke was worried about how Rick would handle it. Eric said they just had to be there for Rick and hope it didn't get out before Maya told Rick herself.

In Rick's old office, Ridge entered to talk to Wyatt more about the Maya situation. Earlier, Ridge had noticed that Wyatt had dodged the question about Bill's knowledge of Maya's secret, and Ridge figured that Wyatt had dodged it because he'd told Bill. Wyatt stated that Bill was under control. "No. He has control -- of Maya's story -- and he will exploit it," Ridge replied.

Ridge asked why Wyatt had told Bill, and Wyatt exclaimed that it was because of Rick and his treatment of everyone. Wyatt didn't think he had to remind Ridge of that. Ridge stated that it didn't mean they needed or wanted Bill's involvement. Wyatt said that Katie and Liam were handling it, and Bill wouldn't be involved. Ridge decided that they were about to take a trip to see big, bad Bill Spencer.

Wyatt didn't think it was a good idea. Instead, he wanted to let Katie handle it. Ridge said he didn't want the future of Forrester in the hands of Katie or anyone else. "We're gonna go see your daddy," Ridge declared and headed out of the door.

At Spencer, Katie was adamant that Bill not run with a story about Maya. Bill insisted it was news, and Spencer published news. Katie said he was trying to create a scandal, and Maya had fixed the problem of her outside not matching her inside. "I think you're making my point for me. It's news," Bill emphasized. Katie refused to let Bill lead the charge in the persecution of transgender people.

Bill corrected that it wasn't about Maya or her personal choices. The story he planned to run with was about Rick not knowing about the choices. Bill was out to protect the Spencers' investment in Forrester and declared that Rick needed to be knocked down a few pegs. Bill said that she should think of it as giving out a little tough love.

Katie refused to give up, but Bill said they'd just have to agree to disagree. Ridge and Wyatt barged in on the argument, and Ridge said they wouldn't handle it Bill's way. Bill stated that he was solving the problem for everyone, and they could thank him on their way out. Ridge said it wouldn't go down that way, and Bill asked if Ridge was growing soft on Rick.

Ridge asserted that it was a family matter, and Bill stated that his family was under attack -- Liam, Caroline, Wyatt, and Ivy. Wyatt claimed not to need defending, and Bill stated that Ivy and Caroline did. Bill refused to let an arrogant bully abuse the women in his family. Katie decided that, if Bill wanted to protect women, Maya was a woman, and Katie wouldn't let him make a spectacle of Maya.

Katie asked if she'd made herself clear about Maya's gender not being a story in print or online. Katie insisted that Bill promise her, and Ridge said it was a good idea. Bill asked if Ridge really wanted to give Rick a chance to talk his way out of it. Bill believed that if the story broke, Rick couldn't function as CEO, which was the endgame. Ridge said they couldn't do it that way.

Bill asked how they'd do it, and Ridge mumbled that his father would make a change. Bill asserted that Ridge's "daddy" sided with "the kid" and wouldn't do anything. Bill refused to back down, but Katie declared that they were done. "Pull the story, Bill. Now!" Katie ordered.

Bill called Justin into the office and told him to pull the story. Justin asked if Bill was sure. "He's sure," Katie barked, and Justin left.

Later, Bill was alone in his office when Justin returned to ask what else Bill needed. Justin said he was sorry for what had just happened. It wasn't fun watching Bill -- "Eat Crow? Compliments of my wife, no less?" Bill asked. "Well, things are not always as they appear."

Bill asserted that one person called the shots around there -- him. Bill told Justin that they were running the story, and Bill wanted "the whole damn world" to know all about Maya Avant.

Now, that's a headline

Now, that's a headline

Friday, May 15, 2015

At Forrester, Ridge didn't know why Brooke and Eric were shocked that Wyatt had gone to Bill about Maya. Brooke became worried that Maya would drag Rick into the tabloids, but Ridge said he'd told Bill to keep the story private. Brooke wanted to speak to Bill herself, and Eric figured Ridge would love it if Bill hadn't listened. Ridge said that if Bill hadn't listened to Ridge, Bill had listened to Katie.

Ridge stated that Katie had made a strong stand regarding her nephew's private life. Eric doubted that it mattered because all Bill cared about was selling magazines. Brooke and Eric studied the media outlets on their phones and saw that things were quiet. They thanked Ridge for protecting Rick. Ridge was quick to say he was protecting the company, not Rick.

Ridge hoped that when Eric and Brooke stopped coddling Rick, they'd see that Rick had made the mess himself. Brooke blamed the situation on Maya, but Ridge said that it had been Rick, the dictator, who'd forced everyone to worship Maya. Ridge stated that karma was heading for Rick.

Eric rejected the idea of karma because Rick didn't deserve it. Eric didn't like Ridge calling Rick a dictator, but Ridge asserted that it was how Ridge saw Rick. Ridge said Rick had put Maya on a pedestal when he'd barely known her, and everyone had thought she had been manipulating her way into Rick's bed.

Brooke replied that Maya loved Rick. Ridge said Rick wouldn't like that Maya had kept him in the dark. Eric reasoned that Rick might accept it if Maya revealed everything and asked for forgiveness for not doing it sooner. Ridge noted that Rick hadn't reacted that way with Caroline. Eric replied that Caroline hadn't confessed; she'd been exposed. Ridge warned that it might not end the way that Brooke and Eric wanted it to.

In the living room at Big Bear, Rick handed Maya a drink and reminded her about his question. Maya said she'd answer it, but she had to tell him about her past first. Rick felt that Maya was a long way from the days when she'd run from who Rick was or whatever was in her past. He said she didn't have to run anymore.

Maya didn't want to run anymore. She finally felt as if she belonged, and she was the woman she'd always wanted to be. She said that for a long time, her outside hadn't matched her inside, and she'd always felt that something had been off when she'd been growing up. Rick believed that every kid went through that in puberty, but Maya claimed it was deeper than that.

Maya said her parents had been strict, inside-the-box people. To them, kids were seen but not heard, and she'd learned that no one would want to hear what she had to say anyway. Maya had spent a long time trying to please the people that couldn't accept who they'd given birth to. Rick guessed that they'd wanted Maya to be a certain way, but she'd had other ideas about her life.

Maya agreed and said that when she'd been old enough, she'd left home to become the person Rick saw before him that day. Rick realized why it had been awkward when Nicole had showed up, causing Maya to face old memories. Maya admitted that it had been upsetting at first, but she was thankful for it, because it had prepared her for the conversation with Rick.

Maya said she had to look at her past if she and Rick would have a future. Rick felt that they didn't need to trade childhood stories that night. He asked her to accept the proposal, and afterward, they'd have a lifetime to uncover the past. Maya insisted that she had to explain things, because, if they got married, he had to know the steps she'd taken to become his bride.

Rick insisted that he wasn't marrying the person of the past, and she wasn't obligated to explain her upbringing or who she'd been. He asserted that he wouldn't judge her upon how she'd been raised, where she'd been born, or for a lifestyle she hadn't been able to choose. Opening the ring box, he asked her to tell him what she had to, but the first word should be "yes."

Rick said they could later delve into what made him Rick and what made her Maya. "A lot more went into making me, and you need to know," Maya told him. She said it wouldn't be easy, but she'd answer his questions as best she could. Rick closed the ring box and agreed to listen.

Maya decided to start with why she'd moved to Los Angeles. She'd needed help, physically and emotionally, to become the woman she knew she'd been meant to be. She agreed with Rick's sentiment that the past didn't matter, and she didn't think it should matter to her what had happened in his past with Caroline or Amber. What had happened to Rick as a baby or adolescent were just pieces that had led him to Maya, who only cared about that moment and having a life together.

Rick asked if that meant she'd marry him. Maya said she'd agree if he asked her after she finished. She believed there were certain things a husband needed to know about his wife. Rick admitted that she was starting to freak him out. Maya assured him it was positive and said they probably wouldn't be together if it hadn't happened.

Rick recalled that Maya had revealed that she'd moved to L.A. got get help. Maya said there hadn't been a doctor in her hometown to help her. He asked if she'd been sick, and she replied that she hadn't been in a traditional way. He remembered the estrogen pills and asked if they were linked. Maya replied that they were, and she needed them. "To live?" he asked.

Maya explained that she'd sought a particular kind of doctor and had been taking the pills ever since. The pills helped her live the life she'd always seen for herself. She said the life she'd had before had been hurting her, and the way she'd been born hadn't been who she was. "Like a birth defect?" Rick asked. Maya thought of it that way sometimes, but other people didn't.

Rick shook his head in confusion. He didn't understand. "There was no Maya Avant until after I came to L.A.," Maya said. He asked who she'd been. She replied that she'd been the same as she'd always been, but Forrester didn't have her original birth certificate on file. He asked why not. "Because I had a boy's name. Myron," she explained. Rick asked why her parents would do that. Maya stated that it was because they'd raised her as a boy.

At Spencer, Justin asked if Bill wanted to think more about running the story. Bill knew it was risky, but he decided that he could handle Katie. Bill wanted everyone to know about Rick's girlfriend and told Justin to run the story.

Justin asked what Liam, the editor, would think. Bill asserted that he made the final decisions, and he didn't feel like hearing, "But, Dad. But, Dad," from Liam. Justin conveyed that it might be a good thing for Liam to talk Bill out of it and asked if Bill was worried about losing money.

Bill declared that they'd sell tons of magazines. He insisted that no one cared about transgender people in the fashion world -- except for housewives in line at the grocery store. Bill believed that Rick would also care, and when Rick learned about Maya, they'd be able to ship him off to Paris or a mental facility. "Forrester will win. I will win. And there is no reason I shouldn't do this," Bill concluded.

Katie entered, asking what Bill would do. Justin left, and Katie said she'd thought they'd decided not to exploit Maya. Bill replied that it could be a huge story about a con artist who duped "his way -- her way -- " into Rick's bed. Katie warned Bill that he was going to land in trouble with Maya's story.

Katie tried to text-message Liam about the story, but Bill took the phone. She insisted that Liam needed to know if Bill planned upon publishing a damaging article. Bill asked if he'd given her an indication that he'd publish anything. She said he had done so, and she asserted that Maya's past was her business. "Don't publish," Katie told him.

Later, Justin returned to ask if Katie had talked Bill out of publishing. Holding up a pad, Bill quoted, "'Rick Forrester, Trans-ferring to Paris.'" Bill contemplated focusing on Rick but decided that story wasn't about him. Bill showed Justin a photo of Maya's portrait, which hung in Stephanie's place of honor. Bill wanted the graphics department to touch it up. "Forrester family matriarch once a man," Bill said. "Now, that's a headline."

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