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Steffy refused to run Forrester with Liam. Ivy urged Steffy to join forces with Liam, but Steffy refused to do it unless she could have her relationship with Liam back. Ridge told Brooke that he was in love with Caroline, and Deacon consoled Brooke, who drank herself into a Valentine's Day stupor.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 9, 2015 on B&B
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Paint Me, Draw Me, Sculpt Me

Paint Me, Draw Me, Sculpt Me

Monday, February 9, 2015

In Liam's office, Liam said that he and Steffy would always care about each other. "Did you just hear what I said? I said I still love you!" Steffy declared. She refused to sell her family out for Liam's plan unless she and Liam were in it together. "We will be -- just not like that," Liam replied.

Steffy muttered that she'd told herself not to "do this." Liam stated that he didn't want things to be hard for Steffy. She said they wouldn't be hard -- because she wasn't going to do it.

Liam claimed that he couldn't imagine running Forrester without Steffy. He felt she deserved to finally have control. "What? If I sell my stock to Spencer? No!" she exclaimed, wiping away tears. He said the sale was just the beginning. She'd run Forrester, and he'd be by her side, supporting her.

Liam said it wasn't just about Ivy. Forrester was falling apart at the seams, and someone needed to stitch it back together. He insisted that the tough and smart Steffy was the leader they needed. She'd never allowed anyone to intimidate her, not even Bill. Liam said she inspired people, and she was a fighter. He implored her to agree and become "the most badass CEO" the industry had ever seen.

Steffy didn't doubt she could do it; her problem was seeing Liam each day. Liam said Ivy shouldn't preclude Steffy from taking the job. Steffy stated that she and Liam had been about to have a family and a future. She wanted to run Forrester more than anything, but she couldn't do it with Liam.

"You really didn't know this?" Steffy asked. Liam said she'd never let on. She conveyed that his life had gone on, and she'd allowed him to believe hers had, too. "Maybe now it can," she concluded. Liam said he'd never forget what they'd shared, and the memories were just as important to him.

A flashback of their times together played. Liam said it was good to remember. Steffy agreed but still couldn't help Liam. She stated that Ridge could become CEO once Rick's contract expired. Liam thought a year was a long time, but Steffy believed it would go faster than he thought.

Steffy apologized for unloading on Liam and decided to leave. Liam hugged her, and after she left, he seemed to wonder what he'd do next. Outside his door, Steffy sobbed.

At Ridge's place, Caroline kissed Ridge and asked if the beautiful painting was how he saw her. He said it was how he wanted her to see herself. She asked him to show her more. Caroline reclaimed her seat by the fire, and as Ridge posed her again, he stroked her face and neck.

Caroline cupped Ridge's hand in hers and froze when she saw the emerald wedding ring on her finger. Ridge and Caroline exchanged glances, and she slid the ring off her finger. "It's time," she said.

Ridge resumed painting, and the sketch became alive with gray, white, and black hues, which together created a fully textured black and white portrait of Caroline, barely peeking over her shoulder at her long, alabaster backside. Caroline said the work was beautiful, but she was confused.

"When you said you wanted to paint me, I thought you wanted to paint me," Caroline uttered. The limp sheet around her naked body fell to the floor. Sensual music played. Ridge dipped his brush into the black paint and stroked it over her shoulders and collarbone. They kissed, and by the fireplace, they slinked down to the floor. With their fingers, they smeared paint lines on each other. The lines blurred as Ridge pressed down upon her and kissed her.

Later, Ridge sat in front of the sofa with Caroline in his arms. Wrapped in a sheet, her back rested on his naked thigh. She said that, if moving on felt like that, then she should have done it sooner. Ridge decided that he wanted to paint her again. He wanted to paint her, draw her, and sculpt her. Before, Ridge had only wanted to create beauty, but from that time forward, he wanted to appreciate it.

At the mansion, Aly wondered how to get Rick's attention on her shoe line. Oliver offered to wear a pair of size twelve designs to get Rick's attention.

Ivy arrived, but as she headed upstairs, Aly warned that Rick and Maya were up there. Ivy joined the couple in the living room and began sewing studs on a shirt. Aly and Oliver were shocked to see Ivy sewing. Ivy said Maya wanted studs on a shirt she'd planned to wear the next day. All the seamstresses at Forrester had gone home for the night, so Rick had asked Ivy to be a "team player" and help.

In the bedroom, Rick and Maya made out and joked about their sex sessions running the other Forresters out of the house. Rick received a call from Eric, and only Rick's side of the conversation played on-screen. Rick told Eric that things were fine. "The gun? Oh, that was dumb," Rick said. Rick claimed that everything was better, and there was no reason for Eric to rush back to Los Angeles.

After the call, Maya mentioned that she could go for some ice cream. Rick buzzed the living room, and Aly answered. Aly remarked that she was working on her shoe designs. Rick said he'd actually been considering her line but couldn't think on an empty stomach. He frowned and rolled his eyes at Maya, indicating that a he couldn't care less about the line, and the two laughed.

Aly was confused by the laughter, and in a straight voice, Rick said he was hungry but too comfortable with Maya to leave to get some ice cream. "You want me to bring you some ice cream?" Aly flatly asked. Rick said it would be a great idea, and he wanted three scoops and two spoons. He clicked off the line, and he and Maya resumed their laughter.

Later, Aly arrived, carrying the ice cream on a bed tray. She almost shrank from the room when she saw Rick and Maya huddled together beneath a crumpled bed sheet. The two beckoned Aly into the room. When she set down the tray, she hugged the shoe design she'd had tucked beneath her arm.

Aly displayed the sketch, but Rick absently thanked her as he and Maya fed each other ice cream. He claimed he'd look at it after the dessert because he didn't want the ice cream to melt. Aly slapped the sketch down on the bed and strode out. Maya and Rick chuckled.

Brooke has a plan, Liam has a plan

Brooke has a plan, Liam has a plan

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

by Pam

At Ridge's studio, he awakened in bed alone, and Caroline was gone. She entered with coffee. He smiled, relieved. "Good morning," she said. "It is now," Ridge said, and he kissed her. Ridge held Caroline in his arms, and he said he remembered every breath, every kiss, every touch, every stroke of the brush from the previous evening. He noted that she still had paint on her. She laughed.

Ridge asked what she'd thought of the painting he'd done of her. Caroline said it was good. Ridge said he'd had trouble because his subject had kept moving. He kissed her again, nuzzled her neck, and made her laugh. He kissed her sensuously.

At Brooke's place, Donna advised Brooke that she might rethink being alone in her big house. Brooke confidently said she wouldn't be alone because Ridge would be moving back in. Donna was surprised. Donna noted that Ridge had been a hot item with Caroline, but Brooke said she would get Ridge back before the day ended.

Donna reminded Brooke of Caroline, but Brooke maintained that she would teach Caroline a lesson. Brooke called Ridge at his studio and said she needed to see him. Ridge was still with Caroline, who was getting ready for work. Ridge tried to beg off, but Brooke cooed that it was important, and she needed see him at her house. Ridge agreed, and he hung up. He told Caroline that he would see her soon. Ridge kissed Caroline, and they left.

At Brooke's, Donna waited for Brooke, who had gone upstairs. Brooke returned wearing a swimsuit and coverup. Donna was impressed that Brooke had an agenda, and she left. Ridge showed up, and Brooke told him she'd hoped he didn't have any plans because she had plans for him. "You're gonna have so much fun here, you're never gonna want to leave," she said. Ridge smiled.

"Why did you want to see me?" Ridge asked. Brooke said that she wanted everyone to get along, She wanted Ridge and Rick to get along, but Ridge said that wasn't going to happen. Brooke maintained that if she and Ridge got along, they could create a united team at Forrester.

Ridge argued that he had no problems with Brooke -- only Rick. Ridge pointed out that he and Brooke had learned to coexist. "Where is all this coming from?" he asked suspiciously. He wondered if her need to see him had more to do with her desire to keep him away from Caroline. Brooke maintained that she and Ridge had a history, memories, and a beautiful son. "Somehow, we got off track," Brooke said.

Ridge interrupted and said they had both moved on. Brooke started to diss Caroline, and Ridge reminded her that he had tried to save her from marrying Bill and had ended up falling out of a helicopter. "Bill was a mistake," Brooke said. Brooke reminded Ridge that Bill had returned to Katie, and Ridge remarked that he'd thought Katie was smarter than that.

Brooke flirted, and she added that if Bill and Katie could reunite, so could Ridge and Brooke because they'd always found their way back to each other. Ridge shook his head, but Brooke wondered if she had to spell it out that she had feelings for Ridge. She wanted him to spend the day with her by the pool, where they could relax. "I'm ready to move on with my life and with you," Brooke said.

At Spencer Publications, Bill and Liam discussed their takeover plan for Forrester. They wanted to get rid of Rick and get control of the company. Bill said that Wyatt had to get his job back for any plan to work.

Bill wondered if Liam had any idea if Steffy was on board. Liam worried that Steffy would not go against her father, and Steffy didn't want any part of running the company with Liam because she still had feelings for him. Bill called Ridge Captain Couture. He said the entire situation infuriated him. He worried about Caroline in a romance with Ridge. Bill called Ridge a predator, and Liam advised the relationship had not cooled off.

Bill sighed and said that Forrester had become a disaster with Rick at the helm. He added that Rick acted like "a little dictator, a Napoleon wannabe."

Bill was infuriated that Rick had treated Spencer women so poorly. They agreed that Wyatt had to be their inside man. They hoped he was able to get his job back.

At Forrester Creations, Wyatt knocked on Rick's door, but Rick admonished him for returning. "I don't have time for quitters," Rick said. Wyatt apologized and promised to do a better job. Rick reminded Wyatt how disrespectful he had been. Wyatt continued to apologize and begged to return to Forrester.

Rick told Wyatt to get on his knees and beg. Wyatt was in shock, and Rick laughed heartily. "I'm not that sadistic," Rick said. Rick wanted to know why he should rehire Wyatt, and Wyatt defended his career. He reminded Rick that he'd been "damned good at PR, and I think it's the best for this company," Wyatt said. Rick agreed, but he warned Wyatt to never cross him again.

At Spencer, Caroline showed, up and Liam welcomed her. She said she wanted to avoid the drama and Rick's power trip. She said she thought Rick had shrunk her parking space. Liam reminded her that her divorce would be final soon. He asked about Caroline and Ridge. She smiled and said they were officially a couple.

Liam wondered if it was a good idea for her to hook up with her ex-mother-in-law's ex. Caroline insisted that he stop. She teased that he wouldn't he invited to the wedding. Liam was in shock. "I'm kidding," she said. Liam said he didn't want Caroline to get hurt. Caroline appreciated the concern and wondered if she should be worried about Brooke.

Wyatt entered, and Caroline wondered if he had run to the office because he was sweating. Liam and Wyatt noted that they had a private meeting. Caroline got the hint that she was uninvited. She told them to have fun. After she left, Liam asked if Wyatt had gotten his job back. Wyatt confessed he was in, but he'd nearly had to "lick Rick's loafers" to make it happen. Liam and Wyatt high-fived over their plan to take down Rick.

Ridge shares the love

Ridge shares the love

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

by Pam

At Brooke's, Brooke stood in front of Ridge and told him that things could be the way they had been before. Ridge put his hands on Brooke's waist. Brooke invited Ridge to go "out to the pool or up to the bedroom -- our bedroom," she said.

Ridge noted that the house was full of a lifetime of memories. Brooke cooed that they could make many more. Ridge laughed and said that their children would see to that. Brooke asked Ridge to tell her that he was in love. "I am in love," Ridge said. Brooke grabbed Ridge and hugged him.

Brooke had been convinced that Ridge was in love with her, but Ridge gently tried to explain himself. He said that it was crazy they had been together for so long. He wanted to start a new chapter of his life. He looked at Brooke and said she'd returned from Italy an empowered woman. "You look great," he said.

"I changed too. I'm in love with Caroline," Ridge explained. Brooke balked that Caroline was half his age and was married to Rick. Brooke declared it was all infatuation. Ridge told Brooke that it had all started at the drawing board. Ridge said he was committed to Caroline. Brooke glared at Ridge. Brooke said she felt it was all payback for her time with Bill because Caroline was his niece.

"Caroline doesn't understand you the way I do," Brooke said. She accused Ridge of having a midlife crisis. Ridge countered that his biggest crisis had been trying to save Brooke from marrying Bill Spencer and getting dumped from a helicopter.

"I tried to so hard to get my life back," he said. He added that Caroline had helped him get his life back. Brooke scoffed that he was indebted to Caroline. "That's not love, Ridge, that's dependency," she said bitterly.

Ridge wondered what had happened to them and all the magic they'd had. Ridge said he was moving on, and he suggested that Brooke do the same. "You're making a huge mistake," Brooke said. Ridge maintained that Brooke could always count on him as a friend. "That just sounds so distant," she said tearfully. "Hey, I will always love you. I'm starting a new chapter in my life with Caroline," Ridge said. He walked away and out the door.

At Forrester, Pam admonished Donna, who had returned late from lunch. Donna wondered what had happened -- she asked if there had been more gunfire. Donna explained that she had been at Brooke's, and Brooke wanted to get Ridge back. Pam was surprised, and Caroline overheard the conversation when she walked by the door. Donna and Pam discussed that Brooke had wanted to teach Caroline a lesson.

Donna and Pam agreed that Brooke and Ridge had the itch that never went away, and they ended up back together again. Everyone knew it. Caroline entered. "Except for me," Caroline announced. "I don't believe for a moment that Ridge will leave me for Brooke," she said. Brooke and Pam said that Ridge and Brooke had history, and they always found their way back to each other. Caroline stated that Brooke had history with a lot of men. Donna encouraged Caroline to return to Rick and be content with a working relationship with Ridge.

Caroline announced that she and Ridge knew what they had, and she would never return to Rick. Donna advised her to go home and get some rest. Caroline's cell phone rang, and it was Ridge. He asked her to meet him at his loft as soon as she could.

Caroline entered Ridge's loft, and he had candles lit. He admired the painting he had done of her. "The real thing is right here," she said. Ridge smiled. He grabbed her hand, and he said that he'd seen Brooke, who wanted him back. "Of course she does," Caroline said softly.

Ridge said he would not return to Brooke. He'd made a commitment to someone else. Caroline said he could change his mind. "Not now, not ever," he said. Caroline smiled, and Ridge kissed and hugged her.

At Brooke's house, Brooke had changed out of her bathing suit and into jeans and a shirt. She was in shock after Ridge had rejected her. She tearfully sat in a chair with a glass of booze. She drank one glass then poured another.

Brooke sat in a chair by the fireplace and flashed back to her time with Bill on a balloon ride and in Italy. She flashed back to when she'd first seen Ridge after he'd returned. She cried and toasted them both. "To all of the men who have loved me and left me," she said. She sat all alone in her house.

At Quinn's, Quinn lamented to Deacon that she had finished her 19th game of solitaire. She said her career had taken a dive since Ivy Forrester had stolen her job. Deacon offered her a beer.

Quinn worried that Deacon would leave her for Brooke. Deacon smirked that Brooke looked good and that Italy had been good for her. Deacon professed that he only had eyes for one woman: Quinn.

Deacon professed that he and Quinn were good for each other. Deacon maintained that Brooke had her sights set on Ridge. Quinn noted that everything had always fallen into place for Brooke, but Deacon countered that Brooke had been a hot mess most of the time.

Quinn said that Brooke had been two steps away from the nuthouse, and Quinn knew that road. Deacon said she'd been doing fine. Quinn lamented that her son and her daughter-in-law hated her, and it was her fault that she had no grandson. Deacon consoled her and gave her a beer.

Quinn thanked Deacon, and he said he would change his plans for a card game with the guys so that he could stay with her. Quinn told him not to change his plans, but she teased that he needed to win a lot of money.

Quinn said she wanted to make things right with Wyatt and Hope and get her business back on track. Deacon said that he would support her in her efforts. He said he didn't "bring much to the table," but he planned to stick around. They kissed and hugged.

Playmates, Soulmates, and Stock-Mates

Playmates, Soulmates, and Stock-Mates

Thursday, February 12, 2015

At Quinn's loft, Deacon and Quinn lounged on the sofa. He suggested they go out, but she wasn't interested. She just wanted to spend time at home with her man. To Quinn, the loft was better with Deacon there. He guessed it was because she had a playmate. "A soul mate," Quinn corrected.

"Pause that and rewind it," Quinn decided. She hadn't meant the term in a sappy way. She'd meant that Deacon got her, she got him, and neither wanted to change the other. She didn't want him to get freaked out, but he said she didn't scare him. "Yes, I do," Quinn quipped.

The couple drank wine and toasted to Quinn's peace of mind. She doubted she'd have it unless she could fix things with Wyatt. Deacon advised her not to push. He believed Wyatt would "come around." Deacon hadn't heard from Hope, which concerned him. Quinn repeated his advice to her about her son. Deacon and Quinn toasted to having each other's backs.

Deacon still couldn't stop worrying about Hope. Quinn claimed that if anyone understood it, she did. He asked if she minded him taking off. He wanted to see if Brooke had anything else she could tell him. "If that's what you need to do," Quinn replied.

Deacon left, and Quinn opened her tablet to study pictures of Brooke and Brooke's Bedroom.

In the Forrester CEO office, Pam informed Rick that a woman was there to see him. He said Pam had to be a better gatekeeper than to allow random visitors. "I pulled rank," Steffy responded, sashaying into the office. Rick had heard that Steffy was in town and wondered if she'd stay. Steffy said that after seeing Rick on top, anything was possible.

Steffy noted that Rick had worked hard for the position, but she wondered if it was worth what it had cost him. Rick was satisfied with how it had worked out. Steffy relayed that people had been talking. He stated that he didn't care what people had to say. Steffy sniped that she'd heard that.

Rick suggested that Steffy schedule a lunch date with Maya, who could use some friends. Steffy sardonically hoped Maya found some friends. "You could score some brownie points," Rick hinted.

"With you?" Steffy incredulously asked. "Oh, look at you -- feeling yourself -- all confident and self-assured. That's really cute," Steffy concluded. Guessing it had to be the CEO's chair, she hopped into it and said a person could get used to sitting there.

Steffy noted that Eric had given Rick irrevocable control for only one year. Rick said it was a year to prove himself, not that he needed it after proving himself time and again in the past. Steffy asked why Maya's picture was on Steffy's grandmother's wall, but Rick said that, for the time being, it was his wall. "Your company, your house, your model," Steffy stated.

Rick figured Steffy had to know about Caroline and Ridge and wondered how Steffy felt about it. "It's one more thing around here I don't approve of," Steffy asserted. Rick sensed he was on her disapproval list. She quipped that he made unpopular choices, but he said he ran things as he saw fit.

"For now," Steffy replied. Rick asked what she was getting at. She remarked that he wasn't the only one with ambition, and she might want to be CEO someday. He replied that she'd have to rip it from his cold, dead hands. She didn't mind it, and he welcomed her to try.

Rick figured out why Steffy was in town and asked if she'd seen Liam. "You know he has a girlfriend now," Rick added in a leading tone. She asked what his point was. He said that if she didn't want to talk, he had work to do. She told him not to get too comfortable because she liked the chair.

At Brooke's house, Brooke drank a clear liquid and stared at pictures of her family. She called Rick at Forrester. When Pam answered, Brooke expressed surprise that Rick was keeping Pam there so late. Pam said it was more like holding the employees hostage.

Pam said that Rick was in a meeting. Brooke didn't want to interrupt it with her call. "Good, because he would have yelled at me," Pam relayed and ended the call with Brooke.

Later, Brooke was surprised when Deacon arrived on her doorstep. She wasn't thrilled about it or prepared for company, but she let him in. Brooke made him a drink, but after hearing his concerns for Hope, Brooke echoed Quinn's advice to him. He noted that Brooke seemed anxious to get rid of him and asked if she was okay. Brooke revealed that being home was strange.

Brooke had been in a tiny apartment in Milan, and she'd been preoccupied with getting business on track and with Hope. Upon returning home, Brooke had noticed that the men in her life had moved on to other women, and Brooke was in her big, beautiful house...alone.

In Liam's office, Ivy and Liam kissed. She wasn't thrilled that he'd be working late again. She wanted to know if it had anything to do with Steffy because it had seemed as if something had been going on when Ivy had seen Liam with Steffy. He hinted that he was doing something big regarding Rick's grip on Forrester. Ivy didn't know what could be done about Rick for the next twelve months.

"Hostile takeover of Forrester Creations," Liam revealed. He calculated that with Steffy, Thomas, and Bill's shares, Liam would have forty-two and a half percent ownership of Forrester. He hoped Ridge would lend a portion of his twenty percent. Liam thought he had a chance because Ridge abhorred Rick and might want to appease Steffy's anger regarding Caroline.

Ivy disliked the idea of taking her uncle's company away from him. Liam asked if riding it out with Rick for a year was better. She didn't, but she also didn't trust Bill to run the business. Liam assured her that Bill wouldn't be involved. Instead, Steffy and Liam would run things, leaving the business in family hands. "Knowing that, do I have your support?" he asked.

Ivy wanted to support Liam, but she didn't want to go against her family. Ivy considered Steffy to be a "great designer" with her own lines, and Ivy trusted Liam. Liam didn't want to pit Ivy against her family and added that it might be a nonstarter because Steffy wasn't agreeing to it.

Liam explained his history with Steffy and that Steffy had started her life over in Paris. "Or so I thought...Turns out she's not entirely over it," he revealed. Ivy gleaned that Steffy was still in love with him and asked if he was over it. "Of course," Liam replied. He wanted to find a way to get Steffy out of personal mode and into business mode.

Ivy left, and Liam flashed back on Steffy admitting her feelings for him.

At Forrester later, Ivy rushed in after receiving a message that Rick wanted to see her. Pam stated that Rick was upset that Ivy hadn't been at his beck and call. Ivy replied that it was after hours. "Not until Lord and Master says it is," Pam replied.

Rick emerged from his office and ordered Ivy to be in there in ten minutes with the revisions he'd asked for. As he boarded the elevator, Ivy entered the CEO's office, where Steffy still was. Ivy said it was a weird coincidence to see Steffy after Liam had just told Ivy about the plan to take over Forrester. Ivy urged Steffy to join forces with Liam, because Rick had to go.

Give up That Plant

Give up That Plant

Friday, February 13, 2015

At Brooke's house, Deacon took Brooke's hand. Brooke said that he didn't have to stay. It was Valentine's evening, and Brooke was sure Quinn was waiting. He said he had a little time. Brooke was sad that couples were celebrating each other that night, but she was alone. She didn't want to be alone.

Brooke offered Deacon another drink. She was sure Quinn didn't mind the smell of alcohol. Deacon figured that the cops might mind it. Brooke told him he could stay there, and she had plenty of rooms. Drinking more, Brooke proposed that Quinn join them for Valentine's stories.

Advising Brooke to make it her last drink, Deacon tried to take Brooke's glass. Brooke pulled it back. She asked if he knew about Bill and Katie's engagement. Deacon asked about Brooke's plan to get Ridge back, and Brooke conveyed that Ridge wanted Caroline. Brooke didn't know what was wrong with her family. Deacon told her to forget Ridge because Deacon and Brooke had a family.

Deacon set the inebriated Brooke on her sofa and asked her if she needed some coffee. Brooke giggled, asking if he wanted her to stay up all night. He gave her water and said that they were family. Deacon stated that Brooke could call on him for help if she ever had another night like that night.

"My drinking buddy," Brooke whispered. Deacon said he was the best kind of drinking buddy because he'd tell her when to stop. She stated that she'd always had a man to return home to and share a bed with. She hadn't thought she'd needed that. She didn't want to need it, but she was lonely.

Later, Deacon handed Brooke some aspirin to combat a possible hangover. Brooke tried to take it with her liquor, but he insisted that she use water. She agreed to take it and assured him she'd be fine at work. Being at home alone was the problem. Deacon urged her to reach out to her family members and to him, who all cared about her. He said drinking only helped in the moment.

Deacon asked if Brooke wanted him to check on her later, but Brooke insisted she'd be fine. She urged him to go back to Quinn. Deacon hugged Brooke and left. Brooke set down the water and pills and picked up her liquor. Tears streaming down her face, she swigged it and poured more.

At the beach house, Quinn arrived with a heart-shaped candy box. "Somebody shoot me," Wyatt murmured as he let her inside. He was sure she hadn't arrived just to deliver the candy, and he asked her what she wanted. Quinn admitted that she was worried about Brooke using her connection with Hope to seduce Deacon. Wyatt asked if Quinn trusted Deacon. Quinn claimed she did.

At Spencer, Bill was impressed that Liam was in the office, working, instead of out somewhere, buying overpriced flowers. Liam stated that the flowers were the next step -- right after he wrote his poem. "You gotta be kidding me!" Bill asked. Liam agreed that he was kidding.

Bill remarked that women didn't want poems. He believed they wanted diamonds, which was why Phil the Jeweler was in Bill's office with something nice for Katie. Bill wondered which brunette Forrester Liam planned to spend the evening with, Ivy or Steffy.

Liam planned to be with Ivy, and he mentioned that he'd told her about the plan. "Liam, are you out of your mind?" Bill screamed. Liam said that Ivy wouldn't tell anyone, and she was the reason he was even trying to pull it off. Liam admitted that he might not be able to because of Steffy.

Bill asked if Liam had expected Steffy to just hand over her shares, and he asked Liam what the problem was with moving forward. Liam relayed that there was an emotional price to pay for working with him, and Steffy wasn't sure she could pay it. Bill concluded that Steffy still loved him. Bill asked if Liam was saying that, if Liam and Steffy were together, Steffy would sell her shares. "Liam!" he roared.

Liam declared that he wasn't going there or opening up the can of worms again. He considered giving up the whole plan. "Maybe you should give up that plant," Bill suggested. Realizing that Bill meant Ivy, Liam quipped, "Oh, that's cute!" Bill had nothing against Ivy, but the relationship didn't compare to what Liam had had with Steffy. Bill felt that if Liam and Steffy could get back to where they were as a couple -- and run Forrester -- then Liam had to do it.

Bill said Liam would be with the woman he'd been meant to be with. "Ivy loses a boyfriend -- and a new one at that. Big deal," Bill stated. Bill felt that Liam would be doing Ivy a favor by saving the company, and Ivy would thank Liam later. Bill urged Liam not to give up on his plan to take over Forrester and insisted if they got control, all the Spencers would benefit.

At Forrester, Ivy urged Steffy to join Liam in taking over Forrester. Steffy was surprised that Ivy was supporting the takeover. Ivy said Steffy wouldn't be surprised if she'd seen how Rick treated Ivy. Steffy asked if Ivy would still support Liam if Rick wasn't treating her badly. Ivy stated that she was just asserting how she felt, and Liam and Steffy were what the company needed.

It wasn't that easy for Steffy, who still needed to consider her father's desire to run Forrester. Ivy figured that Ridge was happy designing with Caroline. Steffy shot Ivy a cold look. Steffy felt that Ridge's disgusting relationship with Caroline was enough to make Steffy take the company over. Ivy asked what else could be holding Steffy back from wanting to run the company with Liam.

"Because I am still in love with him, is that what you mean?" Steffy asked. Ivy respected what Steffy felt and wouldn't flaunt her relationship with Liam. Steffy stated that she hadn't visited Los Angeles for "this." Steffy had arrived for a short visit, but Liam had dropped the predicament in her lap. Steffy needed time to process what it would do for her and for Ridge.

Steffy asked if Ivy really wouldn't feel threatened by Liam and Steffy working long hours together. Ivy claimed she wouldn't. Ivy trusted Liam and his feelings for her. Steffy was impressed with Ivy's confidence but doubted Ivy understood the depth of Liam and Steffy's feelings and past. Ivy agreed she'd never know what kind of relationship Steffy had shared with Liam, but Ivy did know what she had with Liam. Ivy said it might be Steffy who didn't understand the depth of feelings.

Steffy said if she returned, she wouldn't sit front row to Ivy and Liam or watch the man she loved go home to Ivy every day. "If I come back, I come back to all of it," Steffy decided.

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