The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 2, 2015 on B&B

Steffy was tempted to run Forrester with Liam, but there was one problem -- she still loved him. Brooke became determined to teach Caroline a lesson by taking Ridge from her. Katie and Bill got engaged. Wyatt returned home, unmarried, and Bill and Liam asked Wyatt to play double agent at Forrester.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 2, 2015 on B&B
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Brooke shocks everyone with her demand

Brooke shocks everyone with her demand

Monday, February 2, 2015

At Liam's house, Steffy was surprised that Liam wanted to take over her family's business. Liam said that, with all the changes Rick had made, she'd barely recognize Forrester. He wanted to return it to some semblance of what it had been when Stephanie and Eric had run it.

Steffy didn't know what they could do about Rick, who had irrevocable control for one year. Liam said that he and Steffy could do anything together, but if they allowed things to keep going Rick's way, there would be no company at the end of a year. Liam asked her to sell her shares to him and convince Thomas to do the same thing.

Steffy asked why it was important to Liam. Liam didn't want to see Ivy and Caroline suffer, and he wanted to protect Forrester's brand before Rick destroyed it. Steffy was leery of selling to Spencer. Liam noted that Spencer already had a stake in Forrester. He said that she could still be involved in the business upon Eric's retirement and hinted that she could return home to run it with him.

Steffy assert that Thomas wouldn't sell. Liam hoped that she could sway her brother. Steffy agreed that things needed to change, but "I'm never gonna sell my shares."

Steffy figured that she had to do something, starting with her father hooking up with a woman her own age. Liam encouraged her to go to Forrester and see what Rick had done to it, as long as she promised to think about his proposal.

Liam went to the kitchen for drinks, and as he returned, Steffy was looking at a picture of Liam and Ivy kissing on the boat in Amsterdam. Steffy joked about him traveling the world with her cousin and asked what it was with him and brunette Forresters. Liam guessed he had a type. She warned him not to take Ivy to Aspen, which belonged to Steffy and Liam.

Liam revealed that there were many places he associated with Steffy -- Aspen, the cliff house, and the beach. A flashback of Steffy and Liam in various places around the world played. He said that, even though she lived halfway around the world, he was happy that there were still places that caused him to think about her and the happy memories of what they'd once been.

Steffy uttered that things could have been very different. Liam said things hadn't turned out as they'd planned, but they couldn't live with regret, either. Steffy agreed and began to say, "But, Liam, I will always..." She paused and stated that her feelings for him would never change.

Liam hugged Steffy. Ivy strode into the house and stiffened. She noted that Steffy was there and asked what was going on.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Maya said that Eric had tried Brooke's plan, but it wouldn't work from either Brooke or Eric. Brooke stated that she and Eric knew what was going on, even if Maya didn't choose to acknowledge it. Rick said he appreciated Brooke's concern, but they'd all moved on.

Rick claimed that it wasn't about sticking it to Caroline, and he'd never had the kind of support that Maya offered him. Brooke said the relationship was temporary. Maya asked if Brooke thought Maya wasn't good enough because wasn't a Spencer or didn't grow up with privilege. Brooke stated that the problem wasn't Maya; it was how quickly Rick had moved on with her.

Rick assured Brooke that there was nothing of concern, but Brooke said he'd shot off a gun. Rick insisted that he hadn't shot anywhere near Ridge or Caroline. Rick quipped that Brooke might have done the same thing if she'd seen the two making out.

The kissing had repulsed Rick, but not because he still cared. Rick claimed that he'd moved on after discovering that Caroline was a liar no better than Amber. As it stood, he and Caroline had signed the divorce papers, he was with Maya, and Caroline had apparently moved on with Ridge. It was sickening to Rick, but he believed it might be for the best.

Brooke and Caroline exited, and Maya thanked Rick for saying what he'd said in front of Brooke and Caroline. The declaration had removed any doubt. Rick vowed to keep declaring it to anyone else who needed to hear it. He claimed that Maya was the woman he wanted to spend his life with.

In Rick's old office, Brooke told Caroline that Brooke had tried. Caroline was resigned to believe that things were for the best. Brooke asked if Caroline actually expected to have a relationship with Ridge. Brooke understood the attraction better than anyone, but she warned that many women had experienced the chemistry and attraction to Ridge long before Caroline had.

Caroline didn't doubt it, but she said it was more than just chemistry. "My dear Caroline," the placating Brooke said. Brooke explained that Ridge was dynamic and flirtatious. Many women wanted to be with Ridge. "But if you think it's going to be something more..." Brooke added.

"It is," Caroline confidently responded. Brooke advised Caroline to be realistic, because she wasn't going to have a relationship with Ridge.

Brooke claimed to not want Caroline to get hurt, but Caroline stated that she'd already been hurt -- by Brooke's son. Brooke corrected that Caroline's actions had hurt her. Caroline asserted that she'd kissed another man, but Rick had done the betraying. Caroline noted that Brooke hadn't been there to see what Caroline and Ridge had been through together.

Brooke asserted that she didn't need to see it. She'd been through it countless times with women who thought that they had some cosmic connection with Ridge, women who thought that -- Brooke stopped speaking, and Caroline asked what Brooke had been about to say.

"That they can replace me," Brooke stated. Caroline chuckled and asked if Brooke was serious. "Caroline, if I wanted Ridge back, I would have him -- just like that!" Brooke stated, snapping her fingers.

At Katie's house, Katie was playing with Will when Bill entered, announcing, "Honey, I'm home!" He'd arrived to visit Will and remarked that Brooke was back in town. Katie murmured that she should see Brooke. Bill agreed and relayed that he'd done it already.

Katie apprehensively asked how it had gone. Bill replied that he'd explained to Brooke that there was one woman he wanted to spend his life with, and he was hoping Katie wanted that, too.

Katie put Will in his room and returned with a stuffed horse that Will wanted her give to Bill. Bill asked if she liked having Bill around as much as Will did. She liked it, but a lot had happened. Bill thought it made their bond stronger. He said Brooke had known that he'd needed time away from her to get clarity about what he really wanted, and what he wanted was Katie and their family.

Katie believed Bill was sincere -- in that moment. Bill stated that he wanted her and their family that day, the next day, and forever. He asked her to say she wanted it, too. Katie missed their marriage, but she didn't know how to go back. Bill said that they wouldn't go back. Instead, they'd move forward.

Bill believed that they'd needed their time apart to appreciate and understand each other. Bill said she was his perfect partner, who'd challenged, supported, and corrected him when needed. Katie had given him a child, and he was tired of being a part-time parent.

Katie hated it, too, "But if you just want me because -- "

Bill shut Katie up with a passionate kiss. He said that Katie being Will's mother was just part of the picture. He'd never met anyone more stubborn than he, and she inspired him to be the man that she believed him to be. He didn't want to waste a moment in putting their family together.

From his pocket, Bill pulled out a ring and said he loved Katie. "Say you'll marry me," he asked the tearful Katie.

Katie wants to tell Brooke about Bill

Katie wants to tell Brooke about Bill

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

by Pam

At Katie's, Bill presented a rock of a diamond to Katie and told her he was waiting for her answer to his marriage proposal. Katie answered that she would marry Bill, and he placed the ring on her finger. Katie and Bill kissed, and Katie marveled that she was engaged again.

Bill reminded Katie that she was engaged to the right man. Bill professed that he needed Katie and loved her. Katie tearfully told Bill that she loved him. Bill quizzed Katie about what had persuaded her to marry him.

Bill teased that it had been the rock of a ring, but Katie said that Bill had always known Katie well. She marveled that he had known she needed to get back to work, and he always believed in her even when she didn't believe in herself. "You encouraged my ambition," she said. Bill agreed and said that he had always been "a tough nut to crack," but Katie had softened him.

Bill said his demeanor had been due to his upbringing and desire to "self protect, never give in." But Bill credited Katie for getting him to open up and become a better man, husband, and father. "And a hell of a lover," Bill said with a laugh.

At Forrester, Brooke quizzed Caroline about her relationship with Ridge -- someone much older. Caroline coolly acknowledged that there was an age difference, and Brooke pointed out that Ridge had children Caroline's age.

Brooke reminded Caroline that she had wanted to have children with Rick. "Until he fired a gun at me," Caroline countered. Brooke snapped her fingers at Caroline and professed that she could get Ridge back that quickly. "Just like that -- that's how fast," Brooke said, and she continued to snap her fingers.

Caroline agreed that Brooke and Ridge had history and children. Brooke continued to snap her fingers, and Caroline asked her to stop. Caroline said that she and Ridge had a future together. Brooke returned to the age difference and called it creepy, but Caroline refused to allow Brooke to interfere.

Caroline said a substantial age difference among designers was the norm for the industry. Caroline announced that she had genuine feelings for Ridge. Brooke sneered that Caroline had had genuine feelings for Rick also, but Caroline said that Rick was no longer the man she'd married. Brooke accused Caroline of hurting Rick so deeply that he'd changed.

Brooke blamed Caroline's "carrying on with Ridge" for Rick's actions. She asked, "Where do you see all this going, Caroline?" Brooke said that Caroline had a crush on Ridge -- an infatuation. "How could you do that to my son," Brooke asked.

Caroline maintained that Rick was better off with Maya and that Brooke had made it clear that she really didn't want Ridge and Caroline together. Caroline wondered if Brooke wanted Ridge back because Bill had returned to Katie.

Caroline accused Brooke of never being without a man. Brooke encouraged Caroline to stay on point, but Caroline confidently said that Bill was in love with Katie, leaving Brooke with no man. Katie entered and interrupted. Katie wondered if she had interrupted something, and Brooke said Caroline was just leaving. Caroline agreed. She left and slammed the door.

Katie wondered if everything was all right. Katie said there would be a wedding soon, and she showed off her ring. "Check out my new bling, big sis," Katie said. Brooke smiled. Brooke acknowledged that Bill loved Katie and Will.

Katie noted that Brooke had felt different before she'd left for Milan. Brooke advised Katie not to worry about Brooke ever returning to Bill. Brooke professed that she would respect Katie's marriage. Katie expressed a bit of skepticism. She asked if Brooke had any regrets for turning her back on Bill.

Brooke maintained that people moved on. Katie agreed. She said that she and Bill had rediscovered each other. Katie wanted Brooke to guarantee that she would not want Bill again.

Brooke said she had grown up while she'd been gone and had found the good in herself. Brooke and Katie agreed they had missed the love, trust, and forgiveness they'd had as sisters. Brooke promised to never interfere in Katie's marriage again. Katie and Brooke embraced.

At Liam's, Steffy and Ivy greeted one another and agreed they had not seen each other in years. They hugged and complimented each other. Steffy asked about Ivy's dad, and Ivy shared that John and Eric had gone on an extended trip together. Ivy had purchased groceries and promised to make dinner. She asked Steffy to stay and promised to update Steffy on the situation at Forrester. Steffy looked unhappy at the recognition that Ivy and Liam were a couple.

Ivy left for the kitchen, and Liam asked Steffy to consider his offer about working together to oust Rick as CEO. Ivy returned, and Steffy asked Ivy's opinion of Rick. Ivy worried that Rick had become a dictator and made irrational decisions that were dangerous for Forrester.

Ivy added that Rick had conned Eric to put him in charge. Ivy couldn't believe that Steffy had been unaware of what had happened at Forrester. Steffy promised to speak to her father. Steffy said she had to leave. She only had a few days in town and had a lot to accomplish. Steffy said that it had been nice to see Ivy.

Liam walked Steffy to the door, and Ivy returned to the kitchen. Liam asked if Steffy felt her father would agree to trying to oust Rick. Steffy worried that Ridge would have to join forces with Bill. She needed to find a way to make that more palatable. Steffy said it had been good to see Liam and to be back in the house. She added that she was happy for Liam and Ivy. She and Liam embraced, and Steffy looked melancholy. She left.

Liam and Ivy kissed, and Ivy asked about Steffy's opinion of what had happened at Forrester. Liam said he didn't want to discuss work. He kissed Ivy again, but Bill entered and bellowed Liam's name.

Bill said he needed to talk to Liam, and Ivy took it as a cue to leave. She promised to see Liam at another time. She left. Bill asked if Liam had persuaded Steffy to help him take over Forrester and oust Rick. Liam said he knew that Steffy was thinking about it. Bill maintained that Eric would back Rick. Liam and Bill realized that they needed Ridge for a takeover. Liam reminded his father that Ridge hated Bill, but Bill was confident they could all unite in a common cause.

At Forrester, Steffy stormed into Caroline's office and shared that she'd heard rumblings of what had been going on at Forrester. Caroline agreed that Rick and Maya had taken over. Steffy noted that she'd heard Rick had removed her grandmother's painting. Caroline added that her marriage had ended.

Steffy asked what Caroline was doing with Ridge. Caroline admitted that she had fallen for Ridge. Steffy pointed out that Caroline and Steffy were the same age and she found it disgusting. She wouldn't allow it to happen.

Wyatt blames Quinn for his empty-handed return

Wyatt blames Quinn for his empty-handed return

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

by Pam

At Spencer, Bill was on the phone asking someone how much liquid capital the company could pull together in a hurry. After he hung up, he told Liam that they could buy Forrester as long as they had Steffy's shares.

Liam and Bill agreed they would need more than Bill and Steffy's shares. Bill added that anything Spencer did would not be received well by Brooke because Bill had ended things officially with Brooke and planned to marry Katie.

Liam wondered if Bill had been overconfident because Katie had to agree to marry him. Bill confidently announced that he had already put a ring on Katie's finger. Liam guessed that it was a bigger diamond than last time. Bill nodded. "Congratulations, Pop," Liam said.

Liam asked if Quinn was aware of Bill's engagement. Bill said he didn't know or care, but Liam reminded his dad that Quinn had wanted desperately to return to Bill. Bill noted that Quinn had a criminal as her personal partner in crime.

Liam asked about Brooke, and Bill said Brooke had given him her blessing. Bill sighed and said Brooke had given him an advanced education in himself. Liam wondered who Brooke would latch onto next. Bill guessed that she would "wander into all to familiar territory again." Bill shook his head.

Liam noted that they had to get Ridge on board to make a takeover of Forrester work. Liam added that Bill's method of dealing with Ridge had been ejecting him from an aircraft. Bill agreed. Liam said that they had to remember that Ridge was a major stakeholder at Forrester, and Steffy would not agree to anything that would oust her father.

Bill recommended that they not tell anyone what they had planned. Liam wondered about Ivy, Steffy, and Katie, but Bill refused. Bill worried that Liam's quest to take over Forrester was driven by Hope. Liam looked skeptical.

At Forrester, Steffy advised Caroline that she had moved too fast with Rick. Caroline had a hard time taking Steffy seriously because Caroline reminded Steffy that she knew Steffy's history with Bill and Rick.

Steffy asked what Caroline had been doing with Ridge. Caroline admitted that she had fallen for Ridge and knew him in a different way than anyone else. Steffy scoffed. Caroline said that Steffy could ridicule the closeness they had developed as designers, but Steffy had not been in the room. "Logic can't always explain it," she said.

Steffy accused Caroline of behaving like Rick's mother. Caroline was insulted. "Be careful, Steffy," Caroline advised. She remembered Steffy's past. Caroline wondered why Steffy had returned, and Caroline warned Steffy. "I hope you're not here to jerk my cousin around," she said.

Steffy countered that Liam had already contacted her. Steffy maintained that she and Liam had remained friends. Steffy suggested that Caroline should be a friend to her father and nothing more because "anything else is nauseating." Steffy said that her father's reputation would never recover.

At Forrester, Brooke stood outside Ridge's office. She recalled that she had told Caroline that she could get Ridge back "just like that." She remembered snapping her fingers. Brooke smiled and confidently entered Ridge's office. Brooke announced that she was sure Ridge was unhappy with her. Ridge replied that the feeling had been a "state of affairs I have survived repeatedly," he said.

Brooke proposed a truce. She announced that Katie and Bill were engaged again. Ridge wondered if that was what Katie had wanted all along. Brooke professed that Katie had wanted her family back together again. "It's only natural," Brooke said. "Gravity is natural," Ridge countered. He added that Katie had given up.

Brooke changed the subject. She asked if Ridge and Caroline had spent time together with R.J. while Brooke had been in Milan. Ridge reminded Brooke that R.J. knew Caroline, but they had not spent time together with R.J.

Brooke was glad because she didn't want their son to be confused. Ridge scoffed. Brooke maintained that Ridge and Caroline were not going to be together. Ridge asked how she knew that.

Brooke confidently maintained that Caroline and Rick had not yet reconciled, but she knew her son needed more of a challenge than Maya could offer. She expected Caroline and Rick to remain together. Brooke said that Ridge belonged with someone more age appropriate. Brooke suggested they should have dinner together with R.J. soon. Ridge said he would like that. Brooke smiled.

At Quinn's house, Quinn and Deacon discussed that Quinn had been on edge. Deacon noticed that someone was at the door. He opened the door to Wyatt. Quinn and Deacon welcomed Wyatt home from Italy.

Wyatt showed his disdain for Deacon and wondered why his mother continued to live with Deacon. Quinn defended Deacon and said he had taken care of her. Wyatt said that Deacon had been a freeloader, but Quinn begged Wyatt to leave Deacon alone.

Quinn wondered if Hope had returned, and Wyatt said that Hope had not and if she had, she would never show up anywhere near Quinn. Quinn wondered if Hope had blamed Quinn for losing the baby. Wyatt said that Hope blamed Quinn for plenty but not for losing the baby. "How innocent do you feel about it, Mom?" Wyatt demanded to know.

Quinn admitted that she should have listened to Wyatt and stayed away from Hope. If she had, maybe Hope wouldn't have turned her back on Wyatt. Quinn, Wyatt, and Deacon discussed that they had all made mistakes. Wyatt shared that Hope blamed him for her miscarriage. He added that his marriage would be over because Hope had only stayed with him because of the baby.

Deacon tried to get Quinn and Wyatt to see that the miscarriage had been no one's fault. Deacon said they had to learn how to get along and move forward. Wyatt said he felt that he should just be selfish. Wyatt confessed that he felt he had been chewed up and spit out by the Forrester family. He planned to support Ivy's line and keep his head down. "And you didn't even have to tell me, Mom," he said. Wyatt left. Quinn was disappointed.

Steffy entered Ridge's office and hugged her dad. Ridge teased that he'd heard Steffy and Thomas had visited Los Angeles without seeing him. Ridge wondered if she planned on moving back. Steffy said she wanted to talk to him about Caroline. Steffy wondered what had happened that he had nearly married Katie Logan then ended up with Caroline.

Steffy teased that women had fallen in love with Ridge all the time, but she couldn't believe that Caroline had fallen for him. "She and Rick have the emotions of 8-year-olds," Steffy said. She added that they would be back together in no time.

Ridge wondered what Steffy wanted. Steffy reminded her dad that he had been married to Caroline's aunt long before Caroline had been born. Steffy said it wasn't technically incest, but it was enough to turn stomachs. "This needs to end now," Steffy demanded. Ridge glared at Steffy.

In Caroline's office, Caroline recalled Ridge showing her designs, and she had added her own touches. They had kissed, and she smiled at the memory.

Caroline fears Steffy's presence

Caroline fears Steffy's presence

Thursday, February 5, 2015

At Forrester, Steffy insisted that no father of hers should be carrying on with his first wife's niece. Ridge said his kids were the most important things to him, and he wasn't out to knowingly embarrass them. Steffy urged him to make sure Caroline understood that her notions about Ridge were just fantasy because Caroline obviously believed that Ridge had feelings for her.

Ridge was silent. Steffy knowingly glared at him and uttered, "Oh, my God. You do." Ridge said he and Caroline weren't rushing things. Steffy demanded to know if the slowness was due to shame or because the relationship was significant to him.

Ridge explained that Caroline had been there for him when Bill had "dropped me on my head like you so sweetly said earlier." As a result, Ridge had lost the thing that defined him as a person. Caroline had been there for him, purely to help him, and they'd connected.

Steffy accused Ridge of robbing the cradle and of tearing apart a family and a company he supposedly loved. Ridge didn't want to fight with his daughter. He asked if he was missing something about the root of her anger. Steffy doubted Ridge actually thought she'd be okay with what he was doing or the fallout with Rick and Maya that had resulted from it.

Steffy was upset that Maya's portrait had replaced that of Steffy's namesake, and Rick was terrorizing people. Steffy traced the root of everyone's suffering straight to Caroline and Ridge. Steffy wondered if she'd been in Paris for too long and if she should be back and running Forrester. She felt that she had an investment to protect, and she had to take action while there was still time.

In the CEO's office, Caroline met with Rick. She asked if Ivy should be there, and he chuckled at Caroline's fear of being alone with him. He offered to let her frisk him -- if Ridge approved.

Wyatt arrived, and Rick asked if he knew Wyatt. Wyatt asked if he'd been gone that long. Caroline hugged Wyatt and asked if he'd just gotten back in town. Wyatt said he'd gone to see his mother first then headed to Forrester. Rick quipped that Wyatt's first mistake had been to not go directly to Forrester, and Wyatt's second mistake had been to assume he had a job to return to.

Wyatt began discussing resuming his job, but Rick sent Caroline out of the room so he could "deal" with something. Wyatt suddenly felt as if he'd been thrown in front of a firing squad.

Rick stated that Wyatt had been gone too long and had shirked off his responsibilities at the company. "If you hadn't been married to my sister...But now that you're not...." Rick said with a smug chuckle. Wyatt recalled asking Rick for the time off to visit his wife, Rick's sister, but Rick said he hadn't expected Wyatt to take advantage of Rick's generosity.

Rick claimed that Hope's line was on hold, and while Hope's absence was excusable, Wyatt's wasn't. Wyatt asked if his wasn't excusable because he wasn't a Forrester, but Hope got a pass because her brother was a Forrester. Rick advised Wyatt to watch it, but Wyatt said Rick had better watch it.

Wyatt had been through his own "hell" and refused to let Rick pile on it. Wyatt loved his job, but neither Rick nor Forrester owned Wyatt. "And the sooner you get that straight, the better off we'll both be," Wyatt stated. Rick hoped Wyatt felt better, because it was the last time he'd speak to Rick like that.

Rick stated that he didn't own Wyatt, but he owned Wyatt's time and talent as long as Wyatt worked for him. Rick claimed he hadn't seen the time or talent. Wyatt tried to explain his situation, but Rick said Wyatt should have dealt with matters in Italy more expeditiously instead of drawing things out.

Rick believed things would be different, since Wyatt no longer had Hope to hide behind, and it would begin with all the overtime Wyatt had to put in to make up for the time he'd had off. "Like hell I am!" Wyatt declared. Wyatt wouldn't let Rick punish Wyatt after all Wyatt had done for Forrester.

Wyatt reminded Rick of Wyatt's contributions and decided that Rick would respect him or -- "You know what? You -- the Forresters -- you're not even worth it. I quit," Wyatt decided and left.

At the sky lounge, Caroline was preoccupied as she reviewed Aly's shoe sketches. Aly noticed Caroline's distractedness, and Caroline said that Steffy was in town. Caroline told Aly what had transpired with Steffy, and Aly assumed that Steffy needed time to absorb everything that was happening at Forrester and with her father.

Aly grimaced as Rick strode onto the rooftop in search of Wyatt. Caroline stated that she'd just left the men together. Rick revealed that Wyatt had quit. Aly asked Rick to cut Wyatt some slack, and Caroline agreed with Aly because Wyatt had lost his marriage. Rick relayed that the end of Hope and Wyatt hadn't surprised anyone -- except Wyatt, and it was no excuse for Wyatt giving him attitude.

Aly said it didn't sound like Wyatt at all, though Wyatt could be headstrong. Rick guessed Aly was making Rick the bad guy. "So much for kissing up to your boss to get the new shoe line approved," Rick quipped. Rick figured Wyatt could be stubborn, but he'd burned his last bridge with Rick.

In Liam's office, Liam and Bill discussed acquiring Forrester shares, and Bill noted that Steffy, Thomas, and Bill's shares wouldn't be enough. Bill hoped Steffy understood not to leak the takeover to Ridge. Liam said Steffy wasn't too happy with her father, and Bill claimed to understand why any daughter wouldn't be. "The dressmaker's a pig, lusting after my niece!" Bill stated.

Katie entered, heard the end of the conversation and assumed the men were talking about Forrester. She told Bill and Liam what she knew about the situation, but she figured there was nothing anyone could do with Rick, who had power for one year. "Short of murder," Bill added.

The topic changed to Katie and Bill's engagement. Katie said she'd told only Brooke about it, but at the time, Brooke had been preoccupied the idea that there would be no Ridge and Caroline. Liam felt Brooke should focus on reigning in her renegade son and asked if Katie knew about Rick's gun-slinging activities. Katie was appalled, and Liam asserted that something had to be done.

Later, Bill and Liam were alone, and Bill directed Liam to update him once word from Steffy arrived. Liam said he'd thought he was quarterbacking, but Bill replied that Bill was the head coach.

Wyatt arrived, and Liam and Bill welcomed him back. Liam asked if Hope was with Wyatt. Wyatt replied that she was staying in Italy, and his marriage was over. "Thought you guys should know," he murmured, sadly looking away. Bill asked if Wyatt was okay. Wyatt said he'd lost his son, his wife, and his job, and it wasn't the best time for him.

Liam asked Wyatt to elaborate about the job. Wyatt explained that Rick had been giving out lip, so Wyatt had quit. Liam wasn't happy about it, and Wyatt exclaimed that he hadn't been about to let Rick fire him. Liam said Wyatt couldn't quit because Liam and Bill needed Wyatt at Forrester.

Wyatt asked if he had to stay at Forrester because the men didn't want him at Spencer. Bill said it wasn't true, and Spencer was a family business more than ever because he and Katie were engaged. Wyatt made a shocked face, and Bill said the story was for later. Bill wanted all his boys at Spencer, but for the time being, Bill wanted Wyatt at Forrester.

Wyatt asked why, and Liam and Bill gave him a briefing on Rick's outlandish behavior at Forrester. Wyatt said it was all the more reason he didn't want to answer to Rick. Bill and Liam insisted that a Spencer on the inside was to their advantage, but Wyatt said he still didn't know what the men were planning. "Hostile takeover of Forrester Creations," Liam announced, and Wyatt's jaw dropped.

Wyatt's head was spinning from all the information his father and brother quickly threw at him about the stock hurdle. Liam said if they needed an alternate plan, Wyatt would be instrumental in gathering inside information. Wyatt assumed he'd be like a double agent. Liam agreed that it was a bit "007," but he added that Wyatt needed his job back for it to work.

Bill directed Wyatt to do whatever he had to do to get his job. "Beg if you have to," Bill instructed. Wyatt's nose flared. Liam asserted that they couldn't let Rick get away with it. "Ridge, either," Bill added. Liam said that if they hit Rick where it hurt most, he couldn't continue to abuse the women they loved.

Maya questions Rick about his romantic past

Maya questions Rick about his romantic past

Friday, February 6, 2015

Somewhere in Los Angeles in the evening, Ridge worked in a loft, complete with a bed, working fireplace, and kitchen area. The downstairs was cramped with easels and canvases. Caroline arrived, wondering why he'd invited her there. He said it was his space. He'd had it a few weeks, and it was time she saw where he painted and sketched.

Caroline glanced at the abstract works on the wall, surprised that Ridge had painted them. "See what you inspire me to do?" he asked. She thought the place was a big change from the Forrester estate, but he stated that he'd had fancy houses and fast cars. "This makes me happy," he concluded.

Ridge told Caroline that he wanted to do something. He asked her to sit for him. He wanted to paint his inspiration. Caressing her shoulders, he said her talents and her hands had helped him draw again, and he wanted to show her what his hands "can do with all of this."

Later, Ridge prepared color pallets. Caroline descended a spiral staircase with nothing but a white sheet draped around her. He posed her on a seat in front of the fireplace. As the flames from the fire and candles flickered off her skin, he tugged the sheet lower, exposing the small of her back. He began to walk away. She tugged him, and he kissed her. "Now I can sit still," she uttered.

A sensual song played as Ridge methodically translated Caroline's form into black lines on the canvas. Caroline strode over to him, and her arm encircled his neck from behind. His eyes fluttered closed, and she spun him around on his stool to face her. She slinked onto his lap, and they kissed.

At the warehouse loft, Brooke arrived and expressed relief that Quinn wasn't there. Deacon assumed that Brooke wanted to discuss an email from Hope that Brooke had forwarded him. Brooke stated that she actually wanted to talk about her son. She'd been trying to figure out who she could talk to, and she'd somehow found herself on Deacon's doorstep.

Brooke explained that Rick's marriage was over, and Rick had taken up with a Forrester model who enjoyed the good life. Caroline had latched on to Ridge, but Brooke planned to teach "that little girl" a lesson about messing with Rick. "Caroline Spencer is getting put in her place," Brooke declared.

Brooke said that Caroline had better enjoy her romance while she could, because Brooke could have Ridge back "just like that." Brooke saw where she was needed and concluded that she and Ridge would definitely get back together.

Brooke stacked Caroline and Ridge's flirtations against the years of history she had with Ridge, and she declared that there was no contest. Touching Brooke's hand, Deacon said his money was on Brooke. He had no doubt that she'd get any man she wanted.

Just then, Quinn entered and saw Deacon touching Brooke. Quinn greeted Brooke and asked her to stay for dinner, but Brooke said she'd just been leaving. Deacon went to the kitchen to make Quinn a drink, and Quinn warned Brooke to stay away from Deacon. Brooke scoffed, replying that she wasn't interested. "Well, I am, and I won't have you ruining it," Quinn snipped.

At the Forrester mansion, Rick drew back the bed covers, and Maya prepared martinis. She wasn't upset about the shooting incident as long as he hadn't been enraged that Caroline had been with someone else. "Does it look like I want to be with someone else?" Rick asked.

Rick reiterated that he'd never had a loyalty like Maya's. He'd only had lies from Caroline and Amber. Maya asked about Amber. Rick described Amber as completely opposite of Caroline but with the same lies. Caroline had the artist, and Amber had had the musician. When Maya heard the musician was the famous Raymond, she wanted to hear all about it.

Rick recalled that Raymond had been a high school friend of Amber's and had been in town to plan his tour. Flashbacks of Usher Raymond on stage at the coffee house inviting Amber to sing with him played on-screen. Maya said she understood Rick's pain. She surmised that he'd been cheated on before, and he'd waited all that time to remarry, but it had turned out the same way. She claimed that she wasn't like his former wives and would never hurt him that way.

In Liam's office, Wyatt was with Liam, who called Steffy to invite her to meet about Forrester. After the call, Liam urged Wyatt to make nice with Rick so Wyatt could be a double agent at Forrester. Liam didn't like Rick mistreating Ivy and Caroline and planned to take him down.

Steffy waltzed in, ranting that an egomaniac was running her company, and he thought his job was to sleep with models and shoot at employees. The worst part for Steffy was that she sympathized with Rick because she'd shoot, too, if she saw Ridge and Caroline making out.

Wyatt, who was still getting caught up on matters, said that before he'd left town, Caroline had been fighting for her marriage. Liam explained that Caroline had discovered the kind of man Rick was. Steffy didn't care if Caroline was done with Rick, but Caroline couldn't take up with Ridge.

Steffy figured that Caroline shouldn't have "daddy issues" because she'd been raised by two moms; however, it was obviously the case, in Steffy's view, because Caroline had had a marriage crisis and had moved on to the older man in the room.

Steffy had thought that moving to Paris had been the chance she'd wanted for her, Thomas, and Ridge to be together without the drama, but before she'd barely settled in there, Ridge had hopped a plane back home. Steffy had accepted Ridge leaving Paris because he could never stay away from Brooke for too long; however, Steffy would not accept Ridge with a woman her age.

Wyatt left, saying it was good to see Steffy again. Steffy guessed that Wyatt's departure meant it was time for Liam's hard sell. Liam didn't feel he needed a hard sell because Steffy's anger at the state of her company had her salivating to take his deal.

Steffy had a hard time seeing herself sign her family's company over to Spencers. Liam said that Steffy would be taking her company back. He believed she should be in charge and couldn't imagine a better candidate than Stephanie Forrester. He was elated by the thought of being able to give her the company. "You and me working together. Come on!" he exclaimed.

The idea was tempting to Steffy. Liam believed she'd be brilliant, and he really wanted it. He needed to make Forrester better for Ivy. Steffy froze. Blinking her eyes in realization, she uttered, "Yeah. I forgot. This is about her." He stated that it was about Ivy, it was about Caroline, and it was about Steffy. He believed they could fix things for everyone.

"What am I doing? I can't do this," Steffy said, mostly to herself. Liam tried to speak, but she asked what he thought it was doing to her to watch him fight for and protect another woman. "I was the one! No. I can't," Steffy decided. Liam knew it was tough but said it benefited her, too. She asked if he really thought they could see each other every day at work.

"Why not?" Liam asked, shrugging. Steffy asserted that she'd moved halfway across the world for one reason -- because it was difficult to see him. She grew tearful, and he asked if it was that way even after all that time. She declared that no amount of time would ever make her forget losing their child. He didn't want her to forget it, but he didn't think it meant they couldn't work together.

"Not if you're with Ivy, we can't," Steffy replied. Steffy had observed the way he was with Ivy, and Steffy insisted that she couldn't do it. He started to speak, but she cut in, asking, "Are you dense? I still love you!"

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