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Bill made some significant changes in Spencer's leadership. Liam almost knocked Rick out of his shoes and warned Rick about his treatment of Caroline and Ivy. Brooke returned home to a new and twisted family dynamic. Instead of firing Caroline, Rick fired at her.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 19, 2015 on B&B
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Bill announces two major changes

Bill announces two major changes

Monday, January 19, 2015

At Forrester, Rick called Caroline into the CEO's office to tell her that he expected daily progress reports from her, and if he wasn't available, she'd report to Maya. Caroline noted that the busy Maya had called in reinforcements. Rick became curious, and Caroline remarked that Nicole, Maya's sister, had been there. Caroline was surprised that Rick didn't know about Nicole's appearance earlier.

The last Rick had heard, Maya's family was scattered throughout the Midwest. Caroline quipped that Maya would round them up and move them into the mansion. Rick was sure that it was just a visit. "And when you become newly successful, relatives just appear!" Caroline stated.

Rick dismissed Caroline, but as she left, he asked what the sister had been like. She described the young girl as forward, young, and pretty. Caroline asked if he was done with her, and he noticed that she seemed different. "Maybe you never knew me very well," she responded then left.

Later, "Stephanie" arrived, carried by the determined Pam. Pam refused to let Rick stuff Stephanie away in the garage, exposed to the elements, and decided that she'd keep Stephanie at her desk. Rick asserted that Pam would not do it and added that there was no element exposure in the garage. The cynical Rick said he'd have shipping pack Stephanie up and treat her like the Mona Lisa.

Pam left with the portrait and returned to take dictation. Rick wanted to help Maya locate her relatives, starting with a sister named Nicole. "No," Pam pointedly said. Pam refused to do a deep background check on his girlfriend. "You don't trust her? I wonder why," Pam quipped.

Rick claimed to trust Maya, but Pam doubted that he trusted himself. She said he'd known he was wrong for moving Maya into Stephanie and Eric's house and bed, but he'd also known Maya would push him to do it. Pam offered to feel sorry for Rick, but he'd been doing enough of that for everyone.

At Spencer, Bill called a meeting with Alison, Justin, Katie, Jarrett, and Liam to discuss some changes he'd decided to make at the company upon his return from San Diego. Ivy rushed in, and Bill explained that he'd called Ivy there to witness Bill promoting Liam as president of Spencer Publications.

Everyone congratulated Liam, and Katie, who was late for a nail appointment, asked what the next announcement was. Bill said he'd created a vacuum by promoting Liam and needed someone to fill the vice presidency. "So, Katie, what do you say? If you can stand me, I need you back," Bill stated.

Everyone applauded and left Katie and Bill alone. Bill asked her what her answer was. Katie agreed to return, but she wanted seventy-five percent of her former salary, and she didn't want to deal with Alison -- ever. Katie also wanted the daycare back and flex-hours, so she could work from home.

Bill called it a nice home, and Katie said it was too bad he'd had to move out. He said he'd been kicked out but would settle for sleeping in his old bed. She counter-offered to make him dinner instead.

Justin returned with a contract for Katie, but Katie said she'd be crazy to sign anything from Justin without reading every word first. She took the papers and exited with Justin.

Through another door arrived Caroline in a huff. "It's Forrester, isn't it?" Bill guessed. She filled him in on what had happened in his absence, and Bill was livid about Rick shacking up with the ex-con all along. She said she'd wanted to talk to Bill and make sure that he didn't blame things on Ridge.

Bill called Ridge a player with hairy hands. Bill didn't want Ridge touching Bill's niece, who Bill asserted needed to be back with her husband. Caroline claimed she'd wanted it, but Rick had kept shutting it down. "Did he now?" Bill pointedly asked.

Later, Katie entered with her contract and halted upon seeing Caroline in the office alone. Caroline could barely look at Katie as Caroline relayed that Bill would be right back. Katie noted that it was the first time they'd seen each other since "it" had happened. Caroline murmured that she'd ruined everything, but Katie stated that nothing could be further from the truth.

Katie said Caroline hadn't taken Ridge away from Katie. Katie explained that she'd let him go because she couldn't understand him. She'd lost herself in Ridge. It had felt good to be lost, but Ridge's art would always be his first love, which made his wants and needs all-consuming. Katie had wanted to be what he'd needed her to be, but she'd realized that she needed to be more than that. Katie had forgotten who she was, and she warned Caroline to never forget herself.

Caroline thanked Katie, and Katie asked where Bill had gone. Caroline conveyed that she'd filled Bill in on Rick and Maya. Katie jokingly guessed Bill was in raging bull mode. Caroline noticed that Katie felt much more at ease with Bill than when the two had been married. Katie said she was more comfortable with herself, and being so was allowing her to reevaluate things.

In Liam's office, Ivy congratulated Liam on his new position, but Liam was sure that his promotion contained an ulterior motive to get Katie back at the business. "For two people who are divorced, they act very..." Ivy said, thinking of a word. "Married," Liam offered knowingly.

Liam figured that Ivy thought he was too young for his job and had only gotten it because of his father; however, he felt that he'd worked like a dog to get there, and the new position required him to keep doing that. Ivy said good things happened to good people. She believed that he was a good person, but good things didn't happen to him often enough.

Liam held Ivy from behind, and Ivy decided to get back to work. Liam said that they'd agreed to take things slowly, but she had no idea where he wanted to put his hands at that moment. Ivy told him that she'd win in the wandering-hands game, and they kissed.

At the mansion, Maya answered the door for Nicole and blankly asked what she needed. Nicole was surprised that Maya didn't recognize her. Gasping, Maya hugged Nicole and announced that her little sister was all grown up. Nicole quipped that puberty would do that to a person.

Nicole had transferred from her college in Evanston and was attending UCLA. Maya asked why Nicole hadn't contacted her. Due to Maya's years of silence, Nicole hadn't been sure Maya wanted it.

Nicole made a quip about the portrait on the wall. Maya said it had been Rick's idea, and Nicole remarked that Rick was married. Maya explained that he was getting a divorce, but Nicole said someone had forgotten to tell the Internet that part.

Maya was headed to work but decided that it could wait because her sister was there. Hugging Nicole, Maya said that she didn't know what people had told Nicole or what Nicole would think of Maya, and that was why the birthday and Christmas cards Maya had sent hadn't said much. Maya guessed that she didn't exist back home, but Nicole revealed that she'd quietly tracked Maya.

Nicole asked if Maya remembered receiving a hundred dollars in prison commissary money. Maya had thought it had been an error and had kept quiet about it. Nicole explained that she'd hacked the system so that Maya could have money for lotions and hair products.

The topic turned to school, and Nicole conveyed that she was a computer science major. Maya grilled her about where she'd go with that, and Nicole asked if Maya was really giving her the "Mom and Dad talk." Maya glared expectantly, and Nicole stated that she really wanted to design -- just not clothes.

Maya asked what future there was in it, and Nicole asked what future there was in modeling. Nicole noted that Maya was already getting facial lines, and Maya looked offended. Nicole decided to leave for class, but before going, she said she'd been angry at Maya for taking off to do her own thing because Nicole had been too young to do it, too. Maya hugged Nicole.

Later, Maya answered the door for Bill and dismally said he was a lovely surprise. She asked if he had a message to leave because she was the only one home. Bill retorted that his message to her was that she was nothing but a resident squatter.

Bill asked if Maya was fulfilling a trailer park fantasy. Maya asserted that Rick was in love with her, and Bill asked if she was kidding. "Rick is in love with misery. He's in love with tormenting himself," Bill explained. He said it was just how some people got off, but Rick was married to Caroline and in agony over not fulfilling his vows.

Maya offered to let the police remove Bill. "How long do you think it's going to be before you're removed?" Bill asked. He reminded her that he knew all about her past and could make it stick to her in a New York minute. He gave her twenty-four hours to say her goodbyes, because at that time the following day, she'd be gone.

Maya stands her ground

Maya stands her ground

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

by Pam

At Forrester, Caroline displayed some new designs on easels for Eva, Pam, Oliver, Ivy, and Aly. Pam complimented Caroline on the new designs that Ridge and Caroline had completed. Rick walked in, and everyone looked nervous. Oliver offered that he had some of the photos of Ivy's new jewelry accessories and how they would work with the designs.

Rick studied the designs. "Where is the head designer?" Rick demanded. Caroline answered that Ridge had said that Caroline could handle the meeting. "I disagree," Rick uttered with a sneer. He insisted that it was a concept meeting, and the head designer was required to be there.

Caroline stood up to Rick and asked for specific critiques, but Rick shouted that he would run his suggestions past the head designer, "not the helper. Let's move on," he said. Rick turned his back on Caroline, and Caroline angrily glared at Rick.

The team sat down at the table and discussed that Aly had developed some shoe designs. Rick reviewed them and said it was a great idea, but he didn't want to rush into a new product line. Caroline and Ivy argued that it was a natural for Forrester, but Rick maintained that it was a risk. Rick didn't want to endanger profits, but he encouraged Aly to keep designing.

Rick welcomed Eva back from the international office. He asked about the buzz at International, and Eva shared that it was all about Ivy. Rick noted that it was her jewelry, but Eva said it had been her modeling. "It created quite a stir," Eva said.

Rick said that it had been a mistake. "Ivy's not a model," Rick said. Everyone argued that Ivy had been an Internet sensation, but Rick argued that Ivy was not a model, and he wanted all of the shots redone with Maya -- a professional model. "That's what we pay her for," Rick said. Arguments continued, but Rick said he had made the decision to reshoot with Oliver in charge.

Caroline suggested that they discuss how Maya and Maya's sister were going to impact the company. Caroline worried that Maya and her sister would worm their way into positions of power at Forrester. Rick said that Maya and her sister were not points of discussion.

Caroline angrily told Rick to stop messing with Ivy, Aly, and the company when it was really Caroline he was lashing out at. Rick was furious. "I want you all to leave. Caroline, Ivy stay," Rick bellowed. Everyone left, and Rick shouted, "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

At Spencer, Katie sat in Bill's chair, and Liam greeted her. He congratulated her on her position as vice president. Katie smiled and remarked that she had to congratulate Liam as the new president at Spencer. Katie was happy that Bill had asked her to rejoin the business. "I think he wants you back in his life," Liam said with a smile.

Liam and Katie chatted about Bill's new attitude, and Katie was glad that Bill valued her opinion. Liam noted that Bill had mellowed -- thanks to Katie. Katie said that Bill had heard about Rick and Maya. Liam wondered if Bill had gone to visit Rick or Maya. Liam hoped it had been Maya because Rick had been creating havoc at Forrester. Liam confided that Rick had made life miserable for Caroline and Ivy.

Liam explained that Ivy had caught Rick with Maya while he'd been married to Caroline. And Rick had threatened Ivy. Liam said he wouldn't stand for Rick treating his family members so poorly. Katie noted that Liam was a lot like his father with his protective nature about all things family. Liam agreed.

Katie concurred that Rick had been completely out of control at Forrester, and she offered to talk to Rick, but Liam didn't think it would do any good. He said he would speak to Rick himself.

At the Forrester mansion, Bill grilled Maya, but she stood up to him. Bill surmised that Maya would be out of Rick's life within 24 hours. Maya scoffed that Bill didn't know anything about Rick. Bill reminded Maya that Rick had married -- and was still married to -- his niece.

Maya said that things had changed. Bill pointed out that they would change again. He added that Maya had a lot to learn. She guessed that he expected her to listen and obey.

Maya said that Bill was standing in her home. Bill laughed. "Are you a Forrester? Will you ever be a Forrester?" Bill said, amused. Maya was unfazed. Bill said he wanted her out of the house and out of Rick's life, and he usually got what he wanted, "Not this time. I'm not going anywhere," Maya said.

Bill shook his head after he'd gazed at the painting of Maya. Maya argued that Rick had been the best thing that had ever happened to her. Bill reminded her that she was out of her league. She said that she would soon be married to Rick, and she was the lead model at Forrester. Bill laughed. "Forrester changes its lead model more often than I change my underwear," he said.

Maya demanded that Bill leave. Bill used his phone to take pictures of the portrait of Maya on the wall. Bill said he would have the photos for posterity and have a nice little chuckle someday. "The new matriarch? Pathetic. You're a joke," Bill said, and he left.

Outside the office Forrester, Pam, Aly, and Oliver could hear the arguing inside. They lamented that Eric had left Rick in charge. Liam showed up, and they told him that Rick had been insulting to Caroline and Ivy. Liam was angry.

Inside the office, Rick, Caroline, and Ivy argued. Caroline maintained that she had been fighting for the company. She said that Rick had no good reason to ignore that Ivy had an international following. Rick reminded her that he was the CEO, but Caroline replied that he had "slapped the label on your door."

Rick maintained that the designs had not been her best efforts. Caroline insisted that Rick's critiques had nothing to do with the dresses. Ivy agreed it was all about Ridge and Caroline. Rick resurrected his argument that Caroline had betrayed him, and Ivy freaked out on Rick -- that he had been sleeping with Maya while Ridge and Caroline had exchanged a few kisses.

Rick argued that he had tired of hearing about a few kisses. "I can see that it's not over. Is it, Caroline?" Rick demanded. Caroline didn't look at Rick. Rick babbled about how Caroline had begged and pleaded to get back together with him, but she had been spending more time with Ridge. Ivy told Rick to stop berating Caroline.

Rick freaked out and told Caroline she was fired. "You're finished here," Rick screamed. Liam entered, and knocked Rick on the floor. "You do not speak to these women that way. Do you understand?" Liam shouted. Rick laughed from the floor. Liam angrily glared at Rick.

On the rooftop, Aly and Oliver discussed that Rick had shot down Aly's shoe designs. They agreed that Rick had been totally unreasonable, but Oliver felt that Rick needed to get back to normal. "He's not himself," Oliver said. Oliver said that someday everyone on the planet would be wearing a pair of Alys by Aly Forrester.

Later at Spencer, Katie looked up and saw Bill. "You never looked sexier," Bill said. Katie thanked him and asked if he had visited Rick or Maya. Bill said that Maya was not going to give up without a fight.

Katie and Bill discussed that everyone made mistakes. Bill noted they were still together in spite of their mistakes. He added that it was just the beginning. "I want you back, Katie. It's gonna happen," he said. Katie teased that he was quite positive and sure of himself. She said that could get him into trouble. Bill smiled and said he wanted to get into trouble with Katie. "I will. We will," he said.

Liam stands up to Rick

Liam stands up to Rick

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

by Pam

At Forrester, Liam had knocked Rick on the floor, and Rick laughed at Liam from the floor. "You do not speak to these women that way. Do you understand?" Liam shouted. Rick maintained that Liam didn't want to take Rick on.

Liam disagreed. Liam warned that no on should treat employees the way that Rick had, and Liam reminded Rick that Caroline was his cousin and Ivy was his girlfriend. "You disrespect them, and you'll have to go though me," Liam commanded.

Liam advised Rick to stop yelling at people as a normal order of business. Rick shouted that what he did was none of Liam's business. Liam shouted right back at him. "These are my people," Liam said. Liam chastised Rick for berating Caroline and Ivy. Rick droned on about how Caroline had disrespected him with Ridge.

Liam laid into Rick and called him a hypocrite. "How's your new roommate?" Rick asked. He reminded Rick that he had been sleeping with Maya for weeks, and Caroline had only kissed Ridge.

Rick refused to give in, but Liam warned that firing Caroline and Ivy was ridiculous. Rick called Caroline a "faithless liar." Rick whined that he hadn't created the situation at Forrester. Caroline had, and she had to deal with the fallout.

Liam told Rick to stop expecting sympathy because he'd been hurt. Rick also demanded that Rick stop bullying people and look for a better solution. "I'm CEO," Rick shouted, but Liam told him to stop his grandstanding and acting like a child.

Liam shouted that Rick needed to stop trying to break Caroline's spirit and rubbing his relationship with Maya in Caroline's face. "Would your father be proud of you right now?" Liam chided. Rick looked away and told Liam to never touch him again.

Rick put Ivy and Caroline "on notice." Liam reminded Rick that he needed to stop his power trip and remember who he was talking to because Liam wouldn't allow Rick to mistreat his cousin and his girlfriend.

Rick said that Liam behaved just like his father, and Liam agreed. Liam planned to protect his family. Caroline, Rick, and Ivy walked out, and Caroline shook her head at Rick.

At Spencer, Katie and Bill continued their discussion of the future of Spencer. Katie said she had missed the view from his office. Bill promised to give her his office, and he would choose another. Bill said he wanted to run the company with his family. Katie worried that she would spend too much time away from Will.

Bill said that Katie's idea of daycare had been good for the company and its employees. Katie remembered that Bill had previously said derogatory things about daycare. He feigned surprise. Katie said she needed him to admit it. He growled, "I was wrong."

Katie smiled. "That is the sexiest thing you ever said to me," Katie said. Bill admitted that Katie's changes had improved the morale and productivity of the staff. "Bill Spencer lives and learns. Who would have thought?" Katie teased.

Bill wanted Katie to take him back. He asked who made her laugh like he did. He teased that the dressmaker couldn't possibly have done that. Katie said that Ridge had a subtle sense of humor.

Bill responded that the string on Katie's finger as a substitute for an engagement ring had been pretty funny. Bill asked Katie to take him back and let him move back in because it would make everyone -- including Will -- happy.

Bill added that daycare would be good for Will. He would be with other kids and his parents on-site at his future empire. Katie laughed and said that it would be exciting to work with Bill and Liam again.

Bill wished he could make room for Caroline at Spencer, but Katie believed Caroline had an incredible future in design. Bill scoffed that he didn't want it to be with Ridge. Katie told Bill he couldn't control everything.

Bill promised to take care of all Katie's wishes at Spencer. He asked what was preventing her from allowing him to move back into the house. Katie looked serious. She reminded him that he had let her down, and Bill admitted that he hadn't understood or handled her depression well.

"You chose Brooke," Katie said tearfully. Bill promised to make it up to her. Katie wanted to get back together, but she was worried. Bill caressed her cheek, and Katie tearfully grabbed Bills hand. He kissed her hand.

At Forrester, Liam, Ivy, and Caroline discussed Rick's volatile behavior. Liam worried that Rick had lost it. Caroline said Rick had never been that bad before. Liam asked about Caroline's relationship with Ridge, and Caroline said she had nothing to apologize for, considering what Rick had done. "Caroline, I'm not judging you," Liam said.

Liam added that he wanted to gauge how closely Rick needed to be watched. Ivy maintained that Rick was hurt and still loved Caroline. Rick said that was no excuse for Rick to dehumanize people. "He won't get away with doing this to either of you," Liam said.

Ivy hugged Liam. "Eric made a big mistake," Liam said about making Rick CEO. Liam wondered if they could contact Eric, but Ivy said Eric and her father were unreachable. Caroline noted that no one could fire Rick for a year.

Caroline pointed out that Rick had fooled everyone into believing that she and Rick would be running the company together -- that was what Eric had wanted. Caroline lamented that Rick was the boss, and they had to accept it.

Ivy suggested that Caroline leave the office and get some rest because she had to be emotionally exhausted. Ivy hugged Caroline and sent her home. Caroline thanked Liam and hugged him. She left.

Liam told Ivy he was looking forward to seeing her later. He promised a surprise for Ivy. "Do I smell a plan?" Ivy asked. He said he loved her, and he had meant it in Amsterdam as well. They kissed, and Liam left.

Alone in his office at Forrester, Rick poured a big glass of booze and flashed back to his youth when he'd complained to someone that Ridge had hurt his mother. He took another sip of booze and looked woozy. Rick opened his briefcase and pulled out a carefully wrapped gun. He looked obsessed.

Bill and Katie discuss Brooke

Bill and Katie discuss Brooke

Thursday, January 22, 2015

At the cliff house, Ivy arrived and observed flowers and candles in the living room. Soft music played, and Liam handed her a glass of wine. She thanked him for standing up for her with Rick. She'd seen his heroic side before, but his defense of her that day had impressed upon her that he had her back no matter what. Ivy wanted Liam to know that she had his back, too.

After toasting, Liam and Ivy left dishes in the kitchen. Liam joked that Caroline would earn her keep by cleaning them. Ivy thought Caroline did kind of owe him for the place to stay and for defending her to Rick. Ivy said she felt very safe by Liam's side, as if nothing could touch her.

The two kissed and cuddled on the sofa. Liam said he'd do what he had to do for Ivy because she'd taught him that loving a woman didn't have to be a struggle or be about constantly overcoming obstacles. Liam added that Ivy had reminded him that love could be fun. Ivy said it was true with the right person, and she thought she'd found the right one. "I know I have," Liam replied.

Liam led Ivy to the bedroom, where they made out and undressed each other. Soft music played as they began having sex on the bed.

At Quinn's loft, Deacon thanked Brooke for visiting. Brooke was sure he wanted to hear about Hope and Wyatt. Pouring a tequila shot, Deacon said not to give him a hard time. She hadn't planned on it and asked him to pour her one, too -- just in case his new girlfriend arrived home.

Quinn arrived, and Brooke decided to go. Quinn asked Brooke to stay and inquired about Wyatt and Hope. Brooke couldn't speak for Wyatt, but she doubted Hope would return to town soon. Quinn urged Brooke to reason with Hope about returning, but Brooke said Hope made her own choices.

Quinn felt that Hope needed to consider other people, like her husband. Deacon said that Wyatt and Hope were working it out together. Quinn wasn't sure of it. Quinn noted that Hope had shut Wyatt out, and if he hadn't gone after Hope, Hope might not be in contact with him at all. Quinn didn't like how Hope was handling things, but Brooke said it wasn't up to Quinn to decide how Hope grieved.

Quinn felt that it was her concern if Hope was mistreating Wyatt. Brooke stated that they wouldn't be in the situation if Quinn hadn't confronted Hope at Brooke's house. Brooke declared that it was all Quinn's fault. Quinn walked off, and Deacon told Brooke that Quinn had beaten herself up about it enough without having to hear from Brooke.

Deacon comforted Quinn, and Brooke decided to go. At the door, she sighed. She said waiting was hard; however, Hope would grieve the way she needed to, and Brooke would apprise them of any updates. Brooke left. Deacon touched Quinn's chin, but she stubbornly pulled it out of reach.

At Forrester, Ridge and Caroline discussed Rick's rage earlier. Ridge felt that he should have been there, but Caroline said she could handle it -- especially because she was no longer hoping he'd be the husband she'd thought he'd been.

Caroline explained that Rick had lost it when he'd asked her if she'd kissed Ridge again, and her telltale expression had given it away. Ridge said that Rick shouldn't be surprised due to the way Rick was behaving with her. Ridge had hoped Rick would grow up, but in Ridge's view, Rick hadn't. Pulling Caroline close, he said Rick's rants weren't her concern anymore.

Ridge asked what Rick had thought of a particular design. Caroline indicated that Rick had felt that it wasn't her best work. Ridge doubted Rick's objectivity. While studying the gown, Ridge asked about dropping down some aspect of it. She liked the idea but said they'd have to change the back. Ridge remarked that it was too much work, but Caroline replied that it was worth it.

Soft music played as Ridge and Caroline bounced design ideas off each other. Caroline leaned in to draw some changes on a sketch, and the two designers passionately kissed.

In the CEO's office, Maya and Rick kissed, and Maya asked what the surprise was. Rick announced that Kris was on his way with Rick's divorce papers, so Rick and Maya could move on. Maya was excited to hear it, and when Kris arrived, she left to set up a celebration back at the mansion.

At the mansion later, Maya, dressed in a teddy, garter, and thigh-high stockings, answered the front door for Brooke. Brooke scowled, and Maya expressed surprise that Brooke was back. "And you're wearing my lingerie," Brooke added. Maya agreed that the lingerie was from the Brooke's Bedroom line.

Maya said that Rick wasn't there. Brooke responded that she knew because he hadn't answered at the guesthouse. Maya stated that "we" were staying at the main house because the guesthouse needed renovations, but it was just until Eric got back. Brooke's reaction indicated that she knew nothing about Rick and Maya. Brooke set her bag down, glanced at the wall above the fireplace, and exclaimed, "What the hell! Where's Stephanie's picture?"

Maya said Rick had taken it down and put it in the garage. "Well, it needs to go back up," Brooke responded and glanced around as if she were in the twilight zone. "This is ridiculous. This is so disrespectful. What are you doing with my son?" Brooke demanded to know.

Back at the CEO's office, Rick signed the divorce papers, and Kris decided that there was still time to serve them to Caroline that evening. Rick offered Kris a drink. Kris declined, but Rick didn't mind drinking alone. Before Kris left, Rick opened his drawer and said there was one more thing.

Pulling out Stephanie's gun, Rick asked Kris to get rid of it. Kris was impressed by the nickel-plated snub-nosed weapon and asked if Rick wanted Kris to find out to whom Stephanie had willed it. Rick replied that he just wanted it gone. Kris asked why, and Rick joked that he didn't trust himself with it.

Rick relayed that Stephanie had kept it in her nightstand, and with one martini too many, Eric could have been a goner. Stephanie hadn't kept it loaded, but Rick had found its bullets. Kris loaded the gun with the bullets from the box Rick set down.

Kris aimed at the horse portrait above the desk and noted that his wife was almost as good a shot as he was. Rick asked if Kris's wife had a birthday soon. Kris mentioned his upcoming anniversary. Rick told Kris to gift it to his wife. Kris called it an expensive gift. Rick said it was a bonus for all Kris's hard work, and Kris could tell his wife that Rick was happy that at least someone had a good marriage.

After a while, Kris left, but he forgot the gun. Rick grabbed it and hurried into the corridor, but the elevator doors closed before Rick reached it. As Rick returned to his office, something through a crack in the doors across the hallway caught his attention. He looked closer and realized that it was Caroline lying on the settee. Ridge was above her and kissing her.

Rick scowled and stuck his face in the cracked doorway. He fumed, recalling Maya outing Caroline and Ridge months earlier. In Rick's mind, he heard Caroline pleading for him to forgive her and Ridge. Rick raised the gun and fired three shots through the doorway.

B&B celebrates 7,000 episodes

B&B celebrates 7,000 episodes

Friday, January 23, 2015

For the seven thousandth episode, the actors and crew convened at Studio 31 to celebrate twenty-eight years of the Bold and the Beautiful. A pop-up book opened on-screen, revealing a 3-D paper recreation of Los Angeles. Forrester jets and Spencer helicopters flew by billboards, which animated with scenes from the decades-long show.

The billboard located above the paper Studio 31 building played the show's very first commercial from 1987. Brad Bell appeared on-screen. He said that his family had moved to California from Chicago, and his father had been intent upon forming a new show.

Bell Senior had known right away that he'd wanted Susan Flannery and John McCook as the heads of the design family. Ronn Moss was the first actor cast. Katherine Kelly Lang had first read for Caroline Spencer, but the moment she'd auditioned, the creators had known she'd be their Brooke Logan.

Next, cast members took viewers through a day on set. According to Scott Clifton, mornings begin with blocking, following by wardrobe, hair, and makeup. Lastly, they film.

Darin Brooks and Linsey Godfrey fondly recalled their auditions for the show. On-screen flashed a scene of Rick spitting out his drink as he saw Caroline in her underwear, and various cast members began discussing their views of love scenes.

"There's people watching. I have enough trouble doing this at home," Thorsten Kaye joked. Clifton and Kim Matula revealed that the actors are caked in makeup, and overhead speakers blare blocking directions during love scene filming. Don Diamont and Rena Sofer were surprised at how well their brutal, vase-breaking sex scene played out.

Brad Bell moved on to discussing flawed characters. Sofer conveyed that, while fleshing out Quinn, Bell had wondered what it would be like if Quinn were bad. Scenes of Quinn terrorizing Liam played on-screen, and Sofer said that Quinn was a lot of fun to play.

About the time the show had been on for five years, the producers noted the international success of the show. Clifton compared fans' enthusiasm for the show's first trip to Italy to a Beatles crowd's reception. Sean Kanan and Heather Tom marveled at how fans recognized them instantly, and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood was still in awe of the show's insane Johannesburg reception.

McCook and Bell fondly remembered how the international fans adored Darlene Conley, Sally Spectra. "People screamed for her," he recalled. Bell told the story of how Conley had been leery of doing her own stunt for the scene in which Stephanie knocked Sally into the Portofino sea; however, fans crowded in to watch the taping, and their presence gave Conley the courage to jump in.

"She was a hit every time," Bell said. A montage of scenes featuring Sally played on-screen.

Scoff Clifton theorized that their international success correlated with how seriously they took the language dubbing. Scenes of the characters speaking various languages played. Jacob Young jokingly wished his voice could be as suave as that of his Spanish-speaking voice actor. Bell noted that the show broadcasts in over one hundred countries. Scenes from Amsterdam, Italy, Paris, Cabo San Lucas, and other locations played.

Wood discussed stunt doubles. She relayed that her stunt double for the fall off the Italian cliff had worn a long wig, and upon closer inspection, Wood had realized that it had been a man, not a woman. Kim Matula remarked upon Hope's tumble down Brooke's stairs. Matula and Clifton inspected the stairs and surprisingly discovered that they were comprised of foam.

Scenes of Brooke and Thomas having their island hallucinations played, and Bell remarked upon how advances in digital technology expanded their creativity with scenes. Ashleigh Brewer confessed that she and Clifton had not really landed in the Seine in Paris. It appeared as if they had due to the magic of green screens, ladders, waist-hooked wires, and a local dam. The camera crew created Ridge's fall from the helicopter in much the same way.

The actors said they felt the cast and crew were a family. To celebrate their achievements, they dedicated Studio 31 to Brad Bell and memorialized it with a plaque bearing his name. Various actors of the show appeared on-screen to say that the fans are the most important part of the show. Each thanked the fans for watching seven thousand episodes, and they hoped the fans would stick around for seven thousand more.

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