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Ridge discovered that mentoring Caroline was the key to recovering his design magic. Just as Ivy prepared to concede to Hope's advice to back off from Liam, Liam kissed Ivy. Quinn was confident that Bill wouldn't share with anyone his newfound knowledge about her covert trip to Paris.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 1, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, September 1, 2014

Due to the Labor Day holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful was not shown today. This programming change was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming resumes Tuesday, September 2, and will pick up where the Friday, August 29, episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

by Pam

At Brooke's, Deacon showed up and asked Brooke if she had thought about his proposal. He maintained that people had few second chances. "I want that so bad," he said. "I know," Brooke said. Deacon brought up Bridget, and he asked if Brooke had worried about Bridget's reaction. Brooke noted that Bridget had forgiven both of them a long time before. Brooke said that she worried about Ridge. Deacon noted that he would not give up on the idea.

Hope entered and asked what Brooke and Deacon had been talking about. Brooke and Deacon grew silent. Deacon asked how Hope was because she appeared to be glowing. Hope dished that one minute she had been waiting for Liam, and the next, Wyatt had swept her off her feet. She said she couldn't help thinking about the "what ifs."

Brooke reminded Hope that Wyatt had been committed to Hope since the first time he had met her. Hope said she couldn't turn her feelings for Liam off. Deacon reminded her that she didn't have to turn off her feelings. "It's okay to have those feelings," Deacon said. He explained that Liam was a very special person, but he added that Hope was Wyatt's wife. Hope smiled and said that it was nice to have both her parents together. She hugged Deacon.

At Forrester, Caroline had returned from a visit with her mothers. She hugged Rick, and he noted that he had missed her. Caroline agreed that she had missed her husband, and she teased that Maya had probably hit on him more than once. Rick said it was nothing he couldn't handle. Caroline said that her mothers had spoiled her rotten while she had visited them. Caroline asked Rick to catch her up on what had happened at Forrester.

Rick admitted that he had been worried about Ridge and designs for the Forrester couture line. Rick said that Ridge had not given him any designs. Rick worried that there was more going on with Ridge than anyone knew.

In Ridge's office, Ridge tried to design, and Katie entered, but Ridge thought she was Pam. He ordered her to stop interrupting him. He noticed it was Katie, and he apologized and kissed and hugged her. Ridge said that Pam had pestered him with lemon bars and medieval event news.

Katie asked how his day had gone, and Ridge maintained that he couldn't draw anymore. He added that he had deadlines, and Rick had been breathing down his neck. "I've got nothing," he said. Ridge wanted to give Rick something that Forrester could be proud of, but it was too much pressure.

Rick and Caroline entered. Rick said he hated to pull rank on Ridge, but he needed Ridge to show him some designs by the end of the day. Rick said that he was uncomfortable with waiting, and he left. Caroline remained.

Katie followed Rick to his office, where Rick worried to Katie that something more was going on with Ridge. He pointedly asked Katie about it, but Katie covered up for Ridge and reminded Rick that Ridge had been through a lot.

Rick agreed, but he felt that Ridge had to be part of the team, and Ridge had been more difficult than usual. Rick worried that Ridge had an ego problem. Katie disagreed. Ridge asked if Katie had seen Ridge's designs. Rick pointedly asked if Katie had liked them.

Katie grew uncomfortable, and she told Rick that she was not a judge of designs, but Rick reminded that Katie had been the Forrester CEO, and she was a woman -- the target audience for Forrester. Katie turned away. "You're putting me in a weird position," she said. She promised that Ridge would be on track.

In Ridge's office, Caroline told Ridge that she had designed a few gowns for the couture line while she had been in New York City. "I'll show you mine if you show me yours," she teased.

Ridge encouraged her to show him her designs. She gushed that she felt like he was a design god. "Just being in your presence is inspiring," she said. She felt that they had a connection because he had been so in love with her namesake -- her late aunt Caroline.

Caroline admitted that she had pored over Ridge's collections when she'd been younger. She teased that she had buttered him up, and she showed him one of her designs. Ridge grew quiet. She worried that he hated it. Ridge disagreed. "I love the detailing," he said. He instructed her to lose some of the busy detail around the waist and the bodice. "Remember less is more," he said.

Caroline noted that she had struggled with trying to be sophisticated yet fresh. "Can you help me?" she asked. Ridge looked at the design, and Caroline explained that she didn't know if she should change something or start over. Ridge suggested a different fabric that was lighter and more flattering to the silhouette. Caroline agreed. She asked about the back of the dress. Ridge pointed out that it was too busy. He suggested a more simple line, and Caroline encouraged him to draw it. He refused and told her to draw it because it was her design.

Ridge encouraged Caroline to focus on the client who would buy the dress. "Don't overthink it. It has to seem effortless," he added. Caroline drew some new lines, and Ridge told her to try again. "Please show me," Caroline begged.

Ridge put his hand on top of Caroline's hand and guided the pencil. "You're trembling," she said. He told her not to worry about that. Together, they finished the dress design. Caroline laughed. "Yes, I totally see it. This is amazing," she said. "We make a really good team," Caroline added. "Yes we do," Ridge agreed, and he smiled.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

by Pam

In Rick's office, Rick talked to Katie and quizzed her about Ridge. Rick insisted that he needed to see Ridge's designs the same day. Katie begged Rick to give Ridge some time, but Rick said he needed to get the collection together. Katie looked worried and left.

In Ridge's office, Ridge and Caroline drew designs together, and Caroline said she was speechless. She told Ridge that she could feel how to draw the lines with him guiding her. Ridge said that her ability would grow with time. Caroline showed him more designs. "Show me how to make it better," she said.

Ridge looked at one design and suggested she needed to remember simplicity and that less was more. On one design, he erased a few lines. "A woman wears a dress not the other way around," he advised. Caroline worried that one design was too revealing. Ridge suggested adding a sleeve to a sleeveless dress." It's still sexy because it's classic," Caroline said. "Now you're getting it," Ridge said and smiled.

Ridge and Caroline laughed. Caroline said he had made her designs "jaw-dropping -- so far beyond my ability." Caroline urged Ridge to mentor her. "I'd be so honored," she said. "Why don't you take this and bring it to Rick. Tell him it's part of the collection," Ridge suggested. Caroline was excited. "Thank you," she said.

Caroline showed the designs to Rick, and Rick was impressed. Caroline told him that she and Ridge had collaborated on them. She said she had started with a rough sketch, and Ridge had made it better. She said she could feel his talent and brilliance. Rick said that he was proud of Caroline.

In Ridge's office, Katie joined Ridge, and he told her about his collaboration with Caroline. He was thrilled, and they hugged. Ridge admitted that he had trembled and panicked, but he put his hand on Caroline's hand and guided her in a design. They hugged again.

Katie noted that Ridge had not lost his gift after all. "Show me," she urged. Ridge tried, but he could not draw. He told Katie that it had been effortless with Caroline. Ridge said he knew his solution was to work with Caroline.

On the rooftop at Forrester, Ivy and Aly discussed photographs of Ivy's work. Ivy asked Aly to deliver the photos and pieces to Liam because she felt awkward. Aly noted that Liam and Ivy appeared to have had a great time at the end of summer party. Ivy admitted that she had enjoyed the time she'd spent with Liam. Aly begged for details. "I'm dying to hear everything," she said.

Hidden from view, Hope stopped to eavesdrop on Ivy and Aly's conversation.

Ivy said that she and Liam had danced, and Aly said that was a positive move for Ivy. She added that they had kissed and held hands, and Liam had a new lease on life. Ivy wanted to see more of Liam.

Aly wondered if Hope regretted leaving Liam. Ivy said that Hope had to let go of Liam because she was married to Wyatt.

"Yes, I am," Hope said, and she interrupted Aly and Ivy. Hope encouraged Ivy and Aly to continue their conversation, but she was a bit snotty. Aly excused herself to deliver Ivy's jewelry designs and photos to Liam. Aly left.

Hope sat down, and Ivy encouraged Hope to say what she was thinking. Hope wondered if Ivy had been dating Liam. Ivy answered that there was nothing official, but she was looking forward to dating Liam. Hope haughtily said that she knew Liam better than anyone. He was wonderful, smart handsome, successful, and attractive.

Hope said that Liam needed time alone to process what had happened. Ivy didn't like Hope's interference. Ivy reminded Hope that she had dumped Liam and married his brother in minutes.

Surprised at Ivy's attitude, Hope advised that Ivy had been a little out of line. Hope still cared about Liam. Even though she was married to Wyatt, she planned to look out for Liam. Ivy smiled. "You can't have them both," she said. Hope was shocked.

Hope maintained that Liam didn't need a new relationship right away. "Don't you think that's Liam's decision, and not yours?" Ivy asked. Ivy continued to ask what Wyatt would think about Hope's concern for her ex. "You've moved on; why can't he?" Ivy asked.

Hope stammered that she was trying to help, but she also wondered how Ivy had fallen into the Seine. Ivy reminded Hope that it had not been Ivy's fault that Hope had decided not to wait a few more minutes for Liam. Ivy icily recalled that Hope had chosen to turn around and marry Liam's brother.

Ivy added that it was sad that Hope was a lot like her mother -- who had also dated two brothers. Hope was speechless. Angrily, Hope replied that she was nothing like her mother. "Kind of looks the same from here," Ivy replied.

Hope advised Ivy that her remarks had been inappropriate because Ivy reported to Hope. Ivy argued that she was at Forrester because her uncle had invited her there "because I'm a Forrester. It's my name and my family's business. You're a Logan," Ivy said. Hope replied that Ivy's jewelry was a part of the Hope for the Future line -- "My line, my name. Show me some respect," Hope said. Ivy promised to show the respect that Hope deserved. Hope angrily left.

At Spencer in Liam's office, Liam flashed back to his wedding with Hope in Italy. He sighed deeply, and Aly showed up with Ivy's photos. They discussed that Liam had enjoyed his night out as a single guy. Liam teased that Aly was playing Cupid.

Aly knew it was early for a relationship, but she encouraged Liam to spend some time with Ivy. Aly said she had a selfish reason for matching Ivy and Liam up because it meant Liam would stay in the family. "We'd get to keep you around," she said. Liam laughed and hugged Aly.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

At the beach house, Hope entered, and Wyatt greeted her. She murmured that she'd had an interesting day, and Wyatt offered to microwave a pizza and pour out a bag of salad for her. After kissing her, Wyatt showed her a bottle of wine that a neighbor had dropped off as a gift.

Wyatt mentioned that Ivy's designs were good, and Ivy might be giving his mother a run for her money. Hope cut her eyes at him and said that Ivy might be more like his mother than they had realized.

Guessing she was being overly sensitive, Hope revealed that Ivy had made it clear that she was a Forrester, and Hope was a Logan. Wyatt corrected that Hope was a Spencer. Hope said she'd been getting heritage grief for "so long," first from Steffy and next from Ivy. Wyatt advised Hope to stay confident in her talents and her contributions to the business.

Hope stated that it wasn't just the business, and she was a little uncomfortable with Ivy's behavior. Wyatt asked what Ivy had done, and half-chuckling, Hope stated that Ivy had kissed Liam. Wyatt was excited to hear that Liam was moving on and had kissed Ivy. Hope said it had happened twice, and she believed Ivy had been doing the kissing.

Wyatt exclaimed that it was good for Liam, but Hope snipped that it wasn't the best idea, and it was too soon. She believed Liam had things that he needed to work through. Wyatt didn't see what the big deal was, but Hope asked what kind of woman pursued a man after the kind of breakup that she and Liam had had. Wyatt looked away, and Hope said it made her question Ivy's character.

Hope felt that Liam was vulnerable, which made Ivy seem opportunistic. Wyatt wished the best for Liam but didn't care who Liam kissed as long as it wasn't Hope. Wyatt understood that Hope wanted to protect Liam. Wyatt did, too, but preferred not to talk about Liam in Wyatt's home with Wyatt's wife.

Wyatt kissed Hope, and she conceded to stop talking about it. Just as Wyatt relaxed, Hope said it might not be an issue any longer because she "might have" told Ivy to back off. Wyatt's nostrils flared, and with a mad chuckle, he asked, "What is happening right now?"

Hope asked if she'd been out of line. "Telling Ivy to step off your ex? I can see why she'd take offense to that," Wyatt responded. Hope claimed to be protecting Liam, but Wyatt said Liam probably didn't want her to. Hope agreed, but clenching her fists, she said there was just something about Ivy.

Wyatt didn't think it was weird that his brother and Ivy were drawn to each other and suggested that Hope let it play out. "No. I don't think Liam is attracted to her," Hope decided. She believed Liam was looking for a friend to lean on and didn't need someone making moves on him so soon. "He's a guy. We don't ever not need that," Wyatt replied.

Hope insisted that Liam needed time, and Wyatt was sure that Liam would be okay. Wyatt asked Hope to see Ivy's perspective. Liam was the hero who'd jumped in to save her. Hope curtly nodded.

At Spencer, Bill encouraged Liam to leave work and get to Ivy's barbeque that evening. Bill noted that his son, who looked skinny and peaked, needed some meat. Liam nodded, and Bill said he understood that Liam was upset over losing Hope and disappointed in Wyatt, but Bill urged Liam to keep living. "Yeah, yeah, I know. I mean, another night alone with Bu..." Liam said.

Bill asserted that spending nights with the cat was depressing, but Liam reasoned that the feline was cute. Just then, the office door opened, and a chipper and leather-clad Quinn arrived. "Speaking of felines," Bill murmured. Quinn claimed she had no swords, and she wouldn't touch either of theirs -- unless they wanted her to.

Liam quipped that he always got physically ill in Quinn's presence. Quinn was sure there was a pill for that. "How about a vaccination?" Bill quipped. Liam hurriedly strode out, and Bill asked what "Morticia" wanted. "So many things, Bill, and I'm sure they're not legal," she replied, chuckling. Bill stared expressionlessly at her, and she asked if Brooke had prohibited his sense of humor.

Bill said that he was happy that Wyatt had found a life with Hope; however, Liam was Bill's son, too, and Bill also wanted Liam to be happy. Quinn thought it was time for Liam to move on, and she guessed he could do so with Poison Ivy. Bill gathered that Quinn had a beef with Ivy. Shrugging Quinn said she simply didn't like the weak damsel in distress who'd fallen into the Seine.

Waving her finger, Quinn touted that she could have predicted Liam's rescue effort from a mile away. In her view, Mr. Goodie-two-shoes and Miss Prim-and-Proper were a match made in heaven. Bill thought it was odd that Quinn was "mad" at Ivy for falling into the Seine. He reasoned that the incident had caused the marriage of Wyatt and Hope.

Bill wondered what the odds were that Ivy would fall off the bridge and Liam would jump in to rescue her, thereby missing his rendezvous with Hope. Quinn nodded, all starry-eyed and proud. "Talk about fate doing its -- " Bill pondered. Suddenly, he stopped speaking and looked at Quinn. "Wait a minute. It was you? Did you knock her over?" Bill demanded to know.

At first, Quinn scoffed indignantly, but she couldn't stop herself from smiling. "It was some of my best work," she bragged, grinning. Bill couldn't even believe it and asked what Quinn had been doing in Paris. Speaking in a blameless tone, Quinn said she'd jumped on Ivy and Liam's flight in disguise. "Well, if we didn't know it already -- you are completely insane!" Bill raged.

Quinn defended that she wouldn't have been able to live with herself if she hadn't taken care of that one little detail. "And look what happened, Bill! Success!" she exalted, jumping up and down. Bill glared at her, but she exclaimed that Hope and Wyatt couldn't be happier.

Punctuating each word as he spoke, Bill asserted that she'd messed up Liam's life. "Do you not get that I have three sons -- not just Wyatt -- to worry about?" he yelled. Quinn replied that she only had one son, and she'd do what she had to, just like Bill.

Bill decided that Hope and Liam needed to know what Quinn had done, and he guessed he'd have to tell them because Quinn wouldn't. Quinn asked if Bill knew why he wouldn't tell it.

At the mansion, an Australian barbie was underway. Rick thanked Ivy for feeding him and Caroline while Eric was away. As Oliver cooked kabobs, Caroline was surprised that Liam would be there. Aly explained that Ivy was really falling for Liam. Caroline asked if it was wise. Aly said Ivy wasn't pushing things and just wanted to see him smile again.

Liam arrived with a bottle of wine and checked out the Outback decorations. Greeting him, Ivy asked if he liked the decor. She thought he'd needed a vacation, and since he couldn't get to the Outback, she decided to take the Outback to him. Caroline announced that they were having lamb chops, but Ivy told Liam that she'd gotten him some prawns and yabbies, if he felt adventurous.

Rick asked what a yabby was, and Ivy replied that it was a fresh-water crayfish, popular in Australia. Next, Ivy asked everyone to try some "veg spread." Oliver warned that it was an acquired taste. Liam's face soured at first bite, but Caroline liked the salty flavor. In a terrible Australian accent, Oliver joked that Caroline should take a selfie of her first time tasting veg spread.

Liam's phone chimed, and Aly and Ivy exchanged glances as he became preoccupied with the device. Ivy announced that no one was going anywhere until she taught them to throw a boomerang. She grew anxious but smiled as she stared at Liam, who wasn't listening as he looked at his phone.

After dinner, the guests returned to the living room, and Caroline slapped Liam's hand as she told him to get off the phone. Apologizing, Liam said he'd been swamped with messages ever since Bill had returned as CEO. Caroline replied that he was supposed to be having fun, and Rick asked Oliver to hand another beer to Liam, who murmured that he'd do tequila if it would help.

On the terrace, Aly tried to assure Ivy that Liam was having a good time. Ivy replied that he was thinking about Hope. Ivy confided that she and Hope had had a little chat after Hope had overheard Aly and Ivy talking earlier, and Hope had advised her to leave him alone because he was still processing. Aly didn't get it because Hope was married. Aly believed that Liam really liked Ivy and was just -- "Processing," Ivy concluded. Ivy said she'd wanted him to have a good time that night, but Hope might be right in saying it was too soon.

Later, people started leaving. When Oliver and Aly invited Liam and Ivy to join them for ice cream, Ivy perked up. She smiled sadly when Liam declined. Oliver and Aly left, and Liam told Ivy that he was ready to go. too. Ivy downplayed her disappointment as she thanked him for joining the party. He stated that he'd had a good time, even if it hadn't seemed like it.

Ivy told Liam that she really liked him, but because of the breakup, she didn't want to seem like she was pressuring or chasing him. She concluded that the evening had been a bad idea. "Because I would be lying to you if I didn't tell you that I kind of had -- kind of had -- my hopes up," she added. He stammered for what to say, but she decided to just leave it at a "g'day or g'night, Mate."

Ivy walked over to the coffee table and began anxiously folding napkins and waiting to hear the door close behind Liam, so she could break down in private. Instead, Liam's hand grazed over her shoulder. Surprised, she turned. He pulled her in for a kiss and uttered that the night wasn't over yet.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful was not shown today. This programming change was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming resumes Monday, September 8, and will pick up where the Thursday, September 4, episode concluded.

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