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Quinn gave Ridge enough motivation to fly to Abu Dhabi to stop Brooke's wedding to Bill. Bill went to great lengths to have a private wedding, but Ridge crashed the beachside ceremony. Wyatt worried that Quinn's actions could cost him his job and Hope.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 26, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, May 26, 2014

On their balcony at the Atlantis in Dubai, Bill and Brooke surveyed the scenery, and Bill explained that they had the largest suite in the hotel atop the man-made archipelago. As the couple discussed all the things to do in Dubai, Brooke said he hadn't needed to spend all the money on her. Bill told Brooke to only worry about enjoying the trip and their suite. He called her his habibti, meaning his beloved, and he said that he was her habibi.

Brooke and Bill changed and went to have lunch. Muhammad, the hotel manager, greeted them. Bill informed Muhammad about the wedding and added that the bride didn't know where or when it would be. Muhammad hoped that meant they'd stay a month, and he explained that weddings in his culture lasted for weeks, with parties before and after the event. He promised the couple a memory that they'd forever treasure.

Muhammad left, and Bill talked to Brooke about the cars, the skyscrapers, and the bling in Dubai. Brooke remarked that Dubai was "so him." It was exotic, sophisticated, and full of life. She tried to get him to give her a hint about the wedding, and he asked if she trusted him. She said that she did, and he promised that she'd love what he had in store for her.

The couple discussed biking in Old Dubai and taking a balloon ride over the desert. Brooke called Bill habibi, and impressed, he stroked her face and called her habibti.

Later, Brooke and Bill strode hand in hand on the hotel grounds, and she thanked him for taking her there. Bill said he didn't trust anyone at home, and he wasn't taking any chances in making her his bride. She said "habibti," and he uttered that she'd be his habibti forever.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Katie arrived to visit Ridge, who told her that Bill had given R.J. a sword necklace as a "parting shot" to Ridge before taking off to Dubai with Brooke. Ridge added that Bill had told R.J. to wear it with Spencer pride. Ridge was convinced that Bill was trying to get to him. Katie didn't think it was true. She offered to talk to Bill upon his return, but Ride declined.

Ridge insisted that Bill was trying to turn the child against him. Katie disagreed, but Ridge asserted that Bill was brainwashing R.J. Katie didn't believe Bill could accomplish that or that Brooke would let him. Ridge felt that Brooke was in Bill's pocket, too, citing her use of the papers to get Bill's company back. "That's not Brooke!" Ridge exclaimed.

Katie, who wasn't wearing her red string, hugged Ridge. She said they'd straighten it out, but she didn't want him to obsess over it. Ridge hugged her back and said he'd try not to.

Later, Ridge had gone, and Katie discussed Bill's sword gift with Donna. The sisters thought it was ridiculous that Bill had found the time to play with Ridge before taking off to the Emirates to marry Brooke. Donna asked if Katie had tried reasoning with Ridge, and Katie replied that Ridge had insisted that it was about R.J.

Donna didn't get it because, though Bill had his faults, he was great with his sons. Katie said she'd told Ridge that, but Ridge hated everything about Bill -- the way Bill walked, talked, and dressed. Ridge felt that Bill wasn't right for Brooke, and it bugged Ridge even more that Brooke disagreed.

Donna said Ridge would have to accept that Brooke and Bill would be married, and Katie needed to lay down the law for Ridge because it was time for the couples to move on to happily ever after. Katie suggested that Donna tell Ridge, and Donna said she'd slap Ridge and Bill down if they didn't listen.

Donna thought that the new unions were actually the perfect ending to a messed up situation, but Katie felt that the situation was far from perfect. Donna noted that Brooke and Bill were happy and asked if Katie was. Katie said she just hated to see Ridge that way; he was obsessed with Bill and Brooke. Katie knew that Ridge loved her; but she didn't know how to get through to him about it.

In Rick's office, Wyatt didn't even want to know how Quinn had gotten the scandalous selfie picture; he just wanted her to delete it and pay his therapy bill. Quinn wondered how Brooke would react to the picture. He warned Quinn to not even think about it because Brooke was royalty at Forrester. He feared that if Quinn exposed the picture, they'd lose their jobs and his chance with Hope.

Quinn claimed to understand that her hands were tied, and Wyatt ordered her to delete the photo. Just then, Ridge entered and asked to get started.

Ridge informed Wyatt and Quinn that he wasn't pleased with what had happened with the business in his absence, and couture had taken a back seat to HFTF and the bedroom line. He felt that Quinn's accessories were adequate for those lines, but they wouldn't work for couture. She stated that they were retooling the pieces, but Ridge expressed that he was still skeptical.

Quinn informed Ridge that the press had given them praise. Ridge said he'd read about the blue diamond and his mother's jewelry collection, but none of it had helped the company's image. Wyatt interjected that it had made them money. "While losing the respect of our clientele," Ridge added.

Taking the blame upon himself, Ridge stated that they'd been out of focus, but they were getting their focus back. The question for Ridge was where Quinn and Wyatt's "little company" fit in. Quinn asked him not to let the distractions color his decisions. Ridge asked what distractions, and Quinn replied that she'd seen Ridge at the meeting. "You're upset with Bill -- not us," she stated.

Though Ridge acknowledged venting at the meeting earlier, he said it wasn't why they were gathered at that time. He figured that Quinn and Wyatt didn't want to be made guilty by association to Bill. Quinn and Wyatt expressed that Ridge had a right to be upset about the way the pieces had turned out but assured him that they'd take care of it.

Ridge admitted that the wedding had gotten him off balance, but he knew there was nothing he could do to stop the event. He requested that they not discuss it anymore at the office or anywhere else. Quinn assured Ridge that he'd get the rest of her designs by the end of the day.

Ridge exited, and Wyatt readily warned his mother not to do anything against Hope's mother or to affect their work. Quinn claimed she wouldn't do anything to reflect on them, but he was sure that anything she did would indeed reflect upon them. Wyatt wanted Quinn to be happy and find another man. She claimed not to need a man. "Good, because Dad falls into that category," Wyatt quipped.

Quinn called Bill a dangerous, egomaniacal bully. "And I love it," she stated. She insisted that Brooke was the wrong woman for Bill; Quinn said she knew it, and so did Ridge.

Later, Quinn was alone, staring at the phone. Wyatt returned and told her that the delete button was red. She was dismissive, but he said he was battling for Hope, which wasn't a done deal. Quinn insisted that Bill wasn't loyal like Brooke thought, and Wyatt insisted that Quinn stop. She claimed that there would be no deliberate interference from her.

Wyatt felt that the statement was open to interpretation, but Quinn said she had work to do. He decided to leave her to it, but he asked if he could trust her. Quinn quipped that he knew better than to ask her that. Wyatt left the office, and Quinn attached some jewelry pictures to an email. She dragged her selfie into the email and sent it to Ridge.

Back in the CEO's office, Katie was there when Ridge returned. She asked if he felt better, and he murmured that he was trying. She said that Donna had been there, and Ridge dubbed Donna the Team Spencer cheerleader. Katie conveyed that Donna just wanted them all to get along, and he quipped that they all should have little sword necklaces. Katie sarcastically agreed.

Katie told Ridge that she understood that Brooke would always be important to him, but Katie couldn't stand that Brooke's wedding was making him so miserable. Katie said it made her miserable when he was, and he said he didn't want that. Katie suggested that they just deal with the situation the best way they could. She said she loved him, and as she hugged him, Ridge stared sadly forward.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

by Pam

In Abu Dhabi, Brooke and Bill enjoyed time alone. Brooke thanked Bill for introducing her to a different culture. They gushed about being in love, and Bill professed how much he loved seeing Brooke happy.

Bill said he had many surprises for Brooke, and he shared some exotic dishes with her. Brooke said that everything was heavenly. For dessert, Bill moved a dish and uncovered a black jewelry box that held an incredible piece of Arabic jewelry.

Brooke thanked Bill for everything, and she raved about the breathtaking architecture and friendly people. Bill noted that they all paid attention to details, and he had been happy to share it with her. "Thank you for bringing me here," Brooke said. Bill said it was the first stop on a lifelong journey.

Bill said he couldn't wait to put the really important piece of jewelry on her finger: a wedding ring. Brooke said she couldn't wait to become his wife. Bill and Brooke recalled romantic times together in Monte Carlo, mountain climbing, and more. Bill said he loved to see the look of wonder and delight on her face. Brooke was thankful that there were no other women waiting in the shadows. Bill said there would never be another woman for him.

At Forrester, Quinn sent the email that included a picture of her with Bill in bed to Ridge. Wyatt entered and asked what Quinn had planned. Wyatt wanted to intercept any type of devious plan she had before it got out of control. Quinn coolly said she had nothing planned. She liked to study people.

Quinn noted that she was fascinated that Ridge was so involved in Brooke's life even though he had been engaged to Katie. Quinn predicted that Brooke would dump Bill and end up back with Ridge. Wyatt warned that Bill would marry Brooke. Quinn disagreed. She advised Wyatt that she and Bill were not a traditional couple, but they belonged together.

Wyatt predicted that Quinn would get hurt. "I can take care of myself," Quinn said. Wyatt advised her not to interfere in Brooke and Bill's romance. Quinn insisted that if Bill did marry Brooke, it would never last.

"Brooke is a romance junkie," Quinn said. She added that Brooke would not be enough woman for Bill. Quinn said that Brooke would never remain faithful. Wyatt said his father would never return to Quinn, but Quinn would not be deterred.

At Forrester, Eric entered Ridge's office, and they discussed Bill and Brooke's plans to marry. Ridge said he had to stop Brooke to save Brooke and his son from Bill. Eric said that Bill would not harm Brooke or R.J., but Ridge was unconvinced. "I think you can't stand Brooke being married to anyone buy you," Eric said.

Ridge professed that he was with Katie, but he wanted to keep Bill Spencer away from R.J. Eric scoffed that Ridge could keep Brooke and Bill apart. Eric said that Brooke and Ridge belonged together, but they continued to marry other people. Ridge claimed there was dirt on Bill, and he intended to find it and reveal it to Brooke. Eric said Brooke wouldn't care.

Eric and Ridge embraced, and Eric left. Ridge sat down at his computer. He opened an email from Quinn and looked at the new jewelry designs. Ridge took notes on the pieces until he spotted the photo of Bill and Quinn in bed. Ridge stopped taking notes and looked surprised.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge looked at the picture of Quinn and Bill Spencer in bed on his tablet. Quinn interrupted. Ridge asked about the picture she had emailed him, and Quinn feigned surprise. She stammered that she had accidently sent it. She said she should have deleted it. Quinn admitted that she and Bill had had an affair.

Ridge lamented that Brooke had trusted Bill, and Ridge was surprised that Quinn had let everything happen. Quinn claimed that she and Bill had a complicated relationship. Ridge was unimpressed.

Quinn noted that Ridge was very protective of Brooke. Quinn said that Ridge would have to drag Brooke home in order to get her away from Bill. Ridge agreed he was prepared to do that in order to protect Brooke and R.J.

Quinn left, and Ridge made phone calls and plans to take the Forrester jet to the Middle East to find Brooke and return home with her. Eric interrupted and asked what had happened. Ridge told his father about Bill's affair with Quinn. Eric advised that it might be too late -- Brooke and Bill might already be married. Ridge said he would deal with that if it had happened. Eric suggested that Ridge should email the photo to Brooke, but Ridge said that he knew Bill would talk his way out of it.

Eric worried that Ridge had no idea where to find them. Ridge said he would find them. Ridge and Eric embraced, and Eric agreed that Ridge needed to find Brooke, and "bring her home," Eric said. Ridge said Brooke was a Forrester, and she was family. She did not belong with Bill Spencer. "Be safe," Eric said. Ridge left, and Eric looked worried.

In Abu Dhabi, Brooke and Bill toured the city in a white convertible. They pulled up to a palace, and a woman offered a castle tour after Brooke and Bill had gone sightseeing. Brooke claimed that she felt like a princess, and Bill agreed that she was his princess. Bill and Brooke toured the nearby beach on camels.

Later in their suite, Brooke and Bill spoke to a wedding planner. The planner said everything was in order for the wedding the next day. The planner included that an attendant would help Brooke get ready, and Bill told Brooke that he had already selected what Brooke would wear. Brooke was surprised, and she teased that she wanted some hints about the wedding. Bill said he wanted her to be surprised.

Brooke said she could get used to being so spoiled. She told Bill that he was amazing for taking care of all the wedding details. She was grateful that she was the only girl in the world to him. Bill kissed her. He suggested that she leave for a massage.

Brooke left for her massage, and Justin met with Bill. Justin wondered why Bill had wanted Justin to accompany him to Dubai. Bill claimed he needed Justin to be his eyes and ears. Bill admitted that he wanted to be sure that nothing and no one interfered with his wedding.

Bill claimed that he had wanted to get thousands of miles away from Los Angeles to prevent anyone from interrupting the wedding. Bill said that he and Brooke were alike -- they wanted an adrenaline rush every day, and they wanted to raise their kids to be fearless.

Bill left the suite and met with the wedding planner on the beach. The planner promised that everything had been prepared for the wedding. She left, and Bill stood alone on the beach. He happily looked out over the water.

At Forrester, Quinn flashed back to visions of a much younger Bill. Then she recalled her recent tryst with him. She remembered that they had toasted to sharing an old familiar feeling. She held her tablet with the photo on it and smiled.

On the Forrester jet, Ridge told the pilot to hurry because every second counted -- he wanted to get off the ground. The pilot promised they would hurry to the Middle East. Ridge added that Brooke would be returning with them.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

On the darkened Forrester jet, Ridge headed out of the country. He stared at Quinn's picture on his tablet and tightened his jaw. Ridge called Katie, who was doing laundry at home, to let her know he'd gone on a trip. Katie assumed he meant a business trip, but he said she probably wouldn't be happy because it wasn't business.

Ridge decided to send Katie something, and he said that once Brooke saw it, she'd call off her wedding. Katie realized that Ridge was headed to the Middle East to stop the wedding.

Katie was shocked when she received the picture of Bill and Quinn. Exclaiming that Bill hated Quinn, Katie wondered when the picture had been taken. Ridge replied that Quinn had unintentionally sent him the contemporary photo.

Katie asked if Quinn had "unintentionally" taken it, too. Sure that Quinn was playing Ridge, Katie offered to send Brooke the photo so that Brooke could decide for herself. Ridge refused because he was sure Bill would talk his way out of it. Ridge figured that Bill would call the picture a fake or say that Quinn had slipped up beside him as he'd slept.

Katie didn't know what Bill would do, but she didn't understand why Ridge had to fly halfway around the world to show Brooke a selfie. "Well, Brooke needs me. And she needs you, too," Ridge responded. He said the sisters loved each other, and he loved Brooke, too -- "not in that way." He was determined to get Brooke home and certain that she'd go with him upon learning who Bill really was.

Katie bitterly told Ridge to do what he needed to do and stop the wedding. Ridge said that he was sorry, but he couldn't allow Bill to be in R.J.'s life. Ridge said that he loved her. "I love you, t -- " Katie said, but Ridge had already clicked off the line.

Ridge stared at Quinn's compromising picture again. He flipped to the next photo in the gallery. It was Brooke on a horse during his first wedding to her. He smiled sadly and flashed back to that day. "I'm coming, Logan," he said aloud. Ridge then flashed back to returning to Brooke after he'd been in Paris. The pilot alerted Ridge that they'd be landing, and Ridge asked that the helicopter be waiting.

On a beach in Abu Dhabi, Bill walked around the wedding canopy at the ceremony site, checking last-minute details. He told the coordinator that he wanted everything to be perfect.

In a hotel suite, the robed Brooke marveled at her ring. "This time, I'm sure. This time will be my last," she uttered, smiling. Bill entered, and she said it was bad luck for him to see her before the wedding. Bill contended that his bad luck had ended the day she'd agreed to be his bride.

Bill advised Brooke that Malikah would arrive to assist Brooke. Brooke frowned. She said she wasn't used to be taken care of. Usually, it was she who "pushed the cart up the hill" in her relationships. With Bill, she felt as if he was there for her and caring for her as if she was the only one.

Brooke wondered when Bill would get dressed or what she'd wear. Bill had a dress for her, but she questioned whether it was bad luck for the groom to pick out the gown. He hoped not, because it was the only gown she'd get. Malikah arrived to help Brooke prepare. Touching their foreheads together, Brooke and Bill were excited that, "the next time we see each other..."

As Malikah prepared Brooke for the ceremony, Bill checked on the event site once more before heading inside to get dressed. He returned in a blue suit and no shoes. Brooke appeared before the garden pools in her white, beaded, Arabian wedding garb.

In Rick's office, Wyatt asked what Quinn meant by saying Ridge had left town. Though Wyatt joked that Ridge had to be running guns or drugs again, Wyatt was upset because he'd been working overtime to revamp the collection that Ridge hadn't liked. Quinn guessed that something had taken priority over it. "He didn't happen to go to Abu Dhabi, did he?" Wyatt asked.

Wyatt pressed to know if Quinn had shown Ridge the picture, but Quinn replied that the picture had a mind of its own. "It refused to be hidden," she claimed. Wyatt wondered how Quinn could do it to their jobs and to him. He was worried that it could be the last straw with Hope. Quinn said it didn't involve Hope or Wyatt or have anything to do with them.

Quinn insisted that Brooke didn't have the stomach, heart, or brains for a life with Bill. Wyatt thought it was for Bill to decide, but Quinn said the ball wasn't in Bill's court. Wyatt asked what person hacked into emails, trapped people in elevators, forged notes, and sent off compromising photos. Quinn replied that she did. "You and criminals!" Wyatt exclaimed.

Quinn cited that she hadn't broken any laws -- unlike someone she knew. Wyatt told her that was a low blow. He didn't even think he'd marry into his own family, and he was sure that, after Hope learned what Quinn had done, Hope wouldn't want to, either. Quinn was shocked that he was ashamed of her, but he said he wouldn't have to be if she'd be "that much" ashamed of herself.

Just then, Eric entered to have a word with Quinn. Quinn said that Wyatt could stay, and she had no secrets from Wyatt because he kept finding them out. Eric questioned Quinn about her relationship with Bill, and she admitted her fault in sending the picture. She said she'd been preoccupied with how Brooke would feel if she knew about Bill and Quinn, but it hadn't been Quinn's business to send the photo to Brooke.

Eric agreed that the last statement was true. He said he thought there had been acrimony between Quinn and Bill. Quinn stated that since she and Eric had broken up, she'd been lonely and had allowed herself to be Bill's second choice. Quinn hoped it didn't jeopardize her or Wyatt's jobs, and Eric said it was a private matter involving someone who didn't even work there.

Eric felt that Quinn's choices outside the building were her own. He also felt that Ridge had forgotten that he belonged with Brooke. "Maybe this will remind him," Eric concluded.

Eric left, and Wyatt quipped that Quinn sure knew how to handle Eric. Wyatt noted that he and his mother hadn't discussed much about good and bad as he'd grown up. Quinn groaned but agreed that she hadn't taught him the difference between right and wrong. Instead, she'd taught him other people's "ideas" of it and had left it up to him to discover the value of it on his own.

Wyatt said he'd never done much of that until "this year." Quinn guessed that he disapproved of her. He said that he would if he didn't understand that she was in love. Quinn became disappointed that he saw her as such a cliché. She said that others lied and cheated all the time to get what they wanted, and she asked why she shouldn't get something.

Quinn claimed not to be asking for much. She'd just wanted a couple of hours a month, and Bill could do whatever else he wanted with his time. Though love was good for some people, a love/hate connection was perfect for Quinn. She felt that if she had a husband that she had to attend to and defer to, "I'd have to shoot him."

Friday, May 30, 2014

At Forrester, Wyatt followed Quinn into the CEO's office to discuss Quinn giving Ridge the photo. Wyatt felt that it would be obvious how Ridge had obtained it. Quinn figured she'd deal with it when the time arrived, and things would be uncomfortable for a while.

"Uncomfortable" was an understatement to Wyatt, who was sure they'd lose their jobs, Brooke would despise Quinn, and he'd lose Hope. "And for what?" he asked. He said that, for all they knew, Brooke and Bill could already be married.

Wyatt was convinced that Quinn loved Bill more than she hated him, but Quinn tried to explain that it wasn't like Wyatt and Hope. Quinn expressed that Bill was the most arrogant, self-centered, and fascinating man she'd ever met. Bill had made her happier and unhappier than any other man ever could, and her feelings for him were complicated.

Wyatt felt that Bill made Quinn crazy, which had made her send Ridge overseas. Quinn corrected that Ridge had his own reasons for going. Wyatt insisted that it was all because she'd panicked when things hadn't gone her way, and her extreme actions had unrealized consequences.

Quinn yelled that Wyatt was right, and she didn't know what would happen; however, she believed that if anyone had the slightest hope of stopping the wedding, it was Ridge.

Wyatt left, and Quinn stared at her phone until she heard Katie say that if Quinn was hoping for an update from Ridge, he was a little busy. Katie entered the office, adding that Quinn should also ignore any messages from Bill or Brooke. Quinn said she didn't have to guess why Katie was there.

Katie replied that she'd heard what Quinn had done. Quinn asked if Brooke had told Katie and frowned when Katie replied that it had been Ridge. Katie asked if Quinn had been setting Bill up all along and if Quinn despised him that much. Quinn said she wanted Bill to be happy, but it wouldn't happen with Brooke. Quinn stated that she knew it, Ridge knew it, and Katie should know it best.

"I'll tell you what I do know: My fiancé is halfway around the world tonight because of you," Katie charged. Katie said she'd seen the photo, and Quinn replied that Brooke would see it, too. Katie stated that Bill would never forgive Quinn for it. Frowning, Quinn reasoned that he might not, but it was amazing what that man could overlook.

Quinn figured that whatever happened, Bill wouldn't be married to Brooke. "If Ridge can stop the wedding," Katie added. Quinn said that he would; he had to.

In Rick's office, Wyatt was glad to find Hope, who was packing up for the night. He told her that Ridge had flown out to stop the wedding. Sighing, Hope said they needed to warn her mother. Wyatt replied that it might be too late because Ridge was probably already there.

Hope didn't think it made any sense because Ridge had supposedly been happy with Katie. She wondered what had happened to make Ridge fly halfway across the world to try to stop the wedding.

On the jet, Ridge was anxious to land. He thought of Brooke's belief that Bill was faithful and of Quinn's confession of her "affair" with Bill. Once Ridge landed, he asked the pilot to refuel the jet for takeoff and to make sure Brooke was on the manifest. "I'm not leaving without her," Ridge declared.

Outside, Ridge called Katie to say that he'd landed. His car wasn't waiting for him, so he said he had to think of something else. Katie told him to be careful, and they said they loved each other. After the call, Ridge hopped into a taxi and directed the driver to take him to a helipad.

Once Ridge arrived at the helipad, he discovered that his helicopter wasn't there. He called to ask where it was and asked that the pilot meet him at the hotel. The caller said something, and Ridge, replied, "Really? It's never over."

Ridge hopped on a cigar boat and raced from one shoreline to another. When the boat emerged from the water, it sprouted tank wheels beneath it. He parked it in the sand and rushed off to locate the wedding site.

Outside in Abu Dhabi, Brooke was poised to walk down the aisle. In her flowing white gown, she strolled down the garden pathways to meet Bill on the beach beneath the canopy.

When the officiant began the ceremony, he explained that Bill's sword charm was a good sign for the marriage and an important symbol in the officiant's culture. The sword protected, just like a husband protected his wife and family, and it represented truth and justice. He said that the sword was as unbreakable as the vows that the couple would make that day, and the marriage, like a blade, would cleave the old life from the one they'd begin that day.

Brooke and Bill had written their own vows, and Bill decided to recite his first. He couldn't believe that they had made it there to the Emirates, where the sand met the sea. He said that sand and water were two forces of nature, and that was how he saw himself and Brooke. He believed that as they joined together, they would rise, just like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, to glorious heights.

Bill called his bride Brooke Spencer, a name he'd said to himself about a thousand times since their arrival. He felt that she was the only woman in the world who appreciated him and understood him for the man he was. He'd been materialistic in life because the only thing he'd been able to trust had been his possessions -- "until now. Until you."

Bill said it was the first time he had felt that he could lose everything and still be the luckiest man in the world because of Brooke. He promised to love her that day, the next day, and for eternity.

Brooke stated that it was the first day of the rest of their lives together, and just like the places they'd visited, they'd experience new and unexpected things. It was the perfect start of a perfect adventure that would last the rest of their lives. She believed it because she could see into Bill's heart, and he'd been completely committed, devoted, and dedicated.

With Bill, Brooke had found trust and faith, things she'd never felt before. She said they could rely on each other and have complete faith in each other. She wanted to stand beside him, as he'd stood beside her, for as long as they both lived.

As the officiant took out the rings, Ridge ran up the aisle toward the ceremony. He spotted the wedding on the beach and yelled, "Logan!" Brooke and Bill glanced up and were shocked to see Ridge.

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