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Maya saw Caroline's ring and decided not to tell Rick how she felt about him. Hope returned Liam's ring, and Liam figured out that Quinn had sent Hope the video. Katie and Bill bickered over custody of Will, and Katie got a bad feeling about Bill's mountain climbing trip.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 21, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, October 21, 2013

At Rick's house, Maya noted that Caroline and Rick were engaged and figured that they probably wanted to be alone. Rick remarked that Maya had wanted to talk to him, but she replied that what she had to say didn't matter any longer. Maya claimed to be happy for Rick and Caroline, and Rick conveyed that he and Caroline felt the same way for Carter and Maya.

Caroline thought it was great that everyone was happy for each other, and Maya mirthlessly grinned before deciding to leave. Caroline and Rick thanked Maya again for her well wishes. "Goodbye, Rick," Maya uttered. Once on the porch, Maya choked back her tears.

Back inside the house, Caroline remarked that Maya probably hadn't planned on congratulating them but had handled it with class. Rick thought that Caroline had been classy, too. She said that she wanted Maya and Carter to be happy; however, no one could be as happy as Caroline was.

Later, Caroline was chattering about wedding ideas. Rick asked if she wanted to stop and savor the moment, but Caroline said she didn't want to stop or look back. To her, the best part of their relationship wasn't in the future; it was that very minute. She didn't feel the need to savor it because she felt that every moment would be as exciting as the moment she'd stepped out of the limousine.

Rick proclaimed that he and Caroline would be Forrester's next great husband and wife team. He said Caroline had been right about him being unable to do it without her. He conveyed that, without her vision, he hadn't been able to see what was possible. He hoped she'd keep showing him the possibilities. Caroline said that she was his partner and that he could depend upon her.

At the boutique, Hope still had reservations about being with Liam. Liam asked if she felt better with the ring on or with it off, and he reminded her that taking the ring off never solved things. In his view, removing the ring usually made things worse, and he asked her not to call off the engagement.

Hope doubted that she and Liam should rush into a wedding. Liam didn't think they were rushing into anything. He declared that the ring represented his word, and if she took it, she'd see that she was the only woman in his future.

Hope relayed that she needed to be certain about it within herself, and there was nothing Liam could say or do to make her feel that way. "I have to feel it, and I don't. Not right now," Hope told Liam. She pushed the ring toward him and said she couldn't wear it. Liam tucked the ring back in his pocket and quietly exited the boutique.

Wyatt, who'd been milling around in the boutique during Hope and Liam's talk, felt as if he should say something. Hope asked him not to and murmured that she wasn't looking forward to going to Brooke's house, where Brooke was living with Bill. Wyatt offered to let Hope go home with him. Doubting that it was a good idea, she said she'd see him the next day.

At home, Brooke looked at a photo of herself and Katie and flashed back upon being at the hospital and encouraging Katie after one of Katie's medical episodes. Bill guessed that Brooke was thinking of Katie again. Brooke changed the subject to the diamond reveal that had happened earlier that day, and Bill realized he'd missed it while he had been training for mountain climbing.

Bill and Brooke thought about what to do that evening, and he sensed that she was going a little stir-crazy in the house. He decided that they'd go out to dinner, but she warned that they could end up being front-page news. She didn't want to do that to the family or Katie.

Brooke refused to let the relationship become a scandal, but Bill said they couldn't control the way the world saw it. She wanted the press to focus on Forrester, not her and Bill. Bill reasoned that Brooke was missing out on work and spending time with her children. She cited that the children were grown, and R.J. was in boarding school.

Bill and Brooke discussed how different things in life had become, and Bill said some changes were good. He wanted to marry Brooke, and he felt that the world would eventually accept it. He asked Brooke to remember that she hadn't stolen him from Katie, and he didn't want anyone making Brooke feel guilty about it -- especially not herself.

Later, Hope arrived and grimaced upon seeing Bill and Brooke cuddled on the sofa. Hope explained to them that things had gone well at the boutique, but she'd called off her wedding. Hope said she'd done it because she hadn't been sure that getting married was the right thing to do, and she couldn't help but wonder why Bill and Brooke weren't feeling the same way.

"Excuse me?" Bill said. He claimed there was nothing wrong with his situation with Brooke. Brooke asked to talk to Hope alone. Hope looked away when Bill kissed Brooke before he went upstairs. Once he was gone, Brooke asked why Hope seemed so angry.

Hope said she was concerned, and she wondered how Brooke could be happy while hurting her sister. Hope said that Logans didn't do that to each other, and she wondered if Brooke really could bear it that Katie was isolated from her family and the big sister she'd looked up to her entire life. "You're better than this, Mom. You know you are," Hope declared.

At Spencer, the distracted Katie decided it was time to call it day. Donna entered to hear about the fallout from the board meeting. Katie asked if Brooke had said anything and rolled her eyes when Donna replied that Bill and Brooke had been keeping to themselves. Noting that no one had seen Brooke at work or the boutique, Donna assumed that Bill and Brooke were hiding out at Brooke's house.

Katie thought it was odd that Brooke hadn't been to any Forrester events, but Donna replied that Bill and Brooke seemed to be cocooned in a fantasy world and shutting out anyone who disagreed with their relationship. Katie asked if the pair had actually convinced themselves that they had a future.

Donna flashed a knowing stare, and Katie sighed. Katie asked if Donna really thought that Brooke and Bill would get married. Donna said that Brooke wouldn't do that to Katie; however, Katie noticed that the look on Donna's face conveyed otherwise.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

by Pam

At Brooke's house, Hope, Brooke, and Bill shared a meal. Bill stared at Hope, and Hope inquired what was wrong. Bill was incredulous that Hope had taken off Liam's ring. Hope resented his comment.

Bill said he was confused about Hope's behavior. Hope said she was sure he would prefer that both his sons had been fighting over Steffy. Hope added that it had to have been hard for Bill to choose which son to root for.

Brooke chastised Hope, but Bill admitted that he had deserved the insulting comments from Hope. Bill said that he and Hope had gotten off to a bad start. Bill added that they were all going to be family soon, and he had wanted to repair their relationship. Hope snarked that Bill had to have been implying that he and Brooke were going to get married.

Brooke told Hope that she and Bill were taking their relationship one day at a time. Bill left for a meeting, and Hope glared at her mother. Brooke said that she knew what Hope was going to say, but Hope interrupted that she knew Bill and Brooke would do whatever they wanted no matter what Hope said. Hope insisted she had to be true to herself, and she wanted Brooke to listen to her opinion.

Hope told Brooke that Brooke's relationship and sharing her passion with Bill was wrong. Hope added that if Bill continued to live in their home, Hope would leave. Brooke asked why Hope couldn't let go of the past, because Bill had been trying hard to make a fresh start with Hope. Hope reminded Brooke that Hope had been Bill's favorite target for years.

Hope chastised Brooke because Brooke had chosen Bill over Katie. Hope insisted that men would come and go in Brooke's life, but family was forever. Hope wondered if Brooke's relationship with Bill would be worth losing Katie forever.

Hope continued to remind Brooke of her family connections. Hope noted that Storm had died to save Katie so that Katie could have a wonderful life. Brooke flashed back to memories of Katie in the hospital after Katie's heart transplant, Katie's wedding, and Katie's heart attack in which Katie had said that she trusted Brooke with her life. Brooke became teary-eyed. Hope begged her mother to remember who she would hurt if Brooke remained with Bill.

Brooke tried to change the subject to Hope's broken engagement. Hope said that she refused to relive the Liam/Steffy experience again. Brooke noted that Wyatt loved Hope, and Hope said that Wyatt was hard to resist. Hope said she didn't know what to do.

Hope returned the conversation to Brooke's relationship with Bill. Hope said that Brooke had clearly followed her heart into another emotional disaster. Hope advised that Brooke change her way of looking at things for a change. "Listen to your conscience. What is it telling you?" Hope asked. Brooke looked away.

At Forrester Creations, Forrester employees congratulated Wyatt on a job well done. Eric called Wyatt to congratulate him. Liam showed up, and Wyatt figured Liam was there to warn him to stay away from Hope.

Wyatt reminded Liam that Wyatt and Hope had made a great team. Wyatt promised that he would not disappoint Hope. Wyatt had delivered on his promises of record sales and his concern for Hope. Wyatt had been a partner for Hope in business and in life. "You lost her," Wyatt said.

Liam mentioned the video, and Wyatt again reminded Liam that Wyatt had not sent the video to Hope. Wyatt admitted that he loved Hope. Liam warned that Wyatt had been wasting his time. Liam insisted that Hope would be his wife. Liam told Wyatt to back off.

Liam added that Wyatt clearly didn't want to have a brotherly relationship, but Wyatt insisted that he did. Wyatt teased that they had one thing in common; they had the same taste in women. They both laughed.

Wyatt asked what Liam thought of Bill and Brooke. Liam said it was none of his business. Wyatt felt that Bill had left another son without a father. Liam defended Bill and said that it wasn't fair to Katie or Will for Bill to live in a marriage that wasn't working. Liam did not expect Bill to stay with Katie out of obligation for the next 18 years just to raise Will.

At Spencer, Katie and Will awaited Bill's arrival to spend time with Will. Bill arrived and said that Will had grown too fast. Katie warned that Will would be toddling around soon. Bill teased that Spencer men didn't toddle. They had a confident stride.

Bill apologized to Katie for his behavior at the board meeting. Katie thanked him. She wanted them to get along for Will's sake. Bill confessed that he would always care about Katie. They agreed that they were happy to share Will together. Katie smiled. Bill told her that she was the perfect mother for Bill's son. Katie cried.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

by Pam

At Spencer Publications, Bill sat in Katie's office with Will. Justin entered and complained that he had to cope with the board, investors, and vendors. Justin said that everyone wanted to know when Bill would be in charge again. Bill thanked Justin and promised to return.

Bill said he planned to take Will home. Justin wondered if home was at Brooke's place. Bill said it was. Justin was disappointed and wanted Bill to return to work.

At Brooke's house, Hope warned Brooke that living with her sister's husband was wrong. Hope threatened to move out, but Brooke begged her to stay. Hope refused to approve of Brooke's living arrangements. Hope agreed to stay temporarily, but Hope told Brooke that Brooke knew what she was doing was wrong. Hope left.

Bill entered with Will. Brooke, Bill, and Will played on the floor. They pretended to climb a mountain. Bill said they'd all go climbing together when Will was older. Bill said he and Brooke were going to get away soon to climb in Aspen. Brooke said it wasn't a good idea. Bill warned her not to listen to Hope. Brooke looked sad.

Bill didn't want to let their love slip away because of Hope. Bill said that it would be perfect to raise and nurture children with his wife, but it didn't happen that way. Brooke asked if she had seduced Bill away from Katie. Bill laughed and said that she had done no such thing. Brooke said she felt ugly for what had happened, but she admitted that she loved Bill.

Bill insisted there was nothing wrong with their relationship. He reiterated that Katie had pushed them together. Bill wanted to go to Aspen and be alone with Brooke. Brooke worried that Hope had a valid point -- that Storm had shot himself -- he had given his life for Katie. Brooke lamented that she had been hurting Katie and ruining Katie's life.

Bill said his life with Katie had been finished because of Katie, not because of Brooke. Brooke believed his marriage to Katie had died because of Brooke. Bill maintained his marriage couldn't survive. Bill recalled how many times Katie had left him, how she had orchestrated putting Bill and Brooke together, and how she had spied on Brooke and Bill after Bill had decided to stay with Katie.

Bill reminded Brooke that Katie had conspired with Karen to steal his company, and Katie had made Bill feel that he was never good enough for Katie no matter what he had done. Bill said he no longer had feelings for Katie the way he had when they had been married.

Bill remembered he had found Brooke in Monte Carlo, and he had known it was the beginning of Brooke and Bill's future. "I love you, Brooke, and I want you. I know you feel the same way," Bill said. Bill warned that they could not change the way they felt about each other to please Hope or Katie. Brooke promised she would become his wife. They kissed.

At Forrester, Wyatt talked to Quinn on the phone about the success of the HFTF showing. Hope walked into Wyatt's office. He happily shared that the Forrester boutique had customers lined up around the block again. He noted that it wasn't just gawkers to see the diamond. Sales were on the rise.

Hope said Wyatt had improved her day. They complimented one another on the success of the HFTF line and Quinn's involvement in the process. Wyatt credited his mom for the idea of the diamond. He said he couldn't live without his mom.

Hope agreed, but she said that she didn't feel the same about her mom. She wasn't sure she could stay with her own mother much longer. Hope said she had to deal with Bill and Brooke. Wyatt said that he agreed with Hope about Bill and Brooke. Wyatt said that Liam was on his dad's side. Wyatt had wanted to punch Liam because he owed him one. Hope begged him not to do anything like that.

Wyatt agreed that Bill and Brooke had done a terrible thing to Katie and Will. Wyatt said Hope was a good person. He told her he loved that about her. He kissed her. Hope smiled.

At the Bikini Bar, Liam sat at the bar, and the bartender and Oliver noted that the Spencer boys had turned the Bikini into their preferred watering hole. Liam drank lemonade, and Oliver ordered beer. Oliver praised Wyatt's accomplishment of getting the diamond for the HFTF campaign. Oliver noted that Wyatt loved Hope. Liam dismissed it as a crush, but Oliver reminded Liam that they had all loved Hope. Oliver asked what had happened to blow Liam's chances with Hope again.

Liam shared the sad tale of how someone had sent Steffy's video to Hope. Oliver couldn't believe that Liam had made a video for Steffy. Liam said it had seemed like a good idea at the time. Oliver wondered if Hope had fallen for Wyatt. Liam refused to allow it.

Oliver suggested that it was time for Liam to give up on Hope. Liam refused, and Oliver left. Liam flashed back to good times with Hope.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

At Spencer, Katie was busy working, and her assistant, Adele, reminded her to pick up Will. Since Katie had a lot of work to do still, Adele suggested that Katie let Bill keep Will longer. Katie declined, and after Adele exited, Katie said that Bill had made his choice to be with Brooke. Katie refused to let Will to be in that dysfunctional situation for one minute more than necessary.

At Brooke's house, Bill wished he had another hour of playtime with Will. Brooke thought Katie shouldn't mind it due to her work schedule. Just then, Katie called Bill to say that she was working late, and Adele would pick up Will. Bill said Will could stay with him, but Katie wasn't comfortable with that.

Bill reminded Katie that they'd had a nice conversation earlier and had been relating as parents. Katie insisted that there were ground rules, and Bill's time was up. Bill rasped that she could send whomever she wanted over there, but he was keeping his son.

After the call, Bill and Brooke discussed how unreasonable Katie was being for not letting Will stay with his father while she worked late. Bill thought Katie was being spiteful, and Brooke replied that custody issues brought out the worst in people. He insisted there was no issue, and Will would stay with them that night. "Period," he concluded.

Bill took a call from a businessman named Lawrence who was upset about the happenings at the company. Bill asked Lawrence to hang in there because Bill would soon be back in charge.

After the call, the doorbell rang. Brooke offered to handle it, but Bill said she'd be too nice. When he opened the door for Katie, she asked for her son. Bill stated that the child was about to go to bed. Katie asserted that she was taking her son, and she'd call the police if Bill tried to stop her. Katie claimed she didn't want to do it, but she would if necessary.

Bill and Brooke reasoned that Will should be able to spend a night with his father, but Katie replied that if a judge decided it, then maybe. Brooke said Katie was being worked up over nothing, but Katie retorted that it was none of Brooke's business. Bill thought it was senseless for Katie to take the boy to the nanny and return to work when the boy could stay with Bill. Katie deemed herself a single working mother. Bill, however, contended that Katie wasn't sacrificing her time with Will to make ends meet; she was doing it to spite Bill.

Katie realized that she'd made a mistake in letting Will be at the house at all. She asserted that Will wouldn't sleep in that house as long as his father was sleeping with his aunt.

Bill said that the three of them would be raising Will. Katie laughed, but he continued, saying that it was the result of the divorce that Katie had asked for. Katie guessed they were back to blaming her for everything. Bill figured that if she wanted to move on, she'd return his job to him. Katie scoffed, but he insisted that her place wasn't at his job; it was taking care of Will.

Bill thought it was insane that, instead of taking care of Will, they were bickering over where he'd sleep. Bill said that if Katie wanted to hurt him, she should hit him in the wallet; however, Katie claimed that it had never been about money. "I'm CEO, and you're not. I'm his mother, and you're not. The three of us are not going to be doing anything together. I am taking him home!" Katie declared.

Bill said that Katie could take his company, but he wouldn't tolerate her taking his son. He declared that on nights that Katie had to work late, Will would stay with his father. Katie replied that she'd consider it once Brooke had moved on to the next guy. Bill insisted that Will would stay there. "I'm taking him home, and I'd like to see you try and stop me," Katie seethed.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Pam assigned Hope and Wyatt to entertain some important buyers that evening. Pam left, and some Indian and Asian buyers arrived. The buyers expressed an interest in being at the beach and doing Karaoke that evening.

At the Bikini Bar later, Hope and Wyatt arrived with the buyers. Wyatt got a drink and told the bartender that the girl he'd been talking about before was with him that night. When the Karaoke began, everyone laughed and enjoyed the amateur singers. A Forrester buyer ecstatically sang a song. Hope touched Wyatt's hand and said she was having fun. He leaned in and kissed her.

Back at Forrester, Pam found Liam in an office, and Liam claimed that Hope had permitted him to use the computer. Pam informed him that Wyatt and Hope were out entertaining buyers. Liam thought it was perfect because he could test his theory, and he asked if Pam could keep a secret.

Liam explained his theory that Wyatt had sent Hope the video. Liam said Wyatt was acting innocent, but Liam was determined to get the proof. Liam figured that Wyatt spent most of his time at Forrester in that very office, and Wyatt had probably used the computer in it.

Pam asked how Liam could get proof that it was Wyatt who'd sent the email, and Liam reminded her that he'd done that type of thing for a living before he'd met Bill. Pam said she was off to get some lemon bars, and they'd solve the mystery together that very night.

Later, Liam was searching through Hope's email account, and Pam was surprised when he said he and Hope knew each other's email passwords. Pam assumed Hope had overreacted about the Steffy tribute, but when Liam said he'd signed it "Love Liam," Pam replied that she understood Hope's feelings. Liam said he'd realized that he shouldn't have made the video in the first place.

Liam checked out the IP address from which the mystery email had been sent and reveled in self-affirmation when he discovered that it belonged to Quinn Artisan Jewelers. Pam stated that the domain name belonged to the business, not just Wyatt.

Liam decided to check his email for email addresses he'd emailed in the past days. Liam assumed that Wyatt had sent the video to himself from Liam's tablet and then had deleted the sent email. Liam said that what Wyatt couldn't erase was the email box's log of sendee email addresses.

Liam pulled up a new email box and tried to make Wyatt's known email address auto-populate in the sendee's slot of the new email. When it didn't, Pam figured that Wyatt had used a different email address. Liam tried different letters to initiate the auto-population and was shocked when Quinn's email address populated the slot.

Friday, October 25, 2013

At the Bikini Bar, the Karaoke party continued. The buyers tried to talk Hope into singing, and one said she sang well. Hope didn't know what the buyer was talking about, and he showed her an email with a video of someone singing. Hope said it wasn't her, and she quipped that one had to be careful about opening emails. She said she no longer opened emails without knowing who'd sent them.

Rachel got up and sang the theme to Steffy's Intimates line, and the crowd talked Wyatt into singing. He said he was doing it for Hope, who was the reason he did most things. He sang "I Heard it Through the Grapevine." Afterward, the buyers took pictures with Wyatt and left for the evening.

Hope joked that Wyatt had become an international star, but Wyatt said he wouldn't quit his day job as long as it was with her. Wyatt noted that Hope had been having fun, and she recalled that nothing had gone well for her at the bar before. He stared at her, and she looked away.

Wyatt figured that he always stared too long, and he was pushing for too much. Hope told him to just be patient with her. She liked knowing where she stood with him and not having to wonder if he were hiding anything.

At Forrester, Pam and Liam wondered if Wyatt had used his mother's email address. Liam got an idea and ordered Pam to type. Pam said she liked a man who was bossy.

Later, Liam went into the CEO's office where Quinn was working and claimed he had to use the phone. An email arrived on Quinn's computer, and she expressed frustration that Pam kept sending emails designated for Wyatt. Liam guessed that Pam thought Wyatt and Quinn shared an email account. Quinn replied that they'd never do that, and Pam knew it. "So it was you," Liam stated.

Liam accused Quinn of getting into his tablet and sending the video to Hope. Quinn noted that Liam seemed to be gloating about his discovery, but in her mind, he had it wrong. She said that Hope didn't care where the video had arrived from. Quinn believed that Hope was just grateful to see what Liam hadn't wanted her to see at all.

Quinn said she'd revealed what Liam had been hiding, but Liam claimed he hadn't hidden anything. He asserted that Wyatt and Quinn weren't the first or the most effective in the line of people trying to get between him and Hope, but Quinn insisted that she'd acted alone. Liam replied that Wyatt's mother just wanted to give Wyatt a hand in getting what he wanted -- Hope.

Quinn figured Hope had had the right to know that Liam had been whispering cyber sweet nothings to his ex while pledging his love for Hope. Liam quipped that Quinn knew nothing about it, but she replied that Hope had called it. Quinn said that Liam was being judged by what he'd done, not by how he'd justified it to himself.

Quinn left, and Pam entered. Pam said Quinn had looked as if she'd won that round, but Liam hoped that Hope learning who'd sent her the video would change something for him.

At Brooke's house, Bill, Brooke, and Katie continued their dispute about Will's sleeping arrangements for the night. Brooke doubted Katie believed any harm would befall the child, but Katie declared that she wouldn't tell her child that she'd dropped him off in a home where his father was shacking up with his aunt.

Bill sent Brooke to put Will down because, in his mind, the situation was long from being solved. Bill said that he and Katie were over, and there wouldn't be any justice to make it right or solve her hurt feelings. He thought the best they could do was to keep Will from being hurt. Katie said she thoroughly agreed, and that was why she wouldn't let Will go back to that house again.

Brooke returned as Katie was telling Bill that the situation was about morality, and she had to raise her son with a sense of dignity. To Katie, there was no dignity in Will's father sleeping with Will's aunt. Bill guessed they had to settle it in court, and Katie asked if he'd really put Brooke through the tabloid extravaganza of a court battle.

Bill asserted that if Katie wanted to break up him and Brooke, it wouldn't happen. Katie guessed that he was once again reverting to making everything her fault, but Katie felt that Brooke could solve everything with a few simple words. Brooke asked what those were, and Katie replied that all Brooke had to do was tell Bill to move out.

Brooke stated that Bill was free to go or to stay, and laughing, Katie said that deciding by not deciding was Brooke's talent. Katie suggested that the rich Bill buy an apartment to spend time with Will in. Bill didn't see why he had to live in two places, and Katie asked why Will should have to. Katie figured that divorce should be just as inconvenient for Bill as it was for Will.

Bill insisted that Katie accept his future with Brooke, and Brooke asked if Katie knew what it would do to the Logan family if she and Katie turned their backs on each other. "I'm sure you don't want to do that," Brooke stated.

Katie admitted that she missed the way the family had been there for each other before Storm and their mother had died. Katie said that there hadn't been enough happiness to go around after the deaths, so Brooke had taken Katie's happiness. Katie no longer knew how to be Brooke's family or how to even want to.

Katie insisted that Bill give her son to her, and as she looked around, she noticed the mountain climbing gear. Katie looked upset when Bill said that he was taking Brooke climbing in Aspen because he was free and no longer had to live in fear. Katie announced that the board had prevented the CEO from doing certain kinds of climbing.

Just then, Ramona from Aspen called, and Katie hoped Ramona would talk Bill out of it. Bill took the call and learned that he and Brooke had gotten their climbing permit. Katie said she didn't want Will growing up without a father, but Bill said he wasn't suicidal. He decided to retrieve Will for Katie but said the conversation about custody wasn't over.

After Bill left, Katie implored Brooke not to let Bill go climbing. Broke said Bill did what he wanted without permission. When Bill returned, Katie told him that she knew he had a death wish, and acting like a fool on the mountain was the quickest way to make it happen. "I've got a bad feeling about this. Don't do it, Bill," Katie said.

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