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Brooke accepted Bill's marriage proposal, and Brooke told Donna that Bill and Brooke were in love. Hope put off the wedding for the fashion show, and at the show, she wore the blue diamond with the showstopper gown. Quinn discovered the video that Liam had made for Steffy.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 30, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, September 30, 2013

At Pam's desk, Pam saw Donna and murmured, "Look who the kitty-cat dragged in." Pam remarked that Donna had stood her up for speed dating, but Donna claimed she'd never agreed to go with Pam to that. Pam asked what was wrong, and Donna complained that she was stuck in the middle of her sisters' triangle with Bill.

Pam got excited about the scandal, but Donna swore Pam to secrecy about it. "That Brooke," Pam murmured. Donna claimed it hadn't been easy for Brooke, but Pam scoffed. Donna said that it was over for Bill and Katie, and Pam asked if Brooke and Bill were that serious. Donna thought Brooke was merely finding solace with Bill. "I'll bet that's not all she's finding," Pam quipped.

At Brooke's house, Bill proposed to Brooke. He placed the ring in her hand and asked her to hold onto it. "And the end of all this, you'll be mine. Always," he uttered.

Brooke examined the ring but wondered what the engagement would do to Katie. Brooke found the proposal and the moment to be breathtaking, but she didn't want the ring to symbolize a sister's betrayal. Bill believed that he and Brooke had to think of themselves at some point, and he wanted the ring to symbolize their bond, commitment, and future together.

Bill saw Brooke as the first woman he'd met who didn't fear who he was. Brooke replied that she admired and respected him. She felt that his commitment and decisiveness were traits that a man should have, and she couldn't imagine living without him.

Brooke was sure that Katie would see it as a betrayal, but Brooke claimed to know how hard Bill had tried to make his marriage work. Brooke said that Katie had gotten her own apartment, abandoned the marriage, and insisted that Brooke take Bill. Bill replied that Katie had created them, and he had become wholly devoted to Brooke and his sons.

Brooke wondered how they could be wrong, and Bill assured her that they weren't. The two discussed their unconventional courtship. Bill said he'd first felt something for her on the hot air balloon ride, and Brooke replied that it was when it had all began. A flashback montage of Brooke and Bill's memories played, and Bill said that the ring was the key to their future memories.

Brooke thought the ring was exquisite, and Bill replied that it would look even more so on her hand. Brooke wanted nothing more than to have a future with Bill; however, she planned to keep the ring in her safe, and until the time was right for them, she'd only wear it when they were alone together.

Bill took the ring and told Brooke that she was the woman he'd waited for his entire life. He vowed to be the husband she deserved and to love and appreciate her all of her life. He bent down on his knee and said that he completely was committing himself to her.

Bill asked if Brooke would marry him, and the tearful Brooke responded that she'd be honored to be his wife. He slipped the ring onto her finger and kissed her.

In Mexico, Wyatt asked Hope not to marry Liam. Wyatt said that the diamond was just on loan at the time, but someday, he'd buy a rock like it for her. He felt that there was no limit to what they could accomplish together. Wyatt professed that he'd fallen in love with Hope at first sight, and he hadn't wanted to stop kissing her since he'd met her.

Just then, Liam called to wish Hope a good night, and he also hoped she'd be back soon. Hope said she would be back the next day. Liam and Hope professed their love for each other, and after the call, Wyatt took pot shots at Hope's relationship with Liam. Hope warned Wyatt to stop because she and Liam were in a good place.

Wyatt stated that Liam wasn't a bad guy. Wyatt was looking forward to getting to know his brother, but he couldn't let Liam take Hope to the altar. Hope wondered what would happen if Wyatt didn't have a choice in the matter, but the persistent Wyatt listed everything about Hope that mesmerized him. Wyatt said he'd fallen in love with her, and he moved in to hold her.

Wyatt kissed Hope's shoulder, but when he tried to kiss her lips, she stopped him. Hope said that she really liked him, but she was engaged to his brother. He replied that she didn't have to be, but she told him that she wanted to be.

Wyatt asked if Hope was saying there were no feelings between them. Hope admitted that she'd had some feelings for Wyatt since the beginning, but she was committed to Liam. She refused to let anything happen in Mexico -- or anywhere else -- because she was engaged to Liam.

Wyatt said it wasn't normal to make multiple trips to the altar, and he wouldn't need that many chances to marry Hope. He claimed that he'd only need one, and he'd never let her go. Hope insisted that Liam was completely committed to her, but Wyatt asked what would happen if Steffy returned. Hope replied that Liam and Steffy had moved on, and Steffy wouldn't be a problem.

In Rick's office, Liam was working on his project for Hope and flashing back to their memories together. A chat screen popped up on his laptop, and a message from Steffy appeared. He asked how she was, and she said that Paris loved her. She asked about him and Hope, and he said that things were good. Steffy informed him that she would send her e-signature for the document.

Liam was about to ask if Steffy were sure of something, but before he could, Steffy wrote that there was nothing standing in the way of Hope and Liam getting married. Liam looked at the screen and erased what he'd typed. Steffy wrote that she had to walk her new puppy named Malibu.

Steffy ended the chat, and Liam started to email the Hope tribute project to himself. He received a call at the same moment and accidentally pressed a key that made Steffy's email address populate the addressee slot in the email. As he told the caller he was on the way, the computer sent the email, and Liam hurried out of the office.

In Paris, Steffy froze upon seeing the Hope tribute in her inbox.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

by Pam

On the Forrester jet, Hope and Wyatt reveled in their success at having persuaded Ricardo to allow them to return to Los Angeles to show off the diamond at the upcoming HFTF fashion show. They agreed they both wanted to see the diamond again but didn't want to interrupt the security guard, who had gone to the front of the plane. Hope congratulated Wyatt for his persuasive techniques to get the owner to allow Forrester and Quinn Artisan Jewelers to display the diamond.

Wyatt wished he could have been more persuasive with Hope in order to convince her not to marry Liam. Hope interrupted because she had received an email from Liam. It was a video tribute to their love story. Hope called Liam to thank him. Liam wanted to pick Hope up at the airport as soon as she landed, but Hope said that she had to go straight to Forrester for a meeting to show off the diamond. She promised to see Liam after the meeting.

At Spencer, after Liam had hung up the phone with Hope, he received a computer text message from Steffy that the annulment was back on track. Steffy added that she had received his email with the video tribute to Hope. Liam realized that he had made a huge blunder when he sent the video tribute to Steffy by accident. He texted an apology, but Steffy texted back that she felt it was beautiful. She asked Liam to make a video for her with a tribute to their marriage.

Liam hesitated, but he decided that he would do it. He pulled up music, video and still photos from their first trip to Aspen, their first marriage, and their second marriage. He edited in various photos from their love story, and she sat and smiled at the memories. He sent the video to Steffy and sent a message that said, "Great memories."

In Paris, Steffy watched the video tribute and became sullen and tearful.

At Forrester, Eric and Quinn met in Eric's office. Quinn said that Wyatt had told her the trip to Mexico had been a success. Quinn chatted that she knew Wyatt had feelings for Hope, and she noted that Wyatt and Hope had spent the night together in Mexico. Eric reminded her that they had been in separate rooms and it had just been business. Quinn said that business never seemed like business when people worked so well together and shared great ideas and chemistry.

Outside Eric's office at the desk that Pam and Donna shared, Donna said that she had heard that Wyatt and Hope had an additional passenger on their return flight to Los Angeles. Donna and Pam had taken turns guessing at who might have accompanied Hope and Wyatt to Los Angeles. Pam suggested it was a chef for Liam and Hope's wedding. Donna looked skeptical and suggested it was a soccer player or some other celebrity.

Rick and Caroline showed up at Eric's office and entered the office to meet with Eric and Quinn. Hope and Wyatt joined the meeting, and a security guard, who carried a briefcase, accompanied them. The guard dramatically unlocked the case, and Wyatt held the diamond up for everyone to see it.

Everyone was impressed, and Quinn said that it was a prestigious honor as a gemologist to hold something so rare. She remarked that it was cold, and Wyatt said it was one of the many rare qualities of the stone. Pam wondered if it was cursed as legend had it that the true Hope Diamond had been. Wyatt and Quinn pointed out that the rare diamond they had on loan from Ricardo had been known to cause good luck and love for those who possessed it -- the opposite of the Hope Diamond.

Donna suggested that someone should wear it during the fashion show. Eric said it would be displayed at the Rodeo Drive Forrester boutique. He added that the security guard from Mexico could hand off his duties to the Forrester security team, who entered the room. The security guard demanded a signature from Wyatt, who had been responsible for persuading the owner to allow Forrester to display the diamond in Los Angeles. Wyatt smiled and added that Eric was the one paying for the insurance.

Caroline noted that the press that would surround the diamond announcement at the HFTF show was better than anything money could buy. Pam noted that everyone had been peppier since the diamond had arrived. Hope thanked Wyatt and Quinn for the publicity idea. Hope also thanked Caroline and Rick for the wonderful fashions they had designed.

Outside the office, Liam had arrived, but the guard refused to allow him to enter Eric's office. Liam texted Hope, who ran out to see Liam. Hope invited Liam to see the diamond, but he refused. He wanted only to see Hope. Inside the office, Eric, Caroline, and Rick left, and Quinn quizzed Wyatt about what had happened with Hope.

Wyatt confessed to his mom that he had told Hope that he loved her. Wyatt added that Hope had told him that she had feelings for him, but she had always loved Liam and intended to marry him. Quinn advised Wyatt not to give up on Hope, but Wyatt said that Hope had clearly made her decision. Quinn wasn't sure that Hope knew what she wanted, and Quinn assured Wyatt that Liam had messed up before and could do it again.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

by Pam

At Forrester, Liam and Hope canoodled and talked about Hope's trip to Mexico. Liam worried that Wyatt had tried to put some moves on Hope, but Hope said that Wyatt had been a gentleman.

Hope chatted about the diamond that she and Wyatt had seen in Mexico and delivered to Forrester. Hope noted that it was 40 carats. She said that it had incredible beauty and power and was good luck. She wanted to wear it in the fashion show. Liam teased that the diamond would pale in comparison to Hope's beauty.

Liam shared the good news that Steffy had supplied her digital signature in order to finalize the annulment. Hope turned sullen, and said that her heart had dropped at the mention of Steffy's name. Liam apologized.

Liam said it was good news. He said it meant they could get married immediately, and that was what he wanted. Liam suggested a tropical setting, and while Hope agreed about getting married, she said they needed to stay in Los Angeles. She suggested her mother's home, but Liam declined. Liam suggested the Malibu house. "Our house," Hope said.

Hope and Liam agreed about the location, and they laughed that Father Fontana would not be involved, since both marriage ceremonies that had involved him had ultimately failed. Liam called Fontana jinxed. They laughed and kissed. Liam said he wanted to hurry and suggested a wedding within days. They flashed back to the last time they had tried to get married at Liam's Malibu home. "Nothing's going to get in our way," Liam said.

In Rick's office at Forrester, Caroline stared at the diamond. Rick and Caroline discussed the diamond's beauty. Caroline teased that she thought they should return to his office with the diamond after the fashion show. She promised she wouldn't be wearing any fashions -- just the diamond.

Caroline and Rick kissed and cuddled. Caroline encouraged Rick to take some private time to relax. She called it "us" time. Rick told Caroline how much he appreciated her. He said that she was wacky, wild, and uniquely Caroline. He told her that he had missed her when they were apart.

Rick and Caroline's conversation moved to the date for the fashion show. Caroline reminded Rick that they had created buzz in the media about two possible dates. Caroline and Rick decided that they needed to choose the early date because they didn't want to allow news of the diamond to leak to the public. Caroline worried that it would ruin the surprise at the event.

Donna and Pam found Liam alone in Hope's office, and they quizzed Liam about a wedding date with Hope. He promised that Hope and Liam would marry soon. Pam offered to bake the wedding cake, and Liam tried to change the subject. Liam promised to invite both Pam and Donna, and he encouraged them to keep their schedules open because it would be very soon.

At a meeting on the Forrester rooftop, Quinn advised Wyatt not to give up on Hope. Wyatt argued that Hope had clearly stated her intention to marry Liam. Wyatt added that he would not become an obnoxious jerk who continued to pursue Hope after she had made it clear she was going through with her plans to marry Liam.

Quinn said she was proud that Wyatt had behaved like a gentleman, but she believed he was still in the running for Hope's heart. Wyatt disagreed and added that Hope would be married in days. Quinn believed that Liam was rushing the wedding date because Liam knew that Wyatt and Hope had a connection.

Quinn quizzed Wyatt about his trip with Hope. Wyatt glowed when he discussed Hope's interactions with Ricardo and the diamond. Quinn realized that Hope and Liam had not set a wedding date, and Quinn wanted to see Rick and Caroline.

In Rick's office, Wyatt and Quinn asked about the fashion show date. Quinn pressured Rick to schedule the event quickly to surprise everyone with the diamond before news of it got out. Hope entered and said the fashion show had to wait until after her wedding.

Rick disagreed. He advised Hope that they had the diamond and had to use it in a hurry before news of its existence in Los Angeles leaked to the public. Hope asked Caroline for an opinion. Caroline warned that they ran a risk if they waited, but she didn't want to interfere with Hope's wedding. Hope was worried that Liam would be unhappy.

Rick said he sympathized, but they were putting the fashion show and the news of the diamond at risk. Hope reluctantly agreed. Everyone but Quinn and Hope left the office. Quinn advised Hope that taking more time before her wedding might be a good idea.

Quinn added that Wyatt was in love with Hope. Quinn said that Wyatt had never used that word before. Quinn encouraged Hope to take time before she made decisions. Hope gently reminded Quinn that Hope was marrying Liam.

Quinn picked up the diamond and dramatically stated that the diamond held special powers. Quinn admitted that she knew it was crazy, but she believed that the stone was foretelling the future that Hope and Wyatt would be together. Quinn promised that Hope would be happy with Wyatt and find happiness and magic "beyond your wildest dreams.".

Quinn handed the stone to Hope, and Hope stared at the stone and smiled at Quinn.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

At the cliff house, Liam and Hope cuddled in bed. Liam began discussing the honeymoon plans he'd begun making while Hope had worked late the previous night. He hoped she wouldn't have to think about the showing again until after their honeymoon, but Hope said she needed to tell him something.

Liam guessed he wasn't going to like what Hope had to say. Hope replied that she was just as disappointed as he would be, but she was sure he'd understand that it couldn't be helped. Liam decided to put on his "I understand face" and said he was good as long as it didn't interfere with the wedding.

Liam began to pout when Hope explained that Rick had suggested moving up the fashion show date. Hope explained that the team had to take advantage of the diamond's momentum. Liam understood that Forrester had to seize the moment, but he wasn't surprised that Wyatt and Quinn had pushed for an earlier date.

As Hope consoled Liam, she explained that Wyatt wasn't in charge of the decisions. Hope said she'd agreed with Rick, who was responsible for the company, even if it meant pushing the wedding back. Hope was sorry, but she said that she and Liam would start their life together very soon. Liam tickled her until she promised it was true, and they kissed.

Later, Hope and Liam cuddling after having sex, and he guessed people expected her at the office. Hope replied that they could do without her for a little while. Liam didn't think Wyatt could and figured Wyatt was planning to find another jewel journey to go on with Hope.

Hope remarked that she'd felt that way about Steffy and had always wondered what would be next. There had been a time that Hope had thought that Liam had tried to hold on to both women; however, Hope was sure that Steffy was gone, and Liam was devoted to Hope.

Hope said she knew how Liam really felt about her because of all the things he'd done for her. Recalling the video, she said it had been a labor of love that he'd done just for her. She stated that Wyatt could give her the Hope Diamond, but it didn't matter because her heart belonged to Liam.

At the sky lounge, Wyatt noted that Quinn was pleased with herself for getting Hope's wedding postponed. The grinning Quinn said she'd been looking out for everyone's best interests -- including her son's -- and there was nothing wrong with that. Wyatt appreciated his mother's help, but he refused to push himself on Hope.

Quinn said it wasn't like Wyatt to do that. Wyatt doubted that he'd ever have the relationship with Hope that he wanted. When Quinn started talking about the diamond's power, Liam changed the subject to getting Caroline's approval on some designs. With a self-serving grin, Quinn wondered if Hope was in the office yet or at home trying to save her relationship from falling apart yet again.

In the CEO's office, Caroline was turned on by how Rick had concluded a meeting and said she loved to see him that way. Rick replied that it was because of her, and they kissed. She relayed that his vision of them leading Forrester into the future was happening, and Rick added that "we" were making it happen together.

Caroline grimaced upon thinking of the things she'd done to Maya and wondered how Maya was doing. Rick saw Carter conversing in the hall and said no one would know better than Maya's fiancÚ.

When Carter entered the office, Rick remarked that Maya had been a great addition to the company, and she'd be missed. Carter agreed but said Maya was keeping herself busy with wedding planning. Carter invited Caroline and Rick to the wedding because Carter and Maya had agreed that it was important for everyone to get along.

Carter noticed the diamond on the table and recalled that Quinn and Wyatt had suggested procuring it. Quinn and Wyatt arrived and attributed the success of the diamond mission to Hope. Caroline wondered why Hope wasn't there yet. Rick decided to have Quinn and Wyatt meet with Caroline about their changes, and Rick instructed Caroline to fill Hope in later.

Aside, Quinn suggested that Wyatt call Hope, but Wyatt didn't want to put any more pressure on Hope. He figured that if Liam loved Hope, he'd understand and not pressure her. Quinn replied that Wyatt would behave that way; however, Liam wasn't Wyatt. Quinn figured that things were always about Liam, and Liam probably would give Hope grief over the fashion show date.

Everyone hustled to work on the fashion show, and on the phone, Rick told someone that he didn't need that kind of problem the day before a showing. Quinn got upset with herself for forgetting to pack a necklace before the meeting. Wyatt called a driver to deliver it, and Quinn discussed her jitters over the showing. Quinn said the stakes were high in more ways than one.

Wyatt stated that his mother was pinning too much on the show. Wyatt told Quinn that the problem with the wedding date wouldn't cause Liam to rush off to Paris to shack up with his former wife. Quinn quipped that Liam had that exact pattern.

Rick approached and declared that it would probably be the most talked about show in Forrester history. He recalled that they'd experienced some embarrassing moments on the runway. Quinn referred to Liam proposing to Hope on the runway, but Rick said that was more surprising than embarrassing. Quinn said that all the false starts for Hope and Liam had to cause one to wonder.

Later, Quinn was worried that the necklace still hadn't arrived from the warehouse, and Wyatt murmured that they needed a dependable delivery van. She said it wasn't in the budget, but he replied that he had a feeling it would soon change.

Rick told everyone that Hope had sent him a message that she'd be late, and he was only getting her voicemail. Everyone agreed that Hope should be there because she was the inspiration behind the designs. Rick called Caroline's designs flawless, and Caroline was flattered.

Rick expressed his pride in everyone. He said Caroline was at the top of her game, and the jewelry collaboration had been a brilliant idea. Rick understood why Hope had been so enthusiastic about teaming up, and he was sure she'd be lauding the Fullers, too, if she were there.

Friday, October 4, 2013

At Brooke's house, Bill was surprised that Brooke wasn't at Forrester for the show. Brooke explained that Eric wanted her to stay away because of the negative publicity surrounding her personal life. Bill assured Brooke that they'd weather the storm, and he hugged her.

Donna entered the house and had an awkward look on her face as she watched Bill and Brooke. When the couple noticed that Donna was there, Donna explained that she'd stopped by to see Brooke before the show. Brooke said she wouldn't be going to the show, but she asked if Donna could stay a while because Brooke had to order some flowers for Hope.

Donna reluctantly agreed, and after Brooke went upstairs, Donna asked Bill if he knew what he was doing. Bill claimed that he was moving on with his life. Donna said she loved her sisters, but they were very different. She explained that Katie was practical and the perfect mother for his son; however, Brooke couldn't help but follow her heart.

As Brooke returned downstairs, she overheard Donna saying that Brooke had been married numerous times, but Katie was devoted to Bill forever. Brooke continued to listen as Donna explained that Brooke deserved happiness, too, but Brooke always seemed to land on her feet when dealing with men. Bill thanked Donna for the advice but said his marriage was kaput.

Donna asked Bill to think long and hard before he did anything. Bill exited the house, and Brooke appeared on the stairs. Donna guessed that Brooke had heard. "Every word," Brooke said.

Brooke wasn't upset with Donna and said both of them were concerned about Katie. Brooke asserted she and Bill had fought for months for the marriage. Brooke told Donna she felt horrible for their little sister but said that she and Bill were serious and making plans. Brooke pulled the ring from her pocket, and Donna's eyes widened. Brooke said that Bill had given it to her, and she'd accepted.

Backstage at Forrester, the place was buzzing with activity as the crew prepared for the fashion show that evening. Liam swooped around Hope and gave her a kiss, and she figured he was okay with the wedding postponement. Smiling, Liam replied that he was furious about it. "You handle anger well. I think I'll marry you," Hope stated, and they hugged.

Wyatt watched the couple, but Quinn told him not to lose focus. Wyatt remarked that it was their company's biggest moment, and Quinn added that he was poised to win the girl, too.

Later, Liam used his tablet to take pictures of the diamond in its case. Quinn and Wyatt approached, and Quinn said the diamond had the power to change the lives of its guardians. Liam assumed she was referring to Hope and Wyatt. "Okay. After this is over, I'm taking Hope somewhere. And shortly after that, all this nonsense will be over, and Hope and I will be married," Liam declared.

Wyatt rendered a snarky response, and Liam quipped that the diamond "power" stuff was just as delusional as Wyatt's quest to take Hope away. "Just saying," Liam added and stalked off. Quinn thought Liam had some nerve. Wyatt replied that Liam was desperate for Hope. "But then again, so am I," Wyatt reasoned. He looked across the room and grimaced upon seeing Liam kiss Hope.

Nearby, Pam told Eric that everyone had checked in but Brooke. Eric told her and the others around him that Brooke wouldn't be there. As they continued to work, Pam was ecstatic to see reporter Thea Andrews at the event. Jarrett and Thea interviewed Hope and Wyatt about the jewelry collaboration, and Jarrett asked about the surprise that was in store. Wyatt simply said, "Rock and roll."

Backstage, Rick removed the diamond from its case. The blue stone had been set into a pendant with white diamond-encrusted spokes. Rick announced to the crew that it was time to enjoy the fruits of their labor, and they'd give the world what it expected from Forrester -- a show no one would forget.

After the pep talk, Hope became a ball of nerves. Wyatt assured "Hopi" that with her beauty, his charm, and the diamond's power, they couldn't miss. He thanked her for everything good she'd added to his life, and as they hugged, Quinn looked on.

In the showroom, Rick got on the loudspeaker and introduced Hope. Hope strode out on stage, and Liam smiled as he listened to her explain HFTF's cross-cultural vision with a southern Californian spirit. On a screen behind her, the sky and enormous blades of grass appeared, and the models rolled out, displaying the designs and the jewelry.

Quinn looked out from backstage and frowned upon seeing Hope with Liam. Wyatt gazed at Hope, and she glanced back before quickly smiling at Liam. More earth videos played at the head of the stage as the models continued the show, and Caroline and Rick stole glances at each other, too.

Later, Wyatt was backstage. He saw Hope and held up the diamond pendant necklace. He asked to put it on her, and after he affixed it to her neck, he told "Hopi" to rock and roll. Hope thanked him and walked away. Quinn told Wyatt not to give up on Hope, but he replied that he might have had a shot if Steffy had been still interested in Liam.

Rick announced the showstopper and the Hope for the Future diamond, which was being seen for the first time ever. Before a screen displaying clouds, Hope appeared on stage in a blue, strapless mermaid dress, and the diamond pendant sparkled on her chest. Hope blew Liam a kiss, and the clapping Wyatt pretended to be unaffected by the gesture.

As Quinn watched from backstage, she heard a chime emitting from Liam's tablet. She turned it on and saw the video that Liam had made for Steffy.

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