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Brooke sprang a surprise elopement on Hope and Liam. As the couple exchanged rings, Taylor and Steffy stormed in with the news of the pregnancy, and Liam was once again in a quandary. Caroline declined to do community service in designer shoes, and Rick was floored when he heard Maya sing.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 18, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, February 18, 2013

On the Forrester rooftop, Hope and Oliver reviewed photos from a shoot they'd just done. Oliver flirted with Hope, and she said he was sweet. Oliver replied that she was sweet, but he wondered if Liam had figured it out yet. Hope wasn't sure if Oliver were prying or being caring. Oliver said that he'd messed up in the past, but that didn't mean that he didn't care about her.

Oliver noted that she'd gotten her spirit back, and the spunky Hope replied that she wouldn't let anyone take it from her. He and Hope discussed the situation with Liam. Hope revealed that she wasn't sure if she and Liam would reunite, but she hoped they were headed in that direction.

Hope said Brooke had advised her to make a huge move. Oliver replied that it sounded like a good time to take the opportunity. The word "opportunity" sounded unappealing to Hope, who wanted Liam to make his own decision. Oliver encouraged Hope to go after what she wanted. Hope said that Oliver was one of the best friends she'd ever hand. Oliver looked as if someone had slapped him in the face, but he said he just wanted her to be happy. The two hugged.

Hope said her future didn't depend upon any man -- not even Liam. She wanted Liam, but he had to want it, too. Her stomach was doing flip-flops, waiting on Liam's decision. She thought it was apparent that they should be together, but she wanted Liam to take all the time he needed. Oliver reasoned that, sometimes, one had to push a little, though. "Steffy will; that's for sure," Oliver said.

In Steffy's office, Taylor arrived while Steffy was busily working. Taylor hoped that Steffy would take it easy because of the baby. Steffy relayed that she had constant cravings, and she was seeing Dr. Caspary that day. Guessing Liam still didn't know about the baby, Taylor insisted he needed that vital bit of information so he could stop waffling and move on with Steffy and the baby.

Steffy refused to tell Liam about the baby until after he'd made his decision. She was sure that if he knew, he'd do the honorable thing, and she'd hate it. Steffy asked what the point of fighting for her relationship was. She reasoned that she should trust in what she and Liam had, rather than forcing herself on him so he wouldn't be with Hope.

Steffy claimed to be done perpetuating the cycle of being second to a Logan. Taylor expressed her worry that Steffy would disappear with the baby, causing Taylor to lose two more people. Steffy rasped that Brooke and the Logans had taken everything from them, and Taylor smeared Hope, calling her a home wrecker like her mother. Steffy said that if Liam chose to be with Hope, then Steffy was ending the competition. "It stops with us," Steffy decided, holding her belly.

Taylor was proud of her daughter, and Steffy said she had to think about the kind of life she wanted her baby to have. Steffy didn't want it to be the way she and Thomas had grown up. Taylor didn't want that, either, and Steffy informed her mother that Liam would have a decision in one day.

Steffy prepared to leave for her doctor's appointment, and Taylor offered to drive Steffy there.

In the exam room with Dr. Caspary later, Steffy sat in patient garb and talked to the doctor about her diet. Taylor had a question about Steffy's stress levels and explained that Steffy wasn't living with the baby's father, whom Steffy hadn't told about the pregnancy. Steffy sighed, saying she was okay, and she hoped the separation was just temporary. Steffy stated that she couldn't tell the father yet because she didn't want to pressure him.

In the CEO's office, Liam arrived at Rick's behest. Rick wanted to reinforce the sentiments he'd made to Liam the other day, and the contemplative Liam revealed that he didn't even know if there would be a Hope and him. He recalled that Hope had been his first girlfriend, and he hadn't even imagined he'd catch the eye of someone like her.

Rick hoped that Liam realized that he couldn't have two girlfriends, and Liam said that he didn't want to make Steffy or Hope live what their mothers had been through. Rick expressed that Liam was doing the right thing, and Rick was confident that he'd be welcoming Liam back to the family soon.

Liam stated that he didn't take Hope for granted, and she was unlike anyone he'd ever met. "Then there's Steffy..." Rick added. Rick guessed that having two women was every man's fantasy. Liam claimed that he didn't like being caught in the middle, and he felt loyal to both women.

Liam said Hope and Steffy were very different. Hope was like an inspiration. She made him want to be more like her. He felt that, with Hope, he'd be living an idyllic life. Steffy, on the other hand, challenged him to make every moment count. Rick joked that it was too bad Liam couldn't morph them.

Rick stated that Liam could be friends with either Hope or Steffy for the rest of his life, but he could only have one life partner. Rick advised Liam to think about the long haul. Rick couldn't forget that he was partly responsible for the mess his sister was in, and he wanted to do all he could to help her. Liam stated that it was his choice, not Rick's.

Rick reminded Liam that he'd proposed to Hope in front of the press, and she'd been the one he'd wanted to marry -- until misunderstandings and tricks had wound him up married to Steffy. Rick said Liam had never been fully committed to that, and he'd eventually returned to Hope, his first love.

Rick explained that more things had gotten in the way -- including Rick -- and Liam had wound up back with Steffy. Rick knew that Liam cared about Steffy, but she wasn't Liam's first choice. "And she never will be," Rick concluded. Rick hoped that Liam realized that, and Rick advised Liam not to let Rick be the reason that Liam wouldn't get the life Liam wanted.

At the cliff house with Father Fontana, Brooke hoped the "good Lord" would forgive her for "borrowing" Hope's keys to set up the surprise elopement. Brooke and Fontana met Madison outside, and Madison led them down a pathway lined with feather-shaped flags and streamer-clad posts. Brooke stated that it was breathtaking. "Now, all we need is Hope and Liam," Brooke stated.

Fontana and Brooke went inside the house, and he said Hope and Liam would be blown away. Brooke called Hope and said that she really needed to see Hope at Liam's house. Surprised, Hope replied that she was on her way. Next, Brooke called Rick and found out that Rick's meeting with Liam had gone well, and Liam was on his way home. The ecstatic Brooke ended the call and told Father Fontana that it would happen that day.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

by Pam

On the rooftop at Forrester, Oliver delivered proofs of photos that he had taken earlier of Hope, but Hope didn't have time to see them. She had received a message from her mom and had to leave. Oliver offered to wait, but Hope said she didn't know what Brooke had wanted. Hope wondered why Brooke wanted to meet Hope at Liam's house. Oliver wished her luck.

Liam drove to his home at Brooke's request. On the way, he flashed back to his conversation with Steffy about how she couldn't imagine him with anyone else. He recalled good times with her. Liam called Steffy's phone and reached her voicemail. He hung up. Liam called Hope but also received her voicemail. He flashed back to romantic moments with Hope.

At Doctor Caspary's office, Taylor and Steffy shared the complicated background of Steffy, Hope, and Liam with the doctor. The doctor insisted that Liam had a right to know he was going to become a father.

Steffy reiterated her stance that she wanted Liam to choose her because he wanted to be with her and only her, not because she had trapped him with a baby. The doctor warned that Steffy had to avoid stress because it wasn't good for Steffy or the baby. Steffy prattled on about not wanting to pressure Liam. She blamed the Logans for their efforts to get between Steffy and Liam.

Steffy lamented that she had used birth control, but it hadn't worked. Doctor Caspary noted that no method of birth control was 100 percent effective, with the exception of abstinence. Taylor continued to pressure Steffy to tell Liam about the baby.

The doctor conducted the ultrasound and Steffy was amazed to see the baby's image on the screen and hear the heartbeat. "Oh, my God, it's our baby," Steffy enthused teafully. Afterward, she held the photo and gushed that she and Liam had created a child together.

She cooed about how she and Liam had created the beautiful little life inside of her. She purred that she had an instant and intense love. Taylor interjected that it was exciting to talk about her first grandchild. Taylor continued that Steffy should have shared the experience with Liam.

Taylor again pressured Steffy to tell Liam, and Steffy tearfully listened. After Steffy had dressed, she received a call from Madison, who warned that Brooke had set up an elopement wedding at Liam's place. Steffy was in disbelief. Madison insisted that Steffy had to keep the phone call a secret, but Madison advised that Steffy had to hurry to get to Liam's place. Steffy and Taylor rushed out of the office.

At Liam's place, Brooke met with Father Fontana, and the priest agreed to the surprise wedding for Hope and Liam. The priest asked if Brooke was sure she knew what she was doing. Brooke insisted that everyone knew that Hope and Liam were meant to be together.

Liam entered the house and was surprised to see the Italian priest. Liam asked why Father Fontana was in Los Angeles. "God's work," the priest answered. They embraced.

Liam offered to show the priest around Los Angeles, but Father Fontana said it was a short trip. Liam didn't catch on to what Brooke had planned. Liam wondered how Brooke had entered his house. Brooke admitted she had used Hope's key. Liam and the priest discussed the lies and manipulations that had kept Liam and Hope apart.

Father Fontana recalled the entire Italian wedding and the pure connection that he had witnessed between Hope and Liam. The priest observed that it had been a shame that Liam and Hope were apart. Liam admitted that his ex-wife, Steffy, had added something special to Liam's life, as well.

The priest couldn't imagine that Liam had the same kind of connection he had with Hope with any other woman. Father Fontana reminded Liam of the vows he had taken, and he recalled that Liam had lost the life he should have been living. Liam appreciated the advice, but he was still conflicted. Hope arrived.

Brooke explained that she'd asked Father Fontana to visit. Hope and Liam were confused. Brooke walked them outside, where colorful flags lined the walkway and the embankment to the waterfront. Brooke had recreated a scene similar to the one they'd had in Italy. Liam and Hope finally realized what Brooke had done. Neither of them looked happy.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

by Pam

At Forrester, models pranced in and out of Eric's office in new designs, under the watchful eye of Eric and Rick. After the models left, Eric and Rick discussed the designs. Rick complained that Thomas hadn't accepted any of Rick's recommendations. Eric pointed out that Thomas' designs had a definitely different edginess, but Eric liked it.

Rick continued to lament that he and Thomas did not get along. Rick said that Thomas challenged Rick's leadership and refused to maintain the Forrester theme. Eric countered that they all had to work toward the same goal.

Rick warned that Thomas challenged his leadership, but Eric suggested that the entire company looked to Rick for leadership. Rick insisted that Thomas brought nothing to the table, and Rick wondered why Eric had promoted Thomas to a vice president. Rick suggested that Thomas would have been a big contributor to the company if he had left and worked with his father for a while in Paris. "Thomas belongs here," Eric insisted.

Rick wondered how the pat on the back for Thomas was going to benefit anyone. Eric insisted that it was important. Eric flashed back to kissing Taylor. Rick was unhappy, and he left.

Madison entered. She explained that Brooke had planned some type of elopement for Hope and Liam at Liam's house. Madison asked if Eric had known about it. Eric replied that he had heard nothing. Madison admitted that Brooke had not wanted anyone to know, but Madison had told Steffy.

Madison apologized because she knew that Eric was close to Brooke. Eric interrupted. "You did the right thing," Eric said. Madison and Eric agreed that they hoped Steffy arrived before Liam and Hope had remarried.

At Liam's, Hope and Liam had been surprised by Brooke's preparations and Father Fontana's presence. Hope insisted she didn't want Brooke to pressure Liam. Brooke prattled on about how Hope and Liam belonged together. Brooke reminded them of their vows in Italy. Hope and Liam laughed about all they had been through since then.

Liam thanked Father Fontana and Brooke for their thoughtfulness. Hope agreed. The priest and Brooke pointed out that Liam and Hope were still very much in love. It was obvious in the way they looked at each other. The priest said they were still husband and wife in his eyes.

Father Fontana agreed to the ceremony to remind Hope and Liam of the vows they had made to each other. Father Fontana recalled the entire Italian wedding between Hope and Liam. The priest observed that Liam and Hope belonged together.

Brooke reiterated how much in love Hope and Liam had been in Italy. Brooke tried to persuade Liam that he had to remember Italy and finish what they had begun there. Father Fontana said that he trusted that they would try again. He acknowledged that they had been tested. He said he would not be there if he didn't trust in his heart that they were meant to be together.

The priest reminded them of their wedding day speeches to one another and their promises to attend to the everyday aspects of life. He recalled that Hope had promised to check the daily surf report, and Liam had promised to allow Hope to take over the house. They all laughed. Father Fontana said it was important that they extend little kindnesses to one another. Brooke sweetly reminded them they needed to find their way back to each other.

Brooke presented Hope and Liam's wedding bands. Hope said they hadn't been expecting a ceremony, but she said she was ready to stop making plans and drawing maps for their life together. "I'm ready to live it," she said. Hope acknowledged she had removed her ring to prove a point, and it had been wrong. "Now I pledge myself to you by putting it back on," Hope said. Liam prepared to slide Hope's ring on her finger.

In Taylor's car, Taylor and Steffy sped to Liam's house to stop the impromptu wedding that Brooke had organized. Steffy lamented that Brooke felt Hope was entitled to remarry Liam. Taylor was incredulous that Brooke would go to such lengths to take advantage of Steffy's moving out of Liam's place.

Steffy flashed back to times with Liam, and she told Taylor that she'd hoped that Liam would realize that he'd always been happier with her. Steffy recalled kissing Liam, motorcycle rides, and more. She pulled out her sonogram picture and caressed her stomach.

Steffy and Taylor arrived at Liam's front door, but they couldn't open it. They ran around to the back of the house, where Steffy spied Liam. He smiled as he started to place the ring on Hope's finger. Steffy called out to Liam to stop the wedding.

Taylor accused Brooke of an ambush, and Brooke warned Taylor to get out. Steffy wondered what Liam was doing and if marrying Hope was really what he wanted. Steffy said she had something Liam needed to know. Steffy put her arm around Liam and whispered in his ear that that she was pregnant. Liam looked at Steffy and then at Hope, more confused than ever.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

At Forrester, Rick and Eric reviewed a suit from the men's line. Rick was proud of his attention to detail on the design, but Eric distractedly nodded in response to the features that Rick pointed out about it. The model wearing the suit left, and by Eric's response, Rick assumed his work wasn't up to par. Eric, however, said he would have made the exact choices that Rick had made, and the suit was fine.

Sensing something was off with Eric, Rick guessed Eric's distraction had to do with Steffy. Rick had been talking to Madison, who'd hinted that something was brewing with Steffy. Rick figured that Steffy was unhappy about the Logans' positions in the company. Eric said he'd balanced things for the time being. Though Eric knew Rick didn't like Thomas' new position, Eric said it would still stand. Rick agreed not to harp on it as long as Eric revealed what was up with Steffy.

Rick stepped out, and Eric flashed back to kissing Taylor after her rant about Brooke. He seemed to be still reeling from the memory as Rick returned to hear about Steffy. Eric changed the subject to how proud he was of Rick's performance as president. Eric felt that Rick could do more things outside work, though, so Eric had signed Rick up for community service at Dayzee's café.

While Rick agreed that community service was good for him to do as an executive, he seemed conflicted about doing it that day. Thinking more about it, Rick decided that it was important for him to go ahead and do it.

Just then, Caroline entered, excited about her and Rick's date for sushi and a romantic walk on the beach. Rick looked uncomfortably at Eric, who returned the look with an expectant gaze.

Eric left, and the flirty Caroline kissed Rick and expressed her excitement about the beautiful day ahead of them. Rick looked skeptical, and she warned that he'd better not say he couldn't make it. Rick replied that he had something a little different in mind for their date, and it could change a lot of lives.

Later, Caroline and Rick arrived at Dayzee's, and Caroline said, "I don't get it." Rick announced that they were there to help out, and Caroline would need an apron. "Whoa, what?" Caroline asked. Rick claimed they could get sushi anytime, but that day, they were volunteering instead. He joked that he'd heard they "have that" in New York, too.

Caroline seemed unhappy, and Rick explained that his father had gotten on his case and reminded him that even executives needed to help out. Caroline was sorry for the plight of the patrons at Dayzee's, but preferring their other plans, she decided that they could do the community service another time. Rick asserted that they were staying, but Caroline replied, "No, Rick. We're leaving."

At the altar at Liam's house, Hope wanted to know what Steffy had said to Liam. Taylor prompted Steffy, who then told everyone that she was pregnant. Liam looked amazed, and Hope's eyes darkened. Brooke scoffed at Taylor and Steffy for expecting everyone to believe them, but Taylor said they'd just arrived from getting an ultrasound.

Steffy uttered that she was having Liam's baby, and she asked if she and Liam could talk alone. The gravity of the situation seemed to hit Liam. He stared sadly at Hope and then nodded at Steffy. As Liam and Steffy walked off, Hope looked devastated.

Brooke, Hope, and Taylor went into the bedroom at the cliff house, where Hope couldn't believe what was happening. Taylor quipped that she couldn't believe what Hope and Brooke had tried to pull. Brooke insisted that Liam and Hope loved each other, and the pair had been repeatedly robbed of a life together. Taylor cried out that marriage was sacred, and she asked if Brooke had any shame.

Brooke asserted that Steffy had no shame to try to trap Liam with a baby. Taylor was glad Brooke had decided to acknowledge that the baby was real. Hope interjected that Brooke had a point; Steffy had manipulated things in the past, and if Steffy were doing that again, Liam wouldn't stand for it.

Taylor claimed she and Steffy hadn't done any manipulating, and Steffy hadn't gotten pregnant on purpose. Brooke called the timing suspicious, but Taylor found it no more suspicious than the elopement Brooke had tried to pull off. Hope asserted that her mother had just wanted her to pledge herself to the man she'd married in Italy -- even though the Italy wedding had wound up being invalid.

Brooke refused to let Taylor turn things around on Brooke and Hope, because they all knew that Liam wanted to spend his life with Hope. Taylor contested that, because she felt that Liam had been torn between the women, and Taylor insisted that the baby would change everything.

Brooke reasoned that Steffy was hoping the baby would change everything, and Taylor expressed surprise that Brooke thought Liam would turn his back on his child. Hope stated that he didn't have to marry Steffy to be a loving father.

Taylor ranted that Steffy had known she was pregnant for a while, but she'd kept it to herself after seeing that Hope had "lured" Liam into the bedroom before Steffy's Paris trip. Taylor claimed that Steffy had purposely not told Liam, so that it wouldn't influence his decision. Brooke asserted that it wouldn't influence Liam "now," no matter how dramatic Steffy's revelation had been.

Taylor retorted that Brooke had done the dramatics at Taylor's wedding with a horse. Hope decided she was going into the living room. Taylor stopped Hope and said that Liam and Steffy were in the living room, talking and making plans that didn't include Hope.

In the living room, Steffy claimed that she hadn't wanted to tell Liam that way, but she hadn't anticipated that Brooke would throw a surprise elopement, either. She was sure that becoming a father was the last thing that Liam had been expecting, and she said she hadn't expected it, either. She explained that she'd suspected that she'd been pregnant, and she'd taken a drugstore test. She couldn't describe to him how it felt to be carrying his baby.

Steffy continued that she'd wanted to tell Liam, but she'd found him with Hope. After seeing him with Hope, Steffy had decided to get on the plane and let him get Hope out of his system. Steffy said that it hadn't worked out that way, and he'd asked her to move out before she could tell him about the pregnancy. Liam looked as if he felt guilty, and Steffy said he'd had no way of knowing.

Steffy asked if Liam could forgive her for the way that he'd learned the news. She figured that she hadn't had a choice but to let Brooke strong-arm him into marrying Hope, or do what Steffy hadn't let herself do when he'd asked her to move out. Liam claimed that hadn't been what the day was about.

Steffy said she'd known that Liam would never have let her walk out if he had known about the baby. She claimed she didn't want to add to his struggle, and she'd wanted to know that he wanted her for her, not because she'd be the mother of his baby. She explained that once he'd told her that he'd chosen her, she'd planned to tell him about the baby.

Steffy claimed she'd never intended to get pregnant, and there would be people who would think she'd trapped him. She claimed that the old Steffy might have done that, but it wasn't who she was any longer. She said she'd take full responsibility because she should have been more careful. Liam corrected that they both should have been careful. He figured that there were a lot of decisions to be made, starting with "what do we do now?"

Steffy said that she and Liam didn't have to make decisions right away because she'd be pregnant for a long time. Liam noted that she was happy about it, and Steffy beamed that she was. She wished he could be, too. Taking her hand, he said that baby had been conceived in love, and as for him being a father, he didn't know.

Steffy assured Liam that he'd be wonderful and added that he was always wonderful with Will. Liam replied that it was because he knew what it was like growing up without a father. Liam asked about the sonogram, and Steffy showed it to him. Liam exhaled sharply as he looked at it.

Steffy didn't want to pressure Liam, but she said she was committed to the baby. She hoped he was, too. She said it would break her heart if he went through with the elopement; however, she'd survive, and they'd still be good parents. "The question is...will we do it together?" she asked.

"I won't let this happen again," Hope said, entering the room. "Liam...Liam?" Hope called. The overwhelmed Liam tore his eyes from the sonogram to look Hope's way.

Friday, February 22, 2013

At Dayzee's, Caroline didn't want to give Rick the wrong impression of herself about volunteering. She said that while she'd love to help out at Dayzee's, she wasn't one for last-minute surprises, and she'd been looking forward to a romantic day with Rick.

Just then, a worker approached Rick about pitching in. Caroline glared at Rick when he said they were ready. Someone handed them aprons, and the first worker suggested that Rick and Caroline start with busing tables. Rick told Caroline that it wouldn't be as bad as she thought.

Caroline cringed, stepping back. "What is -- what is that?" she asked. Looking at the floor, she tried to figure out what she'd just stepped in. Rick guessed it was chili, and he suggested that they clean the shoe after they'd changed clothes. Caroline stated that she really didn't like being blindsided, and she'd do the volunteering with him another day.

As Caroline spritzed and cleaned her soiled high-heeled shoe, Rick gave her a pitch about why it was important to help keep Dayzee's open. Caroline sincerely agreed with the sentiment; however, she asserted that she wasn't dressed for it, and she couldn't wait tables in her heels.

"We were supposed to get sushi, and someone here hasn't showered for a while!" Caroline declared in an aggravated and hushed tone. Rick tried to reason with her, but she gave him some dating advice. "Give a girl a little notice," Caroline quipped and strode out of the café.

Anthony asked Rick to greet the next table. As Rick did, his eyes fell upon a well-groomed Maya, and his expression softened. After the greeting, Rick walked off. Anthony introduced himself to Maya and explained the "whatever you can pay" rule at the café. Maya asserted that she could pay, but then she held her head down and admitted she was between jobs.

Anthony asked what Maya did for a living, and Maya explained that she could act, dance, and sing. She imagined that "Academy Award Winner" would be written on her tombstone, and she'd get discovered one day. Anthony asked her to sing in the café at that very moment. He said he played his guitar there all the time, and Dayzee encouraged that type of entertainment.

Rick looked up from his busing duties when he heard Anthony introducing Maya on the microphone. Anthony jokingly asked all the Hollywood producers to pay attention. The people clapped, Anthony grabbed his guitar, and Maya offered to sing a song to brighten everyone's day. In a songbird voice, Maya began to sing, "I Feel You," and Rick seemed captivated.

After the song, the mesmerized Rick told Maya that she'd been incredible. "Maya, is it?" he asked. "I'm Rick. It's really nice to meet you," he told her with a twinkle in his eyes.

In the living room at the cliff house, Hope refused to allow Steffy to make Liam feel trapped. Steffy claimed a human life wasn't a trap, and she was amazed that Hope would accuse her of anything after the staged elopement trick. Hope tried to explain that, but Steffy cut in, saying she'd felt the same insecurity as Hope felt -- until Liam had made Steffy feel secure.

To Liam, Hope explained that they'd exchanged vows, and in Father Fontana's eyes, they were married. Hope said Brooke had just wanted Hope and Liam to remember that and make it official. "And we still can, Liam," Hope urged, and Steffy rolled her eyes.

Hope told Liam that the situation didn't have to change what they were. Steffy retorted that it had changed who she and Liam were; it had made them parents. Hope explained to Liam that they'd been down that road before, and they didn't have to let a pregnancy interfere with what they could be together. Liam stated that it was different because he hadn't felt for Amber the way he did for Steffy.

Hope found it awfully convenient that Steffy was suddenly pregnant, but Steffy retorted that Hope hadn't been anywhere in the picture when Steffy hadn't gotten pregnant. Steffy insisted that she hadn't schemed, and she'd thought they'd been being careful. Hope quipped that they'd either used protection or they hadn't. Liam stated that it had been just as much his responsibility as Steffy's.

Hope still thought it was convenient to have a pregnancy when the truth had surfaced. Steffy argued that the truth had always been there, but Hope hadn't accepted it. Steffy insisted that Liam had moved on and reconnected with her, but Hope wanted everything to fall into place for her. Liam asked for a moment alone with Hope, and Steffy went to the bedroom.

Hope and Liam expressed to each other that they didn't know what to think. Hope said Steffy was always good at making things seem innocent, from keeping Hope and Liam apart in Mexico to trapping Hope in a gondola. "Or getting pregnant. She smiles at you, and you can't see the truth. Tell me that's not how it's going to be this time," Hope pleaded.

Hope's head was spinning, and she couldn't imagine how Liam was feeling. She implored him not to get tricked into something he wasn't ready for. Hope reasoned that Steffy had said the pregnancy hadn't been planned, and Liam asserted that it hadn't been. "Maybe, but everything that happened afterwards seemed like a very calculated way of getting you back," Hope concluded.

Scoffing, Liam stated that Steffy's whole point had been to not influence him. Hope stated that Steffy had set it up that way to make him admire her. Hope said that he'd been about to recommit to her. She'd seen it in his eyes, and there had been no doubt about it; however, Steffy had changed her plans because letting him make up his own mind had been backfiring on her.

Hope figured it was hard for Liam to hear it, but Steffy might have never intended to let him make his own decision. In Hope's view, Steffy had been compassionate, but she'd been holding onto that golden ticket to use whenever she'd needed to.

Liam seemed to get upset, and Hope said she wasn't trying to be cruel. Hope knew that he cared for Steffy, and Steffy was the mother of his child; however, Hope asked him to consider what it all meant for her and him before he made his choice. Liam stroked Hope's hair and hugged her.

Liam contended that a lot had happened, and Steffy wasn't the same person. Hope challenged him to tell her how Steffy had grown and changed from forcing Hope to watch him marry Steffy. Hope said Steffy had been so obsessed in Mexico that she'd almost gotten herself killed. Hope wondered why the "changed" Steffy still told lies. Liam disagreed that Steffy was a liar, but Hope contended that keeping secrets was the same thing.

Hope cited that Steffy had said nothing about Bill's manipulations in Italy, and Steffy had also withheld the pregnancy. Hope stated that if she had his baby growing inside her, she'd tell him no matter the circumstance. Steffy, on the other hand, was only truthful when it benefited her. If it didn't, then Steffy just waited it out. Hope didn't want Liam always wondering about what he didn't know.

Liam said that he and Hope had each grown up without their fathers. Hope reasoned that it wouldn't be that way; he'd be there for everything with the child. She asked him to remember what he'd been feeling that day before Steffy had arrived and influenced his feelings. Hope asked if it mattered if Steffy actually did have good intentions, because Liam could commit to his child without committing to Steffy. Hope urged him not to let Steffy take him away.

In the bedroom, Taylor said Brooke should have stopped Hope from leaving the room. Brooke said the situation with the baby affected Hope, too. Proud that Hope was standing up for herself, Brooke said Liam and Steffy could be great parents, but an unhappy marriage wouldn't be good for the baby.

Steffy entered and wondered, "Unhappy, says who?" Taylor apologized for letting Hope go into the other room. Steffy replied that Liam had wanted to talk to Hope alone. Brooke and Taylor wondered what that could be about.

Steffy wished Brooke hadn't forced an elopement because Steffy had wanted to tell Liam in her own time. Brooke replied that she hadn't known Steffy was pregnant. Brooke didn't think it would change anything, though. Brooke said that, deep down, Steffy knew Liam wanted to be with Hope; otherwise, Steffy would have told him about the baby at the start.

Brooke asserted that Liam would be there for Steffy -- with Hope by his side. Taylor assumed that Brooke thought Hope and Liam were "destined" to be together; however, Taylor suggested that they were a bad match that couldn't seem to get it together. Brooke argued that the pair hadn't had a chance, and that day had been about them having a fresh start without all the interference.

Steffy acknowledged that Hope and Liam had been lied to, but Steffy wondered why there should be any more chances. Steffy asserted that it wouldn't change anything, and Hope and Liam would not return to the way they'd been. Brooke figured it would be complicated because the three of them would be tied together; however, Hope and Liam could be together if Liam wanted it.

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