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Monday, September 24, 2012

In Ridge's office, Taylor complimented Thomas on the design he was working on. She'd been looking for Steffy, and Thomas relayed that he'd just seen his sister at her loft. Thomas hoped Steffy wouldn't keep sitting around waiting for Liam. Sensing that Steffy wouldn't have to, Taylor relayed that she'd had a talk with Liam. Thomas wondered if she'd done that to help Steffy.

Taylor claimed that she'd gone there to help Liam. Thomas conveyed that Steffy didn't think Liam was done with Hope. Taylor expressed optimism that Steffy and Liam would have a chance for a healthy relationship -- if Liam let Hope go. From his talk with Steffy, Thomas had surmised that Steffy didn't want to get her hopes up in case Liam wasn't ready.

At Steffy's loft, Steffy was play-fighting and kicking Liam. She was glad that he was there, and Liam apologized for not being in touch sooner. Steffy replied that it was okay, because her feelings for him were unconditional -- and she almost always got what she wanted.

Steffy was relieved that her mother hadn't scared him off with unneeded advice. Liam felt that Taylor had been incredible, and she'd helped him to see that, unless he let go, he'd remain closed off to other possibilities. He admitted that he was pretty messed up, but it was good to see Steffy.

Steffy noted that Liam really was torn up, and Liam asked if that hurt her. Claiming to be a realist, Steffy said she knew how much he loved Hope, and she guessed that he still couldn't believe that it had ended. Steffy figured that Hope still loved him, too, but Hope couldn't get over her own silly rules. Liam corrected that they weren't silly. Sighing, Steffy replied that she knew that all too well.

Steffy realized it was hard for Liam to let go. Liam exclaimed that she was "so damn cool," and she always gave him exactly what he needed, like space to sort things out. Steffy claimed that she was his friend first, so she'd be there for him no matter what. She reasoned that he'd eventually be free, and maybe they'd get back together. "But I'll know when you're ready," she uttered with a smile.

At the hospital, Katie fretted about the baby, but Dr. Meade and Bill convinced her to calm down and breathe. Katie's heart rate went down, and a nurse applied icepacks to Katie's chest. Katie was afraid that it was too soon to give birth, but Dr. Meade explained that they had already administered steroids to help develop the baby's lungs.

Dr. Caspary arrived and consulted with Dr. Meade. Katie sobbed because she wanted the contractions to stop. Bill said that they could stop on their own. She told Bill that it was okay for him to be frightened, but she wouldn't leave him or do anything to jeopardize the baby.

Bill apologized for letting Katie down. Katie said apologies weren't necessary. Bill insisted that he was sorry, and they had to get through it. He kissed her hand and uttered that he couldn't lose her.

Katie eased herself through another contraction. Dr. Caspary reminded Katie that she'd beaten the odds so far. Caspary emphasized the need for Katie to remain calm to avoid a C-section.

Aside with Dr. Meade, Bill insisted that there was something more that they could do. "Say a prayer," the doctor replied. Bill asserted that he didn't "do that." Dr. Meade replied that it was a good time to start. Bill gazed at Katie and left the room.

Another contraction hit Katie, and she deliriously groaned in pain. She asked where Bill had gone, and the doctors looked around with the same question in mind. The alarms on Katie's monitors sounded, and Dr. Meade called for everyone to prep for an emergency C-section.

Later, Bill moped into the candlelit chapel at the hospital. He stood alone, and with a dark gaze, he stared at the cross on the wall. Bill then sat down for a grave talk with God.

Bill said that, for the sake of the conversation, he'd assume that God existed. He reported that there was a problem that was out of his control, and he hated for things to be out of his control. He thanked God for his commanding nature, but he called it a blessing and a curse.

Bill explained that he was a problem fixer; people would enter his office to ask for help, and he'd give it to them. Bill, however, had never asked for help. It was a sign of weakness, and he abhorred weakness, especially in himself. "But here I am in your office, asking you for help...This is bigger than me. I can't fix it. Not only can't I fix it, I may be responsible for creating it," Bill said with a sob.

Bill cried that he needed God to fix it, and he ordered God to do it. Bill asserted that his wife was pure goodness, and his son was pure innocence. He roared that he was neither of those things, and he ordered God to take him instead of them. "Damn it, take me!" Bill screamed.

Just then, the chapel door opened, and an uncanny light flooded the chapel. A voice said that Bill should be with his wife. The door closed, and Bill saw that it was Dr. Meade who'd entered. Desperately, Bill asked if Katie was all right.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

by Pam

At the hospital, Bill was praying in the hospital chapel, and Dr. Meade arrived to tell him that Katie needed him.

At Forrester, Pam interrupted Thomas and Hope in a meeting. Pam complained that she had many phone messages to deal with because Ridge was on vacation. Thomas reminded Pam that Ridge was on his honeymoon, and she was not supposed to interrupt the meeting.

Pam said that she needed to get urgent messages to Rick. Thomas wondered why Pam had forwarded all of Ridge's messages to Rick, and Pam said that Rick had instructed her to do so. Thomas wondered why she hadn't sent all the messages to Eric. Pam said she had followed orders, and she left.

At Spencer, Liam stared at a photo of him with Hope. Liam put the photo away in a drawer, and his phone rang. It was Bill, and Bill spoke quickly. Bill ordered Liam to call Katie's sisters and the entire family.

Bill said that Katie was in labor. Liam was alarmed and said that it was too early. Bill agreed, and he told Liam that he had to help. Bill begged Liam to hurry and get messages to everyone and get to the hospital.

In her hospital room, Katie insisted that no matter what Bill said, she wanted Dr. Caspary and the medical team to save the baby. Bill and Dr. Meade entered. Dr. Caspary said that they had to deliver the baby because if they didn't do something quickly, Katie would have convulsions and multiple organ failure. The doctors worried they would lose both Katie and the baby. Katie insisted that Bill had to trust her. Bill agreed.

Katie said that when the doctors performed the C-section, she did not want general anesthesia because she wanted to be awake and alive to see her husband holding their son. Bill didn't want Katie to be morbid, and the doctors said general anesthesia was fastest. Dr. Meade said that they could give Katie a spinal block.

At Forrester, Hope and Thomas discussed the newest Hope for the Future campaign, and Hope said that she no longer wanted her campaigns to include images of her leaning on handsome guys. She wanted to be alone in coffee shops and elsewhere without making men a part of the campaign. Pam entered and apologized for the interruption. Thomas dismissed Pam, but Pam insisted that Liam had called with an emergency and had to talk to Hope.

Hope picked up her phone, and Liam told her that her aunt Katie had gone into labor. Hope wanted to know if Katie was all right. Liam said that he knew very little. Hope left.

Caroline entered, and she asked about Thomas' meeting with Hope. Thomas said that Liam had called with an emergency about Katie. Caroline was alarmed, and she and Thomas discussed that they were both outsiders in their own families. Caroline said that Katie was her aunt, but Bill had never treated Caroline like a relative. Thomas agreed and said that he was also an outcast in his family. Thomas admitted that he had done some crazy things in his family, including marrying a family maid in order to get her a green card.

Caroline laughed, and she accused Thomas of having rescuer syndrome. She wondered if that was what Thomas had done with Hope -- if he had been a rescuer. Thomas said that he thought he had been in love with Hope. He said he no longer kidded himself about love because he had found Caroline -- she was someone who truly cared about him.

In the hospital waiting room, Liam paced, and Hope showed up. Hope quizzed Liam about what was wrong with Katie, and Liam said that it was preeclampsia. Hope said that it was a very serious condition for a transplant patient.

Liam worried. Hope asked if Liam preferred that Hope wait somewhere else. Liam said that Hope was the only member of Katie's family that he could reach. Liam told Hope that he didn't want her anywhere but there. Hope said that she wished she could be as brave as Katie could.

Hope and Liam discussed how much they looked forward to seeing the baby. Liam worried that his dad would treat the baby the way he had treated Liam. Hope said that she knew Liam would be a good big brother and a good father someday. Liam said that he did not think that he would be a good father. Liam worried about what he would have done if Hope were in the condition that Katie was in. Hope said she had faith in Liam, but Liam noted that she had no trust in him.

In Katie's hospital room, the medical team wore masks and surgical gowns, and prepared for the C-section. The doctors told Katie that everything would be fine. Bill worried. Katie insisted that Bill had to promise love first for the baby and Liam. Katie ordered Bill to stop pushing Liam away and ambushing Hope every chance Bill got. Katie insisted that Bill had to stop playing God with his children.

"Love first," Katie insisted, adding, "It's not that hard." Bill promised. The doctors were ready to take the baby, but Bill refused to leave, and they gave Bill a surgical gown and mask. Minutes later, the C-section was complete, and the baby was born. The doctors showed the baby to Katie. Bill emotionally said the baby was beautiful. Bill kissed Katie, and Katie was elated.

Liam rejoined Hope in the waiting area, and he said that he had found a nurse who had told him that mother and baby were fine. Liam and Hope embraced. They marveled that Katie had so much love to give. Hope said that she wished she could be as strong as Katie. Liam said that he would never have wanted Hope to be any different than she had been.

In the hospital room, Katie wanted to hold the baby, but the doctors warned that Katie could not sit up. Katie held the baby and smiled. Suddenly, Katie's heart rate climbed, alarms went off, and Katie's arms went limp. She convulsed, and the doctors rushed to her bedside.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

by Pam

At the hospital, Bill watched as the doctors tried to save Katie. The doctors continued chest compressions and CPR, and they used the paddles, but Katie continued to flatline. Bill begged Katie to fight and return to him. Bill shouted at the medical staff to bring Katie back. Dr. Caspary told Bill that they were doing everything that they could.

At Forrester, Donna returned from lunch and wondered why Pam had left her seven phone messages. Pam gently asked if Donna had listened to the messages, but Donna said she figured they were about something she had done wrong. Pam told Donna that Katie was in labor at the hospital. She told Donna to hurry to the hospital. Donna said that it was too early for the baby and dangerous for a heart transplant patient. Donna worried about contacting her dad and Brooke.

Pam promised to track down Brooke, and she said she had tried Donna's dad, but he seemed to have changed his number. Donna mumbled that she would reach him. Pam encouraged Donna. Pam said that she was sure the baby and Katie would be fine. Pam promised to pray for them. Pam hugged Donna.

At the hospital, Liam and Hope paced the hallway and found a nurse who told them that she was transporting the baby to the neonatal intensive care unit to be checked out. She told Hope and Liam to pray for Katie. Hope cried, and Liam hugged her.

Donna showed up in the waiting room. Hope hugged Donna, and Liam explained that the baby was fine. Donna was surprised that the baby had already been born. Liam and Hope explained that it all happened quickly in a C-section, but Katie was not doing well and might have had a heart attack. Donna panicked. Liam promised that Katie would be all right.

In Katie's room, the doctors continued CPR. In a blurred setting, Katie left her body behind and walked toward a lighted halo. Katie continued to walk and saw a little girl. Katie then saw Storm standing in the light. Storm reminded her that they had always promised to stay together when they were kids.

Storm said that he had given her his heart, and he wasn't giving up on her yet. He said they would all be together sometime, but it was too soon. Storm told Katie to return to her husband and baby. Katie smiled, and she heard Bill begging her to return to him. Storm disappeared. In the hospital room, Katie's heart suddenly restarted. Bill tearfully kissed Katie.

In the waiting room, Donna explained to Liam that the hospital was where Katie had received Storm's heart. Donna flashed back to the events in which Storm had bought a gun, and Katie had tried to get it away from him. In the struggle, the gun had gone off. As Donna spoke, Liam was alarmed, and Hope shed tears. Liam said that he had never realized that a horrible accident had resulted in Katie getting Storm's heart.

Donna flashed back to when she and Brooke had said their goodbyes to Katie at the hospital. Donna and Brooke had heard a gunshot in a nearby hospital room. Storm had shot himself, and he had given his heart to Katie. Storm had said that she would make better use of it for as long as she was able.

Liam, Hope, and Donna tearfully discussed how they would get in touch with Brooke. Hope said that she had tried to call Brooke, but the phone had gone to voicemail. Hope hadn't wanted to leave a message. One of the doctors greeted Liam, Hope, and Donna in the waiting area. He told them it had been touch and go for a long time, but Katie had pulled through.

Hope, Donna, and Liam entered Katie's hospital room. Katie wanted to see the baby, and a nurse returned with the baby. Bill helped Katie hold the baby, and Liam and Hope smiled and hugged one another.

Bill said that he had known Katie wouldn't leave them. He kissed the baby and Katie. Katie looked up and saw a light in the corner of the room that she thought was Storm. Bill teased that the baby had biceps, and everyone laughed.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

In Ridge's office, Steffy was relieved when Taylor entered. Steffy hoped her mother might save her from the corporate paperwork that Rick had passed around to give everyone a taste of Forrester's various departments. Steffy wasn't in the mood to crunch numbers, and Taylor advised her daughter that life was too short to not do what one wanted.

Steffy conveyed that she'd spoken to Bill that morning, and he'd reported that Katie and the baby were thriving. Despite Katie and Steffy's differences, Steffy said Katie was a strong woman who'd fought the odds to live. Steffy was sure Katie would give new meaning to the term "mama lion."

Steffy thought she had her own mama lion who'd set Liam straight about Steffy. Taylor explained that she'd merely advised Liam to let Hope go so he could open himself to other possibilities. Steffy said it could have backfired. "Did it?" Taylor challenged. Steffy replied that it had given Liam a lot to think about, and with Hope out of his life, he'd soon realize there was a better option.

Taylor was pleased to see Steffy's confidence returning, and she asked if Steffy had seen Liam. Steffy said Liam had visited her the other night, and during the visit, he'd opened up. Steffy had enjoyed their honest conversation. She knew that it would take time for Liam to set himself free, but she was sure that they'd reunite and build on the memories they already had.

At the hospital, Donna, Bill, and Hope gathered around Katie and the baby. Bill told Katie to never scare him like that again. Donna added that they'd almost lost Katie, and Katie murmured that they didn't know how close of a call it had been. Dr. Meade entered to check on his patients, and Katie expressed gratefulness to him and Dr. Caspary for saving her life.

Liam and Caroline arrived to greet the baby. Liam and Hope exchanged looks, and Hope wondered if they'd thought of a name. Bill suggested combining the family names and calling the baby William Logan Spencer. Bill offered to call their son "Will" for short, and the tearful Katie loved it.

As everyone cooed over the baby, the misty-eyed Caroline babbled about the wonderful family experience. Being surrounded by her extended family and seeing a new member added to it joyously overwhelmed Caroline. Bill said he had his hands full, so Liam needed to hug his cousin. Complying, Liam wished all the other things Bill instructed him to do could be so easy.

Donna said she would have died if she'd lost Katie the other night. Katie claimed to know how lucky she was to be there. She revealed that she'd seen Storm when she'd been in cardiac arrest, and the experience had been surreal. Though Storm had urged Katie not to give up her life, she said she'd sensed that she'd have to make the choice to remain in eternal peace or return home.

Katie explained that she'd needed to return to her loved ones. She'd wanted to be with those who defined her and she'd wanted to raise her son. "That's the power of love," Liam uttered. He and Hope exchanged gazes. Hope was awestruck by the love around her, and Katie said she felt it in the room and in her son. Liam called Katie a miracle for defying the odds when it might have been easier to go into the light.

Grasping Katie's hand, Liam said he was proud to have Katie in his life. Katie replied that she was glad that Will would have a wonderful brother like Liam. Katie really cared for Liam, and she knew that Hope did, too. Hope revealed that, during the heart failure, she'd been worried about whether she'd expressed her love to Katie enough. Hope couldn't imagine her life without her Aunt Katie.

Katie was happy that Hope was there, and it made Katie's heart feel good to see Hope and Liam together after all they'd been through. "After everything you've been put through. More things than you know," Katie added. Bill hung his head, and Katie sadly looked away.

Dr. Meade returned, and Katie said she felt well enough to go home. The doctor wasn't opposed to releasing Katie -- after she got a few more hours rest. He instructed everyone but Bill to leave. As the family exited, Liam pulled Hope aside to ask her if she had any place to go. She asked why, and he replied that he'd love to talk to her for a few moments.

Liam and Hope left, and Bill expressed how grateful he was that he hadn't lost Katie and hadn't been left with only resentment for his newborn son. Katie doubted that would have happened, but Bill replied that he wasn't a good person without her influence. Katie sensed that her influence was minimal at best. He disagreed and asserted that she'd changed him and taught him how to love.

Sitting at Katie's bedside, Bill wished he could say he deserved Katie, and he wished that he could say he'd do better; however, he'd realized that his love wasn't always wise, and he didn't always consider the consequences of his actions. He claimed that he was a flawed man, but a flawed man that loved her. He hoped and prayed that would be enough.

Katie uttered that it was enough "for now." She stated that they'd created a life out of their love, and that was all that mattered. Will gurgled in agreement, and the parents stared at the baby with heartfelt admiration. "He's my son. My son..." Bill said.

Elsewhere in the building, Liam pulled Hope into an empty hospital room. He appeared visibly moved by the power of love, the miracle of life and death, and the magic of a newborn. Liam said that they were "all the things" that he and Hope had aspired to have. Nodding, Hope affirmed it. He claimed that he knew the answer to the question that he planned to ask, but in the "wake of this miracle," he wanted to ask one more time. Taking Hope's hand, Liam asked if she would forgive him.

Hope shed tears as Liam asserted that he could be reborn and become the man that she needed him to be. "The man I want to be," Liam declared. He reminded her of the talks they'd had about the future and having their own children. Hope hung her head and sobbed. Lifting her chin and capturing her gaze, Liam again asked if she could forgive him.

Friday, September 28, 2012

In Ridge's office, Taylor commended Steffy for giving Liam time to let Hope go. Steffy felt that the key was for Liam to realize that he and Hope weren't meant to be, and Steffy planned to help him by taking him to her special place. "You're taking him there?" a surprised Taylor asked.

At the hospital, Liam told Hope that he'd been foolish, and he'd hurt her; however, it wouldn't happen again. Hope wished she could believe that. Liam urged her to believe it, because they were meant to be. He hugged and kissed her, but she pulled away. Hope asked if he were willing to let Steffy go, because Hope wouldn't share.

Liam revealed that Hope had always been the one that he'd wanted to marry and raise children with, and that wouldn't change. Hope said she wanted to be his wife, and though he she knew he loved her, he'd hurt her and destroyed the two most significant days of their lives. She said he had no one to blame but himself, and Liam readily agreed that it was true.

Hope conveyed that she had her dignity, and she couldn't do it again. The distraught Hope sighed. Seeming torn, she admitted that she wanted to have his baby more than anything. "I'll always love you, Liam," she sadly uttered; she kissed him and walked out.

Hope went to Forrester and discovered Rick working alone in Ridge's office. She told her brother what had happened with Liam earlier. Rick listened as she said Liam had seemed to be in denial about what he'd done the night before the last wedding. Rick asked if she'd called Liam on it, but Hope said she hadn't because Liam would probably lie again.

Rick contended that Liam should never have been with Steffy to begin with, and Hope was better off without him. Hope wished Liam would just be honest with her about it. Frustrated and confused, she said Liam wanted to marry her, but she kept pushing him away. She wondered if her staunch resolve was pushing Liam into Steffy's arms.

Hope began to question whether sharing the same principles with Liam should be a deal breaker. Rick asked if she were willing to compromise her beliefs. Hope began to cry, and she exclaimed that she loved Liam very much. As she hugged Rick, she realized that she was giving Liam up. "I'm giving him back to Steffy," Hope cried.

At Spencer, Liam arrived in his office and found Steffy there. She detected that he was in a grim mood. He explained that he was sad over what had happened at the hospital with Hope. He felt that he'd earned Hope's distrust; however, Steffy reasoned that it was she that Hope didn't trust, and Hope probably believed they'd done something the night before the wedding.

Steffy asked where things stood, and Liam replied that it was over. Steffy suggested that they get out of there and do something, but Liam said he didn't want to do that to her. She insisted that there was nothing he could say or do to dampen her mood, and they both knew there was a lot she could do for him. "So let me," she said, and they left the office.

Steffy took Liam to a forested garden area that appeared to be located on a private estate. She said she'd thought he'd needed a place to breathe after having the wind knocked out of him earlier, and she wondered where he'd go from there. "Nowhere but up," he replied.

Leaning on a patio table, Liam doubted that Hope would return to him. He figured many forces had worked against them, even things they didn't know about. He knew he had to stop beating himself up, because Hope wasn't going to forgive him. Steffy told him that there was life after Hope. Steffy said he had her word on it and much more. Leaning in, Steffy kissed him.

At Taylor's house, Donna, Katie, and Bill arrived with the baby. Katie wondered why they were there. As she observed balloons in the living room, Bill explained that it had been time to get a bigger home in the city. He'd had his eyes on Taylor's estate ever since he'd learned about the baby. Taylor had agreed to sell him the place and move into their old beach house.

The aloof Katie was surprised by the news and murmured that he hadn't shared the plan with her. Bill responded that it had happened sooner than he'd expected, and he couldn't wait for her to see the nursery. In Katie's awkward silence, Donna suggested that Bill take the baby up to his nursery. Bill figured that he ran a corporation, so he could handle a baby. Donna instructed him to lay the baby face up and return with the baby monitor.

Bill exited, and Donna gently prodded Katie about her downtrodden mood. With an empty gaze, Katie claimed to be tired, but she was grateful for everyone's support. Donna implored her sister to reveal what was wrong. Bill returned, and Donna watched Katie's eyes coldly narrow on him.

Later, a nurse that Bill had hired for Katie and the baby checked Katie out and went upstairs to the nursery. Donna, who was staying at Brooke's house until Ridge and Brooke's return, offered to move in with the Spencers to help out. Bill assured Donna that they'd be fine. Donna took off, and Bill sensed that something was upsetting with his wife.

Katie flashed back to the argument she'd had with Bill before she'd gone into labor. Frowning, she said she'd survived because she'd known that her son needed a mother, but she questioned whether he'd have a father, too. Bill asserted that she never had to question his devotion to her and the baby. Katie didn't doubt that, but she said he'd already put them at risk.

Bill assumed that she was upset about what he'd done in Italy. Katie replied that it was Italy, Cabo San Lucas, and Aspen, too. Bill claimed to be done with the scheming, but Katie continued to be upset with Bill's disregard for their family. She felt that she didn't have long to live, and his recklessness would land him in jail. Katie was afraid that he'd jeopardize their future with his risky, idiotic moves.

Bill insisted that he'd be a good father; however, Katie said his idea of parenting was about control. She refused to let Bill bully Will like he bullied Liam. Bill insisted that he just wanted the best for their children. Katie loved that about him, but she needed to protect the family from Bill's methods. Bill said he'd been blessed with her and their son. He asked her to look past his faults and into his heart, because he wanted her forgiveness. "Please give that to me," he said as he hugged her.

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