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Monday, August 6, 2012

At the courthouse, Justin, Dayzee, Caroline, and Thomas prepared to meet with Marcus and the judge for an emergency hearing. Thomas assured Dayzee that her husband's case would be blown wide open, and Caroline hinted that what they had was really good. Marcus arrived in handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit, and Justin said that he planned to get his son out of there.

Marcus wondered how that would happen, and Thomas and Caroline explained that new evidence had surfaced that proved that Marcus hadn't hit Anthony. Marcus asserted that he wouldn't lie, because he actually had hit Anthony. Thomas, however, declared that it had not happened that way, and Caroline advised the confused Marcus to wait and see.

The hearing began, and the prosecutor stated that she hadn't had time to review the new evidence that Justin had submitted. Thomas asked to speak and presented a DVD that proved that Marcus' vehicle had never touched Anthony Walker. Justin asserted that the information could exonerate his client, and over the prosecutor's objections, the judge agreed to admit it into evidence.

Caroline and Thomas explained to everyone that their car had hit a pothole and sustained damage similar to the damage that Marcus' car had sustained in the exact same location on the road. The couple said they'd reviewed traffic footage from a surveillance camera outside the coffee shop and discovered that Marcus had hit the pothole, not Anthony. Another car, which had been in front of Marcus', had hit Anthony without ever stopping.

When the judge watched the footage, he saw that another car had hit Anthony while Marcus' car had been slowing to an abrupt stop as a result of hitting the pothole. The prosecutor stated that it appeared to be a hit-and-run by the other driver. Marcus was relieved that he'd hit a pothole, not Anthony. Justin and Dayzee hugged Marcus, who exclaimed that he was going home.

After deliberating, the judge returned with a revised decision. Since Marcus had not hit Anthony, the judge dropped the reckless aggravated driving charges. The state still charged Marcus with texting and driving, for which he'd receive a citation and a fine. The judge dismissed the hearing, and Marcus' loved ones congratulated him. Marcus thanked Caroline and Thomas, who cooed that they made a good team. Marcus kissed his wife, and they expressed their love for each other.

In her office, Steffy thought of her previous night's conversation with Liam, in which she'd told him to let Hope go. Ridge arrived and wondered if she'd heard from Thomas. Steffy said he was at the courthouse with Caroline, trying to help Marcus. Steffy stated that Thomas and Caroline were good together, just like Steffy and Liam.

Ridge felt that there was something Steffy needed to know, but Steffy replied that Liam had already told her that Hope had walked out on him. Steffy admitted that she still loved Liam, and she no longer supported Hope and Liam's marriage. Ridge reasoned that Hope still had growing up to do, and Steffy asked if Ridge believed in destiny. "More or less," he replied.

Steffy theorized that everything that had happened in Italy had been fate, and she believed that she and Liam were meant to be. Ridge replied that only time would tell.

At the cliff house, Liam video-conferenced Hope to let her know he missed her and to find out when she'd return home. Hope wasn't sure, so he asked her to at least meet him at home to talk. Hope claimed that she couldn't, and she just needed some time.

After the call, Bill arrived to say that he needed Liam at the office, because Justin was tied up at the courthouse with Marcus. Bill then realized that Liam needed to go to the courthouse to legalize his marriage. Liam explained that Hope had ripped up the papers and hadn't slept there the night before.

Bill couldn't believe that he'd finally welcomed Hope into the family -- that he'd apologized and poured his heart out at the wedding -- and she'd done something like that. Liam wasn't surprised that Bill would make it about him.

Bill seethed that Hope would screw things up, and Liam replied that Bill sounded like Steffy. Liam added that Steffy had been with him the previous night, but nothing had happened. Bill thought that was for the best, because Hope loved Liam and would be back after she cooled down and gained perspective.

Bill left, but soon after, Steffy arrived, claiming she was in the neighborhood and hadn't seen Hope's car outside. Liam said Hope hadn't returned home yet. Steffy expressed shock, and Liam decided to head to work. Steffy thought he should go for a walk on the beach with her instead.

Liam didn't know if that were a good idea, but Steffy reminded him that they'd done it all the time to relieve his stress. She batted her eyes at him and talked him into going with her. He linked his arm with hers, and they took off through the back patio door.

Not long after they'd left, the pair rushed back into the house because Steffy had been soaked by a wave on the beach. She playfully raged at Liam for not warning her about the wave, but he claimed he hadn't seen it approaching. "There are a lot of things I didn't see coming," he uttered, smiling.

At Brooke's house, Brooke entered Hope's room with an espresso. Hope hadn't slept well, and Brooke hinted that Hope would sleep better if she were with her husband. Hope said she wasn't ready to go back yet. Hope wasn't sure how to get over what she'd seen on the video, and she didn't know if she was even supposed to be in love with Liam anymore. Brooke stated that Liam was Hope's husband, and Hope needed to find forgiveness for him.

Brooke felts that Hope had overreacted the other night. Hope disagreed but assured her mother that she wouldn't spin out of control again. Hope also stated that she wasn't married in the eyes of the law, and she didn't want that marriage to count. Brooke explained that marriage wasn't always easy, and one had to learn to forgive, overcome adversity, and continue to love in rough times.

Hope sobbed that it hurt very badly. In a comforting tone, Brooke said that it took time to find solid ground, but Hope had to persevere, knowing that it was worth it. Hope claimed that she loved Liam; however, things wouldn't be solved in a day, and she needed to go at her own pace. Brooke welcomed her daughter to remain at the house for as long as needed.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

by Pam

At Dayzee's, everyone showed up to support Marcus. Justin explained that Thomas and Caroline had discovered that the damage to Marcus' car wasn't consistent with hitting a person. They also had gotten a flat tire and bent rim -- the same damage as Marcus had on his car -- by hitting a pothole in front of Dayzee's. Thomas and Caroline had decided to check the security tapes at Dayzee's, and the security tapes had indicated that someone else had hit Anthony. Marcus had shown up right after the accident, hit the pothole, and thought that he had hit Anthony.

Anthony showed up at the party at Dayzee's and acknowledged that he had wrongfully accused Marcus of hitting him. Anthony thanked Thomas and Caroline for discovering the truth. Anthony asked Marcus for forgiveness. Marcus said that both Anthony and Marcus had made mistakes. They could both learn from them. Anthony agreed. Anthony said that Dr. Meade was going to fix Anthony's leg.

Everyone teased that Thomas and Caroline had been the sleuths who had cracked the case. Stephanie laughed and teased that Thomas and Caroline had the same magic that Ridge and Caroline's aunt Caroline had once had. Stephanie said that that kind of magic was sorely needed among the Forresters. Caroline asked Thomas if Stephanie was trying to convey a message. Thomas said that Stephanie clearly wanted Caroline to be a part of the family. Thomas and Caroline made out.

Marcus and Dayzee lamented that they had spent a lot of time apart right after their marriage. Marcus promised to never text and drive again. They made out and talked about going home.

At Liam's, Liam returned from a run on the beach, and Steffy face-timed with Liam. He thanked her for checking on him. Steffy flirted and told him that he looked really good. Liam thanked her for the walk on the beach earlier in the day. Liam's doorbell rang, and he answered it while he was still talking to Steffy. He opened the door to Katie, and quickly hung up on Steffy, but Katie overheard Steffy's voice.

Katie warned that if Liam kept up that behavior, he was going to lose his wife. Liam said that he had tried everything to prevent Hope from leaving, but she needed time away. Katie said that Liam was blaming Hope for walking out on him, but Liam needed to consider that he might have done the very same thing if he had seen Hope making out with someone else on his wedding day. Katie warned him to stay away from Steffy.

After Katie left, Liam saw Hope's sweater, and he hugged it. He remembered all the fun they'd had in Italy, their vows, and the romance. Then he remembered Hope's tearful departure after she had discovered what he and Steffy had done. Liam suddenly recalled his walk on the beach with Steffy.

At Forrester, on the rooftop, Rick talked to Hope about letting Liam go. Hope said that Brooke had told Hope that she was overreacting. Rick disagreed. Rick told Hope that Liam was never going to change. Liam clearly had a connection to Steffy. Hope said that she knew Liam loved her, and she loved him, but she didn't want to live in a marriage where he couldn't fully commit himself to her and only her.

Rick warned that Liam wasn't going to change. Rick said that Hope deserved better. Hope said she wasn't sure she wanted to give up on her marriage. Rick teased that Hope should at least demand a diamond necklace or Super Bowl tickets if Liam wanted her to return. Hope laughed and said she was not for sale. Rick suggested that he could take the Super Bowl tickets off her hands if she got them.

In Steffy's office, Steffy and Taylor met. Steffy said that she had tried to convince Hope to return to Liam, but Hope wouldn't listen. Steffy knew how hurt Liam was. Taylor surmised that Steffy had already seen Liam. Steffy smiled and said she and Liam had taken a walk on the beach like they had when they were married.

Brooke entered and warned Steffy to stay away from Hope's husband. Brooke warned that Hope and Liam were facing a difficult time, and that Steffy needed to let them work it out. Steffy said that she had told Hope to work it out with Liam, but Hope wasn't listening. Steffy warned that she would be there for Liam if he needed her. Steffy added that Hope was going to lose Liam to Steffy with her actions. Brooke told Steffy to stay away from Hope and Liam. Brooke and Taylor left.

Hope entered with some files for Steffy, and Steffy reminded Hope that Liam and Steffy had apologized numerous times. Steffy added that no one was perfect, and they had all made mistakes. Steffy knew that Hope and Liam loved each other. Steffy worried that Liam was hurting because Hope had left him. Hope surmised that Steffy had already seen Liam. Steffy admitted it.

Hope said that she didn't think it was too much to ask her groom to "keep his hands to himself on our wedding day." Hope acknowledged that she and Liam were having problems, and Steffy had been a big part of the problems. Hope needed time, but she knew that she and Liam loved each other. Hope demanded that Steffy stay away from Liam and give Hope and Liam a chance to work out their problems.

"If he wants me, I'll be there," Steffy said.

"Stay the hell away from Liam," Hope said.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

by Pam

At Dayzee's, Marcus and Dayzee closed up at Dayzee's and they discussed how unlikely it was that they had ever met. Marcus admitted that he had a life that had been easy compared to Dayzee, but Dayzee told him not to sell himself short.

Dayzee said that she had heard from the hospital that Anthony had had the surgery to correct his foot problem. Marcus said that he had heard from his dad, and they had found the person who had hit Anthony. The person who hit Anthony had been arrested.

At Forrester, Steffy discussed with Ridge and Taylor that she wanted to take a vacation. They asked where she planned to go. She said she wanted to go to a beach, and she was waiting for Liam to decide where they should go. Or she planned to move in with Liam. Ridge and Taylor were in shock.

Steffy smiled when she saw their confusion. She said that she knew what was she was doing. She said she was leaning toward Antigua for a getaway with Liam. Taylor and Ridge tried to discourage Steffy from waiting for Liam, but she said that she had to give it another try. Taylor said that they wanted to support Steffy, but Liam clearly was caught in a web of uncertainty where he couldn't make up his mind. Steffy said that she would be fine, and she left.

Taylor said that she didn't trust Liam. Taylor added that Liam had no idea who or what he wanted. Ridge said that they had to trust Steffy to make the right decision. Taylor said that she did trust Steffy, but not with Liam. Ridge teased that Steffy had always managed to find her way even when she hung out with all the wrong people when she was in school in England. He reminded Taylor that it was a steady stream of geeks and pub crawlers.

Taylor said Liam couldn't make up his mind. Ridge countered that people had always said that about him, but he thought this case was different.

At Liam's, Liam returned from a swim and thought that Hope had been in the house. He looked around for her. He sat down, pulled out some old VCR tapes, and found a Bob Hope video. He thought of good times with Steffy where they laughed and shared memories of watching Bob Hope.

Later, Liam was alone, and in walked Steffy carrying her luggage. "Either I am moving back in with you or I'm moving on," Steffy said. She added that she was sick of all the tears, disappointments and weddings. She admitted to an aversion to anything that had to do with weddings. She said she wanted to talk trash with Liam, drink wine and sleep in late.

Then she started dissing Hope who had left Liam again and again. Steffy said that it shouldn't be that hard to figure out what Hope needed for Christmas – luggage, Steffy joked.

Liam defended Hope and said that he and Hoper were dealing with some serious issues. Steffy kept dissing Hope and said that Hope had kicked Liam in the teeth again and again. Steffy said that Liam's life was in a constant state of upheaval because of Hope. Steffy reminded Liam that it had always been easy for them when they were together. She begged him to say the word and she promised to unpack so that it could be easy again for them immediately and in 50 years. "All you have to do is say ‘Come home,"' Steffy said. Liam looked confused.

At Brooke's, Hope and Rick finished a swim in the pool. Rick tried to make Hope understand that Liam was never going to change. Hope made Rick a sandwich and said that she was tired of hearing about what she should or shouldn't do. Hope said that she and Liam had an argument, but it didn't mean the end of their marriage. She asked Rick if she was expecting too much from Liam.

Rick said that Liam was Liam. Rick warned that men could control themselves. Rick added that Liam wasn't just reacting like an animal to Steffy in that hotel room. Rick reasoned that Liam had been rolling around on the bed with Steffy for one reason. It was "because he damned well wanted to," Rick said.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

In Ridge's office, Ridge stated that Steffy would be lucky to be like her mother. Taylor, however, didn't want Steffy to be unlucky in love, as Taylor had been. Finding Ridge had been the best thing in Taylor's life, and losing him had been the worst. Ridge apologized, but Taylor claimed that she'd moved on. Taylor was happy, but seeing Steffy on the same path reminded Taylor of her old wounds.

At times, Taylor questioned why she'd never measured up and what she'd done wrong. Ridge didn't like for her to question things, and he said he didn't regret their time together. Taylor wished she could freeze some of their family moments in time but wished some moments hadn't happened. Ridge recalled losing Phoebe, and they wondered what kind of woman she would have been if she'd lived.

Ridge expressed pride in his and Taylor's children, and he was impressed at how Steffy had grown. "Well, she's had the brat beaten out of her by love," Taylor joked. Taylor hoped Steffy wouldn't feel like part of her life was missing because Liam was with Hope. Ridge questioned whether Taylor felt that way but dismissed the idea because she was happy with Thorne. Taylor wondered how she could give her heart to another man when so much of it belonged to Ridge.

Ridge claimed that he could have lived a happy life with Taylor and their children, and in the past, he'd wanted to be in two places at the one time. Ridge said he'd never stopped loving Taylor; however, Taylor pointed out that he'd just given Brooke another ring, and they'd get married for the millionth time. Taylor figured she'd get over that, but she didn't want that type of life for Steffy. Taylor didn't want Steffy pining away for the man she was meant to be with.

At the cliff house, Steffy put her fate in Liam's hands by asking him to tell her if she were moving back in with the man she loved or headed to a tropical paradise to lick her wounds. Steffy advised Liam to take the time to think about it. She said that with her, he'd have hot nights, walks on the beach, and loyalty. With Hope, he'd have an insecure girl who needed to grow up and learn about compromise and commitment. Steffy claimed that he didn't have to wait for Hope, because he had Steffy.

Liam sighed, and Steffy reviewed that they'd wound up in the situation because Hope had flipped out over the video. Liam replied that Hope's feelings were understandable, but Steffy questioned whether he really wanted to live a life in which his wife would pitch fits and run home to mommy. Steffy claimed she'd never walk out on him, but Liam replied that never was a long time.

Steffy asserted that Liam and Hope had gotten married, but Hope felt that it had been tainted. Steffy said they could have another wedding day, but Hope's moving out had been too much. Liam corrected that Hope hadn't moved out, but was off sorting things out. He claimed that he loved Hope's sense of principles, and living with a man that she hadn't married was against her principles. Steffy asserted that they were married, and if Hope didn't get that, then she didn't deserve him.

Steffy spotted Liam's VCR and was shocked that he had one. He showed her a tape and said he couldn't watch Bob Hope movies without it. It had blown his mind to learn in Aspen that she was a Bob Hope fan, and Steffy replied she and Liam were simpatico. Liam stated that Steffy was the most fun he'd ever had, and she was his best friend. Steffy sadly added that there was still Hope.

Liam understood Steffy's point about Hope heading for the door; however, he thought he was no better, because in tough times, he headed for Steffy. Steffy still thought Hope was being unfair, but Liam understood Hope's views about the wedding. Steffy said he and Hope should be hashing it out together, but Liam claimed it wasn't that simple. "Yes, it is!" Steffy exclaimed.

Steffy claimed that Hope had made Liam miserable, but Steffy had always had his back. Steffy insisted that he talk to Hope and tell her that he was done. Steffy gave him an hour to do it but said that after an hour, she'd be gone to an island to sulk in tropical drinks. She kissed him and told him to go. "But come back to me," Steffy added, and Liam took off.

At Brooke's house, Hope figured that Steffy was probably with Liam at that very moment. Rick said Hope could go to the cliff house and reclaim her man. He even offered to drive her there and figured that showing up would wipe Steffy off the playing field. Hope, however, didn't want to let Steffy dictate Hope's choices. Hope wanted to find solutions that were right for herself.

Their talk drifted to the wedding, and Hope filled Rick in on the insanity of the wedding day. Hope recalled her miraculous meeting with Deacon, her driver leaving without her, the roadblock, and running to the chapel. Rick assumed that Liam had already gone back to the hotel by then, and Hope said she hadn't realized that Steffy had been hiding in the bathroom. As the discussion continued, Hope decided that the day had been magnificent, but it would never be her wedding day.

Hope asked why Rick believed in happiness. Rick said he'd had it before, and he'd seen it with Ridge and Brooke. He'd also seen it with Eric and Stephanie. Hope had also experienced it, but she feared that she always had to be prepared for something to blow her world apart. Rick stated that love was about forgiveness, and she might need to consider moving back in with Liam. Hope said Rick made it sound easy, and Rick conveyed that it could be if she loved Liam.

Later, Liam arrived at the door, and Hope said she'd been thinking of calling him. Liam stated that he understood everything that Hope was upset about, but he didn't understand why they weren't man and wife after the vows they'd made. He was sorry about what had happened with Steffy but said that Hope had to give him some forgiveness and understanding. Liam believed that they could work through it, but he needed her to be at home with him as his wife. He asserted that he needed an answer from her. "Will you come?" he asked.

Friday, August 10, 2012

In Ridge's office, Ridge told his parents that Steffy wouldn't be at the stockholder's meeting. He said she'd either be on a tropical island, or back at Liam's house. Ridge explained that Liam's marriage to Hope just needed a few signatures for filing to make it legal, but Steffy was making one last attempt to reconcile with Liam.

Stephanie couldn't understand Hope's motives for leaving the marriage after Hope had fought for the perfect wedding. Ridge understood Hope's viewpoint, but Stephanie said Liam would be crazy to try to hold it together with Hope. Ridge didn't like to see Hope upset, but thought it might be wise for her to let Liam go and accept that Liam and Steffy were meant to be together.

Stephanie didn't want to see Hope hurt either, but Stephanie thought Hope made selfish decisions, unlike Steffy, who -- in Stephanie's view -- had selflessly let Hope and Liam get married. Stephanie didn't think Hope even knew how to be happy. Eric rolled his eyes; however, Stephanie insisted that it was true, and Steffy deserved a chance at it. Eric supposed that Hope might be too young for marriage, and Stephanie hoped that Liam would realize that and walk away.

At Brooke's house, Liam told Hope that she could scream, yell, and give him "hell," but she needed to do it at their home. He kissed her, but she was still unsure that she could return home. When she admitted that she wanted to, Liam said that after everything they'd been through, they had to end up together. He apologized again for what he'd done in Italy, and he understood that seeing the video had hurt her. Hope replied that lies hurt, too, and it had really been for the best that she'd seen the video.

Hope said the video had shown her how willingly Liam would believe the worst in her, turn to Steffy, and then cover things up. Hope felt that if Liam had just been honest with her in Italy, she would have been upset; however, she would have gotten that it had been a misunderstanding. She felt that if she and Liam were to go forward together, she needed the truth, no matter how damaging. Liam agreed that he'd been wrong for his choice in Italy, and it had been wrong for him to keep it from her.

Liam still felt that they were married, but Hope told him to stop trying to make her validate that day. She didn't feel that it was real, but he said that it had been to him. He planned to prove that, if she'd give him the chance. Hope said she just didn't trust him again yet. Liam conveyed his fear that she wasn't willing to work things out. He asked her to disprove his fears by going back home.

Hope relayed that seeing Liam with another woman on their wedding day had ruined it for her. Hope asked him to promise her that he'd confront her the next time he thought she'd done something wrong -- even if Steffy were rearing to go. Liam agreed to it. "No more lies? Even by omission? Can I trust you?" she asked. Liam swore that she could, and he understood why she didn't at the moment.

Hope said that she no longer had special memories of their wedding day; all she had was a video that she couldn't pretend that she hadn't seen. Liam wanted to fix it, but Hope decided that they needed a whole new beginning. She said that if he wanted to go forward, then she'd plan another wedding. Hope wanted a new ceremony that felt truthful. She said it'd be something small, but nonetheless, it'd be something that she could look back on with joy.

Liam wanted their marriage to start off right, so he was willing to forget Italy. Hope stated that she'd needed honesty and to trust that he wanted to commit his life only to her, and he'd given her that with the new wedding. She said they'd have a meaningful ceremony, and it wouldn't take long to plan.

Hope understood Liam's need for her to return home. With a kiss, she promised that she would, and they'd soon be together as husband and wife. Liam accepted that and then turned to go. Hope sensed his disappointment, but Liam smiled, claiming that he understood and wanted her to have her wedding.

Liam left, but outside the door, he shed a tear. Inside, Hope stared at a photo of him and smiled.

At the cliff house, Thomas arrived after receiving a text message indicating that Steffy was moving back in with Liam. Steffy stated that she had a trip planned, but she'd nix it if Liam asked her to move back in. Steffy berated Thomas for checking his phone while driving, and they each proclaimed that Marcus' situation had taught them about the dangers of texting from behind the wheel.

Steffy complimented Thomas on his detective skills in Marcus' case, and Thomas replied that he'd moved on to the mystery of Steffy and her packed suitcase. He wondered if she really thought she had a chance of rekindling things with Liam.

Steffy caught her brother up on the drama that had unfolded between Liam, Hope, and Steffy. She reasoned that Hope had pushed Liam too far, and since the couple wasn't married, there was no reason to force the union. Thomas was skeptical, and Steffy declared that she wasn't a stalker.

Thomas thought it was good that Liam had asked her to wait. Steffy said it wasn't exactly that way. She explained that she'd given Liam an hour to decide, but if he remained ensnared by Hope, then Steffy was off to find some hot cabana boys. Steffy tried to convince Thomas that she'd be fine either way. Thomas found that hard to believe, but he also didn't think Liam would pass Steffy up.

Steffy was confident that Liam would return, and they'd start a life free of tricks and deceit. She was sure it would work that time around. Thomas doubted Steffy would leave town if things didn't go her way. He imagined that Steffy would do whatever she could to save Liam from "Hope's evil clutches."

Thomas left, and Steffy anxiously awaited Liam's return. Liam arrived, and she said she'd been just about to leave. She asked if Hope were parking the car, but he murmured that Hope was staying at her mother's. Steffy assumed that Liam had told Hope that he'd had enough. Liam shrugged, and replied, "I love her, Steffy. I want to marry her. What can I say?"

Steffy cited that Hope had moved out, but Liam corrected that Hope hadn't done that. Steffy accused him of being too vulnerable to Hope, but he told Steffy not to talk like that. She insisted there would never be a marriage if Hope kept walking out on him, but he claimed Hope's absence was temporary. Steffy advised that Liam forget about Hope and move on. Steffy kissed him and uttered that it was time to let Hope go.

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