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Monday, May 7, 2012

In her office with her grandmother, Steffy recounted Hope's weird demeanor upon crashing into Steffy on the mountain. Stephanie couldn't believe Hope had just left Steffy there, but Steffy beamed that Liam had found her. Stephanie suspected that her granddaughter was withholding some details, and Steffy said she hadn't gotten to the best part. "I signed the annulment papers," Steffy revealed.

Stephanie was surprised, and Steffy explained that she'd had an epiphany that she was dangling the papers over Liam's head in an attempt to hang on to him. Steffy had since realized how much he really cared about her. She had noticed that Liam had been there for her during the accident because he'd needed to be for himself. It had caused Steffy to realize that the annulment hadn't even mattered, because Liam would never stop loving her.

Stephanie was disheartened that Steffy had voided the marriage. Steffy cited that she'd been in the hospital twice over the predicament, Hope was on edge, and the madness had to stop. Stephanie guessed that Steffy had given Liam what he'd wanted. "What he thought he wanted. When I gave Liam the papers, he ripped them up," Steffy replied, smiling.

Stephanie was confused and wondered what Liam had said after he'd ripped up the papers. "Nothing. We kissed," Steffy beamed. Stephanie asked where Hope had been, and Steffy said Hope had returned home. Steffy pointed out that Liam was still living with Hope, and Steffy guessed the pair was together at the moment. "Oh, I need a drink!" Stephanie exclaimed and wondered when that man would make a decision. "Tell me about it," Steffy responded and wished she knew what he was thinking.

In Ridge's office, Hope told her mother that she'd heard Liam arrive home from Aspen some time during the previous night. She hadn't spoken to him yet because she'd gone straight to work. She wished she knew what had happened after she'd left Aspen.

Hope felt that she'd developed a pattern of promising things to people, but not delivering. She was determined to do something about it, but she feared that moving out would pave the way for Steffy. Brooke asked her daughter to think very hard before making any decisions.

Hope asserted that she had to do something to get her life back on track. She wanted to be a role model again, and she knew that if she and Liam wanted a future together, they had to do it right. Hope declared that she'd move out, but on the wedding night, she'd move back in. Accepting Hope's choice, Brooke decided that, in the meantime, they'd plan Hope's wedding day.

Hope calculated that there were a couple months until the divorce was final, but Brooke considered that to be hardly time enough to plan a wedding. Brooke decided that they had to hold the event far from Los Angeles and the press, and she knew the perfect place -- the south of Italy. Hope beamed with excitement, and Brooke said they'd plan it for the very day the divorce was final. Brooke hugged her daughter and exclaimed that Hope's dreams would finally happen.

At home, Liam thought of the moments he'd shared with Steffy in Aspen, and he smiled. Bill arrived and said he knew Liam had flown back with Steffy. Bill was strangely patient as Liam explained what had happened with the press and how it had led to Hope taking the pill and crashing into Steffy. Bill was amazed that Hope had run over Steffy and had left Liam to pick up the pieces.

Bill and Liam concluded that the "feel good" pill had contributed to the accident. Liam felt that Hope shouldn't have been on the mountain in that condition. "She shouldn't have been a lot of things," Liam added. Bill wondered if Liam was seeing things differently. Liam said he'd gained some clarity about Hope. Bill hoped that Liam had let Hope have it about her behavior. Liam said he had done so, and she'd left Aspen on her own while he'd been at the hospital with Steffy.

Bill was surprised Liam hadn't pursued Hope. Liam said he didn't think Hope had wanted him to, and he'd also been with Steffy at the house when he'd discovered Hope's note about her departure. Bill was proud of Liam for being a good husband and taking care of Steffy. Liam stated that Steffy had given him something. Bill wondered what it was, and Liam answered that she'd signed the annulment papers. Bill tensed, but Liam immediately added that he'd torn them up.

Bill hesitated, and becoming confused, he said, "It sounded like you said you tore them up." Liam claimed that he was tired of pretending the marriage hadn't happened, but he cautioned Bill not to read too much into it. Bill asked if it had occurred to his son that Steffy might actually want out, because she was over the madness. Liam blurted out that he'd kissed Steffy. "Wait a minute, I'm having a hard time keeping up with this," Bill admitted.

Hope pulled up in the driveway, and Bill, who believed his son was finally starting to realize that Steffy was the one, urged Liam to stop stringing Hope along. Hope entered the house, and as she and Bill encountered each other on Bill's way out the door, they exchanged mirthless greetings. Bill exited, and Hope strode up to Liam and silently hugged him.

Hope explained that she'd flown home to see Dr. Barton the previous day, and though Aspen had been a tough time for Hope, she'd learned a lot. Hope was eager to make amends with Steffy, and Hope declared that she was done with the pills. She didn't expect Liam to believe her that time, but she vowed to live up to it. She then announced that she'd made another decision.

Hope admitted that moving into the cliff house had been a mistake, and it had been when it had all started to go wrong for her and Liam. It really messed with her that she wasn't being true to herself. She felt that the only way to fix it was to move out. Liam grunted, shocked.

Hope expressed that she'd disappointed Liam and herself. She figured that they wouldn't be in the mess if Steffy had signed the papers; however, Steffy hadn't, and it was what it was. Hope said she and Liam had been tested, and they'd made it through. She asked Liam not to let Bill and Steffy get to Liam, because the wedding was just around the corner.

Hope swore that the dark days were behind them. She asked him to say he believed that, because they'd have a wonderful life together. She asked him if he believed what she'd said. "Tell me you still want to marry me," Hope requested.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

by Pam

At Forrester, Steffy told Ridge, Taylor, and Thomas about her collision with Hope in Aspen. Steffy seemed downright cheerful about the experience, in spite of being in the emergency room. Thomas noted that Steffy was always cheerful when she was happy with Liam. Steffy smiled. Thomas and Taylor left, and Ridge asked Steffy what had happened with Liam. Steffy said her collision with Hope might have been the best thing to happen for her and Liam.

Steffy described how attentive Liam had been when he rescued her on the mountain. She added that the ski patrol had shown up and asked if Liam was a friend or family member. Steffy positively glowed when she related to Ridge that Liam had said he was Steffy's husband. Steffy said that after they went to the hospital, she had sent Liam to be with Hope because Steffy knew what a struggle it had been with the media for Hope. Steffy admitted that the media had been relentless in their pursuit of Hope in Aspen.

Steffy added that she had signed the annulment papers in Aspen. Ridge was surprised and proud of her. Steffy explained that she was tired of fighting over Liam. She added that she, Liam, and Hope had been hurting each other for months. Steffy wanted to put an end to it. Ridge said that he was proud of Steffy.

Steffy laughed and said that after she had given the annulment papers to Liam, they had started to sing "Thanks for the Memories," and in that goofy, silly moment, she had known that they were connected in ways they had never realized. Steffy said that Liam had ripped up the annulment papers and kissed her passionately. Steffy said that she knew that she belonged with Liam.

Steffy said that she understood that Liam was in love with two women, much the way Ridge had been in love with two women. Steffy said that she knew she and Liam would be together. Ridge warned her not to underestimate Liam's love for Hope. Ridge hugged Steffy.

In the studio at Forrester, Amber talked a model into helping her with a scam that involved Rick and Caroline. Amber called Caroline and asked for her input on some designs during a private showing. Caroline agreed to share her comments. Amber said that she would text Caroline when Amber was ready for her to see the model.

Amber watched the model walk the runway in one of Amber's designs. The model, Margo, stumbled repeatedly, and Amber wondered what the problem with her was. Rick entered and asked why she kept stumbling. Margo told Rick that it was difficult to walk in the heels, keeping time with the music while ensuring the dress looked great.

Margo dared Rick to try walking the runway in the same stilettos. Rick took the challenge, and Amber texted Caroline to join them in the studio. Rick tore up the runway with attitude in the stilettos -- just in time for Caroline to arrive. Amber and Margo laughed at Rick's incredible ability to walk in the heels. Caroline teased Rick that she loved his footwear. Rick tried to talk his way out of it, but Caroline left, and Amber was satisfied with her work.

At home, Hope wanted Liam to tell her that he still wanted to marry her. Liam told Hope that he was committed to her and loved her. He promised that his feelings would never change. They embraced, and Hope looked relieved.

Liam admitted that the accident at the mountain had concerned him when he realized what a hold the medication had on Hope. He was concerned that she had made a terrible decision to take the medication and go skiing. Liam added that Hope had turned to pills rather than to Liam. He pointedly asked Hope if she needed help to give up the pills.

Hope insisted that she wasn't addicted, but she admitted that she needed to move out of his house because she couldn't deal with the accusations of adultery. She admitted that he was a married man. She realized that she was hiding from who she really was -- not the press. Hope promised to dump the pills and to never hide anything from Liam again. Liam said that he understood.

Hope said that she and Brooke were planning the wedding in southern Italy. Liam said he'd miss her when she moved out, and he suggested that she could change her mind. Hope refused to change her mind. She said that she would return to live with him when she was truly his wife. They kissed, and Hope left. Liam looked forlorn.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

by Pam

At Brooke's house, Steffy showed up for dinner with Ridge, who said all he could find was frozen shrimp. Steffy and Ridge wondered if Hope's wedding would really happen. Brooke entered with groceries. She invited Steffy to stay for dinner. Hope followed Brooke into the house.

Hope ran over to Steffy and hugged her. Hope apologized for mowing Steffy down on the mountain. Steffy said that she knew Hope hadn't meant to hurt her, and Steffy acknowledged that she had thought she was all right after the collision.

Steffy noticed that Hope had luggage with her, and Hope admitted that she was moving in with Brooke and Ridge until Liam's divorce was final. Hope said she couldn't live with Liam while he was still married to Steffy. Hope told Steffy and Ridge that it had been her decision.

Later, Hope invited Steffy to the wedding. Steffy acted surprised that the wedding plans were still in full swing. During dinner, Brooke dished about plans for the wedding to take place in Italy. Ridge quickly changed the subject, but Steffy suggested that they might be doing too much planning too soon. Brooke disagreed. Steffy said that they only had a few more weeks before Liam's divorce would be final. Steffy left the table.

After dinner, Hope chastised Brooke for hurting Steffy's feelings by mentioning the wedding. Brooke didn't think any of it bothered Steffy. Hope left Ridge and Brooke alone, and Brooke begged Ridge to design a wedding dress for Hope. He refused because he didn't like the message it sent to Steffy. Brooke pressured Ridge, but Ridge said that he had a feeling that Liam might stay with Steffy. Brooke disagreed.

Hope joined Steffy in the house, and Hope quizzed Steffy about why Steffy seemed to question that there would be a wedding. Hope begged Steffy to be honest because neither of them wanted a husband who couldn't make up his mind. Hope reminded Steffy that they had watched their mothers fight over Ridge, and Hope didn't want the same kind of relationship. Steffy acknowledged that something had happened between her and Liam. "Something has happened between my husband and me," Steffy said, and asked, "Are you ready for this?"

At Liam's, Bill and Katie showed up for dinner, and Liam said that he had forgotten all about it. Liam told Bill and Katie that Hope had moved out, and Bill started the accusations that Hope had dumped Liam again. Bill started Hope-bashing and calling Hope a whack job. Katie tried to stop him.

Caroline entered, and Bill wondered who had invited her. Katie shushed Bill, and Liam said that he had invited Caroline for dinner. Katie had taken an appetizer and Caroline had taken dessert, so Katie and Caroline said they would find something in the kitchen to serve with it. Bill made a big deal about the fact that he had purchased sustainable wine because Liam had been so adamant about making his life, clothes, food, and everything at Spencer sustainable.

After Caroline and Katie went to the kitchen, Bill insisted that Liam needed to tell Hope about what had happened with Steffy and the annulment papers. Caroline and Katie returned with appetizers. Bill quizzed Liam about why Liam could so easily forgive Hope's mistakes but not Steffy's.

Caroline said that she understood Hope's side. Caroline said that Hope had created a public image and felt that she had not been true to herself. Liam pointed out that the media had been relentless in their pursuit of Hope in Aspen. Liam angrily said that paparazzi had turned his relationship with Hope into a ridiculous media event. Bill worried that Hope couldn't handle it. Katie changed the subject and asked Caroline how she liked Los Angeles.

Katie and Caroline left for a few minutes, and Bill reminded Liam that if he had really wanted to marry Hope, he would have filed the annulment papers. Liam believed his best moments were with Hope, and he planned to marry her. Bill asked Liam if he really wanted to commit himself to Hope if he was unsure about her stability.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

On the terrace at home, Brooke imagined that Steffy and Hope were inside, mending their differences. Ridge doubted it, but Brooke cited that the evening had been going well. He said it had until Brooke had mentioned the wedding. He then claimed that he would have designed a dress for Hope if she had chosen a different groom. Ridge thought it would hurt Steffy if he made Hope a gown for a wedding to Liam. Brooke said Steffy was getting over it, so it was okay to be happy for Hope.

In the living room, Hope wanted to know what Steffy knew that Hope didn't. Steffy claimed she'd been saying the same thing since day one, but Hope sensed a difference in Steffy. Steffy chalked her demeanor up to confidence, but Hope persisted in learning if Steffy had misconstrued something Liam had said in Aspen. Steffy admitted that it hadn't been what he'd said -- it had been what he'd done.

Hope was sure that Steffy would be rubbing Hope's face in it if something had happened in Aspen. Hope suggested that Steffy just thank Liam for the memories and move on. Steffy smiled at the ironic statement and said she'd done just that. Steffy added that Liam had seen her maturity, and she didn't plan to make the same mistakes. Steffy guessed the divorce might become final, but they'd see.

Hope asserted that the decision had been made, and the waiting was only for Steffy's benefit. Steffy turned to leave, but Hope pursued her to the door and said Steffy couldn't release the security of being a Spencer. Ridge and Brooke entered in time to see Steffy leaving. Steffy claimed she had some errands to run, and as she cheerfully departed, Steffy told Hope, "Welcome back home."

Brooke and Ridge wondered why Steffy had said that. Hope was sure it had been meant to have a "back where you belong" sting to it. Ridge was proud of the steps that Steffy and Hope were taking, because they had to reconcile their differences eventually -- no matter who was married to Liam. Hope guessed Ridge was still holding out for Steffy. Ridge claimed he wasn't holding out for anyone, but he didn't want to see Hope disappointed. Hope claimed she wouldn't be, because she'd be Liam's wife.

Alone in the living room later, Hope recalled how Liam had expressed his commitment to her before she'd left his house. The bare-footed Brooke sat down with a slice of cheesecake and guessed Steffy had gone to Liam's. Brooke suggested that Hope check in on him, but Hope said she wasn't going to let the situation stress her out -- even if Steffy had been super confident.

Brooke wondered what was up with the confidence. Hope said she'd called Steffy out on it, but Steffy had given her routine answers about her vows. Brooke figured the time was running out on Steffy's "sacred vows." Hope was glad that Steffy hadn't given the annulment, because doing everything Steffy's way would force Steffy to see what Liam really wanted. Hope said that Steffy could talk her confident game, but Hope believed in herself and Liam.

At the cliff house, Bill urged Liam to see that he wouldn't have ripped up the annulment papers or kissed Steffy if he'd wanted to be with Hope. .Bill figured Hope's moving out had made letting Hope go even simpler. Katie and Caroline entered to set the dinner table, and Bill and Liam went to the patio to finish their talk. As Katie worked, she stared curiously out the window at the intensely talking men.

Outside, Bill demanded to know why Liam hadn't gone running back to Hope with the signed papers. Liam got flustered, and Bill advised Liam not to let anyone guilt him into staying with Hope. Bill urged his son to get Steffy there to talk about the kiss. "Get her into your bed tonight," Bill pressed.

Katie alerted the men to dinnertime, and the family sat down to dine together. Katie toasted to a great year for the Spencers. After dinner, Liam started the dishes, and Katie walked Caroline out the door. Before exiting, Bill ordered Liam to call his wife, so he didn't have to be alone that night.

Alone, Liam seemed restless. He looked at pictures of Hope and Steffy on his phone. Just then, Steffy arrived. On the doorstep, she said she'd had dinner with Hope. Liam was shocked. Steffy said it had been civil, but she could tell Hope didn't know about the annulment papers. Liam stuttered for a response, but Steffy claimed it would be their little secret. Liam thought that was pretty cool of her.

Liam invited Steffy in, but she said she wouldn't step foot into the house until she'd be returning home as his wife. He pretended to be confused that she wasn't there to seduce him. Steffy revealed that while Hope was planning a wedding in Italy, she was feeling just as confident as Steffy. Steffy found it painful to watch, since Hope didn't know that he'd ripped up the annulment papers.

Steffy stated that the ripping up of the papers had been most romantic moment of her life. "Oh, yeah, baby. You rocked my world," Steffy said about the kiss, and she knew that Liam felt the same. She promised Hope wouldn't hear about the Aspen moment from her. As Steffy prepared to go, she leaned over the threshold and kissed him. Liam sighed as she strode back to her car.

Friday, May 11, 2012

In Ridge's office, Hope was brimming with Mother's Day plans for Brooke. Hope wanted to make it a good one, since she was living at home again. Brooke wondered how the first morning without Liam had gone, and though Hope admitted that it had been odd, she was confident that she'd made the right choice. Brooke affirmed that she and Stacey were there for Hope.

Hope wished she hadn't taken any more pills than the two that Stacey had prescribed. Brooke wondered if the pills still tempted Hope, but Hope asserted that she'd become stronger. Hope claimed that the pills had turned her into a liar, and she'd realized that she couldn't fix things by taking them. Hope didn't ever want to be the person they'd made her into.

Brooke was glad things were working out, "despite Steffy's efforts." Hope felt that Steffy's refusal to sign the papers had tested and strengthened Hope and Liam. Hope expressed confidence that she'd have a beautiful wedding, and Steffy couldn't stop it. Brooke wondered if Steffy had gone to visit Liam after dinner the other night, and Hope was certain Steffy had. Hope couldn't figure out why Steffy was clinging to fantasies, because Liam had made his choice clear.

At Spencer, Alison and Justin met with Bill, who wondered where Liam was. They discussed how well Liam was doing at work, and Bill griped that Liam was making their tabloids too respectable. Justin suggested Bill use the picture of Hope with the pill if Bill wanted scandal, but Bill declined to risk further alienation of his son. Since Hope had moved out, Bill preferred to just sit back and watch.

Liam entered and hoped Bill's watching had nothing to do with Liam. Liam turned his fashion week article in on time and stated that he'd written about fashion and not the biting paparazzi. Bill claimed that the press had just been doing its job. Justin and Alison frowned and exited.

Bill asked if Liam was doing okay without "little Hope." Liam said that he was, mainly because it had been such a short time since she'd moved. Bill didn't think Liam had followed Bill's advice about calling Steffy. Liam revealed that Steffy had been at the house, and Bill pleaded with Liam to say that she hadn't left. Liam explained that he and Steffy had conducted a nice conversation on the doorstep. Bill was astounded that Liam was free, but settled for chit-chatting in a doorway with his beautiful wife.

Liam declared that Hope's moving out hadn't changed that fact that they were together and still getting married. Bill contended that the wedding wouldn't melt Hope's issues away. Liam said Hope didn't have issues; she had a moral stance, and she was doing what was right for herself.

Liam shared that Steffy hadn't even wanted to enter the house, because she'd vowed not to do so until she returned as his wife. Bill said Liam had missed the perfect moment to have asked Steffy to move back in. Liam figured that would have been awkward, since he was marrying Hope. Bill warned Liam that time was running out, the divorce would go through, and Liam would find himself staring into Hope's glassy -- or panicked -- eyes at the altar.

As the men argued, Hope entered. She hoped she wasn't interrupting, but Liam said he was just getting his daily pep talk. Bill questioned Hope about moving out, and she asserted that she was being true to who she was. She added that she'd move back in -- once she was Liam's wife. Sure that Liam was counting the days, Bill slapped Liam in the gut and left.

Hope said she'd really missed Liam the previous night. She knew the decision to move had been the best thing for them, even if Bill didn't get it. Hope claimed that the problems had ended, and she was herself again. "So what if Steffy didn't sign the annulment papers," Hope said and hugged him.

In Steffy's office, Steffy strutted around after a doctor's appointment and showed off her braceless walk to Stephanie. When Steffy mentioned that Hope had moved out of the house, Stephanie hoped it had to do with the torn annulment papers. Revealing that Hope didn't know about it, Steffy said she'd had to bite her tongue not to drop it on Hope.

Steffy wasn't under any illusions, because it was possible that Liam would marry Hope, and Steffy said she'd have to be okay with it. Stephanie felt that Liam reminded her of Eric, and she figured that he was just toying with the idea of being with Hope. Steffy recalled how romantic it had been in Aspen, and she said that if Hope had seen the look on Liam's face, she'd know the marriage wasn't over.

Steffy figured that if she and Liam reunited, she owed it to Eric's insistence upon watching Bob Hope movies. The women chuckled as Steffy explained that she and Liam had sung a Bob Hope song while Liam had been looking at her signature on the annulment papers. Unbeknownst to them, Brooke had approached the door in time to hear that the papers had been signed.

Steffy left the office, and Brooke rushed in to ask Stephanie if it were really true that Steffy had signed the papers. Brooke was excited and grabbed her phone to text-message Hope about it. Brooke beamed that it had been truly selfless on Steffy's part. Stephanie advised Brooke not to contact Hope, because the marriage hadn't ended. Brooke was sure filing paperwork was a technicality, but Stephanie explained that Liam had torn up the annulment papers.

Brooke couldn't believe it, because Liam had been waiting a long time to marry Hope. Stephanie said Liam might not want to marry Hope anymore, because he had indeed torn up the papers. Brooke couldn't fathom that Liam had done it without some manipulation on Steffy's part; however, Stephanie insisted that Steffy hadn't manipulated Liam, and he'd kissed Steffy to boot.

Stephanie tried to get Brooke to understand that the marriage might survive. Stephanie said that Steffy was determined not to let Hope do to her what Brooke had done to Taylor. Stephanie thought it might be a good thing that Liam had seen Hope for who she was -- an unstable girl with big emotional problems.

"I mean, come on. She's a product of you and Deacon," Stephanie reasoned. Stephanie said that Hope was just as messed up as Brooke had been at that age. "How dare you, Stephanie?" the hurt Brooke uttered.

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