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Monday, June 7, 2010

At Big Bear, Eric and Stephanie swayed to jazz music, and Stephanie hoped that their house was still standing. The couple had martinis, and she cited that the cabin was full of memories—especially of her battling Brooke. Since Brooke had done a remarkable job with Hope, Stephanie thought it might be time for her to view Brooke differently.

Eric and Stephanie recalled how Brooke had put Bridget through hell with the Deacon debacle; however, Eric asserted that things were different with Hope. Stephanie, who'd always thought that Ridge and Brooke's relationship would implode over another scandal, admitted that she'd been wrong. The Forresters were confident that Brooke would never hurt her family again.

At the graduation party, a stunned Oliver watched Brooke hand Hope the necklace, which Marcus had given to Brooke earlier. Oliver recalled going outside and getting busy with a woman wearing the necklace. Ridge joined the group, and Oliver looked queasy as Ridge kissed Brooke. Ridge joked that Oliver should stop gawking because they were married.

Hope took off to introduce her friends to Daddy Yankee, and Brooke and Ridge hit the dance floor. A flirty Brooke stated that they'd done something daring—even for them. Ridge didn't seem to know what she was talking about, but she giggled, saying that he never ceased to amaze her. She figured that the masks had turned Ridge on. "It's kind of loud in here. What'd you say?" Ridge yelled. The couple noted that they hadn't seen Steffy all night, and Ridge said nothing would ruin the evening for Oliver and Hope.

Oliver glared at Brooke and Ridge for a while and then strode around in a daze. Ridge approached and asked if Oliver wanted to borrow anything else of Ridge's besides the jacket. Oliver scurried to remove the clothing, but Ridge said, "It's okay. I don't mind being ‘twinsies' for one night." Ridge stated that what Oliver had done that night had meant the world to Brooke. "It did?" Oliver asked in disbelief. Ridge said Brooke was crazy about Oliver. Ridge walked off, and Oliver apprehensively stared across the room at Brooke.

On the inside balcony later, Oliver remembered that Hope had planned to indicate the right moment by whispering, "I'm ready." He then recalled hearing the same words on the dance floor earlier. Watching Brooke and Ridge dancing below, Oliver bemoaned his realization that Brooke, not Hope, had said the words.

Hope took Oliver downstairs to dance, but as she grooved, she noticed that he couldn't stop staring at her parents. He cited that he and Ridge had worn identical jackets, and Hope stated that her mother had been sweet to keep the "hope" necklace safe for Hope.

Under the flashing lights, Oliver stumbled as if he might pass out. Hope led him to the staircase, where Rick, Marcus, and Thomas tried to assist them. Hope wanted to alert her parents, but a flushed and perspiring Oliver claimed that he was fine.

At the party's conclusion, Hope thanked Daddy Yankee, her parents, and Oliver for making the night happen. Hope cooed that they'd all be in their first music video. Brooke called Oliver their hero, and she wrapped her arms around him. Pulling away, Oliver rasped, "We need to talk, Mrs. Forrester."

Outside later, Oliver seemed freaked out by Brooke's obliviousness. He said that Hope trusted them. Brooke replied that it was why they had to protect Hope. He guessed that Brooke didn't want him to say anything to Hope; however, Brooke said that they couldn't hide from something like sex. She stated that the people needed to discuss sex before they had it. "But we didn't discuss it when you—you—you and me..." Oliver stammered.

Brooke reminded Oliver that she'd talked to him and Hope about sex. Ridge joined them, and as he kissed Brooke, it finally dawned on Oliver that the necklace and the jackets had confused him and Brooke. In his mind, he thought, "Oh, my God, I made love with Hope's mother, but she doesn't know it was me!"

Brooke gave Oliver a kiss on the cheek and instructed him to be careful with Hope that night. After Brooke and Ridge left, Oliver reeled at the fact that Brooke had no idea that it had been him.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

by Pam

At home, Ridge awakened on a bouncing bed, and Brooke was rocking around next to him as if she were dancing. She said that she couldn't get the Daddy Yankee song out of her head. Brooke added that she felt it was a little unconventional and kinky wearing a mask the previous night at the party.

Ridge groggily seemed oblivious to the conversation. Brooke told him he couldn't pretend that he didn't remember. They began kissing and undressing, but Ridge's phone rang, and he realized that he had to be at work for a conference call. Brooke begged him not to leave, but he said that he was the boss and had a lot of people waiting for the meeting via conference call.

Ridge told Brooke that they might meet up in the steam room at work later. Brooke teased that she was thinking of wearing a mask to bed in the future. Ridge was distracted from the conversation because he was reading emails and text messages. He misunderstood and told her not to get caught up in Hollywood-type facial gunk that she slept in.

Brooke was surprised that Ridge was missing her point. She told him that she was talking about masks they wore the previous night. She thought that it was fun. Ridge didn't sound thrilled as he said that hiding your identity amid really loud music that he couldn't dance to wasn't what he would call fun. Brooke was exasperated that she was trying to discuss something intimate and he wasn't really listening.

Ridge said that it was the opposite of intimate because he couldn't see faces. Brooke assured him that he had communicated in other ways such as dancing. He said the music was too loud to do much communicating or dancing.

They got into a wacky conversation where Ridge wasn't following Brooke, and she was unwilling to state that they had public sex against the wall. Instead, she blurted out that she had enjoyed acting like a kid the previous night. She said that they could be respectable parents yet rock the house when they put their minds to it.

Brooke called Ridge an animal. Ridge said that he enjoyed that Brooke always had sex on the brain but they couldn't find 20 minutes to do it lately. Ridge hurried to get ready for work, and Brooke looked confused.

At Forrester, Steffy asked Hope about her party, and Hope said that it was the greatest night of her life. Steffy seemed subdued and told Hope that she had sent Hope's necklace to the party with Marcus, an invited guest. Hope sheepishly thanked Steffy and admitted that Marcus was invited, but Steffy was not because Steffy was always threatening to steal Oliver.

Steffy told Hope that she treated Oliver like a possession, and Hope disagreed. Hope apologized, and admitted that she was nervous because Steffy was beautiful and funny, and any guy would be attracted to her. Steffy teased that it wouldn't be much fun to throw herself at Oliver if Hope wasn't hanging all over him. The two seemed to be friendly and joked with one another.

Whip visited with Oliver in his office at Forrester, but Oliver wasn't very talkative. Whip suggested coffee and surmised that it must have been a wild party. Whip quizzed Oliver about how everything went with an award-winning rap artist -- a friend of Oliver's -- playing a gig at the Forrester mansion.

Oliver said he had just discovered that he was someone he didn't want to be. Whip wondered if Hope and Oliver had argued, but Oliver refused to talk about the party. After Whip left, Oliver remembered the evening again and sex with the woman in blue.

Hope entered and offered a choice of a cinnamon roll or chocolate croissant for breakfast. Hope thanked Oliver for pulling everything together for her dream party. She said that her friends had been texting her all morning. Oliver sulked, and Hope didn't understand what was wrong.

Oliver said that it was confusing with all the masks and everyone wearing the same dresses. Hope interjected that everybody looked beautiful and mysterious, but Oliver said that he had feelings welled up inside. Hope realized that she had disappointed Oliver because he wanted to have sex the previous night, but she wasn't ready.

Hope apologized for being selfish. Oliver disagreed. He said that he had been selfish for wanting to rush into sex. He said that he would gladly wait a long time because he did not want to lose Hope. He and Hope kissed. Marcus entered and Hope thanked him for delivering her necklace to Brooke. Hope said that Marcus and Brooke had kept her necklace safe. Oliver looked away.

Marcus and Oliver left, and Ridge entered. Hope thanked him for her wonderful party. Steffy entered, and Ridge told both his daughters how much he loved them. Steffy threatened to scratch Hope's eyes out, and Hope called Steffy the queen of skankdom. Name-calling continued with man-stealing backstabbers, airheads, and tramps among the favorites. Ridge tried to intervene, but the girls started laughing. They promised to be friends for at least a week.

Oliver entered Ridge's office to return his jacket to the rack of matching men's jackets. Masks sat on the desk. Oliver remembered his sexual encounter against the wall with a woman he discovered was probably Brooke. He hung up the jacket. Brooke entered the office and startled him. She told him to keep the jacket as a souvenir, but Oliver said that he didn't want it.

Brooke looked at all the jackets and realized that they were all exactly the same. She added that Oliver and Ridge wore the same size jacket. Oliver was leaving the office when Brooke suddenly appeared to have an aha moment, and she asked Oliver to stay for a talk.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

by Pam

In Ridge's office, Brooke noticed that all the jackets that were worn at Hope's costume party were the same, and she saw the masks sitting on the desk. Oliver was leaving after returning the jacket that he had worn. Brooke stopped Oliver and quizzed him about Steffy. Oliver seemed confused, but Brooke was hell-bent on believing that Steffy could easily have attended the party in a mask and dress, and no one would have noticed.

Brooke wondered if Oliver's panic attack the previous evening could have had anything to do with him spending time with Steffy. Oliver said that he never saw Steffy at the party. Katie and Hope entered and chatted about the video of the party, and they left. Oliver followed.

At Pam's house, Pam and Stephen shared a few kisses, and Pam said that she couldn't believe her good fortune. She was surprised that Stephen wanted anything to do with her after all that had happened between their families. Before she left for work, Stephen promised her a meaningful relationship, but he warned that she needed to break away from Stephanie's control.

After Pam left, Stephen held the lace memento that Beth had made with the kids' pictures sewn into it. Stephen held Beth's photo and vowed vengeance on the Forresters.

Mike showed up at Pam's place and said that Stephen needed more firepower since he was planning on bringing down Stephanie Forrester. Mike told Stephen that he needed a much more powerful gun to take out "Godzilla." After donning gloves, Mike pulled out a much more powerful weapon and promised that it would get the job done.

Stephen realized the kickback on the larger gun was much too powerful, and Mike was surprised since Stephen was a big guy. Stephen told Mike to leave. Mike said that Stephen wasn't the man to handle the job of taking out Stephanie. After Mike left, Stephen imagined the same scenario he had imagined before. He envisioned Pam shooting Stephanie with the gun he had already purchased.

At Forrester, Ridge and Stephanie chatted about Hope's party. Ridge assured Stephanie that the house had been cleaned after the party. Ridge inquired if Stephanie and Eric had martinis and danced. He also wondered if Eric had been singing. Stephanie said that she and Eric talked, and Stephanie realized that she had been wrong about Brooke for many years. Ridge was surprised and started to laugh.

At Forrester, Steffy visited Oliver's office and quizzed Oliver about the party. She told him that Hope said it was the best night of her life. Steffy asked if Hope had lost her virginity, but Oliver said that he planned to wait for when Hope was ready. He added that he would not be seeking Steffy out.

At Insomnia, Brooke sat down with Katie and Hope to review some of the video on Hope's phone. Katie mistakenly thought that Oliver was Ridge. Hope left to have coffee with her friends. Hope met with her friends and chatted about waiting until she was ready to have sex. After her friends left, Oliver entered and joined Hope. They kissed, but Oliver was staring at Brooke across the room.

Brooke was sharing details of her sexual encounter at the party with Katie. Brooke giggled and bragged to Katie that she and Ridge had sex up against a wall during the party. Katie was amused, but she added that she never would have thought that Ridge would agree to such a thing in front of so many people. Brooke described the dirty deed and said that she loved her husband. She said that wearing masks made them shameless.

At Forrester, Stephanie asked Pam to handle some personal cleaning calls for the carpets and flooring at the mansion. Pam refused. She told Stephanie to make her own calls because it wasn't part of Pam's job description. Pam and Stephanie got into a heated argument about Stephanie treating Pam like a servant. Stephanie was surprised and angry that her sister refused to handle calls for her, but Pam stood her ground, and left.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

In Ridge's office, Stephanie worried about the argument that she'd had with Pam. Thorne entered and immediately noticed his mother's distraction. She expressed her fear that Pam's mystery man was a bad influence on Pam. Thorne was amazed that Pam was dating, and Stephanie asserted that she wouldn't stand by and allow her naïve sister to be hurt.

At Pam's, Stephen welcomed Pam home to a romantic evening of wine and candles. She looked surprised, and he said that she'd never be second, if he had a say in it. Pam conveyed that she'd stood up to Stephanie over the mansion flooring cleaning that day, but it hadn't gone well. Pam worried that she'd made a mistake, but a proud Stephen replied that she'd shown Stephanie that her little sister could stand up for herself.

Stephen worried that Stephanie tried to control Pam in other ways, mainly through Pam's medications. He reasoned that Pam was a strong woman who could cope on her own. Grabbing her pills, he asserted that she didn't need them. He said that, instead of letting Stephanie and the medication have the control, Pam could be her own person. When Pam seemed skeptical, Stephen said that it was scary, but she had to see that her dependency on the pills was just a lie.

Stephen washed the pills down the sink, and a flustered Pam said that he shouldn't have done that; she should have done it herself. She felt that she should have known all along that Stephanie had been manipulating her with the pills. Throwing her arms around Stephen, Pam exclaimed that she couldn't thank him enough.

Stephen worried that Stephanie would try to undermine Pam's relationship with him, and though he enjoyed living there, he felt that he needed to go. Clinging to Stephen, Pam begged him not to leave. Pam stated that she'd make Stephanie understand their friendship. Stephen, however, pulled Pam in for a kiss and asked if friends did things like that. Pam wondered about Beth, and Stephen replied that Beth understood what he was doing and why.

Stephen touched Pam's pearl necklace and said that it was a chain, binding her to a life of servitude. "Well, I'm setting you free....From now on, you're my Pamela," he said, removing the necklace. He told her that she was a beautiful woman with a mind of her own.

Stephen drew Pam in for another long and passionate kiss. Just then, Stephanie let herself in and was alarmed to see Stephen and Pam embracing each other. "Take your hands off my sister, you son of a bitch!" Stephanie bellowed. Pam gasped and cried out, "No!"

Jackie and Nick joined Bridget for her sonogram. Dr. Caspary asked if they wanted to know the baby's gender, and Nick responded that it didn't matter, as long as the baby was healthy and "looked like his old man." After the appointment, Nick went on about how the baby was fate, and it had been made out of his and Bridget's love. Jackie and Nick admired the sonogram photo, and before Nick left to handle a business matter, he thanked Bridget for making him the happiest man alive.

Alone together in the exam room, Bridget and Jackie discussed how devastated Nick would be upon learning the truth. Owen entered and said that if Jackie had accepted it, Nick might, too. Jackie insisted that no one speak to Nick about it until the baby was born. Bridget asked for Owen's take on it, and Jackie decided that Owen and Bridget should talk alone.

Jackie left, and Owen said that he'd wanted to be a father, but before Bridget's pregnancy, he'd accepted that he wouldn't be. Bridget replied that she really wanted the baby to make it, despite the implications for her marriage. The two hugged, and Owen felt her stomach. He marveled at the life inside her that they'd created, and he said he felt blessed. Crying, Bridget replied that she felt the same way.

Friday, June 11, 2010

At Pam's house, Pam said that Stephen wouldn't leave; Stephanie would. Stephanie figured that she should have known something was "off" about Pam's mystery love interest. Pam scoffed, and Stephen quipped that only Stephanie could have happiness. Stephanie called it a sick joke. Pam admitted that she shouldn't have kept it a secret, but she insisted that Stephen had changed her for the better. Pam almost stated that he'd helped her with the pills, but Stephen cut her off before she could.

Stephanie demanded to speak to Pam alone, and Stephen offered to go to his room. "Your what?" Stephanie asked. Stephen announced that he'd moved in. Stephanie ordered him to pack up and leave. He offered to go, if Pam wanted him to. Pam didn't want him to go. She tried to explain things, but Stephanie insisted that Stephen hated Pam as much as he hated Stephanie.

Stephen stated that Pam understood his animosity, and he'd begun to sympathize with Pam, because he'd finally understood that she'd just been another one of Stephanie's victims. Stephen touted that Pam was becoming her own person, a person that Stephanie couldn't control. Pam stated that she didn't blame Stephanie for anything, but as Pam tried to mediate between Stephanie and Stephen, her words got lost in their bickering.

Stephanie asserted that Stephen sought to turn the sisters against each other. "He's just conning you. You can't believe one word out of his mouth," Stephanie said. She insisted that he was using Pam to get revenge for Beth's death. A bewildered Pam asked him if that were true.

Stephen gently explained that Stephanie had a right to doubt the new relationship, but Stephanie had no idea what Pam meant to him. He admitted to believing that Pam was as cruel and heartless as Stephanie; however, he'd been wrong. He'd become attracted to Pam's innocence, and "quite frankly, the things that you bake." Pam was flattered, but Stephanie decided that if Stephen wouldn't leave, she'd take her sister out of there.

Pam refused to go anywhere. "Don't you defy me on this! I know better than you do!" Stephanie screamed. When Pam stood her ground, Stephanie vowed to find out exactly what Stephen was up to. "So help me, I'm gonna nail you to a cross!" Stephanie bellowed and stormed out. Pam cried, and Stephen hugged her from behind.

On the Forrester Creations rooftop, Oliver told Hope that Daddy Yankee had asked for Oliver's help editing the music video. Hope wanted to see it, but an agitated Oliver didn't want to look at it. She asked what was bugging him. He said it wasn't her, and he never wanted to let her down. She assured him that he wouldn't, and they hugged.

Hope tried to improve Oliver's mood by saying that she'd soon whisper, "I'm ready," into his ear. Oliver flashed to the night of the party and cringed. He pretended to anticipate the words, and Hope promised that she'd be ready soon. Since he wasn't working on the video, she decided to show it to her parents.

In Ridge's office, Brooke pranced around with two masks from the graduation party. She suggested that they wear them and act out a fantasy or two. Ridge found the masks creepy, but Brooke said masks could be exciting and sexy. She uttered that they'd taken a risk, "right there, where anyone could just walk right by." He wondered what in the world she was talking about.

Brooke griped that Ridge wasn't paying her any attention. He put his work away, but she didn't want to talk anymore. She asked him to put on a mask and lock the door. "On second thought, don't lock the door. I like the idea of maybe being caught, just like before," she uttered. Brooke requested to hear "Pose," so that they could dance. Ridge pried her off him and said that he just needed five minutes to finish his work first.

As she waited, Brooke remarked that it was good to do things like slipping away during parties, and she felt as if they were kids again. Ridge vaguely nodded, and she danced, humming, "Pose! Pose! Pose!" Brooke again hinted about what they'd done the other night, but Ridge figured that they must have been at two different parties. She called his coyness about fooling around at the party cute, but Ridge replied that she had an active imagination.

"Ridge...Do you really not know what I'm talking about?" Brooke apprehensively asked. Ridge replied that, half the time, he didn't know what she was talking about; however, it didn't matter because she was so darn cute doing it. Brooke became worried and pensive.

Hope entered with video footage of the party, and anxiety filled Brooke's face as Ridge and Hope watched it. Hope thought she saw herself dancing, but she didn't recall hearing "Pose." Ridge remarked that he hadn't been there for the song, but Brooke said that he had. He insisted that he'd been with a guard at the security gate, and Brooke's face blanched.

Ridge and Hope discussed Oliver's panic attack and the matching jackets. Brooke flashed to the tryst she'd had against the wall, and in her mind, she thought, "It couldn't have been Oliver..." Brooke pondered why Oliver would dance with her, but then she suddenly recalled that she'd been wearing Hope's necklace. Brooke's mind flashed to a scene of Marcus giving her the necklace. Brooke tearfully gasped, and Ridge and Hope glanced at her. Brooke said that she needed some air, and she scurried out of the office.

Brooke rushed to the rooftop and cried as she remembered the sex that she'd had that night. She imagined that the masks were off, and envisioning herself with Oliver made her stomach churn. "Oh, no, not was Oliver," she sobbed and reeled in disillusionment. Oliver approached, and she stared miserably at him.

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