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Monday, May 11, 2009

Taylor announced to Ridge and Brooke that they weren't married. Ridge responded that their marriage on the beach might have been unorthodox, but they had gone to the county courthouse and made it legal. Taylor said perhaps they did, but that they still were not married.

Taylor continued that their marriage wasn't legitimate. Brooke got defensive and asked Taylor if she was trying to say that Brooke wasn't good enough for Ridge. Taylor said that was true, Brooke wasn't good enough for Ridge, but that was not what she meant. Before Taylor blew the whole secret they were hoarding, Stephanie swept in and stopped Taylor from spilling the beans about the marriage license being stamped invalid.

Ridge left and asked Brooke to meet him in his office. After he left, Brooke told Taylor and Stephanie to back off and asked them to stop interfering in her marriage. Brooke said whether they liked it or not, Ridge was her husband and would be for all time.

After Brooke went to find Ridge, Stephanie asked Taylor what she was thinking. Taylor said she couldn't handle it anymore. She wanted to blow Brooke and her haughty attitude out of the water. Stephanie tried to convince Taylor to calm down and stick to their original plan. Taylor said she felt Brooke and Ridge's relationship was in trouble and was about to go over the edge. Taylor really wanted to drop the bomb that they weren't legally married and push it over the edge.

Aunt Pam walked in on Taylor and Stephanie. Pam agreed with Taylor, and said they should let Brooke know she wasn't really married to Ridge and "knock the little princess off her throne." Stephanie vehemently disagreed and said the timing was wrong.

Rick admitted to Steffy that he had been a bit of a jerk. She agreed with his terminology wholeheartedly. He added that Steffy could add some more colorful words to tell him off if she wished and he would not object. He admitted that he had stolen Forrester designs and pawned them off to Jackie M, tried to join the Army for attention, and proposed getting married at Point Dume mostly to annoy Ridge.

Rick said he understood why Steffy couldn't be with him. Steffy said Rick had said that 1,000 times. Rick said he had to say it one last time because he wasn't going to be around to bother Steffy anymore, and was going to join the monastery. Steffy asked if he was serious, and Rick replied he needed spirituality in his life.

Rick admitted he had ruined every relationship that ever meant anything to him and thus had decided to focus on his relationship with God. Steffy said Rick had bad ideas before, but that one was the worst. Rick said he realized if he couldn't have Steffy, he didn't want anyone else at all. He said he would take a vow of celibacy.

Steffy said just because the two of them had broken up didn't mean Rick's life was over and she worked to talk him out of his crazy idea. Rick started laughing and told Steffy she was very gullible. He didn't believe she had fallen for that one. She couldn't help but laugh herself for falling for Rick's fibs again.

Rick reminded Steffy that in spite of their troubles, he could still make her laugh. He said he was always good to lift the tension. Rick warned Steffy that a lot more tension was coming around the corner. He informed her that her parents were pushing to have Thomas hired on.

Steffy smiled and said she thought it would be good for Thomas to work at Forrester. Rick said it would be good for Thomas, but bad for him. Rick reminded Steffy that her brother had tried to kill him twice. Steffy said she had spent time with Thomas since his therapy with James and Thomas had worked through his issues. She begged Rick to give her brother a chance.

Rick said if it meant that much to Steffy he would give Thomas a chance, but he couldn't promise the same of Brooke. His mother was very much against Thomas working at Forrester, according to Rick. Steffy thanked Rick for agreeing to let Thomas work at Forrester, but made sure he understood it didn't change anything between them. Rick said he understood.

Back in Ridge's office, Ridge asked Brooke not to allow Taylor and Stephanie to push her buttons. Brooke was flabbergasted that Stephanie and Taylor were still working so hard to undermine hers and Ridge's marriage. Ridge said they had a perfect chance to prove everyone wrong and to show they could overcome obstacles most couples couldn't.

Brooke said if Ridge was referring to Thomas working at Forrester, she couldn't allow it. Ridge asked Brooke if she understood his desire to work with his son. Brooke said she certainly did, but reminded Ridge that Thomas tried to kill Rick. Rick overheard their argument and walked in and announced that he was okay with it. Rick said that Thomas could start whenever he wanted. Brooke asked Rick why he had a change of heart, and Rick advised them he was doing it for Steffy.

Ridge said it sounded like one of Rick's ploys to weasel his way back into Steffy's life. Rick said not at all, and added that the two of them were finished. He showed Ridge the returned engagement ring as proof. Rick said that after all the things he had done to hurt Steffy, it was just a kind gesture to make up for the heartache he had caused her. Rick added that he heard James worked his "head-shrinking magic" on Thomas, and that Thomas was no longer a threat to Rick's life.

Brooke said she was very proud of Rick and added he didn't have to do that or to be so generous to Thomas. Ridge said he didn't trust Rick and probably never would. He still believed Rick was up to something. Brooke said she realized that Rick had given Ridge reasons not to trust him, but she honestly believed Rick was trying to do the right thing.

Steffy looked at a photo of her and Rick on her cell phone and started to delete it, but couldn't. Her mind was flooded with memories of the two of them, the happy times, the romantic times, the night he proposed to her - she couldn't shake Rick from her head or from her heart. She glanced down at her empty finger and traced the line where her engagement ring used to be. She started to delete the photo again, and still couldn't hit the button to erase Rick.

Rick went back to see Steffy after he had spoken to Ridge and Brooke. He let her know that he had put in a good word for Thomas, and encouraged her to give Thomas the good news-he was officially hired. Rick warned Steffy that Ridge felt Rick was still trying to manipulate Steffy. Rick assured her he wasn't doing that, merely trying to make up for some of the pain he had caused.

Steffy found Taylor and Stephanie and told them the good news. She also informed them that she had given Rick back his ring. Steffy assured her mother that Rick wasn't agreeing to work with Thomas to win her back and added that she had given him back his ring.

When Steffy left, Taylor expressed her concerns about Rick to Stephanie. Stephanie predicted that Rick would do something else stupid to push Ridge and Brooke apart and when he did, that would be the time for Taylor to drop the bomb that they weren't legally married. Stephanie seemed certain that Brooke and Ridge's marriage was on the verge of collapse.

Ridge confessed to Brooke that he didn't know how to move past all his anger and mistrust of Rick. Brooke said she would show him and began to undress. The two kissed passionately and Ridge helped Brooke finish disrobing. The two made love in his office.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

by Pam

At Jackie M, Bridget walked into Nick's office thinking about the kiss they shared the night before. She wondered where everyone was for the meeting, and Nick told her she was the first one to show up. She said she would return because it was awkward being there. Nick asked her to stay and pointed out all the changes he had made with the new office décor.

Nick told Bridget the apology he gave her the night before was sincere, and Bridget said she appreciated his apology. Stephanie and Clarke interrupted as they showed up for the meeting.

Stephanie discussed that she had planned a meeting with Karen Spencer at Spencer Communications in order to get some positive PR for Jackie M. She shared the news with Nick, Clarke, and Bridget. Nick said that all PR had to go through his mother. Stephanie remarked that if that was the case, then Jackie should have been at the meeting she called.

Nick wondered where his mother was and why she was missing so frequently from Jackie M. Bridget offered to find Jackie and went looking for her. In Jackie's office, Jackie was caressing Owen's butt and kissing him as Bridget knocked on the door. Owen and Jackie stopped fooling around, and accompanied Bridget to the meeting with Nick.

Clarke donned a wig and said he planned to become Monsieur X, while Nick looked unhappy. After Jackie entered, Nick and Jackie sniped at each other about her frequent absences from the office and meetings. They brought in the models, and Nick wanted to know what was going on with Jackie, but she didn't give him much information.

Stephanie entered Spencer Communications and discovered she would be meeting with Bill Spencer rather than Karen. Stephanie called him Bill Junior but he corrected her with "Bill." He told Stephanie that Karen had to return home. He also informed Stephanie that he earned his place in the company.

Bill said he never knew much of his father or his mother. Stephanie said she wanted a favor from Karen. Stephanie said she had written some articles for Eye on Fashion.

Bill suggested Stephanie was looking for revenge, but Stephanie said she believed that people would be interested in hearing what she had to say. Bill agreed. He read her articles and said he wanted to move the company away from tired publishing. He wanted to call her articles "The Logan Chronicles," and he wanted to turn it into a daily Web cast on the magazine's Web site.

Bill asked Stephanie if she was prepared for the retaliation. Stephanie thought about it for a moment and decided she was ready. Bill put Stephanie in front of a web camera, and told her to talk to the camera. Stephanie seemed a little uncomfortable at first, but then she introduced herself as the New Stephanie Forrester A.D., noting that A.D. stood for "After Donna."

Stephanie talked about her career in fashion and how things had changed at Forrester Creations. She talked about Eric and being pushed out of the business. She noted that the Logans at Forrester had reduced the quality of the designs. Stephanie said that Jackie M was full of new ideas and said she wouldn't buy Forrester Creations.

Owen visited Bridget in her office to apologize for wanting to sleep with her the previous evening. Bridget told Owen that he was charming and delicious. Then she corrected herself and said dinner was delicious. Bridget told him that she saw Nick the night before, after their date. Owen guessed that Bridget still needed some time before she became serious about another man.

Owen visited Jackie at her home, and she was soaking in the tub. Jackie said she called him over to help her with a spot she couldn't reach. Owen said he wanted to talk to her about Bridget. Jackie said they could talk as soon as he got in the tub with her.

Owen looked confused. Owen told Jackie that she was his fantasy woman, but he was interested in a future and children with another woman.

Jackie threatened to end his career if he didn't do exactly what she wanted him to do. Owen was incredulous that she would do such a thing. Jackie warned him that she would indeed end his career.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stephanie dropped by Forrester and showed Pam how to log onto her Webcast, "The Logan Chronicles." Pam tuned in and heard Stephanie launch into a story about Donna, but before Pam got to the juicy part, Donna appeared. Pam slammed her laptop closed and instructed Stephanie to leave the building. As soon as Donna left the area, Pam started watching Stephanie's broadcast online again.

Donna waltzed into Eric's office and wrapped her bare legs around him while he was on a business call. Eric quickly hung up on his associate to tend to Donna's insatiable needs. She arrived prepared with her bear shaped honey container in hand. The two played erotically until Thorne burst in and interrupted. Donna pretended she was using the honey to sweeten Eric's tea. Thorne wasn't falling for it, and rolled his eyes.

Thorne opened his computer and showed Eric the Webcast Stephanie had launched. Eric listened for a few minutes then shook his head in disbelief. When Donna saw and heard the things Stephanie said about her and Eric, Donna vowed Stephanie would not get away with it. Thorne pointed out that Stephanie already had gotten away with it. Donna stomped out of the room

Jackie and Owen watched the Webcast at her desk. Jackie suggested that Owen convince Stephanie to talk up Jackie M on her Webcast at the same time she was talking Forrester down. Owen sulked and asked Jackie if that was an order. She asked him if he was still upset with her for demanding he sleep with her in order to keep his job. She reminded him that he was free to leave if he wanted.

Owen informed Jackie that he planned to take Bridget to lunch. Jackie said he could do what he wanted on his free time as long as he understood he had to come when she called. Bridget and Owen ordered in and bonded over sandwiches in her office. Bridget congratulated him on a promotion at Jackie M, but Owen didn't seem enthused.

Owen confessed to Bridget that he had made bad decisions every place he went, and told her about his bad dealings with Felicia over at Forrester. Owen said he realized he was the sort of man who could be bought. Bridget defended him and said that when it got right down to it, he backed out of his deal with Felicia, which meant he could not be bought.

Owen and Bridget engaged playfully together and talked about where to go on their next date. Owen suggested the opera, but Bridget vetoed it. He asked if she liked ballet, and she asked what was not to like about hot men in tights. Owen offered to wear tights to the office the next day and gave her a little twirl. The two giggled.

Owen said he couldn't tell whether or not Bridget was giving him a green light. Bridget said if she were a traffic signal, she would be more like a "proceed with caution" sign. She instructed Owen to keep his eyes open for trouble. He said he didn't see any problems at that moment, and moved in to kiss her.

Their kiss was deep and long, and just as things began to heat up, Owen's phone rang. It was Jackie, who called to remind Owen that lunch was over. She instructed him to go to a door marked "Under Construction" and meet her for a rendezvous. Reluctantly, Owen left Bridget to meet Jackie.

Jackie summoned Owen to the steam room for a "command performance." Owen said they had a problem. He was upset that Jackie called him away from his time with Bridget for sex. Jackie said that Owen's lunch was over and he was on the clock. She reminded Owen that he and Bridget hadn't slept together yet, so it wasn't as if he had cheated on her.

Owen said Jackie was every man's fantasy, and he was happy he got to live that, but he didn't see their relationship going anywhere. Jackie said she had two failed marriages and didn't want a relationship with Owen, just fun and sex. Jackie said if Owen wanted to pursue a relationship with Bridget, she wished him the best. She said if they got engaged, she would even throw them an engagement party. But Jackie believed in the meantime, there was no reason the two of them couldn't continue to have fun together.

Donna went to Stephanie's office and expressed her outrage about Stephanie's Webcast. Donna said she could take all the bad things Stephanie said about her, but Donna could not believe Stephanie would subject Eric to such humiliation. Stephanie reminded Donna that it was she who had humiliated Eric publicly the night he ended up naked on her window ledge.

Donna said the Forrester men succumbed to the Logan women because Stephanie had starved them of love. Stephanie retorted that in a few years when Donna looked in the mirror, she would be old and would have nothing but an empty life to show for it. Stephanie said she had kids and grandkids to love her in her old age, but Donna would have nothing and no one.

Donna warned Stephanie about starting a war with her and promised that the media would hear the other side of the story if Stephanie kept up her Logan-bashing Webcast. Stephanie didn't look a bit afraid.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

by Pam

At Jackie M, Stephanie and Taylor discussed Stephanie's debut with the webcast, and Taylor said she loved it. Stephanie told Taylor that Donna had visited Stephanie's office to complain about the webcast. Stephanie shared that Donna issued a warning to Stephanie, but Stephanie said she wasn't worried.

Taylor told Stephanie that she was sure Brooke and her sisters would be stewing about the webcast. Taylor said Brooke would be twice as mad as Donna.

At Forrester, Brooke freaked out about Stephanie's Webcast in Ridge's office while Ridge dutifully listened. Brooke complained that Stephanie practically called Brooke and her sisters whores, and spread it around the world. Ridge started to laugh and Brooke didn't think it was funny.

Brooke wanted Ridge to speak to his mother about the webcast, but Ridge said that he believed they should ignore his mother. Ridge said there was no way that Stephanie could interfere in their marriage, and he wanted to ignore what she had done. He felt that it was best to stay out of any confrontation with Stephanie because it could end badly.

Brooke said that she and her sisters had brought happiness to the Forrester men. Ridge agreed, but he said that Donna went after Eric, and that pushed Stephanie out of the picture. Brooke disagreed, and she said that Eric and Donna fell in love. Brooke and Ridge agreed not to argue about Eric and Donna.

Ridge said they had more to worry about than Eric and Donna. Brooke guessed that he meant Stephanie, but Ridge told Brooke that Stephanie had no power over them. Ridge was worried about Rick and Steffy.

Brooke said that Rick had promised to leave Steffy alone. Brooke told Ridge that Brooke had already insisted that Rick was never to see Steffy again. Brooke said that she was confident Rick knew he had to stay away from Steffy. Brooke told Ridge that she warned Rick about interfering in Brooke's marriage.

Ridge said that Rick and Steffy worked in the same building so they were going to see each other, and Ridge was worried about what might happen. Brooke tried to convince Ridge that Rick would keep his promise. Ridge pressured Brooke to stand up to Rick if he didn't stay away from Steffy. Ridge said he needed Brooke to side with him on the issue and not cave in to Rick.

In Rick's office, Steffy was dropping off a file on Rick's desk when Rick walked in. He asked her to go over the information with him, so they could review it together. Steffy told Rick he didn't need her to review it with him.

Rick said he didn't have any hopes that he could win her back. He just wanted them to be friendly again. He wanted to laugh again with her because he enjoyed their time together. Steffy admitted that she enjoyed it, too. But she didn't want him flirting with her.

Rick confided how sorry he was. He said he was trying to be a better man because of her. Rick realized that his anger issues and hatred of Ridge were cries for help, and he was getting help. Rick said that he realized he had lost the best thing that ever happened to him.

Rick said if things were different they would be married and on their honeymoon. Steffy asked where Rick had been planning to take her. Rick said he'd thought about Paris or Tahiti. He said she deserved to go somewhere very special. He moved closer to her, and put his hands on her face, as Taylor stood in the doorway unbeknownst to Rick and Steffy.

Taylor looked shocked and walked away. Taylor went to see Stephanie and confided that she was nauseous after she saw Rick and Steffy. Stephanie asked if Taylor had told Ridge, but Taylor worried that would be the worst thing she could do. Stephanie optimistically told Taylor to tell Ridge, because it was a perfect opportunity.

Stephanie knew that Brooke would defend Rick, and that would infuriate Ridge. After that, Taylor could be there to support Ridge. Taylor said she was more worried about Steffy staying away from Rick. Taylor said she knew how Rick was looking at Steffy. It was the same way Rick had looked at Taylor, and she was afraid that Steffy would fall for Rick's charm again.

In Rick's office, Steffy thanked Rick for supporting her family's suggestion to hire Thomas. Rick joked that it was a way for him to get into her good graces. He said he was kidding, and that he knew it was the right thing to do. He said he didn't know when Thomas was starting at Forrester.

Rick added that he hadn't been in his office much because he was busy on a project. Rick told Steffy that he had been working on something in the audio/visual department. He told Steffy it was a tribute. He handed Steffy a CD with "tribute" written on it. Steffy said she didn't want a tribute to their relationship.

Rick said he understood that. He told her that the tribute was to Phoebe, because Phoebe was the person who brought Rick and Steffy together. Rick said he wanted everyone to remember Phoebe, and he had not seen a video tribute to her, so he decided to create one.

Steffy asked him to play it for her. The video showed still pictures of Phoebe along with Ridge, Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas. The music in the background was Phoebe singing. Video played with Phoebe singing in the contest that Constantine had set up a few years before. At the end, Rick narrated and said that everyone felt her senseless loss.

Steffy cried as she watched, and then she put her arms around Rick and hugged him.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Steffy was moved by Rick's gift of a DVD tribute to her sister, Phoebe. Steffy expressed her gratitude to Rick and added it was the most thoughtful gift she had ever received. She asked Rick what he expected in return. Rick assured her it was a pure gift, with no strings attached. Rick said he merely wanted Steffy to see the part of Phoebe's life that she had missed out on.

Rick apologized for showing Steffy the video. He said he understood that everything he did was suspect after his past behavior. Steffy said he didn't have to apologize for being nice to her and giving her a gift. Rick said he promised that he would stay away from Steffy and that he had to keep his promise to her parents. As he walked toward the door to escort Steffy out, she grabbed his arm and asked him to wait.

Steffy said she wanted to forget Rick, and wanted to hate him, but after he had done such a wonderful thing, she couldn't hate him. Steffy asked Rick point-blank if he wanted a future with her. He assured her that he did. She said she only had one condition: Rick had to end the feud with her dad, completely. Steffy said no matter how Ridge treated him, Steffy wanted Rick to treat Ridge with respect.

Steffy said she forgave Rick and would go to Ridge and show him the DVD so he could see the goodness in Rick the way she could see it. Rick smiled as she left the office.

Donna barged into Bill Spencer's office to find it empty. She saw a photo of him on his desk and remarked out loud that at least he was cute. Bill entered and overheard her and was pleased she found him attractive. Bill informed Donna that he always asked his secretary to call security on intruders, unless they were especially hot women such as her. Donna made certain that Bill knew she was Mrs. Eric Forrester.

Donna insisted that Bill remove "The Logan Chronicles" webcast from his website. She accused him of libel. Bill said Stephanie had assured him that the material they were broadcasting was completely accurate. Donna said the things Stephanie said were ugly and cruel and added that Bill didn't want to get into bed with someone like that. Bill said he certainly didn't, but wouldn't mind getting into bed with Donna, as there was nothing ugly about her. She was shocked by his boldness.

Donna said flattery wouldn't get him anywhere with her. Bill assured her that he wasn't offering empty flattery. Bill said he was a man who knew what he wanted and got it. Donna got kept on point and asked Bill to stop airing "The Logan Chronicles" and noted that Stephanie wanted to bring down Forrester Creations.

Bill was puzzled about why Eric sent Donna to fight his battles instead of showing up on his own behalf. Donna said Eric hadn't sent her; she was there on her own. Bill found it interesting that Eric's ex-wife was trashing him and he was not willing to do anything to stop Stephanie on his own. Donna said she hoped Eric wouldn't have to do anything, which was why she was there to try to convince Bill to stop airing the webcast.

Bill mentioned that he could stop the webcast, and he could also use his vast media empire to turn public sentiment against Stephanie if he had the right motivation. Donna asked what he meant, and he moved in close to her. He said she had burst in his office full of passion and fire, and he wanted to see more passion and less clothing.

Donna reminded Bill that she was married. Bill said if Eric didn't have enough guts to stand up to his ex-wife when she was trying to take down his company, Bill felt certain Eric wouldn't come after Bill for sleeping with his wife, either. Bill added that he could tell Donna was attracted to powerful men, and assured her he had all the money and power she needed.

Brooke assured Ridge that Rick promised that he would keep his distance from Steffy. Ridge was not convinced. Just then, Taylor flew into Ridge's office and announced that it had happened again, and Rick was after Steffy. Brooke rolled her eyes.

Taylor explained that she saw Steffy in Rick's office and that they were very intimate with one another. She saw them standing close and Rick was holding Steffy's face in his hands. Brooke said perhaps Taylor misunderstood. Ridge was angry when Brooke tried to defend Rick. Ridge said he told Brooke exactly what he needed, which was for Rick to stay away from Steffy. Ridge added that Rick hadn't done that, and Brooke was defending Rick.

Steffy walked into her dad's office and saw them all bickering. She asked what they were upset about. Taylor confessed that she saw Rick and Steffy together. Steffy was upset that her mom had been spying on her.

Steffy tried to explain that it wasn't what they thought. She said Rick had given her a gift that was meant for their whole family. Steffy asked if she could show her parents the DVD. Ridge said he didn't want to hear anything Rick had to say. Ridge expressed anger that Rick had even spoken to Steffy.

Steffy assured Ridge the DVD was not an apology from Rick, it was a true gift for their family. Ridge said he didn't want to watch it, but Steffy popped it in, anyway. She showed Ridge, Taylor, and Brooke the DVD montage that Rick had made of Phoebe.

At the end of the film, Steffy said she supposed Ridge understood why she had forgiven Rick. Ridge was enraged. He said Steffy thought Rick gave her a gift selflessly, but Ridge just saw it as another way Rick used Phoebe's death to his own advantage.

Brooke stepped in to defend Rick and said Rick was trying to make a tribute to Phoebe out of kindness. Ridge rolled his eyes and reminded Brooke that she promised to take her husband's side over Rick's and that apparently she could not keep that promise. Steffy said she wanted to take it back. She missed Rick, but she realized that her dad could not forgive him, and she agreed to stay away from Rick.

Brooke went after Steffy as she ran out of the room. Ridge and Taylor stayed behind and Ridge expressed his anger about Brooke defending Rick. He told Taylor that if he had known at the time how things would turn out, he would never have married Brooke. Taylor followed Stephanie's advice and dropped the bomb on Ridge at his most vulnerable moment- Taylor informed Ridge that he and Brooke were not legally married.

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