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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 12, 2008 on B&B
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Monday, May 12, 2008

Stephanie, coming straight from the wedding and having nowhere else to go, visited Katie in the hospital. Stephanie showed an unusually vulnerable side as she made comparisons about both of their lives having been turned upside down. Ridge admitted to Brooke that he was ready to marry her and no longer had reservations about her devotion to him. When Ridge asked that they not hold their wedding at Eric and Donna's house, an argument ensued between him and Brooke, which brought up underlying issues that they had. Neither Eric nor Donna was able to enjoy their wedding night as both had other things on their mind.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

At the hospital, Katie was surprised to find that Stephanie had spent the night in her room with her. Stephanie joked with Katie and commented that she had forgotten to make a hotel reservation for the previous night. Katie candidly told her that she did not need someone to watch over her. Stephanie was self-reflective. She remarked that in one night, one's entire life could change. Katie felt that Stephanie was drawing a comparison between herself and Storm. Stephanie admitted the comparison. Stephanie tried to point out to Katie that some emotional wounds never healed. Stephanie continued to advise Katie that having a supportive family and friends helped to heal the emotional wounds.

Donna and Eric started their first morning together realizing how happy they were together. Eric offered for Donna to conduct Storm's memorial service in their home. Later, Stephen arrived at Donna's home to assist with the planning of Storm's memorial. Stephen gave Donna the bad news that Beth would not be attending the memorial. Stephen explained that Beth was too overwhelmed with grief to travel from a long distance. Donna apprised Stephen that Katie was very angry at Storm over his suicide and refused to attend Storm's memorial.

Meanwhile, Brooke told Ridge that she had concerns that she caused Storm to commit suicide. Brooke told Ridge that Storm believed that she thought that he was a monster before he killed himself. Brooke cried that she missed Storm and couldn't be sure that she did not cause his suicide. Ridge assured Brooke that Storm was desperate because he was worried about going to prison and believed that Katie was dying.

At the Forrester Creations company offices, Eric told Stephanie that he would always be concerned about her. He commended her on her good behavior at his wedding and through the crisis with Storm.

In a locker room in some unknown location, a young male looked at the wedding photo of Eric and Donna from the newspaper, then called an airline and booked a flight to Los Angles.

Stephen went to Katie's hospital room. Stephen told his daughter that, although he was heartbroken over losing his only son, he was grateful that she was alive. Katie honestly told Stephen that she could not condone what Storm did. Katie told Stephen that she was so angry at Storm that she would not attend his memorial.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nick showed up at Katie's hospital room with a black dress in a garment bag. He said he figured she needed something to wear if she was going out. Katie insisted she would not be attending Storm's memorial service. He said that in a year, two years, or maybe even five, she'd realize living wasn't that bad. He said she would realize her brother only had one memorial and would regret not going. Katie asked to see the room where Storm died.

Nick wheeled Katie to the patient room where Storm took his life. He helped Katie up and opened the door. Katie noticed the smell of fresh paint in the room. She walked over to the bed and sat down. She asked Nick to give her a moment so he closed the door and left her alone. Aloud, Katie said to Storm that she would have been okay with dying, it was her time to die. A vision of Storm appeared addressing his final letter to her. She said she'd already read it. When Storm put the letter down, Katie shoved it to the floor. She told him to let fate make the decision, for him to let her go. Storm took out the gun and placed it on the table. He said it had already been decided that her life was more important than his.

Storm said the police were coming to get him. He said his life would have been spent behind bars. Katie said he wasn't well and they could argue that to get him help. He said he would have been institutionalized and that wouldn't have been any kind of life. Katie argued with him. Storm said he had a life but didn't know how to live it. He said his heart didn't belong to just him. He told Katie that from then on, she held his hopes and dreams along with her own. She insisted she couldn't live for him and he should save himself. Storm told her to stop denying that she wasn't ready to die. Katie began to cry while Storm picked up the gun. Katie cried out his name. The vision ended when Nick walked in the door. He found Katie still sitting on the bed and told her it was time to go. Nick convinced Katie to take her unfinished business to the memorial.

Brooke, Stephen, and Donna prepared for Storm's memorial service at the Forrester Mansion. Reverend Healy, the pastor from the Logans' church, entered through the open door. Brooke spotted the pastor and lashed out at her because the church had refused to hold Storm's funeral. Due to the church's views on suicide, they would not allow his funeral to be held in the church. Brooke said Storm shouldn't be disrespected in death. Reverend Healy agreed with Brooke and asked to stay for the service. Brooke allowed her to remain. Stephen recommended to Brooke and Donna that the pastor speak with Katie to help her get through the tragedy.

A young man walked up to the front door and removed a newspaper clipping of Donna and Eric's wedding from his pocket. After glancing at it, he replaced it in his pocket and walked in through the open door. Eric was greeting him when Donna walked up. The man stared at Donna while she told him the memorial was private. She realized he was part of the catering staff and directed him to the kitchen. As he began to walk away, he turned and stared at Donna before continuing on to the kitchen.

The young man was serving drinks in the living room. He overheard Felicia, out on the terrace, badmouthing Donna to Ridge and Thorne. Donna walked up and told the man they were getting ready to begin. She asked if anyone was out on the terrace and he quickly said he'd get them. Donna realized they were badmouthing her. She asked the man to get them because she didn't want to hear what they had to say. He went out on the terrace and told the Forrester children that Mrs. Forrester was ready to begin. Felicia made a sarcastic remark about "Mrs. Forrester" and walked inside. Thorne apologized to the man as Thorne and Ridge went in for the service.

The memorial service began with Ashley giving a brief eulogy of her time with Storm. While she was speaking, Nick led Katie in unnoticed. Stephen stood up and spoke of how Storm had been a father figure to the girls. Stephen spoke of how his return and attempts at being a father caused Storm to unravel. He made a dig at the Forresters, asking if they still felt superior after Storm had given his life to save his sister's. Felicia lowered her head as she listened.

A picture montage was shown on a monitor of Storm through the years. When it ended, Brooke stood and gave her eulogy. She also made a dig at the Forresters and the pastor for their views of Storm. Reverend Healy stood up and read a brief scripture and talked about what a selfless thing Storm had done. Donna was the last to give her eulogy and spoke of her love for Storm and said that if Katie were there, she'd say the same. At that moment, Katie revealed herself and said she would speak on her own behalf. Brooke and Donna worried that it was too much for Katie to be there. Katie said she had some things to say, they all needed to sit down and listen.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Katie had everyone's undivided attention at the Forrester mansion during Storm's memorial service. Katie said that everyone believed everything would be okay in heaven. She acknowledged that everyone wanted to believe that Storm was at peace, but as Katie gazed at Storm's ashes in the box, she said his ashes weren't complete without her because she had his heart. Katie added that the family shared good memories of Storm, but she worried aloud that she may not remember Storm's voice or what he looked like within a year. She showed everyone the nasty scar on her chest, and she said that her scar had become what Storm looked like to her. She told her family that when she received Storm's heart, it scared her. She further explained that her sorrow was far different from everyone else's grief. She felt it was her fault that Storm was gone, and that she shouldn't be alive, but every breath and every heartbeat of hers reminded her that she had Storm's breath and heartbeat. Katie admitted that she was ashamed to be alive. Everyone wept as she spoke.

Katie changed her tone suddenly and promised her family that she would not allow her feelings to change the way she or everyone else felt about Storm. She admitted that she hated Storm for what he did by dying so she could live, but she loved him for it, too. She promised to remember how much Storm loved with his heart, and she promised to try to love others as much as he would have. Brooke and Donna gathered around her, and their dad joined them in an embrace. Later, Stephen took a picture of his daughters for their mother back in France. He hoped they would take care of one another when he returned to Paris. Nick and Bridget discussed that Nick was responsible for bringing Katie to the memorial service, and Bridget thanked Nick. Bridget remembered how adamant Katie was when she refused to attend the service, but Nick said he was in the right place at the right time when he convinced Katie to change her mind. Donna prepared to drive her dad to the airport, and she talked to the stranger who had attended the service. The young man told Donna he felt her pain at losing her brother, and he left. Donna looked bewildered. Later on the terrace, Nick and Katie talked, and Katie thanked Nick for bringing her to the service and being more stubborn than she was. They hugged on the balcony as Brooke spied on them.

At the hospital, Taylor was waiting for Katie in her room. She thought that Katie would not be well enough to attend the memorial service. Stephanie walked in and told Taylor that she had spent the night in Katie's room after the wedding. Taylor was surprised that Stephanie would show such concern for Katie, but Stephanie added that Katie was in a far darker place than Stephanie.

Taylor again expressed her surprise at Stephanie's concern for Katie, and Stephanie admitted that she felt responsible for all that had happened. Stephanie said that if she had turned Storm in to the police for shooting her, he might have gotten the help he needed, and Storm would not have accidentally shot Katie and then killed himself. Stephanie asked why Taylor was there, and Taylor answered that she thought Katie could use some company during the service. Stephanie inquired about Taylor's involvement, and Taylor said that Rick had told her about the entire situation. Stephanie assumed that Rick and Phoebe were seeing one another again, but Taylor said they were no longer involved. Stephanie added that Rick and Phoebe had an inappropriate relationship. Taylor kept quiet about her own relationship with Rick. A nurse surprised both women with the news that Katie had gone to the memorial service. Stephanie and Taylor continued to chat, and Stephanie told Taylor that she would not wait for another of Eric's marriages to fail. The two women agreed to remain friends even though their friendship had been strained many times over the years.

Friday, May 16, 2008

At the Forrester Mansion, Donna slid down the banister to greet Eric. Eric caught her and swung her around. Donna said how happy she was and asked Eric if he wanted to go for a swim. Eric declined and said he was stopping by to make sure Stephanie was settling in okay. Donna teased him about being that nice to her when she became his ex-wife. When Eric didn't get respond, Donna said he was supposed to reply that she would never be the ex-wife. Just then there was a knock on the door. Eric answered the door on his way out.

The young man who had catered at Storm's funeral stopped to see Donna. Donna assumed he was there to get paid. The young man admitted he didn't work for the catering company. Nervous, Donna asked who he was. The young man said his name was Marcus. Donna assumed he was a tabloid writer out for a scoop on Storm's funeral. She blasted him and demanded he get out of her house. Marcus looked at her with a puzzled expression.

Marcus said he wasn't the paparazzi. Donna demanded to know who he was. He apologized for misrepresenting himself. He said when he'd arrived, the memorial service was about to get under way. He said the timing wasn't right to state his business. Donna talked about Storm and said her life had been hard but Storm had always protected her. She apologized for sharing the information with "a perfect stranger." Marcus said he wasn't a stranger. Donna said she had a feeling when she saw him that she'd known him from somewhere. She asked him if they'd met.

Marcus said he felt they knew one another. He said he'd imagined what she'd looked like. He said he looked in her eyes and was almost certain about who she was. Frightened, Donna asked what he wanted. Marcus quietly asked if she was his mother.

At the beach house, Bridget was packing her belongings. Stephanie arrived and apologized for having to make Bridget move. Bridget said Eric had just wanted Stephanie to feel cozy and comfortable. They both chatted about how cozy the beach house was. Stephanie said she had a lot of memories there.

Bridget had finished packing when Eric arrived. Bridget had to leave and said she'd come back for the rest of her things. Eric asked Stephanie how she was settling in. She teased him and said he acted like they were still married. He said he just wanted to make sure she was okay. She teased him that he got the house on the hill and she got the beachfront. He laughed and said she got a prime piece of real estate. Stephanie said the move was a good one. She was happy to put distance between her and the family for a while. Eric said he wasn't pushing her out of his life. Stephanie repeated that the move was a good one.

Felicia and Thorne showed up with lunch and overheard Stephanie's last statement. Felicia took that moment to poke fun at her father's bride. Felicia then invited Eric to join them for lunch. Stephanie went to wash up while Eric, Thorne, and Felicia went outside to set up for lunch. Felicia started in on Donna again. Eric told her not to get all wound up. Thorne said Donna had been on her best behavior so far, but Thorne knew Donna well. Thorne warned Eric that Donna came with a lot of baggage.

At the hospital, Katie was building a puzzle and began to reminisce about her kiss with Nick. Nick walked in with presents. He brought her a bag of pistachios, a Lakers jersey, and a media guide. He also brought a Lakers hat for himself. Katie joked about the price tag still being on the hat. Nick looked down and asked Katie to teach him how to build her elementary puzzle.

While building the puzzle, Nick received a text message from Bridget. He told Katie that Bridget's message was that she'd joined the ranks of the homeless. Nick realized Stephanie was moving into the beach house. Katie brought up how much time Bridget was spending at his house. She said Bridget's car was parked in his garage. He told her to be quiet so he could work on the puzzle. Katie told him that their moving in together was a big step. She said Nick would never find another woman like Bridget. She asked him why he didn't just let Bridget move in with him and Jack.

Nick said he and Bridget had decided they wouldn't rush things. Katie continued to push Nick to let Bridget move in. He said he had to consider Jack. She told him Bridget was good with Jack and Nick knew it. She said it wasn't like Bridget was some bimbo he'd just met. Nick teased her and got her to laugh. He said he was happy to see her laugh, as she hadn't been doing it much. She said it hurt to laugh and she was dealing with stuff that didn't make her want to laugh. She confessed that there was one thing that made her happy. She said there was one bright spot inside her. Nick was just sitting down when Bridget entered to check on Katie. Bridget commented about the puzzle being almost done. Katie said one piece of it was missing so they couldn't complete it.

Bridget mentioned she was homeless and started rambling about a condo she had seen for rent. Katie blurted out that Bridget should stay with Nick. Bridget said she and Nick weren't rushing things. Katie put Nick on the spot when she told Bridget that Nick wanted her to move in. Bridget looked at Nick and said they could talk about it later. Bridget said she didn't want to put him on the spot. Nick bit the bullet and asked Bridget to move in with him. An ecstatic Bridget hugged Nick and left to call the movers. Nick thanked Katie and she told him to be happy. He left the room but returned to get his cap. When he picked it up, he found the missing puzzle piece. He handed it to Katie, who placed it in the puzzle. He put on his cap, said goodbye, and left the room. Deep in thought, Katie sat drumming her fingers on the table.

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