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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 30, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, October 30, 2006

At the hospital in a supplies closet, Ridge kisses Brooke and pressures her to come back to him, before he can get an answer, a nurse burst in and shoos them out. When Brooke walks out she finds Stephanie and ask her about Jackie's condition. Stephanie says she thinks Jackie will be OK and Brooke should just concentrate on getting her life back with Ridge. When Ridge walks up, Jackie's doctor comes to get Brooke so he can go over Jackie's latest test results with her and Nick. After Brooke leaves, Stephanie tells Ridge not to worry that Brooke is just standing by Nick because of Jackie's accident. When Eric arrives he questions Stephanie about Jackie's fall and seems a little suspicious of his wife's part in it. Ridge assures him it was an accident.

In Jackie's hospital room, her doctor informs Nick and Brooke that he is unsure of the extent of damage to Jackie's brain, but that surgery will be necessary to drain the blood. After he leaves, Brooke attempts to comfort Nick by telling him what a strong woman Jackie is and how much she has to live for. She encourages him to be strong for his mother and to not give up hope. Nick tells Brooke how much he appreciates her being there for him now. After they both leave, Eric comes in to see Jackie. He tells her he will be there for her and will keep praying for her to get better. Before he leaves his kisses her hand and begs her to come back to them. Stephanie comes in, after Eric leaves. She tells Jackie how sorry she is about what happened, adding that she has to pull through this because Nick is going to need her more than ever now. Right after Stephanie says this, Jackie starts having a seizure and the doctors rush in along with Nick and Brooke. The doctors start working on Jackie and make everyone leave the room. Nick blames Stephanie for causing Jackie's seizure and tells her that if anything happens to his mother he will hold her accountable. Later Brooke tries to comfort Stephanie, saying Nick is just upset and she thinks it would be better for Stephanie to go home. Ridge comes over to see what they are talking about and Brooke explains that Jackie had a seizure when Stephanie was in the room with her. After Stephanie leaves, Ridge tells Brooke that he understands Nick is in pain and it's a hard time for her to leave him, however he needs to know if they have a future together. Before she can answer, Jackie is wheeled out for her surgery and Brooke rushes to Nick's side. Ridge tells Stephanie that he's not going to let Nick use Jackie's accident to lure Brooke back. He and Brooke then gaze longingly at one another, while she's embracing Nick.

Meanwhile at Taylor's, Hector thanks Harry for taking him to Taylor's hearing and apologizes for not telling him everything in the beginning. He worries about Shane's motives for protecting Taylor, and determines to find out what they are.

By Taylor's pool, Phoebe gets a little creeped out by Shane's attempts to cozy up to her. Shane senses she's nervous and tries to break the ice by teasing her about what happened the last time they were at the pool, when she almost cut his hand off. They laugh and she thanks him again for helping her Mom. He admits that at first he thought about using the information to his advantage, but that he couldn't do that once he got to know her. He compliments her on her sweetness and beauty and tells her he wants them to get to know each other better. Shane encourages her to live it up now that she is a woman of 18. Phoebe starts becoming more uncomfortable with his ardor. Trying to win her affection, Shane promises to get Taylor out of jail. She tells him how grateful she is to him. Seizing the opportunity, he kisses her, but Phoebe pulls away quickly.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

At the hospital, the doctor told Nick that Jackie would require surgery. The doctor could not assure Nick that Jackie would be okay. He advised that she may require more surgery. Donna began to tell Brooke that she thought that Stephanie had pushed Jackie down the stairs. Donna was interrupted when Brooke was called to meet with Nick and Jackie's doctor.

At home, Shane tried to make a move on Phoebe. When Phoebe told him to stop, he became angry. He told her he would do anything for her including testify on behalf of Taylor. Meanwhile, Taylor convinced a prison guard to allow her to make a phone call to Phoebe. Taylor told Phoebe she felt that something was very wrong. Phoebe said that something was wrong, meaning Shane, but told Taylor she could handle what it was. Taylor.

Storm met with Hector, Phoebe and Shane. Shane told Storm that perhaps he should leave. Storm explained that it appeared as though he was testifying for Taylor as a friend and the jury might not buy it. Shane then gave Storm good reason for living with the foresters. Phoebe had helped him after his accident and took responsibility when it was not her fault. When Shane went to bed Harry questioned what Phoebe was doing with Shane. Phoebe insisted that she was going along with Shane only until the trial is over!

Wednesday, November 1, 2006


At the hospital, in Jackie's room, Jackie wakes up and Nick tells her that she's had brain surgery, but she's too groggy to really understand what he's saying. When the doctor walks in he tells Nick it's impossible to predict Jackie's prognosis and only time will tell. He encourages Nick to stay hopeful though, because miracles can happen. Nick is worried and as soon as the doctor leaves, he curses Stephanie.

Outside Jackie's room, Donna eyes Stephanie suspiciously, remembering how Stephanie pushed Jackie and caused her fall. When Brooke walks up to her, Donna tells her that Stephanie deliberately shoved Jackie and caused her fall over the banister. Brooke can't believe it, but Donna is adamant that Jackie's fall was no accident. Sensing that Stephanie is upset, Eric walks up to her and asks her how she's doing, before she can really answer, Lt. Baker comes over and asks about the accident. Stephanie starts telling her side of the story, when Nick walks up and angrily asks who is going to tell Jackie's version of what happened. Brooke keeps Donna from running over and incriminating Stephanie. Later, when they're alone, Nick tells Brooke that he knows Stephanie is responsible. Brooke tries to protect Stephanie and looks worried when Nick wishes someone else had seen what happened. Donna approaches Stephanie, tells her she a bully and warns her that one day she may be the one to make Stephanie get what's coming to her. Stephanie is confused and later tells Brooke that she had better get Donna to leave town because she's nothing but trouble.

Back in Jackie's hospital room, Eric stops by and remembers all the romantic times they shared together, He's happy to see that Jackie is somewhat awake and tells her how horrible Stephanie feels about everything, stressing that Stephanie would never do anything to harm her. After he leaves Donna drops in and promises to make Stephanie pay for what she did to Jackie, When Nick walks in she is tempted to tell him, but resists. After she leaves the room Brooke pressures her to keep quiet about Stephanie, but the more Brooke protects Stephanie, the more Donna is determined to expose her. Donna is sick of how Stephanie always gets way with everything and tells Brooke that Stephanie has to be stopped and put behind bars where she belongs.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

At Brooke's, Donna discussed why she needed to tell Nick what really happened during the accident between Stephanie and Jackie. Brooke asked Donna if she could really be sure of what she saw and begged her not to make the situation between Nick and The Forrester's more volatile. Donna wondered why Brooke was suddenly so tolerant of Stephanie after all she had put the Logan's through. Then Donna asked Brooke to tell her whether she had chosen Nick or Ridge because it affected her life too. Donna left as Nick walked in wanting answers from Brooke.

At Forrester, Ridge told Stephanie that Brooke told him that she was going to follow her heart, and that meant that she was going to leave Nick and return to Ridge. He said that the accident with Jackie was just a minor bump in the road. Stephanie was telling Ridge that Brooke needed to send Donna away and that she would buy her a first class ticket to anywhere she wanted to go. As she was naming destinations, Donna walked in the office. Stephanie excused herself and Donna and Ridge discussed what could have been between the two of them in another lifetime.

Brooke spoke to Nick about her decision saying that she wanted Ridge there too. Nick said that their marriage should be discussed between just the two of them. Brooke said that she could not be married to anyone at that time. She said that she needed to spend time with her kids and search her soul without the attachment of marriage. Nick told Brooke that he knew that they were meant to be together and said that deep in her heart, Brooke knew it too. As Nick packed some clothes, both Nick and Brooke viewed flashbacks in their mind of their relationship.

Brooke was crying and thinking about how she hurt Nick. Ridge walked in and told Brooke that it must have been hard telling Nick. Brooke reinforced that she did not want to be married to anyone right now. Ridge told Brooke he would give her all the time she needed to make her decision. He said that he could see that Brooke was back and he passionately kissed Brooke.

Donna called Brooke to tell her that Stephanie had fired her and kicked her out of Forrester. Brooke said she could not do that. Donna said that Stephanie was going to pay for her actions. Brooke begged Donna to reconsider, but she said no, called Nick and left a message on his voice mail saying that the accident between Jackie and Stephanie was no accident.

Friday, November 3, 2006

At the hospital, the doctor told Nick that his mother was doing very well under the circumstances, but to expect the possibility that she would have some form of impairment either in her speech, or other motor function. Brooke asked Donna if she told Nick about Stephanie and Jackie's fight yet. Donna said she left him a message, but wanted to tell him in person. Brooke pleaded with Donna to make sure that she was absolutely certain she knew what she saw. Brooke also told Donna about her decision to end her marriage. Donna walked into Jackie's room and told Nick that she was so sorry about what happened, but that the accident was not really an accident at all.

At the Forrester's house, Stephanie and Ridge discussed Brooke's decision to leave Nick and take some time for herself and her children. Ridge and Stephanie agreed that it would be good for Forrester Creations to have Brooke back working and helping Ridge with his designs. Ridge told Stephanie that he was willing to be patient and wait on Brooke. He said he knew that they would end up together. Eric questioned Stephanie about the fight with Jackie. He asked why Jackie was able to fall when the railing was waist high. Stephanie said that they were fighting, but that Jackie's fall was an accident. Eric left to visit Jackie in the hospital.

Nick stormed out of the hospital after Donna's news. He drove towards Stephanie's house. Brooke called him to talk to him about what had happened, but Nick did not answer. Once Brooke told Eric that Donna had told Nick it was not an accident, Eric called Stephanie and told her to lock all the doors or to just get in her car and leave. She said that if she could handle Eric's accusations, she could handle Nick's.

Nick knocked on the front door for Stephanie to let him in. She said no because she did not want to argue. Then Nick went to the back and threw a rock to break the glass door and he walked in, demanding answers from Stephanie. He said that he had an eyewitness that it was not an accident. Stephanie said that she was there and it was an accident. Nick followed Stephanie up the stairs. When they reached the top, he grabbed her and held her over the railing demanding that she admit that she pushed Jackie.

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