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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 18, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, September 18, 2006

At the hospital, Bridget remembers her night with Nick and fears her Mom will find out. Stephanie and Eric drop by and tell her they are planning a party for her Friday to celebrate her becoming a doctor. Bridget tells them she would love to come but she may be moving to Africa to work in and AIDS clinic. Eric is shocked. Stephanie is suspicious that she is leaving because of Brooke. Bridget tells her that it has nothing to do with Brooke, it's just a great opportunity for her to make a difference. They try to convince her to stay, but Bridget is determined to go telling them it is only for a year. Stephanie is surprised that she hasn't told Brooke yet and accuses Bridget of running away from something. Bridget denies Stephanie's accusations and leaves.

At Taylor's, Shane tells her that he knows her secret. Taylor misunderstands and thinks he is referring to her relationship with Thorne, so soon after his wife's death. Before he can explain, Hector walks in and Taylor introduces them. She is surprised that Shane already knows who Hector is. She tells Hector that Shane was warning her to be more discreet if she wants to keep her relationship with Thorne private, since he saw them kissing in her yard yesterday. Realizing that he will have to come to Taylor another time when he can get her alone, Shane tries to make a speedy exit. However, Hector won't let him get away so easily. Hector demands to know why Shane is prying into Taylor's private life and he also questions him about how he knew who Hector was before they met. Shane tells Hector that he read about his accident in the paper. Taylor steps in and tells Hector that Shane was only trying to protect her privacy by encouraging her to keep her hedges taller. After Shane leaves, Hector tells Taylor he doesn't trust him and thinks he is up to something. Taylor continues to defend him. Finally seeing that she can't convince him otherwise, she tells Hector if he is really worried about Shane he should keep living with her and let Shane know she is not alone. Although it kills Hector to stay and see Taylor getting closer to Thorne, he vows to find out what Shane is up to.

Outside of Taylor's, Shane heads to her pool, very upset that he wasn't able to confront her about Darla's death. Phoebe walks up behind him and asks him what's wrong. At first he is upset because he thinks she is spying on him. She asks him how things went with her Mom and he angrily replies not well because of Hector's interference. Phoebe tries to lighten his mood and begins goofing around with some of his equipment. Shane tries to stop her and she accidentally cuts his hand badly. Phoebe immediately wraps a towel around his hand and they rush to the hospital. When they get there a panic stricken Phoebe tells Bridget what happened. As Shane lies on a stretcher, writhing in pain, Phoebe apologizes profusely for hurting him.

Meanwhile at Forrester, Brooke admires Eric's latest designs. Nick walks in still worried about keeping his night with Bridget a secret from Brooke. Brooke happily greets him with a kiss. She praises him for being such a loyal and forgiving husband. Nick enjoys being at Forrester with Ridge away and asks Brooke if she has heard from him. She tells him not really and that she is focused on him and their marriage and kisses him again. Stephanie walks in and finds them having a romantic lunch of chicken wings and beer. She informs them of Bridget's plans to move to Africa and asks them what's going on. Brooke admits that Bridget is still in love with Nick and she thinks getting away could be good for Bridget. Stephanie thinks it's a bunch of bull since Brooke is still in love with Ridge and Bridget is still in love with Nick. Brooke denies Stephanie's accusations. She tells Stephanie with Ridge there was always another woman, but with Nick there are no secrets and she knows he would never cheat on her. Stephanie doubts that Nick is so perfect and tells Brooke that she hopes Ridge will take her back when it falls through with Nick. After Stephanie leaves, Brooke reassures Nick that as long as they have love, understanding and honesty their marriage will last forever. Nick is eaten up with guilt.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

At the hospital, Phoebe told Bridget that she is responsible for Shane's injury. Bridget later told Phoebe that Shane's surgery was successful. Phoebe kept watch over Shane in his hospital room. Taylor arrived at the hospital. Taylor told phoebe how wonderful Shane had been warning her about privacy just before the accident occurred. Shane awoke from surgery. He was in extreme pain. Shane was informed by the doctor that he would require months of rehabilitation before he would gain normal use of his hand. Shane told the doctor that he had no medical insurance and could not afford the hospital stay or to be out of work for months. Taylor told Shane that she would pay for all of his expenses. Phoebe suggested to Shane that he stay with them while he recuperates.

Meanwhile at Forrester Creations, Brooke advised Bridget that she should not go to Africa to run away from her problems. Brooke asked Bridget not to go to Africa. After Brooke left the office, Bridget told Nick that their one-night stand had been a goodbye to their life that they could have had together. Bridget admitted she was going to Africa to forget about Nick and to not complicate his life now that they had slept together behind Brooke's back.

Christian prepared Bridget for her immunizations for Africa. He warned her that she could not have the immunizations if she were pregnant. Bridget asked for a pregnancy test on a slim chance she could be pregnant. Bridget worried that she could be pregnant, but hoped that she was not.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

At the hospital, Christian tells Bridget he can't give her the immunization shot if she might be pregnant. Remembering her night with Nick, Bridget realizes that there is a slight chance she might be pregnant and decides to take the pregnancy test just in case. Bridget keeps having flashbacks about her night with Nick. She can't accept the fact that she could be pregnant and tries to convince herself that it's not possible. After she takes the test she remembers how sweet Nick was to her when she was pregnant with their baby and thinks about how different her life would have been if Nicole had lived. When Christian returns, Bridget demands to know the results.

In Shane's hospital room, Shane accepts Phoebe's offer to move in with them. Taylor is not as enthusiastic about the move and asks Phoebe to step outside with her. Once they are alone Phoebe explains that she is just trying to do the right thing. Taylor thinks they are doing enough for Shane by paying his hospital bill. Phoebe doesn't understand what the big deal is with letting him stay in their home for a few days. Taylor feels she should be a little more cautious with people and tells Phoebe that she can't invite strangers into their house without talking to her mother first. Phoebe says that she feels really guilty about the accident and needs to help Shane. Understanding how horrible it is to feel guilty about hurting someone else, Taylor reluctantly agrees. Alone in his hospital room, Shane is touched by how much Phoebe and Taylor want to help him, and feels momentary guilt about his plan to blackmail Taylor. He is especially moved by Phoebe's beauty and sweetness. When Phoebe comes back in she apologizes for Taylor's not agreeing right away to let him move in. Shane understands. He is thrilled when Phoebe tells him he can move in and after thanking her gives her a kiss on the cheek.

Meanwhile at Brooke's, when Nick and Brooke come home they find Hope covered in tattoos. Jackie explains that hope wanted tattoos like Nick. When Jackie and Hope go upstairs to check on RJ, Nick asks Brooke how she would feel about having another kid. Brooke is hesitant, saying a baby would interfere with their freedom and ability to travel at a moments notice. Nick assures Brook that he is and ok with not being a father and that he thinks of her kids as his own. Relieved, Brooke tells him she loves him so much and that he makes her feel safe. After she goes up stairs, Nick feels guilty about his night with Bridget.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bridget is startled when the news that Christian relays to her, is that of her pregnancy. She cannot believe the results and wants another test run, but Christian tells her that there is no doubt. Felicia is at the hospital and overhears Bridget talking about her pregnancy when she walks into the room with Christian and Bridget. At first Felicia is worried that the baby might be Dante's child, but Bridget is quick to reassure her that it is not. Bridget tells a shocked Felicia that the baby is Nick's child. Bridget explains how it all happened and ends up telling Felicia that she used to blame her mother for all her years of selfishness, and said that she would never be like her mom, but she admits to being exactly like her. Bridget doesn't want her mother's marriage to break up, and tells Felicia that for everyone's sake she knows what must be done if everyone is to go on with their lives. Bridget also told Felicia that it was a one night thing, when her mother left Nick and went running off to Ridge. She just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and Nick took off his wedding ring.

Hector comes downstairs and announces to Taylor that he is planning on moving out tomorrow. He explains that a friend has a guest house that he can stay at while he recuperates. Taylor doesn't think that it is a good idea, but Hector insists on doing this. Shane and Phoebe come in through the front door and Taylor tries to explain that Shane will be staying in the house while he recuperates and can move into Thomas' room, since Hector has decided to leave. All of a sudden, Hector changes his mind and Shane is put into the guest room. Shane is very pleased with it and would like to live that kind of life. Hector makes his feelings known about Shane almost immediately and practically challenges his being there at all. Hector later says that there is something about the guy that he doesn't like. Hector vows to find out everything about this guy that he can. Later, Hector gets some in information about a certain Shane McGrath from the south. He learns that Shane has a record right in LA. Meanwhile Shane tries to figure out how he could make this lifestyle last a little longer for him.

Brooke tells Nick how comforted she is by his strength and honesty. She feels very secure with him, knowing that he would never deceive her. They hold each other in their arms, but poor Nick is still feeling guilty about what happened with Bridget.

Friday, September 22, 2006

A distraught Bridget does not want to break up her mother's marriage and plans to tell Brooke that she is pregnant with Nick's child. Hector tells Phoebe that he feels Shane is trouble. Brooke tells Donna that there better not be anything going on between her and Ridge. Donna wants to know if things between Brooke and Ridge are over for good. Brooke is conflicted but lets Donna know that she won't stand in her way. Bridget tells Brooke that she is not going to Africa and that she has done something that she needs to confess to Brooke. Bridget is afraid that Brooke might hate her. Brooke wonders what her daughter is talking about.

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