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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 5, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, May 5, 2003

by CBS

Jackie is surprised when she hears that Massimo offered Nick a desk job. She expects him to jump at the opportunity, but Nick explains that he has some doubts about Massimo. He notes Massimo's unusual interest in Ridge's personal life. Brooke accuses Massimo of trying to ruin her relationship with her daughter the way he ruined her relationship with her father. Massimo is stunned when Brooke tells him that she is going ahead with the wedding and that Bridget will be her maid of honor. She insists that Ridge and Bridget have put their feelings behind them. Ridge and Brooke will be a family, and Massimo can either live with it, or live without them. Bridget tries to reassure Thomas, who is sad that Ridge has moved all of Taylor's things out of his closet to make room for Brooke's. Ridge catches Bridget admiring Brooke's wedding gown. He tells her there's something she needs to hear, but they are interrupted. Bridget sees tears in Brooke's eyes and wonders what's the matter. Brooke is thinking about how much she's hurt Bridget, but Bridget insists that she's happy for her mother. Brooke tells Bridget that today of all days she needs Bridget's support, and she wants Bridget to promise that she won't do anything to undermine her marriage to Ridge. Bridget is about to take Brooke her bouquet when Ridge stops her. He admits to Bridget that there are things he can't do to his family and to Brooke, but he'll always love her. They embrace, unaware that Brooke is watching.

Tuesday, May 6, 2003

Brooke was again horrified when she overheard Ridge and Bridget express their love for one another shortly before she was to marry Ridge. Minutes later, Bridget went to Brooke's room to deliver the flowers. Brooke was very upset, but tried to hide it from Bridget. She told Bridget she becomes emotional during weddings, especially her own. Brooke did accuse Bridget of focusing on Ridge, not her. Bridget promised to support her marriage to Ridge.

Massimo complained to Stephanie that Brooke is going to marry Ridge even though she knows that he loves Bridget. Stephanie reminded Massimo that even though Bridget is the better woman for Ridge, it would tear the family apart if Eric learned the truth.

When Eric arrived, he gave Thomas tips on what is expected of him as Ridge's best man. Thomas was eager to please. Eric then visited Brooke while she was getting dressed for the wedding. He affirmed for her that she and Ridge belong together.

Katie, Storm, Kristen, Amber and Rick all arrived for the wedding. Ridge quietly warned Stephanie and Massimo that if they had planned to ruin his wedding day, they could leave now.

Ridge went to check to see if Brooke was almost ready for their wedding. Through the closed door, Brooke asked Ridge if he is really certain that he wants to marry her. Ridge assured Brooke that he loves her and is absolutely positive about his decision to marry her. Brooke was somewhat relieved.

Brooke then told Bridget that she is so nervous about the wedding that she is not sure that she can actually make it down the aisle. Bridget assured her that she has nothing to worry about because she is about to start a wonderful life with Ridge.

As Storm took Brooke's arm to walk down the aisle, Brooke decided that Ridge loves her. Brooke decided to put the thoughts of hearing Bridget and Ridge say they love one another out of her mind and marry Ridge.

Wednesday, May 7, 2003

by Anna

C.J. realizes that Sally knows about Ridge's paternity. Sally is stunned when C.J. reveals that Bridget is in love with Ridge. She realizes that's why Massimo has been trying to stop the wedding. Sally wonders why Bridget agreed to be in the wedding, and C.J. explains that Eric thought it would be good for family unity. C.J. tells Sally about Bridget and Ridge's kiss, and how it backfired. Sally understands that Ridge wants to protect his family from another scandal, but points out that Ridge could be making the biggest mistake of his life. Reassured by Ridge's smile, Brooke finally walks down the aisle and takes her place beside him. The ceremony begins. As Bridget reads a passage about love, Brooke feels her confidence begin to crumble. Brooke watches Bridget as she helps Thomas and the girls with the rings. Brooke recites her vows and puts the ring on Ridge's finger. Brooke has tears of happiness in her eyes when Ridge proclaims his commitment to her and slips the ring on her finger, but when it comes time for Brooke to say, I do,' Brooke can't go through with it. Ridge is shocked.

Thursday, May 8, 2003

Ridge was shocked when Brooke said she would not marry him. Brooke rushed out of the wedding. Eric and Katie tried to talk to Brooke to no avail. Brooke had locked the bedroom door and refused to speak to everyone including Ridge. Eric, Katie, Rick Amber and Kristen all speculated as to why Brooke left the wedding.

Massimo was ecstatic that Brooke left the wedding. Stephanie warned Massimo not to celebrate just yet-Ridge could still talk Brooke into returning to the wedding.

Deacon and Nick met in Massimo's office for the first time. Deacon revealed that he wanted Brooke but did not have a chance with her especially since Ridge is the love of her life. Deacon explained to Nick that Ridge is the wrong person for Brooke because he will hurt Brooke again.

Ridge broke Brooke's door down He initially denied that he is in love with Bridget. Brooke accused him of taking advantage of Bridget and being incestuous. Bridget arrived and demanded that Brooke not speak to Ridge in that malicious fashion!

Friday, May 9, 2003

Bridget interrupts Brooke raging at Ridge after confronting him about his unresolved feelings for her daughter. Both Ridge and Bridget try to convince Brooke that they have both managed to put those feelings behind them for the good of the family and are determined to get on with their lives. Brooke insists that they only want her to go through with the marriage to Ridge to protect the secret of Ridge's paternity by Massimo. They deny this. Ridge tells Brooke that he still loves her and that he still wants to marry her. Brooke is not listening to them. She tells Ridge that she overheard everything that he and Bridget said to one another about "always loving each other" and that she considers their actions incestuous and disgusting. Brooke asks Bridget if this was her way of getting back at her because of what happened with Deacon. Bridget tells her not to go there, since Brooke not only slept with her husband, but also had his baby, while she and Ridge had only kissed. Brooke them both that all this time she has been trying to prove herself to Bridget and to Ridge and Stephanie; living her life according to their dictates to show that she was good enough, while all the while the something was going on behind her back. She refuses to be a part of their plan and refuses to marry Ridge because of the feelings he has expressed for her daughter. She takes her engagement ring, throws it at Ridge and tells him she never wants to see him or Bridget as long as she lives.

Stephanie realizes that she can't put it off any longer and that she must tell Eric the truth about Ridge's paternity. When he returns from taking the kids for ice cream, she asks him to meet her at their home because she has something she wants to tell him. Stephanie arrives before Eric and reminisces about past happy times they have shared together. When arrive does come home, Stephanie tells him how happy he has made her since they renewed their vows. She begins by telling him that she needs to be honest with him since last year.

Thorn asks Darla to go in and spend some time with Macy who is home from the hospital and very depressed over the fact that she has had a hysterectomy. When Darla goes in, Macy talks about all the things she realizes she'll never get to do, like the simple act of telling Thorn that she is pregnant, or going to Lamaze classes together, sharing family time together. She is distraught. Darla is too. She tells Macy she understands how she feels, but Macy tells her that she hopes Darla never understands what it means to want something you can never have. She has no idea that Darla understands better than even Macy knows because she is watching her best friend going through hell because she can't give Thorn want they want - a child. All the while, Darla knows that she is carrying Thorn's baby.

Out of all the emotionally upsetting things going on or about to happen at Ridge's house, at Eric and Stephanie's, at Thorn and Macy's, the only happy person is Massimo who smirks knowingly when he sees Brooke leave the house. All of his scheming seems to have resulted in his getting exactly what he wanted - the end of Brooke and Ridge.

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